Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.


Tivaly. Tivaly's book. Tivaly's snacks. Now that the weather's turned fair and seems to be sticking that way, the three - girl, book, snacks - are something of a daily fixture around mid-afternoon at the lakeshore. She's learned what places are best for sitting, where the sand is soft instead of gravelly, where there aren't too many big boulders to get in the way, and she's staked out once such place with a small, tattered quilt to provide a buffer between her and the aforementioned sand. It's a nice day, and there are a fair few people out and about, though the water is chilly enough to be deserted save for a few dragons lounging in the shallows. Chewing on an apple, she seems engrossed in her book presently, sticking out like a sore, well-attired thumb.

Ladek arrives. It is not a subtle entrance. In fact it is anything but subtle as the youth places a hand to the wooden sword which is at his hip and in a sheath, as he points forward, his scarf whipped by the slightest wind as it covers his mouth and features a bit still, "Onwards to the shores fellow men, yet doth the waves echo in my ears, they yearn for adventure!" he exclaims. To who? He just gets a few looks, and then he is rushing towards the water with a clean step forward, although soon he comes across where Tivaly may be at, and then comes about to trip on a gravelled rock and gets caught in his small jacket as he rolls about and then yelps, comibng to a landing not far from her, his rump in the air, then he shakes his head, "There's treachory!"

The Weyr's nannies often bring the littluns out for air as the day wears on (and their nerves wear thin), so the sound of people crying out about adventure and such doesn't immediately strike Tivaly as strange. Deep enough in her book at the moment that the sound is only peripherally registered, it's not until there's a tumble and a yelp that she blinks out of her printed-page reverie, looking up over the top of the book to lay eyes upon the source of this commotion, her expression going through a series of quick transformations: a reader's rapture, a confused frown, an even deeper confused frown, a brief flash of recognition, and then brow-knitted bemusement. Notably lacking is anything passing for empathy or concern that the boy may be, you know, damaged by his misadventure. She waits it out, watching, clearly expecting some sort of explanation to be forthcoming.

Ladek slowly shakes his head, as he stands up a little straighter, and then looks around, as he begins to scan the various people which call it for the mid-afternoon, and a few dragons, then he recognizes Tivaly, and blinks a little, as he tilts his head, "Uh, they had… Adventures, water," he says, pointing that way, and then he smiles a bit brightly which can be noted even with the scarf up, then he asks, with polite tones, "Do you have a bit of room for one to sit with you, fair maiden?" he asks.

Rising out of the water is a sight to be seen in the form of Briari. As she surfaces, she is seem to be wearing a small bikini bearing the colors of Monaco Bay. Her curly blonde hair is strung out and slicked back behind her. As the warm sunlight gleams off her bronzed colored body, she catches more than a few set of eyes and catcalls from the boys that linger about the beachside. Her body is heavily muscled in an athletic frame, which seems to run in her family. Reaching for a bright blue towel on the ground, she gives it a few shakes and begins to dry herself off as she heads over to Tivaly once she spies her frined. "Hey!" She calls out to her, though her attention is diverted by the beach-shark that is Ladek, zooming in on her. "Oh, and.. hey to you also.. guy in a scarf who I did not catch his name."

Watch Tivaly speak cautiously. "That depends. Who are 'they?'" One doesn't grow up in the shadow of Healer Hall without hearing a few tales about head-cases, after all, and she pronounces her words with the special care typically reserved for those politely called 'touched.' There's actually a hint of relief, a slackening of her posture, when Briari emerges from the water and makes her way over, always nice to have a little back-up when dealing with the crazies, and she raises her hand to gesture toward the other Harper, inviting her toward the blanket spread on the sand.

"Uh," Ladek shrugs at that, and then frowns a little when Briari arrives from the water, his gaze drifting towards her with curiosity as he tilts his head a little, however when Tivaly invites the other to sit, he mentions, "I can see where I'm not welcome." The youth shakes his head a bit and then it seems like he is about to move onwards after a moment, "Talk to me like I'm an idiot," he adds, "Can't even have a little fun like the kids, gotta mean there's something wrong with me ya?" he asks. The tone is a bit rough, and he folds his arms.

"Well, that escalated quickly." Briari says as she flops down next to Tivaly with a shrug of her shoulders, then goes about wringing her hair out with her fingers. "Uh, see you later, Scarf-guy." She wiggles her fingers to him before she looks over to Tiv. "So, uh, what'd you say to him to get him all ruffled?" She asks as she sprawls out on her back and tucks her arms under her head to soak up the warmth of the sun upon her chiseled stomach and legs.

Frankly rather than coldly, Tivaly points out, "I didn't speak to you like you're an idiot. I spoke to you like you're a Mindhealer's patient." And there's just a little hint of challenge in the way she lifts her brow, daring him to argue that he's not precisely that. As for what she said, well, she glances sidelong to Briari and lets the corner of her mouth pull up in a half-smile, trusting that - after calling Ladek a Mindhealer's patient - the other Harper can figure out what was said to get his dander raised.

"Oh, just because I do not conform to society standards I must be a Mindhealer's patient?" Ladek asks, as he bristles a bit, and then gives Briari a hard look once she has commented, "In any case, it seems I am not afforded common courtesy, I asked for a seat, instead I'm talked about in my face, does that make you all feel better?" he asks, as he shakes his head, "My name's Ladek," he adds for the bikini-clad woman, "In any case, I can hardly believe what I thought about you before, looks like I may have been wrong," he adds to Tivaly.

".. I.. have no clue.. what he's talking about. Obviously I missed something." Briari says as she looks over to Tivaly with confusion upon her face, blowing a lock of blonde hair away from her face.

"I'm reasonably sure that non-conformity is a hallmark of a head-case, yes," Tivaly answers calmly, lowering her book now and closing it with her finger marking her page for a few seconds, long enough for her to turn down the corner of it, anyway. As for what he thought of her before… well, there's a curious tip of her head, but she's not going to pry it out of Ladek unless he's eager to share, her expression willing to wait but not willing to tussle over the opinion in question. For Briari's sake, she adds, "No, I think you saw all that there was to see." And she's just as mystified as the other Harper, even being center-stage.

Ladek folds his arms together a little, and then shakes his head a bit, as he frowns a bit beneath his scarf, "In any case, it is a pleasure to meet you," he says towards Briari, as he wiggles his fingers a bit, turning his attention towards Tivaly, "I thought you were the best person I'd met yet since coming to the Weyr." He doesn't say why, as he adds, "I am not a headcase, you just don't understand the concept of fun."

Let's assume, for the sake of ease, that Briari got called away by some of her admirers. To give autographs or something, who knows. But she moves off, and Tivaly's eyes follow her for a few seconds before, with a breath, she returns her attention to Ladek. "You're painting in awfully broad strokes, Star Crafter. You assumed I was the best person why? And now you know that I'm not… why?"

Ladek heaves out a low sigh, and then watches as Briari leaves, waving a little, his attention back towards Tivaly, "Hmmm? You just seemed like… You were kind of nice also from what I saw, instead it seems like you're just rude and crass rather," he says, frowning a bit from under the scarf, "Maybe I thought that you might be a little different than everyone else I saw, not like that matters much."

"Clearly, you were mistaken." About her being nice, at the least, as that's what Tivaly speaks to first and foremost, lifting an unfettered shrug that fails to argue the point in the slightest. 'Kind of nice' = no. But, "Crass?" And she blink-blink-blinks quickly at that term, folding her hands just so on her lap and looking at Ladek, the very portrait of refinement - as much as she can be, sitting on a blanket in the sand, anyway. "Are you quite sure you know the meaning of the word, sir?"

"Yes, I see the way you carry your bearings, and words," Ladek answers, as he motions a little with his hand, then he adds a bit off-handedly, "You're way too difficult." The youth brushes his hand about at his brow a little, and then in a rare display, takes his scarf from his face, revealing the well-kept features, and dimpled cheeks, his stubble a bit bristled beneath his nose, and on his chin, as the youth frowning a bit, "In any case, maybe I am not the one that is the head-case, I have yet to meet anyone that acts like you, non-conformancy, right?"

Tivaly clarifies, "Non-conformity," in an off-handed way, a casual correction of his choice of words. Afterward, there's another shrug, this time of the one-shouldered variety, and she goes on to permit, "It's quite possible," that she's a head-case, "I can certainly concede the possibility. Does it matter? Now that you've determined that I am not 'kind of nice,' it really doesn't make a difference if I'm completely mad or just 'rude and crass,' does it?"

"I guess that it doesn't matter, but now you have caught my interest," Ladek answers, as he gives a small nod her direction, as he asks with a polite tone, "May I have a seat with you?" The youth doesn't like to impose it seems, so he waits, as he offers by way of curiosity, "What book is that which you read? I have a few back at the place which I stay, it is an enjoyable past-time."

Pardon her incredulity, understated as it is: "After you called me rude and crass?" Tivaly is supposed to share her blanket now? Really? She blinks a few extra times, making no welcoming gesture, instead simply tucking her folded hands around the book - not that there's any title to be read, the once-embossed letters long since faded and worn into smooth, unintelligible remnants. "You can't transition from insults to small-talk without some sort of segue, Star Crafter. Do they not have conversation 'at the place which you stay.'" The air-quotes are in her voice.

Ladek bristles a little, and then he gives Tivaly a frown, "As I said back at the Caverns, I'm not used to company, my family had a select reasoning about whom I could spend time with, I apologize if I had insulted you," he says, as if he did not know that was how his words had come off, and it shows by the way he grows pensive, "What, should I say?" he asks.

Tivaly tucks the book and the last of her apples into an open napkin next to her on the blanket, tying the lot of it up into a tidy little bundle that she sets aside, finding her feet a moment or two afterward. "You should say," she begins, sparing a glance in the process of gathering up her blanket as well, folding it corner to corner and shaking grains of sand as she goes, "that we'll have to try a clean slate if we happen to meet again, because things certainly haven't started off very well." And she takes up her blanket, too, tucking it against her with one arm, holding her bundle in the other hand.

Ladek looks a bit dejected, as he glances towards the lake, and then heaves a low sigh, before he turns his attention back to Tivaly, "Alright, I will apologize here, though I hope when we meet again it's…" The youth has his voice trail a bit, "Maybe I am an idiot," he offers, then he shakes his head a little, as he shifts a bit and offers a small wave in her direction, "Goodbye, I'm sorry again, I really like you, for what it's worth." Likely the social training he has received is a bit saddening, but he tries his best to be honest! Even if that makes the conversation a bit weird.

"For what it's worth," Tivaly repeats mildly. Her things are collected and so is she, her attention already on the Weyr proper and the short hike it is from the lakeshore to the inner caverns. The only positive note she can think to end it on is a touch of advice, offered as a suggestion rather than an accusation: "Don't try so hard." Off she goes, leaving Ladek to resume his games while she goes to do whatever it is she does.