Who F'inn, K'zre
What A pair of weyrlings sneaks out to watch the moons rise over the water.
When Summer - Month 7 of Turn 2718
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

It takes a bit of doing before Yasminath and K'zre are able to slip free of the barracks. Or, more specifically, free from the watchful gaze of the assistant weyrlingmaster. Is it negligence on the part of that particular authority, or simply the knowledge that of the pairs in the barracks, Yasminath and K'zre (and Nymionth and F'inn for that matter) are probably the *least* likely to be causing trouble, that allows them to be overlooked? Whichever the case, it serves to their advantage as green and greenrider slip from the stone and out into the field, leaving behind snoring classmates for the quiet of the field. Yasminath is beside herself with glee, and trying really, really hard not to bounce and prance and gallop across the field because CAREFUL is still a thing she must remember. In the moonlight, she fairly glows, silver and ethereal. Kez walks at a measured pace, a blanket draped around his shoulders in an effort to combat the chill. Even in the summer, it can be a bit crisp and cool at night. Especially near the water, and where all he plans to do is sit rather than move around. When they finally make it to the lake, it takes a LOT of self-restraint to keep Yasminath from bugling in delight. « The moons! The water! It's so… beautiful! » It's the best word she can come up with, but it really does not do it justice.

It's hard to say how long Nymionth and F'inn have been out here. Fortunately, they had the dragon infirmary to use as a cover for being absent from the barracks. It is, after all, hard to miss Nymionth's big bronze butt. The pair, however, have settled on the edge of the lake, F'inn sprawled on a blanket with his back against Nymionth's foreleg. Nymionth, utterly unmoving and staring up at the full moons as hypnotized. In the darkness, even with the light of the moons on the water, they are hard to spot. At least until Yasminath's approach brings Nymionth's attention sweeping her way. « You shine in the moonlight! » And, from the wash of brilliant red roses that come with that thought? He clearly thinks it is the best thing, ever. « It is beautiful, » he allows as his head turns back around to regard the reflections of the moons. Alerted to their presence, F'inn shakes himself out of his own reverie, a smile tracing over his lips as he rolls to his feet and raises one hand in greeting. "I brought a thermos of klah and mugs."

K'zre has grown accustomed to sleeping at night. At least most nights. And so he stifles a yawn as he walks the last few strides to close the distance. "Smart of you," he decides, gaze immediately dropping in an attempt to locate them. Yasminath has already eliminated the distance between herself and the lake, pausing to bump her head affectionately against Nymionth's shoulder on her way. She won't go into the water, but she'll get just as close as possible and then *streeeeeetch* her neck out over it to try and catch a closer look at the reflection of the moon. Wings are unfurled, utilized to aid in her balancing. « I know, » for shining in the moonlight, though the acknowledgement of it has her brimming with delight and pleasure. She's not a vain creature, but she still likes to be called pretty, and she knows that moonlight is her BEST light. A little sniff at the water and then she's adopting a similar stance as Nymionth, head tipped back so that she can stare up at the moons. The wistful sigh is more mental than physical. « They are so bright! Almost as bright as the sun… » Maybe not, but the sun will never earn such adoration from Yasminath as the moons do.

"I have my moments," F'inn notes with a quiet laugh. Stepping back to the blanket, he drops down crosslegged and opens the thermos to fill both mugs with steaming klah. "I hope black is alright," he adds as he holds one up to K'zre. Once F'inn is settled, Nymionth turns his head to whuffle his hair before slipping easily to his feet and moving to resettle on the edge of the lake next to Yasminath, one wing stretching out to drape over her back like a shadowy cloak of molten bronze. « They are as bright as the sun in their own way, » he decides. « Their light is softer, more like a whisper then the shout that the sun creates. » Turning his head back up, he exhales a quiet croon, clearly enamored with source of the nocturnal illumination. « This is the best time to watch them. » He loves being out while the rest of the weyr is snug in bed.

K'zre is not entirely sure how he's meant to respond to that and so, erring on the side of caution, opts not to say anything at all. A roll of his shoulders hoists his own blanket a little higher upon them, one hand grasped at the front to hold it secure as sings down to join F'inn on the ground. "Black is perfect," he asserts, non-blanket-grasping hand reaching out to secure the mug when it's offered over. He's a healer; of course he's going to drink his Klah straight. A sigh for the first sip, a shiver briefly shaking his shoulders for the warmth. It's not freezing, but it's cold enough that Kez welcomes the heat of it. His gaze turns to the dragons, tracing over the faintly 'glow' of Yasminath's hide before that great bronze wing is draping over her back and obscuring most of her from view. « A whisper, » repeats Yasminath, her mindvoice hushed into the approximation of just such a thing, as though out of reverence for the glow of the moons. « I like that, » she decides, head tipping just slightly to the side. « I don't like shouting. » Even if she can be *quite* loud on occasion. And while Yas might not have questions for that last, K'zre does. "Do you sneak out a lot?"

F'inn frowns faintly at the shiver, his own mug set aside as he slips out of his jacket and drapes it over K'zre's shoulders. "Almost every night," he admits as he draws one knee up to his chest and picks his mug back up. "Nymionth is pretty much nocturnal. And we just don't sleep that much. Hour or two here and there, but…" Shrugging, he takes a swallow of the klah, his eyes closing in an expression of appreciation. "I drink a lot of klah," he notes with a quietly wry laugh. « Whispers are the best, » Nymionth states in quiet tones. « A whisper can make the world seem more wonderous. » His mind voice very pointedly takes on hushed tones, the roses accompanying the words coming a swirl of silvery blue light. « If you are very still and very, very quiet, you can almost feel the weyr sleeping around you. Like their dreams are whooshing past us on the moonlight. »

The drop of the jacket over his shoulders gets a slant of K'zre's eyes, the weight of his gaze settled on F'inn with an unreadable expression. Furrowed brows. Tight mouth. But he doesn't shrug it off or dismiss it; does not reject it and, after a moment, settles into acceptance. The extra warmth is nice, after all. As the next logical question would be 'when do you sleep', and F'inn has already answered that, Kez remains quiet for the duration. A little sip of Klah. A squint toward the dragons and then the moons. "That's not healthy," comes in mild chastisement, and that familiar disapproval is briefly back in his expression and his voice. "You need adequate rest," says the insomniac Healer who used to be //barred/ from the infirmary in his off-hours after showing up one too many nights. A snort, and he adds, "Klah is not a substitute for sleep." But it sure does taste good, and Kez isn't going to be setting his own mug of it down anytime soon. While she is definitely looking at the moons, Yasminath is also very interested in what Nymionth has to say. A little wiggle of delight, and she lids her eyes against the light of the moons and attempts to be very, very still and very, very quiet in an effort to hear them. Her head cocks, first one way and then the other, but in the end there's a little pout-like sensation from her mind as she declares, « I don't hear them. » At least it's still hushed. « Maybe we're too far away… »

"I know," F'inn sighs as he takes another swallow of klah. "I'm sure things will eventually even out and we'll get into a regular sleeping pattern." Course, he can't complain and doesn't try, opting instead to cast a warm smile toward Nymionth. "I can't deny him the moons, Kez. I just can't. And I don't think the weyrlingmaster is going to start teaching classes in the evenings for us." So they make due. "He'll want to nap in a bit, it'll be fine." It won't be fine. But, he'll make due. On the beach, Nymionth considers for a moment, the inner lids of his eyes closing as he lets the dream-filled emotions of the weyr wash over him. OPen his mind to Yasminath, he shares the 'whispers' of emotion with Yasminath, everything from joy to lust to sorrow and so on. They are faint, though, barely felt unless on focuses very closely on them.

K'zre does not believe that, and it shows in the expression of his face and the narrow-eyed gaze that is very firmly affixed to F'inn. "It has been almost three months," he points out. "Have you been… Have you maintained such poor sleep habits the entire time?" Not that any of the weyrlings were getting much sleep during the first month or so. Baby dragons and all. But that does not make the healer-weyrling's gaze any less critical or skeptical in regards to F'inn and his lack of sleep. "Nymionth will want a nap," he repeats. A beat. Two. Eyes narrow. "And you will sleep, too?" He's TOTALLY ON TO YOU, FINN! But Yas? Obliiiiivious to the potential discord happening on the beach behind her. She's 'listening' hard, and as Nymionth's mind opens and the whispering of the Weyr is shared with here, there's a quick, startled and delighted, « oh! » before she shuts right up to listen along side him. A happy hum in the back of her throat, and a little trickle of delight each time she's able to recognize one of those emotions, faint though they might be. The joy makes her bloom in delight, the sorrow to wilt in brief heartache with whoever it is that might be suffering, and the lust? Well, that one sort of stumps her a bit, even if it's not entirely foreign to her. « Are they dreaming? »

"Maybe a little?" F'inn's trying to be honest. He is. But the fact that he slants a shifty eyed look toward Kez makes it clear that he probably has no intention of sleeping. "I have to get through that anatomy book first." Taking another swallow of klah, he wrinkles his nose and folds his arms atop his knees. "It's easier when Nymionth is asleep, I'm not answering a thousand of his questions along with my own." Not that he's blaming Nym, but the bronze does have a million questions. « They are dreaming, » Nymionth assures. « Each night is different. Different whispers floating up to the moons. » It is his favorite thing, sitting very quietly under the light of the moons and letting them all wash over him. « F'inn says I mustn't listen to closely, though. That the whispers must always stay whispers unless they know they are sharing them with me. » Of course, that is not always easy to do, but he does try not to pry to deeply.

K'zre might not be the best with sarcasm and the intricate nuances of social situations and conversations, but shifty-eyes? He definitely understands shifty-eyes. He's a healer, and it's a fair bet he's had a patient or two in the past try to pull that over on him. "F'inn…" and it's more an exasperated sigh than anything else, though he resists the urge to lift his hand and actually rub at his face. Too busy holding the blanket in one and the mug with the other. "It takes /turns/ to learn something like that. The book and the infirmary are still going to be there after graduation. You don't have to learn it all now." And by the sound of his voice, Kez is pretty sure learning it all 'now' is impossible anyway. By the lake, Yasminath is ignorant of the discord happening on the blanket behind her, much more interested in these whisper-dreams that she can now hear. « K'zre dreams, » she offers, voice hushed but still somehow exuberant, excited that she has something to compare this too. « Different dreams, » she agrees. « Sad dreams and happy dreams. Mostly happy, » she decides, which makes *her* happy. But the respect of privacy is also something she's come to understand and, while maybe not appreciate in her own right, is at least respectful of. « Do you hear everyone? »

Nymionth is quiet for a long moment, watching the moons and enjoying the feeling of Yasminath tucked under his wing. It is only when she falls silent that his head turns to regard her with one whirling blue that is a perfect match for F'inn's. « I do. » The admission is quiet though, the tones slightly worried as he looks back at the sky. « Feel is a better word, though. » He admits. « F'inn says that I have to learn to block it out, but that makes no sense to me. Why would I block out something that is a part of me? » He doesn't understand the thought, at all and has no intention of actually doing it. Oh, he maybe less obvious in the fact that he knows what people are feeling, but…. « Night time is the best time, though. Most of the feelings are warm and happy and content. There are some though, that are impossibly sad and lonely. » And those? They hurt his heart. On the blanket, F'inn frowns faintly, one hand drifting up to drag through his hair before tugging his bangs down in a haphazard forelock. "I know I can't learn it all /now/," he sighs. "But I can make headway. I can prove that more then a pretty face who happened to impress bronze." For a moment that unaccustomed frown dances over his lips before he shakes his head and sighs. "I am not going to waste this, K'zre. I don't want to that guy who struts around thinking he's always going to be pretty and popular and acts a fool." Which is way more involved then just staying cramming information into his skull. "Sorry," he murmurs. "I mean, I got nothing against those guys. You know, the ones that just want to joke around and prank and be…" Trailing off, he twists his wrist in an absent wave, taking a swallow of the klah.

Yasminath isn't sure either, and there's a mixture of curiosity and apology for it. For the lack of an answer. « I don't feel them, » she offers by way of explanation, and she's just a little bit sad about it. « I feel K'zre, » she acknowledges. « And sometimes, when they feel strongly, I can feel the others. » The others being their fellow weyrlings. « I wish I could feel everyone, » she sighs. « It sounds nice. » K'zre might not agree with that, and is definitely still coming to terms with the idea that Nymionth can feel /him/, whether he likes it or not. But it is the human-part of the equation that has his focus for the moment. Narrowed eyes and firmly-pressed lips; an expression that allows for no arguments. But it sort of… dissolves. Losing that edge of disapproval until it's just pensive. He does not interrupt, and even after F'inn is finished, there is a bit of silence that stretches out between them as Kez thinks. "I think you have already proven that. You've… changed," he says, not for the first time. "And it shows. Who is it you're trying to convince? Has someone said something?" Because really, Kez cannot fathom who might be accusing F'inn of such things. He might have been wrapped up in Yasminath for most of the past two months, but even HE has noticed the difference.

"No," F'inn admits as he stares into the mug. "Me? You know? I mean, I know that I wasn't…" Trailing off, he exhales a breath, his face tight as he glances up at Nymionth. Aware that the bronze can feel what he's feeling, he doesn't even try to hide it. "I don't ever want to make him less then he should be, Kez. I don't want to be that guy that glues mugs to the hands of people I'm supposed to be watching out for." It's harsh, and he knows it and he immediately winces. "I'm not judging him," he says quickly. "It's just.. That's not.." Shaking his head, he lightly clears his throat, aware of the fact that exhaustion is not helping him make sense. "I love that I can make people laugh. I love that I know how to have fun. I just don't want that to be all there is. It means alot that you've noticed, though." On the edge of the lake, Nymionth's head turns, blue eyes watching F'inn for a moment before he finally settles and assures the bronze that he's alright. « It is nice, » he admits. « But I want to help them when they are sad, or lonely, or hurting. And F'inn says that we have to be careful with that or they will be upset that I know. » The thought displeases Nymionth in the extreme, but he keeps those feelings sedate and relaxed. « He says that in time we will learn how to help without letting people know we know. In the meantime, I would share with you whenever you wanted. » He actually croons at the thought, lightly bumping her snout with his own before looking back up at the moons.

And Yasminath wants to help him. And she has no idea how to do it. So there's a soft little sound of upset and a wiggling in against his side, a turn of her head to nudge affectionately at his shoulder. But she is not, by nature, a dragon that dwells on unhappy emotions. So happy thoughts invade sad ones, and bubbling optimism dampens the lingering doubts. « I will help you help them! » It's the best she can do. « K'zre can help them, too. » Because he's a healer, and because Yasminath firmly believes K'zre can do anything. Anything. « I know you'll figure it out. » She has utmost faith in Nymionth, as well. K'zre takes a slow sip of Klah, letting the heat chase away the chill that wants to invade him. But his attention is still on F'inn and the conversation. "You're not him," he points out rather bluntly. A sort of 'duh' type of observation that is made in the most literal of senses. "And if you don't want to do that, then don't. It's a simple thing." At least Kez seems to think so. Lapsing back into silence, there's a long pause taken as the healer-weyrling considers the dragons on the shore and then the moons in the sky. "I think you're putting too much pressure on yourself," he decides at last. "People are going to judge you no matter what. But /you/ know what you are. You know what you're doing. You know who Nymionth is. Running yourself into exhaustion trying to meet some sort of… unrealistic or unreachable ideal… it's not going to work."

"Oh, I know," F'inn admits quietly. "But not trying seemed like copping out, you know?" Slanting a glance at K'zre, he shrugs, finishing off his klah before reaching for the thermos to refill the mug. "I'm exhausted," he admits with a quiet laugh. Taking a swallow of the klah, he twists around, stretching out on his side on the blanket with the mug in one hand. "I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to slow down a little. I mean, I can still study some. And you're right, I have nothing but time after weyrlinghood is over. Sides," he adds with a glance at Nym. "He needs to play more then he does." Nymionth is way more serious then F'inn has ever been. "The only time he really relaxed is when you and Yasminath are around." Watching the dragons, he falls silent, a quietly warm smile tracing over his lips. « I would like that, » Nymionth admits with a low croon. « I know F'inn would like that, as well. He is very fond of K'zre. » And while Nym is not normally inclined toward sharing F'inn's business? It's Yasminath and she gets a special pass into the private things. « How is your forleg feeling, princess? Teh water is cool, you could probably rest it in the water. »

K'zre cannot really offer anything more. He might have some *feelings* on the matter, but getting those into words? Not so easy. But there's a nod and an exhale that might even sound like relief, even if Kez is going to pass it off the drop of his shoulders as an attempt to reposition both jacket and blanket around him. "That sounds familiar," he decides, and there might just be a hint of amusement in his tone as he peers briefly toward the sprawled out weyrling. "You should get some sleep," he encourages. "It is only going to get harder." Or so he's heard. But it's hard to imagine anything being difficult with Yasminath, however. She's just too… jovial. Cheerful. Eternally optimistic even when she's tripping over her own feet and landing on her nose. A pleased hum comes at the mention of K'zre. Because who wouldn't love him! « He's amazing! The best. The sweetest, smartest, bravest… » Really, she could go on, but Kez might be insisting that she NOT. But she'll toss out a quick, « And he's cute! » because she's heard that's important among humans. « It feels much better, » she acknowledges, ducking her head to peek at the limb in question. « It doesn't hurt. Kez asks all the time. » Incessantly. But it's OK, because he's the best.

« Just be sure you tell him right away if it starts to hurt again, » Nymionth urges. Course, he joins her in looking at the limb before swinging his head around to regard the humans on the blanket. « F'inn seems to agree, » He notes with a swirl of brightly colored flowers that mimics amusement. "Nym!" Pushing up on his elbow, F'inn shakes his head at the bronze before snorting and flopping back down on his side. "He's something," he notes with an amused snort. Rather then continue to drink the klah, he sets the mug aside, his hand raising to cover a yawn. "I'll sleep tonight," he assures. "If I don't catch up now, it'll be worse as things pick up." And logically he knows that. He really does. "Gonna have to work out how we're gonna get out to see the moons," he muses. Nymionth is not going to be willing to give that up and he knows it.

While Yasminath finds this just delightful and is almost giddy with innocent delight that someone else admires her K'zre as much as she does (or, well. Not AS MUCH as she does, because *no one* could love and admire K'zre like Yasminath does…), the weyrling on the blanket is less enthusiastic. A rough clearing of his throat, and suddenly he's reaching for his Klah mug and drinking it down as though it might evaporate before his eyes. At least it's not so hot as to burn him. To avoid the threat of potentially having to address that moment of awkwardness. But he can't help himself, a slanted gaze and a huff as he points out the obvious, "It's night right now," because it is. "Another hour," he decides, glancing at Yasminath. "Another hour, and then we go back." Because Yasminath needs sleep, too!

F'inn considers apologizing, but doesn't. It's not a lie, he's not sorry, and the feline is out of the bag. He is, however, willing to let it go, opting for exhaling a snort at the observation that it is night now. "Not for too much longer. But yeah, an hour is good." Glancing back at the dragons, his smile broadens, a quiet chuckle humming in his throat. "I'm looking forward to seeing them play in snow. I think they're going to have a great time with that." Fortunately, snow is still a good ways off, but it's a change of subject, at least. "You excited for mounting exercises?"

And really, K'zre should have known. F'inn did tell him this when they were in the infirmary. He just has… selective memory (and was a little emotionally distraught after dragon injuries and learning that Nymionth could FEEL HIS MOODS *ahem*). But there is something about having it confirmed via dragon, passed along from Nym to Yas to Kez, that makes it all the more awkward. Thankfully for all present, Yasminath is easily distracted by the moons, and amenable enough to K'zre's suggestions that she's not about to go spilling uncomfortable truths at this moment. She is, more or less, utterly oblivious to the awkwardness, head craned back to stare at the moons as she makes the absolute most of that 'one more hour'. "Fall is my favorite time," he admits. "And I do enjoy the winter. I think Yasminath will adore snow." Because she adores everything. Mounted lessons? A little shifting and he admits, "not as much as she is… She's just so small." Except that she's a freakin' GIANT cause she's a dragon. "We might not be able to start when you and Nymionth do."

"It won't be long if you have to wait," F'inn muses. Course, he's pretty sure that Yasminath is more then big enough, but he's not about to tell the protective Kez that. Better to allow him his fantasy for as long as he can hold on to it. "The leaves," he adds belatedly. "Fall. It's beautiful." Rolling back up to sitting, he pulls his knees to his chest, his arms wrapping loosely around them as he watches the dragons watching the moons. "I spoke to Nym," he finally asides. "About the feelings thing? He's promised he'll keep anything he gets from you to himself." Not that it changes anything, really. Nym will still know, but F'inn's at least made the attempt at easing that discomfort. "I would have mentioned earlier, but I didn't realize they all weren't doing that."

Silence. It might be profound. It might be awkward. But it stretches between them nonetheless. For a long while, K'zre just stares at the dragons, unmoving on the blanket, his mug of Klah in one hand while the other clutches at the blanket around him. In the end, he offers a sigh and a quick, "Thank you." For the effort. "How would you have known," he agrees, willing to make that allowance. "It was just… It was a shock." Kez doesn't even know what he's feeling half the time; having someone ELSE feel it too? A roll of his shoulders and he curls himself in a bit tighter, chin to knees as he peers through the darkness. "How… how far away can he 'feel' people?" And no. That is not an innocent inquiry, even if Kez attempts to make it SOUND like one.

"All over the weyr," F'inn admits as he watches Nymionth at the shoreline. "All the time, all those feelings just washing over him." Really, he thinks it has to be a little overwhelming, but Nymionth takes it all in stride. "He says night time is best for it, that most of the dreams are happy, or well… /very/ happy," he adds with a chuckle. "I think that might be why he's more active at night. He can sleep, but he likes keeping watching.. You know, making sure everyone is alright?" In the wake of the words, he slants a glance at K'zre and smiles wryly. "At least he's not one of those dragons who broadcasts other people's business. I mean.. cept to me. But that's only when it's really strong, then I feel it to." Frowning faintly, he gives a mild shake of his head, his gaze sweeping back to Nymionth. "Some gave birth last night. I'll tell you what, the echo of pain /I/ got? So glad I'm not a woman."

"Can he recognize who they are?" wonders K'zre, curiosity getting the best of him as he turns to regard the dark shadows that represent the pair of dragons by the lake. "If they are not within view, would he recognize 'who' it is he's feeling?" A little consideration and he offers, "Night was always my favorite time. It's quiet. It feels secluded, even when it isn't." Another bit of a frown, and this time it is the grass that Kez peers at in the dark. Not that he can see it as such. A moment of pause, and he offers, "I've delivered babies before. Or perhaps I should say I assisted in their delivery. It is the mother that does most of the work."

F'inn considers the question, his brows furrowing as glances toward Nymionth. "I.. I don't think so? I mean, he can't get details, you know? Just feelings. I mean, he could tell which of us was feeling something here, but like…" Pausing a beat, blue eyes slant a look at K'zre, his lips twitching in a frown. "You know if I'm annoying you, you can just tell me yourself, Kez." It's the mention of prefering night time that has him picking the mug of klah back up and taking a long swallow. "It depends for me. I really enjoyed surfing and I imagine that is not something you can really do at night. Otherwise, I agree." It's the last that has him glancing over his shoulder. "I'm hoping that someone mentions who it was. Nym wants me to send flowers."

For a moment, K'zre is at a complete loss as to how to respond to that statement. Caught somewhere between mild surprise and confusion, he eventually settles on, "You're not annoying me," in a voice that still leans towards puzzled. "Why would you think I am? And why would you think I wouldn't tell you myself?" Both of these things are baffling to the weyrling. It has him shifting somewhat uncomfortably on the blanket, fussing with the mug of Klah between his hands before he just sets it aside before he spills it. "I could ask. If it's that important to him."

F'inn regards K'zre over the mug of klah, his expression clearly dancing between curious and dubious. "I guess you would tell me," he finally decides. "I don't know. I guess.. I mean, I know you were less then happy about Nym's empathy, so I was worried." It's the last, though that has him nodding quickly. "If you could? It's important to Nym that everyone feels like they matter. Which, I mean.. I can't really argue with that, so." Taking another swallow of klah, his expression softens as his gaze trails back to the bronze. "I love that he's like this."

"I would," agrees K'zre. And he would, if just because he has no real concept that doing so might be considered impolite or offensive. "And I will," he promises. "Yasminath should get her leg checked before we start anything more strenuous. I can ask when we are visiting the dragonhealers." The convenience of having the two caverns connected! Kez can be nosy while looking like he's there legitimately. But the rest is slower in coming, as he thinks long and hard about how he might want to approach the subject of Nymionth's empathy. Of his own reaction to the knowledge. Of how he might feel about it now. In the end there is a sigh. A scrub of his now-free hand over his face and eventually, the finding of his knees with his chin as he curls his arms around his legs. "I know he can't help it. I don't blame him. But I felt… it felt…" But Kez? Not terribly good with the feelings at the best of times. And how he feels about having those complicated feelings felt by someone else and, that other person knowing he's feeling them? Exponential complication right there. "I can't explain it." But there's no anger anymore, no frustration. "I'm… I suppose it was like discovering that someone has been hiding in your room the entire time you thought you were alone."

F'inn can feel it. Granted, it's only cause Nymionth can feel it, but still. F'inn, however, does his level best to ignore it, or at least pretend that he can't feel it. Both are hard to manage and inspire another swallow of klah. "I get it," he murmurs quietly. "I'm sorry I told you, but not sorry that you know, if that makes sense? Like.. If I hadn't told you, there wouldn't be the upset and frustration and wariness. But that would have been dishonest, so I'm not sorry I didn't take that route…." Realizing he's confused himself, he shakes his head, his free hand waving absently. "I've been trying to decide if I should tell the others, or not," he admits. "He really doesn't want to."

In some ways, it's /easier/ knowing that Nymionth, and by extension F'inn, can feel his emotions. That even if his words aren't quite adequate, at least his intentions might be known. That doesn't make it /comfortable/ for him. And it definitely feels a lot like realizing someone has been eavesdropping on him. And perhaps it Kez thought about it too long or too in depth he might worry just what it is that has been felt. But here? Now? He knows. He's accepted it. And knowing /now/ is definitely better than finding out /later/. Which is exactly what he's going to say about it. "I am glad I know. I am glad you told me," and he didn't just stumble upon the knowledge. A sigh, and he admits, "I'm not thrilled that Nymionth can feel… there are some pretty personal feelings sometimes! It's weird and uncomfortable to think about him," or, really F'inn, "being privy to that. But I'd rather know that he knows, than not know and be… it would be weird." Awkward. Embarrassing. (Cause it's not embarrassing and awkward now or anything. >.>) Face scrubbing ensues, fingers rubbing at his eyes as he sighs out in uncertainty. "I don't know what you should do."

"Me either," F'inn admits. "I think.. I think for now, I'm just going to keep it between us. Well, and the Weyrwoman. I'll just have to be careful." Course, that's not so easy when the emotions are very strong, but, he'll cross that bridge when he comes to it. Falling silent, he chews at the corner of his lip for a bit one finger tapping against the edge of his mug. "You.. ah.. you know I'm not going to judge you, right? Like.. Feel what you feel, man. I a pretty understanding person." Oddly enough, it's kind of a relief that K'zre knows about Nymionth and the realization inspires F'inn to sighing. "Just… you know.. feel free to cover for me if I suddenly start sobbing for no reason."

"I am not worried about judgement. I'm…" but the problem is that Kez doesn't KNOW what he is. So he doesn't try. Instead he lapses back into a pensive silence. "I can't control what I feel, anyway," comes eventually, a low, sullen sort of murmur. It's a mess, those feelings of his. And K'zre knows it. Which just makes it all the more awkward that someone else might now know just how screwed up his brain is, when it comes to emotions. "Is that a risk?" he wonders, slanting a glance toward F'inn. "Or are you being sarcastic?" It's not an accusation, but an honest question. "And how would I cover for you?"

"It could happen," F'inn admits. "If Nymionth felt someone in a lot of pain, or particularly sad." Pausing a beat, his lips quirk in a lopsided smile, blue eyes slanting toward Kez' face. "I'm not going to be sarcastic with you, Kez." There's no point since it would ultimately be missed entirely. "As for covering? I don't know? I guess it would depend on the situation. Say I stubbed my toe, or pulled a muscle, or something. I'm working on walls with him, but that's harder then I thought." Given he doesn't really want walls between himself and Nymionth? It's very hard.

K'zre will think on it. And probably come up with something a lot less believable than 'stubbed toe' to account for any tears that F'inn might exhibit as a result of his dragon's empathy. "I appreciate that." And at least with F'inn? Kez actually believes him. "I am trying to build walls with Yasminath as well. Not… not because I need to block her out but because… I don't want to upset her." You know. With all those tumultuous emotions they've been discussing. "She gets worried. She wants to fix everything, and she gets very confused and distraught when she doesn't understand why I'm upset. It's… I didn't like it at first," he continues, "But now I think of it as protecting her, and it's easier."

"I like that," F'inn murmurs. "Protecting her. Nymionth is pretty calm, though. I mean, we've talked about all sorts of things and while I'm pretty sure he didn't grasp everything? He seemed okay with not understanding. And I mean, I guess it helps alot that he can really dig in to my emotions." Falling silent a beat, his gaze sweeps toward the little green staring so adoringly up to the moons. "She's really special," he admits. "Nymionth…" Well, clearly, Nym thinks she's special. Letting that simply trail off, he glances back at K'zre and smiles a bit more quietly. "I'm really glad she found you, it's a perfect match."

"When she got hurt…" But even now, the experience is too real and raw for K'zre to discuss it without taking a moment to collect himself and sort of prepare for it. "When she got hurt, I could feel everything she felt. Physically, emotionally… her fear and her pain. And I know that I was utterly useless in return. I /know/ that she wouldn't have been so scared if I could have thought… rationally about it." That he's a little frustrated with himself is evident enough, but Kez doesn't dwell on it. "So I am working on what Kassala… on what both weyrwomen said we should." Putting up those damned walls. Even if it sucks. Even if Kez kinda hates it at times, because while he knows that nothing will take Yasminath from him, that doesn't stop irrational fears from whispering in the back of his head. "She is everything. I could never—" but no. He'll just stop right there, lips pressed and eyes briefly tight as he watches Yasminath in her moon-gazing. A moment or two. That's all he needs before he's composed himself and can speak like a rational person again.

F'inn offers a nod in response. He knows. He was there, sharing those emotions, albeit filtered in strength through Nymionth. "I was worried about you," he admits. "I had no idea that that could be so strong. That anything could feel that world shattering." Exhaling a breath, he lightly clears his throat, his shoulders giving a mild shake at the memory. It really doesn't matter that it wasn't Nymionth that was injured, the memory is still there in the back of his head. "We'll just have to be more careful and work on those walls." Cause despite his desire not to do it, he knows he has to.

Those walls that, despite K'zre's attempts, aren't as 'sound-proof' as he would like them to be. There's enough emotions happening in the healer-weyrling to inspire Yasminath's head to twist around, eyes briefly whirling all the faster with a touch of anxiety before he's assured her that he's /fine/. It is easy to do, considering he really is fine. A few deep breaths, and his calm is back and Yas is happily snuggling up against Nymionth and staring at the moons once more. A moment of calm. Of silence. And then Kez opens his mouth as if to speak again, seems to think better of it, and shuts it once more. A shrug of his shoulders for whatever thought passed through his head, and two seconds later he's deciding, "We should go back. At least… Yasminath and I should go back."

F'inn exhales a breath, dumping the rest of the klah in his mug and snagging the thermos before rolling to his feet. "We'll head in with you. I am going to try to get some sleep." He's not sure he'll manage, but he'll try. As soon as he is on feet, Nymionth glances back, crooning to Yasminath before nudging them both back toward the blanket. "We'll have to make a point of doing this with them on the full moons, at least," F'inn suggests.

"Good. I'd hate to drug you." He's… probably joking? But it is Kez. So he might be dead serious about that. The rest of his Klah is finished with a swallow or two, the mug handed over to F'inn before Kez carefully navigates to his feet. Once he's up, there's a glance for Yasminath and then a shrug of his shoulders and a quick catch of the jacket as it drops from him, offering it back to F'inn with a murmured, "Thank you." Yasminath does not WANT to leave, but she is not the stubborn type. Oh, she might pout a little. Might make some small, suspiciously whiny sounds about how she's NOT tired, and why CAN'T they stay. But she'll do it all while turning to head back to K'zre. "Yes," comes in quick agreement, one hand reaching out to rub at the green's neck once she's near. "We should. Yasminath would like that. And, I would too."

F'inn snorts as he takes the jacket and slings it over his shoulders. "Lets save that for another time," he notes with a flashing smile and a teasing wink. Tucking the mugs and thermos into the basket, he snags the blanket and folds it up before taking both and moving to walk next to Nymionth. "It's a date then," F'inn agrees as he steers them toward the barracks. "Full Moon madness is a go." Nymionth croons at the thought, content to return to the barracks and let F'inn get some much needed rest.

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