Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

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The season is Summer - Life is wonderful. That about sums up the state of life outdoors today: warm but not terrible now that the sun is on its way down, evening on its way but not quite here yet. Which means that the living cavern isn't completely jammed full with dinner-goers just yet, though there are a fair few people getting themselves an early dinner or late lunch, and the kitchen staff is going full-bore already. There's some pickin's left to tide people over, and Tivaly has availed herself of some of those pickin's, a plate full of small things (crackers, cheese, and so forth) sitting next to her at the somewhat side-table she's staked out as a place to read an old, cover-worn book. There are other places to sit, it's true, but many of them have even less engaging people already there - chattering aunties, giggling teenagers, a nanny with a half-dozen charges, that kinda thing.

Striding into the living caverns is Briari, dressed in a blue and gold trimmed summer dress that should really be worn back at her home Weyr in Monaco Bay. Her curly long blonde hair is pulled up behind her and decorated in a leather strap with a pair of smooth colored sticks jutting out the back. As she picks up a plate of food which consists of soup and some crackers, she spies Tivaly and then beelines over towards her. "Hey, Tiffy!" She sing songs over to the familiar face.

Some people respond well to nicknames. Some light up, some beam, some even return the favor with a good-natured chuckle. Tivaly is not one of those people, and the way she draws a breath at the sound of that moniker makes it plain that it's one of the things she probably hasn't missed about life at Harper Hall. She lets out the breath in something like a sigh, more long-suffering (and theatrical) than authentically perturbed, and looks over the top of her book at Briari. "Good afternoon, Journeyman," she returns with a comically stiff formality, by comparison to the sing-songy hello she received, and closes her book with her finger tucked into the page. "I thought you were at…" The long pause avails her none, and so she just concludes, with a wave of her fingers, "…some other Weyr?"

Practically dancing with each step she takes over to the table, Briari's hips are swaying side to side as her dress swishes about her hips. Flopping down into a chair across from her, she gives a wry grin. "I'm here visiting my big brother, S'ai, who is a bronze rider here. My parents are back in Telgar but I'm originally from Monaco Bay." Getting comfortable, she gives another wide grin. "I haven't seen you in forever! It's been awhile. We should go shopping." She nearly squeals out. "You're the first friendly face I've seen since I've arrived here."

A late lunch it is for Br'enn, the bronzerider having just returned from a bit of formation flying with Phoenix. And small incident involving an irate cotholder, his daughter, and a Healer apprentice that absolutely needed a neutral party to witness. He rolls his eyes a bit to himself and tries to put it out of his mind, his thoughts turning to the flying instead. And food. A sandwich slapped together and a glass of water grabbed, the brawny, blue-eyed bronzer makes his way across the cavern to an empty table - which happens to be right nearby the two Harper girls. "Ladies," the bronzer greets with a nod of his head, and then he's plopping down and digging in, a bit of a grumbly sigh escaping him with the relief that he's back home for the rest of the day.

C'rus has spent the larger part of the day familiarizing himself with the infirmary here at Fort. Every infirmary he has ever worked at has its own culture and way of doing things…its own sense of being and Fort's is no different. Like everything else that has changed in his life recently there will be a period of adjustment. Which is why its good to get something to eat at the end of the shift, and have a quiet dinner before going back up to his weyr to relax. C'rus makes his way slowly into the living cavern and takes a quick peek around to see whats going on this early evening, because there is always something going on here. There are faces here he recognizes, though some more than others, "Hey Br'enn." he says while at the same time offering a nod to Tivaly and Briari.

Ladek arrived from whichever way he has come, the real question though is why he is around. While he isn't quite exactly a familiar face from the area, he wears a scarf that comes about his mouth, and he seems a bit excessive with his dress, as he glances about, and makes his way towards an out of the way table, or at least, a table with much less traffic, even if that would be a bit near the others which are managably around. The youth heaves a small sigh, and then frowns a little in thought as he does so.

Tivaly, a friendly face. That has her lifting a brow, though the expression ends with a tug at the corner of her mouth that softens it from downright disbelief to amusement - "Well, I'm glad to be here to take the edge off, in that case." - and it's on the tip of her tongue to say something when there are more people descending on her reading nook. Greetings fly, ladies and hey and so forth, and she lapses into companionable silence for the moment, letting everyone get the how-are-yous out of their system. Pale eyes will follow the scarf-clad form for a few extra seconds, yes, but she asks no questions, so tell her no lies.

"Yeah, I'm also here to put on a show. I'm pretty excited. It will be the first.. you know.. real public performance I've done outside of Monaco Bay." Briari says as she props her chin up, taking a bite out of her soup. She motions with her hand off to the side where a few other Harpers are setting up their instruments. "You'll stick around, right? I could use the confidence knowing I got a buddy out here from the Hall with me." At the sight of Br'enn, her eyes widen for a moment, giving a slight grin to herself. "Sir." She drawls over to him a bit before she glances to Tiv. She lifts up a hand and waves to C'rus who she recognizes as well. "Hey there! Has your dragon been pining after me since we last met?" She lifts her fingers, giving a wave towards Ladek as well.

"Cy," Br'enn greets the incoming bluerider with a much lighter air than their last meeting, again giving a silent invitation to sit by shoving a chair out for the other man with his foot. "Busy day?" The scarf-clad man is eyed peripherally for a moment - is it still that cold? - before his general greeting is returned, and he shoots a quick, pleasant smile at the speaker before she's addressing C'rus. There's a brief glance between the two at the apparent acquaintance there, but otherwise, he's quiet for a the moment, chewing on another bite of his sandwich.

This seems to be the cool place to be so, naturally, S'ai finds his way here. It could just be the food too. He's easy to please. S'ai makes his way into the living cavern with his jacket slung over one shoulder, which is probably for the best considering the rest of him looks fresh off wing duties which, for Thunderbird, can get downright dirty and he's covered in a noticeable layer of grime and dust. Heyas and what's ups are given to C'rus and Br'enn as he spies them, a fleetingly bewildered squint to Ladek, an entirely too-wide grin to Tivaly, and finally (as he's gathering up a plate of food) a pointed 'don't touch this' look to his sister.

Ladek notices that a few greetings come his way, at least in a generic sense, although all he actually offers is a small gloved hand which waves their direction, towards Briari and the others. The youth gives a slight adjustment to his scarf, and then he flits his gaze towards Tivaly, his sapphire gaze regarding her, and he smiles a little, which is hard and tell save the fact it can be noted by the expression, and he relaxes, a bit. Noticing S'ai, of the people here, he finger-wiggles a bit also.

Tivaly's, "Naturally," is a simple answer to the question of her attendance, one that she fortifies with a quick smile that does seem honestly friendly (in what seems to be her customarily reserved way). She looks from Briari to the other Harpers, now that they've been brought into focus, but none of them strike the same chord of familiarity (Get it? Chord? Musicians? Haha? Moving on…), her eyes passing over the scarf-wearing-dude once more on their way back to her table companion. "Nervous at all?" she asks toward Briari, answering S'ai's grin (dare we name it a leer?) with a do-I-know-you squint in the meantime.

"Oh you know…a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Just getting used to how things are run here." C'rus replies easily enough to the bronzerider, "There's always something new to figure out." He moves to take the offered seat, but not before he addresses Briari's question about his dragon, "He doens't really pine. He did like your music very much though." he says amiably enough, before offering a wave to S'ai who no longer looks to be suffering from any ill effects of his encounter with the bottle. The man in the scarf, also gets a wave before his attention turns back to Br'enn, "You?"

The living caverns seem to be the place to be. Dtirae's among those entering, with a stylus tucked above her ear while some hidework is in her hands. Good thing she's actually watching where she's going when she enters. Grey eyes are briefly scanning the crowd before stopping on the familiar faces. A nod of greeting comes before the woman finds herself a seat at a table that isn't terribly occupied. She settles her work down, and the stylus is taken into hand. She, however, does not set to work right away.

"Me? Nervous? … Maybe a bit." Briari says to Tivaly before she rises upwards to smooth down her dress, giving a slight smile to her friend. Wringing her hands a bit, she glances back to the others as she reaches out to ruffle her brother's hair, eyeing his dinner as well. Tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, she flashes another bright grin to C'rus, then starts for the stage with a hop to her step, sashaying a bit towards her bandmates as she plucks up a guitar once she reaches them.

It is not that he isn't too social, although he isn't, but Ladek doesn't make much of a verbal reply. After a moment and so though of curious regard, he shifts a little and stands up, scuffing his foot a little, "You all have room?" he asks, from under the scarf towards those which are gathered about at the table, although he seems a bit hesitant, and then relaxes a little, as he watches S'ai, and then Briari, and then Br'enn, Dtirae. Anyone that comes about, Tivaly. Mostly it seems that he doesn't wish and sit alone.

S'ai sits himself down next to Briari like the seat has his name on it, careless and easy and taking up a bit more space than needed on principle. The point end of a fork is aimed warningly at his sister as his ruffles hair disperses a small cloud of dust. "No. Not Briari food. No." He says firmly before pointedly stuffing a big mouthful in, like a dog trying to eat as fast as possible lest his housemates steal his dinner - with most of it needing to be crammed in one cheek just to manage. As he's taking in who's nearby, he spies poor Ladek who seems to be a bit lost and points a finger at him, then the food table, then a nearby seat, then Briari. It might be some sort of directions to complete but his mouth is too full to actually use his words.

This would be Tivaly's cue to say something encouraging, some words about how Briari will do totally awesome… but she foregoes that in favor of a simple, quick smile that could be interpreted as encouraging (alternatively as 'better you than me'), sending it off after the performer. Without the buffer of a sister in between them, she looks through the now-empty chair at S'ai, the light of recognition dawning in her eyes, and offers a pleasant-sounding, "Daredevil," like it's his name, "I almost didn't recognize you with your clothes on." Folding her hands, the portrait of prim attentiveness for the coming performance, she focuses her attention toward the stage-thingie, Briari's limelight.

Br'enn looks a bit puzzled at C'rus' reply, taking a sip from his water. "Learnin' which things? Thought y'd been here long enough to know the ins and outs of the place pretty well…" He watches as Briari makes her way to the stage, his eyes falling on Dtirae as they go. He ticks off a salute to the weyrwoman and sends her a nod and a smile, and then his attention is back on C'rus, though he gives Ladek a distracted nod and gestures for him to sit.

C'rus also marks the arrival of the weyrwoman with a stiff salute before he answers Br'enn, "Here?" he motions around the cavern and by extension Fort as a whole, "Oh yes. I've got a pretty good bead on that. I was talking specifically about the infirmary. It's sort of a creature all its own. New things to figure out and learn. I've been out of commision in the healer area for a whole turn. It's a real change of pace." he explains to Br'enn before turning his attention to the stage to watch the performance that is apparently about to begin.

Ladek smiles a bit, and takes a seat at the table as he heaves a low sigh, and then knits his brows together, seeming a bit like the current conversation makes him frown a bit beneath his scarf, and then watches the proceedings with a hint of curiosity. For one reason and another it seems Tivaly has grabbed his attention, and he tilts his head, as he gives S'ai a small finger-wave, again, "Hope ya been doin' alright," he says.

Finally swallowing enough food to talk (no doubt to the grief of Tivaly), S'ai is uttering a woeful sigh. "Oh I know, leather brown just isn't my color. Washes out my complexion." he has yet to notice Dtirae with his back to her, but he's got enough folks at his table to keep him distracted. "I'll have to read that book of yours, hear it has a pretty handsome guy taking a swim in it." And then, gratefully, he stuffing more food in his mouth to let Ladek talk and for his eyes to divert towards the stage.

As she takes the stage, Briari steps forward towards her bandmates to come together for a quick discussion as they form a circle about the Harper. After some decisions are made, they all take their places and begin to play a happy-go-lucky tune with complicated guitar chords and a ratta-tat-tat from the drums. After a few seconds of moving along the stage in dance, she shows off how agile she is as her boot stomps on the stage along with the beat. Throwing her hands up, she starts to clap, looking to encourage the filled cavern to join her. "Oh now there's a place for you and me - where we can dream as big as the sky! I know it's hard to see it now - but baby, someday we're gonna fly! This path we're on, you know it might be long - but my faith is strong.. it's all that really matters!" Chorus! "Someday baby, you and I gonna be the ones to hold on! We're headed for a better life!"

Dtirae notes Br'enn's salute with a cheerful wave, a grin cast in his direction before she extends the greeting towards C'rus. Another wave with the grin still in place. Her attention, however, strays to the unfamiliar Ladek, clad in a scarf in summer. She does not shift to join the larger grouping. Instead, her gaze is lowering to her work, just for a brief moment until Briari and her band begin to play. Grey eyes drift over, curious. Work is put on pause, for the moment, to watch the performance.

A glance lands on the book she has with her, the closed one on the table with its title worn off the cover, and it takes a second for Tivaly to place the remark - but then it clicks, and the corner of her mouth pulls up in a small smirk. "'Handsome' is a terrible adjective," she says drolly, shaking her head in mock-disappointment at its mere mention in such civilized society. She might have had something to say to Ladek and his scarf, but then there's music starting, and she's far too well-groomed to interrupt someone's performance like that. Instead, her attention turns toward the stage, clapping along as suggested, picking up the beat, adding the soft smick-smack of her own palms to the sound filling the caverns beneath Briari's song.

Ladek's attention is actually given towards Briari and the performance, after he gives a small nod towards Tivaly, his feet stretching a little, and he leans back a bit as he folds his hands together, smiling a bit from under the clothing, his head nodding a bit side by side, as he gives a small glance towards S'ai, and the others, as if about and shrink into his shell of shyness rather than enjoy the music.

"..true." S'ai yields to Tivaly, murmuring around his food. "Awe-striking is way better." It's then he glances towards Ladek and asks the burning question about the white elephant in the room. "So, what's up with the scarf? I mean, it's a nice looking scarf and all, but it's kinda warm out." Shyness? Apparently he's blind to it. He does thump fingertips in time with the music against the tabletop with his other still occupied with utensils.

The lyrics continue on for a bit before the song ends and a new one picks up. It's a bit more grungy, dirty as the guitars take the lead in this particular song. The drum takes a backseat, but is still there as a reminder, much like a heartbeat. Briari's grin rises even more as she sings a song that her brother most likely will find quite familiar. "We work our bodies weary to stay alive - there must be more than living nine-to-five. Why should we wait for some better time? There may not even be a tomorrow! Ain't no sense in losing your mind - I'm gonna make it worth the ride." With that, her voice rises upwards to hit the more raspy notes. "Don't you know! I won't give up until I'm satisfied. Don't you know! Why should I stop until I'm satisfied!?" Letting out a sharp whistle between her lips, her arms cross over her head as she dances playfully to the rumble of music behind her.

Tivaly appreciates the performance from the standpoint of a fellow Harper. Sure, she's all nerd-stuff - law and records and stuff - but one doesn't grow up Harper without knowing a good show when she sees one. Her applause peppers its way in among the others, and the twitch of a real smile is probably owing to the new adjective: awe-striking. But the conversation falls away while the show is on, though she's openly listening for the logic behind Ladek's scarf, curious to know but - dude, way more tactful than S'ai is, clearly.

As the music plays on, Dtirae's attention returns to her work. Though, there is a hesitation with her stylus after a moment and then the goldrider is abruptly standing. Whatever it is that has caught her attention, it is, apparently, urgent. She will nod her approval to the band before waving a brief farewell to those she knows before she is heading down into the lower caverns.

Ladek's eyes flit towards S'ai, as he smiles a little, "I like to keep covered, it is comfortable," he says with his soft voice, and it's actually enough so that it doesn't bother the music, "My name's Ladek, Star Crafter," he offers, as he gives a small nod, and then watches Tivaly a moment, and adds a bit off-handedly, "You dress beautifully." A nod, and he's watching the music also again.

"Fair point," Br'enn concedes to C'rus, tipping his glass at the bluerider. Then there's music, and his attention shifts toward the stage as he works away at his food and drink a little more slowly, content to just stay a while and listen.

"Fair 'nuff." S'ai says, seeming satisfied by the answer. "I'm S'ai, bronze Zeruth's here at Fort. Good to meetc— ooh, my favorite song." He props an elbow on the table so he can rest his chin on his palm and look over to the band. And yes, he's even humming along. Or are those a bit of off-tune words to go along with it?

"Ignore the hesitation, that ties your hands - Use your imagination, and take a chance. I won't let my moment of truth pass me by - I've gotta make a move now or never! And if they turn me loose on this town, they're gonna have to hold me down! Don't you know! I won't give up till' I'm satisfied!" Briari continues to sing, a laugh nearly spilling out of her lips as her hands fall down to her guitar, working her way through the solo as her fingers slide along the strings quickly and evenly. The lyrics continue on for a few more lines before the song stops and the band looks to take a break and sip some water.

Tivaly answers as off-handedly, "Thank you." She can't exactly return the compliment, though she quick-sweeps a glance over what can be seen of Ladek between the table and the scarf, so she just leaves it at that, taking the comment with easy grace. That she happens to lean her S'ai-side elbow on the table, and that her index finger just happens to be in the general vicinity of her ear, and that this pose just happens to be a good way to block out his off-key mumbling is probably a total coincidence, surely no remark upon the bronzerider's (in)ability to carry his sister's tune. Thankfully, the song's over shortly and, removing her finger from her ear, she clap clap claps along with most of the rest of the cavern. With that break, she adds, "And it's nice to meet you, Ladek, Star Crafter. I'm Tivaly, Harper."

Ladek claps a bit, and then after a moment or so, he gives a slight roll of his shoulders, as he tilts his head towards S'ai, "Pleasure to meet with you, and also you," he offers to Tivaly after, and then smiles a little. That tone doesn't quite bother him that much, and he seems a bit thoughtful, "Mmmm, Weyrs are so strange," he adds, a small nod given, "So strange."

No clapping from S'ai. It's not loud enough him. He whistles /and/ claps, offering his support for his sister in no subtle terms. Once things die down he takes a drink and then slants a lopsided grin over to Ladek. "Hey, gotta have fun somehow, right? No music where you come from?" He continues with his lack of diplomacy, but then who would S'ai be without being an idiot? "Hm, StarCrafter.. hmm… figure you're southern?"

Stepping off the stage after another song goes by, it seems that Briari is letting her band mates take front and center now as they play more traditional pieces to the Weyr. Tucking her hair behind her ear, she slinks down into her seat next to S'ai, then steals his dinner again as she takes a bite out of it. "Thanks for clapping." She says to her big brother as she reclines against him.

Of course there's whistling and clapping. Of course. Because Tivaly took her finger out of her ear. The way she closes her eyes for a moment, the way she takes a big breath, both speak to her regret for not having held that posture juuuuuust a little longer. She's still shaking off the ringing in her ears when Briari returns, providing a perfectly effective sound buffer (yay!), if a few minutes too late (boo!). Since the blunt cat's already out of the bag of good manners, she adds her own question on the heels of S'ai's, asking of Ladek, "And define 'strange.'" Once Briari's caught her breath or finished stuffing her face or something, there'll probably be appropriate fuss made about the performance, too.

"I was born at Bluefire Hold back in Half Moon Bay," Ladek answers for Tivaly, and he tilts his head a little, "The ways of the people in Weyrs can be strange, is all, I'm not accustomed," he offers. Why he is here? That's debatable, but it could be a post, and it could be as much anything else, "I did not mean to offend, and I apologize," he adds, though for thwe fact of the matter, his reply to S'ai is easy-going, he seems a bit concerned with how the other woman might react. Who knows. Then he notices Briari and watches her from the corner of an eye, it seems he quite had an enjoyment of the performance.

S'ai cheerfully slings an arm around Briari as she leans in and gives her a sideways bear hug. It's to Ladek he speaks though, his grin easy and unbothered - like he ever seems to be. "I've heard that a lot. Uuh, talk to that guy." He says with a point in the direction of C'rus. "He's Holdborn, now a rider. Might share some thoughts and he's good people."

Leaning into her brother, Briari scoots in close and smiles as she continues to eat his dinner without a care in the world. Once she finishes most of his food, she wipes her mouth off with a napkin. Running a hand back through her curly mop of long blonde hair, she listens to the new conversation now. "Ah, not used to the Weyr life, huh? It's all S'ai and I know." She pokes him in the shoulder playfully.

There's a quartet at a side-table, Tivaly, Ladek, S'ai, and Briari. They appear to be doing the normal stuff, chatting and dining. There's also a small band off to one side of the room, playing what's now become background music for an early evening crowd. As well as background entertainment for the picking of Ladek's brains, as Tivaly presses on, "Specifically, I mean. You made the observation for a reason, something struck you as 'strange.' What was it?" She manages to avoid coming across like she's downright attacking the guy for saying the word 'strange,' instead shading her tone into frank curiosity. As for S'ai and Briari and - oh-hi, C'rus, who gets noticed with a quick smile - she surveys them for a moment, as though trying to place them into the equation of 'X + Weyr = Strange.'

A small smile on his features as Ladek looks to them all, and he seems a bit at ease, as he gives S'ai a nod, "I shall do so, you seem like a right sort," he says, as he adds for Tivaly, "Oh? It is often a bit open about sex, and friendships seem like they are less… Controlled, I was limited with who I could be friends with back at home, also I like bathing alone. Back at a Weyr which I was at before for a while, I was required to bathe around others. Then there's a bit less music back at home." The youth tilts his head towards C'rus, then as he notes Briari, he waves a bit, "Oh, beautiful music by the way."

S'ai squints down to his sister but does concede the point with a tip of his head, "Yeah, all those things are true. It's a big shift for folks who aren't used to it. But hey, everyone to their own. Weyr life isn't for everyone. I'd go nuts in a Hold, too restrained, regimented.. just dull by my tastes. That's me though. Not like life as a rider isn't regimented and— OH, Bri?!" He blurts out, eyes brightening as he grins to her. "Guess what? I finally got myself into a craft. Tech. Gonna be making stuff. Figure while I'm busy making mom's grand dreams come true I'd mark off another 'Be Useful' checkbox."

Another is wandering on into the cavern, Abigail has spent much of the day out on sweeps and is at the moment just making her way back to the Weyr. She is undoing her jacket before pushing a hand through her hair a few times. A slight glance is sent over the area while she takes the place in to see who is all around at the moment it would seem.

"Well, if it makes you feel better Ladek, I've yet to go about sleeping with anyone back in my Weyr. I am as pure as.. Fort's snow." Briari says with another side glance to S'ai. "Unlike my brother, who can't seem to keep clothes on." Pointed look at Tiv. A look that says, yes, I remember what you said, and yes, we will talk later. "Tech craft? Seriously?" The smile upon the singer's face grows. "You are going to have an honest job? I can't wait to tell father. I am sure he will laugh as hard as he can, followed by a surge of pride."

Tivaly's, "Mmmm," is almost certainly an intentionally vague monosyllable in response to the specifics she's managed to pry from Ladek. There's no telling from either the sound or the expression that accompanies it what she makes of his explanation, and she afterward retreats into the listening attitude that suits her best: the others are discussing things that vary from semi-personal to not at all, and she's just there, taking mental notes, engaged but no longer guiding the conversation in any particular direction. It's enough for her to answer Briari's accusing smile with wide-eyed innocence - Whaaaaaat? - and let them talk around her.

Another person enters from outside and it's the somewhat transplant from Nerat Hold, Giroux. He looks around and he grins broadly as he notices a rather large gathering of folks. "Hmm, well loads of people." He nods to everyone. "Hello." He says to the gathering as he approaches, trying to see if he notices any familiar faces.

Ladek frowns a little under his scarf, and then shakes his head when Briari's brother is brought up, giving his glance towards S'ai, "Not something I'd like to hear about," he offers off-handedly, as he tries to change the subject with Briari, "Hmph, so music is normal here?" he asks, as the youth gives Tivaly a look. It's hard to read rather he admires her, or feels disgusted. That scarf is a powerful tool of not showing much emotion beyond the eyes, which admittedly sparkle with intensity and hidden depths, "I like travel by sea also, I don't get the whole concept of flying."

"Oh come on!" S'ai says with a huff of breath. "Being a /bronze/rider is totally an honest job. You can't /lie/ your way into Impressing. Joining a Craft? Totally. Just convince them you actually know what you're talking about. Easy-peasy." He sniffs faintly, pretending to be offended though he hardly is. "Flying is way more efficient than sea or land. No crazy sea storms, Renegades, potholes… and time! Way faster. Just *poof* you're there." Then the greeting from Giroux is drawing his attention and he gives a quick wave his direction.

"Oh yes, because the color of your dragon determines the level of laziness that you possess. You're lazy, big brother. I don't think you've worked a day in your life." Briari says with another cheeky grin. "I've been singing ever since Auntie Farris held me in her arms as a baby. I always knew what I wanted to be." To Ladek, she says, "I don't know about normal. At Th' Bay, we have music every day, all day. It's always a party over there. Here? No clue." She looks to the others for confirmation.

Tivaly answers that look (Ladek's) impassively - which might mean she doesn't care, or that she's got something to prove, or any of another half-dozen possible interpretations. So it's enough to say that she's unmoved in the way that people who bide their time so often are, and the look breaks easily when Giroux joins the fray. He gets the kind of once-over one would expect for someone new coming upon a scene, though it's distracted when she finds something that merits her own interjection: "We're a stone's throw from Harper Hall. It would be strange," important beat, "if there wasn't music often, though not usually such a performance as yours." That last is added with a well-done smile toward Briari.

Abigail continues on the trip on over to Shenanigan for said drinks as the caverns are looking a bit to ful for her at the moment and she just wants a drink.

C'rus had been distracted by his early dinner and the music and had largely lost track of the conversation that was going on around him, but as he finishes his food he slowly comes back to awareness and glances around. It seems some people have left and others have arrived. Where on pern did Br'enn get off too? Oh well.

Giroux notices C'rus as he waves. "Hey C'rus." The young man waves to him before he nods to the others. "Hello, hello." He offers and takes a mug of juice as he joins the fray. He pauses and looks around at them. "Um.." He allows before he raises his mug. "Mind if I join? I don't want to intrude on friends having a good time." He sounds a little less confident

Ladek gives all of them a nod, and then heaves a thoughtful sigh, as he gives a nod towards Briari, "Wonderful," he says, then towards Tivaly, he watches her for a moment, and then tilts his head, "Makes sense," he adds.

S'ai gives his sister a nudge of his shoulder as he moves to get up. "Oh is that so? I don't need to work hard. I just work smart." He ruffles her hair like he no doubt did when they were young and grins lopsidedly, "Speaking of, I'm ganna go get cleaned up and turn in for the night. Been a long day of doing /work/. Good to meetcha, Ladek. Tivaly, have a great night." He says, actually pleasant and without snide commentary.

Giroux sees that everyone seems to be heading on their own way and he nods to them all, a deep blush creeping into his features as he turns and looks around before heading towards the bar as well.

Blowing her hair away from her face once it is ruffled, Briari rises upwards as well, then gives a wiggle of her fingers. "It was good to meet you Ladek, and nice seeing you again Tiv, C'rus, but, I should get going also. If anything just to annoy him. I have a early morning as well. Tiv', let's get breakfast together in the morning, then go shopping."

C'rus manages to catch S'ai's comment about working 'smart' and just silently shakes his head for a moment before waving to him, "Have a good night S'ai." It seems more people are exiting as well, "Night." he says to Briari, "I'm sure I'll see you both later."

Well, shoot. If everyone else is leaving… Tivaly squints for a second - then go shopping? - but nods like that makes total sense to her, sliding her book off the table and into her hand while she, too, finds her feet. "Let's," she answers pleasantly, and returns S'ai's farewell with an agreeable and faux-formal, "Likewise, sir." For Ladek - well, he gets a look, like she perhaps knows she ought to submit some sort of goodbye. After pushing in her chair, she finally comes up with, "Good luck, Star Crafter," before heading toward the inner Weyr. One assumes she's actually going to read that book, but - since it's been a prop in, like, every scene she's had so far - that could be some awfully wishful thinking.

Ladek gives Tivaly a small frown under his scarf, and a wave towards S'ai, as he stands up, "I should be on my way," he says, another nod to Briari, and he makes a way on.