Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Another clear morning starts, with the skies a vivid blue and a few clouds lazily drifting across it, pushed along by the steady but calm breeze. The moment the Weyrlings woke up, it was evident that today was going to be a different sort of day. To start, the Weyrlingmaster seemed in an odd mood, distracted and not wholly focused with most of his words clipped and brisk as he informed his charges of the schedule for the day. After the basic care is given to the dragons, they're all given a quick crash course in what is to come: a self defence lecture. Over the span of the rest of their training, they will be implementing this practice, or so the AWLMs inform them. All riders know how to fight, to a lesser or greater degree, however there is strong emphasis from the start that a dragon rider never fights for the sole purpose of fighting and harming others. It's considered a necessary evil and most riders will rarely ever find themselves in physical fights or skirmishes (unless they're in a Wing that answers to such situations such as Thunderbird or Pheonix). When they do or if challenged, they fight very defensively as they cannot risk grievous injury or, Faranth forbid, fatal. That is what is stressed heavily to the Weyrlings and perhaps a bit unsettling to learn that the outside world is not entirely a safe place, dragon rider or not. With the introductory lesson completed, they are given their new schedules with self-defence lessons and techniques starting the following day under Guard Captain Breshir and other volunteers. Today though, they are to go out to the training complex…

And waiting there for them is none other than the Weyrleader and a few volunteers, chiefly Thunderbird Wingriders or other trained and skilled riders. Th'ero is dressed in a mid-sleeved and sturdy tunic, a pair of old pants and knee high boots. Comfortable clothes but clearly still used for work. His jacket is folded elsewhere and visible on the belt he wears around his waist is his large dagger and his sword, both of which are still locked in their scabbards. The field has been cleared, though a few targets and straw dummies have been set and there is a chest on which lies several weapons of choice: knives (throwing and standard), daggers, practice swords, bows and crossbow. Velokraeth has settled himself up on a ledge nearby, whirling gaze watching the ground below with avid interest. Th'ero himself is murmuring quietly to another beside him, but just like M'icha the Weyrleader seems a bit distracted and unfocused, at least until the first weyrlings arrive. Then it's business! "Gather around closely!" he calls.

Abigail is one of the Thunderbird riders that has offered to volunteer some time in these lessons. She can be found at the moment standing with the others, her hair pulled back so it's out of the way, clothing a simple short sleeved tunic, under it a long sleeved shirt, dark brown pants and boots, rather normal wear for her actually. Much like Th'ero she has a dagger at her side, along with a few smaller (possible throwing knives) with her too. Her arms rest folded in front of her while she half listens in on any conversation that may be pushed her way. Niumdreoth is settled up on a ledge, the large brown working on keeping himself awake as he managed to find a ledge where the warm sun is settled over him and making it very likely he will be dozing off shortly.

They'd known this was coming. Some - like Anique - already have a bit of experience with dagger throwing or archery but So'l - despite his use of knives for woodworking - is totally at a loss. He marches onto the training field with the rest but his steps aren't confident; gone is the determined and casually confident gait and, instead, he moves slowly into position near Th'ero. "Weyrleader," the bronzerider salutes crisply, his face a neutral mask rather than his customary grin. That is, of course, until he spies Abigail amongst the riders who've gathered to assist today. He can't help but smile at her, glad to see the brownrider out and active after the birth of her child. But rather than risk drawing attention to himself, So'l lets his smile fade into neutrality again and asks Sharuth - who is out on the field practicing wing strengthening exercises - to bespeak Niumdreoth to pass on a very glowing hello to Abigail for him. Oh, and hello to Niumdreoth, too. Sharuth obeys, reaching out to relay the message. Meanwhile, So'l has positioned himself in front of the others, ready to do what needs to be done and trying to set an example despite his nervousness.

Nervousness is to be expected, though for some it has the opposite effect. Marin, F'rari and S'ki all look to be pretty interested but not entirely oblivious when the lecture takes place. Given their backgrounds, they're no stranger to weapons or scuffles. N'an though looks as though he's a kid who's walked into a candy store and the usually slow paced Weyrling is practically humming with tense excitement. Finally something he understands and can be good at! Th'ero quietly watches them approach, noting their reactions and he makes an equally low spoken whisper to one AWLM to keep an eye on N'an. Too much enthusiasm is a bad thing, apparently. Then he's turning to Abigail. "I take it you'll help with archery mostly? Or… I see you have your blades too. A bit of both?" he murmurs before returning So'l's salute and smiling faintly to the bronze weyrling. "Weyrling So'l! How are you and Sharuth this morning?" he asks, passing on the greetings to the other weyrlings too. Not much time for idle chat, however and too soon the Weyrleader is clearing his throat. "So I'm sure you've already been briefed in the self-defence lecture of what is to be expected. This is also an introductory lesson. Every rider should have at least a knife or dagger on his person, either a multipurpose blade or specific depending on necessity. Part of the training to come is to teach you when to use weapons and when to withhold.
It's often very rare for a rider to ever have to draw a blade. We're not aggressors or aggressive. We're defensive and protectors. We never aim to kill another human with these, except for extreme cases when no other option is given. Teaching you how to use these… tools, if you will, is to protect you but to also give you the skills necessary to protect others." he pauses then to Abigail, making a small motion with his hand for the Wingsecond to continue or add to his words if she chooses to. He will wait until she has said her piece before continuing.

"Today is more of a crash course in this. As you already see, we have a few types laid out for you. You are welcomed to approach calmly and pick which you'd prefer to excel in or simply try. There is no pressure in this, you are simply finding what works for you. One or two may, none might work… all of which are acceptable. Go ahead and pick," Th'ero murmurs as he gestures towards the chest and it's intimidating wares and he steps back beside Abigail to wait. "Don't be afraid to ask questions either." The Weyrleader adds, when S'ki begins to poke uncertainly at the crossbow with a perplexed look.

Abigail peers curiously at the weyrlings, she lifts her head a bit once catching sight of So'l, a warm smile and nod offered towards him, her gaze lingering a few moments before catching the question from Th'ero. "I can do both or just stick to the Archery perhaps? Figure maybe ye and M'icha may be better with the blade bits then I sir." She is good with a bow after all, dagger sure not so much with a sword. Her bow is leaning up against the bench along with a quiver full of arrows in fact so she does have it with her. She slips quiet once Th'ero goes about speaking with the weyrlings, a curious glance sent his way as there is a moment for her to speak. "It's good to learn how to use more than one of these so if there is ever a point in time that ye are now with one ye may be able to use another in its place." There be her little bit of information to add on! She peers curiously over the items on the table and pauses once S'ki is poking at the crossbow, it makes her smirk at the sight. Hopefully he won't poke it to hard! Niumdreoth accepts the greeting warmly from Sharuth and sends it on to his rider, along with offering a very warm greeting back to the bronze, which is hopefully passed on to his rider as well.

"We're well, thank you," So'l smiles, nodding his head. "And I hope the same is true for you and Velokraeth." The weyrling senses that now is not the time for a lot of idle chatter and quiets, listening intently as Th'ero launches into his overview of today's activities. The notion that fighting should be rare for riders is calming…at least until mention of it being altogether necessary for Thunderbird and Phoenix wings is made. With aspirations of some kind for both wings, So'l is suddenly feeling very anxious again. Should he be placed with either wing, it seems fighting may, indeed, be an unavoidable necessity. And so, with a renewed resolve to learn what /must/ be learned - regardless of his own aversion to violence - the former woodcrafter moves slowly forward, obeying Th'ero's order to choose a weapon. At first the bow and arrow attracts his eye. So'l regards the weapon and asks Sharuth for his thoughts. «You are very strong but your hands are not always steady. Perhaps something else, at least to start?» The bronze is still working out in the field, though he does take the free moment to pass on Niumdreoth's satisfying response. Smiling, So'l looks across the table again, eyes landing this time on the daggers. Picking one up, he tests its weight curiously before Sharuth suddenly interrupts with, «You are large, they are small. Opponents would get too close.» Smirking, So'l can see the wisdom in Sharuth's commentary and nods. Instead, his hand slides to one of the swords - the largest one there - and the bronzerider picks it up gingerly at first before holding it firmly in a two handed grip. "Just hefty enough," he comments out loud, "but not too much so. I'll try this one," So'l announces, stepping back and displaying his choice to Th'ero as the other weyrlings go about their own choosing as well.

Th'ero dips his head in quiet understanding to Abigail when she gives him her preferences, followed by a broad but reserved smile. As the Weyrlings begin to pick their preferred weapon of choice for training today, the Weyrleader will observe in silence to make it even more difficult for them to tell if he's pleased or not with their choice. Marin goes right for the throwing knives, with F'rari indecisive for some time between the dagger and bow before finally settling on the latter. N'an goes for the crossbow and S'ki takes the dagger, eyeing some of the other weyrlings still lingering to choose. Almost immediately, volunteers step forwards to speak privately with the Weyrlings and to draw them away to allow them some one-on-one practice and lessons. Now only Abigail, Th'ero and So'l stand by the chest while the bronze Weyrling makes his choice and when he picks up the sword, the Weyrleader chuckles and gestures to Abigail. "I know swords are not your strong point, but I may need a partner in this." he asks the Wingsecond quietly just before turning his full attention on So'l. "A good choice, even if that may be a biased comment from me. A sword has many merits." Motioning for the bronze weyrling to follow him and Abigail as well, Th'ero will move off to a flat section of ground and well away from the other groups. "Have you ever used a sword before?" he asks curiously, his hand already drifting back to rest comfortably on the hilt of the sword strapped at his side.

Abigail curiously watches as the weyrlings go about picking and choosing, bow.. bow anyone? She smirks a touch though doesn't linger as at least one of them picked up a crossbow, which at least has 'bow' in it! She looks at So'l curiously as he goes about picking a 'tool' and comes up with the sword, which really she isn't surprised. A glance is sent to Th'ero at the partner bit, a soft smile seen and she soon nods. "Of course, whatever I can do to help out sir." She may not do well with this, but she's up for helping out that is for certain. Once Th'ero motions for them to move off she follows along, a soft chuckle escaping her as she hears the talk of So'l making a good choice. "It's not a bad choice in the least." It's not that she doesn't like swords, just she prefers the bow, she doesn't have to get up close and personal when 'fighting' after all, and if she does she can use a knife.

«It suits your large frame, I think,» Sharuth comments, having sprung airborne and circling overhead now. While the older dragons can enjoy a sunbath, he still needs to practice, practice, practice…though at least his flying skills are developing well and naturally. Below, So'l nods to himself and sends along his agreement to the bronze as others begin pairing off. Th'ero's (biased?) comment about the sword being a good choice nets a slight smile from the bronzer, though he shakes his head at the question of having used one before. "I've held one before," So'l admits. "My grandfather's. Beautiful sword," he reflects, "but I don't think it saw much use. Anyway," he holds the practice sword pointed down, "this will be my first time actually trying to /use/ a sword for its intended purpose." Nodding as Th'ero leads them down the field, So'l walks beside Abigail in particular and casually bumps her with his left shoulder. Just a touch - just enough to playfully say hello when paired with the smirk looking back at her - before So'l replies, "Sharuth thinks a knife would be too small and my hands too unsteady for proper aiming of a bow. The sword seemed logical?" Coming to a rest when Th'ero does, the weyrling looks to the Weyrleader and Abigail in anticipation of what comes next.

"Most weapons don't see much use," Th'ero admits and from his tone he sound almost thankful. "When I was a Guard in Western Weyr and Torince Hold, I don't think I ever drew my sword. We had other methods to subdue unruly folk. It was more an intimidating piece than anything. It wasn't until a few Turns as Weyrleader here that I had to use my sword and even that incident is a rare one for these parts." he murmurs, walking alongside Abigail and nodding his head in agreement to the Wingsecond's words. "A dagger may be better suited to you as a secondary, So'l. As Abigail mentioned, there are long and close range weapons. A sword allows for some distance but not as much as a bow. If you can't use your sword, it's generally good to have a dagger or knife as backup." Which is why he taps the dagger at his hip next. See? Listening carefully to So'l's recounting of his experience with swords, he can't help but grin. "So we start from the very basics, then. We'll start with showing you the stances and how to hold the sword. Watch Abigail and I." Unclipping the hilt of his sword, Th'ero steps back to draw it with ease and unlike So'l's practice sword, the Weyrleader's gleams metallic and bright, sharp and very much deadly. He holds it point down, while motioning to Abigail to step beside him. No duelling yet, just a rundown of the basic techniques and the guards So'l will need to know. "Sword fighting is like chess. Calculated risks. You need to be able to anticipate what you're opponent will do, while also making sure to guard yourself from them. It's a lot of guard, blocks and counterattacks. You can just as easily disarm and subdue another with a sword and not even cause so much of a scratch to them if done correctly." he says before motioning to Abigail to take stance. What follows next is a visual demonstration, with Th'ero talking through each technique, what it's called and having the Wingsecond either strike so he can block or deflect or he will simply have her take the stance and guard and all done slowly enough for the Weyrling to be able to follow. He covers only the basics and simpler ones. "There is a lot to learn, but like with anything new, you have to practice. Now… ready to try yourself?" Th'ero asks, giving So'l a curious look and a crooked smile. Overwhelmed yet?

Abigail smiles as she listens to So'l, a curious glance sent towards him at that shoulder touch and she offers a light one back along with a faint wink towards him. She pauses a moment to borrow a sword seeing how it seems she'll be needing one of this lesson. With sword in hand she follows along once more to the spot in question. Once Th'ero motions for her to step on over she is there, the sword still pointed towards the ground while she'll wait and listen in as it seems on the explanation given. Well she may need a brush up course in this as well. Once the talk is over she is in the stance, sword lifted and gripped well within her hands. With the technique's offered and explained she follows through, a block here, a strike there along with bring up a step to deflect when it is needed. She's quiet during the explanation of such things, as well she is not fully in her league and she will let Th'ero have the floor for certain! Once it is So'l's turn she looks towards him and grins a bit. "Come on now. No harm in practicing." Especially if it's against her, if well that is the idea.

So'l watches carefully, making note of the various "guards" and "stances" Th'ero employs while walking through the basics. It isn't until Abigail steps forward and the real demonstration begins, however, that he starts understanding just how all of this is supposed to work. Obviously a real sword fight would no doubt be happening at blinding speed but slowed down like it is, So'l tries to mimic the guards and strikes as Th'ero makes them. There's certainly a LOT to learn and the brawny young woodsman-turned-dragonrider realizes this is only the very tip. Tip… So'l grows momentarily distracted as that gleaming sword flashes in the light, its tip swathing a sparkling path as it heads towards Abigail's already-waiting block. Clang! The move is successful but part of So'l wishes Th'ero's magnificent sword didn't have grow dull just for the sake of his own learning. He puts it past him, though, and when Th'ero suggests that it's his turn, So'l nods. "I'm willing to learn…but not sure I'm ready to be a standout here," he laughs. "I'm used to chopping down trees and halving firewood with an axe. I'm betting this is a lot different," he smirks, attempting to assume a ready position.

Never fear! One of Th'ero's favourite pastimes when he needs a quiet place to go to is to sharpen his sword. It's not unlikely to find the Weyrleader in some peaceful clearing out in the forest when the weather is good, sharpening away and lost to his thoughts. Pleased with the demonstration, he clasps Abigail on the shoulder in a friendly manner, his expression clear and easily read as a 'good job' sort of glance before he's pointing his sword down and turning to face So'l. "Oh, we don't expect perfection right away. It takes time and practice and I'm not about to throw you into sparring quite yet. Wouldn't be too fair of a fight!" he drawls with a dry chuckle. "Don't lose your confidence so soon, So'l. If you can handle an axe, you can handle a sword. Now, get into a prepared stance." Uh oh? What's next? Th'ero demonstrates what he means, by spreading his legs evenly apart and balanced. While the Weyrling mimics and holds, the Weyrleader will walk forwards and lightly tap So'l's practice sword to test his strength and hold. Gently at first and then with a bit more power behind it. "Good. Keep your grip firm. Abigail? If you'll assume position?" He'll wait until the Wingsecond has done so, flashing her a broad grin. Ready? "So'l, I want you to try and block Abigail. Start with front guard." Stepping back, Th'ero holds his sword upwards, with the tip well above his head. Easiest maneuver and the most neutral of them all. To block or protect, one only has to move the sword side to side. "Mind your hands and your grip!"

Abigail smiles and nods to So'l. "I think yer do fine. Just have to think positively on the matter." This said as she relaxes, her sword lowered to point at the ground once more as she waits to see what the next step could possibly be. A glance is sent over to Th'ero and she nods to what is said. "Aye, using an axe is sort of the same idea. At least yer have the hand positions right." She offers a soft smile back to Th'ero, along with a faint not for the glance she takes as being a 'good job'. Once the words are spoke she slips back into the right position, sword lifting, hands gripping at it neatly. She looks amused at the grin that is sent towards her and she winks lightly. "Aye." Is offered with an amused tone. There is a few moments that pass as she waits for So'l to get in the right stance before she goes about with the swing towards the weyrling at a slow pace, just in case she needs to pull off.

'If you can handle an axe, you can handle a sword.' The words ring through So'l's head several times after Th'ero says them. »If that's the case,« the weryling thinks to his dragon, »I actually have a leg up on this then, right?« Sharuth has taken to perching on the bowl rim, his faceted eyes whirling towards the mountains he knows are in the distance. The mountains where that mysterious cabin lies; the mountains where the storm cut their trip short and send them all scurrying for cover in the trees. «Yes, of course,» comes the bronze's reply, sounding all but distracted. «When can we go back? To the mountain?» So'l quickly replies something akin to 'When I'm not in the middle of sword practice' before strengthening his stance as Th'ero circles, testing his ability to hold the pose. When the Weyrleader is apparently satisfied, it seems Abigail is the one who'll attack him and so - watching her approach in slow relief - So'l holds the sword up for the block, expecting to hear clanging metal upon metal but unsure if he's read her body's intentions correctly in guarding to the left.

Th'ero will stand back to observe the exchange, eyes focused mostly on So'l but also watching Abigail as she goes on the 'attack' on the Weyrling. Should he block correctly, the Weyrleader will call out. "Good! Again." He will gesture for Abigail to step back then, allowing So'l time to reposition himself and brace. With a signal, he will cue the next advance. Be it met with success or failure, Th'ero will only end it with either a comment of approval or correction given the fault. Again and again he will set them up, until he's satisfied that they can progress further. "Now without pause and with a gradual increase in speed, until either you fail to block or are disarmed." Th'ero instructs with a crooked grin. "You'll have to keep moving, So'l, in order to reset your sword. Abigail won't be backing off!" Will she? He gives the Wingsecond a look and what might also be a vague wink! Maybe he just tilted his head a bit? If he had any inclination that Sharuth was so focused on that mountain, Th'ero would have Velokraeth remind the young bronze to be wary of it and to avoid going among its peaks. "Whenever you're ready!" he calls out, stepping back again to observe. As they move, he will move too and shout out either encouragement or corrections on the fly for So'l.

Abigail looks amused as she watches So'l, seeing what he does to counter the attack. She shifts and moves to the side once her sword hits against his, there is a slight *clang* even heard. Indeed she will go on with the attack! She caught the look from Th'ero and offers a slight amused look back to him before she slips forward to swipe out at So'ls shoulder. Another chance for him to sweep up and block the attack, though like before she makes it a point to not get so close that she would actually hit So'l incase something goes a miss. Seems she is giving him the chance to get use to the movements before doing a real attack.

"I did it!" So'l exclaims after the first attack is blocked. "I-" His excitement dies in his throat as Abigail is directed to do it again…and again…and again. Shifting his feet as he saw Th'ero do, the next couple of attacks are successfully warded off until Abigail starts adjusting her speed, coming faster at him until — with an annoyed sigh - the woman's swipe sails right past So'l's sword (which was held too high). "Well, was pretty good up to that point," he nods, offering Abbey a smile before turning to Th'ero and taking his advice on how to correct for the error. For the next several minutes, So'l continues trying to block Abbey - successful more than not until her speed ratchets up another notch - and then finally, sweating now, the young man laughs and gestures for a break if allowed. "This is very much harder than it looks at 1/100th of the speed," So'l chuckles.

Th'ero winces a bit when Abigail's sword sails right past So'l's sword and guard but recovers swiftly. "It's alright! Continue." he encourages, figuring the Weyrling knows where the error was and how to correct it. As the practice goes on and there is a sudden gesture for a break, the Weyrleader laughs and agrees. "Then we will call it here. It is a good start! No sense pushing you further for today. And it is much harder, but it will almost become second nature, all these movements. Some even may come naturally, if it comes to pass that you've a knack for sword fighting. May you never actually have to USE it." he says and at the last part his mouth draws back into a faint a grim line. Not wanting to end the lesson sourly though, Th'ero steps forwards as he sheathes his sword and reaches out with a hand to clasp So'l on the shoulder. "Truly though, well done! You held up just fine to Abigail. Whom I owe a great deal of thanks today for being such a good sport!" he muses, letting his hand fall back as he dips his head in a respectful nod of thanks to the Wingsecond. "Perhaps one day soon you can test yourself against me." Maybe that'll be the exam? Few have sparred the Weyrleader and won, not that he'd be too hard on So'l.

Abigail pulls the sword to the side to make sure it doesn't come anywhere close to So'l as that could be a problem! She continues with the 'spar' as it were, shifting to the side here, a step there, a swipe or jab here.. By the time So'l holds of a gesture for a break she is a bit on the tired side and is rather thankful for the break! She chuckles a moment, the sword lowering, point at the ground and she grins to So'l. "Great job!" This said with a happy tone. "Next time I'm sure yer do better." She pauses hearing Th'ero and chuckles softly, a nod offered. "Of course, I don't mind helping out at all." A slight wink seen and she grins a moment before she looks back to So'l. "I do hope I'm around for that day to see it. If… Ye like So'l I'd be happy to help ye practice when ye are able, or interested of course."

So'l is very happy when Th'ero decides to end the lesson for today. Truth be told, he /is/ tired after all that swordwork, even though he was only attempting to block rather than fight back. The footwork, especially, winded the young man who - while no stranger to keeping himself strong - probably hasn't been that mobile on his feet since he was a child. When Th'ero praises him with a clasp on the back and kind words, So'l smiles back brightly and says, "Thank you. You know, you mentioned doing this awhile back. You know," he winks, "back when I was still fixing table legs in the Living Caverns?" Smirk. Smirk x 2. "Can't believe we're actually doing it," he breathes, smiling with more enthusiasm than he'd come into the training with. As for the notion of going against Th'ero, though… "Ha! That will, indeed, be something. Try to cut my arm off; I'll need it to ride," So'l jests. «As long as your straps are secured, I could carry you with only one arm,» Sharuth interrupts helpfully. Laughing, So'l shakes his head and says, "Thank you for the lesson, Weyrleader. Wingsecond," he offers them both a salute. "I would gladly accept some practice. You've already proven invaluable and getting things through my thick skull," So'l smirks again. With the lesson over, he replaces the sword on top the chest and excuses himself to tend to Sharuth, who's returning for a thorough oiling.

The other Weyrlings are returning too, some quietly and others talking excitedly amongst themselves as the weapons are returned and thanks given to their volunteer mentors. Th'ero laughs again for So'l's comments, "I seem to recall that promise, yes. In time! You'll have to practice with Abigail first. She'll teach you well!" Shaking his head but amused all the same, he will salute the bronze Weyrling before he takes off to tend to Sharuth. To Abigail, he flashes her a broad grin. "For someone who's strengths lie in archery, you stand up well in a sword fight!" he muses. "I should be getting back to work myself. M'icha will no doubt want them to focus on other things for the remainder of the day. Dtirae is… off work today, so I should probably check in to be certain Inri, Elara, Neyuni and Jajenelja are handling things. Not that I've any doubts!" But it's a nice gesture, right? Dipping his head again to the Wingsecond, Th'ero begins to walk towards the bowl. "Take care, Abigail! And I hope you don't mind if M'icha calls on you more often over the days?" He'll wait for her answer before leaving, chuckling to himself. "Clear skies!"

Abigail chuckle softly as she hears So'l and smiles to him. "I don't think yer need to worry about him cutting anything off." This said with an amused tone. "Of course, merely let me know when ye might be free and willing. Have a good afternoon So'l." She waves after So'l, her gaze following after him before she turns her attention back to Th'ero. A nod seen and she grins. "Well, I know the sword just not well enough to say I'm good at it sir." THis said with a glance to the sword in her hand. "I don't deny that it's always felt a little strange to me for one reason or another." Though she is very good with the bow so this could be why. "Of course sir. I don't have a problem with lending a hand to M'icha. Glad that I can help." She carries the sword back to the one she borrowed it from at the start of things. "Clear skies!" Is sent back. Niumreoth slips down from his perch, landing easily and soon enough both rider and dragon are off for a bit it seems.