Who F'inn, K'zre
What After being released from the infirmary, Yasminath and Nymionth go to the lake.
When Summer - Month 7 of Turn 2718
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

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Getting Yasminath to the lake turns out to be a bit more challenging than K'zre initially thought. Not because she's in pain, but because she's feeling a distinct lack of it after the latest application of numbweed, and he's having a difficult time reminding her to go slow and be careful! The reminders come with a hand to her shoulder as a physical form of restraining her exuberance, his other occupied with carrying 'Luna', the giant pink bunny tucked beneath his arm as best he can manage. A steady stream of murmuring is likely also occurring, and while Kez is definitely repeating himself about ever three seconds, there is infinite patience and infinite adoration through it all. Nymionth islikely assisting with the reminders to take it easy, and between the weyrling and bronze, Yasminath manages to keep herself from risking reinjury. When they make it to the beach, Kez pauses only long enough to put Luna out of splash range, kick off his footwear and abandon his shirt, and then he's stepping into the water right alongside Yasminath. He definitely needs a bath, but like hell is he going to be leaving his green to do it. « The water feels good, Nymionth! » comes with delight as Yas splashes into the shallows, a happy hum vibrating through her mind and her throat. As if she was never upset to begin with.

Nymionth absolutely does everything he can to slow Yasminath down and keep her from risking reinjury. So much so that F'inn's walk to the beach is pointedly quiet. Fortunately, it is a welcome quiet, since there is nothing in F'inn that resents his lifemate's attention to Yasminath. It is only when they pause and F'inn stoops to unlace his boots that Nymionth hangs back. That gesture, however, is met with a snort from F'inn and a firm "Go on," as he straightens to pull off his own shirt and toss it atop his boots. Now, once upon a time, F'inn used to be all skin and bones. Now? There is the definate presence of lean muscle and the beginnings of a pretty impressive six pack visible. « Is it cold? Warm? Hot? » Nymionth's questions are teasing as he wades over to Yasminath's side and promptly sticks his snout in the water to blow bubbles for her. With Nym entertaining Yasminath, F'inn takes a moment to sit Luna up so she can 'watch'. "It feels so good to be outside," F'inn sighs as he wades into the water and smooths a hand over Nym's hide. "How you doing," he asks Kez with a mixture of concern and relief.

« It's cold! » This information, however, is plucked from K'zre's brain. Yasminath doesn't feel cold. But then again, she's designed to go Between on a regular basis. Kez? Not so much. But it is a good cold. Refreshing, and after a splash of water to his face, helps to clear his head. Enough so that when he glances back at F'inn for his words, his eyes linger a *touch* longer than they ought too. And consider Kez is kinda prone to longer-than-polite stares in the first place? It might get uncomfortable before the weyrling is tearing his gaze away and wading deeper with the intention of rinsing off without having to kneel. "It does," he agrees after a moment or two, face briefly tipped toward the sun. "And the water does feel good," both to him, and to Yasminath, who's definitely taken with the bubble-blowing. Her delight, which comes in the form of moonbeams and the tinkling of bells, is obvious enough. A duck of her own nose into the water, and she exhales in a great whoosh in an attempt to return the favor. Only there's just a bit too much power behind that breath, and she ends up sending a spray of water into the air rather than producing the bubbles she was after. It gets a sheepish, « Oops, » from the green, and an amused, affectionate smile from the weyrling. "I'm… alright I think," he answers after a moment of consideration, expression back to thoughtful consideration as he susses out how he's feeling. "Tired. I really want a bath…" and probably a change of clothes because, despite F'inn bringing some, Kez has been wearing the same thing for the past two days now.

It is a miracle that F'inn does NOT make his pects pop under the weight of that stare. It would be a lie, though, to say the thought does not go through his mind, or that he does not flash a smile in response to both it and the regard. "Right now, cold is welcome," he admits as he follows K'zre deeper into the water. "I feel like I haven't been to the baths in a turn," he laughs as he sinks beneath the water and comes up to shake droplets out of blond hair. Behind them, Nymionth makes a delighted sound at Yasminath's spray, his amusement coming in the form of a swirl of bright red roses. « That is perfect! » he declares enthusiastically. "I can run back and grab the saddle bags," F'inn points out with an easy smile. "You can change behind Nymionth." Cause he's already a very good sized wall.

"It is nice that we can come to the lake." And nicer still that it is SUMMER and not the dead of winter, or the barracks might be a rather unpleasant place to be. While Kez definitely sneaks off to steal a quick bath while Yasminath is asleep, it's a rapid and strictly 'necessary' affair, with no time left for soaking or relaxing. In. Scrub. Out. And back to the green's side before she's any the wiser. And so now, although it is the chill of a mountain lake rather than the heat of the hot springs, he's going to take some time to really enjoy it. A lean back, and he grits his teeth against the chill as scalp meets water, fingers scrubbing. He'll go under in a moment, but for the time being he's got an eye on Yasminath to ensure she really is alright. She's preening just a bit under the praise, even if she offers a contrary, « No it was /not/. There were no bubbles! » in tones that suggest giggles and glee. She's game to try again, however, and this time is very intentional about her exhale. And when bubbles come forth for her efforts? « Ee! » and much delighted splashing ensues. Gone is any memory of the pain in her wrist, the chill of the water and the distraction of play enough to wipe it from her mind. "Don't go all the way back on my behalf," huffs K'zre, eyes closed in preparation to dunk beneath the surface.

It's F'inn's turn to stare and while he does not stare as long, it is no less intense. "I don't mind," he assures. "But it's up to you." Behind them, Nymionth exhales a basso bugle at Yasminath's bubbles, his own snout diving into the water to send up another roiling burst of his own. « Well done! » In the wake of the call, one of those massive wings dips under the water only to sweep up to send a shower of water down over Yasminath's hide. It's F'inn's distraction that has his head swinging around, his eyes whirling to a shade of blue that matchs his lifemate's. Aware of Nymionth's regard, F'inn casts him a wink and silent promises to explain kissing another time.

While /Kezresan/ was not oblivious to open appreciation (even if flirting one-hundred-percent eludes him), since Impressing Yasminath K'zre has been rather… distracted by her. He's also in the midst of scrubbing his scalp and watching Yas play and, therefore, misses the staring entirely. Perhaps this is a good thing? Because explaining grown-up topics to Yasminath is liable to be… interesting at best. But for going to get him clothes? There is a bit of consideration for it, and while the typical socially-acceptable response would be to politely decline, Kez takes that offer at face value and honestly considers whether he would prefer to have a change of clothes here at the lake, or wait until they returned to the barracks. And the end result is, "Alright. It would be nice to change." And Nymionth *does* make an impressive wall. A glance at Yas, a deep breath taken, and Kez ducks beneath the water to really scrub at his scalp. And Yasminath? Happily blowing bubbles until the effort has her a little light-headed and she concedes with the fact that she must also breathe in if she wishes to continue. The shower of water has her wiggling briefly, until a twinge of pain in her wrist prompts her to be still rather than squirmy.

F'inn grins. He totally expected the offer to be taken and, the moment it is, he wades toward the shore. "You stay and play," he murmurs to Nymionth. "I'm just going to grab our clothes." In the wake of the words, Nymionth turns his attention back to Yasminath, confident that F'inn tells him the truth. And, true to his word, F'inn breaks into a lopping run toward the infirmary, darting inside to grab the saddle bags with their clothing, the basket (which is now empty) and the books he'd picked up for Kez. For his part, Nymionth is delighted to continue dipping his wing into the water and showering Yasminath, doing his level best to distract her from the twinges of discomfort. «Imagine how beautiful it will be at night, » he points out. « The moons will reflect on the water, showering the whole area in their silvery glow. »

It is just a little twinge. Not enough to inspire the sort of hysterics that were seen the day before, and Yasminath is easily distracted from it. She is, slowly, getting better about this pain thing. It helps that K'zre has calmed down, finally and firmly assured that she is in no real danger. « I want to see it, » she repeats, voice full of wistful whimsy for the picture painted. "We'll come back tonight," assures K'zre, having surfaced from his brief dunk beneath the water. "You'll see it." He's determined to make it happen, and rules be damned. With Yasminath soothed, and wiggling (Carefully) over to playfully bump at Nymionth's shoulder with her nose (the gesture accompanied by gleeful giggling), Kez wades for the shore and hauls himself up the beach far enough that when he collapses on his back, he's not in danger of being drowned by exuberant dragon-splashes.

Nymionth makes a sound of agreement in the wake of K'zre's declaration that they will come back to see it. Normally, breaking the rules is not something he would consider, but really? Kassala kinda did indicate that it would be alright. « Tonight, » he assures Yasminath in the wake of Kez' words. Course, when Yas bumps him, Nymionth makes a grand show of rolling in the water, sending a rather sizable wave chasing Kez toward the shore. His bugle of delight is unmistakable and coupled with a warm thrumming sound as he immediately returns to Yasminath's side. It's around about the time Kez collapses on his back that F'inn reappears, dropping the saddlebags and basket and sinking down to sit on the grass. "They look like they're having fun," he notes with a warm smile.

Breaking rules isn't really K'zre's style either, but for Yasminath he will make an exception. That Kassala may have inadvertently or unintentionally (or perhaps totally intentionally) given them permission is lost on him. While the dragons play, Kez soaks up the sun and lets his mind drift to nothing at all. F'inn's approach is acknowledged, but it is not until he speaks that Kez bothers to crack an eye and glance over his direction. "They are," he agrees, craning his head up to squint toward the pair before he drops back down, content that Yasminath is safe and happy with Nymionth. An arm gets thrown over his face, and while he won't sleep, he's definitely going to be drifting for a bit. "Let me know when Nymionth is… well. When he's done." And ready to play changing-room-screen.

F'inn exhales a quiet chuckle, his head pillowed on his arm. "I'll do that. I suspect that it will be a while." Nymionth is simply to happy and to relieved to have Yasminath feeling better to even consider doing anything but play. He does, however, roll up to sitting, tugging one of the blankets out of the bags and setting it near Kez' head. "Pillow," he provides before flopping back down and contently closing his eyes. Right now, he's more then happy to get his own light snooze in. Nym will wake him when it's time to get changed and go, of that, he's confident.

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