Who F'inn, Kassala, K'zre
What Kassala comes to check on Yasminath.
When Summer - Month 7 of Turn 2718
Where Dragon Infirmary, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Dragon Infirmary
This huge cavern of smooth stone arches upwards to a rounded ceiling, high enough for even the largest of Golds to fit comfortably. Along the walls of the cavern are many carved out and worn smooth couches for injured dragons to rest on, most with a cot alongside for the dragon's rider to sleep.

Tables line the other walls, movable so they can be taken to the dragon instead of making the dragon come to it. Bolts of cloth, thread, needles and cabinet after cabinet of remedies and equipment take up the rest of the space. Two huge double doors lead out to the Center Bowl.

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Some of that, Kez understands. Some of it he doesn't. And out of all of it? It's the last bit he decides to comment on. "What does my taste in books have to do with it?" He's pretty sure that one might be a joke. Even if he doesn't understand most jokes unless they are blatantly jokes (like the knock-knock variety, which he finds entirely unamusing as well). From where he's seated on the cot, he leans forward to grab a glass of juice from the tray of breakfast items to sip at, gaze flicking between where F'inn is sprawled on the floor to where the pair of dragons remain curled up and dozing. It won't be long before Yasminath is awake, though. But for the moment, he's letting her snooze.

"I was teasing," F'inn notes with a quiet laugh. "But only about the book. I have read the one I brought you. You'll like it." It's a good one. For the moment, he is utterly content to remain sprawled where he is, pale eyes tracing the stone arches of the massive cavern. All things being equal? He really kind loves this room. "It's kinda majestic in here," he muses.

From the entrance to the bowl, there is a shadow that might cover the sunlight filtering in briefly before a golden head peeks inside. Seems someone has come to spy on the dragonets and check up on them. Don't worry, Xerosaeth won't wake them. Yet. The queen arrives only moments before her rider, the redhead covering a yawn with one hand as she enters the infirmary herself. Dressed in light clothing in deference of the summer's warmth, her hair is braided to lie down her back. Hearing their voices, she smiles, "Good morning, weyrlings."

"Oh." K'zre might not recognize teasing, but he does understand the concept, and he's fairly certain that in this instance, it is meant in affection rather than cruelty. So, acceptance, and a belated, "Thank you," for the book that he will undoubtedly read at some point in time. The majesty of the room, or rather the mention of it, draws his gaze upward for a spell or two. But Kez does not linger on the architecture for more than a moment before the shadow of Xerosaeth at the entrance steals his attention. As least this time, he remembers to salute. As Kassala approaches, the weyrling leans forward to put his glass of juice back on the table, pushes himself to his feet, and offers an acceptable salute to accompany his, "Ma'am."

F'inn rolls to his feet at Kassala's entrance, a crisp salute and easy smile tracing over his lips. "Morning, Kassala." Flashing a smile at Xerosaeth, his head bobs in a polite bow to the gold before grunts and rolls his shoulders in a slow shrug. Sprawling on stone? GREAT. Until you stand up and realize everything is stiff and sore. Glancing back at K'zre, the smile he flashes clearly says 'See? Told you she'd be coming!'. "Yasminath slept the whole night without issue," he assures Kassala. He's pretty glad about that, clearly.

Sticking her head in further, Xerosaeth offers the two weyrlings a soft croon of hello before her attention shifts back to the dragonets, no doubt asking her lifemate how they are. "Sleeping, can't you see?" The question is thrown over her shoulder by Kassala to the gold before giving a slight shake of her head as she turns back to K'zre and F'inn in time to hear the update. "That's good. I'm fairly certain she'll be fine. Just need to test and see if there's soreness or not before letting her go back to the barracks." She looks over K'zre, asking lightly, "Did you manage to get any sleep last night yourself?" That's important as well!

"Waking," corrects K'zre without thinking, his gaze flashing from Kassala to Xerosaeth to Yasminath as the little green stirs. "She's been waking for a while." It's a long, slow process with her. And there is no apology for the correction, even if he ought to offer one. It doesn't occur to him to do so. A slide of his gaze to F'inn and, after a beat, he acknowledges those words with a confirming, "She slept soundly." As for himself? "I did, yes. As soundly as she did." Let's just not talk about the tumultuous morning once he woke up, m'kay?

Nymionth very slowly and very carefully starts to uncoil himself from around Yasminath's sleeping form, offering his own croon of greeting to Xerosaeth before settling nestled up against Yasminath's side. His wing? The big old cloak-like appendage remains draped over Yasminath's back. As his dragon stirs and shifts his position, F'inn steps over and smooths a hand over Nymionth's shoulder. As far as he is concerned, Nym has been a champ through this whole affair. "She's gonna be fine," he whispers. "Kassala is just going to make sure everything is good."

"Good to hear." Kassala answers upon hearing that K'zre got some sleep during the night as well as his green lifemate. As the two young dragons begin to move, Xerosaeth moves into the infirmary, crooning a hello to the pair, «Good morning, Yasminath and Nymionth. The sun is warm, and the air quite lovely outside today!» Kassala moves to the head of the nest area, nodding her head to the bronze, "Hello, Nymionth. I need to examine Yasminath and make sure all is well. Could you give me a little more room?" Xerosaeth is there to likely relay the importance of the request. She's not asking that he leave completely, but to merely give her a little more room to work. To the green herself, the Jr. Weyrwoman smiles quietly, "With your permission, Yasminath, may I take a look at your leg?"

K'zre is still standing, though he's beginning to look a little bit anxious about it. Or perhaps it is anxiety about the coming examination, the stirring of Yasminath and the approach of Xerosaeth. There's definitely a look for F'inn as he heads for Nymionth, but in the next moment Kez's focus is on Kassala as she likewise moves toward the babies. K'zre is quick to follow, moving unerringly toward Yasminath's side as she lifts her head and croons a sleepy greeting « Mm, I like the sun, » she decides, her mindvoice 'blinking' in brief surprise as she seems to notice the large gold. « Oh! Hello… » timid curiosity breaks into gleeful delight at the approach of the queen, though she turns her head to snuggle into K'zre briefly. « Does he have too? » she wonders of Nymionth. Because she rather likes his bulk, and his warmth, and his wing over her. But Kez must have explained the necessity of it, because she's sighing out in disgruntled (for Yas) fashion and squirming her way forward. « Yes, » she offers, the permission repeated in the quick, "She says yes," from Kez as he shifts out of Kassala's way. He was doing so good earlier, but now he's back to looking anxious and chewing on his lip and drumming his fingers on his arm as he does his level best not to get in the way.

Nymionth inclines his head to Kassala, moving very slowly and carefully away to allow her unhindered access to Yasminath. Once he is out of the way, his head swings around to croon another greeting to Xerosaeth. « Good morning, Xerosaeth. » Nym's greeting comes with a wash of rose-scented thoughts, his molten form settling near the couch without being the way. « Good morning, Yasminath. I will be back by your side before you know it. » Is promised in much gentler tones as the little green rises. For his part, F'inn stays near Nymionth, his weight settling against the bronze's shoulder as he watches Kassala closely. Course, given the conversation he had with Nyalle earlier in the morning? That interest is, perhaps, understandable.

Xerosaeth will settle nearby, close enough to watch, but not so close that she's towering over the group. Still, she seems as intently focused upon the examination as her lifemate is, though conversation is kept with the two dragonets in a mindvoice that holds a rainbow of colors, «My lifemate will look you over, and then you can go back to the barracks… do you know if any of you took the third bed near the window..» She will go into detail of the place she called home while she was in the barracks, forgetting that she was not here in Fort! Whooops.

"Thank you, Yasminath." Kassala offers to the green, "If you feel any sort of pain, you let me know, okay?" The words are echoed by the queen, «If it hurts when she touches your leg or bends your joint, let us know, little one.» And so the examination will begin with Kass running her hands down the leg, feeling out the muscles, looking for any swelling, and making sure the tendons aren't sore. Eventually she will come to the 'ankle', and will slowly have her flex her paw to check it for any soreness as well.

« My bed is not near a window, » she does offer to Xerosaeth, instinctively understand that she ought to participate in the conversation, even when K'zre does not. But she can't keep it up, not with the impending examination. « Okay… » And really, given the hysterics that were pulled yesterday, it's unlikely that Yasminath will be anything BUT super obvious if something hurts. She tries to sit very, very still, but there's a nervous twitching of her tail, and her wings, and her eyes whirl with a hint of anxiety. It is, in fact, K'zre's anxiety, and not her own, that is causing such things. His eyes are glued to the weyrwoman as she begins the assessment, and he's quick to point out where it's tender, even as Yasminath offers very noticeable signs of the same, little squeaks and, « That hurts! » that is meant to acknowledge and share (as she was asked to do so) rather than to complain. She's just not terribly good about articulating the level of it. It's no worse than a bruise, but this is Yasminath — she's going to be a little dramatic with the pain even if the pain isn't that great. In her defense, she has no frame of reference, considering this is her first injury. And Kez? Now he's taken to pacing, back and forth at Yasminath's side in the space provided between green and bronze.

« We are in the middle of the room, » Nymionth informs Xerosaeth as he watches Kassala along with F'inn. « F'inn wants to talk to your lifemate when he has the chance. The Weyrwoman has suggested we start shadowing a dragonhealer so we can learn to do it ourselves. » From the swirls of brightly colored roses coloring his tones it is clear that Nymionth is excited at the thought. Course at the mention of Yasminath potentially feeling pain, those roses turn grey and ashen in hue, the entirety of the bronze's attention focused on feeling anything Yasminath might be feeling in order to soothe it as quickly as possible. He can't help it, really, it is just his nature. Course as soon as she squeaks, he's crooning to her, unconciously edging closer to the couch. When K'zre sets to pacing, F'inn glances up at Nymionth and nods before stepping over to put a reassuring arm around Kez' shoulder. "She's going to be alright," he promises in soothing tones. Sure, the contact may be unwanted, but F'inn will be F'inn just as much as Nym will be Nym.

Xerosaeth is there as soon as the little green shows anxiety, crooning as well when she squeaks, «You are fine, Yasminath. My lifemate is very gentle. Just think of going to the lake and sunningon the beach!» Distraction offered by way of describing the warmth of the sun on hide, finding the perfect sunning spot.

Kassala makes note, humming softly little sounds like a mother might to calm a child, "You are doing wonderful, Yasminath. Such a lovely shade of green you are… and so strong… " Just before she might say something to K'zre, F'inn has already moved over to other weyrling, a slight nod passed to him as he seeks to calm his friend. With the message passed, she nods again before turning back to finish up the exam, "I think you are good to go back to the barracks. I don't notice any swelling, and there's only minor tenderness in the joint. We could wrap it to be on the safe side for the next few days, but it's not needed." Reaching out, she offers Yasminath a scritch before rising to her feet, "Let her lounge today, then tomorrow, perhaps take her into the shallow water for a swim to exercise it a little?"

If K'zre wasn't so keyed up, he might find the whole thing somewhat fascinating. But it's hard to find scholarly detachment when it's his own lifemate being assessed. When it's her pain he feels, even if the pain is not so great at all. When he can feel her anxiety, and it just makes his own get worse, until it starts to become this spiral of worry and fear. And then there is F'inn, with an arm around his shoulder and soothing tones, and K'zre latches onto this as though it might be an anchor in the storm. He can't touch Yasminath just yet, so he'll curl his fingers into the other weyrling's shirt instead. And then there is Nymionth, with his rose-scented voice, and rose-scented hide, and a croon that soothes the green even as Xerosaeth offers distraction in the form of wonderful imagery. « I want to see it at night, » she confesses, only a little bit of a whine in her voice. « The moons over the water. I want to see it! » She'd pout, if such a thing was possible. Really, the pair of them together are somewhat over the top given the injury is no more than a bit of bruising and a minor strain. Hopeless, really. But the pronouncement that she is fine, that they are good to go, has both dragon and weyrling letting out a sigh and somewhat slumping. It takes Kez a moment or two before he seems to recognize what it is Kassala is saying, but after a bit of a pause, he tears his gaze from Yasminath and settles it on the weyrwoman instead, a shallow nod of his head coming as he offers, "We will do that. Thank you." And Yasminath? She's all about those scritches, now that she's done being fussed with.

« You enjoyed swimming, Yasminath, » Nymionth points out in a warm wash of yellow and orange roses. « We can go lay in the sun and frolick in the water all you like. You can bring Luna and she can watch from the beach with K'zre and F'inn. » "That's a good idea," F'inn notes in soothing tones to K'zre. "Soaking it will probably help." At least, he's pretty sure that that is a thing people do. "She'll be fine," F'inn assures in those same soothing tones. "I promise, she will be fine." And F'inn? He's never broken a promise. « Then we will go this evening, » Nymionth declares. « It's only fitting that the moons get to see their princess under their light. » And he's firm on that. Even if it means sneaking out. Once it clicks with both K'zre and Yasminath that they are fine, F'inn smiles, the relief in his gaze undeniable. "Good. Good. And later, when you have time, Kassala? Nyalle suggested I talk to you about shadowing you here in the infirmary." That he's super serious about that? Clear from a glimpse at his face.

«The lake is lovely at night as well. Just wait till you can fly and see it from above..» Xerosaeth offers to the pair, «The light upon the water is quite lovely as well.» Pleased colors, all roses and sunny yellow shade her mindvoice then. With the pronouncement that the green is well and okay, the queen rises to her feet, «Come laze by the lake. Perhaps your lifemate can give you a bath and then oil your hide. That way, the sun can really warm you!» And who doesn't enjoy being pampered, hmm? Certainly not this queen! She slinks on out, already heading for the lake with a call to her lifemate to hurry up!

Kassala looks from green to weyrling, and finally after giving one last scritch to Yasminaeth, moves to K'zre, offering a quick squeeze of one hand, "Remember to work on building a wall between the two of you. Sharing is good, but at the same time, sharing too much, is not so good for either of you." A glance to F'inn, for obviously he seems to get it already in the way he sought to help calm K'zre down. As for the request, she ohs, "You wish to learn more about dragonhealing? We do teach you all more basic things as time goes on in weyrlinghood.."

There is definitely a lack of boundaries between Yasminath and K'zre, and it would be a lie to say that Kez has tried to do anything about that. The reminder, that he should be building walls and separations between them, is met with a fleeting hardness in his eyes and a tension in his jaw, fingers twisting in the fabric he still holds until he seems to catch himself at it all. He releases F'inn and Kassala at the same time, though it is not an outright dismissal of either of them. A quick clearing of his throat and a murmured, "I understand." Because he does. Even if he doesn't like it. With the assessment done, he moves quickly to eliminate the space between him and Yasminath, wrapping his arms around her head as she shoves her snout into his stomach, fingers soothed over eyeridges as she croons. « I would like that. » To both. For all of it. Bringing Luna. Swimming in the lake. Soaking up the sunshine. Baths and oilings. Sneaking out of the barracks to see the moons over the lake? ALL OF IT! But while Kez is definitely a bit occupied with Yasminath, he's still paying enough attention to catch what passes between weyrwoman and weyrling behind him, a twist of his head coming as he glances between the pair and offers, "He wants to /be/ a dragonhealer."

"I want to learn as much as I can," F'inn admits. "Nyalle says with his level empathy, Nymionth will be a great asset." And after this experience? There is nothing F'inn can think of that could be a more worthy way to focus the energy of both himself and Nymionth. "I'll do whatever you need me to do here to help out," he assures. In truth, he barely sleeps any more, so he has nothing but time to spare. When K'zre releases his shirt, F'inn casts him a concerned glance, the concern growing when Nymionth leans down to chuff at K'zre's hair in a soothing fashion. Fortunately, K'zre is moving to Yasminath and all is right with the world. It is the declaration from K'zre that stirs a warm smile. "Yes, that is exactly what I want," he agrees. Slanting Kez a grateful smile, he reaches up and smooths a hand over Nymionth's shoulder. "Well, what we want," he ammends. « Then we will do /all/ of it, » Nymionth assures Yasminath with another low croon.

A brow is lifted at K'zre's answer, Kassala to watch the weyrling quietly for a moment, "I know you don't want to be apart from her in any way, but trust me when I say it is important that you build those walls to give you both a little safe space of sanity." Understanding can be heard easily in her voice, "It took me a while to do it myself, and it wasn't until R'hra came to visit us once at Igen and he kissed me and… Xerosaeth was there, asking soooo many questions.." Oh the questions! "Just work on it a little every day. It need not be a brick wall, solid and unbreakable, but… like a window that can soften the emotions between the two of you." That said, she turns to F'inn, a certain excitement to show as she is told he wants to be a dragonhealer, "Then, we'll see about getting you in here and helping out with some chores in between your lessons with the weyrlingmaster." To the bronze, she smiles, "Xerosaeth can talk with you about helping the dragons who are hurt from your vantage point."

"No one is going to kiss me." Because that was obviously the moral of the story. But there is a slant of K'zre's gaze toward Kassala, a long and potentially impolite study of the weyrwoman, gritted teeth and hard eyes, before he's relenting with a begrudging, "I will work on it." As much as he might not like it, as much as he might resist, beneath it all K'zre does trust the expertise of a dragonhealer, just as he would trust the expertise of another Healer over him. And somewhere, where he doesn't want to yet admit it, he also knows she's right. When the focus shifts away from him and toward the topic of F'inn's ascent into dragonhealing, there's a whisper of a sigh from Kez and the turning of his gaze back to Yasminath. « Can we go now? » the question is for Nymionth and K'zre both. To the bronze, it is a request for accompaniment. Will he come with her, if she goes now? For the weyrling, it is an asking for permission. Is she allowed to go now? « Xerosaeth is there! She'll get all the sun! » Because that's how it works, of course.

"Thank you, Kassala," F'inn states with a fair measure of pleased relief. "You won't be disappointed." Nymionth will not allow him to fail. When Nymionth is addressed, he dips his head, exhaling a croon of agreement to the gold rider. "He says he'll do whatever Xerosaeth needs him to do." On the question of building walls? Something that he has been told is imperative with Nymionth being empathic? He leans more toward K'zre's stand point. The thought of having any barriers between himself and Nym is almost to painful to bear. That it is necessary? He understands that on a logical level, but emotionally, it makes him want to cry. Course at the whole, no one is going to kiss me thing? F'inn makes a point to turn his attention to Nymionth. It's the safest place to look. Seriously. "Hrm? Yes." Is uttered in response to Nym passing on Yasminath's question. « We can go whenever you are ready, Yasminath, » Nymionth assures in warm tones. Clearly he has /every/ intention of going with her. « I will make sure there is more then enough sun for you. » Cause he can totally take credit for that!

Kassala doesn't say anything more about building those walls to either. She knows the feeling all too well, and came to learn how important they are in her own time, just as they will. She'll be polite enough to not say 'toldja so' either! "You're both welcome… go now.. have some fun down at the lake." It'll do all of them, dragons and weyrlings, some good to get out of the infirmary and into the sun for a bit. Let them shake this minor moment away. Stepping off to the side, she waves them on before heading off to check in with the other dragonhealer that might be around.


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