Who F'inn, K'zre
What Kez learns some startling information about Nymionth and F'inn.
When Summer - Month 7 of Turn 2718
Where Dragon Infirmary, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Dragon Infirmary
This huge cavern of smooth stone arches upwards to a rounded ceiling, high enough for even the largest of Golds to fit comfortably. Along the walls of the cavern are many carved out and worn smooth couches for injured dragons to rest on, most with a cot alongside for the dragon's rider to sleep.

Tables line the other walls, movable so they can be taken to the dragon instead of making the dragon come to it. Bolts of cloth, thread, needles and cabinet after cabinet of remedies and equipment take up the rest of the space. Two huge double doors lead out to the Center Bowl.

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F'inn waits until Nyalle has gone, one hand smoothing over Nymionth's molten hide before he glances at K'zre. "I can go grab klah in the living cavern if you want it?" Offering Nym another slow caress of his hand, he finally steps away, his own shoulders rolling to relieve some of the pent up tension. "But.. Um.. I kinda wanted to talk to you while Yasminath was still asleep." In the wake of the words, he steps over and perches on the edge of the couch, his expression serious. "I know you felt like you being left out of something last night," he begins. And realizing that Kez doesn't know how he would know that, he nods toward Nymionth. "Nymionth is apparently unusually empathic. He feels /everything/ and shares it all with me. But, the point is that.. I know you felt unhappy about last night with Kassala. I just.. Wanted to let you know that there were no secrets being kept. Well, I mean, there /were/. Cause I don't think you have any clue that I really like you. But, she was just warning me not to let my feelings become a problem for you, or Yasminath. And," he adds quickly. "We'd /never/ do that. Never. I just.. She was trying not to embarass me is all." In the wake of the words, he lightly clears his throat, his brows twitching as he stares at his hands.

As Nyalle leaves, Kez assesses the ground at his feet as though preparing to sit. In the end, he opts for the nearby cot that probably went entirely unused all night. "No," for the Klah. "I'm fine with juice. And you've done enough." More than enough. And Kez is keenly aware of it, given that his often dulled social-senses are tingling and telling him that some sort of reciprocation is probably required. Perched on the edge, he polishes off his breakfast item of choice and brushes the crumbs from his fingers. But while he might be dwelling a bit on just how to navigate this difficult road of 'returning the favor' and possibly worrying just a bit about it, clearly he is focusing on the wrong thing. And here is where Kez displays a total ineptitude at reading social situations, because anyone else might have immediately caught on to the serious nature of that 'we need to talk' precursor, but him? He just offers a nod and a quick, "Alright." But as F'inn gets going, K'zre's expression goes from mildly confused, to shocked to uncertain and then swings right back around to confusion. And then he is just… still. And staring at F'inn with a frown. And remaining in what some might call 'unnatural' silence. He's processing, and it's just taking… a long time. In his defense? That was a lot of information in a short amount of time. And he's sorting through it piece by piece, little glances tossed toward Nymionth or Yasminath or F'inn or the tray of food as the information percolates. In the end, he settles for an entirely honest and somewhat frustrated, "I don't understand." Because he doesn't.

With girls? Or boys for that matter, F'inn's got game for days. When it comes to K'zre, he kind feels like he's tripping over his own feet. It is not a comfortable feeling and has him questioning himself more then he ever has in his lifetime. Course, time ticks by. A lot of time. And that? That does nothing to bolster F'inn's already waning resolve. Course, he would be mortified at the thought that Kez believes he's done anything for him with any kind of expectations. Course, all those emotions are being funneled to F'inn via Nymionth and in this case? They are helping absolutely nothing. If anything, F'inn suddenly finds himself looking and feeling more awkward then he has /ever/ looked in his life. "Look," he states as he glances up and meets K'zre's gaze. "You got someone in your life and I /know/ that. And I don't expect, and have not indulged in the thought that that is likely to change. I just.. wanted you to know that you were not being kept out of things last night. Kassala was just warning me not to let my crush on you get out of hand." Which, he certainly feels like it is out of hand right now. "I'm not.. I'm not gonna follow you around, mooning or anything like that. I mean, yeah, I'm into you. But I get it and I'm good being friends, you know?" Too many words F'inn. Way to many words.

Way too many words. With not enough pauses in between for K'zre to keep up and process it all. But this time he's at least catching on to a bit more. "I don't…" Pause. Re-evaluation. Rephrase. "Yasminath is the only thing in my life right now." Did that make sense? Kez isn't sure, but he's going with it. It's the most accurate statement he can make. That little green, sleeping so contentedly up against Nymionth, is K'zre's entire world and nothing and no one holds a candle to her right now. Being kept out of things. The mention of it sparks all those emotions once again; the sense of 'otherness' that Kez can never quite explain. Like he's watching the world around him rather than actually being part of it. At least with people. "I'm used to it." Because he is. "You don't have to explain." But that last bit? That just brings on all sorts of conflicting feelings. Confusion and trepidation chief among them. Rather than sort through it all, he opts for honesty in return. "I am not good with people." That ought to be abundantly clear. "I can heal them. I understand physical ailments." So, so much easier to treat injuries than engage in conversation! "But I'm not… good with them. Talking. Being friends. I'm not good at it."

"You're better at it then you think," F'inn states pointedly. "Your honest where most people are not. And that is way more valuable to a friend then anything else." Glancing back at the dragons, his expression softens, pale eyes lingering on Nymionth for a long moment. "I just didn't want you to think that I was keeping secrets last night. I wouldn't even have said anything if I didn't know you were feeling badly about it, you know?" He gets it. He gets all of it and he's good with it. "Kass can just read me," he adds as he falls onto his back and pillows his head with one arm. It is after a lengthy silence that his head lolls to the side, his expression serious. "The only thing I expect from you is exactly what you give, honesty. I… We," he adds with a nod toward Nymionth. "Enjoy your company."

Cue more silence. The processing sort, as K'zre lets all of this new and somewhat puzzling information roll around in his head. Is there something he's supposed to say? Do? He's not sure, and so he simply sits there with an expression somewhere between thoughtful and healer-neutral, following F'inn's progress as he drops to his back and falls silent himself. And when he does finally speak, his gaze drifts to the bronze dragon first. "Nymionth can feel what I'm feeling," he repeats, seeking clarity. "And he… gives that information to you." Kez is not sure how he feels about this, though the immediate, gut-response is shocked. Betrayed. Exposed. Violated? As if nothing was safe or secret anymore. At least he's honest about admitting, "I don't know how I feel about that. It… I can't /read/ people," but F'inn has the inside scoop on everyone. "Does he know what I'm thinking?" Because that would just be another level of invasion that Kez is not prepared to deal with. Yasminath in his head? That's different. She's… love and light and the missing piece. But having someone else in his head? It's distressing enough that it's got the young green twitching as though she might wake, which at least has Kez taking deep breaths and forcing himself to calm the fuck down, if just because he does NOT want to wake her right now.

"No," F'inn assures in quiet tones. "He doesn't know what you are thinking. And he doesn't know what you are feeling most of the time," he promises. "He did when Yasminath was hurt, because we were all on high emotions. But generally, no. I suppose," he adds as he glances at the bronze. "That he could if he tried, but that would be an invasion of privacy." And even Nym knows better then than that. Noting the discomfort, if only because Nymionth alerts him of Yasminath's movement, F'inn pushes up to sitting, a worried frown tracing over his lips. Nyalle had warned him this very thing would happen, he just hadn't expected it from Kez. "We can take off," he provides in reassuring tones. "It just didn't seem fair not to let you know what was going on." In the wake of his words, Nymionth protests silently before moving to very carefully and very slowly unwind himself from around Yasminath. "He doesn't mean any harm," F'inn notes somewhat defensively. It's Nym, he's not fond of the thought of anyone disliking, or mistrusting, Nym. "He just cares."

It is times like these in which Kez feels the /most/ frustrated. The most inadequate. He can't speak. In the wake of roiling, confusing, conflicting emotions, the words to express anything that he might be thinking just do not come. As though the part of his brain that is responsible for putting thought into actual, spoke words is… disconnected. Offline. That he wants to say things doesn't really matter. He physically cannot do it. And so he is silent, an outwardly stoic-looking weyrling while inside, he's a thunderstorm of feelings. His eyes find Yasminath, and there is comfort found in the sight of her. In the feel of her sleeping in the back of his head. In the quiet reassurance that she is here, that she understands. That she loves him. Even if she's asleep and unable to actually communicate any of that. He knows. There is at least a shake of his head for the offer to leave, and after a minute more he's able to actually speak on it with a faint, "It would upset Yasminath." Because it would.

F'inn is worried, clearly. It is only the fact that emotions are conflicting that keeps him from calling Nymionth away, entirely. Instead, the bronze exhales a relieved sound and curls back around Yasminath. His head, however, turns to exhale a warm croon toward K'zre, as well. He's worried, of course, that he's done something wrong. He's worried that he's upset someone that F'inn cares about. He's worried about so very many things in those private recesses of his mind. F'inn, however, can feel it all and does his level best to calm the bronze before spilling on to his back and tucking one arm up beneath his head. Determined to find something to soothe those roiling emotions, he lolls his head to the side, pale eyes watching K'zre's face. "Nyalle says it is something only golds usually do. It's scary," he admits. "But.. She also thinks I'd be good at dragon healing because of it. I.. I think I want to do that," he admits. "Well, no. I do want to do that," he corrects. "I just don't know if I am smart enough to learn all the things I'd have to learn." Right now? He's just offering a distraction, voicing his own concerns in the hopes of distracting K'zre's mind. "It's probably a bad idea," he sighs.

Time is the best medicine in this case. Time, and a shift in focus away from K'zre. It helps, if he's not being looked at. If the expectation of answers and words and general social interactions is reduced or removed. As running for the hills (or the infirmary, even if it is very close at hand) is not an option, Kez will take what he can get in the form of distraction. His gaze is resolutely on Yasminath or the floor, but there's a shallow nod of his head in acknowledgement of the words spoken. Even if he doesn't respond. Not for a long time. Too long, really. Nudging into the realm of impolite. "You should do it," comes at long, long last. "If you want to do it, then you should do it." Of being smart enough? Of it being potentially being a bad idea? Kez cannot speak on it, though there's a stubborn little shake of his head and a scowl on his face.

"Maybe," F'inn sighs. "I mean, you'd think the weyrwoman would have a pretty good idea what she's talking about." At this point, he's more talking to himself while providing ample opportunity for K'zre to chime in should he decide to. "I just think it's probably the safest place for us to be. Here, I mean." At least here Nymionth's natural ability will be put to a use that won't be distressing. "I'll have to talk to Kassala about it. See if she minds us shadowing her here." On the upside, if they start now, they'll be kept busy and have more then enough time to get through the basics. Sweeping his gaze up to the smooth stone arches overhead, he falls silent, clearly mulling over the idea.

Maybe? "I thought you said you wanted to do it?" Kez is finding his voice again. Slowly but surely. And while the shock of… frankly everything that has happened or been disclosed in the past twenty-four hours is still throwing him off balance, he's also coming to terms with it rather quickly. Coping mechanisms or just denial? Who knows. Either way, it's working. "Safest? I don't understand what you mean by that." He straightens out of the rolled-forward, almost hunched position he'd succumbed to, shoulders rolling back as he loosens sore muscles. "If it is like Healing," and Kez imagines that it is, just on dragons rather than people, "It might be better to wait until… after." Weyrlinghood. "I thought about it, too," he admits, casting a glance toward F'inn.

"People want to do things they suck at all the time," F'inn points out. "I do want to do it," he affirms. "I've just never done anything like that.. that serious, before. Nyalle said if we're going to do it, we should look into it now. Spend as much time here with the healers learning everything we can." Which actually sounds pretty good to F'inn. That, of course, surprises him alot given how uncomfortable the infirmary had made him. It's the question that has his lips twitching in a sad smile. "Neither one of us want to make others uncomfortable," he explains. "Nymionth hasn't learned to control his ability and now that I know that it's not something they all do? It feels like lieing not to let my friends know that he can feel what they feel. So. I mean." Shrugging, he pushes up on his elbows at the last, his smile turning abruptly encouraging. "That would be amazing," he admits. "At least I'd have some one here to tell me how to do things the right way." And he means that, he actually loves the idea.

"Of course not. He's a baby," points out the healer, glancing toward the pair of dragons. "No one is born knowing how to control themselves, in any fashion. It takes time. Practice. Discipline," and now the words might not *really* be K'zre's own, but perhaps an echo of his past. But it's still unnerving to think of Nymionth feeling his feelings. Or, perhaps it is knowing that F'inn can feel his feelings that is unnerving? It's confusing. It's a mess and Kez is not ready for that so… *SHOVE* to the recesses of his mind it goes. "It was a thought," he repeats. "And that was before Yasminath… A long time before Yasminath," he confesses. "I don't know what I want, now." But he doesn't have to ask her to know that Yasminath would be all for it. Once she understood the concept. "Maybe," he concedes, "when she's a little older—" and then a snort, and a roll of his eyes. "I don't know how to heal /dragons/. I would be as much of a novice as you."

F'inn exhales a laugh, his lips twitching in a lopsided smile as he glances back at K'zre. "You know alot about healer-y things then I do," he points out. "I mean, it's probably different. Has to be different. But I bet a lot of it is the same, to." Glancing back at Nymionth and Yasminath, his expression softens, his smile turning more then a little adoringly dopey. "I'm going to do it. I'm going to talk to Kassala as soon as she comes down to clear Yasminath. Nym wants to start as soon as possible so we can make up for what we don't know." Course, Nymionth is determined to excell already, but F'inn has come to expect that from him. "Yasminath loves so much, she'd be awesome in the infirmary," he decides.

"I know very little about healing dragons," because by now, K'zre at least knows some super basic things. Like numbweed is fine, but fellis is NOT. "Dragons are not people." Obviously. "The things I know that would likely transfer over is… very little. Basic things. Like how to suture. Perhaps how to set a bone, though I can't imagine trying to do that with a dragon…" Those bones gotta be HUGE. But he falls silent after that, expression neutral but holding just enough interest in the drift of his gaze as to demonstrate that he is still present and listening. "I hope it is soon," for Kassala coming to clear Yasminath. The mention of the green pulls K'zre's eyes toward her once again, softening his expression and inspiring a flicker of a smile. "She… oh. I don't know," he muses, hesitant. "I am not sure how she will handle someone else being in pain…"

"I think she'd be all about comfort and love," F'inn decides. "It seems to be everything that she is." No doubt why Nymionth is utterly and completely devoted to her. The thought stirs a smile that has his head lolling to the side, pale eyes quietly watching the pair. By now, Nymionth has taken to dozing, more then content to remain securely wrapped around Yasminath's smaller frame. "Well, if she doesn't make it down here, I'm sure one of the other dragonhealers can clear her to return to the barracks." And, if not? Well, F'inn brought more then enough supplies. "Either way, they have a cozy wallow and it's kinda pretty in here." So, he's content to remain sprawled right where he is.

"I am worried it would upset her," K'zre confesses, his gaze remaining on the sleeping green. "She's very… kind. I wouldn't want her to be distressed because another is distressed." It hasn't happened yet, so Kez has no idea how Yasminath will handle the pain of another. If it is anything like how she handled her own pain? Dragonhealing might not be an option for them. A press of his lips, a mild frown, but Kez opts not to linger on the hypotheticals for too long. "You don't have to stay," he notes at the last, gaze moving to F'inn where he's sprawled. "Either of you," he continues, sparing a glance for the now-dozing Nymionth. "Yasminath is comfortable. She'll be hungry when she wakes, probably need to be oiled… You don't… have to stay."

"I want to stay." The words are as simple and direct as F'inn can make them. "Nymionth wants to stay." The bronze? Showing no signs of moving, at all. Resettling in his sprawl, F'inn stretches out his legs, booted ankles lightly crossing. "I like your company." Course, eventually they will need more klah, but he's pretty certain the dragonhealers have to have a pot around here somewhere.

If the dragonhealers don't, the human-healers definitely do! And Kez knows right where it is, too. If asked, he'd be able to point it out. Absent of that, he's liable not to realize that it might be desired (until he, himself, might want some). But for the moment juice is sufficient and, since he's in a position to easily watch Yasminath, he is disinclined to move from his perch on that cot. "Why?" It's not accusatory, but more confused curiosity.

The question has F'inn's lolling to the side, his lips twitching in a quiet smile as he regards K'zre for a long moment in silence."Because I know you'll tell me the truth, even if I don't want to hear it," he explains. "Because I can trust you to /really/ listen to what I am saying and to ask if it doesn't make sense to you." Pushing up on his elbows, his head lolls back to regard the sleeping Yasminath with a softer expression. "Because there is nothing more joyful and loving then the smiles you turn on Yasminath. Because when you are happy you always look so confused at that and it is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. And," he adds as he flops back down. "Cause you have good taste in books."

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