Who F'inn, K'zre, Nyalle
What Nyalle comes to check on the weyrlings in the infirmary.
When Summer - Month 7 of Turn 2718
Where Dragon Infirmary, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Dragon Infirmary
This huge cavern of smooth stone arches upwards to a rounded ceiling, high enough for even the largest of Golds to fit comfortably. Along the walls of the cavern are many carved out and worn smooth couches for injured dragons to rest on, most with a cot alongside for the dragon's rider to sleep.

Tables line the other walls, movable so they can be taken to the dragon instead of making the dragon come to it. Bolts of cloth, thread, needles and cabinet after cabinet of remedies and equipment take up the rest of the space. Two huge double doors lead out to the Center Bowl.

Nyalle smiles. "Then I've no doubt the two of you will figure it out in the end." Then she chuckles. "Us? Oh…a few turns before we really mastered it. But we're different. I was…very young and…" She searches for a word, looking thoughtfully at Kayeth - who is unhelpful in offering a negative word against her lifemate. "Not very strong. Naive. And she's very strong willed. So it took us a long time. And no, it's not a bronze thing, though of course every dragon's personality is different. It's usually golds that have such strong empathy."

F'inn considers the words for a very long time, finally offering a nod of his head in the wake of polishing off the last of his klah. "Nymionth is special," he decides. "And really? While it is shocking when it happens? I think it will be handy once we learn to block each other out a little bit." Space man, it's super important. "Makes me wish I'd gone into dragon healing, now. Nymionth would be so good at that." It's the sense of his lifemate stirring that has his head raising, blue eyes slanting toward the entrance of the infirmary. "Speaking of, he's waking up." Pushing to his feet, he offers Nyalle a hand with an easy smile, much more relaxed now that he knows there is nothing wrong with them. Course, inside Nymionth /is/ stirring. His waking, however, is very slow and careful, the bulk of his form still securely wrapped around Yasminath and K'zre. With the pair still asleep, he remains right where he is. He does, however, regard the entrance expectantly.

Yasminath is still snoozing, but Kez? Kez is starting to wake up. And he's a lot quicker about it than his beloved green might be. A little wiggling, and the weyrling manages to extract himself from her side and out from under Nymionth's wing. He's looking… about as fresh as someone who just spent a night on the floor beneath a bronze dragon and smooshed up against a green dragon might look. But after a brief moment of disorientation, reality catches up with him and the bleary-eyed look clears. His hair? Well… that's probably a lost cause, though his fingers make a vain attempt at taming it. The approach of F'inn and Nyalle is met with a sudden straightning of his shoulders and another vain attempt at smoothing out wrinkles that will refuse to be tamed. *Sigh* It's not his morning. "Weyrwoman," he offers, and thankfully his voice only croaks a little in that just-woke-up, haven't-spoken-in-hours way that it does. Does he remember to salute? No. No he does not.

Nyalle waits for an extra beat to see if he remembers to salute, and then she dips her head. He'll get a pass, today, due to his current circumstances. "Weyrling K'zre. How are you both?" Then she replies to F'inn thoughtfully. "There's nothing that says you can't, now, go into dragon healing. Even without Thread, dragons still need excellent care."

"Morning," F'inn offers to K'zre with a warm smile. It's Nyalle's words, however, that capture attention of both F'inn and Nymionth. "Really? I.. We," he adds with a nod toward the massive bronze who, while excited, is still trying to remain still for Yasminath. "Would love that, actually." Nymionth exhales a low chuff of agreement before settling his head next to Yasminath's. It should be noted, at this juncture, that Yasminath is using a gigantic pink stuffed rabbit as a 'pillow'. "She slept the whole night through," he assures Kez before the other can ask. In the wake of the words, he does touch his fingers to his brows on the pretense of 'scratching'. Truth, however, is that it is a subtle hint at a salute.

Subtle hints? They fly right over K'zre's head. Blatant. Blunt. Those are the things that will catch his attention. Thankfully, Nyalle is understanding because Kez is oblivious. "I think we're alright," he offers after a moment's thought and a quick glance toward the still slumbering Yasminath. "When she wakes up…" that will be the real test. A longer look and then a dip of his head to F'inn for the information. "She is still very asleep. She's not even dreaming," which probably means she won't wake for a while. Indeed, the young green isn't even twitching yet.

Nyalle smiles at F'inn, nodding. "Go ahead and talk to some of the Dragonhealers here. See what you'd need to do. Maybe spend some time observing and see if it's a path you'd really like to take." Her gaze returns to K'zre. "There's a tray with some juice and snacks on it," she offers, indicating wherever the tray was set down. F'inn got the klah. "What happened?" She's been briefed, of course, but still.

"I'll absolutely do that, Weyrwoman." F'inn's assurance is coupled with a relaxed smile and a sigh that is mimiced with Nymionth coiling more snugly around the sleeping Yasminath. At the mention of the food, F'inn spins on his heel, stridding to the entrance and returning with it to place close to where the dragons are snuggled up. There's no way Kez is going to want to go away from Yasminath until he knows she's alright. F'inn is utterly certain of that.

K'zre isn't going anywhere, that is definitely true. Yasminath is asleep, so he's content to leave her under Nymionth's wing rather than hovering like a nervous nanny, but he's definitely tossing little glances her direction. He might not even know he's doing it. F'inn's departure to acquire that aforementioned juice and snacks gets a glance before the weyrling's attention is back on Nyalle and her question. "She was… hopping like a bunny," he explains with a little frown. "Demonstrating something from a dream. I am not sure if she tripped, or maybe the dirt slid a bit beneath her, but she landed… wrong…" It's harder to talk about than Kez had anticipated, and a clearing of his throat is required as he continues to offer his version of events. "I don't really… At that point I just felt her pain." He had no idea how she landed, what she hurt. Not until the dragonhealers had assessed her. "Based on what they said," he manages to explain, "I'm assuming she simply over-extended herself." A sympathy rub of his on wrist comes unconsciously, before he moves to grab something to eat from that tray.

Nyalle listens closely to K'zre, and when his account is finished the Senior nods, a sympathetic smile pulling at her lips. "It must have been quite a shock. To both of you." All of you, as she looks at Nymionth and then to F'inn.

F'inn offers Kez a reassuring look as he sets the tray down and steps back. He knows it's hard to talk about. He knows the emotions are still high. At Nyalle's look, his smile turns wan, his brows twitching lightly. She, at least, knows the extent to which he and Nymionth were affected. "It was.. It was definately very frightening," he assures. In the wake of the words, his gaze slides toward Yasminath, the affection there bolstered by that of his bronze. "We'll have to work on hopping like bunnies a bit more carefully," he asides in quiet tones. "She's joyful, you know? Everything is bright and shiny and wonderful." And when she got hurt? It was the worst. Nymionth's response comes in low croon toward Yasminath's sleeping form, his snout moving to nudge the big pink bunny a bit more securely under her head.

For the moment, Yasminath is blissfully unaware that humans and bronze alike are reliving her traumatic experience. It was traumatic for her, at least. And it was traumatic for K'zre, too. Even if he's looking a bit more awkward about it, now that time has passed and he's had a good night's sleep. "It was," he agrees, pausing in the consumption of something breakfast-y (he's not even sure what he picked up, but he's eating it). "It was…" Terrifying. And a small shiver of that fear has his shoulders rolling and a longer look spared for the snoozing green. "She will be more careful," he echoes on the heels of F'inn's 'more careful' bunny-hopping, voice resolute. "I'll keep her in check…" not that doing so will help, mind. Poor Yasminath has been known to trip over air even walking through the barracks. "It could have been worse. I'm thankful it wasn't." And boy is he.

Nyalle nods. "These things happen. It's not unusual, especially when they're still growing and getting used to their bodies. I'm glad she'll be alright." Then the Weyrwoman steps back, offering a smile to both Weyrling riders. "If you'll excuse me though, I'm needed elsewhere so I'll leave you all alone to rest."

"Thank you for coming to check on us, Weyrwoman," F'inn states. Offering a crisp salute, he waits for it to be returned before exhaling a breath and drifting over to smooth a hand over Nym's side. For the moment, the pair are in silent discourse. It does not take long, however, before a decision is made and F'inn leans forward to rest his brow against Nymionth's shoulder. "I think it's a perfect idea," he murmurs in low tones.

K'zre's own gratitude comes a second or two later than it ought too, but he's honest enough when he echoes F'inn in that, "Thank you for visiting, Weyrwoman." And with the other weyrling saluting, Kez finally seems to recognize that he missed that earlier. His resulting salute is crisp enough and comes with a slightly morified expression before he just sighs and goes to finish his whatever-he's-eating. And Yas? Thankfully, still sleeping.

Nyalle returns the salutes smartly, and then takes her leave. Through the entrance she can be seen spending a few quiet moments with Kayeth before continuing on.

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