Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

C'rus had only recently returned to Fort this afternoon and after making sure that Jai was well oiled, the pair decided that it was time to head over to the lake and get a drink and just have a nice and quiet spot to relax. Jaicoureth is happily swimming in the nice cool springtime water, while his human counterpart is sitting on the shore watching him go to town, "I'm glad you are enjoying yourself." he says to him. There is a beat and then another reply to the unspoken comment from the dragon, "Yeah. We have done good. Really good. I'm very happy." he says with a genuine smile, "And I know you are happy too…"

Dtirae and Zuvaleyuth walk together, the gold's pace matching her lifemates. The goldrider is rather sullen, quiet, lost in thought though not entirely unaware. Zuvaleyuth does offer gentle guidance when the woman loses focus completely, though such occasions are rare. The presence of the other pair has Dtirae lifting to where her lifemate's gaze settles and they veer from their path to where C'rus is settled. "Greetings, C'rus." A faint smile and the goldrider move to settle not too far away, Zuvaleyuth joining her. "You two seem to be in good spirits."

C'rus knows that look. Goodness…he wears that look more often than not. He gets to his feet and salutes the goldrider, "Hello weyrwoman. It's good to see you here. Please feel free to make yourself comfortable." He gives a glance over to his dragon and then back to the gold and then to her human, "I think we are. The last sevenday or so has been undeniably busy, but we are still here and certainly things could be worse." he explains before adding, "You look like you are not in good spirits. Hopefully nothing has happened that upset you." He'd hate to think that anything bothered her, after all if anyone deserves a break it would be Dtirae.

Dtirae blinks at the salute yet again. Maybe one day, she'll get used to it? Regardless, she smiles and nods politely. "Thank you. I hope we're not intruding." They do get comfortable, with Dtirae leaning against Zuvaleyuth, giving C'rus her attention as he speaks. "That's good to hear. That you're still here… Though, it makes me wonder, were you in danger?" As he points out her own look, the woman chuckles softly and shakes her head. "It's complicated. A… Lot of thinking, mostly."

C'rus would salute Dtirae even if she asked him not too. Other's might be able to convince him but he just has far too much respect for her to even consider not saluting. Thankfully she hasn't asked. He makes himself comfortable on the ground once more and chuckles, "Oh no….no danger, at least I don't think there was. There are parts of yesterday I don't rightly remember.." he finishes a bit more somberly, "But no. I'm absolutely fine." He offers her a kind smile, "Yeah. Complicated is a good word. Been through complicated alot myself. If you want to talk about it I'm willing to listen. If you just want to enjoy the pleasant evening…thats fine too." He isn't going to press because she's his superior, and because he wouldn't want it if the positions were reversed.

"Oh, good. Though, not remembering parts of the day is not usually the best sign." Dtirae almost teases. Almost, but refrains. "That's good that you're fine. I'm glad to hear." The goldrider tilts a look towards him and nods in understanding. "Well…" She considers, drifting into silence for a long moment before she speaks again. "I guess, I've mostly been wondering, at this moment… What it takes for someone not to be considered fragile anymore. And, can a heart break twice? How much does a guitar cost, is something I've also been thinking over. A good quality one."

C'rus holds his hands in the air, "I'm not to blame. That is squarely not my fault…" he says with a smile, it may bother him but he is going to do his best not to show it, "I suppose it depends on who you talk too. Some people will probably never think you aren't fragile. Personally…if you want my opinion…I don't you are fragile, and I don't think you ever were. I think that was just some label other people put on you to make /themselves/ feel better. Some people look at you and never really see you…I've been there." He next question brings a sad smile to his face, "I wish that I didn't believe the answer as yes, but it is. Though Jaicoureth said yesterday that 'Love brings you pleasure and love brings you pain, and yet when both are gone love will still remain.' So I guess he'd say that even if your heart breaks love is still there…" The blue dragon lifts his head from the water and glances toward the shore as C'rus quotes one of his little songs. Though truly its the talk of the musical instraument that gets his attention, "Not sure about the guitar. Maybe a harper could help with that. I know that Rayathess and Tivaly are around somewhere."

"Hmm." Dtirae muses, grinning just a little bit. "Well, whatever happened. I'm glad you're okay." She won't press. And her teasing does stop before it really starts. Grey eyes wander away from C'rus as he speaks again, listening thoughtfully. "I don't think I'm fragile, not anymore. But he still thinks I am… And it infuriates me. He wants to treat me gently, worrying over me because I'm fragile. I think he's the only one who thinks it." Lips press tightly together as brows draw into a frown, thoughtful. "I wonder if it's heartbreak still, if you're not sure if you've ever loved. It's complicated." She repeats as grey eyes shift to consider the blue dragon, thoughtful yet again. "I suppose I should ask Rayathess, since it's for him. I broke his."

C'rus nods his head in agreement with both her tone and her thoughts, "Yeah. It gets old. Really old. There are just some people you will never convince. No matter how hard you try. They are bound and determined to see you in a certain light and there is nothing that will turn them from it." he smiles gently and shrugs, "If I ever figure out how to make them stop I'll let you know…" As for love..well this gets Jai's attention further and he comes closer to the shoreline to pay extra special attention to this, "Well…there is only one way to find out, and yes…I'm sure Rayathess would know."

"It makes me want to shake him. And tell him to stop seeing me as something that will break. It's been two Turns." Dtirae grumbles as her arms fold across her chest, lips pressing even more tightly together. "It's okay. He'll either see it. Or he won't. He's free to think what he wants. I'll yell at him the next time." As Jaicoureth moves closer, grey eyes settle on the blue again, curiously. "I don't think I'll need to find out. It doesn't matter, in the end." She looks to C'rus again, beaming a grin towards him. "It would be best to let Rayathess pick, even. I don't know a thing about guitars. I'm not doing anything else with my marks." At the lakeshore, C'rus, Dtirae, and Zuvaleyuth (with her lifemate leaning against her) are settled along the shoreline while Jaicoureth is in the water.

Speaking of guitars, Briari heads down to the lake with one strapped across her back. She is wearing a sarong and bikini top upon her person in the colors of Monaco Bay. Her hair is pulled up behind her in a curly mess upon her shoulders and fastened together with a leather strap. Humming to herself, she casts a look over towards her brother past her shoulder. "So, I've sent word to Kim and it looks like I may be putting on a concert in the next couple of days."

Nothing has been seen of S'ai since the flight, but as he walks behind his sister (trails, more like) it's fairly evident. He looks a mess. Guy looks like he hasn't sleep, with reddened eyes and one hand is wrapped in gauze. No one reported a fight. There's no sign of Zeruth, which is equally odd with this being one of their favorite hangout spots. He glances to his sister with a look like he'd much rather be elsewhere and mumbles flatly, "Awesome. Hope it goes well."

Jaicoureth peers at the weyrwoman and her dragon as she speaks, certainly an intent fellow sometimes. C'rus glances over to him and just shakes his head, once again he is going to have to be the translator, "He says that love always matters and that it is the /only/ thing that matters in the end." C'rus translates with a little bit of a shrug, "I think he's right." he agrees with his blue, "Besides…you never know what might happen. As much as things do stay the same they change too…believe me they do." He pauses as he hears others making their way toward the lake. He turns to spot an unknown lady and then there is S'ai, "Hey S'ai." he says. Their last conversation has been largely pushed out of his mind by subsequent events, "You look like crap." he says bluntly.

The sound of voices draws Dtirae's attention to the pairing. There's a look of familiarity in the grey eyes, but she calls no greetings. She knows no names. But, there is a wave of acknowledgement of the presence. Then, she looks to Jaicoureth for the translated words from C'rus and then to the bluerider for his added thoughts. "You two are romantic. But, I don't think it will matter for me, in the end. We had our chance, and we lost it, the both of us." A gesture to her lifemate and herself. "And, it's not necessarily needed. We're fine."

"Of course it will go well. I'm practically famous." Briari says with a cheshire grin spreading across her face. "At least in Telgar and Th' Bay. One day, I'm going to be just as widely known as our Aunt." As she spies C'rus and the Weyrwoman, she gives a dip of her head, followed by a huff of her golden curls away from her face. "Good day." She drawls out in a soft voice as she reaches behind her to tap her fingers along the side of her guitar.

"Feel like crap." Mutters S'ai, sighing faintly. "…forgot how bright light is." Ah, the classic sign of a migraine - or a hangover. He glances over towards C'rus and Dtirae and seems to take a minute to actually process just who is there. "Uh. Not interrupting, are we?" He asks as he raises up a hand to rub the heel of it against one red eye. "…please tell me the water is cold still."

C'rus makes a gesture in the direction of his blue, "He's the romantic. I'm just along for the ride…" though it certainly could be argued that he is one as well. His eyes glaze for just a moment as he recieves further thoughts from his blue to convey to the weyrwoman, "He says that it isn't something that can be lost and that it won't let you go once it has had you." Jaicoureth then turns his attention toward the woman with the guitar, oh dear…someone brought an instraument into the blues vicinity. C'rus waves to Briari and nods in agreement with S'ai, "Yep. The waters cold and you aren't interrupting. We are just hanging out. It's a free pond." He has a rough idea why he looks the way that he does and the less that is said the better.

Dtirae nods in greeting towards Briari, "good day." She greets, extending that greeting towards S'ai with a nod of her head. "You're not interrupting." A gesture with her hand invites the pair to join them, if they want before attention return to C'rus. "If you say so." A glance towards Jaicoureth in consideration as well before she relents with a shrug. The topic is dropped and the goldrider lifts a hand to press against her forehead. "The lake is usually cool," she agrees with C'rus. "Hopefully that'll help?"

"My big brother here is cwanky wanky and spent all night getting sloshed with me. He just had about twice the drinks I did." Briari says with a smirk upon her face, one that looks almost triumphant. Looking over to the dragon, then back to C'rus, she asks, "He has a thing for me or my guitar?" She asks curiously, tipping a wink in his direction. "Because if it's me, I'm totally single, if it's my guitar, she's single also." Sliding the instrument around in front of her, fingers lightly slide along the strings in perfect execution.

"Perfect." Grunts S'ai as he walks right for the lake past sister, riders, and dragons. And there he goes, clothed and all, right into the water and tips back when deep enough to unceremoniously float there. "…he wanted to chase. I wouldn't let him." He mumbles to clarify Briari and the copious amount of alcohol. "He is so mad at me."

Jaicoureth remains intent on the guitar and urges his rider to explain further. C'rus apparently gets to be the voicebox for his dragon this evening, "He really loves music. All kinds of music. If you start playing you will have a hard time stopping. I think he'd keep harpers playing all hours of the day if he could. You just have to be firm about it is all.." he says to the young lady. He nods along with Dtirae, "It probably will help…" but its apparently too late since S'ai is already in the water clothes and all. Whe S'ai explains what happend he blinks, "You did?" he asks, "How?" This man has information that might be relevant in the future.

Dtirae blinks at Briari, brows lifting slightly. However, S'ai is getting a sympathetic look and a gentle smile as he floats in the water. "I'm sorry to hear that." The woman is pushing off the ground and giving her lifemate a gentle pat. A glance towards C'rus. "It's a matter of will. If yours is stronger than your lifemate. Sometimes it works. Others? Not so much. I'd never be able to stop Zuvaleyuth from rising, but, the males seem to have an easier time at not chasing." And then Zuvaleyuth rises as well, "I need to get out of Fort for a bit. Thanks for the chat C'rus." A glance to S'ai, "hopefully you feel better." And then to Briari, "it was nice to see you again." Despite the fact that she still does not know the younger woman's name. A nod for all three, and the pair depart.