Fort Weyr - Guard Area - Training Fields
Separated from the guard area by a pocket of caldera, this field is enclosed and devoted to those being trained in emergency response. A note board is tacked on the rock wall nearest the entrance into the grounds, where scenarios can be posted up, conditions to be fulfilled and the environmental conditions to be played through described there. Props scatter the wide open area, allowing for the training scenarios to be constructed and staged for greater realism and there is enough space for several dragons to land and take off with ease, allowing for ariel training alongside ground maneuvers.

It's another perfect spring day, the weather making up for all the previous miserable ones after having drowned the Weyr in rains. The sun is up and it gives off just enough warmth that most could walk outside without a jacket. Even the winds remain tolerably cool, no hint of winter left in it and more of a hint of summer. The Weyr is busy and buzzing with life, with everyone out to shake off the restlessness built up over the winter months and going about tasks long set aside thanks to the seasons. Wingleader's have their Wings out in drills and sweeps, taking advantage of the high spirits and good weather. Only those who have pulled free days or have excuses otherwise not to be participating are left to find something to do.

Th'ero has already spent most of his morning in his office, some whispers already spreading that it was Gr'ant who came by in the dawn hours. Is there truth then to the Roc Wingleader's supposed stepping down? No one knows and the Weyrleader seems in far too good of a mood to indicate something as serious as that conspiring. He walks into the Guard Area, joined of course with his weyrmate as they enjoy the outdoors… or are simply seeking something in which to pass the time. Captain Breshir has his Guards going through their drills, his officers monitoring several groups as they go through their usual routines. One part of the training grounds remain open though, cordoned off and obviously meant for the use of riders who are trained and looking for some practice as well. "Seems everyone is a bit restless today," Th'ero can be heard murmuring to Kimmila and then shooting a quick glance over his shoulder back towards the northern bowl where the queen's ledges are. "Better not mean what I think it could mean!" Has the man never heard of Spring Fever before?

Kimmila chuckles as she walks alongside the Weyrleader, hastily braiding her hair and tying it off so it stays out of her face. "What do you think it means? That winter is over?" she asks, grin crooked and lightly teasing. She moves with a spring in her step as well, ready and eager to burn off some of her own energy after being cooped up in the weyr with Varmiroth's injury. The blue is nowhere to be seen, but he must be sleeping if Kimmila is so free and light hearted right now. "What are you thinking? I'd like to do some archery but I'll spar with you too if you want."

Abigail is wandering her way on into the training area, a quiver rests upon her shoulder filled with arrows and her bow rests within her hand. Seems she was planning on getting in some practice, something's she's been missing a bit thanks to everything, babies do that after all. There is a pause and she peers curiously to the ones here while blinking a moment. "Afternoon Weyrleader, Kimmila." She didn't expect to find others here it would seem. A soft smile seen and she soon nods. "How are ye both?"

"Well here is that to account for it." Th'ero agrees with an equally teasing smile given to Kimmila, before snorting. "Or a gold is about to rise. Question is, which?" Food for thought! His gaze drifts away then to watch some of the Guards going through some sparring practice with obvious envy. Ahh, the days when he was nothing more than a Guard as well! Long gone, long gone. "No, I think I'll hold off on the sparring. Not sure if my leg will tolerate it." Even if it's mostly healed now, the Weyrleader is not taking chances this fine spring morning! "Do you have your bow with you or will you use one of the spares?" Th'ero asks and then looks past Kimmila to see Abigail approaching them. Saluting and greeting her warmly, Th'ero chuckles. "Morning, Abigail. I'm doing well. We were just out for a walk and decided to see if the training fields were empty. How are you?" he asks, glancing between the Wingsecond and Kimmila before an idea dawns on him then and he smiles crookedly. "I see you have your bow already, Abigail. Why don't you two have a little practice challenge, hmm? I could supervise or if you want I'll be the third "competitor" and we can all have a mighty good laugh on how awful my archery is." It'll certainly make the two women feel good about their skills!

Kimmila looks downright alarmed, staring at Th'ero and then looking around. "There…isn't anyone glowing, is there?" She hasn't been paying attention. "I'll use one of the spares. Good to practice with unfamiliar weapons sometimes. You won't always have the weapon of choice at hand. Hello, Abigail! Good to see you. Practicing for our next-" but then Th'ero beats her to it and she chuckles. "You need to work on your archery too, wingmate. C'mon."

Abigail looks amused at the talk of archery practice, a soft chuckle escaping her at the thought. "Well I've came to get a bit of practice in, if it was free that is." This said with a soft tone at the idea seeing how it is a bit busy. At the thought of there being a gold about to rise she will gladly stay away from that if at all possible. She peers over at Th'ero and she grins. "We can, though only if yer join in with us Weyrleader."

Perhaps not so empty any more as more enter upon the training fields from other parts of the weyr. Typriaeth is gliding in, rusty grey straps around her. Backwinging to a landing she looks quite proud of herself as she swivels her head towards the direction that Anique approaches on foot. "Yes yes, it'll be easier when I'm upon your back but for now we're simply stretching those wings of yours to enjoy you stay in shape." there's a pause as no doubt Typriaeth is remarking in reply to that. They are far enough away to not hear either Th'ero's remark on a gold rising nor Kimmila's question of one glowing. The trio on the field though is noticed and so she and Typriaeth head in that direction with a salute being snapped off to each rider once they are closer. The green arches her neck to preen, showing off her naturally bright green hide. Not glowing but looking freshly oiled this fine spring morning. "Good morning!" greets the weyrling to the older riders.

Th'ero is quick to reassure Kimmila and Abigail both when he notices the alarmed look in the bluerider. "None are glowing! It was a joke… You think I'd be this calm if one was showing signs and Velokraeth was sniffing around." One thing the Weyrleader has learned is to watch his bronze carefully for certain signs. Back to other topics though, Th'ero only mock pouts when he's volun-told he needs to practice and Abigail insists he join or no archery will take place at all. "Alright, alright!" he holds up his hands in defeat. "But I better not hear complaints! Archery is not my forte. At all." Give him a sword any day! "You'll find the spares over there, Kimmila. Grab me one, will you?" He'll trust her to find a match for him. Just then Typriaeth is landing and the Weyrleader is distracted (as are most of the Guard going about their drills!) by the green. And if the green is there, that means… "Morning, Anique!" Th'ero salutes and gives her a curious look. "How are you? And what brings you and Typriaeth here? Has M'icha begun your weapons and self defence training already?"

Kimmila shakes her head with an exhaled breath of relief and a smack to the Weyrleader's arm for causing her undue stress. Then she's jogging off to find bows for them both, and satchels of arrows that aren't too well used. "Hi, Anique!" she calls to the young rider with a wide grin. "Come to watch Th'ero fail at archery?"

Abigail takes in a soft breath at he thought of it being a joke. "No.. But I wasn't sure there for a moment. I'd much rather Niumdreoth stay out of gold flights." As if she has a real choice of such matters, she can wish and hope though and maybe that would mean something! As for the rest she chuckle softly. "True, but this is a time for ye to learn and well… Improve perhaps… Sir?" Her gaze turns to the movement of a young dragon and she smiles to Typriaeth before looking to Anique. A soft laugh heard as she hears Kimmila's bit on Th'ero and his archery skill. The laught quickly turning into a cough.

Anique's eyes widen slightly at the question posed to her from Th'ero. "" confusion clouds her eyes briefly. "I already know how to handle a knife! Are we going to be working on weapon and self defense soon?" her statement and question tumble over each other before her attention shift sideways towards Kimmila as she smacks Th'ero for something. "I suppose if he fails then I'll be here to see it?" she offers that response. Realizing that while she denied the weapons training she hasn't yet explained why she's out here, she hastens to explain it. "Typriaeth is simply stretching out her wings this morning before any morning lessons and this is the direction she chose to fly." simple enough!

Th'ero grunts when Kimmila smacks him in the arm, shooting her a look that turns into a mock scowl for the blue rider's teasing jabs. "Just for that, I bet I'll whoop your behind!" At archery, right? Of course that's what he means. "And thanks for the confidence booster!" Never mind that he's been flaunting that he's awful at it! Details. Who needs them? Glancing to Abigail, the Weyrleader smiles sheepishly. "It was perhaps a poor taste in jokes. Rest assured, there is no gold about to fly. I'd not be here speaking of archery games…" None of them would be! Then the Wingsecond is also chiming in and he exhales. "Maybe I am overdue but if I was to practice I'd hope to do it with no one to see!" Him fail. When she coughs, he frowns lightly. "You alright? And — oh, shards. Guess not then?" Th'ero murmurs as he notices Anique's confusion and as he steps closer to the archery range he gives the weyrling a nod. "I'd have thought he'd have done that lesson by now but I suppose it comes in the next month." Surprise? The reason given for their being there earns a nod. Simple enough!

Kimmila grins, "I'd love to see you try, sir," she teases, walking back over to hand him a bow and quiver. "You go ahead and take the first round while I string these, Abigail," she says, grinning as the brownrider moves off to do just that while she strings her bow and offers Th'ero help with his. "So you're just watching, Anique? What's the fun in that? Have you ever shot a bow before?"

Anique nods faintly at the assurance of a different set of lessons to come in the future. A glance is cast over as Typriaeth is settling down to a sprawled out position where she can keep an eye on Anique as well as anyone else in the field. Grinning towards the green she then looks over to Kimmila. "Just watching…yeah." her head shakes in denial. "Oh no, never tried a bow. I toss a knife fairly well but never tried out a bow before."

Th'ero shoots Kimmila another look that clearly reads as a 'don't tempt me!' before he's sobering and eyeing the bows the blue rider returns with warily. Oh boy, they were serious about this weren't they? He'll need help stringing his, allowing Kimmila to do most of the work as he observes (or… well, semi observes!). As Anique confirms her lack of skill with a bow, the Weyrleader seizes that opportunity immediately. Now he won't be the only one who has zero to no skill! "Well, now would be a time to learn? If you've the time of course. Just think, it'll give you an edge against your fellow Weyrlings! You'll know how to toss knives AND the basics of archery!" Right?

Kimmila gestures towards the targets against the wall. "Then why don't you try? Either a bow or practice with your knives." She strings Th'ero's bow as well, handing it to him before she readies hers, notching an arrow onto the string before she steps to the mark and takes careful aim. Letting it fly, it soars and lands in the third ring. Not bad for a first shot after a while, and with a new bow.

Assuming one of her shots doesn't go astray and strike the weyrleader that is. Wouldn't that be a great way to start ( and end) her archery training. Anique looks a bit relieved though as Kimmila offers a second option which is using the knives. Looks like Th'ero once more will be the lone one with no skill. Reaching for the knives at her hip she steps up but will wait for Th'ero to take his shot first. She watches Kimmila's shot and gives a low whistle. "Good start." she praises.

No one will get shot! Lyreh isn't here and Th'ero is smart enough to know better than to fire if he doesn't have the steady aim required to keep his arrows from flying way off the mark. "Rusty, are we?" he dares to tease Kimmila while he takes his bow in hand and begins to select his arrow. He looks a bit disappointed when Anique chooses her knives after all and with a heavy exhale, he steps up to the mark. "You sure you don't want to try, Anique?" he tries again to coax the Weyrling, but he knows better then to push it. Realizing they're waiting on him he takes a steadying breath, lifts the bow and takes aim. And aims… and boy, does he ever struggle with keeping the arrow from drifting. Finally it steadies enough that he just shoots and the arrow sinks into the very edge of the target. Barely! Th'ero grimaces and lowers his bow. "Damn it." he swears.

"Rusty, are we?" is Kimmila's dry query. "Thanks," she says to Anique, grin crooked as she steps aside. "Not bad, at least you hit it," is her more genuine response to Th'ero's shot as she takes aim and lets the next arrow fly after a steadying breath. Second ring.

"You hit it at least?" Anique offers a tone of support from the weyrling. On the heels of her words she lets her wrist flicker towards the target. Hilt over blade it soars and thunks solidly into the edge of the second ring. A grin appears. "Now I know I am rusty!" she's been too busy training for any knife tossing!

That tap to Kimmila's leg with the edge of the bow? Totally accidental to judge by Th'ero's (feigned) look of innocence. Whoops? "Guess luck is favouring me." he drawls and steps aside to allow Anique her turn once Kimmila has taken her second shot. Needless to say, he looks a bit crestfallen when the blue rider hits the second ring and then Anique manages to do the very same with her knives. Dang it! No pressure there? "That's you being rusty?" he says to the Weyrling and then giving her a long look. "Weren't you an assistant Headwoman? What got you to trainin' with knives?" Now it's his turn again and Th'ero steps to the mark, lifts his bow and draws back as he aims… and shoots! Third ring but solidly in it this time.

Kimmila grins over at Anique, watching her throw and not speaking until she's done. "Yeah, but knife throwing is a /hard/ skill. How did you learn? Or why, I guess I should say." She echoes Th'ero's question but she thought of it at the same time, so that has her grinning at her weyrmate. Kimmila taps Th'ero back with her bow as well, and a little smirk. THey're playing dirty, are they?

"That's me being rusty." Anique confirms with a chuckle. "Learned with I was 14 actually from a friend." there's a pause. "Why?" now her shoulder lifts in a shrug. "Mainly to annoy my parents really because they didn't want me wasting my time hanging with a trader boy. He says I was a natural. I was good so I simply kept up the skill."

Th'ero quirks a brow as he studies Anique a little closer. Learn something knew about a person everyday it seems! The Weyrleader snorts then, mouth drawing back into a small but amused smile. "Didn't peg you as the rebellious type but good on you for seeing you had a natural talent and sticking to it!" he points out and then chuckles dryly. "And now I'll keep in mind not to do anything to piss you off. Or you either, Wingmate." He grins to Kimmila. Indeed they are playing a bit dirty. Th'ero is normally an honourable man and if this were a legitimate contest he'd be all manners. This is for fun though and he'll have some fun! Even if to take the attention away from his lack of skill. So he'll "accidentally" tap her again and if Kimmila goes to take another shot well his throat may just feel a bit ticklish then and he'll have to cough. Loudly.

Kimmila laughs. "That is the /perfect/ reason to take up knife throwing," she says, very amused at the girl's answer. "You should keep it up. It's a good skill to have. I've never been able to master the flick of it…" She smirks at Th'ero, and as she draws back the bow and he /coughs/, she lowers the arrow (never point it at someone!) and turns to STARE at him. "You're doing a great job not pissing me off," she says dryly, her tone flat but her eyes dancing. "Do you need to get a drink of wa-wa?" Baby talk. This has gone downhill fast.

Anique grins brightly at Kimmila. See? She gets it. "I was 14..I wanted to prove to them I could learn things other than weaving and tailoring!" she pauses a moment to let another knife thunk into the target with another solid thunk into the second ring, the hilt quivering with the momentum. "Oh don't worry, I've never actually thrown my knives at a person!" so the WL should rest assured he won't be a target. At the 'baby' talk though Anique grows a bit worried. Is that code between the two weyrmated people? What weird things could it mean? Luckily she's saved by Typriaeth's sudden interrupting into all of this as the green is lumbering to her feet. "I'm being beckoned by an AWLM." she says to both of the riders. "I'll see you around!" she trots over to reclaim her knives before going to Tie's side to start the walk back.

"I would hope not!" Th'ero snorts back at Anique on her promise about not throwing knives at people. He will dip his head in farewell when the weyrling reports that an AWLM is calling her and Typriaeth back to the barracks. "Clear skies, Anique!" Then it's back to feigning innocence as Kimmila turns to stare at him when he underhandedly tries to disrupt her concentration. Oh, how it has gone downhill fast! "What? Can a man not cough if his throat bothers him? And I'm fine now, thank you." he drawls with just a light bit of sarcasm, eyes also bright with amusement. "Are you going to shoot?" The target. Not him!

Kimmila snorts, eying Th'ero for a long moment before she turns and focuses, and pulls off a bull's eye shot. "Yup," she drawls in reply, giving him a sassy wink and walking forward to gather her arrows with a little hip wiggle. HA. Take that, Mr. Distraction.

Now it's Th'ero's turn to just STARE as Kimmila so easily pulls off a clean bulls-eye shot into the target and mock glares at her for her sassy wink. His eyes may be a bit distracted then with the hip wiggling. So are a few Guards, who hastily scrabble back to their business when they're caught peeking by the Weyrleader. He marks them all to be sparring partners next time he gets it in him to practice. "So." he drawls to Kimmila, looking back at the targets with an already defeated air. "Should we just say you won?" He's stepping up though and lifting his bow, but lowers it soon afterwards when he cannot get the arrow to stay in place.

"This isn't a competition, wingmate," Kimmila says innocently as she returns. It totally is. "It's just practice. If it were a competition we'd next move on to sparing, where you'd win, and then we'd have a feel good group hug about how everyone has their strengths." Bit cynical today, is she? "So this isn't a competition. It's practice." Practice that makes her look good, as she leans over to help him get the arrow situated.
It's not good mojo for the guards to be caught watching the hip wiggling of the Weyrleader's girlfriend! Just as she was starting to depart it was passed to her that she had some time still before lessons started, a delay due to some unexplained incident with another weyrling. So she returns but lingers in the background to watch the competition disguised as practice between Th'ero and Kimmi.

Th'ero frowns at Kimmila when she mentions it's not a competion. It isn't? Oh, it so is. He smirks, "No need for the sarcasm! And if I recall, I don't always win my sparring matches. I believe you've come out victor on that a few times?" Because he let her! Chuckling dryly, he looks forwards again. "Right. Practice!" Sarcasm and air quotations fully in place! He at least allows for her correcting and help and just as he takes aim, Anique is returning and his focus drifts. He shoots! And in his distraction he hits the second ring. Luck! That's all that was. "Anique! You're back?" That brings an instant frown and some concern. "Lesson cancelled?"

Kimmila watches Th'ero make that shot and she grins, giving him a sound thump on the back. "Atta boy." Oh, the sarcasm is thick between these two today, as she turns to watch Anique return. "Hey! Come on up, want to show me your knife throwing technique? Maybe I've just learned wrong…" Or maybe she sucks at it.

So much for simply lurking to watch quietly and unnoticed! Anique nods, saluting once more even though she's not been gone all that long. "Not canceled but delayed for now. Typriaeth says she was told there was an incident that the AWLM needed to handle first. Stepping up as Kimmila too notices her and asks for tips. "Um…sure. I can try. I've never tried to show anyone else before." she warns. "That was a good shot, sir." she adds on at Th'ero's second ring hit.

Th'ero gives Kimmila another look. Atta boy? He goes to fire something back at her but holds his tongue. There's weyrlings afoot! "Thanks, Anique. An… incident?" he asks, his frown not lessening and as he steps back to set the bow down against a pillar for now. "I bet you're just as good with throwing knives as you are with a bow, Wingmate!" he teases, but it's distracted at best. His eyes are taking on that distracted and far away look that most riders get when talking directly to their dragons. Checking in with M'icha, is he? You bet he is!

Abigail had been pulled away for one things or another, well she was a guard before her life as a rider so it may have had something to do with that. Her bow is in hand once more as she makes her way on over towards where Th'ero and Kimmila are, a curious glance sent to them while she lifts her head a touch. "So… What did I miss?" She questioned with a faint grin seen.

Kimmila shrugs as she approaches Anique to stand beside the girl. "Well, let's give it a shot. And I haven't been the past times I've tried, Th'ero," she says with a little grin, but then she quiets when he's clearly checking on Things. "Hey, Abigail. Anique is showing us how to throw knives." Way to volunteer the girl.

It's not a major incident but one that's got several weyrlings a bit upset. Seems S'ki's blue Jadzeth entangled with F'rari's green.
Anique casts a glance over her shoulder towards Typriaeth as she settles down once more to watch. Then suddenly she's being offered to show the art of knife throwing? "I'll give it try." she's game for an attempt at least as she reaches for a knife at her side. "You ever throw a knife before?" she asks first.

Th'ero is indeed checking on The Things and when at last he gets a report from Aycheth through Velokraeth the Weyrleader exhales heavily and pinches the bridge of his nose. "For Faranth's sakes." he mutters under his breath. As the tangle between S'ki and F'rari's dragons did not result in anything serious (save for some upset between the weyrlings themselves), he joins the girls (women?) again. "And when was the past times you've tried?" he teases Kimmila lightly, only to go silent as Anique steps in to begin her lesson and he has to bite his lip to keep from snickering. Weyrling teaching Wingrider! Who knew? "Not much, Abigail." Th'ero murmurs to the approaching Wingsecond. "Aside from Kimmila showing off her skill as archer again. Now we're on to throwing knives. You going to try? Or you wanting to try some sparring?"

Abigail follows the bit of talk on knife throwing. "Good skill to have." She won't comment about knowing the skill herself while she leans slowly against a post while sending a look to Anique and she grins a moment. "A few times actually." A glance is offered to Th'ero and she ahs softly. "Kimmila is very skilled with the bow, to bad I had to miss it this time." Though knowing them they could always try that match again sometime. "I may join in the fun."

Kimmila nods at Anique. "I have, but I've never been very good at it." She glances over to Th'ero at hearing the report about the weyrlings, and has a sympathetic grimace for their plight. "Shards. That's rough." Another grin to Abigail, but the woman is welcome to join or not.

Anique nods a bit, sparing a smile towards Abigail. "I always find that the trick to a well placed knife is all in the flick of the wrist. My friend had me practice with his knives because they were specially made just for throwing. Mine..they are weighted a bit differently so while I can throw them well I could throw different knives better." not seeming to mind the teaching despite her claims that she never tried to show anyone else before, she seems at ease in explaining how she does it. "So then hold it by the blade and flick your wrist towards the target." she demonstrates. "Keep it straight through at this point." she says as the knife leaves her hands and whirls towards the target.
With a solid thwack sound it is in the second ring very close to the edge where the inner ring starts.

"Nothing the Weyrlingmaster and his assistants can't sort out." Th'ero grumbles to Kimmila and hopefully he did not just jinx the whole affair! He will listen curiously as Anique explains and smiles crookedly when her knife hits the second ring. "Nicely done! And you make it seem so easy…" he muses. At Abigail's compliment to Kimmila's archery skills, he chuckles heartily. "That she is, which is why I'd not challenge her! So you will try to throw some knives too?" he asks, though his eyes drift for a moment where the Guards are working on their drills.

Abigail watches and listens as Anique goes about explaining how to throw a knife. A soft smile seen and she nods a touch seeming to agree what is said. It was some time ago that she actually gave a lesson to Ezra about how to use them. She glances over to Th'ero, a soft chuckle escapes her and she nods a moment. "Indeed." Is said softly to the bit on not going about challenging Kimmila. "I'm still always up for a challenge again." This said with a playful tone to the bluerider. When the talk is sent back to the knives she watches while lifting her head a touch to see as the knife hits into the target. "I think I might. Nice throw Anique."

Kimmila nods her head as she listens, studying Anique's technique. Yet when she takes the knife and throws it, it tumbles end over end and…bounces off the target to land in the dirt. Sigh. "Any time, Abigail!" she calls back with a grin, a spark returning to her eyes despite her knife throwing failure.

"Not so easy really, I've just been practicing for a few turns." Anique remarks towards Th'ero without turning her gaze his direction. She though is pleased she was able to hit the second ring once more. "Hilt hit it. Gotta get it to do one more turn." she points out, perhaps needlessly to Kimmila after her throw. Anique trots out to the target to claim both knives before returning to Kimmi's side. "Thanks Abigail. You want to try?" she asks. Her raised brow and glance also shifts over to Th'ero to see if he wants to give it a shot as well.

Th'ero chuckles again, "Maybe there will be time after the knife throwing lesson?" he muses to Abigail as his gaze darts between her and Kimmila. "I was joking… mostly… Anique! I know how long these skills can take to hone." Which is why after all these Turns he's still so bad with a bow! As Kimmila takes aim and the knife goes bouncing off the target, the Weyrleader winces but does not make some witty and teasing remark. "Just a matter of timing!" he says along with Anique's advice. At the offer, he seems to consider it for some time before nodding his head. He'll let Abigail go ahead however with a polite gesture of his arm before he's walking up to Anique and waiting his turn. "Been ages since I've thrown a knife too. Ususally only viewed it as a last resort…"

Abigail chuckles as she hears Kimmila and nods. "If'nn ye have the time? Certainly." This said with an amused tone heard before she is watching at Kimmila as she has a go. She sends a glance to Th'ero before nodding to Anique. "Sure, I'll have a go." This said while she shoulders her bow and moves on over to be next to Anique and Kimmila. "Ye mind if I borrow one of yer knives Anique?" This questioned with a curious tone.

Kimmila nods, "Yeah, I saw that," she says dryly, but without heat. She reaches out to take another blade if Anique offers her one, ready for another throw. She's trying! Looking over at Th'ero and Abigail, she seems pleased they're coming over to take their turns at it. Maybe she won't be the only one struggling with this.

Anique hands, hilt first, a knife to Abigail and then to Kimmila. Once both her knives are given to them she takes a step back. "Focus on the target and flick your wrist at just the right time." Anique demonstrates with an empty hand.

Th'ero will wait patiently while the woman have a go at it first, waiting until Abigail and Kimmila have taken their turns before he'll step up to take his. While he waits he will unclip his dagger from his hip. The Weyrleader might not go walking around with his sword strapped on anymore but he still carries a few less obvious blades. "Not quite a throwing knife but this counts, I hope?" he murmurs as he tests the weight of the hilt in his hand.

Abigail smiles and nods to Anique, thanking her while she looks to the knife a look over. The knife is gripped and turned slightly while she gets use to the weight of it. She has her own set of knives, though didn't have them with her at the moment. A moment more and she turns the knife around to hold onto the blade and pulls her arm back sending the knife flying towards the target. It hits into the space rather close to the bull's-eye but not in it for certain. She grins a moment and soon clears her throat. "I've not actually thrown a knife in a while." No that she is disappointed in the toss. A glance is offered over to Th'ero and she hums softly. "I don't see why not, throwing knives tend be a slight bit smaller and more slender, depending on what the thrower likes of course."

"Oh very good!" Anique exclaims as Abigail's throw hits very nicely. Towards Th'ero she glances to the dagger from his hip. "It'll…do fine." she hesitates briefly before simply nodding to the Weyrleader. "Just a different weight, really." she says on the heels of Abigail's words. She stays where she is, shifting her glance to watch Kimmi's second throw.

Kimmila leans back a bit to let the others have their chances. "A knife is a knife, it just might not be as easy to throw," she murmurs, though she's hardly the expert. It makes sense to her though. When it's her turn she steps up and throws it, and it sticks - barely - quivers and then falls out. Huff!

Th'ero examines his knife a little closer when Anique seems to hesitate about it, though he flashes Abigail a bit of a crooked smile. "That's what I figured. Guess the worst that can happen is it bounces off the target!" Which likely is a very bad thing. Kimmila's logic on the matter has him laughing softly. "Alright. Let's see if a knife is just a knife?" he drawls and steps up to take his turn. He aims, pulls his arm back and throws, giving just a bit of extra 'umph' to that flick. The knife thuds heavily but it sticks and it lands just on the very edge of the second ring and almost into the third. "Huh. Not too bad for a not-quite throwing knife." he muses and then signals for them to hold off while he goes to retrieve it. And being the gentleman that he is, he will gather all the other knives too.

Abigail smiles and nods to Anique. "Thanks." She offers with an amused tone while she shifts slightly to make room for Th'ero to join up and have a go at the target as well. She tilts her head looking as Kimmila has another go. "Almost got it that time!" This said with a soft tone, smile seen. "I bet yer get it if ye try again." This offered with a soft tone. When Th'ero's turn is up she watches curiously, a slight blink seen and she smiles before nodding. "Not bad in the least."

"Good!" Anique says at the throw from Th'ero. As he gathers the knives she chats some with Abigail. "You throw great. Where did you learn?" she asks curiously.

Th'ero returns with knives in hand and politely passes them back with care to their rightful owners or to anyone wishing another round. The Weyrleader slips his dagger back into its sheath, clearly done with his knife throwing for one day. "Any of you three hungry or thirsty?" he asks, still on a bit of a polite kick and acting much like a host now. He'll listen curiously to Abigail's answer to Anique, pretending to simply wait on their answer to his offer. He's sneaky like that!

Abigail ahs a moment and smiles to Anique. "Well, actually my father did." There is a slight pause at the thought of such things while looking at the targets. "He sort of taught me pretty much all I know with this stuff, not always eagerly but figured it was the best way to keep me in one piece." This said with an amused tone at the idea. She glances over to Th'ero at the talk of a meal and drink. "I wouldn't mind getting something actually. Bit thirsty."

Anique takes back both knives that are hers, sliding them into the sheaths at her side. "That's pretty neat that your father taught you." to Th'ero's offer she nods. "I wouldn't mind something either. Nothing too strong of course." she is quick to add.

Th'ero laughs. "You," And he points a finger at Anique. "Are not permitted alcohol quite yet. But nice try!" Her only freebie was as a Candidate during the Winter Festival! The Weyrleader otherwise is a strict follower of rules. "Abigail, do you have a preference?" he drawls and lifting an arm up, he waits an expectant second or so before a brown firelizard swoops down after Betweening and lands. It's… possibly the most frighteningly ugly brown firelizard, looking more tunnel-snake like with wings than an actual proper firelizard though Th'ero strokes the brown under the chin all the same. "You know what to do, Electricus." he murmurs, once he's gathered everyone's orders (or figured it out). With a hissed-chirp, the brown takes wing and zips off to his task. "It's not uncommon to learn skills like that from parents. All I learned from my father was how to fish. Lots about fish." Th'ero grimaces with distaste at that memory. "It was the Guard Captain in Torince Hold who trained me in weaponry. Depends on the mentor too, I guess?"

Abigail grins as she hears Anique, a soft chuckle escaping her in fact. "Good try." This said with an amused tone at the idea before she glances to Th'ero. She is about to offer something before looking to the brown firelizard, at least she thinks it is a firelizard. "Well, klah for me actually." Nothing with alcohol in it for her just yet it seems, though she really want it. At the talk of learning fishing, a soft smile is seen and she nods. "Aye that is true sir. My father is very good at what he does I have to admit. Though he works on training the guards over at Fort Hold so I suppose it is part of his job."

Anique raises a hand in defeat. "I just want a drink! Anything non alcoholic is fine with me." she's easy going on that. A glance is spared over towards Typriaeth who is still preening where she is crouched, showing off her bright hide to anyone who'll pay her any attention. Anique tries not to look startled at the skinny brown fire lizard that swoops down but she does give it a second glance. "Fish?" memories of the trip they took as candidates comes to the surface of her thoughts which brings an involuntary shudder from the weyrling. "Hot cider for me." she does add her own order behind Abigails.

Kimmila returns to the training ground from where she'd gone to tend to Varmiroth, having been pulled away because the blue needed her rightthatsecond. Plus pumpkin pie ingredients are important. "Drinks? I'll have some cold klah," she says, hopefully getting her order in before her favorite of Th'ero's firelizards zips off.

All orders are in, Kimmila's included and Th'ero gives his weyrmate a curious look and silent question. Everything is alright? Back to Anique, the Weyrleader chuckles. "Fish." he confirms and again he wrinkles his nose in distaste. Ugh. "And I forget," he murmurs as he turns his attention back to Abigail. "That your father is a Guard." It all makes sense now as to where the Wingsecond has learned her skills! "He must be high in the ranks or well respected if he is training!" Stepping back a few paces, he will lean against a stone pillar and settle comfortably with his arms loosely crossed over his chest. Most of the Guards have wrapped up their training and drills and are beginning to drift back inside the barracks, leaving the training area emptier than before.

Abigail smiles as she looks to Th'ero. "Aye, he is sir. Taught me most of what I know actually. I've picked up some things along the way from others of course." All do after all. Her gaze drifts over the training area as it starts to clear out ever slowly. She soon turns her attention back to the few that are left near her. "His one of the captain's actually. Been a guard long enough that he does a lot of the training down actually."

Kimmila gives Th'ero a reassuring smile, even being so bold as to step up to his side and slip her arm around his waist. "Where is he again, Abigail?" she asks curiously, watching the brownrider with interest.

Th'ero's brows lift and there is a certain respect in the way he absorbs that news from Abigail. "I never knew he was one of Fort Hold's Captains." he murmurs and likewise may also answer Kimmila's question before the Wingsecond can answer. Oops? As for the blue rider's boldness, the Weyrleader only slips his arm around her in turn, not at all ashamed or shy for the platonic display of affection between them. "No wonder you're quite the match for archery and knives." he muses to Abigail and then glancing down to Kimmila he teases. "You still sure you want to challenge her?" Let the games begin? Just then some drudges come hurrying into the training area, one laden with a tray of food and the other carrying skins of what is, no doubt, their drinks. "Ahh, here we are!" Th'ero murmurs and waves for the drudges to set the food and drink down on a nearby supply trunk. It'll do as a table!

Abigail smiles a moment, a slight shrug seen. "I don't talk about it much. My parents and I have never seen eye to eye, still don't actually." At the rest she chuckles softly. "Just because he taught me doesn't mean I'm as good as him. His at Fort Hold still, I imagine." She doesn't sound too sure of herself though. At the entrance of the drudges a slight nod is seen. "Thank ye." Is offered softly.

Kimmila leans against Th'ero and then snorts at his teasing. "Any time, any where," she says with a little smirk for him, and a friendly wink for Abigail. "What don't you see eye to eye about?" She's nosy.

Th'ero wants to be nosy too, but is trying to find a polite way to go about it when Kimmila beats him to the punch. Starting a bit, he gives her a look and then smirks. Nicely done! Not… really. But done is done and the Weyrleader simply nods his head in agreement to Abigail and leaves the Wingsecond to answer. Meanwhile? He will give Kimmila a gentle squeeze that appears affectionate but could also be a 'behave' warning masked as such. Then he is slipping from her hold and walking to where the food and drink have been set, dismissing the drudges who had just begun to drift there stupidly. Go on! Lining up the mugs, he checks each skin to be sure he has the right beverage before pouring them. Klah for Abigail, cold klah for Kimmila and mulled wine for himself. Once the drinks are passed around, he will uncover the food which is an assortment of finger foods. Meatrolls, small wraps, cubed cheeses, fresh fruit and veggies. Delicious! Th'ero helps himself to a meatroll to start.

Abigail smiles and nods to the bit on the challenge. "Ditto that." This said with a soft tone at the idea. As for the rest from Kimmila there is a slight moment that she pauses before she goes on. "They never agreed with me being a guard. Was hoping I would turn about a weaver or something boring like to my mind. Coming to the Weyr wasn't high on their list of 'likes' either." Some know of this about her, and some don't, she doesn't often talk about such things as she just doesn't always talk about herself in such ways. A soft smile and nod is seen to Th'ero while taking hold of the drink, a soft 'thanks' caught.

Kimmila takes the cold klah and a meatroll with a smile of thanks for her weyrmate, before her focus shifts to Abigail again. "But your father is a guard. He didn't want you to continue the family craft? What do they have against the weyr?" Not defensive, just curious.

Th'ero can feel considerable sympathy to Abigail's struggles concerning her family and their opinions and he shows this by the quiet but understanding look he gives her. Oh, the Weyrleader knows to a degree how it feels to struggle against that. At least to the difference in opinions! "Where they of the old traditions?" he asks gently and that alone means much. Old traditions, old mind frames: women are expected to be in only certain Crafts, not Guards and certainly not go off to the Weyr with their wanton and unsettling ways! Returning Kimmila's smile, he will take a meat roll for himself and then find another pillar or wall, anything really onto which to perch or lean against and enjoy some food and drink.

Abigail blinks slightly and soon shrugs a moment, a slight smile seen. "I suppose they didn't want me to follow along as a guard. Was hoping my brother would do that and I would stick at home and be more well behaved or some such." A slight shake of her head is seen. "I wouldn't say all old tradition like, somewhat in a sense more with my mother than father over certain things." As if that makes sense, it even did much for herself. "They don't perhaps have anything against the weyr, just didn't want me here, and wanted me home and doing what they wished. At least that is what they told me" Many many times.

Kimmila frowns a bit. "Huh. Well I hope you get some resolution with that eventually. Family tension is never fun." Her eyes unfocus a bit and she sighs. "Excuse me. Varmiroth." That's all she really needs to say, right? Hustling off, she goes to tend to her injured blue.

Th'ero grimaces. "So they wanted you to be the proper holder girl, to wrap it all in a nutshell?" he murmurs before taking a few bites of his food and washing it down with the wine. He's just clearing his mouth when Kimmila is hurrying off and the Weyrleader frowns heavily and concerned. "Hope it's nothing bad…" he says quietly and glances sidelong to Abigail. "Do you ever visit your family?" It's asked gently, curious but with an understanding that the Wingsecond may not answer him.

Abigail shakes her head a moment, unsure if things could possibly be fixed at this point. She glances after Kimmila as she turns to go. "I hope his alright.." Though the bluerider may not hear that. She sends a glance to Th'ero. "Pretty much. They wanted me prim and proper so of course I had to buck and kick that idea out of room." A soft grin is seen for a moment. Well she thought it was a funny thought at least. At the question she pauses a moment. "I've not since Breeana was born. My mother wasn't to keen on the idea of being a grandmother it seemed."

"I'm sure things are fine… He could just be restless again." Th'ero murmurs as he continues to stare in the direction that Kimmila headed off in. If he was serious, he'd know by now. Velokraeth respects Varmiroth and Kimmila's privacy, but would no doubt tattle on them if the bronze suspected anything seriously wrong. The Weyrleader scoffs, "So the typical holder mentality. Don't blame you at all for bucking and kicking against it! Once I thought the same thing or at least had many of the holder views. Now I see how… foolishly hidebound it is." He shakes his head and then peers closely at Abigail, his expression softening. "I'm sorry to hear that…" And he wants to ask her so much more, it's obvious in his tone but the Weyrleader bites his tongue.

Abigail nods to the talk of Varmiroth, though she won't push the matter. As for the rest she looks curiously to Th'ero. "Pretty much. My father is more open to some ideas, though my mother is not an easy person to live with. Very forceful over her thoughts and ways at times." A slight shake of her head is seen while she is quiet for a moment, eyeing her glass. "It's alright. I've come to understand it is just her way of things." It hurts, but she wouldn't comment on that for certain. If he was to ask more there is a chance she would offer up more answers at the moment it seems.

Th'ero seems a little surprised when Abigail admits that it's her mother who is the stricter one. "I'm used to it being the other way around. With the father being the one who is stuck in his ways and the mother who is the quiet and easy going one." he murmurs before draining the last of his wine. "Perhaps it is." he agrees and for now it seems he will not push any more awkward questions on her. "Maybe in time she will come around." Or maybe not, but he doesn't say that out loud. Exhaling then, he pushes to his feet and with a glance towards the bowls he grimaces. "I'm afraid I have to be off as well. M'icha is wishing to go over an earlier incident with the Weyrlings with me and he's not taking 'in a moment' as an answer apparently. Perhaps we'll talk again another time?" he asks with a faint smile. No harm in that, right?

Abigail smiles softly at that while glancing to Th'ero. "Suppose my father wanted to try and make me happy. He knew how badly I wanted to follow his steps and tryed to help." Not that it worked. As for the rest she clears her throat a moment. "Perhaps indeed." There is a pause and she nods. "Of course. I do hope the Weyrlings are all alright." She didn't think anything happened with So'l but it is a thought that crosses her mind a moment. For a moment she is quiet, talk more? Well imagen that idea! "Sure, I don't see why not. Please tell M'icha I said hello."

"You became a Guard though, didn't you?" Th'ero remarks and frowns when his memory seems so hazy on Abigail's past. He knows he's asked her some of this before and so smiles a bit sheepishly to her. "Oh, they're fine now. Was just a minor tangle and some ruffled pride I think. Still… M'icha may just need someone to rant too. I'll let him know you said hello." And he likely will too! He looks pleased when she agrees to further talks and dipping his head in a respectful farewell he manages a brief grin for her. "Take care, Abigail! Hopefully too that contest between you and Kimmila will come to play. Clear skies!" And then he's off at a brisk pace, walking straight to the training grounds and into the weyrling barracks.

Abigail nods to the question. "Aye that I did, but I was never allowed to move up in rank. My mother, and thus my father hoped that if I didn't move up that at some point I would go into a craft of their choosing. While my father enjoyed having me there, and helping me train it was putting a real stress on the family." Which of course made her feel bad, though not so much that she stopped being a guard. At the rest she nods, a soft smile seen. "I can see that with him rather easily." This said with a soft chuckle escaping her. "Aye, clear skies to ye as well sir." She'll give a salute and then go back to her bow and arrows to get a bit of practice in it seems.