Fort Weyr - Administration Complex
A long and narrow staircase leads the way up the mountainside, pausing at the large weyrs of several golds, passing by the one that used to be Moreta's so many Turns ago, before leading up to the Senior Queen's weyr, and finally ending at the Weyrleader's weyr. This is one of the more frequently travelled areas of the weyr, with messengers running back and forth as well as the occasional visiting dignitary.

It's midday and the staircase leading up the Weyr's wall is busy. Riders, runners (the human kind, at least!) and lower caverns folk trot their way up and down on their various errands, saying the occasional hello to one another as they pass. Standing by the entrance to the council chambers with her nose in a book, and often caught up in the greetings of those who pass by is Thys, who looks like she's picked the wrong spot to try and concentrate on whatever she's reading; who can possibly concentrate when there's so much passing them by?

It'd be a very odd event if a runner-beast was running up those stairs but in Fort Weyr, who knows? There is no runner-beast, only a hurrying form of a young man and Apprentice Harper who, just like Thys, has his attention elsewhere. Namely, within his own head. Rayathess has had a long night, several long nights and as he jogs up those stairs, taking them two by two (a dangerous thing but luckily for him it's not winter), he doesn't spy the young goldrider until its too late. "…damn!" he swears as he twists, trying to avoid colliding with her directly but may end up bumping her all the same. The documents he was carrying drop and, adding insult to injury, scatter all across the stone ground and some of the lighter sealed parchments drift several steps down. Flustered and a touch angry to judge by the colour rising in his cheeks, he doesn't even check WHO he ran into. "Sorry! Sorry…" Well, at least he mutters an apology before hastily crouching down to grab the nearest document. They bear official looking seals of Harper Hall, Fort Hold and Southern Boll Hold.

And very recently there were caprines being led up and down the stairs, by the very goldrider who's only verbal reaction to being run into is "Oh!" Her book drops, but she does try and reach out to steady Rayathess. It's not enough to say his work, though! "Oh, Faranth, hang on, let me help… I'm sorry, it was a stupid place for me to have stopped…" She bends down to pick up papers, while a tubby brown firelizard appears and picks up one of the parchments that fell further away. Once he's dropped that in front of the Harper, he'll fetch another, too. "Are you alright, Raya?" Thys asks finally, when she's handed everything within her reach over to him, though not without noticing the marks on them. "I think I can guess what these might be related to…"

Rayathess protests, close to snapping irritably at the individual whom wasn't to blame at all for this mess. "Fine. It's fine… just leave it —" It's only when he looks up after taking some of the letters back that he hastily bites back his words and coughs. His annoyed scowl smooths to heavy frown and a grim set look as he shakes his head. "— sorry, ma'am. Didn't realize it was you. I'm alright." No he's not. He looks exhausted to judge from the dark circles under his eyes. He gives her another sharp look when she uses his name and it takes his brain a moment or two to catch up. Of course she'd know! They'd all been in on the plan. "Yeah. Thanks," It's muttered distractedly to the brown firelizard. "Well… your guess is right. I've a briefing with the Weyrleaders."

"It's alright, no need to apologise." Thys smiles, retrieving her book once the Harper has all of his papers back, then standing up straight once more. "I think I lost my page," she says a little mournfully, flicking through the little tome to try and find the spot she was at before being bumped into. "It's not important, though. I'll find it. You, sir, look like you need some klah… double-strength. I'll bring some through to you when you're in with the Weyrleaders, if you'd like? Actually, I'll bring some through even if you don't like, because… well. Who doesn't need a little extra pick-me-up at times like these, hrm?" She slips her book into her pocket, tucking her hand in over it. "Is there anything I can help with, regarding… those?" Her gaze drops to the papers.

Rayathess collects the last of his papers and quickly sorts through them, muttering under his breath as he counts and notes them all. Satisfied that none are missing (and relieved), some of his frazzled nerves calm and his behaviour towards Thys thaws. Helps when she claims to have lost her spot and the young man looks genuinely guilty. "Must be a good book…?" he asks tentatively, while trying not to perk up and look too hopeful at her mention of klah. "I'd almost kill for some right now. A whole pot of it," he grumbles and then winces as he realizes his choice of humour may not be entirely appropriate. With his free hand, he scrubs tiredly at his face, fingers rasping against the stubble of beard he's not yet had a chance to shave. He smirks, "I do like klah but you shouldn't worry about it. I'm sure there will be some up in the offices though… No doubt later we'll all be sitting in that council chamber." Yay meetings! Help? He looks at the letters, then to Thys and he can only shake his head. "That's for your Weyrleaders to decide." Sorry?

"Oh, ok." There's a little bit of disappointment that he turned down her offer of klah, but then Thys shrugs it off and smiles. "You could always pop in on your way down if you've got time, and I'll have some brewed and waiting for you. It's actually nearly always on the go in my weyr lately, since there's so much to try and balance out what with work and… work… and a little bit of play." She grins, her cheeks colouring. Then she pats the book in her pocket, and nods. "It's brilliant. Written by a bluerider from Ierne.. but I don't want to hold up your meeting with talk about that, though! It wouldn't do to keep the Weyrleaders waiting."

Rayathess gives a slightly apologetic look in return for Thys' disappointment and he begins to take a half step back and towards those very council rooms. He pauses though, glancing again from the entrance ahead, to the official documents and letters and then back to Thys. His brows knit and he seems to mull over a few thoughts before a faint smile tugs at the corners of his mouth. "You know? Maybe I will. There's bound to be a lapse between this meeting and the official one that will call all of us back to the council rooms. I could visit for klah. Least I can do for… bumping into you. Then you can tell me about this book," He nods towards it and with a faint and tired chuckle, he dips his head politely. "Until later, then, weyrwoman Thys?"

"Until then, Harper Rayathess. I'll be working in my weyr, so come down whenever you wish." Thys dips her head to him, then gives him a jaunty salute before turning away to head to home.