Fort Weyr - Weyrlingmaster's Office
Large and fairly spacious, the Weyrlingmaster's office appears to have been fashioned for the dedicated, dutiful rider that undoubtedly will end up spending most of their days in here doing hidework. Several tapestries hang about the room in way of decoration; one large one hanging on the wall directly across the doorway is spun in the colors of Fort Weyr, the fort clearly visible amidst the black background. A bright, diamond-shaped marking upon the front of the fort gleams a bright peridot, undoubtedly for the weyrlings' wing. Settled in the center of the office, beneath the Fortian tapestry, is a large, polished desk made of durable sky-broom wood.

A spring storm has rolled in, bringing with it rain, thunder and cold winds. Most of the weyrlings are hunkered in the barracks, the winds too high and unpredictable for the Weyrlingmaster to put them to drills even if on the ground. Not that he's not keeping them busy while their dragons sleep or rest. Plenty of strap work and studies to do! Which he leaves in charge of his Assistants to monitor while he'll hunker down in his office and slog through hidework and reports. Seated at his desk, he is busy scrawling away on one hide while his other hand rests against his head to prop it up, his brows furrowed in an intense look of thought. M'icha is rarely in a good mood when the weather proves to be wet and damp as it often makes his injury ache but for now his focus is such on his work that he is sufficiently able to ignore it.

Aycheth senses that Zuvaleyuth's mind seeps in almost like the coming storm, but far more gentle and comforting than an actual storm. Rain drops form streams, that trickle downwards and expand into a larger pool. Such flourish for a simple message, but that is her way! « Dtirae wishes to inform your rider that she will be arriving shortly to speak with yours on a few subjects. Along with her apologies for sticking her nose in more often than what she does normally. » At least she passed the message along without too much flourish.

And, true to her word, Dtirae is striding into the barracks with only a brief glance towards the Weyrlings with a single nod to greet both them and the Assistants before she is making her way into the Weyrlingmaster's office. Her hand briefly lifts upon entering, trying to smooth some of the stray hair that was knocked free due to the wind. "M'icha, sir." A smile is given before she strides further into the office, not entirely waiting for an invitation to do so. "Sorry for… Uh. The short notice. But, I have something I want to ask you… As well as a suggestion. Which, you are free to ignore." Straight to business. But then, the woman smiles a little more easily. "How are you doing?"

Zuvaleyuth senses that Aycheth 's mind is cold and empty at first but as he welcomes the rainfall and waters from Zuvaleyuth his mind seems to flourish from it and rolling fields burst to life under a starry night sky. « No apology needed. Mine would not ever be cross with a visit from yours though he may question why. Tell her she may come directly to the offices. » And that is that, apparently. Quick to the point!

M'icha looks up from his work just as Dtirae steps inside of his office and his expression immediately clears into a crooked and wry grin. "What're you doing calling me 'sir'? You've not done that for Turns and if there's any of us that needs to be spittin' titles it'd be me. Ma'am." And he'll make a cocky little salute before he gestures to one of the free chairs and waves off her apology in the next beat. "Ah, don't apologize! Sit, get comfortable and tell me everything. Probably going to be far more entertaining than this!" He sweeps a hand over his work and then leans back heavily in his chair with a smirk. "Ignore? 'Fraid I can't do that, for many reasons. Namely you outrank me, remember? So what's on your mind?" At the question of his well being, he merely shrugs. "Doing well enough, having to keep eight Weyrlings in line and the weather being a real pain this Turn."

Dtirae laughs easily at the commentary on her 'sir', and then for the salute. "Habit? I wasn't the best of Weyrlings. I'm a troublemaker, after all." The grin that settles in place of the smile comes a little more easily. "Ah, well, you're right that it'll probably be more interesting than your paperwork." Which she does eye as she moves to take a seat, making herself comfortable. At least she isn't sitting like she's done something she should feel guilty over. "I may outrank you, but I'm not going to tell you how to teach the Weyrlings. That is your place, and you have more say than I on that subject." However, she does not jump right to the point of her visit at that, simply leaning back and considering the man as he answers her question on his well being. "At least there are only eight? Though, they seem more of a handful. Hopefully the weather will favor us soon…" The Weyrwoman gives a slight shrug at that, unspoken thoughts lingering there before she continues. "Anyway, I wanted suggest maybe having the Weyrlings have their own wing. Give them some mock reports that they write to their Wingleader or Wingsecond. Wingleader complies the reports and turns them to your assistants. More work for them to read, but gives the Weyrlings some experience so they're not going into the wings somewhat blind. Maybe rotate the leadership roles once every two sevendays?"

M'icha snorts and gives the Weyrwoman a look that begs to differ on her claim of being troublesome. "That's not how I recall you bein' a Weyrling! Trouble, bah!" he scoffs. "I've had more headaches dealin' with the offspring from Zuvaleyuth, Iaverulth and Kouzevelth. Swear they'll all conspirin' to put me into early retirement!" he drawls and then chuckles. "True, you've a point there lass but you forget that as Weyrlingmaster I am also open to suggestion from others! Feedback is important else how am I to know if I'm doin' my job right?" He seems in no rush to hurry the Weyrwoman along, settling comfortably in his chair and steepling his fingers together in his lap. "We'll see." He mutters about the weather. "Eight is a small group but it only takes one…" No guesses as to which ONE he means! Dtirae would know. Most of the Weyr knows! M'icha listens intently, nodding his head a time and frowning lightly. Absorbing it all swiftly, he mulls it over and then merely shrugs his shoulders. "I don't see why we couldn't implement this? Technically something of that nature was already done when they clear manned flights and are nearing the time they begin learning and preparin' for Between. Never actually had the Weyrlings lead themselves though as a 'Wing'. So… you're imposing we do a mock Wing within a Wing?" He seems almost amused by that detail.

"Well, maybe I was a little more well behaved than I'll give myself credit for." Dtirea returns with a chuckle, then giving a nod of agreement. "They do seem to create troublesome offspring. Must be something in Zuvaleyuth that just makes troublemakers that are passed down through her daughters." Poor M'icha. Cursed to deal with troublesome Weyrlings! Maybe Zuvaleyuth is the one plotting against the Weyrlingmaster. "Well, you do have a point there, as well. I normally don't have much to suggest. Which means that you're doing well in my books." Not that she complains often, either. The Weyrlings normally turn out well enough, fitting into Wings easily enough and never really giving too much issue… Except Jaja, but, she is really the exception. As for that one, well, the Weyrwoman merely nods her agreement. She threw in her suggestions for that situation already, no need to touch on it again. "Well, isn't it usually the Weyrlingmaster who plays the part of wingleader? Leading themselves gives them more… Challenge, I suppose. But yes, essentially, it will be a mock wing within a wing." The smile plays on her lips again, hands folding on her lap. "Second off… I wanted to see if I could take So'l hunting, likely after they are able to *between*."

"Yer forgetting it takes two to make little eggies," M'icha remarks and even goes as far as to flash two fingers at the Weyrwoman as if she's too daft to catch the point. Yet he figures she can handle his blunt and dry humour. "Could lay all the blame on Velokraeth? At least for those he's sired with her. Then you just blame it as his genes being passed on through his daughters." He grins wryly. See? Problem solved! The Weyrlingmaster may be cursed but despite his bitching and complaining, the bluerider adores his work with all his being. They'll have to pry the knot off his cold dead body before he hands it over! "Mhm. Usually when we begin taking them on sweeps it's myself or one of my Assistants who 'leads'. So this challenge of them rotating as mock Wingleader would be good for them. Might be able to catch a few good prospects too in the process or… at least know which will need a few Turns first for seasonin'." Chuckling dryly, M'icha then grins again. "So it looks like we'll be surprising them with this! Give 'em something new to chew on." At the next request, the Weyrlingmaster peers closely at Dtirae then, scrutinizing her as if trying to pick apart her thoughts as he frowns. "I've no issue with that so long as you're not takin' him from his studies. You might want to consider takin' the others too or offerin'… or setting 'em up with another rider else they may feel favouritism is in play. Though this lot seems pretty sensible. Maybe I'll just organize that they shadow some riders and you can take So'l for huntin'. Figure that'll work?"

"Oh, it certainly does. But, Velokraeth's too sweet to spawn trouble." Dtirae snorts softly in amusement, "or, maybe they're too sickly sweet and their spawns just make trouble." There's a brief look of dread that settles in, eyes rolling before she's grinning again. "Zuvaleyuth, however, would never blame Velokraeth." She'll leave it at that. It is lucky for M'icha that Dtirae doesn't seem so inclined to find a new Weyrlingmaster, despite his complaints. The man gets results, so why change when things are working well? "I've got a few ideas of some of our Weyrlings that'll settle well into the positions. But, most of the say really goes to Th'ero, in the end. And then the Wingleaders themselves. It will be good for the Wingleaders to see, however. Ooh. Maybe they'll fight over the ones they want in their wings." Hopefully she isn't serious! "It'll be something new as well. It'll be a surprise for them, but if it works well? I can see it helping for future Weyrlings." As he peers at her, she remains rather straight faced and unwavering in her gaze. "I'll not take away from his studies, promise. I also figured you'd probably want me to take some of the others, too. I have no protests, just as long as I am not taking groups of them. Or, having them set up with other riders could be helpful as well. Each one learning different things from different riders. Either way, it works for me."

M'icha just deadpan stares at Dtirae for calling Velokraeth 'sweet'. Uh huh? Chuckling dryly, he shakes his head and allows the talk of spawn and devilish behaviour behind. They've got bigger things to hash out, after fall! "True, Th'ero does make the final decisions in that regard. Again, I'll stress that we have an opinion on it. Make a big enough fuss and you could bend the Weyrleader." he drawls with no lack of confidence in that certainty. A brow quirks up at the mention of 'fighting', mouth quirking into an amused smile that quickly drops. Something clicks in his head, an idea dawns and he smacks his hand over the surface of his desk. "Well I'll be damned if that isn't a great idea!" Fighting Weyrlings? "Games!" Oh, that's better-ish? Talk of solo excursions and rider shadowing take a back burner for now, but Dtirae already has M'icha's blessing in that matter. "Weyrling games! Competitions as well as tests! Why hadn't we thought of this before? That ought to motivate 'em to keep in tip-top form!"

Dtirae's only responds for that deadpan stare is to grin at M'icha with a look of feigned innocence. She will not drag the subject back into play after they move on. "Of course, of course. And, no doubt that if he's bothered enough, he'll bend." She's done it before but she certainly doesn't make a habit of it. Though she's never done so concerning the wing decisions. At the quirk of the Weyrlingmaster's brow, the woman's own slowly lift upwards in a questioning manner. As his hand makes contact with his desk, there's a questioning look shot in the man's direction. "It was a—" She doesn't finish that statement, allowing him to continue on to explain. The uplifted brows are drawn down in consideration. "Actually… That seems like a really good idea. It certainly proves their ability more than any test. And, all the more reason to have them shadow various riders. They'll learn various skills that may be put to the test. And, we'll see how they react to situations they're unfamiliar with. But, nothing dangerous. We'll have to set up an area outside of Fort that'll be well protected from outside influence… Maybe do each one alone? Not let them know where they have been taken but have it heavily monitored by dragons so observations can be made of their progress." Now she is considering the idea in a more serious manner.

There's a first time with everything? M'icha seems to have confidence that Dtirae would be able to challenge Th'ero too concerning the Wings, if it ever came down to it. Not that the blue rider is about to encourage such things! Oh no, not openly. He'll just plant little seeds and leave it up to the individual to nurture them or not. "Exactly!" he says with a broad grin and another pointed gesture to the Weyrwoman. "Oh, there's plenty we could work up. We've that entire forest of… forest just begging to be setup into some stress and pressure test for the Weyrlings. Really push them through their paces! Perhaps… we do some solo and semi-observed. Weyrleaders, Wingleaders and Weyrlingmaster staff only. The actual serious tests. The "games" themselves can be open to public but also count towards their final evaluation." he rambles, frowning as his mind scrabbles with all the possibilities and all the possible negative outcomes. He nods his head in agreement to Dtirae's ideas, absorbing those as well as he scrubs at his jawline. "Those are some good ideas to consider too. I'd need… a few days I think to plot something out. Roughly at least."

And hopefully it doesn't come down to it! M'icha is good at sowing the seeds, however, as the thought is now there… In the back of her mind, should she ever need it. "There is! The forest is certainly a good spot for it. We'd just need to get a fence up so there's boundaries, but we could do it." A grin settles into the woman's features before she's slowly pushing up to her feet. "Wonderful. When you have it plotted out, we should run it by Th'ero to see if he has any suggestions." She doubts the Weyrleader, or Kimm, will really fight against such an idea. Or, maybe she's getting ahead of herself. "It was wonderful speaking with you, M'icha. You're…" Pause, and then a soft cough. "Very easy to speak with. Thank you."

M'icha waves a hand dismissively at the talk of fences. "Ah, nothing the foresters and hunters wouldn't mind setting up. Probably should cart a few of those folk in and discuss possible areas. 'Fraid I'm not that knowledgeable of all the land out there." he drawls, but his gaze lingers a little longer on Dtirae as he speaks. She was a hunter and still does hunt, doesn't she? He waits to see if she doesn't "enlighten" him a little on possible no-go zones. "Oh, I'm sure the Weyrleader will have suggestions, if he doesn't outright pitch a fit first off thinkin' we've gone mad risking the Weyrlings to pressure tests and competitions. But maybe now is a good time, while he's still a bit mellowed out from his encounter in Southern and his weyrmate's dragon being injured. I keep tellin' riders to mind the South but do they listen?" Nope! The Weyrlingmaster grimaces. A brow quirks as the Weyrwoman rises and he too pushes to his feet though he has to rely on the desk to keep himself steady thanks to his injured leg. "Off so soon?" he muses and then laughs. "That's a first I've been told! Yer welcome and welcome of course anytime to come by." he says in a tone that one would often expect from a father telling his daughter to visit more often. Gentled and warm. So not the typical gruffness from him!

"Probably not. There are a few areas that are capable, some we should keep the Weyrlings away from. But, I'll take some hunters to scout out more thoroughly once we get a more concrete idea and approval from the Weyrleader." Slightly enlightening, but no further details. One hand is tucked into her pocket and she nods. "Now would be the best time to… Poke at the hive, so to speak. And… I suppose we're so used to being safe that we forget that there is trouble in the South. I never go alone down there." And she rarely makes the trip out, now. As for her leaving, she answers him with a single nod. "I don't want to overstay. And, I want to try and see when I can get the hunters together." She's already working with the idea that Th'ero will not put up a huge fuss. For his invitation, Dtirae's gaze softens a bit and a little smile settles in place. "I'd… Like that. I'll try and stop by more." An incline of her head in a show of thanks before she's slipping out and closing the door gently behind her.

It is enough of a start though and M'icha looks pleased by her answer and willingness to help. "Good! That will certainly give us a better idea of what I roughly plot out will work or not. We're… we may need a good chunk of land. Wonder if any of the Holds would permit…" he goes on to mutter, already planning away in that head of his. He'll probably have something sorted out earlier than promised. "See that you don't go alone or if you do go… bring some damn hunters who know how to take on felines!" M'icha goes on to share that 'wisdom', if it could even be considered such and just not a personal rant of his. "Overstay? Never! Honestly." Chuckling dryly, he won't twist her arm into staying though he accepts her reason for leaving with an eager nod of his head. So much to do and so much to plan! "Good! Usually if I ain't in training, I'm stuck in here. Always free to come by, just have Zuvaleyuth bespeak Aycheth. He'll let her know." Seeing her out through the door, he will murmur a quick farewell and once the door is shut he will blow out his cheeks in slight frustration. Well… damn if something else didn't quite pop into his mind then. Another time, as he needs to mull that over too.