Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Thunder has been heard for most of the day, lighting seen in flashes across the weyr, and there is plenty of rain to go along with it. The spring ground is a bit wet, plenty of puddles found along with a cool wind that blows through. Abigail is making her way back into the cavern from the lower steps checking on her daughter most likely. Her flight jacket is on and open, gloves resting in her hand which she is about to pull on before eyeing the rain that she can see through the cavern opening. Perhaps a mug of something warm first. She shifts to hunt down said mug of hot klah and hopes the rain will calm down a bit before she is truly ready to go.

Someone didn't quite time their arrival back to the Weyr or their need to be outdoors well and just as the rain and wind get to their mightiest the Weyrleader is making his entrance into the living caverns. A very soaked and irritated Weyrleader who spends a good deal of time trying to shake the worst of the rainwater and mud from his clothing before giving up with a heavy sigh. Chilled, he begins to strip off his sodden riding gear and heads straight for the hearths which, mercifully are vacant (or were hastily vacated before he bore down on them). Th'ero hangs his jacket up and then sits himself down heavily into a chair as he bends forwards to begin unlacing his boots. His hair is plastered to his head, dripping water too and dampening his already partially soaked tunic. He's yet to spot Abigail, though he quickly barks at the nearest server girl to fetch him something warm to drink and some food.

Abigail does catch sight of Th'ero, though really when there is an fuming weyrleader trotting through the caverns most do pick up on them. There is a few moments of her watching and she sips at her drink letting him sit and bark out his orders before even thinking about moving closer to the hearth. She picks up a towel on her trip over and offers it to him once there. "Morning Weyrleader… I'm guessing it's a bit wet outside?" This questioned with an amused tone, though she is holding back any smirk or grin at the moment at least. She figures she can only push things /so/ far at the moment.

It's probably wise that Abigail leaves the Weyrleader alone for a moment or two as he reins in his mood and temper and calms down. Not that he's in a fit of rage and is more annoyed at whatever events led to him being caught in the storm. Kicking off his boots, he will set them aside and then stretch out his legs so that the heat from the fire can begin to dry off his pants. Just the warmth from that alone has Th'ero exhaling long and deep, most of his anger dissipating with it so by the time Abigail approaches, he's in a good enough mood to smile faintly to her. "Morning, Abigail!" he replies as he reaches for the towel, taking it with an appreciative nod of thanks before using it to dry off his hair. "A bit? That's an understatement." Snorting, his mouth quirks in an amused way and the Wingsecond is in the safe zone as far as joking goes. "Seems you've escaped the pleasant weather outside so far?" Th'ero goes on to drawl while gesturing with his free hand for her to sit and join him.

Abigail smiles a moment and nods as she hands over the towel while she settles down upon the free seat, at least for a few moments. "Aye, for the moment at least." This said with an amused tone. "I've seen some of it, and Niumdreoth keeps filling me in on what is going on out there. Which I have to admit I'm not too eager to go out into just yet." A glance is sent outside as another clap of thunder rolls through. "Have to love a good spring rain." This said with a soft chuckle escaping her before she looks back to Th'ero. "Other than the weather I do hope that ye are well."

"Don't go out there! If you can manage it, that is." Th'ero mutters and with his hair as dry as it will get he slips the towel over his shoulders to keep it off the back of his neck. "Do you have any shifts today with Thunderbird?" he asks curiously, grimacing as the thunder rolls again outside. Ugh. "I was out on my usual patrols but was delayed. We Betweened back right into the worst of it. Rather stupid blunder." Nodding his head, his gaze will then sweep out over the caverns. Where is that serving girl? "The rain will certainly be welcomed. I'm doing well. Almost caught up with things, now that I've settled back into routine. How are you? Niumdreoth fairing well and little Breeana?"

Abigail chuckles at the thought. "I'm trying to avoid it, but I picked up a few sweeps to try and get back into the grove of things. It's been a while since being on them." A slight nod is seen while she lets her hand rest around her mug, which keeps them nice and warm at the moment. "Not too much fun that would be in the least." As for the serving girl a faint glance is sent around for her as she ponders that as well. Best not to keep dear Th'ero waiting! "I'm glad to hear that yer well." She chuckles softly and smiles. "Niumdreoth is fine, rather protective of Breeana which is a bit amusing, and I'm well."

Th'ero chuckles dryly. "I can imagine. I know how it can be trying to get back into routine. I've been injured enough now to remember how it feels…" Never mind that it is not at all like a pregnancy and birth! It's close enough though? Just as the Weyrleader begins to eye Abigail's mug of klah, the serving girl returns carrying a laden tray that when the bronze rider spots it, he groans. "Shardin' cook is looking to fatten me up, I swear it." he mutters under his breath and sure enough when the girl meekly sets the tray on a small table between himself and the Wingsecond, it's filled with fresh breakfast goodies. A personal feast! As well as the Weyrleader's favourite mulled and spiced cider. Dismissing the girl, he takes the drink but waves a hand towards the food in a 'help yourself' gesture. He's not going to eat it all! "Glad that you're well! And is he? Seems the dragons do show a rather protective nature to children. Velokraeth is protective over Kyzen, though I find that as the boy grows it wanes a little." Outside, the storm continues to roll through in waves of rain, wind and thunder. Most have sought shelter though the caverns are only just beginning to fill. Th'ero is sitting by the hearth with Abigail and the Weyrleader is currently trying to use the fire and warmth to dry off.

Speaking of routines…here comes a weyrling! Is it in her normal routine now to stop by the living caverns for a bit to eat. Hopefully it is since Typriaeth is hunting well in the pens. The green is perched somewhere outside in the bowl, no doubt preening and simply showing off for all to see. Anique comes in and goes straight for some klah first and second she finds a bit of food to snack on. This, naturally after she's removed the coat that kept most of the rain off her. Food and drink in hand she approaches the pair by the hearth. Hastily she sets down the mug so she can snap a quick salute to both. "G'morning Weyrleader. Brownrider." she greets.

Long dark lashes frame Vanessa's slightly slanted eyes that watch the world with curiosity that simply can't be squelched. Her blue-green gaze seems quite intense for one so young. Short flaxen blond hair frames her heart-shaped face is cut short and slightly uneven as if an unexperienced hand chopped the once long locks. She's smaller than her other siblings, hardly topping 5 foot tall though perhaps the young teen still has some time to gain inches as she grows older.

Despite being a bit plain, her light brown tunic actually brings out the green in her eyes. It's edged in a pale green embroidery, though it's clearly a hand-me down from her older siblings as it's worn in several places. She tucks it into black pants, no belt though they are a bit baggy on her and hang down a bit too long to cover her booted feet.

Still eyeing the food on the platter, Th'ero is already thinking he will have to see most of it wrapped up and carted back to his weyr. Taking a slow sip of his cider, he does not see Anique enter until she is approaching them and as he sets his drink aside to pick up a piece of bacon, it's between nibbles that his dark eyes lift to study the weyrling with surprise. "Wingsecond." he corrects her in terms to Abigail's rank with a crooked smile and returns the salute, finishing it with a gesture for the weyrling to sit herself down. "Morning, Anique. How are you and Typriaeth fairing? I hear you and your fellow weyrlings have started on hunting and unmanned flights."

Anique flushes lightly as she's corrected by the Weyrleader. "Windsecond…I'm sorry!" she hastens to coronet herself before she sits down as offered. "Good morning." a bright smile touches her features. "We are doing well. Typriaeth is sprawled in the bowl enjoying the rain. I just hope she doesn't get muddy though because that'll mean a bath. In the lake. No matter the weather." at his question she nods. "Oh yes on both accounts. It is so exciting to continue the next phase of training. Typriaeth loves to hunt. She's doing well at it. Also at the unmanned flights though I'm a bit impatient to be up on her during the flight." another grin appears. "But we're both waiting for the right time. No need to rush it!"

Th'ero chuckles dryly as Anique flushes with colour and simply gives her a faint smile. "Don't worry about it, I'm sure no offence was given." he murmurs. Not likely that Abigail would get too upset over it, though the Weyrleader doesn't dare presume any further about the brownrider. Quirking a brow, he glances back towards the bowl entrance with a grimace. "Does she usually enjoy the rain so? And I wouldn't worry about the mud now. Any she gets on her hide will be washed off. Don't blame you about the lake… but it won't be longer now until we're in favourable weather." Hopefully! At least Th'ero can leave to warmer climates if he chooses! "It's instinctual for them to hunt." he murmurs, picking a little more at the platter of food but distractedly. As he nibbles on more bacon, he will give Anique a pointed look and then a smirk. "Oh yes, no need to rush. I heard of… Zeltenith's little escape or his attempt of one."

"She's exploring some of her likes and dislikes I think. I suggested she stay indoors in the barracks but she insisted she come out and be seen in the bowl by everyone." Anique shakes her head, clearly amused by this. A sip of drink is taken as she enjoys the warmth of the klah. "Oh yes!" now her eyes widen somewhat. "I can't…I just don't believe that he would try that!"

Th'ero blinks, pausing midway to lifting his mug back to his lips as he peers at Anique from over the rim. "Did you try telling her that with the storm going the way it is, hardly anyone will be out to see her?" he drawls before taking a swig and setting the mug aside again. Shaking his head, the Weyrleader can only shrug his shoulders as he reaches for some fruit. "It was certainly a shock! But each dragon is different. M'icha informed me that he knew that bronze was a bit headstrong and prone to wandering but he never would have expected that. Hopefully it will not happen again, though I am certain you've all learned a lesson from As'tre and Zeltenith's example." he says with a crooked smirk.

Anique smirks faintly. "I tried." is all she says over the greens insistence at staying in the bowl despite the storm. "Headstrong works for describing her at times as well." she mutters into her klah mug. Lifting her gaze once more she nods. "Oh yes, a lesson was certainly learned. I suspect it's something I must learn for sure when it comes time to learn about flights and my Typriaeth." of which the hold bred woman really knows little of. She nibbles a bit on her muffin as they chat.

Th'ero focuses his gaze again on Anique, allowing it to linger for several moments and to the point that his scrutiny may make the poor weyrling a little uncomfortable. "Just be sure that her headstrong tendencies do not manifest into downright dominance over your control." he murmurs and he takes another sip of his drink, only to slightly choke on it. Coughing to clear this throat, he eyes Anique. "It'll be awhile yet before it comes to flights…" Th'ero points out though from his thoughtful frown he is clearly doing the math in his head.

Anique doesn't squirm under the lingering look directed to her by the Weyrleader but she does soon drop her gaze to her mug. "Oh no…no dominance. We're team." she says strongly. "She may like to do her own thing." like lounge in the bowl in a storm. "But she will listen to me when she must." eventually. But she doesn't say that part out loud. "Oh I know there's some time before flights." she says cheerfully, perhaps a bit amused at the man's reaction.

Th'ero continues to keep his gaze locked on Anique, even after the weyrling has lowered her eyes down to her mug. Her answer must satisfy some concern he had though, as the Weyrleader eases of then and his gaze slips away and back to the platter of food. One he's barely made a dent in. Exhaling, he makes a mental note to speak to the cook again about drowning him in food every time he makes a personal request. "Good! You need to be focused as a team at this point or… it becomes difficult." As they all witnessed! "Mhm, yes. That final step doesn't come until after you finish and pass your tests for Between." he remarks casually enough and yet there is a hint to his tone and expression, a brief glimmer to his eyes that seem to say 'and that is what you should focus on'. The Weyrleader's sense of humour must of have been left out in the storm somewhere!

Anique eventually lifts her gaze once more, perhaps when she can no longer feel his eyes upon her! "It's been an incredible experience so far with all of the others who Impressed with us." she smiles though. "I would trade it for anything in the world though." his lack of humor is simply missed by Anique though. "It's been so busy we've had no time to play with my playset." so sad! "With Between training I am confident we all need to focus more, of course."

"It is quite the experience!" Th'ero agrees with a faint smile, relaxing again as the topic steers away from the 'flight' portion of training. The Weyrleader picks a little more at the platter of food and then simply leans back in his chair with his legs still stretched out in front. The warmth from the fire is doing it's trick on sapping the dampness from his clothing and now he is quite comfortable. Sipping slowly at his drink, he listens politely to Anique and then chuckles heartily. "We could have warned you that you'd have little time for things like that. And it will only become even more intense when you and your class move on to mounted flights. Then you earn your freedom… at least as far as your dragon can go on straight flight." he murmurs. "Oh, there is more to Between than just focusing. You need to learn how to visualize, how to adjust and no doubt M'icha will be drowning you all in star charts and figures." Oh… joy?

Anique grins. "It'll be strange to be able to simply jump on Typriaeth's back and go wherever we can fly straight to. So much different than taking a runner ride." she chuckles as a snort can be heard from the bowl. Typriaeth thinks little of runners and Anique being on them! "Oh I am hardly surprised that there is little time for my playset. It's okay. It'll have a good home in Typriaeth's and my weyr when it comes time for that."

Th'ero looks over his shoulder towards the bowl at the sound of that snort and then smirks, a touch amused that the green overheard the comment and holds such a strong opinion. "Oh, it's much different and far better than a runner ride. Though I do miss the days where I would ride patrol on the back of a runner. I wouldn't trade being able to fly on Velokraeth, mind you! You'll see soon enough what it is like to be able to fly…" Which may be something Th'ero would be doing right now if the rain would let up! Ahh, their weyrs. The Weyrleader had almost forgotten that the weyrlings will be coming to that point in their training soon. "Have you put any thought as to where you may try to have your weyr housed?"

Anique nods. "I have actually." says the former assistant head woman. "I've no problems with heights and Typriaeth is really wanting a high up weyr as well. So..something higher." she concludes

Abigail had been called away for one thing or another, though it mostly dealt with her daughter whom was just not able to settle it seems. Though after another visit from mommy it seemed to help. A slight yawn escapes the brownrider as she makes her way back into the cavern, grabbing another mug of klah as she goes. There is a pause as she eyes the rain and then catches sight of Th'ero and Anique, whom she moves on over and settles down upon a free seat. "Still raining I see." This said before taking a sip from her mug.

Th'ero laughs softly. "Well, that shouldn't be too much of a problem, I don't think. Not many go for the heights. You probably could secure a spot above the lake, even." he says to Anique before his attention shifts to the return of Abigail. Offering the Wingsecond a gentle smile, he sweeps his hand to the platter of food so indicate she can help herself! "I think the storm is gone but it's now just raining. Which means…" His nose wrinkles a bit. "A day in the offices for me." Sigh. "All is well, Abigail?" he murmurs, giving the brown rider a significant look.

Anique smiles warmly as Abigail returns to them. "Wingsecond." she greets with the proper title this time. As Th'ero inquires she doesn't repeat the 'is all well' question though she certainly is waiting to ensure that all is indeed well. "Over the lake..that's a great idea." she says towards Th'ero.

Abigail smiles softly to Anique, as if the title was really needed, though she doesn't comment on it. "Everything is alright, Breeana just didn't want to settle down. As they found me I got to help." She looks a bit amused over the thought. A nod is seen at the talk of the weather before she is sipping at her mug. "Being near the lake is lovely I have to say. Can see far out over the water. I got lucky with some of the lake and the feeding grounds in view."

"It's either the lake or within the heart of the Weyr," Th'ero muses to Anique and then grins faintly to Abigail. "See, you truly lucked out then! Both of you are lucky that you get much of a choice. As Weyrleader, I am kept to the ground ledges by the administration complex. Not much a view." And far too accessible! Nodding his head, he adds to Abigail in a soft tone. "Good. Sometimes they seem to have these spells when they won't settle. We were lucky with Kyzen that he was a good sleeper. Only time he's difficult is when he is sick." As anyone would be!

Anique shakes her head a bit in agreement. "No, not much of a view at all I imagine from the lower ledges." though it makes for amusing entrances when people stop by unannounced! Anique's stomach rumbles lightly, reminding her that she should be eating the food she put on her plate and not ignoring it for conversation.

Abigail chuckles softly and smiles while thinking back for a moment when she was in Anique's shoes so to speak. "Ye all won't have much longer until getting yer own weyr's I'd imagine. Seems to move quickly when someone else is going through it all. For me it felt like I was a weyrling forever at times." She looks to Th'ero and nods with a smile. "Aye, Breeana doesn't always sleep well at night, she's gotten better at least which helps me get some sleep. Though I've been left to getting naps in to make up for it." She peers at the food that is to be found on the tray and does lean over to pick up a bit of bread.

Which is why Th'ero has learned the valuable lesson of locking (and sometimes double and triply so!) the door to his weyr so that he does not get any unexpected visitors! "No, it won't be much longer now." he agrees with Abigail, chuckling. "They'll be getting them once they prove they can be trusted to be a bit independent." he muses, giving Anique a sidelong look. So does that mean within the next few months? Could be! "You said you were having a nanny tend to Breeana most of the time?" he asks Abigail, only to have a distracted and unfocused look to his eyes. Sighing, he begins reaching for his boots and barely can keep himself from grimacing at their still damp feel as he slips them back on. "Afraid I'm going to have to leave you both. My apologies. I'm needed in the council chambers. If you'll excuse me?" Pushing to his feet, he will dip his head in a respectful nod to both Wingsecond and Weyrling before stepping aside to grab his jacket, also still quite soaked. Ugh! "Was a pleasure speaking to you both. Enjoy the rest of your day… even if it keeps up with the rain! Take care." And with that, Th'ero slips away and back out towards the bowls. What could be up now?