Who Riohra Okami
What Riohra meets a Trader
When Summer
Where Courtyard, Fort Hold


**Fort Hold – Courtyard **
Nestled in a valley formed by a fault, the courtyard leading into Fort Hold is made from the natural stone of which the Hold is carved from and is accessed from the road by a ramp formed out of blocks and crushed rock that was slagged solidly into place. Special care has been taken to be sure that any stone worn down from the ages and countless amount of traffic is replaced and that the edges fit neatly together, both for the ramp and the courtyard. Given the age of this Hold and it's history, little of the original structures have taken on any great alteration from the original plans.
When it was first built, the courtyard may have been a little more barren, with nothing more than the cool stone and walls to surround it. Now, in current times, there are raised areas filled with dirt that allow various decorative bushes and plants to grow and be meticulously tended to Turn round and wooden benches have been placed by these miniature gardens.
From the courtyard, the great bronze-colored doors formed by melting down the plates of the colony ships can be seen, resting in the center of the palisade wall where the Hold itself is carved and lead to the Great Hall within. Other structures are also found within the courtyard, including the Watch Wher's den and his keeper's quarters, access to the stables and beastholds and other smaller doorways leading to the inner hold.
Windows are carved into the high cliff walls and notably on the first level they appear at regular intervals and more numerous where the Great Hall resides but as one looks higher, they grow progressively more irregular as the rooms built on those higher elevations are formed from natural and single caves.

The small caravan wagon that's parked outside the main road that leads into Fort Hold's courtyard. A young boy sits near one of the wagon's, head tilted back towards the sun as he peers up at the clouds that pass overhead. There's traffic going in and out of the Hold and yet the wagon seems to be staying where it is, the team of two runners that pull it are freely grazing on long leads at the various vegetation they can reach.

The tall man dressed in thick leathers that have been died green with brown and grey splotching's all over walks out of the underbrush of the nearby woods. He is tall but still moves easily as he carries a three point buck over his left shoulder while his bow is in its carrying case on the right. He whistles a merry tune as he makes his way up the road he will give the young man a smile and tilt of his head in greeting.

"Where're you taking that?" Okami asks the taller man, face angling to tilt as he eyes the carcass that the hunter is carrying towards Fort. "Is it already paid for?" He rises to his feet, and he appears to be less like a young boy, and more like a young man as he strides closer. He's got shrewd eyes that assess all that he sees. "If it's not, I'll buy it off you."

The tall man will stop his whistling and say "It is up for grabs, was just going to see if I could trade it before I head home to the Weyr. How much you looking to spend?" He has an honest face and a friendly smile as he stops and stands there with the animal on his shoulder "Though I don't think it is worth more than two marks. I am Riohra by the way."

The price that's been offered lights up Okami's gaze as he strides closer. He doesn't offer a hand to shake, seemingly focused on the deer. "I'll give you a mark and a half. Seems like the fur's been ruined," he notes, whether or not it's true. "They call me Okami," he tells Riohra with a small smile. "And I'm a trader who likes to eat fresh food."

Riohra looks at the man and grins saying "We both know the fur is fine" he motions for the man to follow out of the road and will hang the animal on a lower nearby limb. He will point out where he killed the deer with a hit to the neck and uses the same spot to drain and strip it so it won't spoil. "Now I know the tanner and the cook up at the Hold will give me the Two or try to cheat me at least and give me one and quarter. always a toss up with them, I can let you have it for say one and three quarters"

Okami follows along after Riohra silently, watching the man work with a shrewd expression. It's the bargaining that he's presented with that returns a glint to Okami's eye. "I'll take it for one and three quarters and I'll give you a pretty little necklace for your girl back home. If you have a home?" he wonders, brow arching as he gives a glance to Riohra's clothing. It must seem to the young man he does not. "You want to keep the fur? I don't have the time to treat it. Give me the meat for three quarters." A grin.

Riohra laughs "Deal" He will start skinning it then and there. As he works he will say "Aye, I have a home. Up at Fort Weyr." At the mention of necklaces for his girl he will say "do you have anything in the way of hair accessories? something functional but pretty." He looks over at Okami adding "she got searched at Igen so I want to give her something to keep her hair off her neck so she doesn't over heat."

"I think I've something that'll do that," Okami answers, watching the man work for a moment. "I'll go and fetch it while you… handle the mess." He turns and strides back towards the wagon. He heaves himself inside of it and is gone within for some time before he leaves and returns once more to check on Riohra. He offers the agreed mark and holds out an elaborate hair clip that has two long, carved, sticks that are meant to help tame the thickest of hair.

Riohra has finished is work in the time that it takes him to go in and out, over behind a tree are a group of wild firelizards eating on the insides left over from the gutting and cleaning. The hide is laid out on rock to dry out a little before he can take it to the tanner. He looks over the hair holder and nod with his usual grin saying "That is prefect, it has been a pleasure dealing with you." He will gladly take the items and store them in his thick hunting jacket "Will you be traveling up to the Weyr anytime soon?"

Okami eyes the firelizards and then the man. "I think I may," Okami's answer is easy enough. "One of my runner's is on the verge of going lame. I had a mind of staying at the Hold but there are a few people there that do not suit my tastes." He shrugs, not seeming rankled by his harsh judgement. "That's where you live? I suppose I'll say hello when I stop by. You may tell those that you know that Okami is a fair-minded, quality, trader. As you can see from our barganining and the hair piece I've given you there." He looks to the meat and back to Riohra. "I'll give you another third mark if you butcher it for me and bring it to the wagon."

Riohra tilts his head at the offer and grins shaking his head "No need for payment, I don't mind you got a cleaver? My knife will do but I like use proper tools" he says and will take off his jacket and set it down on the rock it makes a set of dull thunks as it is placed on the hard surface. "And if you do make it up i will by you a drink at the little bar we got up there"

Okami goes and fetches the tools necessary for the job and talks idly with Riohra in a non-commital way about various things. Riohra's technique for butchering seems to be the most Okami wants to know. He'll take the meat from the man with a polite bow. "Thank you, sir. I'll see you at the Weyr and take you up on that drink." He doesn't say more of a goodbye before he leaves Riohra to his own business as Okami moves within his wagon to store his newest goods.

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