Fort Weyr - Lower Caverns
This volcanic bubble is smaller than the Living Cavern, but no less well crafted. The walls are smooth, with electric lights placed into niches that used to hold glowbaskets. Another hearth burns here, with a pot on always keeping water hot for making tea or cider. Worn but comfortable couches and chairs are arranged by the hearth around a few tables where game boards and a few packages of dragon poker cards are laying.

From this cavern you can get to many other places - the tunnels of Fort Weyr having been dug far back into the caldera where the Dragons make their home.

It's early morning in Fort Weyr, on a day when many are taking it easy in the living caverns or outside, where the weather is actually pretty good. Not Thys, though. Fort's newest junior weyrwoman has is trying to herd a posse of escaped bunnies down one of the lower caverns corridors with the aid of her firelizrd. She's clicking her tongue and waving her arms and generally shooing, but the little fluffy terrors aren't really playing ball and keep breaking away.

From the dirrection of the living cavern K'drozen make his way down the stairs and into the lower cavern. Stoping as he spots Thys and her attempted herding efforts. Smiling a bit he says, "You need some help?"

"Sharding rabbits!" Thys looks up at K'drozen, the frown fixed firmly on her forehead clearly not one for him… just directed at him for the moment. "Dear Faranth yes please." Yes, she sounds like she desperately needs some help. "These little ba— little… shardit, no!" One tries to break back down the corridor they're being ushered from, and Thys lunges to cut off it's path. Claws skitter on the stone floor as it does a quick 180, darting back into the rest of the fluffies.

K'drozen grins and says, "Not a problem, he moves to help provide another side for the hearding, tryign to drive the little critters along with Thys, 'I could call in my flitter but he'd be likely to try and eat a couple…

"Honestly, K'drozen, I don't think anyone would notice if a couple didget eaten. It's what they were brought here for, after all." And Thys sounds frustrated enough with them not to care if their cuteness is scarficed for the sake of satisfying rumbly tummies. "These were in the - there! That one's trying to bolt! - in the stores, chewing their way through the bales of fabric… Quick, get it!"

K'drozen moves much faster then his size would indicate he could cutting off the bunny sending it scrambling back the other dirrection, "I know I know, but the caverns probalby not the best spot for it." he grins, "At least round up fairly easy."

Thys has to duck to the side, with the help of Shards, to cut off the escape path of a few fluffy hopefuls. She growls in annoyance at them, shooing them along. "They're cute, but they're sharding pests," she groans at the brownrider. "I thought I'd get them in the store cupboard along here, then they're at least contained until we can get them out… maybe to the Herders? Or into the forests, perhaps."

K'drozen nods and says, "Sounds like a plan to me." he side steps quickly stomping his foot hard with a lound thump, to send a pair back in Thys' dirrection.

"I feel like they should at least have a chance at life, you know? It's not fair if they're just all penned up and poached off…" There's a moment of softness that's far more Thys-like than the rabbit-inspired grumpiness of moments before, and Thys points K'drozen to the door that closes the cupboard off from the rest of the corridor. "Can you open it, please? We'll try and get them in there…" It may be easier said than done, though!

K'drozen nods and tries to shift to the door with out giving the bunnies the idea they can get past him any other way, "You are right, they should have good lives until…. just not in the stores..

With the door open, they now have the difficult task of persuading the rabbits that that is, in fact, the place where they want to go. "Ok," Thys says, looking up at K'drozen with a frustration-flushed face. "You stand there, where you are, and don't let any past you. I'll shoo them in from this way, and… shards, I hope they cooperate." She runs the back of her hand across her forehead, then sweeps it over her short hair. "Ok. Ready?"

K'drozen nods his head slowly looking to the rabits and says soflty, "REady when you are." ready to try to get divert any that go the wrong way.

Nodding at K'drozen to say she's ready too, Thys then lunges forward, crouched low and arms spread wide, to try and shoo the bunnies towards the brownrider and into the little store cupboard's door. Some go where they're supposed to, but there's a good few rogues, too - and they try to make it past both of the riders. Shards zips about in the air, appearing and disappearing and doing his herding best to keep them in check, while Thys dives at one bolting trio and ends up on the floor with an OOMPH, and with a struggling bunny caught up in her arms, squealing and scratching.

As the bulk of the bunnies end up going the rigth way K'drozen swings the door shut before diving the other dirrection after another one of the rogues, "Shard it…"

Thys clutches the wriggling bunny to her chest, getting plenty of scratches as she does so, but she manages to get to her feet and to the cupboard to drop the writhing ball of furry fury down in with the others. "Shards," she hisses, looking at her arms and touching her face, where there's a red line across her cheek. "Are you ok, K'drozen? Did many get past?"

K'drozen shakes his head, 'Only a handful… I think we may need to give the flitters the go ahead…." he pushes up and says, "Lets get that one in and maybe call it?" he looks to her with concern.

"Sounds like a plan." Once the last bunny is secured, Thys shuts the door and leans back against it, huffing out a tired breath. "Phew. There's just one more I need to get now, but it's going to need a bit more care. Would you like to help me? She's in the stores."

K'drozen nods and says, "Alright,lead the way." he looks concerned "After I would recommend you take a nice long soak in the springs…"

Thys rolls her eyes at K'drozen, while smiling broadly. "I wish! There's still plenty to do today, though. C'mon, then. We need to get a basket on our way down, because she's a momma with baby bunnies and I don't want to upset her any more than necessary." She pushes up off the wall, leading the way towards the stores. "Does your little girl like rabbits, K'drozen?"

K'drozen laughs and rolls his eyes, "Oh yes she does. Right now she thinks she wants to be a beast crafter to take care of the cute little animals.

"Good. Then she can have one of the babies when they're grown." Thys is pleased to have that solution, and leads the way into the stores. "Ithought I'd take the little family up to my weyr for the babies to grow up big enough to be adopted. Now that my caprines are back with the Herders, it won't quite be like a zoo up there any more… just bunnies, and the occasional glasscrafter."

K'drozen tilts his head, "The occasional Glasscrafter?" he look to you and smiles.

"Mmhrm. The occasional glasscrafter," Thys repeats, winking at K'drozen. "You're alright with your daughter taking a rabbit, aren't you? I'm sorry I've forgotten her name…" They head down a storage row that's filled with wicker goods, including baskets. Thys stops at the picnic-style ones, which have lids to close them off. "This'll do. Now… a blanket, I think, to line the bottom. If I carry this, could you pick one out for me?"

K'drozen chuckles and says, "I am glad to hear you are seeing someone." he grins and nods, "I can pick one out for you." he smiles, 'Kaylen will be pleased to have a bunny."

Thys blushes when it's put that way. "Seeing someone? Well… I don't know if it's quite that formal, but he does occasionally visit me." And perhaps they've even been spotted in the caverns together, at some point. "Kaylen. That's it. I'll try to remember it. There's so many names to be remembered, and they slip too often. I'm sorry for forgetting." She smiles apologetically at K'drozen, then heads to the fabric section, where the blankets are kept. "The older ones are all down there," she says, pointing.

K'drozen nods and says, "I know." as he kneels down to grab one of the older blankets fromt he bottom and stands, "Nothing to be embaressed about." he smiles, "It is good to have friends.

"Friends, colleagues, holders, Lord Holders… I've got them all to remember right now," Thys laughs, lowering the basket to invite K'drozen to settle the blanket in the bottom. "Could you arrange it so that it'll be nice and cosy? Up the sides a little bit, so the babies won't hurt themselves on the wicker or catch a paw or anything…"

K'drozen smiles and place the blanket lightly into the basket and says, "You are new to the position you have plenty of time to learn Thys." he smiles up to her and says softly, "There you go.

With the basket all ready, Thys leads the way down the fabric aisle to where the bolts of cloth are kept. "Sssh," she says quietly to K'drozen, pointing to one bolt once she's set the basket down. "They're behind that one. Can you block off that side, so she can't jump that way? And I'll come in quietly from here to catch her. Then we'll get the nest… somehow."

K'drozen nods and kneels down and shifts behind the rack carefully to try and block off the escape route trying to be as quiet as possible.

Once he's back there, he'll be able to see the little rabbit family. Mummy bunny and three little babies, part-hidden in a nest of fluff and chewed up fabric bits. Thys waits for K'drozen to get into position before she slips in on the other side, edging along the back of the bolts with one arm blocking the rabbit's way out. As soon as she's spotted, the bunny mum is alert and darts towards Thys, growling protectively - and when she realises there's no way out that way, she turns to bolt towards K'drozen. "Catch her!" Thys shouts.

K'drozen makes a grab for the bunny, smacking his head against a shelf as he does. With a muttered curse he gets a hand on the bunny pinning her.

"Ouch," Thys hisses when K'drozen bangs his head, moving quickly along to help him with the rabbit. She picks the doe up, cradles her against her chest and holds her where she can't move. "Are you alright?" Peering closer, she tries to get a better look at the rider's head. "I don't think it's bleeding."

K'drozen grumbles and says softly, "Will take something harder then a shelf to put me down… gonna have a knot though…" h says, "You got her?"

"Good. And yes, I've got her." Thys edges her way along the back of the bolts to get out again, settling the struggling rabbit down in the basket and closing the lid over her. "Ok. Now we need to figure out how to get the nest in there too, without disturbing it too much." The nest is situated between two bolts of fabric, in a cosy little spot. "Any ideas?"

K'drozen shift out rubbing the back of his head lightly and says, "Well with how it is in ther, mabye if I slip my arms under the bolts and lift, we can take the whole thing out." wincing lighlty.

"Do you think that would work?" Thys peeps in to assess it, and nods her head. "I think it might, but you need to be so, so careful. Can I help you, do you think?"

K'drozen says, "As i lift just reach in to steady things, I will need to go really slowly…" he moves into position very slowly sliping his arms underneath trying not to disturb the nest."

Thys nods. "You got it." She moves into position, hands hovering near the nest to keep it steady and safe for the little ones in their furry hideout when K'drozen starts lifting. "Careful," she whispers, nervously looking atthe brownrider. "I think we're ok…"

K'drozen nods and moves very slowly with extreme care shifting back away fromt the shelf bring the bolts slowly with him.

"Ok, ok," Thys says with soft encouragement and direction, guiding K'drozen towards the makeshift basket cage. "You know, I think I can scoop it all out of there without causing any damage…” She leans in, gently cupping her hands beneath the furry nest and managing to bring it up in one big, successful fluffy mess. Very carefully she transfers it into the basket with momma bunny, then closes the lid on them all. “Phew! Done. I’m going to take them up to my weyr where it’s quiet… come on up with Kaylen whenever you’d like to visit!”