Southern Boll Hold - Underground Tavern
Down by the docks in Southern Boll Hold lie a few well hidden taverns and bars that have seedier reputations. Of course, most of them are refuted as nothing but gossip and truthfully anyone who would first glance at the docks and shoreline would see nothing amiss. Know the right people, however, and access is granted to the darker hiding holes most Holds boast — especially if there is a port involved.
And this tavern, while seedy, attempts to make itself classy. It's no hovel and while cramped and dimly lit, it's actually clean despite all the clutter and less than favourable clientele who inhabit it. Formed of several roughly carved cave systems, it is accessed from a respectable (but abandoned looking) structure above.
Here is where you can expect to find good alcohol and decent food (just don't ask how either were acquired) and music too. One can also hear news or gather information if the right price is paid and what seedy joint isn't complete with a little black market selling on the side? For this is as underground as one gets and this particular tavern has no name.

The sun is setting, dipping lower on the horizon as the sky fades from dusk to nightfall. Most of the activity along Southern Boll Hold's docks have dwindled, only a few Seacrafters and dockworkers milling about two ships that arrived later than expected in the day. While all looks quiet and seemingly innocent, there is one little hidden hideaway that is just beginning to come to life. It has no name, but it could be called a tavern… if one squinted really hard. Accessible only by a trap door and hidden stairs inside an otherwise seemingly abandoned building, it's literally just a series of underground caves that have been remodelled to be decently comfortable. Dimly lit, cramped and cluttered, it's filled with an odd assortment of folks but as far as rank and positions go — it's anyone's game. No knots are worn here (it'd be foolish to try) and some of the clientele look rougher than others.

It's here that the tip-off was given and plans were made for both Harper Hall and Fort Weyr "spies" to be integrated in hopes of catching wind of a still-at-large Renegade by the name of Ustrr. Organized mostly by the Guard Captains of the Weyr, Fort Hold and Southern Boll, those who volunteer tonight know of the dangers. The Harpers will do their part (not that they're officially marked), while the riders have been briefed by the Weyrleaders. It's very much a lay low, get any information you can and get out sort of arrangement.

This could be the best assignment ever. It's been a long time since S'ai returned to his roots, so to speak, and just enjoyed a night at a bar. He's dressed in regular clothes and a vest, hair a half-purposeful mess, and there's an attractive woman on his arm. Nevermind their blonde hair and blue eyes are oddly nearly the same shade. Surely it's a coincidence. If he's armed, he's got it well hidden. "How about I get us some drinks and you find a spot for us to sit?" He says aside to Briari, leaning in to murmur right into her ear to be heard over the noise.

Rayathess is tucked away in a dimly lit corner with a small band of others, most of which have an instrument with them. He's changed his usual appearance and wears worn and mismatched clothing with not a lick of Harper Blue on his person. Neither is he wearing his knot or badge and he's even set about letting a beard grow, anything of which to change his looks. Not that he expects to be recognized — he never ventures this far south. Over the low hum of conversations, the young man quietly tunes his guitar while occasionally darting a look about the room. On the look out, probably, for familiar faces — one's he knows will be arriving throughout the night.

Dressed to kill. Briari is a 'Dame to kill for'. Decked out in a beautiful blue and gold trimmed dress, the long curled blonde with bright blue eyes glances about for a moment with a grin curling upon her lips. With a glance over to S'air, she gives him a bit of a wink, then steps away from him as her fingers drag down along his shirt for a moment in a teasing manner before she starts to stride for a table. Sliding her own guitar off her back, she flops herself down into a seat at a table built for two or three, then starts to strum it gently with her fingers as she lets her eyes trail upwards to the ceiling.

Kimmila is already here, seated at a corner table, lounging about with a relaxing pose. To say she's dressed as a whore is an overstatement, but the bluerider is hardly in her usual attire, if the off the shoulder gown of crimson is anything to go by, and her unbound hair framing her face. Like S'ai, if she's armed it's hidden, as no knives are visible on the dress itself. She sips a glass of wine, eyes scanning the room thoughtfully.

Dtirae is here, having volunteered, of course. Her state of attire is entirely cleaned up, hair and dress in the latest fashion of the area. It's hard to say that she is armed, but the goldrider is not really known for venturing without a dagger or two. It's not obvious that she is armed. She is perched at the bar, chatting up the tender and idly playing with a lock of hair.

S'ai is to the bar and returning with wine for Briari and ale for himself and he settles at the table like the lord of the realm, kicked back as comfortable as one could please. He looks across the establishment with the familiar kind of eye that never lingers long, lest he make eye contact with someone unwanted, but enough to take solid stock of his surroundings. "Wonder if there's a game to be had." He murmurs with a twinge of hopefulness. "…been forever." He props his chin up in one hand, looking across the table to Briari with a lopsided smile. "You do play good."

"Wine? You got me wine? Hmf." Briari sniffs indignantly as she continues to strum the guitar slowly as her eyes narrow towards the bronze rider in front of her. "Do you want me to put on a show, darling?" Her voice pours out like sweet honey to him as her fingers begin to pick up the pace along the strings, creating a playful and energetic melody as her booted foot taps along the ground beneath her.

The atmosphere changes briefly, not so much because of suspicions but because there are ladies in dresses arriving and there are many a male in this tavern who have nothing against openly leering. There are women of course but unlike Kimmila they actually are whores… or tavern wenches. Which ever term one likes to use, that'd be them, with a few who look to be of a tougher sort and probably best not to be meddled with. Conversations pick up again and as another wave of people enter both from deeper within the underground tavern and the hidden entrance, the glow baskets seem to grow dimmer rather than brighter. So far, nothing amiss has occurred. Just low chatter among groups, the bar doing steady business (shots seem popular tonight but Faranth only knows of what) and, well… a possible deal going down in that one dark shadowy spot there. No one so much as blinks an eye!

Rayathess will wait until Briari has finished her tune, smirking to himself, before he plays a certain set of cords from his own guitar. One's that sound nothing more than idle strumming but to those who are "spies" it's a cue. A signal that he has in fact spotted them and that so far, all is clear. Of course, now that there's been music played, it sets off a ripple and there's a roar for more, with many a request being shouted out and NOT for your typical ballads or sagas. Rayathess plays his part well, laughing along and throwing back a few taunts and insults before he and the group gather and prepare to become the entertainment.

Kimmila taps her feet to the music, and turns her head to smile when a gentleman comes to her table to sit and chat. Leaning forward a little bit, the bluerider carries on a light and easy conversation, laughing at his jokes and then accepting his offer to dance. Out they spin onto the floor, and if he's a little handsy, well…it's to be expected.

Ha'ze is here. Tucked off into a corner. When he makes an effort of it he almost fades from sight, from perception from… attention. He's the ghost at the back of the room, the quiet one in a taproom of boisterousness. If someone focuses too long on him, he'll look like someone quietly trying to get drunk.

"Hey, it's the expensive kind." S'ai says to Briari with a smile full of charm. There's a tip in his head just as the chord sounds, but certainly it's just him resting his head in his palm further. "Seems they're the popular players for the evening, Beautiful, but I don't mind keeping you here to myself." He takes a drink of the ale in front of him, eyes shifting to look across the bar once more with the action before returning back to his companion.

Dtirae's attention is drawn from the bartender to those playing music. Fingers continue to twist the lock of hair, while she appears to be enjoying the feel of the crowd. Her head then tilts towards the tender, gesturing for him to bring her a drink, murmuring her order softly before she's offering a pretty grin to the man.

"That almost sounds romantic." Briari says with a coy grin spreading along her lips as she tips a wink to him. She continues to strum along the instrument as she watches the others begin to set up. Her fingers pluck along a few complicated chords, almost as if she was openly challenging the other band members in the room. With a subtle shift of her gaze past S'ai's shoulder, she gives a slight stroke of her tongue across her lips. She spies the 'group' they are to keep eyes on and her own sparkle mischievously.

Kimmila dances through the song, and then breaks free of her partner with a wink, meandering between the tables before she sits at Ha'ze's table. "Hi, cutie," she says with a sweet smile. "Fancy some company?" Awkward, much?

Invitations are sent by wave or a jerk of the head for any with some savviness of playing or singing to join the group Rayathess currently mingles with. He's not here as a Harper tonight, just a scruffy looking young man with some skill in music. Once all have gathered, there's a quick rundown of what to play to placate the crowd and to outdo the music already played. The song breaks out moments, heavier on the drums and the vocals catchy and almost mesmerizing. It's a gritty song, one meant for dancing and suddenly the room becomes almost stuffy as men and women converge on any open space. Midway through the song, at the height of distraction, a new group arrives.

The bar tender whom an undercover Dtirae is chatting with freezes for a half beat and nods tensely as the new patrons walk on by — seemingly with purpose. They thread their way through as though they own the joint (maybe they do?) or hold a certain 'power' over it and none linger. All save for one: a lone woman, dark haired and dark eyed and strangely familiar. She'll wait until the song begins to wind down, her eyes darting among the crowd of dancers before they settle on Ha'ze. Recognition flickers in her eyes and the way she smirks. Does he know her? She knows him. Which means… she knows Kimmila vaguely too. S'ai and Briari would be unfamiliar but Rayathess she has not yet spied. No matter! The woman has seen enough and begins to turn, seeking to melt back into the crowds. Gone to tell, has she?

S'ai shifts his eyes between Briari and the band getting started and genuine mischief begins to dawn on his face. Well, that expression usually preludes trouble. "Maybe it is romantic." He shifts his eyes back over the crowd as the dancing and music continues. In the process, he spies the new group moving through. He's spent enough time in taverns. He knows when a big fish enters the pond, the subtle way everyone moves away. He sees the paused woman and glances over to Briari, "Care for a dance?"

Two more figures enter the fray, side by side and seemingly sticking that way. Dressed down in an outfit that could have been plucked from anyone on the docks above, one half of the pair may be more recognisable than the other, though Thys has tried to camouflage herself somewhat by slicking down her short hair and adding charcoal dark smudges beneath her eyes. Her partner, for the moment, at least, is one of the Weyr's guard recruits, Russall, though he's far from wearing his presentable uniform in his own dowdy clobber. The pair exchange a few hushed words before separating, with Thys winding her way towards the bar.

"That was Lyreh." Ha'ze's tone is almost conversational. Almost. He doesn't jump up, he doesn't run, his expression doesn't flicker a single ounce. It's almost like he didn't just see one of the people at the top of his 'too kill' list. "She saw me. Dance?" Wait, what? Ha'ze, you crazy. But he's offering an arm to Kimmila while his eyes trace where the woman has disappeared. Too late now to change anything.

"Thought you'd never ask." Briari says as she rises upwards to her full height and gives a long stretch of her body. She can feel the lusty eyes upon her from the dredges that frequent this particular haunt, and she can't help the cruel smirk that toys along her lips. Reaching out with a hand, she takes one of Sai's and steps forward in the lead as she starts to move side to side. Her free arm slips upwards to the sky, fingers gliding through the humid air in a teasing twirl. Turning to face the other, she begins to move passionately along with the tune of the music. Her body is a weapon in it's own way as her hips practically demand attention. Reaching out to slide her fingers along S'ais chest, she tugs him forward by the shirt, grinning like a wildcat as she plays her part.

Kimmila has her back to the room in this moment, which is rather trusting of her, and she blinks at Ha'ze's tone and revelation. She doesn't twist immediately around, but she does rise smoothly from her seat and hold out her arm towards him. "Dance," she agrees. When Ha'ze is standing and they're moving through the crowd, she murmurs something to him that's lost to the din.

As the bar tender nods tensely, she avoids turning to look at those who've just entered. Instead, Dtirae plays her part and continues chatting regularly, as one normally does. Her gaze does wander, after a moment. Taking in the patrons gathered, idle and thoughtful.

There are people watching everyone's back. So trusting, yes, but trusting in the right people. Because no one from the weyr is going to let someone stick a knife in Kimmila's back without there being an answer. There's the slightest shake of Ha'ze's head as he pulls Kimmila closer. They're dancing, right? Common Rayathess, keep up dancing music. It's an excuse though, to not be trapped in that corner. Dipping close to her ear he whispers. Lovers words perhaps.

As more flock to the floor, S'ai and Briari pass near Ha'ze and Kimmila, though not a word is said from S'ai who appears to have his sole attentions on the blonde woman next to him - because what red-blooded male wouldn't? He may not be the best dancer in the world but at least his grin just airs that easy charisma, like the quarterback smiling to the cheerleaders after a winning game. He doesn't say anything, only wrapping an arm around her waist to spin her slowly as the music plays - a perfect way to keep an eye on their surroundings.

Kimmila dances with ease and grace, dipping her head to rest cheek to cheek with Ha'ze as he whispers, and then she murmurs back. Briefly she locks eyes with S'ai, but it's for no more than a second before the dance pulls them apart again.

Making up for S'ai's lack of talent on the dance floor, Briari shows it off in spades. She moves left and right within the embrace of the bronze rider, practically flirting with each step she takes. Her grin is sharp as her eyes follow his, subtly glancing to those he makes eye contact with. As they pass Kimmila and Ha'ze, she passes a wink to them before she finds herself twirled, allowing her dress to billow about her ankles as her boots give a loud, heavy 'thump thump' upon the floor in time with the beat.

When she's at the bar, Thys settles a few feet away from Dtirae. She mightn't know that's who she's sat by at first, but a squinted glance that way to try and capture the bartender's attention also includes a sneaky look at the person closest to her. If Dtirae looks, she gives a nod of her head in acknowledgement of the woman's presence - not necessarily a nod of recognition. She's trying to steal that bartender's attention, first and foremost.

Another song picks up right on the end of the first and following the same energetic vein. Rayathess however has stopped playing, bending his head low to another older looking man who whispers urgently to him. For a moment he scowls, but swiftly wipes it from his features. Just after the arrival of Thys and Russall in their clever disguises, two tough looking men slink through the crowd and take position by the entrance leading to the only way out of this place. For now the atmosphere is unchanged. Patrons dance, the alcohol flows as freely as the contraband and other "medicinal" items that trade hands and no one notices the subtle changes. One man sidles up to the group and Rayathess, who had just begun to try and sneak away to get to the others has to hastily rejoin. Whatever is passed along, muffled by the music, has the young man taking a risk to jerk his head out to the crowds, trying in vain to catch anyone's gaze. Kimmila, Ha'ze, Dtirae, Thys and Russall, S'ai and Briari… any of them to try and get a silent warning across. Get out! Out! They've been tagged! It's too late and whether or not any saw or even understood, Rayathess is playing again. A new song this time and as the chorus picks up, that mysterious woman is standing by the entrance to one of the darker looking back rooms with an air of expectance.

"Far away… I heard him say (come with me now) … Don't delay … I heard him say (come with now)…" The group sings, with Rayathess among them and if any of those "spies" looking, may notice the subtle way he tries to shake his head. It's obviously a cryptic order but not from him. So what to do? Bluff or follow?

Dtirae doesn't notice Thys to her side, at first. Her gaze remains wandering until she, again, settles on Rayathess. A brow is quirking upwards, but she's turning again and then looking to the woman settled near when her drink is placed on the bar. Grey eyes acknowledge her presence for a brief moment before they wander on while she lifts her drink and takes a sip.

Ha'ze doesn't kiss that cheek. Instead he follow's Sai's lead and moves to twirl Kimmila. Who would have guessed that Nyalle's lessons actually would stick? Ha'ze is hyper aware right now and he catches Rayathess' look. A mutter into Kimmila's ear again.

S'ai doesn't miss the warning look with his purposeful, if covered, intents on keeping an eye on the room. He leans in closer to Briari as they continue to dance and there's a murmured mention of going someplace quieter. He moves to guide her towards the door, one arm still wrapped around her waist. There's quiet chatter between them, the teasing and suggestion, with his eyes all moony for the girl alongside him. Nope, just a pair looking for a nice private night. Nothing weird.

A smile tugs upon Briari's lips as S'ai leans in to whisper against it. Eyes widening, her expression brightens as she slips her hand down to twine her fingers into his, giving a firm squeeze. Practically prancing towards the door, she gives a loud whistle towards the band as she lifts a hand up to give them some 'love' and admiration for their skillset.

Kimmila leans away from Ha'ze, her eyes widening. "You, sir, are far too drunk," and she slaps him hard across the cheek. Faranth. That /does/ feel good as she yanks her skirts away and stalks towards the exit, a storming bundle of pissed off FEMALE aiming right towards that guy blocking the door, right around the time S'ai and Briari are approaching as well. "MOVE."

"F*cking woman." Ha'ze spits out after Kimmila. Did she really have to slap him that hard? Damn. Shaking himself as if shaking off the slap he stumbles his way towards a face familiar to him, if not to some of the others. Hi Thys. Ha'ze invades her personal space like he is drunk and looking for action. Down to her earlobe drop his lips.

Thys mightn't see Rayathess as she's busy ordering a drink, but Russall did. He slinks through the crowd towards the bar, coming in from Dtirae's side. He recognises her, even though she'll likely not know him, and so he slips in beside her, maybe even too close to be comfortable. "Lady," he whispers gruffly, leaning against the bar beside her with an air that might be mistaken for him coming on to her by anyone else. "Give you a mark if you'll come with me." And hey, look, he's slipping a full mark - a Fortian one at that - across to her. Will she get the hint, especially as he tilts his head towards the exit, where she might see certain other familiar faces headed?

That slap earns a few looks and a good share of raucous laughter from men and women alike, mixed in with a few jeers and calls. It works as a distraction and even the strange woman by the back looks confused (or maybe that's a scowl of anger?). The men by the door do little to stop the approach of S'ai and Briari, at least until Kimmila storms up too close behind them. "Now were are yer manners?" One of them sneers at her, while eying S'ai and Briari suspiciously. Neither of the thugs move out of the way.

Back with the group, Rayathess has played through the song and before the next can be requested, he finally makes his escape, keeping his head down as he threads his way over to the bar. Ha'ze has Thys and Russall is now tipping off Dtirae. Good! Good. Only… now what? He doesn't quite join them, opting to settle further up the bar but still within sight. How do they all get out without drawing attention? Especially with that mysterious woman's expression definitely set in a scowl now and her body tensed, readied to turn back… Do they want to stay to find out what happens when an "invite" is turned down?

S'ai blinks as he looks aside to Kimmila. There's a pause before a splutter escapes him and he chokes it back, trying to ease his expressions but still snickering under his breath with his eyes gleaming with mirth. He leans in to Briari, whispering entirely too loud with a slight slur like he probably was a bit drunk. "Look at this crazy lady, yeesh. …looks like she shoulda said yes, blow off some of that steam." He looks towards the men guarding the doors. "Am'i'right, guys? So what's with the loomin, huh? There a cover charge? I mean, music's okay but I dunno I wanna pay for it…"

Giving an amused look to S'ai, Briari turns her attention to the pair of thugs and gives a slight bat of her eyes towards them, her voice silky and sweet. "Move aside darlings, this handsome lug is paying top mark for a night on the town with me and I can't leave a customer unsatisfied." Her tongue rolls about her lips in the most provocative way one can muster, ending with a slight flick along her teeth. "If you catch my drift." She leans forward a bit, hoping to draw their eyes just a bit.

Dtirae tilts her head to acknowledge Russall, humming softly. The mark is lifted and she plays it between her fingers. She does consider it, but her attention is drawn to the laughing crowd and then towards the departing Kimmila. The group at the door is blocked and grey eyes return to Russall and she clicks her tongue. "Buy me another drink and I'll consider it?" Her smile is sweet and a touch cocky as she plays with the mark between her fingers.

Thys does, however, see Ha'ze, right when he's on top of her like that. She scowls when he whispers to her, then picks up her drink and knocks it back. It might look like she's going to ignore him, but once her drink's knocked back down on the counter, she turns and grabs Ha'ze's collar, pulling him roughly towards her. She can play this game! All the way through to yanking him towards her to, of all things… kiss him, with the roughness of a woman who's either very angry, or very… something else. When she breaks away, she's scowling. "She don't dance half as good as me." There's more Crom barb to her tone, rather than her typically smoother accent, and she runs her fingers over the mark left by Kimmila on Ha'ze's cheek, before grabbing his hand and stepping away from the bar with him, only to spot what's happening by the door. Has Ha'ze seen it? She tries to draw his attention there by nestling in close to him, turning them both around so he's facing the exit.

How does one get away from people who don't want them to get away? Violence of course. Which is a bit harder to do when one abruptly has a woman nestled all close like Thys now is. He forces a smile onto his lips as he returns it, and snakes his arm around her waist. Pressed up close she'll feel the knife hidden under his shirt. "Not that way buns." His voice is carefully smooth, as he tugs the woman away from the main door 'out'. There are other ways here, like deeper into the bar. A backdoor is where Ha'ze tugs Thys towards.

Kimmila glances at S'ai and then looks at the thugs. "Let me out." Simple, to the point. No flirting, no coyness, just an order.

Russall leans closer to Dtirae, stroking his fingers over the hair by her ear as he leans in to whisper to her - all the better to watch what's happening around them. Then he straightens up, pushes another mark across the bar towards her as he's watching Ha'ze, seeing where the bronzerider's taking Thys. "Come with me first, then we drink. Bottle of the best just for you, precious."

Thys remains close to Ha'ze, pulling in even tighter to him when he tugs her to somewhere that's not the exit. Will he be able to sense her nervous rigidity from the way she clings to his hand, then to his shirt as well as she follows him?

To Kainaesyth, Rhenesath's mountainous mindscape is winter-barren, and yet her thoughts are hot as a blazingly stoked forge. « Mine wants to know where yours is taking her. That is not the exit. She also apologises. » There's a whirl of anxiousness amid her words, a hint of something more demanding, rather than her typical softness.

Both thugs by the door just eye S'ai and Briari cooly though one snorts and smirks, "Aye, I catch your drift." he mutters thickly but still doesn't move. Kimmila's order only brings barks of laughter from them and just as the man opens his mouth to fire back some foul mouthed retort, there's a commotion from the back of the tavern, down one of the many tunnels. It starts as a shout, then sounds like heavy items falling, shattering, sounds of scuffling… Whatever it is, it has the desired effect! The music stops and the patrons all begin to edge back and away, looking to escape or get out of the way. No one seems keen on jumping into any fight or stick around too long to find out what's causing all that chaos! Ha'ze and Thys may find it hard to get to the back now and that mysterious woman has vanished. Rayathess is taking that cue and running with it (almost literally). A signal to Dtirae and Russall and then he's gone, ducking through the crowds until he's caught up with Kimmila. "Get ready," He mutters urgently, jerking his head to S'ai and Briari! Go, go! The thugs are distracted and confused, drifting away enough from the door that they could be shoved by and once it starts, others will catch on and they'll literally be battered aside.

To Rhenesath, Kainaesyth's breezes curl reassuringly across those mountains, weaving the seeming contrast into a whole with details that make sense. « Just follow the story he weaves. All will be well. Mine knows what he wishes the ending to be. »

It's a brawl! One which Ha'ze has no intention of himself and Thys getting tangled up in. Fists flying in random places? No thanks. Instead he continues to pull her toward the back area and out if she'll let him. For there in the back Ha'ze has made sure of an exit, though the rooms where dubious company is kept (or you sleep, whatever floats the boat) and back outside.

That's all the cue Kimmila needs. Reaching out, she tries to grab for Rayathess' arm before she is lashing out at one of the thugs and making a break for it. And, well, if he finds a shallow gash in his arm from a blade…that's what he gets for laughing at her.

S'ai is pushing Briari in front so she's between him and Kimmila and Rayathess. "Stay close to 'em." He says to Briari as his one hand remains close enough to his back. The bronzerider endures against the crowd long enough to make sure the others he knew were here are getting to exits before he's following after those closest to him out the main exit and ready to intervene should anything come after them from behind.

To Kainaesyth, While not //happy with that, Rhenesath accepts it. Her mountainside flowers have folded their petals against the cold, and she's battle-ready with the tang of metal heavy in her thoughts. « She will follow. » Which sounds as much an order to her rider as it is an affirmation to her bronze brother.//

With the whisper in her ear, Dtirae seems to perk up just a bit more. The second mark is taken, both are then slipped into her top. Here's a glance back to the back with the sound of a shout and items falling. A quick glance back to Rayathess and the signal is met with no open reaction. "Can't argue with the marks." She, finally, agrees and slips an arm into his. And while most ladies would wait for gentlemen to lead, she does not. She is making her way towards the exit, where all seem to be attempting to flee. There is no toleration if someone gets in their way.

One of the thugs gets tossed to the side at the door as Briari charges forward with S'ai at her back. From playful vixen to her father's daughter. Once the way is clear, she reaches out to push Raya and Kim forward as well along with their pace. "Go!" She hisses to them as she gives a flick of her wrist, allowing the hidden blade within her sleeve to slip forward into her palm. "We'll hold them off if any pursue." Her voice is raspy and rough now as she glances over her shoulder to her brother, looking to herd the allies out.

Thys manages to get a backwards glance in before Ha'ze pulls her away; she's checking on those faces she recognised, making sure - as best she can, anyway, in that fleeting glimpse into the chaos - that they're on their own way out. Then she's tugged into the warren of rooms, disappearing with Ha'ze.

"Good girl," Russall replies to Dtirae when she responds positively. He can't say no to her tugging him along like that, and so he follows, shifting his hold on her to have one arm protectively around her waist to steer her towards the exit, keeping her close to his side. They're on their way out, and he'll smack anyone who gets in their way.

Rayathess is grabbed by Kimmila and he knows better than to hesitate or lag behind. There's a darted look behind him, catching only a glimpse of Ha'ze and Thys disappearing the other way and he goes to call to them but there's no time. A flash of a blade from Kimmila and Briari both and he grits his teeth, pushing ahead and racing up those stairs as fast as possible. Did they plan a rendezvous spot? Hopefully so! Rayathess isn't going to stick around anywhere near this place!