Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

It's an unseasonably warm day, feeling more like summer when it is still supposed to be spring. The skies are clear and with the afternoon sun just beginning to lower on the horizon, a few folk are out and about to enjoy the good weather while it lasts. A few trader wagon's have arrived, earlier than expected and some of the smaller wagons now situated on the lake shore just by the entrance leading into the south bowl itself and some curious folks have wandered by in hopes of snagging a few bargains.

Among them is Th'ero, of all people and while Velokraeth contents himself with some sunbathing by the water, the Weyrleader is standing by the one wagon, his riding jacket folded over one arm as his dark eyes scan the wares and goods. Of all things for him to be inspecting too, the wares on display are silk-like scarves, jewelry and other baubles that are definitely feminine. Shopping for a certain someone? Could be! With his prolonged absence to Southern and return not five or so days ago, he's had a lot of paperwork and work in general to catch up on. Along with so much to answer for, which likely explains why Th'ero has chosen to escape to the lake.

Kimmila walks slowly down towards the beach, her slow speed explained by Varmiroth's careful plodding alongside her. The blue's wounds are healing, though still covered to protect them, and he moves very gently. Spying Velokraeth, the blue perks up, giving his friend a warm and happy croon. Kimmila does not move towards the traders just yet, wanting to see her lifemate situated first.

Abigail is often found down by the lake, so being there now shouldn't be a real surprise, along with the fact that there are traders all around selling goods as well. Niumdreoth is settled down on his own within the shallows of the lake, like some giant lake monster just there watching. His eyes swirl slightly, a welcoming warble escaping him towards the sight of both the bronze and blue. As for Abbey she is merely wandering, and peering over what things look interesting to her. She has her flight gear on, jacket open, gloves tucked away in a pocket and goggles rest upon her head, and from the looks of it she did finally have that baby of hers. Which for the moment she doesn't have with her proving she was able to find some lucky nanny to watch over the little girl so she and her dear dragon to attempt to get back to work. There is only so long Abbey could honestly be kept from it.

Velokraeth likewise perks up when Varmiroth arrives with his careful plodding gait and Niumdreoth is adding his welcome to the one the blue voiced. When did the brown get here? The pale bronze is usually so alert, but perhaps his mind was occupied either with his rider's behaviour or the fact that he is trying (and failing) to woo some greens from their perch above the waters. No matter now! Velokraeth has the company of friends now. Though he may still try to spice up everyone's afternoon and sweet talk the greens to nestling with them. Yup. « Little brother! » Velokraeth calls to Varmiroth in a delighted tone, one he extends to Niumdreoth as well. « How are you this fine afternoon? Come to sunbathe? And how are the waters, Niumdreoth? »

Th'ero has just finished eyeing a particular shell inlaid piece, nodding his head distractedly to the trader who is trying to gently persuade him into buying it and is just carefully putting it down when a mental nudge from his bronze has him looking up. Spying Kimmila walking along with Varmiroth, the Weyrleader smiles and his mood seems to brighten even with the hint of a concerned frown etched on his features. More movement has him glancing away briefly, only to spy Abigail among the crowds and he is swift to wave in greeting. "Afternoon, Abigail!"
Varmiroth rumbles softly to the bronze and brown, edging forward to settle himself within reach of the water and right next to Velokraeth. « I have, and I was thirsty, » he says, sipping from the lake after blowing bubbles across its surface. « Hello, Niumdreoth, » he greets softly.
Kimmila sees her blue settled, giving Velokraeth a warm smile of greeting before she's turning to navigate her way through the milling crowd. "Abigail, hi there. Have you seen Th'ero?"

Perhaps Niumdreoth is just that skilled? Well no, not really, the brown merely was in the water and sneaked his way on closer to the shores as it were. Which would make for easier reasoning that Velokraeth fully missing the brown's entrance. As for those lovely greens up on the ledge the brown warbles out to them, look the water is nice come join in with them? Yes them as he wouldn't leave out dear Velokraeth now. « Greetings Velokraeth, Varmiroth. The waters are lovely, found a nice big school of fish on my way over to the shore. » Sure it was only a snack but he still enjoyed it.

Abigail has paused at one of the wagons to look over some cute, yes cute, looking baby clothing, an why not? She picks up little shirt and looks it over curiously before one voice catches her attention and then another. A glance is first sent to Th'ero whom is offered a wave back to. "Afternoon." As for Kimmila a smile is seen. "Hello Kimmila, aye his right over there actually." This said as she points towards where the Weyrleader can be found. "How are ye Kimmila?" The shirt is forgotten for the moment.

Alas, the greens are wise little things and scoff at the advances of the males. They're quite content to sunbathe where they are! Velokraeth huffs and shrugs off the final rejection! Who needs them anyways? The pale bronze will shift, allowing Varmiroth choice spot of the shore though doing it subtle enough not to call much attention to the blue's healing injuries. « Plenty of cool clean water here to spare. » Velokraeth muses and then mentally chuckles towards Niumdreoth. « I'll take your word on the fish! I always find them delicious and yet not satisfying. A tease as far as food can be! »

Th'ero blinks for a moment as he catches Abigail examining that little shirt and for a moment the Weyrleader's gaze lingers on the Wingsecond as if to study her a little more closely. As Kimmila approaches, Th'ero will step out from the cluster of folk he was "hiding" in and forwards towards her, one arm already lifting to prepare to slip around the bluerider's waist. "Afternoon, Wingmate. Varmiroth settled?" he asks her softly and would ask how she is fairing, but Abigail beats him to the punch and so only smiles.
Varmiroth settles with a soft grunt and a groan, rumbling appreciatively to Velokraeth. « I enjoy fish. But it's not that filling, no, » he agrees.

Kimmila smiles at Abigail, glancing at the little shirt and then back at the brownrider. At her stomach, actually, then her face. "You have your kid? And I'm doing alright. Puttering around with Velokraeth while he heals. You? Oh, there you are, Th'ero. Yeah, he's comfortable. Happy to be out."

Niumdreoth rumbles out softly, seeming amused at this. « Yes it is a tease, but they are good to snack one. » He shifts slowly pulling himself upwards, an soon shaking which sends water flying as a result. His wings tuck back to his sides and he makes his way on onto shore soon settling down in order to work on drying off and sunbath.

Abigail didn't exactly go around letting it be big news that she did finally have her baby, she still enjoys some privacy at times. There is a pause at the question from Kimmila, a soft smile and nod is soon seen. "Aye, about two weeks past now. Health little girl." This said softly before she nods. "Tis good to hear that yer alright. How is Varmiroth doing?" A glance is sent towards where the three can be found curiously watching the blue a moment before she looks back to the pair.

Velokraeth chuffs in his way of 'laughing' and when Niumdreoth shakes off the water from his hide, the pale bronze simply extends one of his wings over Varmiroth as if it were the most natural thing for him to do. Could be he actually was stretching too! « Ovines make far better snacks. Though a good herdbeast is much preferred. Even a nice, fat and plump wherry! The younglings are learning to hunt now too. Rather amusing to watch! »

Th'ero blinks for a moment when Abigail tells them the news of the birth of her daughter and does a quick mental calculation in his head. Frowning a bit in thought, whatever he was trying to puzzle out leaves him shaking his head and then turning to smile warmly to Abigail. "Congratulations then, even if very belated. Glad the girl is healthy. What is her name? How are you fairing?" Now it's his turn to gently ply her with questions, glancing down briefly to Kimmila with what starts as the same smile though it falters slightly when Abigail asks after Varmiroth. The Weyrleader will leave the blue rider to answer that and meanwhile he looks down at some of the wares again and pulls at something… only to hastily shove it back. It was rather lacy any gauzy, whatever it was. No one saw, right? Ahem.

Kimmila smiles warmly at Abigail. "Well congratulations. She staying here? Or going to…um. Wherever her dad is?" She can't remember at the moment. "How are you healing?" Then she looks towards her lifemate. "He's restless," she admits softly. "But he's doing okay. Velokraeth is doing much to keep him distracted."

Varmiroth exhales softly, after he's drank his fill and he settles down beneath Velokraeth's wing. He appreciates the protective shelter, very skittish around his injuries. Wouldn't be good if someone banged into him by accident. « Are they? That is always entertaining. »
Kimmila smiles warmly at Abigail. "Well congratulations. She staying here? Or going to…um. Wherever her dad is?" She can't remember at the moment. "How are you healing?" Then she looks towards her lifemate. "He's restless," she admits softly. "But he's doing okay. Velokraeth is doing much to keep him distracted." Glancing at Th'ero, she /sees/ him tug on that, and she grins. "Something for evening?"

Niumdreoth rumbles softly looking amused for the moment. « True true… I do enjoy a good herdbeast, the fish was just there at the time and was too close to not try and get. » A slight yawn escapes the brown as he wiggles about a bit until finding a slightly better position. « Yes, Sharuth was telling me of that earlier. »

Abigail catches that look from Th'ero, and she gives him a curious look for a few moments. She won't linger on it though and smiles a moment. "Thank ye. I've been alright, other than tired. Haven't gone flying in a while so it was due for it today." Either that or she was going to go a little stir crazy along with Niumdreoth. "Her name is Breeana, and for the time she is staying here. Her father is busy I suppose." She'll just leave it at that it seems. A nod is seen. "I'm glad to hear that Varmiroth is doing alright. I hope he heals quickly."

Velokraeth will keep his wing held over Varmiroth. No, it would not do for the blue's injuries to be bumped! « So Zuvaleyuth has informed me. » the pale bronze drawls to both the blue and Niumdreoth. « Ahh, you've spoken with young Sharuth? It's good to see them growing so fine and strong. Though I've heard whispers that one brash youngling attempted a foolish escape? Do you know of this Niumdreoth? » Poor Velokraeth, out of the loop! He'll catch up though.

"It's good to get out and fly now and again," Th'ero agrees to Abigail in an understanding tone and a side glance to Kimmila. No doubt they all know how it feels like to be restless. "Good to know you are doing well. Breeana. A nice name!" And one he is going to puzzle over now to try and piece together a possible father when the Wingsecond withholds that information. He will not press her further about it though. "Velokraeth doesn't mind in the least in helping. Varmiroth is healing well though." Right? The Weyrleader gives Kimmila a look then, though he doesn't elaborate. That is for her to do, as it her life mate. Cheeks flush a bit as he's caught by Kimmila's keen gaze and smirks crookedly. "Maybe?" he drawls.

As Varmiroth begins to doze, Kimmila glances from Abigail to Th'ero and back again. "Er…'slan? What was his name? He doesn't have time for his kid?" She frowns at that, but she never really liked him anyway . "Well, she'll get a good life here at Fort. Fostering I assume?"
Niumdreoth rumbles a bit while his eyes close. « Yes, Sharuth and I speak often. I suppose one could say we have become friends. He seems to look up to me somewhat. » His wings twitch slightly while he goes about relaxing. « Oh yes I was watching from my ledge, I figured with three Queen's they could wrangle in the wayward one. I'm rather surprise he did such a thing. Though the need to stretch ones wings is a strong one after all. »

Abigail smiles softly once more and nods. "Thank ye sir.." As for Kimmila there is a pause. "Ers'lan does have a family over in Xanadu. This was not planned…" She's quiet for a moment, a hand lifting to scratch at her neck a few moments as she casts a slight glance towards Niumdreoth eyeing the brown a moment before she looks back to Kimmila. "Somewhat with the fostering. When I'm free from the wing I care for her."

Velokraeth rumbles low in his throat and stretches out comfortably before settling comfortably, his eyes slowly lidding shut as he allows the sun and the flow of conversation to lull him into a semi-doze. « Mhm. Sharuth does look up to us though I am glad you two have become friends. This is good that the younglings make such connections! » The bronze chuffs again but quietly. « As am I but I doubt he will repeat such a feat! Even I know better then to test ONE Queen's temper. But to bring Zuvaleyuth, Kouzevelth AND Wiyaneth? Now that takes guts! »

Th'ero gives Kimmila a bit of a look as the blue rider begins to puzzle out the child's father and there is a slight hint of a warning in his eyes. His gaze then turns to Abigail and the Weyrleader nods his head with a faint grimace. "It would be understandable then if he cannot find the time to come here. I do not know much of Ers'lan, so I cannot vouch for his character." he murmurs. "Ahh, yes. Usually the best way to go about fostering… Helps with the balance." Shifting a bit, his attention drifts back to the wares and he begins to poke and prod distractedly at a few items.

Kimmila nods. "So…fostering then," she says with an understanding smile. "It's what Th'ero and I do. We found a great family, and we take Kyzen away sometimes when we want to play. And," she shrugs with a frown, "I guess that's his right." But she's not pleased about it."

« Indeed, he is a bright one. I see him doing very well. Indeed Sharuth looks up to us all. » Niumdreoth offers in a soft rumble. « If he is that foolish to test the will of three Queen's everyone will think he is foolish. I don't see him doing anything out of the rules again that is for certain. »

Abigail wouldn't answer if she truly wanted to keep it to herself, still the whole situation was well a strange one, at least to her. "I do understand his reasoning. He said he would come by when able so I don't plan on pushing the matter." For not at least. A soft smile and she nods. "Aye it does help for certain. Breeana is well cared for so I do not worry. Right now she's young enough so it make it a bit easier too I feel."

Velokraeth rumbles low again to Niumdreoth. « Never say never! The younglings and their riders have much growing left to do and they will be gaining a little more freedom in the months to come. We've no idea how that temptation will react with them. » There may be more rebellion yet!

Th'ero nods his head in understanding to Abigail's elaboration, shooting Kimmila another look. "Of course it is his right. He may have his family elsewhere, but Abigail has hers here… perhaps in a more abstract way. But we all support each other, no?" he drawls and his gaze lowers again to his distracted browsing. He picks up another item, this time a rather complicated woven necklace of leather and hemp thread, shards of pearlescent shells worked in. "It's true what Kimmila said. Fostering has worked very well for us and we spend what time we can with Kyzen. Do you plan on having Breeana stay with you when she is older?"

Kimmila nods. "Well that's all that matters, really," she remarks. "And yes, we do." She gives Th'ero an odd look, then looks around.

« Hopefully if there is any more rebellion no one will get hurt. » Niumdreoth offers with a soft rumble at the thought. « Suppose we was all young and rash at one point in time. » Not that the brown ever did something like that before.

Abigail looks to Th'ero a soft smile seen and she nods. "That I do. I'm thankful for the family I have here as well." This said with a soft tone. The brownrider peers curiously at the item that Th'ero has picked up. "That's cute." Yes she just said the cute word it seems. "I'm not certain as of yet. I just figure to play it out and see how it might go. She may not want to be around her bossy old mom when she's old." This said while she grins a bit.

Velokraeth chuffs, his eyes still semi-lidded as he relaxes under the fading afternoon sun. « Oh, I'm sure we all were! When the world is so fresh and new, how can one resist going to explore it? » Not that the pale bronze remembers his weyrlinghood either, save for the snippets buried in his rider's memories.

"How is your brother doing?" Th'ero asks but with a touch of hesitation, as if not quite certain he has the facts straight which only embarrasses the Weyrleader. Even if it's not exactly his business to know! At the word 'cute', he eyes the jewelry piece and then snorts and sets it down again. Peering back at Kimmila's odd look, a brow lifts up questioningly. What? "Mhm. So play it by ear then?" Th'ero drawls to Abigail and then chuckles, smiling crookedly as he glances from the brown rider to his weyrmate. "Guess you do have a point there. I doubt Kyzen will want us around once he's of a certain age." Shaking his head, he begins to browse the wares again. Back to fabrics and clothes, he pulls out another silky little thing and sighs. Why? He tries to stuff it back, though a few nearby cavern worker girls spy it this time and giggle amongst themselves. Th'ero just rolls his eyes a bit and as he turns to browse away from that spot his hand comes to rest and press against his leg as if in discomfort. "Seems like it's been quiet around here for the last few months." he murmurs to both women, lifting his eyes to glance between them.
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Niumdreoth rumbles softly at the idea of exploring. « True. Exploring is always there eager to pull someone in and get them to break the rules if possible. »

Abigail ahs softly at the question on her brother and slips quiet for a moment. "I don't rightly know.. We've not actually talked for some time now…" Which may or may not have something to do with a certain child that was born just recently. "I'm sure his fine." She hopes he is fine at least. "I plan on just seeing what happens and going from there.." She grins a moment eyeing the item that the dear bronzer is trying to push away. "Aye, though I won't deny that I don't mind it being a bit quiet." Better then crazy happening. The discomfort from Th'ero is indeed caught. "Are ye alright sir?"

Velokraeth makes a low sound of agreement to Niumdreoth but the sun at last works it's magic on the pale bronze and he actually begins to sleep lightly but not without one last reply to the brown. « So true, so true. »

And there Th'ero goes, sticking his foot in his mouth when Abigail brings up news of her brother and the lack of conversation between them. Smooth, Th'ero. Smooth. "Sorry, Abigail. I did not mean to pry…" Which he wasn't really, but awkwardly he feels the need to apologize all the same. His cheeks have flared a bit with colour again for finding all the gauzy and silky things and those women are still snickering and giggling to themselves with furtive looks sent to the Weyrleader and Kimmila and Abigail both. "Oh, I'm not complaining about the quiet either. Believe me… a full Turn of quiet would be nice." Or not? At Abigail's concern his hand slips away and he makes a slight dismissive gesture. It's nothing! "Still healing as well from our… unfortunate run in when Kimmila and I went to Southern."

Kimmila 's focus returns from conversing with Velokraeth. "Hmm? Yeah, a few felines stalked our camp at night. Varmiroth attacked the leader to save us…" And she grimaces, but there's also pride in her voice for her brave dragon.

Abigail waves a hand slightly at the bit of her brother. "It's alright. Yer not prying, was merely a question after all." There is a slight pause as she does miss her brother, before coming to the Weyr they had one another to call on so to speak now well it is not the case anymore. Doesn't pick up on the looks from the women just yet, though she does look over to them while the giggling continues on. She looks amused and just winks at the group to give them something else to giggle about perhaps. Soon she looks back to Th'ero and then glances to Kimmila the talk of felines makes her blink. "Felines?.. That's terrible. Thankfully yer all on the mend at least. Nasty things they are." Niumdreoth is joining in on the dozen off group it would seem, the large brown even snoring just slightly.

Oh, it will give those women something to giggle about for sure and Abigail's wink only sets them to whispering amongst themselves as they wander further away. Off to find others to feed their need for gossip and scandal, no doubt! Th'ero looks a touch relieved when Abigail doesn't seem bothered at all but her response still brings a faint and crooked smile. He knows but often assumes he's crossed boundaries that may or may not exist. Kimmila's retelling of that night has Th'ero grimacing, though when he looks to his weyrmate and then to Varmiroth dozing by the lake there is an undeniable fondness and pride in his eyes. Stepping closer to the blue rider, he will slip his arm around her again and lean his weight against her as he takes the pressure off his still mending leg. "Varmiroth took on all the felines, though it was the male who attacked. He was very brave, but I owe him mine — our lives. We'd not have stood a chance against a feline that size or his two females. They are nasty! One reason why I am glad that Fort only has wild wherry or canines and other smaller critters to deal with on occasion." he drawls, shaking his head. "We were very fortunate."

Kimmila leans against Th'ero, arm around his waist. "Yes," she agrees, glancing over at her blue. "If you'll excuse me, he's itching and I need to go tend to it before he wiggles at his wounds." With a smile and a head dip, she detangles from Th'ero's embrace and hurries after her blue.

Abigail doesn't hold much thought to such things when dealing with her family. As for the women that are leaving she can just imagine what they could be going to gossip about with others. Her gaze turns back to the two, a soft smile and nod seen. "Yer's is a good one Kimmila. I do hope he heals quickly. Take care." This said while she waves after the leaving Kimmila. A glance is sent to Th'ero. "Is there anything ye might need help with?" Seeing how Kimmila had to go she doesn't want him needing a hand and then well not having it so to speak.

Th'ero will watch as Kimmila slips away and hurries to Varmiroth's side, a concerned look settling on his features. Glancing back to Abigail then, that look seems to ebb away and his smile replaces it. "He's a good, strong blue. The dragon healers have been giving nothing but positive reports on his mending so far." At the offer for help, he simply shakes his head. "I'm fine, but thank you Abigail. Unless you want some of the reports I have to do? Which I honestly should return to." he drawls, smirking. They both know there's no chance in that happening! Even if Abigail wanted to, there are some reports the Weyrleader just can't share as much as he'd love to. Exhaling heavily, he shifts his weight again but this time in preparation to leave. "Let me — us, rather…" And there is another glance to where Kimmila has gone. "Know if you need anything, Abigail. We'd be happy to help." Not to mention he'd not mind the break from work! Flashing her a brief but warm smile, he then makes a hasty gesture of farewell while dipping his head. "It was nice to catch up with you! Clear skies and be well." And then he turns and heads off, his stride holding only the slightest of limps.

Abigail nods to the bit on Varmiroth being a strong blue. "That he is." She offers softly at the idea of such things. As for the bit on reports she chuckles softly at the idea. "Sir I would if I could ta give ye a hand. Though somehow I get the feeling they want the reports from ye and not from me." This said with an amused tone at the idea. A warm smile is soon seen at the offer and she nods. "Thank ye sir, I do appreciate it. The same ta ye both of course." A wave is seen once he goes to move off. "Was good to speak with ye as well. Clear skies!"