Warning: Mild Sexual References

Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern

The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.
Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-tellings. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footware and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

Last night, the Founding Day celebrations and inebriations kept this place open late. It's barely managed to drag itself open; the building itself almost seems to have a hangover. At least it's technically open before noon, though the hour doesn't speak terribly well to the few patrons who're already - still? - here. One of them is Borodin. He's tucked himself in at one of the tables, a mug of ale in front of him and a distant expression on his face.

Abigail had been a bit busier then she expected last night, an as such little sleep for the guard, in fact she hasn't had any sleep. She is making her way on into the tavern with a glance around to see whom all might be around. She catches sight of Borodin and pauses at the counter to order herself a drink. With mug in hand she turns and moves on over towards where her brother is sitting and settles down upon a chair next to him with a smile. "Hey. What ye thinking 'bout?" This questioned while she sips at her mug.

Borodin's gaze drifts up to Abbey. "Hey," he says, and lifts his mug to take a sip. Judging from the condensation ring, he hasn't done that in a while. He toys with the handle of it for a moment, his eyes wandering out across the tavern, and then they go back to her. "Did you have fun last night?" Still ignoring the question, apparently.

Etzlix is dragging herelf into the tavern soon after Abbey, the teen's clothing a bit wrinkled, obviously she slept in it last night. Before even acknowledging anyone else, Etzlix is heading over to order a drink. Afterall, isn't she the one that told Abbey that the way to prevent hangovers was to keep yourself a bit tipsy? Apparently the girl is following her own advice because she soon has some mixed rum drink in hand. Only after taking a sip from it does she finally let hazel eyes explore the tavern. Oh look, there are two familiar faces over there, so the girl heads on over. "H'lo." She greets the two sibs.

Abigail lifts a brow while she looks at her brother, she smirks a bit and ehs. "It was alright.. Fellan got a bit drunk. I suppose it was sort of amusing though at the thought." She sips at her mug while she leans back in her chair. Her pale gaze turns to Borodin once more. "What was ye thinking about?" She is not about to let it go! Hearing another she looks to Etzlix and smiles to her. "Hey."

Borodin nods to Abbey's answer, and he takes another sip of his drink. From there, his gaze lifts to Etzlix, and he watches her for a moment as he sets the mug down, then waves with a small motion of his hand. "Hey." His attention goes back to Abbey, and he sighs. "H- Me, I guess. What I'm doing here." He shrugs. "Did you write that letter?"

Etzlix settles into a chair nearby the pair of siblings, though she quietly nurses her drink rather than offer her twocents on the conversation of thinking and Borodin's wondering what he's doing here. "Who won th'game last night?" She asks after a long moment of silence.

Abigail is quiet for a moment at the questions and takes in a soft breath while she pulls out folded letter and offers it to Borodin. "Ya.." This said softly, not that she really wanted to. "I know ye most likely don't want to stay Borodin.. I should have written it sooner." Truthfully she likes him being here, she misses her brother when he isn't around. A slight frown is seen while she looks at her mug a few moments. "Ah.. Fellan won, and I had to drag him back ta his room."

At the sight of that letter, Borodin lets out a slow breath. His hand stays where it is for a moment, and then he reaches out to take it carefully between thumb and finger. "Well," he says. "It's written now." After a moment, he brings it toward him, and leans back to tuck it away in his pocket. His mouth starts to open, then closes again with a little twist of his lips, and he listens. There's a slight frown at the mention of Fellan, but he doesn't say anything about that; instead, he looks to Etzlix. "You left the game early?"

Etzlix watches the exchange of letter curiously, but she's not curious enough to butt in to family business, she's learned that the hard way. "Yeah, I think I drank more than anyone else. I wanted t'find someplace t'crash b'fore I got t'where I couldna move." She giggles quietly. "Havena been that drunk since, well, since eastern."

Abigail looks back to Borodin and tilts her head, oh she caught that frown. "What was the frown for?.." She questions softly. If anyone knows her brother well she does. A faint smile is sent towards Etzlix. "Yes well.. I think the questions are made to do that to certain people.

"Well. You did have rather a harder drink," says Borodin to Etzlix, but it's with a slight smile. "Even cookies can't soak it all up." The smile fades again as he returns his attention to Abbey, replaced by a sigh. "It's your business," he says. Does anything good ever start with that? It takes Borodin a few moments to assemble the rest of words. "Fellan's been very nice, but, well…" He hesitates a moment, careful assembly failing him, then blurts it right out. "I don't like him."

Etzlix nods, with a brief chuckle at the man's words. "Aye, that I did, tho I shoulda been able t'handle it, I mean, I used t'drink an' party all th'time b'fore I left Eastern." And then, well, the atmosphere is getting a bit think at the words about Fellan. She would, normally, say something, but this isn't her place, really. And so she uses the excuse of taking another sip of her drink to remain quiet.

Abigail chuckles softly as she hears the talk of the drinks and cookies from the night before. "I don't think cookies would help too well at all." There is a pause and she looks back to Borodin watching him a moment. "Ah…" An she seems unsure what to say now. "..Why don't ye like him?" She questions softly. "Did something happen that I dono about?"

Borodin looks down, staring at his mug for a moment, then lets out a sigh as he looks up to Abbey again. "No, it's not… he didn't… he didn't do anything, not like that, it's just how he's always nice to me, and he isn't to other people, not always, and it's… I feel like he wants to use me. Like petting a dog so the owner likes you." Now that he's managed to say it, Borodin looks down again, though his eyes flick briefly to Etzlix and a touch of red appears in his ears. Maybe this conversation should have been had in private.

Etzlix is doing her very best to look like she's not listening, she might be succeeding as well. At least she doesn't offer any comments to the conversation. Instead she's getting to her feet. "I'ma.. go order some food, y'all want somethin'?" She'll wait a brief moment for any responses but then she's fleeing the table in favour of moving to the bar to see about some grub.

Abigail looks confused for a few moments. "What.. Wait his been nice to others.." There is a slight pause, well they have been around here too. She's quiet for a few moments, her gaze lowering to the mug of ale she has hold of. "I'm sorry Borodin." Abbey knows she doesn't see everything like that when dealing with people, what if she missed it because she wanted not to see it? As for Etxlix she doesn't even hear the question, or at least doesn't answer.

Borodin's gaze darts to Etzlix. "Uhm, no…" he says, though the blush brightens. Good going, he drove her away. You'd think that'd make talking to Abbey easier, but… nope. "It's, uhm, like I said. It's your… it's up to you. If… if he makes you happy, then that's good. I just, I… I don't want to be a dog. I don't want to be a 'good lad'. He's not that much older than me!" There's a trace of indignation in Borodin's tone. No stammer on that part, either, and he's actually got something like eye contact… for a moment. Then he looks down again, and he sighs.

Etzlix is at the bar for a few minutes, long enough to order some tasty greasy tavern food to be delivered to the table where she left her drink. And so, after a moment, she's heading back to the siblings. Maybe she missed the brunt of the conversation by now. She does slide back into her chair, taking up her glass again. Soooo. Yeah, she's got nothing at the moment.

Abigail is quiet for a few moments while she looks at her mug. "I know.. An.. No one should feel like that Borodin.. I'm sorry I really didn't pick up on it." She's quiet once more, chewing on her lip. For once she is the one not making eye contact with her brother, such a turn on things here. "It doesn't matter if I'm happy though if ye an't around Borodin, or my friends. Who else has he been mean too?" She doesn't even look up at Etzlix sits down, her mind going over how she could have missed things, perhaps she didn't want to see it?

Borodin shakes his head slowly. "I don't want to be a tattletale," he says, then bites his lip. "But… watch him with Zapallie, sometime. See… just see what happens. Maybe I'm, I don't know. Just… watch, okay? See what happens." He gives his head another shake, quicker this time, then looks back to Etzlix's arrival and gives her a relieved-seeming smile. He didn't chase her off forever! "Uhm, welcome back…"

Nope, he didn't chase her off forever. Etzlix is back and actually returns the smile. She doesn't recognize the name so she again has no comment about Fellan and such. "S'rry, I didna eat anythin' an', well, iff'n I'ma keep from passin' out I should prob'ly eat somethin'." Well, the girl does have some common sense, sorta..

Abigail chews on her lip a moment, pondering this it seems. Her eyes close. "I haven't seen Zapallie in a while. I was wondering how she was doing. Someone said she fell at the party the other night. I didn't see it though." Alright an maybe she sorta misses that girl, they through mean words back at one another after all. "I wanted to make sure she was alight." Her mind goes back to Fellan though while she takes a slow sip from her mug, half listening it seems to the conversation on food now.

Yep, Etzlix is definitely sensible, and Borodin nods to her before looking back to Abbey. He nods at the mention of Zap falling. "Yeah. She's okay," he says, though he doesn't volunteer further details, like how he knows that. Instead, he takes another sip himself. It's drinkin' time. Or at least sippin' time, but hey, it's nearly noon. Speaking of… "Do they serve actual lunch here?"

Abigail dosn't pull for anymore answers on the whol Zap thing it seems. She watches her mug a few moments and soon takes a slow sip from it. So much was working out all nice and she hsould have figured that wouldn't last. "When do ye plan on going home?" This questioned to Borodin after a few moments.

Borodin looks over to the bar, considering on questions of food. Etzlix's arrives while he's still pondering that, and her greasysnax get a glance from Borodin on the way back to Abbey. "Uhm," he says to the question of his departure, and scrunches back in his chair to think about it. "Well. I'll… get a ride on one of the carts. They go.. most days." Why, he could leave tomorrow! "…they'll probably be crowded with festival stuff, though. Maybe in a few days, once that's quieted down."

Abigail nods slightly as she hears Borodin, and she glances to him a few moments. "Look.. If.. mom and pa give ye a hard time I'll come home. I won't leave ye to deal with them on yer own." Maybe she really doesn't belong here at the Weyr..

Borodin curls his fingers around his mug. "Maybe they'll just send me with another letter. That wouldn't be so terrible." He smiles for a brief moment, then shakes his head. "I'll be okay."
Abigail picks quietly at her mug, some paint is slowly chipped off. "Maybe I just don't belong here?.. I mean.. There so against it for a good reason I'm sure."

Borodin lifts one eyebrow, looking at Abigail steadily for a moment. "Yeah. Like they had a good reason when dad put me in that sparring class. Or when mom got you an apron for your ninth turnday."

Abigail seems unsure about this while she picks more at the mug, more paint pieces fall to the table. "I know.. But.. If I didn't pick up on how Fellan was acting towards ye and others maybe.. Maybe I don't belong?" She'll have to think about it that's for sure.

Borodin is quiet for a moment, looking at Abbey, and then he shakes his head. "He's… he's one person. You probably know lots of them. I mean… way more than I do, that's for sure. I mean, what'm I? Just a nobody. He's a journeyman. No wonder he treats me like a kid."

Abigail points a finger at her brother. "He shouldn't treat ye like that. Should be equal like.." Though ya the journeyman thing. "I dono.." Is offered softly while taking a long sip from her mug.

Borodin shrugs, and he goes quiet to take a sip. They must make the tables around here special, to have such fascinating patterns of woodgrain. Why else would they get stared at so much? Even after the sip, Borodin's quiet for a while.

Abigail chews on her lip a moment and soon sighs before she leans forward and peers at Borodin, watching him a few moments. "We should do somethin before ye leave.. Like.. Go fishin or, maybe a hike in the forst. I bet Storm would like to come along for that."

"Uhm. Maybe," says Borodin in dubious tones. "I mean, we should do something, definitely, that'd be nice." He gives his mug a half turn, sets it down, and brushes his fingers to the handle. Sigh. "There's a trail to the river. And some old ruins."

Abigail ponders that and is quiet for a moment. "What.. Would ye like to do?" She questions with a soft smile to her brother. His turn to pick, haha.

Oh, sure, put the question on him. Now Borodin definitely needs another sip of ale, because it'll give him time to think… which he does, while looking sidewise at his sister. Hurm. "I suppose a hike might work. I could make up a picnic basket."

Abigail waves a hand slightly. "Look.. Whatever ye want to do. Really.. Even if it's cooking or something." She wants him to have fun after all. Hiking is what she likes to do..

Borodin frowns for a moment at the idea of Abbey and cooking, and takes another sip of his ale. A few more of those, and he'll actually be done with the mug. "I like picnics," he says, with maybe a bit of stubbornness. "But you're carrying the basket."

Abigail burns things rather well of course she would send have the weyr running for there lives and she knows it! She chuckles softly and nods with a smile. "Alright.. I'll carry it. An.. Invite whoever ye want along." Though no she isn't going to tell Fellan about it, no worries there.

Borodin hesitates for a moment at that. Which of itself is a strange thing; since when does Borodin even have anyone to consider inviting along? He nods without saying anything about guests, though. "When do you have time free? I, uhm, don't know the guard schedule that well."

Abigail nods and ponders this. "Well.. Tomorrow afternoon maybe? So far that is clear that I know of. I haven't had any sleep so I figure I should get some at some point today."

Etzlix has been quietly eating her food and drinking her drink, ayup, while the two sibs chatted. She's good at being quiet when the sitation seems right. having finished her greasy tavern food, she sends the plate away, and orders one more of those drinks she had been nursing. She doesn't have any brothers or sisters so maybe she's finding this interaction between her two friends interesting.

"All right," says Borodin, and smiles. "Yeah, you should get some sleep." He leans back a little, and glances to Etzlix as she gets another drink. It is technically after noon. It's all good. "So, uhm… how long are you visiting for, this time?"

Etzlix giggles. "Until someone back home notices 'm gone an' comes t'get me." Well, something like that anyway. "Nay sure, really. They're prob'ly enjoyin' time without me there t'bug 'em."
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Borodin chuckles softly, and nods. "Well. If you're around tomorrow… I'll probably pack too much food." He lifts up his mug, taking a long sip to hide the way his cheeks got slightly pink, then lowers it again and rises to his feet. "I'd better get going."

Abigail nods to Borodin and glances to Etzlix and chuckles. "We're going for a walk and a picnic so.. Yer welcome to come if'n yer interested of course."

Etzlix doesn't comment if she notices Borodin's pinking cheeks. "Are y'sure? I mean, y'know, wouldna wanna intrude on time spent with yer sister or anythin'." Because, well, apparently Lixxy does have a few manners in her. "But, erm, iff'n I'm 'round, sure I'll join y'all." Because, well, she likes food and she likes both siblings, so it only makes sense. "Might hafta b'rrow some clothes, tho, dunna think a miniskirt an' blouse is a very good choice of clothin' fer hikinh."

Abigail smiles and nods to Etzlix. "Naw it's fine really.. I told Borodin to ask whom ever an he picked ye.. An't that cute." This said with an amused tone at the thought and she chuckles before sipping from her mug.

Cute? Hmm, well, maybe. Etzlix chuckles a little. "An' here I thought he was 'fraid of me." Well, he is running off an aweful lot when she's around afterall.

Abigail chuckle softly and shrugs. "Well he just is shy at times. His getting better though." This said with a soft tone at the idea. "I'd love for ye to come.. An I'm sure we can find ye some clothing to borrow."

After his overindulgence at the Founding Day celebrations, it's something of a marvel that Fellan would willingly seek out a tavern of all places. And yet, here he is. Perhaps it's just because he knows this is as likely a place as any to find friendly faces. And look! There's some over there. He makes his way towards the table, smiling and waving. "H'lo."

Etzlix and Abigail are seated at a table off out of the way, from which Borodin has just vacated a seat at after having his ale. Etzlix is nursing a glass of some rum-induced concoction, and empty plate from some greasy tavern snack on the table in front of her. "Well, yer br'ther seems like a nice guy. I'm glad I met y'all cause, well, I dunna got a lot of friends my age an' stuff." Yeah, she hangs out with mostly older, much older if C'yr was any indication, folk. "I prob'ly could send Zelix home t'have someone bring me some clothes, but then Dmar'd want me t'come home an' such." And, well, she's not ready to go back just yet. As Fellan approaches, the girl gives him a wave. "H'lo Fellan." She greets.

Abigail glances up at the voice, a slight smile offered to Fellan and she nods to him. "Hello Fellan. How are ye feeling?" She questions curiously. A glance is offered back to Etzlix. "Well.. Thank ye.. He is nice I think. Just people need to let him be him, not try and make him something he doesn't want to be." She chuckles. "I'm sure ye can borrow something of mine if'n ye like?"

Fellan smiles at each of the girls in turn, chuckling with just a touch of embarassment at Abigail's question. "Ah… better? I get the feeling I may owe you an apology for something or other. My memory's a little on the hazy side." He's forced to admit. "… Would you two mind if I joined ye?"

Etzlix takes a sip from her glass, smiling softly. "Sure, grab a seat." She offers to Fellan. Then at Abbey's words about her brother, she grins. "Well, 'tis important t'be true to oneself afterall. Tho I know lotsa people seem t'put on aires ro whate'er 'tis called." She's actually been guilty of that on occasion, especially when she has to act like a proper lady and stuff.

Abigail shakes her head slightly and she glances to Etzlix and nods with a smile. "It is.. An sure grab a seat. I'm ready to hear what ye might come up with." Amusement is seen as she looks back to Fellan, sipping at her mug once more. While Fellan has gotten sleep and many otehrs Abbey hasn't slept at all, she does look a bit tired but that is about it.

Fellan may have little context for that remark from Etzlix, but the smile on his face seems to suggest he agrees with the sentiment anyways. "Well said." He offers, chuckling. "I've never been one much to put on aires myself. Best to be true to yourself, you almost always end up happier in the long run." Another little grin is given to Abigail. "I do remember telling you I had…" He pauses. "… Have you gotten any rest, lovely?"

Sleep is overrated, isn't it? Etzlix probably would be working on no sleep as well if it wasn't for the rum practically knocking her off her feet. The girl looks between the two, curious to hear what Fellan has to apologize for. It could be amusing.

Abigail waves a hand slightly to herself. "I'll rest later." She offers with a shake of her head an she peers over at Fellan curiously a few moments. "So.. What do ye think ye should be apologizing for?" She is grinning.

Fellan glances at Etzlix, smiling a little sheepishly before he looks back at Abigail. "Well, uhm… I recall I may or may not have made a comment to you that was somewhat less than gentlemanly after our game earlier. So, ah, my apologies for that." Deliberately vague, lest he make the same mistake again. "I do also recall telling you I got you a Founding Day present. Which is true…" He begins fishing through his jacket pockets.

Etzlix awws, well, that was highly uninteresting, no details? The girl pouts a bit. "What kind of comment?" She grins, teasing lightly as she sips her drink slowly.

Abigail chuckles and shakes her head. "Ye can tell her if'n ye like." This said with an amused tone and shake of her head while her mind wanders over a few things she and her brother talked about during the day. Her gaze rests on the table a few moments, and she chews on her lip slightly before taking a long sip from her mug.

Fellan turns just a little red when he's put on the spot, and when Abigail prompts him to answer. He stops in his search through his pockets for the moment. "I, ah… may have made a slightly too loud remark about… Abigail's appetites for certain private activities. And I may have called her an 'insatiable sexy minx'." He admits.

Etzlix giggles quietly. "Oh, is that all? I been called that kinda thing plenty o'time." Yes, well, maybe that's not something to be proud of, but she finds it pretty amusing. "Private activities kin be quite fun, afterall. An' what girl doesna enjoy fun." Not that Etzlix is realy your normal girl, really.

Abigail smirks while eyeing Fellan slightly as she leans against the table. "Wait… My what?" Is questioned with a raised brow. "I don't think you could dare compard me to a minx deary." A slight shake of her head is seen and she glances to Etzlix and chuckles softly.

Fellan turns even redder, laughing just a bit, clearly embarassed at having to explain. "I… maybe I'm misremembering my words slightly? It… certainly seems like what I might've tried to call you after that much ale. You've, ah… certainly managed to leave an impression on me."

Etzlix is quite amused by the talk between the two lovebirds. "You guys're funny. An' how kin y'remember anything? I barely remember staggering out of the livin' cavern, then I woke up in, well, someone's room. Maybe that other boy's or somethin'. But no one else was there." See, talk about minxes.

Abigail shakes her head slightly and ponders while she lets het finger slowly slide aross the mug she has hold of. "I'm not to sure how he can remember anything either seeing how I had to drag him back to his room and leaving Huritt to watch over him." He was so three sheets to the wind!

Fellan gives Etzlix a little grin. "Well, as long as you woke up with your pants on, nothing to worry about there." Or skirt. Whatever. He goes back to rummaging, finding a small gift-wrapped box that he finally presents to Abigail. "Here. Hopefully this will make up for letting the weyr know about your wild sexual appetites." He jokes nervously, still smiling lopsidedly.

Etzlix oohs as the present is presented to Abbey. The girl watches, curious to see what the gift might be while giggling softly. "Well, as far as I know I woke up with my clothes fully intact." Yes, well. She grins at Abbey. "Bet 'tis somethin' purty."

Abigail blinks and sighs as she hears Fellan, whom gets a faint look while she smirks. "Really.. Just gona keep at it huh?" Though she is quiet while looking at the little wrapped box. An unsure look sent back to Fellan before she slowly reaches out to take hold of the box and start to open it. "Ye..didn't have to get my anything Fellan.. An don't worry, his clothing was fully on when he woke up too." This meaning Fellan as she never went back to collect her firelizard!

Fellan grins a bit. "Well, you did give me permission." He points out to Abigail. "… But perhaps I, ah, could tone it down a bit…" Inside the wrapping is a small jewelry box. Inside that is a thin silver necklace with a pendant, a pale opal set in it. He grins nervously. "… Hope ya like it. I thought it matched yer eyes."

Etzlix giggles quietly. "Jus' 'cause a girl gives permission, doesna mean ye hafta use it." Wait, isn't she the one that egged the poor Smith on? Yes, well, that's beside the point. "Oh, that's purty." She says as she spots the necklace when its opened. She grins, nudging Abbey lightly. "He mus' really like ya t;give ya somethin' like that, huh?" Aww, young love, so sweet.

Abigail shakes her ehad slightly while she looks at the box and blinks at what is inside. She chews on her lip slightly, seeming a bit unsure as she swallows at the item. "Fellan.. Ye didn't have to do this." Her pale blues drift back to him watching him a moment. She chuckles hearing Etzlix. "So it would seem.. It is very pretty."

Fellan gives Etzlix a wry grin for a moment. Yes, he definitely remembers being egged on. But all is forgiven when she compliments the choice of gift. He chuckles a little and grins at Abigail. "I know I didn't have to… but I wanted to. Made it m'self." In case that wasn't obvious already. "Why don't you try it on?"

Etzlix smiles softly, "Aye, y'should try it on. I bet it'll look beaut'ful on ya." So pretty, aww, she remembers when boys used to give her gifts, such good times. The girl looks over the craftmanship briefly. "If y'e'er have anymore things y'make, an' y'might wanna make some marks on 'em, Fellan. I could keep a spot open in m'shop fer 'em." Hey, a shop can always use new products.

Abigail blushes as she hears that Fellan has made it. She lets her fingers slowly slide across the necklace, she's never been given anything like this before. Though her mind goes back to the conversation she had with her brother and she chews on her lip a momen before glancing to Fellan. "It's beautiful Fellan.. An ye should let Etzlix sell 'em I htink." This said with a sot smile. Though she doesn't move to put it on just yet.

"You have a shop?" This previously unknown information certainly gets Fellan's attention. "Huh. I actually make quite a bit of jewelry. Could make more with new markets to sell it at. If you're seriously interested, I'm quite sure we could make a deal." Of course, at the moment his attention is rather easily stolen by Abigail and her reaction. He grins, pleased so far. "I'm really glad you like it. I tried to find something that'd suit your taste… beautiful without being gaudy."

Etzlix nods, "Well, it's in th'process of bein' built. Jus' a lil place, but I kin a'ways use stuff t'sell." She grins at the Smith's reaction to the guard's reaction, though she notices that Abbey hasn't put it on yet. "Y'want some help gettin' it on, Abbey? I kin fasten it fer ya iff'n y'like."

Abigail ahs and smiles to Etzlix, blushing a moment and soon nods. "I think I have it, but thank ye.." She picks up the necklace looking at the faster on it before going about putting it on, which takes her a few moments to do so. She gives her head a slight shake to get it back in place and tilts her head to look at where the opal is setting upon her and lifts he head slightly. "How goes it look?"

Fellan gives Etzlix a little grin. "Well, that's fantastic. I just got my journeyman's knot and need places to sell, so that works out very well." When Abigail finally gets the pendant on, he smiles brightly as he looks her over. "I think it suits you very well… but then, I'm a little biased."

Abigail smiles to Fellan and nods slightly while she closes the box. "Thank ye Fellan.. I really don't know what to say. I've never been given anything like it before." Boys giving her gifts? Ha.. Not hardly..

Fellan smiles at Abigail, reaching across the table to give her hand a little squeeze. "I'm just glad ye like it. Happy Founding Day, lovely."

Etzlix smiles softly at the pair, leaning back in her seat and eyeing her glass, now where'd that drink go? She musta finished it while she was watching the lovebirds. "Ah, now that's sweet." Who's cute now, hmm?

Abigail chuckles softly as she hears Fellan, an yes she is blushing a moment, she looks down to his hand a moment and binks as she hears Etzlix. A slight smirk offered over to her before she looks back to Fellan. "To ye as well dear.. I'm glad ye had a good day."

Fellan just smiles in appropriately lovey-dovey manner at Abigail until Etzlix's comment brings him back to reality. He coughs and smiles, just a little embarassed. "You too… so, ah, should we do something fun to celebrate the last of it? The crowds should be thinning a bit." He looks to Etzlix as if expecting her to have good ideas.

Abigail ahs softly and shakes her head a moment. "I was wondering before we go an do that if we could perhaps have a talk first?" This questioned to Fellan while she watches him a few moments.

Fellan can't help but look a little nervous at that. Vague requests for 'a talk' can sometimes be dangerous lead ins, after all. But he smiles anyways. "Sura, of course. Privately, or…?"

Abigail nods slightly and points outside. "Though I'd get a bit of fresh air. If that's alright with ye?" She questions to Fellan while watching him.

Well, that's not helping the nerves. Fellan tries to play it cool, giving Etzlix an apologetic smile as he gets to his feet. "… Sure. Let's go."

Abigail offers a soft smile to Etzlix and nods whie standing up and makes her way on towards the door. Talking time.. Yes talking time indeed!

Etzlix watches the pair leave, watching them disappear outside before stretching weary body. Well, now, the tavern's all quiet and stuff, she's not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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