Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Milling herdbeasts dot this lightly grassy section of the southern end of the bowl. Fences keep them neatly secured on all sides, even extending into the lake, allowing the beasts ample drinking water without granting them an escape. Dragons young and old come here to hunt on a fairly regular basis, though not all come at once of course. From here you can easily make out the entirety of the Weyr's lake as it spreads out south and southwest to the tumbled rubble of the far shore, while the rest of the bowl lies beyond the fences to the southeast, east and northeast.

Kainaesyth is alone in the feeding grounds, his hide gleaming with what must have been recent attention. No feeding frenzy brings the bronze here today, no, he is here to observe. The herdbeasts mill a bit wary of the large bronze as he watches them. Oh so intent that surely Kainaesyth is going to eat one of them them, right? Except, he doesn't quite seem to be following their bleating forms, but instead is looking at the fence.

Velokraeth's full intentions, as he glides towards the feeding grounds, were to stir the herds and possibly pick off a beast or two to eat. However, all plans are calmly set aside as he spies Kainaesyth down below and oddly not hunting. Curious and intrigued, the pale and ugly bronze will tip his wings and begin a lazy decent before landing a respectful distance away. « Fancy a taste of wooden fences, do you? I can assure you, wood is not flavourful nor quite nutritious or so I've heard. » Velokraeth remarks casually as his mind ripples gently against the younger bronze's, amusement evident.

Light winds kick up as Kainaesyth's attention is diverted momentarily to the older bronze. « Assuredly, for dragonkind is not made to eat that which grows from the ground. But it intrigues me none the less. For it is created to keep inside that which longs to be free. Tell me, are any in the weyr injured or infirm at the moment?»

Velokraeth whuffles and folds his wings tightly against his side as he comes to rest not far from Kainaesyth's side. « True and rather wise to say that we do not eat that which grows from the ground. However, we eat the creatures that do eat the things from the ground so one could argue… » If a dragon could smile, he'd be smirking right now. The pale bronze lives for banter like this. « Ahh, yes! A necessary precaution. » He says in relation to the fences' existence but the next question gives him pause. « Odd of you to ask, but there are always injured and infirm about in any Weyr. They are mostly within the Infirmary, however or upon their low ledges. »

Kainaesyth's gaze lowers again to the fence around the feeding ground. The larger's bronze's words are considered, as the breeze flutters through the bold green of newly sprung spring. The river runs high, a sign that perhaps more thinking is needed. « I think I will set only most of them free then. Some will have to stay.»

« Set them free? Now… Why ever would you consider that? » Velokraeth asks with a curious rumble, his tail tip flicking idly over the ground and whirling eyes moving from the fence, to Kainaesyth and to the distance where the milling herd beasts huddle.

« It is not a consideration. It is a story unwritten. » Kainaesyth corrects politely, his breeze adding soothing elements to the slight rebuke. « Perhaps I will see who is most bold. They will survive the best in the forest. Those less bold can remain as they have chosen their own path. » Kainaesyth rises and shifts his position slightly so he can see the beasts from another angle, this bringing him closer to the other bronze. Personal space? Who has ever heard of that?

Velokraeth is quietly stumped over Kainaesyth's reply, until at last he finds what he feels is a suitable answer. « Is it a story that must be written? Can it not merely be a concept? » How blasphemous is that? The pale bronze is not slow witted however and keenly he begins to pick up on just what the younger bronze may be doing. He snorts, « None of these beasts were bred for the wilds. They are known as 'domestic'! Perhaps a few, as you said the 'strong ones', would but it'd be a sad waste of good beasts. » Normally personal space is no issue with Velokraeth, who often is up close and cuddly with the opposite sex. Another bronze though? With a grunt, he awkwardly twists and back steps to avoid being too close to Kainaesyth, his dwarfed limbs making his movements almost comical.

Kainaesyth is colorblind when it comes to personal space. But he will not force contact either. No, it was Velokraeth's choice to be close or not. « Ours breed them to take the life out. And perhaps yes, they would die. But they will die here also. It is better for them to find the measure of themselves before death comes. As is the case with the very small ones which the weyrwoman released. Have they not writ their story of survival so very well? » Kainaesyth's admiration for the tenacity of the bunny population is quite clear. Settling again Kainaesyth moves towards the fence, to nudge it with his nose.

Velokraeth doesn't slink off or back off entirely, he simply keeps a respectable amount of space between himself and the young bronze. He chuffs again and his ugly, oversized head tilts as his mind ripples with heavy thought. He cannot find fault in the logic of Kainaesyth's telling and so resorts to humour. « Oh yes. I suppose they have, haven't they? Clever creatures, to mate so frequently as to unbalance death itself with life. » A hint of a mental-like chuckle and Velokraeth rumbles again. « You shouldn't do this, you know. As valid an argument you spin, they will not enjoy the results. »

« They do not have to like it. » Kainaesyth's humor breathes new life into those breezes, adding strength as they stream upwards and over the barren sandstone walls of the cliff to stream upwards. « I wish to add purpose to their lives. For they are creatures like you and I, and should have the chance to at least make the choice. We who are whole can hunt them as is natural to fulfill the cycle of life. »

It is rare that Dtirae is not accompanying her lifemate to the feeding grounds. The goldrider, however, lingers away from the pens while Zuvaleyuth enters from above. The shadow of the gold is cast upon the ground, hinting her arrival. She circles the sky, lazily before coming to land but not take down a kill due to the sight of the two bronzes. « What do we have here, a sight of two bronzes reluctant to listen to the calls of nature? To bring forth darkness to these creatures within the gates carved from the plants that rise from the ground, and tower in the sky? Alas, do these creatures not suit thy tongues or mayhaps there be another reason for this stall? »

« Oh, I hadn't meant the beasts not liking their freedom. I'm assuredly with you on that! I for one would not enjoy being penned. However that is just how things are. » Velokraeth replies, again with humour. So why isn't he putting more effort into stopping Kainaesyth? Because he is curious. « By 'they', I meant our riders or the denizens of this fine Weyr — and chiefly, I suppose, the herders. » Just a warning! As a shadow casts itself on the ground from above, Velokraeth looks up and warbles a sweet-toned greeting to the pale Zuvaleyuth. « Ah! Fair lady! Why do you not land and join us? I had thoughts of feeding but alas I was taken up by Kainaesyth's theories. He spins a pretty tale, m'dear. You should hear it! » Why does it sound like he's grinning and wicked little grin?

« They can choose to be unhappy, this is true. But they may also choose to be joyful that these creatures will find their way. » Kainaesyth is not at all ruffled by the thought of people being angry. Didn't Ha'ze spend his first three months of life yelling at him for everything? Be there, done that, move along folks. « Welcome. » His attention shifts upwards to the gold, as he steps aside to test another of those wooden beams. « Do you not think that these creatures should be freed from their prisons? »

« Ah, dearest gentleman. I shall, indeed, come to settle beside you. If thy hunger cries, you should heed them. » Zuvaleyuth is true to her word, coming to land near the bronzes and more pointedly, nearest Velokraeth. « A pretty tale, you say? Woven with a touch of intrigue, a dash of mystery? Come, now, Kainaesyth, art thou a weaver of words? Spinning a banner that spreads from ear to ear? Cried out or spoken in gentle whispers? » The gold rumbles softly in amusement before her head inclines just so, inspecting what seems to be the interest of the youngest bronze. « No. They know not of another life. Confines of these posts are all that is known, all that has been known, and all that will be known. Should they stray, how do they survive on their own? They are not hunters, nor scavengers. They are fed, and cared for… And come to perish when the call of death whispers in their ears. How cruel are thou to throw them from what they know and expect them to flourish in a land unfamiliar? »

Velokraeth puffs up a bit when Zuvaleyuth comes to settle closer to him and while he was a bit put off about having Kainaesyth in his personal space earlier he does not so much as twitch a wing over the gold crossing that threshold. He rumbles out loud and his mind ripples and bubbles with mirth and laughter. The scent of sweet wines, honeyed and crystal clear drift over the link, a cooling and yet warming, mellowing sensation following along with a taste of summer and ocean breeze. « Zuvaleyuth, you have always been wonderful with your words! I have tried to explain as much to Kainaesyth here, but he is intent on his decision. Perhaps there is some truth in it, that some may find… joy in this. » More like high amusement for a chaotic intermission to an otherwise dull day! Velokraeth knows this but he still sits idly back and only makes a half-assed attempt in stopping the young bronze.

Kayeth sees something going on in the feeding grounds, and so the fiery queen is quick to glide down and settle - pointedly on Velokraeth's opposite side with a low rumble. Her thoughts are cool breezes, the chill wind before a storm as clouds gather over her distant, private island. For the moment, her focus is not at all on Kainaesyth - is he even here? It's on Zuvaleyuth, chilly winds reaching out to the other gold's mind.

« I will weave a story just for you another day, but today, the tale is of these creatures. Lo,» He swings his gaze away from the beasts as he flicks his tail towards what can only be the beginings of a bunny warren off in one corner. « These creatures have paved the way. They were once captives also, their fate to be determined by creatures with no interest in their welfare. Now they breed and thrive in conditions unmeasureable. Many have died, » a slight moment of interlude, while his breezes prick against the thorns of the desert before billowing upwards again. « but death has its place among the story as much as life. For where would the tale be if death never came to wrap loving arms around those and provide release? We all would be crushed under the burden of our daily sorrows without that release. These creatures are no different. I will give them what they require to write themselves properly. »

Zuvaleyuth adds in very subtle undertones to Velokraeth's, very subtle but she does not mask the gentle touches of amusement, despite her lecturing to the younger bronze. « Thank you, dearest Velokraeth, for your kind words. » As Kayeth appears, Dtirae's looking to the other gold with a frown, and then to her own lifemate. Lips purse and the goldrider shifts to make her way out of the feeding grounds. The gentle winds of Kayeth are not ignored, but Zuvaleyuth does not answer, for she is attempting to talk the young bronze out of his irrational decision. « You would teach them to forage? To find food? To thrive? You, whom are their greatest threat? You, whom are threats of all threats to them? No, they will flee. And as they flee, they run into the grasp of death. Death will embrace them all rather than only a few and you will wrought further destruction to them than these walls that hold them. Stay your ground, young Kainaesyth, your mercy will bring only misery… » She then, gently, extracts herself from Velokraeth. « My other half, my dearest part, says that I likely should take on my venture later. I depart of you, for now. » This is her farewell to all gathered before Zuvaleyuth is taking off, and into the skies. For now.

Velokraeth cranes his head to spot the warren on which Kainaesyth points out and the pale bronze snorts, almost contemptuously. « As I said before, clever creatures for their ability to defy death by reproducing so alarmingly fast, » Maybe he's thinking too that they're lucky in that sense but when isn't the pale bronze's mind somewhat tuned to sex? « But I do not see how they compare at all to these beasts. They do not even make a decent snack! Mine grumbles endlessly about their lack of purpose save to be food for snakes and wherries and felines. » Whuffling, the bronze peers at the younger bronze. « Death comes for all, it's true but is it our business to play the fates? » It's all he'll say on the matter, as Zuvaleyuth takes a far more colourful approach and Velokraeth listens again with growing amusement. Kayeth arrival brings a change int he older bronze. At first, he is smug and pleased. Who wouldn't be? He has TWO golds snuggling up to him! Only, he isn't a stupid bronze and he can feel the coolness coming from the otherwise fiery hued Kayeth. « Ah — m'lady! You are looking as radiant as ever, » Velokraeth rumbles smoothly. « Have you come to listen to Kainaesyth's story? A farewell to you then, Zuvaleyuth. » He offers in return as the pale gold takes flight once more.

Kayeth is /very/ pleased when Zuvaleyuth leaves, physically /leaning/ against Velokraeth's side. Her cool breezes curl around his thoughts, tendrils coiling firmly. « I am, thank you, » she purrs, before her attention broadens to include Kainaesyth as well. « Yes. » Riiight. That's /totally/ why she's here. And why her tail curls around Velokraeth's.

« Then I shall share their story of woe for others. » Kainaesyth is not at all put off by the colorful images which the elder gold puts up. Especially as she has taken herself out of the story altogether by taking flight. Rather, he will put his question to the newly arrived gold. « Kayeth, should not these beasts taste freedom before they die? »

Velokraeth would have been focusing on watching Zuvaleyuth's departure and flight away from the grounds, but he smartly brings his attention back to Kayeth. Especially when she is physically leaning against his side and then her tail too. He rumbles, almost a low, throaty sound half way between an amused growl and, if he could, a chuckle. « Always, m'lady. » His whirling eyes are fixated on her, observant and closely so. She glowing? A hint? Anything? He scents the air. Nope. Hmm. Then it clicks. « You certainly are in an amiable mood today, fiery lady. » he asks tentatively and to Kainaesyth's insistence on setting the herdbeasts free, the pale bronze rumbles again. « I have tried to make him see reason but he seems intent to see this story to its end. »

Kayeth rumbles softly at Velokraeth, nuzzling his neck gently. « I am in a mood that you are my mate, and not hers, » she purrs softly, but there is steel in that purr. Tread lightly, Velokraeth. « Set them free, Kainaesyth, what do we care what the beasts do until they feed us. »

Kayeth just got elevated to Kainaesyth's favorite dragon of the moment. No matter that she's all curly curly with Velokraeth. That is as it should be. « The story will end as it should. I will begin it now.» Dragons weigh a lot. So when Kainaesyth steps forward and begins to LEAN on that fence… it doesn't stand much of a chance, and slowly beings to groan in protest. Not quite broken yet… but complaining.

Velokraeth is not a dumb bronze and will not be as brash as to tell Kayeth that possessiveness is unbecoming of a lady. He'd rather not have his hide stripped off his back! Plus, she IS being all curly curly with him and he's enjoying it despite having to be on edge. « Of course I am yours! » he answers her without hesitation and lifts his head up to begin preening the fiery gold's ridges. All the while, he keeps a whirling eye on Kainaesyth and his mind ripples outwards again in a mixture of uncertainty and amusement. « So it will, with Kayeth's blessing it seems. Only, I have to wonder how our riders will react? They will not be pleased. »

Kayeth should be EVERY bronze's favorite dragon. ALWAYS. Hear that? ALWAYS. She arches her neck and croons happily at Velokraeth's preening. Oh yes, right there. Riders? She could care less.

Wait, riders are suppose to have an opinion. "Kainaesyth." Ha'ze didn't totally just sneak up on the other two dragons did he? Because they totally maybe saw him coming. "What are you doing?" Conversational tone and all as he pauses to lean against the stone barn. No move to STOP Kainaesyth, as one of those wooden rails snaps under the pressure. « Beginning a tale which may end in many ways. »

Oh look! There's one now! Velokraeth gives a churr of surprise to suddenly see Ha'ze there and a smugness to his mental tone. « See? There's yours now Kainaesyth! Mine will no doubt be by short — oh, perhaps not. He is with Varmiroth's and, consequently, indisposed. » Grin. « Carry on then, Kainaesyth! You and your rider won't suffer the Weyrleader's wrath at least until I… conveniently catch him up to speed. » Bad bronze. BAD! Pleased, he turns his attentions back on Kayeth and continues to preen and nuzzle and fawn over her. Whatever it takes to keep the Senior happy.

Kayeth isn't paying attention to the creaking fence any more. And Nyalle isn't running across the bowl either. Perhaps Kayeth, as well, has not informed her rider of what's going on down in the pens. Happy Senior, happy weyr, right?

Most permissive weyrleaders EVER. "I'm not going to be cleainin' that up Kai." Ha'ze continues to lean as he shakes his head. Right when he says "Kai'" the fence gives in and shaters the last bit. Now there is a Kainaesyth sized hole in the fence. None of the beasts are going for it there, are you crazy? THERE ARE DRAGONS THERE. Once they leave…. maybe.

Are they permissive Weyrleaders if they're oblivious of the situation? If Th'ero had caught wind, the Weyrleader would be storming his way down right now! As it is, that groaning, complaining fence under Kainaesyth's weight is bound to draw attention! Either by more dragons or by the herders and others who work by the pastures and the stone barn. What's going on over there? Then the fence breaks and Velokraeth snorts, giving Kayeth one last fond preen and nuzzle and still leaning heavily against the gold he will swivel his head around to survey Kainaesyth's work. « Satisfied? » he muses to the young bronze.

Kayeth lifts her head from Velokraeth's preening to eye the fence. « They're not going to be pleased with that, » she remarks, but there is a tickling of amusement, of light heartedness returning to her thoughts.

« Yes. But now we must leave so that I can watch from afar and record their tentative steps into a new world. » Excuse Ha'ze for the moment, he's going to quietly bang his head against the stone wall for a second. "You couldn't have waited for the senior's dragons to be gone? You know he's gonna be tellin' Th'ero." How annoying. "Come on, let's be gone." A jerk of his thumb skyward as he eyes the splinters. Maybe they'll forget to tell? « It needed to be done. »

Of course Velokraeth is going to tell. Sorry, Ha'ze? Though what he doesn't know is that the pale bronze is going to be awful about it and make the Weyrleader puzzle it out first. Why? Because it'll amuse him more than just outright tattling on Kainaesyth. So they will have time! Plenty of time. « Perhaps they need only encouragement? » he adds, a touch slyly and with another gentle nuzzle to Kayeth, the pale bronze steps back and flares his wings. Could be he's showing off a little or… « Mind if I interject into your 'story' Kainaesyth and pluck a beast from the herds? »

Kayeth leans back when Velokraeth spreads his wings, the fiery gold watching him with smug pleasure. That's her mate! Swinging her head to the pens, she rumbles with desire and then her wings flare open as well with a sharp snap of sails.

« They will fear, but fear will be overcome soon enough. I have faith that they will do well. » There is more than a hint of hope in Kainaesyth's mind voice as he pushes to the sky. Ha'ze is going to make tracks for the forest himself. Th'ero can't levy consequences if Ha'ze can't be found. « Fair winds to you both. I will share their story with you when it is writ.»

« Please do. I am beginning to think your stories will be very interesting, inspiring and entertaining too to hear upon completion! » Velokraeth informs Kainaesyth warmly and no, the bronze will not always share with his rider. Just this once, since there will be herders and whoever else hounding the Weyrleader all too soon and no one likes Th'ero in a temper. « Come then, m'lady! It seems we will have a chance to hunt and enjoy the last few of these beasts before they take their chance at freedom! » Laughter rippling through his mind, he launches up into the air and with a bugle, soars up high. Ladies first! And maybe, JUST maybe, Ha'ze won't have to hide all that long. Maybe Th'ero won't be mad (much)! Maybe the timing of this "escape" is perfect distraction as other 'plans' move ahead.