Fort Weyr - Fort's Forests ~~ Firebloom Hill
Completely surrounded by tall pines, the somewhat steep curve of this hill is peppered with small wildflowers of the same variety. Some are predominately red, some orange and some have specks of yellow. Most notable, however, is a dense patch which looks to have been planted by someone. The flowers in this patch are deep red in the center, bursting through a range of orange and finally a brilliant yellow at the edges of each petal. As the wind passes over them, the colors create the illusion of tiny, flickering flames. A soft, pleasant fragrance fills the air here.

It is after the herdbeasts have been let loose, wandering around somewhere in the Weyr… But certainly not out this far, yet. The hills, however, are not without life. Zuvaleyuth has, somehow, manage to find a spot of downed trees laying in their unoccupied space. The gold mopes, head tucked under a forepaw while curled into herself. Dtirae, on the other hand, is gathering a wide array of flowers. "Hush, now…" She murmurs, approaching her lifemate and settling beside the head of her lifemate. "It's for the best. We've both got to do it. I'll make you a ring of flowers to wear." Her tone sing-songs gently to the sullen gold while she sets to the task of making the said flower ring. Other than these two? The area is relatively unoccupied.

Not unoccupied for long, though, as dusky brown-gold Rhenesath wings her way over the trees, circling down in a slow spiral to land further up the hill from where the other pair are. She croons a warm, clucking sort of sound to her fellow gold as Thys slips down from her side, dressed casually and clearly without any plans to travel far, since she's without most of her flying gear. "Dtirae," she greets her peer as she strides closer, grinning as warmly as the thoughts her dragon is sharing with Zuvaleyuth; she's all sunshine on a flower-studded hillside, a little craggier than where they are now, but not too dissimilar… though the feathery fluff and forge-like metallic tang of her thoughts are certainly not echoed on Firebloom Hill. "I hope you don't mind me intruding? Only Annah said Amidaeth saw you, and I thought I might come and say hello, if it's alright with you?"

Only Dtirae looks upwards as the other gold wings over the trees, and then further up the hill where she lands. When Thys approaches, the woman nods a greeting. "Thys." A pleasant smile before she's looking down to pick another color of flower to add to her chain. While Rhenesath is bright and cheerful, Zuvaleyuth's mind is frigid and unwelcoming, the iceberg of her mind terrifying in dark waters. She will, at least, manage a soft rumble of greeting before resuming her moping. "I don't mind at all. You're welcome to join me." There is a gesture to the ground near her and her lifemate in invitation to join them. "How are you doing? Is everything going well?"

Zuvaleyuth's coolness stokes the forge of Rhenesath's mind, upping the tang and the heat of her thoughts as she lets it be known that she's there, ready to lend a comforting wing - not unlike a big mother hen, really. Thys slips her hands into her pockets, standing at ease while watching her fellow goldrider in her work. "I'm… we're very well, thank you, and how about you? Rhenesath tells me that your Zuvaleyuth is… a little off?" The invitation to sit is taken up, with Thys settling down cross-legged near to Dtirae. "I've not made a flower chain in turns and turns. Can I help?"

If only she were willing to share. The glacier stands the heat of the forge, while steam is produced, none of the ice melts into a warmer setting. But, the mind of the other is, at least, accepted. There are thankful undertones, gentle whispers of this settle into a breeze but she is not vocal, still. "That is wonderful to hear. I'm well… Zuvaelyuth is…" A glance towards her lifemate. "She is heartbroken." The most simple of answers. "Of course, you're welcome to help. I'm making it to cheer Zuvaleyuth up."

"Heartbroken?" Thys looks at Dtirae in surprise, blinking. "I'm glad to hear you're well, and I'll be happy to help with making Zuvaleyuth happy," see, she's already shiting on her knees, starting to look for the best of the flowers beside her, "but I have to ask - what on Pern has her heartbroken?" From the way she reacts, it's perhaps clear that this is a new concept to the recently-minted rider. "Does that not affect you, at all? Having her feel that way?"

"Yes." Dtirae doesn't entirely elaborate further, only giving the younger woman a smile. "Thank you. It'll be much faster with help." It is a rather long chain, after all. "Well… It's sort of complicated. And, partially my fault." A frown and the woman looks to her work. "I'm effected, but not as strongly. I'm able to sort my feelings from hers, but, I also understand how she feels… Going through something similar, myself." She pucks a different colored flower and adds it to the chain. "I told her she needs to understand that Velokraeth is no longer her mate. She's been… Well, remembering through my memories. I remember her feelings clearly." Lashes lower and she avoids looking towards the other. "It's my fault, for clinging to those memories. But, we move forward."

A note of semi-understanding registers in Thys's expression, and she nods. "I'm sorry," she says softly, leaning over with the little multi-hued bouquet she's gathered so far to set it within easy reach of Dtirae. "Would it make her feel better if you're weaving the chain?" As opposed to her offering to help with that part. "I'll pick flowers more so you've got enough - only the prettiest ones for you, Zuvaleyuth." She smiles at the gold, then gets back into plucking blooms. "I find it hard to imagine thinking of Rhenesath being attached to a bronze. Or even to a brown - to any male, really. She shows so little interest in them, preferring to just jabber on with the greens especially. For her to feel mated with a dragon… I don't know. Is it alright if I ask you how that feels? Or would we be best steering clear and talking about… oh, bunnies, or something."

"It's not your fault, there is no reason to apologize." Dtirae smiles and then shakes her head. "No, no. You're free to help. Please don't worry about it." Zuvaleyuth does peek up and chuffs softly in a form of thanks to Thys, and Dtirae's smile grows a little wider. "She says you're free to help make the chain." It is something that's not grumbly and upset. Progress! "I… I get that. Zuvaleyuth wasn't particularly interested in them, either, at first." The question earns a shake of her head, "you can ask. And I'll answer. I didn't expect her to mate, or be attached. I was certain she was born infertile for awhile. It took her maybe four Turns to rise? It was longer than normal. Velokraeth caught her… And continued to. She grew attached." The woman stops her working on the chain to lean back, eyes closing in thought and remembering. "It.. It was nice. A feeling I can't say I ever felt myself. She was always so elated to be around him, to hear from him… To speak with him. He was hers. And she was his. It was a different sort of completion, not like ours. It was love. Or, close to it. She was… So hurt when we left."

Since she's invited to help, Thys picks up the flowers and begins weaving her own section of the chain, echoing Dtirae's own work. "So for her, it had always been Velokraeth? She was never caught by any other dragon?" Thys's nose twitches a little as she mulls that over, teeth pressed into her bottom lip. "I had no idea our dragons could feel so strongly about another. I thought it would just be… mating, and then that would be it." Her chain is set down so she can run a hand through her short hair, ruffling it up. "Do you think that her feelings for Velokraeth affected your feelings for Th'ero? Please tell me to stop if I'm digging too deep, I don't want to pry into any uncomfortable territory." More flowers are picked up, and are worked into the chain. "See, I'm very… new. To all of this, really. I'd only been in a Weyr a short while before being Searched, and I've never really experienced the whole human side of all of this. Not until very recently, anyway, and that's…" She shrugs, cheeks blushed as she stares down at the flowers being threaded together. "I'm not sure what it is. So I'm very curious, and I'd like to know what to expect."

"Yes. Zuvaleyuth has never been caught by another. It's always been Velokraeth. Our first flight was the Senior flight." Added stress. But, that goes unspoken. "I didn't think they did, either, you know? I think that it's rare or, maybe because he was the only who had ever caught her? I think Velokraeth felt the same, though." Dtirae straightens and then opens grey eyes, looking back to the chain and beginning her work again. "All dragons are different, though." As for her feelings on Th'ero, the woman snorts softly in dismissal. "No. We butted heads a lot. I see him more like… A big brother. Our affections never shifted despite the connection of our dragons. And, don't hesitate to ask. I'll answer what I know." She promises with a smile before picking another flower to add to the chain. "It's better ask than to venture in unprepared. I don't think it's something you should worry about. As you get older, you'll figure out how to better sort your emotions from hers."

"That's good to know, that it didn't make you suddenly fall madly for Th'ero." The relief in Thys's tone is evident. "There's part of me thinking that it would be awful to suddenly have the Senior knot thrust upon my after Rhenesath's first flight. Not that I'd want it anyway - I wouldn't want anything to happen to Nyalle. But I suppose you'd had, how many turns did you say? Four? Before Zuvaleyuth rose? That might make it a little easier to transition, perhaps?" She doesn't sound so sure, and takes a moment to drum her fingers thoughtfully against her thigh. "Did you ever had any relationships as a rider? Any… you know. More… intimate," she whispers the word, "ones? I can't help but wonder how easy it is to maintain our duties and a partner. I think that's what I would like with Ralik, but with him not being a rider… I don't know. How can he possibly understand?""

Dtirae laughs, "no, no. Not at all." That, it to the falling madly for Th'ero. That much, has always been a relief, considering his relationship with Kimmila. "I wish it had been that simple. Neyuni stepped down suddenly… She gave me the Senior knot until the next gold rose. I didn't think it would be Zuvaleyuth so I believe I laughed it off, at first. Then I was staring at it, like it wasn't real. Th'ero and I had an argument because I tried to pass it to someone else. Then? Then Zuvaleyuth rose. Just like that. Right there as I was trying to figure things out." A hand lifts, gently patting her lifemate before she sighs softly. "Wasn't her fault. She was due. But, it wasn't easy." Considering she punched the Weyrleader and ran off to another Weyr. It was a rocky start. The question posed to her is considered and then she nods. "I had a relationship. A weyrmate even… But, we ended things before Zuvaleyuth even rose. I… Had something else with someone, but that didn't work out either. I can't really give advice on that. I guess the best would be to assure him that you've only got intentions for him. But, you have no control over flights. There's not much you can change about that. Just… Be open? Best way to handle any relationship." There's even a gesture between them to signify her thoughts.

Thys smirks along with Dtirae when she laughs. "Simplicity would be far too much to ask for in life, wouldn't it?" She grins, shuffling a little to where there's a decent clump of flowers that she can pluck. "For all I'm in my 20s now, I never even considered a relationship. I suppose because I was an apprentice until I Impressed, which meant those sorts of things were off-limits. And I was very committed to my work - or maybe that was because I wasn't interested in chasing boys?" She looks up at the sky thoughtfully, then shrugs and laughs. "Who knows? I certainly wasn't looking for anything, but Ralik… I don't know. There's just something about him, and Rhenesath feels warmly about him, too, and I've been as open with him as I can, even to the point of saying he'll always come after Rhen and my duty to the Weyr." Her chain is coming along by now, and she holds it up for Zuvaleyuth to have a look at, to see if it pleases her. "What was it like, to be Senior? Is it much different to doing what we do now? Though I imagine there's more diplomatic visits and so on to handle…"

"It is. It really is. Something will always come to complicate things. We just need to be prepared to work with the complications." Dtirae listens quietly to Thys while continuing to work on her chain, nodding along to the words in understanding. "I never chased boys, but, I used to tease one of my hunting party members. But, I don't think it was really the same. I did what a lot of girls who grew up in the Weyr did." That, she feels, is self-explanatory. "If you both are affectionate towards him, and he's willing to understand then, I believe you'll be fine. Then again, I've had nothing but failure." Her smile is crooked, a little teasing. The offered chain has Zuvaleyuth looking and then trilling her approval. A gentle huff is blown in Thys' direction and Dtirae laughs yet again, softer this time, and full of affection. "She's pleased with your work." She promises. The question about being Senior is met with silence for a moment. "There's a lot of maintenance to the Weyr, to the Holds, managing tithes. As Juniors, we only see a fraction of it. The Senior also manages when they're having fights amongst themselves, the Holds. It was… I took on a lot of it when I was a Senior. I tried not to rely on help, when I could. So, I think how it is really depends on how willing you are to delegate. I put a lot of myself into work and not enough outside of it. I woke early, worked, and worked until late. There were only a handful of times when I can recall where I didn't stick to that rigid schedule. So, it really depends."

Thys is pleased to have Zuvaleyuth's approval, and dips her head to her in acknowledgement. Rhenesath takes the opportunity to share a little more feathery warmth with the older gold, like a hen ushering chicks under her wing - soft clucking and all. "I can understand throwing yourself into work. It's something I've always done, too, out of passion for what I'm doing as much as for the fact that I felt obligated to do so. That's the ethic that was instilled in me by my family; work hard, get ahead if you can, but mostly just prove yourself through your dedication to the task at hand." She shrugs gently, reaching out for some more flowers. "It paid off as a Crafter. I joined Smithing relatively late as an apprentice, since I was 17. I'd tried Mining, which is my family's traditional craft, but it didn't suit. Turns out I'm claustrophobic, and no other aspects really appealed to me. But then my aunt suggested Smithing, which is her craft, and, well, it was a really good fit. I'm a jeweller, and it came almost as naturally as caring for Rhen does."

There is a little more warmth coming from Zuvaleyuth as Rhenesath offers further comfort. The glacier appears less intimidating, brightened by rays of light and slowly allowing some sort of happiness to peak through the clouds of gloom. "I was passionate about the Weyr. I never wanted to make a promise I couldn't keep. I always wanted to do right by the Weyr… So, I did everything I could. Or, thought I could. I think… You and I have similar sort of mindsets." She smiles at the younger woman and lifts her chain to inspect it and then considering her lifemate. "Just a little bit more." A glance to Thys, curious. "It sounds like you found your calling, both with your lifemate and craft. Do you intend on pursuing a Journeyman's knot?"

Rhenesath wuffles at Dtirae in response to the question put to Thys, who laughs. "Rhenesath wouldn't have it any other way - she believes part of why she chose me is because I'm a Smith, and she's fascinated by my work. Not that I've had much time of late to work on anything, but she has seen some of the jewellery sets I made before accepting Candidacy. Ralik and I are working on a collaborative piece, though the going is a little slow on my side, while he's fitting my request in amongst his regular work. He's a glasscrafter." She smiles fondly, that blush coming back to her cheeks, albeit briefly. "Actually, I was quite close to earning a promotion when I was Searched. Tashryn and I - that's my mentor - were touring Pern doing little jewellery shows and sales, and working on locally-inspired pieces. That was my journeyman project."

Dtirae grins at the wuffle from Rhenesath, inclining her head towards the gold as well. "That sounds pleasant, and wonderful. Zuvaleyuth and I are opposites." She adds in, before nodding her understanding. "Weyrlinghood doesn't give much time for crafting. And… Starting out as a Junior, there's a lot to learn. You two, this Ralik of yours, seem well matched. Craft-wise and otherwise. From what I've heard. It's… I'm envious." Further explanation to the woman's journeyman rank has Dtirae lifting her brows. "Really? That close? It shouldn't take you too long at all, then, once you've got the time… I'm curious to see your work, some time. I'm not good at any sort of craft."

Thys blushes even more deeply when Dtirae mentions how matched up everything seems to be. "Yeah… it's all… I-I don't know. Fallen into place, I guess? It just… happened. I'm not sure it's something to be envious about as it's got my head in a spin and I feel a little guilty most of the time, like I can't fully give myself to everything that needs me… a lot guilty, even, some of the time. But… don't you believe it could happen for you? It absolutely could, right when you're not expecting it to." She nods; it happened to her, after all! "You're also welcome to come view my work any time you'd like. I've got some sets locked up here for when I can sell them or display them or whatever, but I'd be more than happy to bring them out for you. Nyalle has a commissioned piece, inspired by Kayeth; Inri has a set, too, and… you know, I can't remember if Kimmila also bought a set."

"I think that you will sort it out. You don't need to do everything all at once, either. Even if it all just… Sort of happened, I think it's worked nicely for you." As for it happening for her? The woman shakes her head. "I think I am beyond that point. And, that's fine. I still have things I need to work out, for us." A gentle touch for her lifemate. "I will have to come see them, then. I'm curious about jewelry inspired by location. I didn't pay much attention to jewelry when I visited other Weyrs, so it has me wondering if every area has a different sort of idea of what they wear. It sounds like you've got a wide array of Fortian's for commissions."

"Oh, you'd be surprised with how fashion changes from one area to another, everything from hairstyles to clothing to jewellery. I'm not much into clothing or anything, but some places prefer far more ostentatious gemwork than others, who might prefer something more simple and easy to wear." Obviously a topic Thys is very comfortable with, as she smiles easily and relaxes while talking. "What I have with me is a mixture. Some pieces were made in whatever holds we'd visited, inspired by their colours or the terrain. I've got some inspired by seasons, though minus autumn, since that's the one Nyalle now owns. There's also some very simple pieces, a little bit of knotted leatherwork and so on… I've got quite a decent range, come to think of it. How about I arrange an evening in my weyr sometime? I'll invite a few others, too, we'll make a night of it."

"Really? I never really noticed. I'm not one for… Fashion, or jewelry. Or doing my hair up proper." Dtirae chuckles softly, "it all sounds rather complicated." She peeks over at the other's flower chain and gestures for her to add what she has in to the current work. "That sounds amazing. I look forward to seeing them." She considers the offer and then nods. "That would be lovely, if you don't mind it, of course."

Thys shuffles closer to Dtirae to be able to start adding her work. "I'm not one for fashion either, really, and this is the longest my hair's been in turns and turns." And it's only just a few inches at that. "But jewellery I like. Gemstones especially, since they have something special about them. It's like they're alive, or something, but not in as silly a way as that sounds." She works deftly to add her chain, fingers nimble around flowerheads and stalks. "I've actually got a little something in mind inspired by what we're doing right now; I'll show you some sketches later, if you'd like to see them. My poor sketchpad's absolutely full of drawings that I've not had time to make yet."

Dtirae holds the chain at the other end, keeping it rather steady as Thys adds in the rest. "Really? Shards. I've never really cut my hair." The raven-locks have been allowed to run wild, going down to her rear when not braided and bound in some manner. "I don't think that's silly. But, I haven't heard that, either. Not much of a stones girl, either. Was always obsessed with feline hides, and… Other beast pelts and the like." Her gaze drops to watch the other work with the chain. Her gaze lingers there a moment before grey eyes lift to meet Thys'. "Oh? I'd love to see them. Whenever you've the time."

"Feline pelts?" Thys is curious about that, fixing Dtirae with a questioning gaze. "They're beautiful, but I don't find them soft enough. My preference is for sheepskin - you know those big, gorgeously deep and soft fleeces you can get? I want one of those for my weyr. Maybe a couple stitched together into a rug… that would be lovely. Do you hunt the felines yourself for their hide, or just buy them?" A few moments more of fiddling, and Thys holds her hands up in success. "There. Done!"

"Yes. They're definitely not that soft… It was more for…" Dtirae trails off in thought, "trophy, I suppose. Feline meat isn't good to eat. But, their pelts are lovely. It takes extra work to make them useful as a blanket or anything else." There's a nod of understanding for the fleece, grinning. "Those are rather costly. For the quality. But, they are certainly worth it." She nods to the question of whether or not she hunts the felines. "I do. It's better to go in a group… Because they're crafty. But, if you find a lone one and manage to outsmart it?" There's a grin that settles into place in remembrance of the hunt. "I only ever bought one." When success is announced, Dtirae applauds Thys and nods her thanks. "Do you want to help me place it on her head?" Zuvaleyuth rumbles gently, her head tilting just so to assist them in their task. She approves!

"It sounds thrilling," Thys comments on the hunting part and Dtirae's obvious enthusiasm for it. "Hunting's never appealed to me, but I could see the keenness for it in Rynn and Br'enn… they're also quite a well-matched pair for that. Have you met either of them? Perhaps I could introduce you, if not." As for placing the flowers on Zuvaleyuth's head? "Absolutely!" Up she gets, dusting off the rear of her slouchy pants, before reaching down to pick up part of the chain. "It's so adorable that she likes flowers in this way. Does it really help to perk her up?"

"It is. I've met a lot of people lately who have the same to say." Hunting isn't their thing, that is. "I've met Br'enn. He mentioned Rynn as well. I have been meaning to meet Rynn, at some point. But, if you're able to introduce us… That'd make things easier. I don't mean to ask so much of you." Rather than searching for a woman she does not know, without the slightest indication of what she looks like. Dtirae rises as well, lifting part of the chain and guiding it over Zuvaleyuth's head and settling it in place. "It's really my first time trying this. But, she's happier. I figured because she likes collecting flowers in our Weyr as well as pretty vases, that it'd help. She also wasn't giving a straight answer." There's a gentle chuff from the gold who is, definitely, in brighter spirits. "Thank you so much for the help. And the chat. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you, whenever?"

Rhenesath is very curious about the flowers around Zuvaleyuth's head, and she stretches out to get a better look at them, wuffling in approval and sharing a gush of warmth with the gold. "You look lovely, Zuvaleyuth," Thys adds to her dragon's thoughts, giving the dragon's nose a quick stroke. "I'll invite her to that jewellery evening I spoke about, and if she's able to make it I'll introduce you, certainly." She steps back towards her lifemate, who lowers her head to blow warm air over Thys, ruffling her dark hair. "You're more than welcome, Dtirae, I'm very glad we were able to help buck her up a bit. And don't worry about helping in return," Thys waves her hand with polite dismissal, "we're sorta going to help each other out every day, aren't we? That's how we'll keep things running." She grins, then touches her fingers to her forehead in a loose salute. "We're going to head back. See you later?" With the farewells out of the way, she shimmies up Rhenesath's side. The broad gold takes to the sky, winging lazily back towards the Weyr.