Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Milling herdbeasts dot this lightly grassy section of the southern end of the bowl. Fences keep them neatly secured on all sides, even extending into the lake, allowing the beasts ample drinking water without granting them an escape. Dragons young and old come here to hunt on a fairly regular basis, though not all come at once of course. From here you can easily make out the entirety of the Weyr's lake as it spreads out south and southwest to the tumbled rubble of the far shore, while the rest of the bowl lies beyond the fences to the southeast, east and northeast.

Morning comes and the day is cool and damp, though spring is definitely in the air. A light powdery snow covers the ground, but it is already beginning to melt as the sun begins to rise. The herds in the feeding pens are grazing calmly, no dragon having fed yet this day and so the animals are fresh. Little do they know what will come — but they will not be harassed (or made into meals) by the Weyrlings today. No, there is a special pen for them, with a makeshift covered run set in. This is where the "fun" will be and there comes the sound of shuffling and snorting within the covered holding pen. M'icha and Aycheth stand off to the side, waiting and the Weyrlingmaster is in a grim mood. Ever since Zeltenith's little stunt, he has been extra hard on the other Weyrlings to be sure none of them do anything similar.

Back in the training grounds, AWLM F'nic and his brown Kith are helping organize the Weyrlings and leading the dragons through their stretches. Then, one by one, they are cleared to take flight and with Kith leading, he will have them fly at a sedate and calm pace to the feeding grounds and order them to circle once before landing in order. By now they should be getting the hang of take off and landing, having been practicing it since that one afternoon and now they're gradually extending the lengths of their flights. "Weyrlings to me!" M'icha calls when the first of them begin to land and their riders arrive on foot.

Emerging from the barracks, Typriaeth's excitement to fly is reigned in quickly by Anique with a worried look cast over her shoulder to the other AWLM. She knows that Typriaeth is hardly one to pull the same stunt that the bronze did the other day but one can never be too careful after all. The green does her stretches with some nudging to do that all properly. Once determined to be good, Anique then watches as Typriaeth soars to a bit of a stumbled landing. No injuries though and finally they come close and closer towards the feeding ground. Typriaeth lands smartly, having improved since her first landing, and Anique is jogging over. At M'icha's call she presents herself next to Typriaeth with a snap salute. "Sir!"

The other Weyrlings arrive without much difficulties, with a few stumbles or awkward hop-skip landings that have the dragons rumbling in gentle reassurance. Aycheth is perched on a ledge above, the dark blue watching in cold and stoney silence. All the Weyrlings seem to be a bit on edge and not even Marin is making her usual snarky remarks and N'an has picked up his feet rather than sluggishly plodding along. M'icha looks pleased by this effort from the Weyrlings and after briefly speaking to F'nic, he sends the AWLM over to the covered holding pen where the man stands by the end of the covered run. The Weyrlingmaster then turns back to the Weyrlings and his eyes settle on Anique and her snap salute. Returning it, his mouth then quirks into a faint smile and he swiftly points to her after drawling his greeting. "Morning, Weyrlings! F'nic tells me you did well and so I will split this lesson in half, rather than keep most of you idlin'. Anique, you and Typriaeth step aside with Marin, F'rari and N'an. The rest of you, off to the other side of the grounds, back towards the bowl. Another AWLM is waiting for you there and you are to keep with your stretches and brief gliding." Peering at them pointedly, especially a certain bronze weyrling, he will wait until the groups split before addressing Anique and the others gain. "You lot will be doing your first ground hunt. We've round up some smaller beasts for them to practice on and I warn you now that this will be messy and unpleasant. If you need to be sick, please do it discreetly! But you should be strong and encourage your life mate. They're likely to fail and grow frustrated at this and I cannot stress enough to be careful too! These beasts can do a bit of damage even if they're prey. Now!" M'icha clasps his hands together and grins. "Who's first. Anique? Why don't you have Typriaeth enter the pen?"

Anique's eyes light up a bit in anticipation. It seems it's been months since Typriaeth has started inquiring on when can they hunt and now finally the day has arrived. "Listen quietly." murmurs the former assistant head woman towards the green who merely respondes with a muzzle against Anique's side. Raising her head up, she listens closely to M'icha. The previous nights events has this weyrling trying to ensure that she's listening and will follow instructions to the letter. Laying a hand on the muzzle, Anique remarks to Typriaeth. "First hunt…take it slow and careful now. " this is said as they step aside to join Marin, F'rari and N'an to make the first hunt.

Typriaeth swings her head to look towards M'cha briefly before she lumbers into the pen. Her gaze goes to the animals within and the red of hunger starts to appear within the slow moving orbs.

M'icha nods his head in approval for the words of caution and reassurance that Anique whispers to her green before sending Typriaeth to the pens. Aycheth shifts on his ledge and rumbles deep in his chest. « Be ready, little one. These beasts are small but they are crafty and tricky for that reason! You will need to use timing and wit to snare one effectively. » the blue instructs to the green, extending his mind to the others as well so that they can absorb the advice. The Weyrlingmaster offers a wan smile to Anique. "You're to encourage her but allow her to puzzle it out for herself. Only time I want you reining her in is if she's getting too frustrated or overly enthusiastic. Understood? The rest of you, I want you to have your dragons watch and learn! Now. Get ready…" M'icha signals to F'nic then and the AWLM tugs on a chain. The sound of a grate sliding out of place echoes over the grounds and there is a stirring in the herd trapped in that small holding pen. Out pops a few ovines before F'nic shuts the gate again and almost immediately the animals panic as they catch sight of Typriaeth waiting for them and scatter in all directions.

Typriaeth's breath rolls out in warm puffs of steam from her muzzle as she swings her wedge-shaped head to track the movement of the ovine once they are released. « They can not be as tricky nor crafty as I. » her thoughts shoot out towards the grumpy blue upon his ledge, echoing and rolling over each other in her excitement to do something brand new today. Gliding forward she stops suddenly and crouches low, her tail lashing out behind her from side to side. The distance is judged from her and the closest beast as she lunges forward with her wings spread out and her talons reaching. It's a distance that is misjudged though since the creature is running and while a talon leave a long gash along the side of the ovine it escapes easily enough with its injury and leaving behind an annoyed Typriaeth. « It moved when I was close! » complains the young green.

Aycheth only heaves a sigh that rapidly becomes a sharp snort! « And what did I tell you about them being crafty? Do not let your emotions cloud your judgement either. You are new at this. THINK and then act! » he tells her in his steely voice. The other weyrling dragons rumble and croon their encouragement to their sister. She can do it! They're getting hungry too but rather than stomp and fidget with impatience (at least for now), they're trying to boost her confidence. Try again, try again! M'icha grimaces, eyeing Anique. "Keep her encouraged!" he warns. "Once she makes her first kill, praise her and have her drag it outside of the pens. We'll need to let the others take a turn before she can hunt again. She's doing well though! It's expected that she struggle a little."

Anique grimaces too though her eyes are all on Typriaeth within the pen. "It's okay! Go after it again. " she encourages, adding. "It's wounded." oops, was that too much direction? She casts a sideways look towards M'icha briefly.

From inside the pen, Typriaeth is annoyed certainly but by no means discouraged yet! Whipping her head upwards she bugles a tone of defiance towards the older blue. « I /always/ think and then act! » she notes firmly. Hearing the sounds of encouragement from her clutch mates though helps as she crouches again and patiently watches the wounded beast. As it strays within her range she leaps up and simply pounces on the ovine. A sickening crack is heard across the pens as the creature's spine snaps. It's dead! HEr first kill! Greedily the green rips open the throat with intention to begin feeding.

From the outside of the pen a slightly green Anique watches but locks away any other thoughts other than praise for the green. "Out here Tie. Out here so others can go. You did great dear!"

If a dragon could smirk, Aycheth would be doing that right now. « Then prove it. » He says coldly towards Typriaeth in his odd way of both egging the green on and encouraging her. He will watch, talons clicking against the stone as the young green sets her sights on the wounded animal rather than the fresher ones and leaps… to success! He rumbles his approval. « There! Now you may feed knowing you have done well. A kill on a second try when new to hunting is very well done! You can hunt again once your siblings have fed. » M'icha hardly seems to flinch when the ovine goes down and Typriaeth feeds, though he keeps a sharp eye on Anique too. "And that's all there is too it." he drawls with a smirk, waving Marin forwards and signalling for her brown to take his place in the pens. Next! But he's not quite done with the green weyrling yet and clasps a hand gently on her shoulder. "Now she can hunt on her own. You'll be expected to join her to watch over the next few days as she builds her confidence and skill on the ground. Always make sure she never overfeeds. You've learned of what happens in your Dragonhealing classes… Make sure that that doesn't happen! In the next sevenday or so, when they've improved with their flying we will have them hunt from the air. Typriaeth is doing well, growing well. You should be proud!" Big words coming from M'icha, considering the Weyrlingmaster is often such a grump. He gives one last pat to her shoulder and then steps back, his focus turning to the next Weyrling.

Anique's is still a bit pale though she manages a weak smile at M'icha comes up beside her. She's done good…no throwing up for her! There's a bit of happiness too over this moment as it means that Typ can hunt on her own…so no more cutting up meat. Yay! "I'll ensure she doesn't over eat but she's always been good at knowing when to stop." Anique keeps her gaze up on M'icha and away from where the green is finishing her meal. "What is the difference between hunting this way and hunting from the air?"inquires the weyrling."

M'icha nods his head, pleased again by the green weyrling's reassurances though he gives her a sharp look for her question. "Different tactics and skills are needed. They'll have to learn a different sort of timing and be able to master flying and hunting, without colliding or tripping themselves up. But in all my Turns as Weyrlingmaster, I've never seen a dragon struggle at it. It's natural to them, really. Just takes a few disappointing tries before it all sinks in." he drawls. Hopefully he did not just jinx himself! As Marin's brown goes and takes his first kill on his fourth attempt, the Weyrlingmaster has the next Weyrling lining up and ready to go. "Once F'rari has gone, you can have Typriaeth go. Then I will rotate the groups but if she's sated, you can return to the barracks and see her settled to rest. We'll be resuming exercises later this afternoon, but I expect to see you and the others at your studies!" No slacking off while the dragons sleep!

Anique is regaining color once more, nodding her head quickly to the WLM's words. "I've plenty to do while she rests. Including studies /and/ straps." she assures him.