Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

It's a big day at Fort Weyr, being the anniversary of the Weyr's founding. Needless to say, a celebratory mood has swept through the weyr, the taverns crammed to capacity and groups down by the lake finding their own ways to make the most of the holiday. Fellan, not being a native, isn't quite about to dive right into the festivities by his lonesome. And so he's here, seated by the hearth, sipping from a warm mug of klah and trying to spot familiar faces among the crowd.

Abigail is a native to some degree, being she is from Fort Hold after all. She is making her way on into the cavern, a glance offerd over the room as she shifts now and then to avoid some people that are leaving. A slight wave is offered to a few guard that she knows. "Don't have too much fun now." She calls out after them with a laugh befoer she moves onwards. While others might be interested in drinking she isn't going to do any of that tonight, maybe she learned from the past few nights on the matter? Possible! Huritt is perched upon her shoulder as normal, the little brown chirrups out happly now and then.

Even here in the caverns there are plenty of signs of the festivities. Like brightly frosted dragon cookies and gingerbread riders! That's what Borodin's currently occupied with; he's bringing out a tray from the kitchens to set on the already rather crowded serving tables.

Cesran loves Founding Day as he comes into the Living Cavern. He's fresh from the beach and all the music. He's doing a little dancing, shaking his hips side to side. It's founding day! The harpers are playing, good smelling food is in the air. He has a glass of juices in his hand as he spots some people he knows, "Hey guys! Happy Founding day!"

It's Weyr Founding Day! This explains the level of festivity around the Weyr today. Most people have a holiday, and special cookies have just been delivered courtesy of Borodin. That smell gets Fellan out of his seat and headed that way directly, spotting the familiar faces of Cesran and Abigail along the way. He grins as he calls out "Happy Founding Day!" With a chuckle following. "You know, I didn't even realize what the celebration was until an hour ago? Makes sense, I suppose. They'dve been crazy to found this place in the winter."

Abigail catches sight of Fellan and smiles while waving to him while she was on her way towards where her brother happened to be, if he is making cookies sh eis so getting one, or two.. Well perhaps three.. "Hey Fellan, Borodin.. An Cesran." She glances around to see if she may have left anyone out. Nope, good! "An yes. Happy Founding Day indeed."

Now just where on this table is he going to put it? "Oh, uhm, hi," says Borodin distractedly as he spends several minutes maneuvering the tray about in the air before he finally finds a spot to nudge it in onto the table. He only makes one bowl of snack mix tilt dangerously in doing so, even! "It, uhm, according to the records, they were kind of in a hurry."

Etzlix steps in from the bowl, having finished whatever she had slipped away to do. Hazel eyes regard the living cavern, and nose picks up on.. are those cookies? Yum! The teen wanders further inside then, offering a wave to those around that she knows, bracelets tinkling merrily as she moves. The miniskirted teen proceeds to follow her nose, which brings her once again, up behind Borodin. "H'lo 'gain Borodin. Those smell yummy." Yes, well, the girl has a one track mind, apparently.

Cesran smiles, "I love founding day it's a treat from all the hum drum activities of the winter." He smiles at Borodin, "Hi there I'm Cesran.' He waves to Etzlik, "Hello there."

Fellan gives Borodin a little grin, waiting right behind Abigail to snag one or two of those delicious-smelling cookies for himself. "I hope they haven't got you working all day. Got to enjoy some of the holiday, after all… mmmm. Those smell better than Bakercraft cookies!" He says with a deep chuckle. Abigail and Cesran get grins. "What about you two? Any plans for celebrating?" When Etzlix arrives, she gets a friendly wave. "Hey there!"

Abigail smiles as she hears Cesran and nods before glancing over to her brother and gives his arm a soft pat. "Ye did a good job. Like always." She then looks over to Fellan. "Well I have to help out, give everyone some time to enjoy the day after all." Though she does snag a cookie, alright two and then moves off to the side. While biting onto a cookie she waves to Etzlix upon seeing her.

"Uhm, hi," Borodin says to Etzlix, then smiles briefly. "They do." So tasty-smelling! The gingerbread riders look up with little gummy eyes, and the frosted dragons are in all the colors, a whole weyr's worth. "Well, uhm," he says to Fellan, with a glance to Abbey. "They are Bakercraft cookies. I've just been assisting. Sous chef, mostly. Chopping things for dinner later, and carrying things." He looks away again, straightening the bowl on the overburdened table.

Etzlix gives a grin to Borodin, then reaches around him to snag a gingerbread rider and a blue dragon with a giggle. "I think I like ya, ya a'ways have d'licious sweets with ya." And then, well, since she's snagged her treats, she can turn her attention to the rest of the room. The grins and greetings are returned by the knotless girl. "Hey Fellan an' Abbey." And the unfamiliar lad gets a grin as well. "H'lo, name's Etzlix." She offers friendlylike before taking an experimental bite of one of her cookies. "Mmm."

Cesran smiles as he goes to get a cookie and he mmms as he picks up a blue one, "They all look great. Hopefully you'll get a chance to enjoy the celebrating too." He bites the head off the dragon cookie and he mmms, "Delicious." He shrugs, "Not really just hanging out, dancing, drinking a little bit."

Fellan has a bite of one of the cookies, looking quite pleased with the results himself. "Mmmph. Delicious." He agrees with Cesran, grinning. Unable to resist the urge to make just a little mischief, he shoots Etzlix a grin. "Borodin's a very talented lad. You know what they say about a man who can cook." Fellan might not actually know what they say. But it sounds good, certainly." He chuckles and looks to Abigail. "Awww. Not even a little free time to sneak down to the lake or somesuch?"

Abigail ohs at the look from Borodin and ponders while looking at the cookie she is chewing on a bite of. "Well.. Yer's are better." She offers with a soft murmur to her brother along with a sheepish smile. Her attention turns over to the others and she blinks hearing what Fellan says to Etzlix, a slight shake of her head seen and she eyes Fellan a moment. "Well, I'm sure I'll have some time later to do soemthing. Everyone is just taking turns so we have short shifts. That way everyone can join in." Makes sense to her.

"Uhm, only most of the time," Borodin replies to Etzlix. What? He's being honest about it! He looks around again, smiling to Abbey for her comment, then gives Cesran a little nod. "I'm Borodin," he says, and then his attention is dragged back by Fellan's words. "They say-" "Borodin! Rack's up!" That part is a very, very good impression of a bakercrafter shouting from the kitchen. Oh wait - that's because it is. "Uhm, sorry!" says Borodin, though it's hard to say who he's apologizing to, and scurries off again.

Etzlix can't help but giggle as Borodin scurries off. "I think he's ascared of me." She chuckles. Well, he is running off an aweful lot when she's around, right? One of Cesran's words gets the girl's attention. "Drinking?" That's just as irresistable as sweets. Hmm. "Any drinkin' games goin' on?"

Cesran waves to Borodin as he had to head back in, "All right see you later. Don't work too hard." He hmms, "Not that I've hard of, but that doesn't mean we can't get one started." He smiles back at Etzliz.

Fellan gives Abigail a mildly sheepish smile after Borodin scampers off, almost just a little apologetic. "He's a very nice lad." Is all he can say in response to Etzlix. Then the topic of drinking is discussed, and that has his attention. "I'm game." He says with a cocky grin, glancing back at Abigail. "Since you still have duties, perhaps this time you can be my moral support, eh?" He asks with a grin.

Abigail shakes her head slightly while she watches Fellan and is munching on the rest of her cookie a moment. A glance is offered over to Etzlix a the talk of a drinking game and she makes a face at the thought. "I'll pass at the moment.. Ye all have a go if'n ye really interested in such a thing." A soft chuckle escapes her as she Fellan. "Sure I'll give ya plenty of moral support. Just don't puke on me or else."

The rack in question was of toffee-chip cookies, because they'd just hit the point of being cool enough to transfer to a plate and bring out to eat. That is to say, only warm and gooey instead of tongue-searing and molten. After a pause while he transfers them to the plate, Borodin reappears from the kitchen - a rolling pin shaken in the doorway behind him as he hurries out and once more looks for a place to set down his tasty burden.

Etzlix peeks at the kitchens, while she finishes her gingerbread dragon, licking her fingers eagerly before breaking the gingerbread rider in half and starting to munch on it. "Ooh, more sweets!" She giggles, watching Borodin exit the kitchens. The girl is such a sucker for sweet things. She'll wait until he gets the plate settled, then she'll be the first in line for the next round of sweets. Good thing she has such a fast metabolism, or all these cookies and sweets would go straight to her hips.

Cesran sees Borodin come back in with even more sweets and he laughs, "We'll be buried under a mountain of sugary treats." He gets up as he finishes his cookie, "You two want anything while I'm up?" He asks as he goes to get in line.

Fellan gives Abigail another grin. "Oh ye of little faith! Come on, don't you have confidence in your big strong smith?" He teases with a wink. He'd probably have more credibility as a 'big strong smith' if he wasn't so busy devouring a cookied with delicious pink frosting. "These are delicious, Borodin."

Abigail is about to say something before eyeing Fellan faintly a moment, she points at him slightly with a slight glower. "Don't go pulling that now.." Is grumbled out with a shake of her head and at the pink frosting cookie he is eatting she just grins. "Oh ya.. such a strong little 'girlie smith'. Want another pink frosting cookie there?" She looks over to Borodin and grins at him. "Did ye need some help Borodin?"

It's not like Borodin's one to talk about too many sweets, given the pudge on his form. He finds a spot for this plate by holding it in one hand and moving around other things to make room, then steps back with a smile as Etzlix, and Cesran, and the whole mob of weyrbrats after them, head for the cookies. "They're made with sweetroot," he tells Etzlix as she takes one - whatever that means. From his tone, it's evidently a good thing, though! He glances over to Fellan, and gives a nod - though his smile's not as obvious now, and it fades entirely as he glances back toward the kitchen. There's a slight sigh, and he brushes off his hands before putting them at his sides.

Etzlix snags not just one, but two of those warm gooey toffee chip cookies, shoving one into her mouth immediately upon getting her hands on them. She's just as bad as the weyrbrats lining up, maybe even worse. And before she's pushed out of the way of the younger kids, she grabs one more for good measure. After chewing and swallowing her first one, she grins at Borodin. "Mmm, sweetroot gets a thumbs up from me." She giggles, scooting out of the way of the weyrbrat mob with a squeak.

Fellan smiles sheepishly at Abigail after that glower. "What? C'mon, they're delicious. Whatever this 'sweetroot' is, it certainly does wonders. Besdies, I'm secure enough in my masculinity to eat a pink cookie." And to prove it, he chomps down the rest of it as he backs away to make room for all those rampaging kiddies.

Abigail snags one of the gooey toffee cookies and then slips outa the way before the kiddies take over the table. "Right.. Sure.." Is offered to Fellan with an amused tone before she takes a bit from the cookie she snagged. "Wasn't there some talk of a drinking game?" One that she isn't going to join but Fellan said he would, this could get amusing.

Borodin smiles for another moment, and nods to Etzlix. He glances to Fellan, then over to Abbey… and then he's stepping away from the kid-swarmed table as well, but wonder of wonders, it's away from the kitchen and toward the hearth instead. He's got no idea what to do with his hands, though. They keep fidgeting.

The mention of the drinking game gets Etzlix's attention again. "Oooh, aye, th'drinkin' game. Got d'stracted by th'goodies." She aims a wink towards Borodin as he moves to the hearth, fidgety hands and all. But, well, at least the young man is saved from any Lixxy-flirting for the moment as her attention is on the others. "Name th'game."

Fellan grins brightly when Abigail brings up the topic of the drinking game again. He claps his hands together, laughing. "Aye! It certainly seems like a proper way to celebrate the holiday. I'm feeling game for quite anything… We could just have a straight contest, but perhaps something more… fun." Now there's a wicked gleam in his eye as he looks to the others. "Do people in this Weyr play a game called 'never have I ever'?"

Abigail lifts a brow while she glances to Fellan watching him curiously at the game name and she ponders. "I wouldn't rightly know. Maybe Cesran would?" A glance is offered around looking for the boy before she glances over to Borodin to see what he is doing. Pondering a moment she looks to Huritt whom was chewing on a bit of her hair again, and with a grumble she pokes him to stop and then nods over to her brother. The little brown perks his head up, a soft chirrup escaping him before he hops off from his person's shoulder and flutters over to Borodin to land upon his shoulder with a soft coo escaping him.

Borodin blushes at the wink from Etzlix - and that's just the wink! Imagine what actual flirting would do! - but he smiles to her nevertheless, for a brief moment before darting his gaze away. So, of course, he's not looking when Abbey beckons her firelizard toward him, and startles when Huritt lands on his shoulder. Whatnowhu- "Oh. It's you," he says, and takes in a deep and calming breath as he reaches up to pet the young brown.

Etzlix considers Fellan's words. "Dunna think I e'er heard 'bout that one. How d'ya play it?" She asks, curiously, finishing off her last two cookies and licking her fingers happily. "Are y'gonna play too, borodin?" She asks with a grin. Hey, it could be fun.

Winks don't count as flirting anymore? Fellan needs to update his repetoire. Or he's just winking at Abigail for the heck of it. "They don't play that one around the holds, eh?" He teases, then grins at Etzlix. "Oh, it's a wonderful game. We can even get Abbey and the other non-drinkin' folk in to play, just for fun. They can sip juice. The way it works it, everyone takes turns saying something they've never done. Then everyone who has done the thing they say has to have a drink. Usually, the things people say get more… interesting as people drink more."

Abigail ponders this it seems and eyeing Fellan slightly, a faint smirk seen. Oh ya this should get interesting. She looks over to Borodin. "Do ye wana play with us Borodin?" She questions curiously. Cause she might just join in this game. Huritt trills out softly and tilts his head to lean into the pettings from Borodin, his eyes swirling about happy like.

"Uhm," is Borodin's first answer, and then he glances around at the others to get an idea of their answers before he gives one of his own. He gives his sister's firelizard another pet or three, and his gaze darts toward the kitchen briefly. Another moment's hesitation, and then he says, "Sure."

Etzlix claps lightly. "Sounds like fun." She giggles softly. She'll have to figure out some things she hasn't done, hmm. Might be difficult. "Well, 'tis yer game, y'get t'go first. But first I r'ckon we'd better get some drinks, huh?"

Fellan grins brightly when the siblings decide to join in the game. "Wonderful!" He gives Etzlix a quick little nod. "Aye, we just need drinks… rum seems appropriately festive, though ale will work for those who might prefer a weaker drink. Or juice, one supposes… ah! There we are." The smith spies a table with just enough empty space, quickly moving to claim it before the weyrbrat swarm does. "I'll hold the table, if someone can nab us the drinks we'll need?"

Abigail shakes her head slightly as she hears Fellan and Etzlix. Hearing Borodin she smiles. "Good.." With Huritt keeping Borodin company Abbey turns to go fetch some drinks it seems. "I'll scare some up." She is gone for a few moments, though comes back with drink for all it seems. As she recalls Etzlix iking rum she got her that, and thre is alt for Fellan, klah for herself and Borodin. Which is all set down upon the table an so forth.

Borodin shan't even escape on the pretext of gathering drinks! And none shall ever know if he would have if Abbey hadn't stepped up to the task. Instead, he detours briefly to pick up a scrap of meat from among the leftovers, and feeds it to Huritt as he takes a seat and waits for this here game to start. "Thanks," he says when the mug is given him.

Etzlix takes the rum with a grin. "Ah, y'remembered, sweet!" She giggles, settling into a chair at the snagged table, leaning back comfortably. Of course, she does grab a few more cookies, if there are any left, on the way to joing Fellan at the game table. "So, who goes first? I think y'should, fellan, since 'tis yer game." She looks to the others for confirmation.

Fellan chuckles when he finds himself with the ale, giving Abigail a teasing grin. "What, afraid I couldn't handle the rum?" He teases, grinning. "Alright then." He chuckles at Etzlix's suggestion. "Fair enough. We'll go around in a circle. Me, then Abbey, then Borodin, then you. Now remember, if you've done the thing the person says they haven't done, you drink. If you say something and nobody else has done it either, then /you/ have to drink. Best to start off fairly tame. Never have I ever… kissed a man." He says with a little grin.

Abigail smiles to Borodin and give her brother's hair a playful ruffling while she settles down next to him. She chuckles and nods to Etzlix. "Course I remeber things like drinks." She winks to the other before hearing Fellan and chuckles. "Aye I'm rather sure ye'd have a problem with rum deary." Her pale gaze resting on his curious like. "So do I ask a question then after ye do?.." There is a pause at the question and she smirks while eyeing Fellan faintly. If he goes about asking to many questions like that he may find himself in a heap of trouble. Though she does take a sip from her mug. Huritt chirrups out softly and takes hold of the meat and chews away upon it while watching the silly people play there game.

Borodin nods to Etzlix's assessment, and to Fellan's rules… and smiles awkwardly at the ruffling from Abbey, leaning away but not too much. He blushes a little at Fellan's comment, but then he doesn't drink, setting his mug down on the table. He does, however, gently lift the firelizard off his shoulder and to the table in front of Abbey, along with the meat. "I, uhm… I don't think I actually…" He shakes his head, and starts over. "See you later." With that, he turns, and heads - not back to the kitchens - but outside to the bowl.