'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

While the weather has gotten warmer it is still cloudy over the area at the moment. A faint breeze felt by all down near the lake for whom all might be out and about enjoying the afternoon. As for Abigail she is once more near the lake, blame her canine and firelizard that is clearly enjoying the water's edge at the moment, which makes for a rather cute scene actually. Storm is splashing about in the water while Huritt will flutter onto the canine and give into the water like off a spring board. Abbey watches the pair smirking from her spot, her hair is down about her neck, she has on a simple tshirt and jeans, boots off so her toes can wiggle into the ground. She is a bit quiet, perhaps she did drink a bit more then she planned the night before to.. Darn drinking games.

Hey, it's Founding Day! That probably means there's a party going on somewhere. That's why Borodin is at the lakeside. No party here! He does, however, have a largeish basket covered with a cloth, and he pauses as he reaches the end of the path to puff for a moment. Huff. Ha. Oh, there's Abbey. He smiles, and waves as he starts toward her again. At least it's not much further, right?

Etzlix should totally stick around more often if there are drinking games, but, alas, she'd gone off with C'yr the day before after the bronzerider had dragged her into the water with him. And then she had hitched a ride back home to deal with the things a shop owner has to deal with before coming back to Fort again. The girl liked Fort, it was the only other weyr, besides Eastern, that she actually maybe had some friends at. Today, rather than her usual long pants and shirt, she wears a miniskirt and a blouse, her bangle bracelets tinkling merrily as she moves along. Okay, so maybe the miniskirt isn't the most practical outfit, but she heard mention of a party for Founding Day the previous day and, well, maybe she's figuring on crashing it later. As she spots Abigail, the girl lifts an arm to give a wave towards the guard. And then she's coming up behind Borodin, "H'lo, whatcha got in th'basket? Bet 'tis somethin' good, huh?"

Drink games are le fun! Especially when Abigail wins and beats a smart mouth whom hought she couldn't win, though she is paying for it now. A soft hum escapes her, is that a voice? She tilts her head, peering off and catches sight of Etzlix and smiles. "Afternoon." This said while she waves back towards her, and thus catches sight of her brother. A wave is offerd to him as well while her shoulder slowly roll, her back aches and she totally blames that on how she was sleeping all night. "Hey Borodin." Storm lifts her head, water dripping off the canine while Huritt pauses clinging to his canine friend. New people!.. Well this is what Huritt thinks while the little brown flutters on over to his person and lands upon her head, he puffs up and preens his wings a few times, trilll! "Huritt.. get off.." Is grumbled out from Abbey.

Someone has snuck up behind him! Borodin turns to look at Etzlix, his gaze flicking up and down along her until he manages the recognizing part. "Oh, uhm, hello. Uh, well, yes, I…" He lifts up the basket, holding it in front of him sort of like a shield. "Just… some snacks. That's all." His gaze darts over to Abbey quickly.

Etzlix is sneaky like that, ayup! She grins and makes a bit of an ooh sound. "Snacks, what kinda snacks, are they sweets?" Then, well, perhaps she remembers her manners as she glances around as if expecting someone to come out of the shadows and swat her for lack of them. So she backs off, a bit, at least she's not invading Borodin's personal space anymore for now. And there's Abbey, with a brown on her head, which earns a little giggle from the young lady. "Nice hat, Abbey!" She calls playfully. Zelix chitters a greeting to the brown, fluttering in for a landing upon his person, clinging to the front of her blouse. "Zelix, yer gonna snag it, sit on m'shoulder like a normal firelizard, will ya?" The girl scolds her neon blue gently. Of course, Zelix doesn't listen this time and proceeds to tangle talons in the lace on the front of Etzlix's blouse. Little Ixzana takes over the scolding of the blue, and at least he listens to her because he's untangling himself and moving up onto his human's shoulder instead of her chest. "Better, thankee Ixxy." The gold earns a light rub of her head.

Abigail sighs softly and lifts her hands to snag hold of the brown which chiurrrps out in surprize while going limp. Well fine! Huritt will just hang there. Abs slowly stands up, stretching in the process and slowly makes her way on towards the pair to help her brother out perhaps. "Ya I know.. It's gona be the new look soon enough I'm sure." She says with an amused tone and slight shake of her head. Huritt finally scrambles up onto his person's shoulder and sits there looking all regal like, which for one his age is more comical then anything. "How are ye both doing?" She looks to her brother and gives him a smile. "Etzlix, this is my brother Borodin." Intro's done!

"Uhm, well, some of them," says Borodin to Etzlix, and he shifts awkwardly from one foot to the other as he glances again to Abbey. At the introduction, he errs, "We, uh, already met. I think." This isn't Borodin around strangers, oh no. Nothing so convenient to blame. This is just Borodin. "But, I'm good, I mean… I've got duty in the kitchens later, but right now they've got a master baker in and nobody but his apprentices will do, so… I thought I'd come here. I asked someone at the guards, the… the tall guy? ..and he said, so, uhm, here I am."

Etzlix remembers the gent, though maybe she hadn't realized that he was the young lady's brother. "Aye, we met b'fore, in th'cavern I think? I dunna r'member." She grins, then. "I know this baker named Tarrie, he makes a purty mean fritter. Y'all should go t'Eastern sometime an' try one." Yeah, like folks are gonna go to Eastern just to try a fritter, okay Etzlix. "They dunna lemme in th'kitchens… Jus' cause I might've started a lil bit of a fire back at Eastern a long time ago on acc'dent." Or, well, something like that anyway. Oh yeah, Abbey asked how she was doing. "M'good, jus' hopin' t'find one of 'em Foundin' Day parties t'go to sometime t'day. Y'look.. uncomfortable Abbey, like y'need a m'ssage or somethin'." Well, at least the miniskirted teen's attention is mostly off of poor Borodin for the moment, right? But she's got her eye on that basket of goodies.

Abigail pauses a moment as if pondering and ohs as she hears Borodin. "So ye did.." She scratches at her neck a few times. "Sorry about that then." She offers with an soft tone and slight shake of her head. A glance is sent to her brother and she smiles to him. "See, I knew they would want ye to help." A faint grin seen, glad to hear he is getting out and about it seems! "Oh yes, founding day.. I'm surprized I haven't heard more." Maybe she did and just didn't remember thanks to the throbbing headache she is dealing wiht? Possible! "Must have been Russix.. His sorta tall." This is murmured to her brother before blinking and looks to Erzlix. "I just have a headache, me back hurts from how I was sleeping me thinks." There is a slight pause. "I do think I drank a bit more then I planned on last night."

"It's okay," says Borodin to Abbey with a smile, and then he nods to Etzlix. "Sweet or sav-" Starting fires? Oh, dearie. His eyes widen, and he blinks for a few moments, going quiet as she and his sister converse and sneaking away to set the basket on a flat bit of surface. "I, uhm, I'll just leave this, I just remembered I forgot to get some drinks for us and I'd better go and get those and-" Back up the hill he goes, huff, puff, stupid hill. And he's left his basket of goodies behind - pastries and little packets and all sorts of tastiness. Too bad for Borodin that when he goes back to the kitchen, he gets recruited to help! He certainly won't be eating any of that. Good thing there's Abbey and Etzlix here to appreciate it, huh?

Oh, someone will appreciate it, that's for sure. As Borodin leaves the basket, Etzlix watches with hazel eyes as he moves away, leaving the basket unguarded. Aha! And she'll just slowly kinda make her way towards that basket, lifting the cloth to peek inside. "Mmm." She murmurs. A glance around and deft hands are sliding into the basket to snag one of the sweet pastries. She's innocent, innocent I say! "Y'wanna know th'secret t'nay havin' a hango'er, Abbey?" Etzlix asks as she takes a large bite from her pilfered pastry. Taking a moment to chew and swallow. "'Tis t'nay completely sober up." She grins. "See, iff'n y'keep yerself drunk or at least a lil tipsy, then y'canna 'ave a hango'er." She's smart, see? Well, okay, she's definitely something, maybe smart's not quite the word for it, huh?

Abigail glances after her brother, a finger lifting as if she is about to say something and then he is go. She blinks a moment and oys to herself. "See ye later Borodin." She calls out after him before eyeing the basket as well.. Following Etzlix over she snags one of the pastries herself and hums while chewing on a bite, her pale gaze turns to the other curiously at her ideas. Amusement crosses her face and she chuckles softly. "Aye I've done that before. Though I didn't think far enough along to grab something this morning. Figure this is what I get for doing drinking games." Another bite is taken from her pastry. Huritt tilts his head, the little brown peering at his person and chirrup out as if wanting to try that bunthingy. "Ye won't like it.." As if that ever stopped a firelizard! A piece of broken of and offered to the lizard, Huritt chomps down onto it and makes a face, his eyes swirl and he goes about spitting the bread out. "Told ye.." Is said with a slight grin. "Though next time I plan on doing that plan Etzlix.." Oh yes indeed.

Etzlix oohs, swallowing another bite of her pilfered pastry. "Drinkin' games? What kinda drinkin' games. I used t'be purty good at them things." She grins. "Afterall, y'gotta be able t'drink with th'best of 'em when yer a Seacrafter, 'tis kinda a requirement of th'craft." She winks. "Iff'n there's rum, I'll go with ya next time." She grins at the thought. Yay drinking games, something she's actually good at. The teen laughs quietly at the firelizard spitting out the pastry. "Y'know, some 'lizards actually like sweets, some of th'dragons back at Eastern do too, 'specially this one green. I r'member one time her rider had a cake made jus' fer 'er hatchday." The girl giggles. "'Twas amusin'."

Abigail nods slightly at this while chewing on another bite of yummy pastry, which she will have to tell her brother is really good! "Aye.. Three other guards was off from work an what not, had a drinking game. Who ever make it to the end and won got a firelizard egg one of them had." She grins slightly and peers at Huritt whom is still spitting out bits of bread and even rubbing his head against her shoulder in the process. "An seeing how I won I figure this little guy is gona have a friend soon." It was great fun during the game mind you, afterwards she was a little green around the gills. "Well I figure I'd let him try, still getting a bit use to all this firelizard stuff." An now she has another one in a way, ya she is asking for toruble indeed! She glance over and grins. "That sounds amusing indeed."

Etzlix grins brightly. "Well, 'lizards are kinda addictin'. I started out with jus' Zelix, an' I kept tryin' t'find clutches. Finally I found Ixxy's egg at Western. I had no idea 'twas a gold's egg tho, a pleasant s'rprise, that." She runs a finger over the tiny gold's delicate head. "At least they seem t'get 'long tho. I was worried Zelix'd be jealous or somethin', but he seems to really like Ixzana, e'en if she does tend t'scold 'im when he fergets 'is manners."

Abigail rubs her hands off gainst her pants one done eatting the stolen treat. Huritt seems finally happy that the evil bready bits is out from his maw and chirrups out as if looking for something else to eat from his person. "There's a few at the hold, but not to many people have 'em really. So when I found Huritt I was really surprized." She tilts her head to peer over at the little brown watching him a moment and smiles. "His cute, and a keeper I suppose." She grins to the little lizard and soon ohs, she pats her pockets a few times and manages to find some jerky, a few pieces are ripped and she offers it to the little brown which takes hold and eats it happly.

Etzlix grins. "Have y'tried teachin' 'im t'fish? Then he kin catch 'is own food. Zelix seems t'like doin' it. M'friend Sarintar's 'lizards taught 'im back when we was still posted t'Eastern. He's nay very good at it sometimes, but he doesna give up. Tho still he gets a bit lazy sometimes an' jus' wants me t'feed 'im." The girl proceeds to pop the last bite of pilfered pastry into her mouth, licking each finger clean. "Will hafta give m'compliments t'yer brother." She grins. "So, did y'guys move from th'Hold, or do y'go back an' forth an' such? Isn't it hard t'travel sometimes when 'tis snowin' an' such?"

Abigail ponders this and looks back to Etzlix. "I didn't even think about that.. It sounds like a great idea actually." She hums while looking to Huritt at the idea. "With the way he is jumping into the lake so much that might not be a bad idea actually." Huritt tilts his head, a soft chitter escaping him at the looks he is given. He holds his head up and sits up on nice and regal like for a few moments. "Well I've trained canine's to help with search and rescue I bet I could train him to do some things as well." Ideas are a blooming now! Abbey hums whiel glancing over. "Indeed, don't worry I compliment him all the time. His a great cook." A soft ah escapes him. "Well I escorted a Harper over a bit back an since then I've stuck around to get in some guard training an the like. An I've just sorta stayed I suppose." She looks amused at the thought and shrugs.

Etzlix grins a bit. "Yeah, sometimes y'just like a place s'much y'dunna wanna leave. I've been there." She grins, shifting Ixzana a bit, the little gold hopping up onto the shouldr opposite Zelix and snuggling up against her person's neck, crooning lovingly. "That's why I stayed at Eastern so long. I ne'er really had any friends b'fore I went there."

Abigail smiles at that and nods while she glances around the area and then back to Etzlix. "Just sort of funny I suppose. I rather like it here, which I know some holdborn might not." A slight shrug is seen while she looks back to the lake. Huritt has at least calmed down and is settled upon her shoulder, chewing upon a bit of her hair of all things. "I wouldn't mind sticking around long term, though I'm sure my parents would not enjoy the idea in the least."