Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

The bronze balks at the idea of a Xanadu rider /not/ coming to witness the birth of his own child. «Are all humans so…irresponsible with their young?» Sharuth asks this earnestly, unable to imagine his rider /ever/ doing such a thing but unfamiliar with many Human customs. As to things changing now that the baby has come, the bronze is shaking his head. «So'l senses that yours is alone in this. If anything, it has made him want to be around even more. To help, but not just as a friend.» This comment is suppressed from his rider, just as Niumdreoth deigns to leave out some conversational bits as well. «When we are no longer in training, there will be more time for such things,» Sharuth states, slipping into the water now and enjoying its buoyancy effect.

"Two," So'l replies with a momentary hint of sadness. "Well, one now actually. My sister, Desha, and my brother…Broxis. He died when I was much younger," the bronzerider explains. "And that's a very good idea!" So'l exclaims - still quietly for the baby's sake - and grins. "Finding what motivates someone is really helpful. I know N'an wants to fly very badly, so hooking some helpful tips on his ground work into that might be useful. Thanks," he smiles widely, appreciate of Abigail's feedback.

It's a lovely spring day at the lake. Winter is but a memory now; a ghostly thing evidenced only by the few lingering chunks of ice - remnants of bigger 'burgs that melt more and more each day now. Two dragons float in the lake near the shore: a large brown that's clearly full grown and a smaller bronze, ever growing and now almost 13 meters in length. Not far away their two riders sit on a bench smiling as they converse. Abigail holds a wrapped bundle of sleeping baby in her arms while So'l is in his riding attire.

Surprise! Dtirae is not working… Or is she? The Weyrwoman's hands are tucked into her jacket pockets as she makes her way down towards the lake. Her gaze is quick to fall on Niumdreoth and Sharuth, her gaze considering the young bronze for a moment as she pauses. It takes another moment before she's walking again, this time towards the direction of Abigail and So'l. "Hello you two." Comes the easy greeting from the Weyrwoman as she stops near by but does not take a seat. "How is the day going?"

« Mine does not think he is irresponsible; he has his own family to care for. This was not planned. » Accident by any other name. Niumdreoth offers while he wiggles about in the water, his head lowering to settle down upon the shore. « In a sense mine is not fully alone. Though I'm not able to tend to the needs of a child. While mine would appreciate it, you must understand she wishes nothing to harm the training and time with you and yours. There will be time for such things afterwards. » The brown is quiet for a moment, that winter forest within his mind is dealing with a slight snow storm, stars just twinkle now and then so Sharuth can see them. « Mine has the same thoughts as yours. » The last offered to the younger bronze before the approaching Weyrwoman catches his attention, a soft warble escaping him.

Abigail looks to So'l, a sight frown seen and she nods. "I'm sorry for yer loss.." For a moment she ponders what else to say and is glad for the change in subjects. A soft chuckle escapes her. "Well try it. Might not work, will depend on N'an's will as well." Indeed the brownrider is holding onto her little daughter, whom is tucked up in warm clothing and blankets, and fast asleep. At the greeting Abbey looks up to see Dtirae, and with her arms full of baby seems the salute will be left to another time. "Afternoon Weyrwoman. Well, how has yer day been?"

«I…see,» comes Sharuth's reply. «I do not yet understand how things work, I think. I will ask So'l about it later,» the bronze offers, saving Niumdreoth the trouble. Besides, as much as he looks up to the brown, Sharuth feels his rider should probably be the one to explain such personal things to him. As admission of mutual thoughts occurs - and the stars of agreement sparkle - Sharuth adds scents of pine and earth, paired with small furry creatures that scurry for shelter amongst their hidey-holes. Turning to the approaching Dtirae, Sharuth, too, offers a quiet croon, greeting the weyrwoman with enthusiasm but attempting not to disturb little Breeana.

So'l nods back to Abigail, tight lipped but appreciative. "Thanks, Abbey." And for the rest? "You're right. That's part of it, too," the bronzerider chuckles. The greetings of the dragons cause So'l's head to turn and though Dtirae is at the top of the weyr food chain - so to speak - he still offers her a smile. "Senior Weyrwoman!" So'l greets quietly, rising from his seat to salute properly. No longer are his respectful gestures quite so rigid and strained; it seems the young bronzerider has finally gotten the knack for more natural motions in this regard. "Would you care to join us?" he asks, gesturing to his vacated spot on the bench.

Dtirae gives Niumdreoth a nod of greeting for the warble and then extending the nod towards Sharuth for his greeting as well, both dragons earn a pleasant grin from the woman before attention returns to their riders. "It's been well enough, thank you. I didn't know you had your baby, Abigail. Congratulations." The lack of saluting is dismissed, and even entirely ignored. Her attention shifts to So'l with a chuckle, "you don't need to rise. And, you can just call me Dtirae." As for his offer to sit, there's a shake of her head. "I'm not going to make you stand when you were already sitting. Thank you, however, but I can remain standing. How have your lessons been, So'l?"

« Nor do I fully understand such things. They work it out on their own somehow. » Niumdreoth offers with an amused like voice. The snow falling upon the forest slows to just a slight sprinkle here and there across the thick evergreen trees. With the snow slows the stars sparkle that much more across the darkly lit sky, which offers a bit of glowing light down across the snow making it glitter and gleam slightly.

Abigail smiles, a nod seen. "Aye, some days past now. I suppose I was keeping it a bit quiet." Leave it to her to still try and keep things to herself. "Thank ye weyr Dtirae. I'm glad to hear that ye have been well." As for the talk about sitting she shakes her head a touch. "There is plenty of room upon the bench for all if'nn ye would like ta join us."

«I suppose they must,» Sharuth replies, his mind still fiercely trying to work through things. «So'l,» the bronze unquiets himself, «I have many questions for later. About babies and having children with other women when you are already mated and…» 'Fear not, Shar,' So'l replies mentally, humor coloring his thoughts. 'I'll tell you all I can tonight, while you're eating.' Satisfied with his rider's promise, the bronze lays his head, too, upon the shore. As Niumdreoth's mental landscape glitters, Sharuth adds a half-frozen stream that quietly gurgles in the night.

Nodding to Abigail, So'l retakes his seat and gestures Dtirae - if desired - to sit with them as well. "Dtirae it is," the young man grins to the Weyrwoman. "Lessons have been going quite well," So'l reports. "M'icha was impressed with the way I handled formations recently. He's got me working with N'an and some of the others to get them on track. And this morning," he smiles, "we started learning about stemming ichor and how to recognize minor wounds. Tomorrow…we tackle take offs. We're very excited for that," So'l grins.

"Oh, that recently? No wonder there hasn't been much talk of it, especially if you're keeping quiet. Even the dragons haven't been gossiping." Otherwise, Zuvaleyuth would have known about it. Dtirae gives a slight shrug in response to the offer, "I'm okay with standing, really. I feel like I've been doing too much sitting, lately." The woman rolls her shoulders in a slight attempt to loosen them as she turns attention back to So'l and the talk of his lessons. "That's great. Too bad we don't do something like a mock-wing for the Weyrlings, having a Wingleader and a Wingsecond… But, good for you for handling it all well. And I'm glad to hear you're excited as well, you've got some excitement ahead of you. Between should be coming up soon." The Weyrwoman grins a little wider, "how do you think the rest of the class is fairing? I haven't had much of a chance to sit down with the rest of them."

Abigail nods slightly to the question on how recently. "Well I have to admit Niumdreoth doesn't tend to get into a lot of the gossiping at times." There is a slight pause and she shrugs a moment. She still likes her privacy over things, like having babies. Soon enough everyone will be talking about it so there is little need to actually put flame to that fire as long as she sees it. With the talk going back to lessons she glances to So'l curiously as she ponders what the rest of the class feels about everything. Niumdreoth would be amused if he caught onto any of the questions that Sharuth just asked So'l, though he may have also had a few answer to offer as well! Not that it wouldn't leave the younger bronze with possible more questions. The snow glitters with the light, as the stream is added in some of the snow falls into it causing the water to bubble a bit.

Nodding, So'l is, indeed, excited about both manned flight and then Betweening. Of course, he and Sharuth will have to tackle unmanned flight first, though. "Interesting thought, that wing rank structure. I think, though," So'l surmises, "that giving everyone a chance to try leading is helpful, too. It definitely makes you more aware of all that's involved!" he chuckles. As for the rest of the class, well… "There are some struggles. N'an and Marin have some trouble keeping focused but Anique and Typriaeth are certainly doing well. We've worked with them quite a bit, actually," So'l nods. "As'tre and Lana have been in other sessions, though, so I haven't seen much of them. I hear they're doing alright, though?" Reports from M'icha probably go much deeper on the subject but So'l explains the best he can. "Fr'rari is also coming along nicely. He did very well in the mounted maze exercise," the bronzer nods. Then, to Abigail's talk of dragon gossip, he chuckles. "Neither does Sharuth. Typriaeth is pretty much one of the Aunties. Couldn't you see her rocking in a chair and sewing?" So'l smirks. Nearby, Sharuth is relaxing in the warm sun while enjoying, too, the wintry wonderland that is Niumdreoth's mindscape. As the snow slows, critters of various types come out once more, searching the snows for mid-winter foodstuffs.

"Count yourself lucky that he isn't among the gossiping women. Zuvaleyuth seems to know everyone's business and I tend to ignore it." Dtirae sighss softly and gives a rather helpless shrug. "But, I'm glad you're getting some privacy. And I'll see what I can do to ensure it stays that way until you say otherwise." The Weyrwoman nods her agreement to So'l, "I think rotating the leadership positions would be most benefitial. After two sevendays, the leadership is shuffled and you get to experience it. I'll bring it up to M'icha. Maybe even have you guys writing mock reports and see how everything is structured." Poor Weyrlings! They may just be getting some more work. She quiets to listen to the assessment from the Weyrling, keeping all commentary to herself as he goes on. When he finishes, she gives a pleasant nod and a smile in So'l's direction. "Good to hear. And, from what I've heard of Typriaeth, I can certainly imagine that. Though, I can also see her being the loudest of the bunch."

Abigail chuckles softly at the thought of Niumdreoth being one of the gossiping women. The thought even makes the large brown snort at the thought, he does not gossip! "I can imagine that it would give ye a headache now and then over such things." A slight nod is seen and she smiles a moment. "Thank ye for that. Though don't worry about it, I'll threaten them all with babysitting if they get to pushy butting in." This said with an amused tone at the idea while she looks to the still sleeping Breeana. At the talk of letting the weyrling's swap leaderships roles she nods slightly at the idea. "Not a bad idea. Would for sure let them get use to doing such things, and give them a bit of insight on what all goes on with a wing." She looks to So'l and chuckles at the talk of Typriaeth. "Aye that seems to fit her rather well."

"Definitely beneficial," So'l nods as Abigail further outlines the potential pros of the idea. As for paperwork? Oh boy! "More work, but we can take it…" the bronzer grins at Dtirae, nodding confidently. "And you have /no/ idea," he snorts as Dtirae suggests that Typriaeth might be the loudest. "But from what Sharuth tells me, she has a good heart. She must, for her and Anique to get along so well," he smiles kindly. «We should be getting back, I think,» Sharuth nudges mentally. «The afternoon session is gathering soon, I hear.» 'You're probably right. C'mon, out you go,' So'l smiles towards his dragon. The almost-gold bronze noses Niumdreoth on the size and says, «It was very nice to see you again, Niumdreoth. Soon we shall fly into the forests together.» Moving onto the shore, the bronze begins moving towards the bench, coming into mounting proximity in short order. So'l turns to Abigail and smiles wistfully, "Training calls. We unfortunately have to go. Looks like meeting Breeana will have to wait," he chuckles. "It was so good to see you, Abbey," he nods, smiling and rising. With a salute to Dtirae, he says, "It was nice to see you as well, Weyrw-Dtirae," So'l grins, correcting himself. Moving towards Sharuth, he gracefully mounts up waves to both women before he and his bronze are on the move once

"Now and again, most of the time I just try to ignore it. Unless it is something that is benefitial to know, then… Well, that's a different story." Dtirae doesn't go into further detail on the matter. As for how Abigail intends to fend off the gossipers? The Weyrwoman laughs, "well, there's that. I'm sure they'll leave you be, then. Not many people are fond of babysitting." To So'l, she beams for his confidence and nods. "I'll see what I can do, then and maybe we can get it implemented." And when he makes to depart, a hand lifts in farewell before she finally takes a seat on the bench. There'a curious glance towards Abigail, thoughtful. "How are you doing? We haven't really talked…"

Abigail smiles and nods as she hears So'l talk of it being more work. "Nothing wrong with a bit more work.. At least at times." This said with an amused tone. She lifts her head a bit as So'l is needing to leave, her smile staying. "Was good to see ye again. We're talk more later." Her gaze lingers just slightly on the leaving pair before she lets her attention turn back to Dtirae. A soft chuckle escapes her. "Aye, so I recall as well." She didn't mind the babysitting, just didn't like the fact that all of the kids pulled at her hair. There is a pause as she sends a curious glance back to Dtirae, no they have never really talked much at all, not that things like that couldn't change. "I'm alright. Tired but, to be expected." Her tone is a bit amused filled at the thought while she shifts slightly letting the snoozing baby rest more in the crook of her arm. "What of yerself?" There is a slight pause. "Not often no,." Abbey isn't always that talktive of a person at times.

"I didn't used to like babies. Not sure how I feel about them, now… But, it isn't disgusted." Dtirae muses and glances over at the little bundle curiously. She doesn't say anything for a moment before looking to meet Abigail's eyes. "Oh, yes. I'm sure you're up all night sometimes. Having a child must be exhausting." Hands are drawn from her pockets and folded on her lap. "Me? Oh… I'm doing fine, I think. I mainly do work and that'd about it." A shrug and then the woman frowns a bit, considering. "Well, I apologize that we haven't spoken much before…"

Abigail is quiet for a moment, pondering it seems. "I often thought the same thing before all this." She pauses a moment her gaze lowering a touch to rest on Breeana which has her quiet for a few moments. "Aye, one could say that. Though it's not that bad actually." Her pale gaze turns back to Dtirae and she blinks a moment before shaking her head. "There is nothing to apologize over. I've never been the most talkative person to start with." She chuckles a moment. "Knowing me I'd say something ta make ye mad to start with."

"Really? If you don't mind me asking… Why did you have her if you were… Not all that fond of them?" Dtirae asks, "I mean, I imagine it is different now. Though, I'm now putting my foot in my mouth…" She trails off, giving the other a slight grin before she's giving a slight nod. There's no real understanding in the woman's statement as she's never been in that situation, but there's certainly some understanding there. "Well, still. I felt like I could have talked to you more… And, don't worry about what you say. I don't get mad easily when it comes to talking. You'd really have to be trying to make me angry."

Abigail smiles a moment and nods. "It's alright ta ask." She offers softly. "By the time I figured out it was too late to do anything but have her. My own stupidity mostly." Her gaze lifts towards Niumdreoth, the large brown is still settled within the shallows of the lake. "There was a time there the dragonhealers wasn't sure about Niumdreoth's wing after the crash during the flight. I wasn't exactly thinking about things well during that time I imagine." She almost lost her dragon during that flight when he went crashing down towards the ground. "I'm rather sure I've put my foot in my mouth often enough so no worries in the least." As for the rest she chuckles softly and nods. "I'll remember that. Truly it is alright." There is a slight pause as she glances back to Dtirae. "Anyway, no time like the present to fix such things like that. The talking bit at least."

"Oh, shells… I remember that… I imagine if I had actually did some math, I would have figured that out." There's a look of concern cast towards the brown, giving him a careful look over. "I don't imagine anyone would be thinking of that during times like that." The look of concern is then cast to the woman beside her. Whatever her thoughts are, she does not voice them but instead, slowly shifts into a smile. "I agree. I'd certainly like to talk more… If you don't mind. And, you're free to… You know… Come find me if you want to talk some time. Maybe I can babysit, if you want some alone time at some point. I

The flight still haunts Abigail, mostly because of what could have happened if Niumdreoth would have indeed not gotten help. A soft sigh escapes her and she shakes her head. "That's alright. It was a difficult time to say the least, though in the end it all worked out. Merely took a while to reach this point." She's quiet for a few moments, a hand reaching up to softly touch the sleeping baby's cheek a moment. As for the reach she looks back over, a smile seen and she nods. "Of course, I would like that." She chuckles softly and smiles. "I don't see why not. At this age I'm thinking she mostly sleeps ot cries so ye might get lucky if ye did babysit."

"I'm glad it did work out. He's looking well and you look happy." Dtirae is relieved at that, a smile given to the brownrider. The interaction between mother and child is watched with curiosity, but she says nothing for a long moment. "Thanks. I…" The Weyrwoman trails off and glances away, considering elsewhere. "That actually sounds nice. I can handle crying and sleeping. You just let me know, okay? And, maybe we can… I don't know… Talk somewhere, sometime? I guess. I'm not sure how this all works. It's been awhile since I've really talked with anyone."

Abigail nods, a soft smile seen once more. "Aye I'm happy." She maybe tired, but she is happy. At the crying and sleeping bit she looks amused, a slight grin seen. "Sure, ye say that now. When I come to pick her up yer be ever so eager to hand her over I bet." This said with a teasing tone. As for the rest there is a pause and she ponders. "Sure. I've been told ye like ta hunt?" Though she could have gotten that wrong of course. "It's something I've not done for a while…" Well it is hard to do such things with expecting a child after all. "Perhaps we could do sometime? I'm rather sure talking could happen then."

"That's great." Dtirae says to the confirmation of Abigial's happiness, smiling just a touch wider. That smile grows into a grin and the woman laughs, "probably. Or, if I get lucky she'll be quiet and I'll want to do it again. Then the next time is a whole different story." Her grin lingers before she shifts into a more relaxed position. "I love hunting. We could definitely go. I'm sure the nannies wouldn't mind looking after her for a day while we go out and catch a few things. Whenever you feel up to it, we'll go."

Abigail chuckles and nods. "Knowing her she would lure ye into a false sense of security the first few times and then be a fussing little wailer the next time ye was able to watch her." Though for the time Breeana sure is cute! At the bit on hunting she smiles an nods. "Great. I'm sure I could find someone to watch her for a day for such things. Another few days and then we could perhaps go." She ponders. "Have ye ever hunted with canines before?"

Dtirae laughs, "she sounds interesting for being so little. I'll stick by my decision to watch her, fusiness or not. And remind me of that later if I say otherwise." A teasing grin is given before she's nodding. "It sounds like a plan. I should be free to go in another few days. I've never really hunted with canines before. Once or twice, I think… But that was Turns ago. How does it work?"

Abigail grins a moment and nods. "Well, as I recall from my time of getting to help out with the kids the smaller they are the louder they can get at times." Though who knows how that works. "No worries, I shall remind ye of it without a problem." There is a pause and she ahs softly. "Well my canines help with tracking at times, or if I should wander across an animal that seems a bit hard to take down they would help with bringing it down. Depends on the canine and how they are trained I do suppose."

"I have no theories about why they're louder when they're smaller." Dtirae comments on that note, chuckling a bit. "I'll, perhaps, get some ear plug so I'm not deafend when she's too loud. But, hopefully, she'll cry somewhat quietly." As the topic of how to use canines for hunting is explained, there's a slow nod of understanding. "Ah. Yes. We never used 'em for tracking, but we did use them to scare some out of holes and stuff like that. Perhaps we could bring a canine with us, should be easy to do if we stay within Fort territories for the hunting."

Abigail chuckles at the talk of ear plugs, a nod seen and she smiles. "How about I get ye some incase ye need such things." This said with an amused tone at the thought. "I have a few canines that can be brought along for such things." She of course would have canines as she trained too many in the past to not have any now. "There well behaved for certain, quiet when hunting as well. I imagen they could scare up a few things from holes if'nn nothing else could be found as well."
More laughter follows, "that'd be much appreciated. Just in case." A wink is given to the brownrider. "That sounds great. When you can make arrangements, let me know and I'll make sure that I'm free to do so as well. I'm really looking forward to this." Dtirae then pushes up to her feet. "But, unfortunately, I am being told there's a situation I need to handle. You take care, Abbey. I'll see you soon." A smile is beamed at the other woman and the Weyrwoman departs, certainly looking a little more cheerful than she arrived.

Abigail grins and nods. "Sure thing." This said with an amused tone at the idea. She smiles while looking up to Dtirae. "I'm glad ta hear that for I'm looking forward to it as well. Thanks for coming by, hope the rest of yer day goes well." She is glad they did get to talk, for now that have plans and for sure more talking will happen! As the other leaves she'll wave after her.