Who F'inn, K'zre, Nymionth, Yasminath
What Weyrlings spend time star, erm, MOON gazing.
When Summer - Month 6 of Turn 2718
Where Training Complex, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

F'inn and Nymionth have been out since before first light. And while they haven't gone far, they have been very busy. The day had started with the pair stretching and F'inn doing push-ups and pull-ups while Nymionth dutifully turned his attention to wing flairs. After a light breakfast Nymionth had a nap, eaten, gotten bathed and oiled. Oiling Nymionth is a massive undertaking and, by the time it is done it had been well past mid-afternoon. The rest of the day had been interspersed with naps, laps, another bath, more oil and on and on until the day had ended and the moons risen. Rather then make their way inside, the pair have settled outside the barracks, the both of them staring up at the moons. Nym, for reasons of his own, is crooning. And, while the sound is assuredly shared with F'inn, it's for the moons.

Yasminath and K'zre have not been as… productive in that sense. There was definitely eating. And bathing. And oiling. But the pair spent the time practically glued to each other's sides and, while F'inn was running and push-upping and doing all of those things that put-on muscles and strength and build stamina… Kez was napping. He has good reason! Or at least, he has a good /excuse/. And that excuse is Yasminath, and her insistence upon going out into the bowl at night to stare at the moons. As if it was the night that gave her energy, rather than the day. Which means Kez has officially turned nocturnal. At least he looks alert as he walks out of the barracks, steps confident and straight rather than zombie-shuffling. It is Yasminath that spots the bronze pair first, a high-pitched trill echoing in greeting before Kez is shushing her with a gentle reminder that other people are actually asleep right now. Bounding forward, there's a softer but no less excited croon from the green, a bright, « Nymionth! » resounding to all who happen to be in the vicinity, be them dragon or not, and a sudden attempt to pounce the bronze.

Yasminath's trill brings Nymionth's head turning her way. The moons are beautiful, certainly, but Yasminath? The young bronze most assuredly thinks she's more beautiful. «Evening, little beauty.» his greeting is carried on the scent of roses and rich loam, life itself seeming to be heralded by that mellow basso thrum. She pounces? Nymionth makes it easy for her, a croon of delight rising in his throat as he gently nose boops her side before raising one wing in offering. «The moons are brighter tonight then I ever remember them,» he notes with an upward sweep of that massive head. Sitting on the ground, his back against Nym's forleg, F'inn flashes K'zre a smile of welcome. "I brought food," he notes as he tilts his chin toward a nearby basket. "There's klah and juice and water, as well."

The green is still too young to appreciate such compliments beyond understanding that it /is/ a compliment. A tinkling of bells and the shimmering of moonlight, Yasminath's idea of giggling, comes for the greeting. « They are! » she agrees, twisting her head up to peer at the moons overhead. Her pounce successful, she sliiiiiiides down the side of Nymionth's well-oiled shoulder to drop to the ground and wiggle into that space beneath his wing. « So pretty! K'zre says they're getting 'full'. » She turns her head to stuff it solidly into her weyrling's stomach when he comes close enough, a croon hummed out as he traces the faint crescent mark on her head. "Klah sounds good," Kez agrees, spending another moment or two fussing over Yas before moving to claim the thermos and, hopefully, a mug. "Not as tired anymore, though." Now that he sleeps during the day.

"I noticed," F'inn assures with a lopsided smile. "I kinda envy your ability to sleep." He has been sleeping less and less, using the times that Nymionth is napping to clean up, refill oils barrels and tend to all the little things that lifemate cannout help with. Fortunately, there are mugs in the basket, so K'zre is in luck on that point. Drawing one knee up to his chest, F'inn loops his arms around it, his lips twitching in a faint smile as he glances at the dragons. Merriment colors Nymionth's mind as Yasminath slides down his shoulder with her tinkling giggle. Once she's settled, his wing lowers, the molten bronze length tucking around her securely. «I am not sure what full means,» he admits. «But K'zre must be very wise to know these things.»

"I envy your ability to stay awake," counters Kez, a small huff given as he pours the klah into a mug. "It's gotten better, but I still feel like I could sleep for days…" It might be because he barely slept at all as a candidate. "Now that she's getting on some sort of schedule," even if it's completely opposite of just about everyone else's, "it's gotten easier. Can't imagine it'll be sustainable once we actually start training." A rather lot of words for the healer-turned-weyrling, and Yasminath is entirely to blame if the lingering look and tender smile directed toward the green is any indication. Happily cuddled up against Nymionth, Yas snakes her head out to touch her nose to K'zre's side once he's found a place to sit, discontent until some part of her is touching some part of him. « I don't know, either, » she admits, a bit wistful. « But, » she adds, brightening once again, « he says they will be even brighter, tomorrow! » And Yas? Thrilled at the news. As for being wise? A happy thrum in her throat comes as full and complete agreement on that point. « The wisest. » Kez? Maybe doesn't agree with that, head ducked as he studies the contents of his mug briefly.

«Definately,» Nymionth agrees. In the wake of the words, his head swings around, his neck long enough now that he can regard K'zre directly over the top of Yasminath's head. For a moment, he just studies him before exhaling a mellow croon and looking back up at the moons. «I look forward to seeing them brighter,» he admits. «Their rising is the best part of every day.» F'inn shaking his head at Nym, F'inn's smile turns wry as he lightly clears his throat and wraps his arms around his updrawn knee. "I keep trying to sleep," he admits. "But Nym is right, I have a lot to do, more to learn and a lifetime of frivolity to make up for." It's daunting, to say the least, but F'inn is doing everything he can to live up to Nymionth's massive expectations. "He's very fond of her," he notes as he watches his lifemate inspecting K'zre.

« That's why I picked him, of course, » continues Yasminath, brimming with affection for her lifemate. « He's so smart, and kind, and he's the best at everything! At healing, and reading, and… everything! » It's enough to make Kez somewhat self-conscious, even if there's a funny smile playing at the edges of his mouth and he might be blushing, though it's likely way too dark to tell. "I love you, too," he murmurs low, leaning down to press a kiss to her eyeridge while the green croons in utter delight for it. « I can't wait until we can fly! I want to flight right up to the moons, but K'zre says that's not possible… » But she'll still try. "You still need sleep," he chides. "Running yourself to exhaustion is not going to help anyone. And you don't owe /us/ anything." At Nymionth's scrutiny, Kez just… stares right back. It's not a defensive or challenging sort of stare. More… curiosity in return. "I noticed…" comes in a low murmur, gaze dropped from the bronze to the spot where Yasminath has snuggled herself in. "She just likes… everyone." But maybe Nymionth the most.

Nymionth's croon echoes Yasminath's, his head raising to regard the moons standing so high in the sky. «You can get closer, though,» he decides. «I would like to get closer. But it will be some time before we are strong enough to fly. You are stretching and doing your wing exercises?» F'inn isn't sure he agrees with K'zre, but most of that comes from Nymionth. "Nym insists it's our duty," he points out. "And of course we owe you all something. I don't mind," he assures with a quiet laugh. "And I'm just not as tired as I probably should be. I just don't want to let anyone down." That has become very important since Nymionth entered his life.

« Wing exercises? » The wide-eyed blink-blink is definitely implied in that tone of voice, and while there are not crickets to fill the silence, there is definitely a bit of an awkward pause. « Uh… yes! Sure, yup! I do them! » every once in a while, when K'zre makes her, she gives her wings a flap or two… That totally counts, right?! Cough-cough. « I will be strong, and fly straight through the sky to the moons, just watch! » Yasminath does not understand the concept of space, and is utterly confident that it is just a matter of endurance. Kez soothes a hand over her neck, unwilling to correct her just yet. But for the idea that F'inn owes them something? A decisive snort for that, sounding much more like his old self in that moment. There's even a bit of weight behind that slanty-eyed look that is shot toward the other weyrling. "What is it you think you owe us?" he wants to know, peering over his mug toward F'inn even as his free hand traces the dappling along Yasminath's hide. "And what is it you think you have to prove?"

«You have to do your stretching and wing exercises if you want to do that,» Nymionth chides. «Otherwise your wings will not be strong enough. Or you will get injured.» And that is a thought he prefers not to even consider happening. And while he is chiding, the tones are still gentle. Firm, but gentle. «It is important, Yasminath. If you wish we can turn it into a game and do it together.» For his part, F'inn glances up at Nym and smiles, the adoration in his gaze utterly clear. "Hrm?" Looking back at K'zre, he blinks a few times before his shoulders rise and fall in a slow shrug. "Come on, K'zre, I couldn't even count the number of disapproving frowns I recieved from you. I have a lot to prove," he admits. "I mean, I am not blind to the fact that I was niether driven, nor particularly responsible. And Nym? You don't.. You can't imagine how good he is. He has the potential to be the best of the best and I will not let myself hold him back." And it does not require more then a glimpse at F'inn's face to realize that he is truly worried about holding his lifemate back.

« I knooooow, » grumbles Yasminath, mentally pouting at the chastisement despite how gentle it might be. « And I am doing them, » she whines. « They're just harrrrrrd. » Grump-grump-pout. But making them into a game has her perking up somewhat, the bells and moonbeams back full-force as she exclaims, « Really? What kind of game! I bet I'd be really good at it. » Probably not, but she'd at least THINK she's awesome at it. And while distraction comes just as easily for K'zre, his gaze often trailing and lingering on Yasminath, he's still solidly paying attention to the conversation at hand. "Yes, well… that is only because of your utterly unhealthy eating habits," he decides, unwilling to apologize for previous disapproval even if he knows he ought to. "But really, my opinion matters very little outside of the infirmary. And," continues Kez, eyes on his fingers as they swing around and around a particularly luminous bit of Yasminath's hide, "I frown at everyone." He knows it. He's given up trying to do much about it. "I understand," he murmurs at the last. "Yasminath is everything. She's so… she's better than I could ever hope to be." And while she might not intentionally push him toward excellence, Kez still wants to be the best he can for her. "He picked you for a reason," he says after a length pause, tearing his gaze away from Yas to pin it back on F'inn. "You've already won."

« They will get easier, » Nymionth promises. « The more you do them, the stronger your wings get and the further and faster and higher you will be able to fly. » In the wake of the statement, Nymionth lowers his head, exhaling a comforting croon as he lightly boops her with his snout. « I know you will be really good at it! Hrm. What kind of game? We can call it to the moons and back,» he decides. « And if you do at least three sets wings stretches and rises three times a day? The prize will be… Something mysterious and shiny. » Which F'inn will have to figure out, clearly. "Your opinions matter to me," F'inn points out. "And I am outside of the infirmary." Why it matters? He couldn't begin to say and doesn't even attempt to try. It's the last, though that inspires a mellow laugh to spilling past F'inn's lips. "I haven't won," he notes. "It's a game that will go until the day I die." And he's okay with that. "I'm not complaining," he assures. "Or digging for an apology. Just explaining that I don't intend to fail Nymionth's expectations. I owe him my best in everything."

Yasminath considers this at length. « Fine, » she concedes, sounding as though she's just agreed to the worst chore ever offered. « I will do them. With you, » she insists, because if she must do them, he must do them. Never mind that the entire weyrling class must do them. « Three stretches. Three rises, » she repeats, agreeing to the terms and undoubtedly excited at the potential for something pretty. Though truly, it is the idea of a gift at all that has her excited. A happy hum vibrates in her throat, and her first set of lids drops in delight at the nose-boop. She snuggles in tighter against his side, though her head still remains firmly planted where K'zre can reach. Not that he's very far from her, having scooted himself in to lean against her shoulder. But while the green might be happily daydreaming about what her mysterious and shiny present might be (in between adoring the glow of the moons and the warmth of Nymionth's hide), the human-half is frowning once again. It is not disproval, and it is not a very harsh frown. But it is a frown. In the silence that follows F'inn's words, Kez opens his mouth, shuts it, and then opens it again. A quick suck of air and he sighs it out as though having decided something. "The only opinion that should matter is your own." But in the same breath he adds, "But I get it. I do."

"When has that ever been the case for anyone," F'inn laughs. Rolling his shoulders in a shrug, he flashes a lopsided smile, his chin lowering to rest atop the arms folded around his updrawn knee. Course, he does slant a glance at Nymionth, one brow twitching at the knowledge that he is going to have to find a something shiny for Yasminath. «I will do them with you every day,» Nymionth assures in mellow tones. « If you like, you and K'zre can run with us during the early evening, as well. » "Nym's volunteering you to run with us," F'inn laughs in amused tones.

Kez offers a shrug and a conciliatory "True, but if you try to please everyone, you'll just ruin yourself. I don't recall you caring that much, before…" before Impression. "But I don't think you're going to fail at this. How could anyone fail at being a dragonrider?" The hardest part is over, as far as Kez can see. « That would be great! K'zre loves to run! » Maybe. At least, that is Yasminath's interpretation of it. Either way, there's a snort from the human, and then a tolerant sigh and the admittance that, "I probably should, before I lose all muscle tone." He's been slacking. He knows it, but Kez can't bring himself to regret it when what he's been spending his time at instead is bonding with Yasminath.

"We're out here every day," F'inn assures. "Nymionth runs right alongside me. Well, a bit to the back and the side, but you know what I mean." Falling silent a beat, he considers what has been said, his lips twitching in a frown before he sighs. "I cared. Maybe not as much, but I mean… I don't know." Unfortunately, he does not believe the hardest part is over. He's not sure what the hardest part is going to be, but Impression was relatively easy. « Then you must run with us, » Nymionth declares. « We can make it a race so that you get very, very fast! » And, of course, he has every intention of letting her win. Most of the time. Some of the time? Enough that it encourages her to try harder when she doesn't win, at least. Aware of his lifemate's reasoning, F'inn leans back, one arm stretching up to draw along Nym's neck in an affectionate caress. "He's a natural leader," he murmurs. "That scares me more then anything."

"Hm. Been a while since I've run with anyone," K'zre notes, oddly amused by the thought. A glance at Yasminath, and he can't help but smile when her own answer to the invitation is a hesitant, « Ahh… maybe I'll spectate? » Running? Not her thing. But racing? Chasing? Playing a game? « I will try, » she decides, waffling between excitement and trepidation. « But I don't think I've very… good at that sort of thing. » Totally clumsy, and she's starting to catch on about it. There really isn't a day that goes by where she doesn't trip at least once. Over her own feet, or her tail, or even nothing at all. She's at least gotten graceful about how she falls and has avoided injury. "You'll get better," murmurs Kez, reaching up to scritch at her favorite spot. "You cared, but you didn't care?" That is what Kez got out of that, and it's confused him. But it is the last that has him glancing between bronze and weyrling with a puzzled expression. "Why? Do you not want to be a leader?"

« Good. » Nymionth declares. « You will like it. » She'll probably hate it, at least at first, but he'll try to make it fun for her. « I think you will be exceptional at everything you put your mind to doing, Yasminath. » He has nothing but confidence in her. "I cared," F'inn explains. "But I mean, I was a potter. It didn't matter what people thought of me. Everyone needs pots. Doesn't mean it didn't bother me, but I was so focused on having fun. It was easier then being serious," he adds with lopsided smile. It's the last that has him silent for a time, pale blue eyes sweeping up to Nymionth. "I want him to be a leader," F'inn admits. "I.. I guess, I kinda do. Hopefully," he adds with a smirk. "I'm not terrible at it."

Yasminath is utterly certain she'll hate it. Except for the times that she's loving it (namely, when she is winning and not fumbling over her own feet). « Really? » she wonders, not even attempting to hide the glee and delight that Nymionth's confidence brings her. She'd be shining if such a thing was possible, all silvery moonlight and twinking bells and pleased croons. « I don't know about that but, I will try, » she decides, humming happily. She'll try her little heart out. And Kez will be there to make sure she doesn't out pace herself. "You certainly did that." Focused on having fun. It is not a criticism, but it's definitely an assertive observation. K'zre's own look in return is… serious. Studiously serious and bordering on apprehensive. "If you are," he decides, "Then you can always step down." He's not /trying/ to be rude. Just offering a practical way out, should F'inn need it. "But I doubt they would put a weyrling, or a newly graduated rider, into a position of authority. And we are a long way from graduating so… I don't think you need to worry about it just yet."

« I have no doubts in your ability, at all, » Nymionth assures. « You will do great things, Yasminath. » He has no doubts of that. « Trying is all any of us can do. » And that is meant as much for F'inn as it is for Yasminath. "True," F'inn admits. "On all points. Still, I have to do what I can to improve, now. It may," he notes with a wry smile. "Take me turns just to get to the point that it is not a laughable thought." Winking, he rolls his shoulders in an easy shrug, his gaze sweeping back up to the moons. "I love how much my world has changed," he admits. "I love feeling like I have the potential to be more then I ever dreamt I would be."

« Do I /have/ to do great things? » Yasminath is not entirely certain that she does. But there's also a bit of timid concern that maybe she should want to do great things. « I just want to be me. And be with K'zre. And learn to fly, and maybe go to the moon. » Simple things. "I'm not laughing," Kez points out, seriously. "Why would it be laughable? You're a journeyman in your craft, obviously you know the value of hard work and ambition when it's something you want." At least, he's making some assumptions on that. But he won't push it, and the change of subject has Kez looking first to the sky and then to Yasminath, a puzzled expression flitting across his face. "I don't know if I feel that," he admits. "Yasminath changed my world," he confirms quickly, "but… I feel more… like I don't /care/ if I have potential or not."

« Those are all great things, » Nymionth assures in soothing tones. « There is nothing more important then being the very best Yasminath you can be. Except,» He adds in wry tones. « Maybe taking frequent play breaks. » Honestly, F'inn is not sure what to say and it shows on his face. "It's different," he murmurs. "I don't know that I could say how it is different, but it is. For me. Maybe it's different for all of us?" He has no idea. It's K'zre's last that has him slanting the healer turned weyrling a look. "But you do have potential," he states in matter of fact tones. "You're responsible and brilliant and do /not/ tolerate nonsense."

« Play breaks are required, » agrees Yasminath. Unlike her somewhat stoic lifemate, this green is ALL about playtime! Even if she's not really any good at the games. It's fun to play, and Yasminath intends to do so as often as possible. That she's able to get Kez playing too? Even better! "It probably is different for everyone. No dragon is the same as another, and no person is the same…" It makes sense to him. But a shrug of his shoulders is the best he can do in terms of explaining his feelings after Impressing Yasminath. He just doesn't care if he's the best Healer, or the best anything, anymore. And it's a relief, even if he doesn't know why it's a relief. "I am," he agrees. "And I do." Because Kez does at least recognize some traits in himself, though that 'brilliant' has him looking a little side-eye-y. "But I also seem to irritate people. I say the wrong thing. Or… say it in the wrong way." He's not entirely sure, which is the core of the problem. "As we have been dragonriders for less than a month, I am not very worried about it right now."

F'inn exhales a low snort. "There is nothing wrong with blunt and to the point. Most people never say what they really think, I kinda like that you put it all out there." Resettling against Nym's foreleg, he rolls his shoulders, cracking his neck with a grunt. "You do seem more relaxed since the hatching," he admits. "It's nice. I was starting to think I was never going to see you smiling." « We shall make a point to have mandatory play breaks » Nymionth agrees. « F'inn says that at some point there will be games we can play with them, as well. I'm very interested to find out more about that. But, for now, we can run and stretch and do our exercises in between playing.»

"I don't see the point in… 'sugar coating' things." Kez also doesn't really understand the concept of 'softening the blow', or that to do so is sometimes a kindness. He says what he thinks because… he doesn't really know how else to be. The mention of him relaxing, of him smiling, has his gaze dropping and his fingers once more tracing the ghostly silver dappling along Yasminath's hide. "She makes me happy," is all he can really offer in reply. And it is the truth. He's never been happier than he is with Yasminath. The though is echoed by the green, a soft, affectionate croon coming as she nuzzles in against him. « Everything is so exciting! » she agrees, for games to come, and games tomorrow. For the whole big, wide world that they get to explore. « I want to do it all! » RIGHT NOW preferably but, as that is not possible, she will settle for snuggling against Nymionth, nuzzling at K'zre, and stealing looks at the moons.

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