Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Abigail chuckles softly as she hears Fellan, a soft smile seen and she leans over to let her hand softly rest against his arm. Huritt hops up and settles against Fellan's shoulder now, the little brown lizard chirping out a few times. Abbey tilts her head while she looks curiously between Fellan and Zebel letting the two talk for the moment about smithy stuff it seems. It's still morningish and Abbey is sitting upon a comfy chair next to Fellan. Huritt, a young little brown firelizard is there as well. Some people are still milling about, getting ready to go out and get busy working it would seem.

Zebel bites down on his lip, he's always saying just the wrong thing at the wrong time it seems. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Yes, it was you sir, that I was supposed to meet." There's a faint red tinge to his skin as he looks away. "I appologize for speaking out of turn, when I just got here."

Borodin appears in the entrance of the cavern, stepping aside to let a few people go past. He seems to be looking for something - around and around go his eyes, until they settle on Abigail. Aha! He starts across the cavern toward her, his gaze flickering briefly to Fellan but then back to his sister as he offers a wave.

Fellan blinks at Zebel's apology, then laughs brightly and shakes his head. "You haven't done anything to apologize for, lad! Please. As long as you do good work and keep ahead on your studies, you won't have any problems with me. I'm not big on formalities. Alright?" Abigail and Huritt are given smiles as the firelizard continues to get lots of attention.

Zebel nods, still slightly pink about the face as he gets to his feet. "Well, if you say so. Where should I be heading though, to settle in at, and all that? And get started on the work that I'm going to be learning?" He gives a brief nod back to the nice lady and to the arriving newcomer, fidgeting as he waits to be excused.

Abigail blinks while peering at Zeble curiously, a soft smile seen but she shakes her head a moment. "Yer alright. Really." She may be speaking out of turn for Fellan but she feels the other was alright. "See?" This questions with an amused tone. Huritt stretches out upon his new shoulder of perching and seems rather content there! Abbey glances up at the movement and smiles upon seening her brother. "Borodin!" Is said while she stands up, happy to see him it seems. "When did ye get here?"

Wait, what was that on Fellan's shoulder? Borodin looks back to see the little brown firelizard there, and huhs. Oh, sure, he's seen them before, on the shoulders of the rich and famous, but not quite so up-close as all this. He may even be staring a little, just possibly, before he manages to pull his eyes away and to Abigail. "Oh, uhm, just now," he says, with a smile that doesn't last. "Uhm. I… have something for you." He starts diggig around in his pockets, now then, where'd he put it?

Abigail gives Borodin a hug, even if he didn't want it, haha.. Have to love sisterly hugs! She peers at him curiously. "For me?" Is questioned while pondering what it could possible be. "Ye didn't have to get me anything." She offers softly to her brother. A faint oh escapes her and she looks over to Fellan and the brown firelizard, well.. She needs to tell her dear brother a few things but figures she will wait to let him talk first.

Fellan points Zebel in the direction of the resident dorms. "Head that way, ask around for the Headwoman. She'll set you up, you'll do fine." And then Borodin is there! Fellan greets him with a broad smile, offering his hand for a shake. "Borodin! Good to see you again! I hope you've been well?"

Borodin looks embarrassed at the hug, squirming a little though he doesn't pull away. "'m trying to…" Well, apparently, it'll have to wait while he's hugged. As will Fellan's extended hand. He gives the smith a somewhat awkward expression, waiting for Abbey to let him go before taking the hand for a quick shake. "Oh, uhm, I've been fine." He nods like a bobblehead, then glances to Abigail. "It's not from me, actually, it's…" Hey, is that it he feels down in that pocket? Dig for it!

Abigail grins at her brother and lets him go after a few moments, a soft giggle escaping her. "Well I'm glad ta see ye. I was hoping ye'd come back." She blinks while peering at Borodin and tilts her head pondering. "Well… Who's it from?" This questioned with a curious tone. Huritt chirrups and lifts his head peering at the new person. The little brown shifts and then hops on over to Abbey's shoulder and curls up there looking content.

Fellan gives Borodin's hand a firm shake. "Well, that's good to hear. I've been doing my best to keep your sister out of trouble, but I'm sure another pair of watchful eyes can only help." He gives Abigail a little grin and a wink, as if the statement wasn't obviously joking enough.

Him? Keep Abbey out of trouble? Borodin gives Fellan a stare, followed by an awkward laugh before he resumes his digging around. Aha! There it is. Borodin pulls out several sheets of folded paper. The expression of triumph is short-lived, because they're rather crumpled. Not unreadably so, but… he makes an abortive attempt to smooth them out before handing it over to his sister. "It's a letter-" The firelizard is on her shoulder now. His eyes widen, and he just stares for a moment or three. Wait, now, what was he talking about again? Uhhh… right! "From, uh, mom and dad."

Abigail blinks and peers over at Fellan curiously, a soft chuckle escapes her. "Oh yes.. Cause I'm constently in trouble. Like a little child or something hum?" She is grinning at least. Her attention is back on her brother and she tilts her head while looking at the letter and ohs while she reaches up with a hand to take hold of it. "Wonder if they are poking at me to come home yet." Which she wouldn't put it past them really! Huritt trills out softly and a soft oh escapes Abbey. "Um.. Borodin this is Huritt.. I…sorta found him a few days back, most of his clutch was dead but I managed to save him." She wishes her brother was there, perhaps another could have been saved. Which means she has a firelizard now..

"Your words, not mine." Fellan replies to Abigail, wicked mirth going nowhere from his face. "I'm just limited to doing what I can as a responsible member of the community." When the firelizard is introduced, Fellan eyes him for another moment. "A lot don't make it from wild clutches, unfortunately… but he's really doing very well. Lots of energy."

"Uhm, well," goes Borodin at his sister's comment on the letter, before getting distracted by - "YOUR firelizard?" his eyes are wide now, staring at the little brown. That's it, roll him off to the corner and stick a fork in him. He's done.
Abigail pauses as she hears Fellan at the comment of her being troublsome. "So it was.." She grins and winks at him. "I see.. Well, I bet yer rather enjoying that job an't ye?" This questioned to Fellan befoer she looks back to Borodin and nods slightly. Well the reaction is one she was expecting. As for the letter from her parents? That can wait a moment and she tucks it into a pocket before softly picking up the young brown hatchling, half holding him out so both brother and lizard can see one another better. Huritt chirrups and cooos out as he hands there, eyes swirling about as he peers up at Borodin. "He sleeps a lot, an eats a lot but.. His a baby so that is to be expected."

Fellan eyes the lizard and chuckles a bit. "He certainly seems to have a great deal more energy than I did when I was a few days old. If my parents are to be believed, I wasn't doing much zipping around at that age… he's lucky to have found someone of such high caliber to take care of him."

It's a firelizard. There's a firelizard, and it's looking at him. His sister's firelizard. "It, uhm." No, wait. Not it. He! Try again. "He, ah…" Borodin gives up and just stares at the little brown. Gulp. If his fingers get chomped off, it's totally Abbey's fault! He reaches out, offering her hand for sniffing like he would to an unfamiliar canine or feline.

Abigail grins as she hears Fellan and peers over at him. "If ye was zipping around at a newborn's age I would indeed be worried." She smiles, a faint blush seen and she looks back to Huritt who just hangs there, a faint twitching sway of his tail seen. The little brown leans forward eyeing the hand curiously and chirrups.. There isn't any food there, what is this?! The brown trills and lets his head bump against the outstretched hand before he flutters and is hoping up onto Borodin's shoulder if he should stay put long enough! Abbey ahs softly and bites her lip a moment hoping her brother doesn't take off running or something silly.

Fellan can't help but be a touch amused as he watches the lizard's antics. "Indeed. Took me a little longer to get a handle on the basic motor skills and such. Surprisingly tricky, all that." He jokes, grinning. "You should feed 'im a little bit, Borodin. He'll love you forever for it."

Right, okay, the firelizard is- clambering up onto him. Borodin eeps, but fortunately for all involved he freezes for a moment instead of running around with flailing limbs. He tries to turn his head and peer at the brown, but discovers that your own shoulders are one of the hardest places to see. Well… this isn't so bad, is it? He reaches up to try and softly pet the firelizard, then blinks to Fellan. "Feed…? Uh, what do firelizards eat?"

Abigail chuckles as she hears Fellan. "Right, I suppose some of them was a wee bit tricky to deal with." This said with an amused tone an wink seen to Fellan. She ohs and glances back to where she was sitting and moves over picking up a meat roll which she comes back and offers it to Borodin. "Just break it up into bits. He'll love it." Huritt trills out happly and the little brown eyes the meatroll that is getting passed around. He sways on his paws and sits waiting for the food!

Fellan grins and nods at Abigail's suggestion as far as firelizard foodstuffs go. "Aye, you can't go wrong with meat, they love it. Left to their own devices they'll generally hunt bugs at that age. But I have to imagine meatroll is tastier."

"Uhm, all right," says Borodin, taking the meatroll and teasing the contents apart into shreds - that part's easy, it's like crumbling it for a sauce. Once he's got a good bit of the stuff, he lifts his hand up and offers it to the brown on his shoulder, neck at an awkward angle to see if he can watch. "Uhm, here you go…"

Abigail chuckles softly as she watches for a few moments, making sure all is well it seems. Huritt eyes the food and is rather quick tp snatch it up, little nips felt against Borodin's fingers as the brown is rather eager to inhale the food it seems. "See, his really nice." With Huritt getting fed Abbey turns her attention to the letter from her parents and once it open goes about reading it. It doesn't take long for her to be frowning over the contents.

Dearest daughter,

We miss you. What's so important at that Weyr place you can't come visit your parents?

That nice boy Tarou from down the hall was asking about you. You two would make a good match! He comes from a good family, and it's about time you settled down and had a family of your own. Your mother isn't getting any younger, and some grandkids would really brighten the place up. I know, you've been playing around with your guard thing, but don't you think it's time you had a proper career? Anita - you know Anita, your auntie - says she could take you in Weavercraft if you're still insisting you don't want to follow in your mother's footsteps and be a Baker. Think about it! Maybe come see her before she goes back to South Boll again, it's been so long!

Your gramma's getting over her cold, but I'm sure she'd still appreciate a visit. She gets so lonely, and ou know how her arthritis is these days.


Mom & Dad

P.S. Hope to see you soon!

Fellan watches the firelizard get fed, chuckling a little. "See how quickly he forgets me? I think the best friend position has already been stolen." He looks back at Abigail, catching her frown. A look of concern enters his face. "Everything okay?"

Borodin's had worse than firelizard nips. "I… suppose he is." After Huritt finishes eating, he reaches up again to pet over the brown's head and neck. Okay, this.. isn't so bad. He smiles a little, though he's still got his attention on the brown enough that he doesn't look back at Abbey until Fellan's question.

Abigail is quiet for a few moments while she seems to read the letter again and folds it tucking it back into her pocket. "It's.. Just our parents." A slight shrug seen while she looks to Borodin watching him and Hurrit quietly a few moments. The little brown chirrups out softly while leaning into the pettings.
Fellan is clearly curious, but doesn't pry further. At least not at the moment. He just gives Abigail a sympathetic look and a little smile he hopes will lift her spirits just a bit.

Yeah, that. Borodin looks away across the cavern, his fingers continuing to pet Huritt. After a long moment, he clears his throat. "They, uh… told me to stay until you …wrote back." Yeah, that's probably not what they actually said. "Mom made the head cook agree to it."

Abigail isn't too sure what to say it seems, her arms have folding in front of her losely and her mind is wandering. A soft sigh escapes her and she looks back to Fellan and a slight smile is offered back to him. Hearing Borodin she glances back to him. "So if I don't write back ye get to stay?" This makes her grin for a moment at least.

Fellan chuckles at Abigail's logical deduction. "Now that sounds like a fine plan!" Eager to lift moods again, he turns a bright grin to Borodin. "Perhaps we can track down that rider who seemed so interested in whether you had a girlfriend or not. She was out ice skating the other day. Very graceful." Uh-oh. Schemes are brewing here.

"Uh?" says Borodin to his sister. "That's, uhm, I don't think that's quite…" Sure, the logic is impeccable, but… wait, and what? "She - but I was just - uh… I'm not so sure that's a good idea…" Okay, actually, he's pretty sure it isn't. What are these two going to do with him?

Abigail chuckles softly as she hears Fellan, her pale gaze settled on her dear brother. "Aww.. But ye just said ye have to stay until I write back. Didn't he Fellan?" She questions with a soft innocent sound tone. A glance is offered to Fellan pondering and she ohs! "Ye mean Hotaru? She is rather nice…" Oh dear.. poor Borodin..

Plenty of deviousness can be seen in Fellan's smile at Abigail now. "Yes. A very nice young girl. Very sweet. And seemed so friendly to your brother, too." Deviousness indeed. "And yes, that's what I heard him say. He must stay until you write back."

Sure, it's all fun and games until those parents come in person! Borodin squirms. "Well, uhm, yes, but… they said I was supposed to bring you back…" The truth emerges! Yeah, he was doomed going into this, and it's not helping his arguments any that these two have begun to conspire against him. "What? But… I… wasn't she, like, fourteen?" Because that's the real problem here, not the fact they're plotting his future without his consent.

Abigail smiles softly to her brother. "I'm joking Borodin." This said while she moves to let a hand rest against his shoulder. Huritt hops over to his person's shoulder and curls up there. "I wouldn't do anything like that, truely." She pauses and just peers at Borodin watching him a few moments, she soon frowns. "…What?" That isn't what the letter said!

Fellan looks uncertain. "Was she that young? Well, you know, love knows no age… wait, what?" Now he starts looking concerned, looking back over at Abigail. "Why? Don't you still have work that needs doing here?"

"Uhm. Dad said…" Borodin looks away. "I thought, if you wrote a letter, I could give them that and they'd stop. For now, at least."

Abigail is quiet now and her had lowers a tad to watch the ground. "The only reason I'm still here is for guard training.." Well and because Fellan is here, her pale gaze drift towards Fellan a moment. "My parents never wanted me to be a guard. Borodin and I have been going against everything they wanted since we was kids." Ha, there is a surprize, Abbey doing something she wants and not what someone else. "Ya.. I'll write a letter Borodin." Though even she knows that won't take care of it for long. Her shoulders slump slightly. "I'll try to get it done tonight.."

Fellan reaches out to put his hand on Abigail's shoulder, giving her a serious look. "It's important to respect one's elders, but you're old enough to make your own decisions. You should do what sounds right to you. That's always got to be the top priority."

Borodin shakes his head. "No, uhm…" He gives Abigail a little half-smile. "Not tonight. Take a day. Maybe two. They're not going to expect me - us - back right away." Because, after all, he's supposed to be uprooting his sister entirely. (Which of course he should be capable of, what with being the male. Their parents have had quite a few disappointments.) "I'll… find something to do." There's a whole weyr after all, full of dragonriders and girls and… wait why did he think this was a good idea? They'll eat him alive! The girls, that is, or maybe the riders. The dragons will just sit on him. Ulp.

Abigail nods to Borodin, a soft smile seen to him. She has never though her brother was a disappointment, as for their parents? Different story. "We're go ice skating.. It was fun. An… Maybe ye can make a few friends while yer here." Her gaze turns back to Fellan, watching him a few moments. "They are my parents Fellan.." She isn't sure if she can actually go against what they are saying at the moment. Not that she hasn't been doing that all her life already. Just now it seems differently for some reason.

"Yeah, there's plenty to do around the weyrs. You have to make the most of it while you're here. Like those parties I told you about, remember?" Fellan asks Borodin, grinning a bit. He looks at Abigail, smile turning a bit worried. "… Yeah, I know. Sorry, not my place to say anything. I just… want you to be happy, is all." Obviously, his relationship with his own parents is rather different.

The dancing naked parties? Those parties? There's a widening of Borodin's eyes to Fellan, and then.. "Ice skating? Uhm." Well, it wins out in comparison, at least! "…sure." In for a quartermark, in for a double. He'll make the most of this. Why- "I'll just… uhm, maybe I'll see if they need help in the kitchens." Oh, Borodin. You came so close to actually doing something!

Abigail watches Fellan a few moments, her hand moving to take hold of his, and give it a squeeze. "It's not warmenough for that Borodin." This said with a osft chuckle before she looks over to her brother, a soft smile seen. "Alright.." An knowing her brother like she dogs he'll find something to keep him busy in there and she'll have to drag him out!

Fellan knows he really shouldn't tease the poor boy, but the flustered response earns a little amused grin despite himself. "Yes, I suppose you're right. Too cold." He agrees with Abigail, chuckling just a bit and winking at her. He looks back at Borodin with a little smile. "You don't have to leave, if you don't want…"

Yes. Too cold. Okay! "Well, uh, I can't stay for long." Oh so sorry, he'll just have to miss out on all of them entirely! Borodin will just stick in the kitchens and… huh? Him, stay here? "I, uhm…. well, that… er. What?"
Abigail offers a soft smile to Borodin. "Come on.. Sit and talk with us?" She questions softly. Anything at the moment is better then her dwelling on stuff about their parents.

Fellan nods to second Abigail's suggestion, giving the cook another smile. "Yeah, no need to rush off. The kitchens will still be there later. Relax and unwind for a bit, yeah?"

"Uhm, yeah, sure," says Borodin, and he sits himself down on a chair. His hands go to his lap, to his sides, back again… "So, uh, what were you talking about?"

Abigail smiles and nods to Borodin once he does say he'll stay. She keeps a hold of Fellan's hand, another squeeze felt upon it as she turns to move back to where she was sitting. Her chair is taken back over, and Huritt her brown firelizard goes about clinging to her shoulder and is then busy dozying off it seems. It's around afternoon, there are some people milling about and the like. Borodin, Fellan and Abbey look busy talking.

"Before you got here? Nothing much." Fellan answers Borodin, giving Abigail a quick smile before looking back at the boy. "There was a new smith apprentice here very briefly. And before that there was a larger conversation I only caught the tail end of."

Borodin's gaze falls on those hands holding each other, and then he quickly looks away again. They're being sweet at each other. Oh dearie. He looks out around the room at the wandering people, and hurms. He nods to Fellan's answer. "Oh. All right, then." Which means.. it's time for a conversational topic! … uh, don't look at him. Oh, wait. You are. Uh… "So… you mentioned ice skating?"

"Ice skating yes!.. Ah we went last night it was fun. Didn't managed to busted anything at least." Abigail grins slightly at this. As for Fellan an herself? Yes they are been somewhat sweet on one another.

Fellan gives Abigail a little smile, which only adds to the sweetness. Still, he has enough decency not to engage in too much of such things with her brother right there. He sticks to the conversation at hand. "It was quite fun! Even if I mostly just spent the time flailing and trying not to fall down."

Etzlix steps in from the bowl, likely to flee the chill that lingers outside this time of turn around Fort. She's accompanied by an older looking bluerider wearing an ierne Weyrhold knot and the pair are chatting quietly together as they enter, the younger of the pair holding a very small gold firelizard in her arms while an eye-smarting neon blue firelizard hangs off of her shirt like some sort of odd brooch. "I'ma feed Ixxy." The young woman murmurs to her escort, earning a nod. "Meet y'back out there inna bit." And with those words, the pair part ways, the bluerider heading further into the caverns while the young woman makes her way through the living cavern, heading towards the serving tables. If greeted, she will offer a brief wave and smile, bracelets upon her arms tinkling merrily, but for the most part, her attention seems to be mostly on the tiny gold she carries.

Borodin diligently attempts to ignore the sweetness. After all, he doesn't have the right tools to make candy! "That must have been interesting," he says, and smiles. "There's a pond up… somewhere, that some of the boys from the Hold go to." See? Holders know how to have fun! Not that he's ever been along, really. What with his looking away, he notices the new arrival - hard to miss that searing blue, and once he's seen that, there's also the little gold, not to mention the woman herself. He goes 'oh' at the sight, then glances back to Abbey and Fellan. "Who's she?" he asks quietly.

Abigail grins slightly at Fellan and chuckles. "I thought we did rather well actually." Her tone showing her amusement. A soft oh escapes her at the talk of the pond. "See.. It's a lake though and its /huge/ Storm was off swiming in it the other day. They didn't like me to much when I was trying to dry her off near the fire." An who would want to smell a wet canine fur? A soft hum escapes her while she looks over and offers the new person a friendly smile an nod. "Dono.." Is murmured back to her brother. "Hello!" This said as the other gets closer. Huritt chirrups from his place upon his person's shoulder and slowly shifts up onto his haunches while looking at the other firelizard. Well hi.. though with him it's more trill!

Fellan grins at Borodin. "Ah, see! You know something about having a good time. Weyr life isn't so different. Just got to find ways to have fun here. You'll fit in after no time at all…" When Borodin inquires about the mystery woman with the little gold, he does his own curious inspection. "Don't know." He seconds. "Don't think I've seen her around before."

Etzlix is slowed in her trek across the living cavern at the greeting from the other young woman. "Ah, h'lo an' Ierne's duties t'Fort an' 'er queens." She offers the normal duties and whatnot in her hoarse quiet tone. "Lov'ly weyr y'got 'ere." She compliments as hazel eyes dance amongst the trio of folks. "I was jus' lookin' t'feed m'lil Ixxy 'ere. Iff'n ye'll 'scuse me one sec." She says as she grabs a server's attention. "Kin y'bring th'lil lady some meat, please?" And, well, she's sure to end the request with a little bat of eyelashes just in case it'll help. Then the young woman's attention is upon he trio once more, though she offers no more words for the moment.

A mystery! "Oh," says Borodin, then eeps as Abbey calls out to Etzlix. He didn't mean _that_! His eyes widen, but now he's got no choice but to try and smile politely. It comes out more as awkward, and he wiggles the fingers of one hand in a wave. "Uhm, hello," he says, his gaze darting to Fellan as the only actual Fort Weyr person here. At least the hungry gold means a distraction, and Borodin settles back in his chair. What does he talk about now? He doesn't know!

Abigail has never been one to hold her tongue, hasn't her dear brother figured this out by now after all these turns? At the greeting she sends a faint unsure glance to Fellan.. Well out of the trio he knows how to answer back a weyr greeting.. Right? "Of course." Is offered with a soft smile back to the lady and her gold firelizard. Huritt chirrups out and sways on his paws, talons gripping a moment. The young brown gets a faint poking upon his rump to try and calm him down, which does work after a moment, and Abbey smirks. "He is rather excitable.."

Fellan isn't really even a Fort Weyr person himself. Not properly, anyways. His assignment is still only technically temporary. But why quibble over such details? He gives a salute to the Ierneian, smiling. "Fort's duties. Hope you enjoy your time here. Finally warming up a bit." Which is very relative, given all the snow that's still outside. He returns Abigail's glance, giving her a little reassuring smile.

Etzlix ahs softly, chuckling a bit. "Aye, m'Zelix is one of 'em types too, 'twas diff'cult trainin' 'im, but now he seems t'remember 'is manners most of th'time." And, as if to emphasize, the neon blue dubbed Zelix chatters happily in greeting to the excitable brown. Etzlix settles her blue down with a gentle touch to his head and a quiet. "B'have now, dunna make me a liar." Then she's offering a small hand to each of the trio in turn. "Name's Etzlix, hailin' currently from Ierne Weyrhold." Well, at least now she's not just a mystery woman, right? "Oh, aye, quite nice 'ere, we dunna get much snow back 'ome, so 'tis enjoyable t'see it ev'ry now an' then." As the server returns with the meat, Etzlix is settling the bowl down on a table nearby and the young woman proceeds to start feeding small bits to her hungry gold. The blue fidgits on her shirt, but waits his turn to be fed, ladies first afterall.

When it's his turn for the hand, Borodin takes it in his own only somewhat sweaty one, and nods. "Uhm, Borodin, of Fort. Hold, that is." He settles back into his chair, then remembers himself and adds a blurted, "Nice to meet you."

Abigail offers a smile back to Fellan before she looks to Erzlix as the woman come over. "Pleasure to meet ye." She takes hold of the other ladies hand and gives it a slight shake. "Abigail, Fore Hold. An this is Huritt." The young brown firelizard trills out softly once his name is brought up an even hops down to his person's knee and sits there all proud like. Yes he is indeed a handful the bigger he gets.

Fellan waits his turn to offer a handshake to the now less mysterious woman. "Fellan, Journeyman Smith. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. What brings yu to fair Fort Weyr?" He asks with a chipper smile before leaning back in his chair.

Etzlix ahs softly, "Two from Fort Hold, hmm? Well, then, I mus' extend Ierne's duties t'th'Hold as well. Well met, Borodin, Abigail, an' Fellan." All the while she's poking little bits of meat into gold Ixzana's maw, though the gold never once seems to make a fuss of it. "Ah, well, I was jus' taggin' 'long with F'rost while he makes 'is d'liveries. Figgered 'twas better'n jus' sittin' 'round doin' nothin'. An' he promised t'take me t'visit Eastern when he was done. That's where I hailed from b'fore Ierne, Eastern Weyr, lovely place that." Zelix chitters to Huritt, Etzlix eyes her blue. "An', well, this is Zelix as I said b'fore, an' th'lil lady 'ere is Ixzana." well, then, she's finding herself chatting much more than she usually does, ah well, her mentor will be proud at least.

Borodin bobs his head, "And, uh, Fort's to Ierne." Are there even any duties along that relationship? He has no clue! He's just trying to be polite. He settles back, listening. Ierne, Eastern. "Oh! You're from the Southern Continent!"

Abigail will just let Borodin answer that one! "Aye.. I'm here for some training… I'm a guard." This said with a soft tone, and smile seen as she watches Huritt, at least the little brown is a friendly sort! Huritt chirups and chitters out, his form swaying a few times before he calmes down while Abbey gives the little brown a soft scritch across his head and neck. "Ah… Nicer weather around them parts.." Like you know, no snow and ice. Not that she minds it!

Fellan brightens a little further. "Ah, Eastern! I've been there a number of times myself. Absolutely lovely weather. I've been telling Abbey she should see the beaches there." Fellan says with a grin at the lady in question. "But there's something to be said for variety. Fort has its own charms, no question."

Etzlix nods, "Aye, th'south, where 'tis always warm an' lovely, when 'tis nay stormy." The teen chuckles quietly. "Dunna much get o'er 'ere t'th'northern parts, 'cept when I'm busy taggin 'long an' annoyin' one of Dmar's d'livery riders. As Abigail mentions being a guard, perhaps Etzlix's hazels regard her once more, looking her up and down. "Admirable job, that. I've ne'er really known any f'male guards. Good t'see we kin indeed do jus' 'bout anythin' males kin do." Go girl power! Or something like that anyway. Then those hazels are eyeing Fellan, as if trying to place the name and face. "Aye, musta ne'er been while I've been there else I'd prolly woulda r'membered ya."

Borodin glances briefly to Fellan as he talks about the south, and goes 'Oh," softly. "I've never really been out past a couple days from the Hold," he says, before settling himself back to listen. Etzlix's comment about Abbey is enough to draw him out briefly, though. "Well, and she's good at it." Nyahsothere!

Abigail offers a smile as she hears the talk of Eastern and looks over to Fellan with a faint grin seen. "Well.. I'd be willing to go vist. Sounds like a lovely place actually." Hearing Etzlix she glances back to her and smiles, a faint blush runs across her cheek. "Thank ye. I do rather love me job. An take it very seriously. An no there are not many female guards around 'bout anywhere that I know of at least." Which is most likely a good reason why her parents are /so/ against it. Hearing her brother and offers him a warm smile at the praise.

Fellan grins at Etzlix. "Just about anything? I've yet to know a job that a lady like Abbey can't do just as well as a man. She's tough as they come." He playfully nudges Abigail's shoulder and gives her a grin before looking back to Etzlix. "I think that's fair to say. I don't recall you either. I never visited for all that long."

Etzlix grins and even gives a wink to Fellan. "Well, a w'man canna be Weyrleader. So thar be one job a f'male canna do. But then, a man canna be Weyrwoman either, so I s'ppose they e'en eachother out." See, there's always something, right? "I been 'way from Eastern prob'ly near two turns now, though I still tend t'visit m'friends there whene'er I kin m'nage it." Borodin gets a smile from Etzlix. "Aye, I bet she is, no doubtin' that." As Ixzana starts to slow her eating, Etzlix gives her blue the okay to eat the rest of the meat and so the neon blue hopws to the table and shoves his maw into the bowl. Yum! "I was a sailor there, back b'fore I settled in Ierne. Was an int'restin' job."
Borodin settles back in his chair, and nods, listening to the others talk about distant places and important jobs!

Abigail blinks at Fellan and blushes slightly, a soft chuckle escapes her. "Thank ye Fellan." Is offered with a soft murmur to him. "A sailor?" Is questioned while she waches Erzlix. "I bet ye got to see lots of places during that job."

Fellan grins at Etzlix. "Well, you do have a point there, but as you say I do think that counts as balancing each out. But certainly, when it comes to being tough? Nobody's got Abbey beat." Another little grin at her before he looks back to Etzlix. "You were with the SeaCraft? I've met some sailors. They know how to have fun."

Etzlix nods, chuckling fondly at the memories. "I was only an 'pprentice so I dudna get t'go too many places, but 'twas a good time when I did get t'go out with Sarin an' the Cap'n. Kinda annoyin' sometimes, tho, considerin' I was th'only w'man on th'ship. They learned rather quickly nay t'misjudge me, tho." She pats the bone daggers at her sides. "They realized jus' 'ow I be with m'blades." It's as if she was going to go into more detail when the old bluerider F'rost emerges from the lower caverns again and gives a whistle. "Hey, Lix, let's go Lass!" The teen gets to her feet, scooping up Zelix and placing him on her shoulder while she makes sure Ixzana is settled in her hand. "Well, looks like m'time fer visitin' be up. 'Twas nice talkin' t'y'all, maybe I'll come v'sit 'gain soon." And with that, she's giving a wave and moving quickly towards the bluerider.

Abigail blinks and clears her throat as she hears Fellan and eyes him playful like. "My.. laying it on thick an't ye. Did ye do something wrong?" She questions with an amused tone and sly grin to the smither. She looks back to Etzlix and nods to her as she is leaving. "Nice speaking with ye, have a good day."

Fellan looks back at Abigail, feigning shock and laughing a little bit. "Who, me?" He grins at her before offering a parting nod to Etzlix. "It was a pleasure meeting you. Enjoy the rest of your trip!'

Borodin waves to the departing Etzlix, then gets to his feet and sneaks off toward the kitchens. It's not very good sneaking, because he clears his throat and goes, "I'm going to go see about that stuff in the kitchens," first, then waves as he bumbles off in that direction.

Abigail chuckles softly and looks to Borodin as he leaves. "Alright.. I'll find ye later an we can go skating or something." She will drag him out of she has to, and she /can/ so do it! Her pale gaze turns back to Fellan and she chuckles softly. "Yes ye.." This said while she gives his side a soft poke.

Marimn limps very slowly into the cavern from the direction of the infirmary, having just been released after her day in the clutches of the dragons.. make that kind happy healers (not that they know the sharding word). Limping is a bit of n understatement, its more like a hop and skip, as she hardly puts any weight on the left side, a side that it quite nicely covered in a bandage. Rather than making for any particular group, she grabs the first table she comes to, and sits down on the bench with loud audible sigh.

Fellan gives Abigail an amused little grin in response to that poking. When Borodin makes his quick escape, he offers a wave goodbye before looking at his sister. "… Was I going overboard there? I didn't mean to tease, just trying to bring the lad out of his shell a bit…" When he hears the limping girl nearby sighing he looks over, a touch concerned, before looking back at Abigail with a questioning look.

Abigail leans closer to Fellan and gives him a hug. "I know, but don't try so hard with him. Just.. go slow alright?" She quesitons softly. Yes she is worried about her brother, especially with this parent things. Hearing another she blinks and looks over towards the limping one. "Ah… Hi, did ye need help there?"

Marimn looks up, thinking that one of the servers is talking to her, looking a little perplexed when there is nobody there, and blinks before she starts looking around, and finds an older girl looking straight at her. "Um.. uh.. was you talking to me??" she asks, going litttle pink in the cheeks with shyness.

Fellan returns the hug, giving Abigail a bit of an apologetic smile. "Sorry. I meant well. I'll tone it down, I promise. I really don't mean to scare the lad." He follows her gaze over to the shy limping girl, offering a reassuring smile. "You doing alright?"

Abigail nods slightly as she hears Fellan. "It's alright. I jus worry about him." This is said softly, her pale gaze watching the girl and she offers a smile. "I did. Ye alright there?" Huritt settles more upon his person's shoulder once he has calmbered back up there, a yawn escaping him.

Marimn doesnt know whether to be scared or not as she now has TWO strangers sitting and smiling at her… almost like a feline when it spies lunch. But, she puts her bravest face on it, just glad to have excaped the clutches of the harpies in the infirmary "Uh.. ya… Im just.. a bit hungry I guess…" she answers, looking down at the table, before looking up again and trying to catch the eye of one of the servers.

Fellan nods in return. "I understand. I'll try to follow your lead more in the future. He seems like a nice enough lad." He looks back to Marimn, smiling a bit. "Want us to get you some food, so you can stay off that leg?"

Abigail nods slightly, a soft smile offered to Fellan. "He is.. Most people don't se that." A soft ah escapes her as she watches the girl, she is rather sigh and nervous an't she? "Well, I'm sure we can help ye out there if'n ye want."

Marimn shrugs her shoulders, not wanting to make a big deal of it, she is sure that one of the servers will be along soon… unless her mother has them all tied up in the kitchens like normal. "It..s uh.. no biggie… I will jus sit here.. am sure someone will be out soon.. I only want some juice realli.." is the quiet answer, which sounds almost like a whisper across the distance between the tables.

Fellan looks a little concerned, sending another quick glance in Abigail's direction before his attention is back upon Marimn. "You sure? We could get you some juice if you like. It's no big deal, we've all got to help one another out."

Abigail ponders a moment and offers Fellan a soft smile. "Just stay put." She offers softly while standing up. "Hey, I'll go get ye some juice it's alright." This said whie she makes her way on towards the kitchens to get saide juce. Huritt the brown firelizard takes the chance and flutters down to the table that Marimn happens to be at. He trills up at the girl, wings tucked close to his sides.

Marimn blinks again, a little surprised at the offer… She just isnt used to having things done for her.. whilst she is weyr bred, the fact that her ma is one of the cooks, and she is shy has always gone against her, meaning she is normally the butt of the jokes a lot of the time. "Uh.. t..thanks!!" she says, her eyes wide as the other girl gets up, and her flit lands infront of her. Being weyrbred, she is of course no stranger to dragons, or their small cousins, so she puts out a finger carefully and rubs along the firelizards nose ridge, crooning "Your a pretty little one aint ya!!"

It's just a little later on in the morning after Fellan directed Zebel to the headwoman to get himself a cot. Abigail is up getting juice while Fellan chats with Marimn. "You're very welcome. This is a weyr, we always help each other out. It's how it's s'posed to work, and all."

Abigail isin the kitchen for a short while it seems. Huritt on the other hand clearly enjoys the attention. The little brown shifts to press into the rubbing attentions, a soft coooo escaping him. His eyes swirl a few times and then close as he settles down there upon the table. It takes a few moments but Abbey comes back carrying a glass of juice which is set down upon the table for Marimn and a smile is seen. "There ye go. An yer weclome." She glances to her firelizard. "His name is Huritt, friendly fella when his not all excitable." A soft oh escapes her. "I'm Abigail by the way. An that is Fellan over there."

Zebel is a bit steadier on his feet as he makes his way back to the living caverns, and looking a lot more relieved even so. There's a quick acknowledgement towards the other smith as he walks over toward one of the groupings, offering a smile. "You were right about that, got all settled in and such. Now it's just waiting for the work or whatever else I'll be doing around here I guess."

Marimn looks back up at the other boy, shrugging her shoulders again "I know.. but… I um.. its not important…" she answers, her eyes lighting a little as she spots the other girl returning, with a glass of some very red juice in it "T..thanks… its my favourite too!!" she sxclaims, the hand scritching the flit carrying on doing so absent mindedly. "Um.. Im Marimn…. but ma friends call me Mari… not that i really got any.." she adds, before looking back down at the table, her face flushing a little as she thinks she said too much.

Fellan gives Abigail a smile, nodding a little when she introduces him. "Thanks, Abbey… wait." He pauses. "… It's short for Abigail? How did I not already know that?" He blinks and chuckles a little. "Full of surprises." Marimn gets a grin. "Well, let's make you some friends, then." Zebel returns right on cue. "Ah, hello there! Zebel, wasn't it? This is Marimn. Marimn, this is Zebel. He's an apprentice smith."

Abigail glances to Fellan and chuckles softly, a wink seen. "Ya.. I don't always use it." She offers softly. "Feel like that should only be used if I'm in trouble or something." This said with a playful tone. "Nice to meet you Mari.. An that isn't a problem, sure if ye stick around long enough there will be friends a'plenty for ye." Huritt trills out softly an soon flutters on up onto hier persons's shoulder snuggling down there. She glances over to Zebel and offers him a slight wave.

Zebel looks up, just a bit upon hearing his name. "Oh, Hello. Pleasure to meet you." He's agreeably nodding then to each person that he's introduced to. "I'd say that we'll all need friends. Or at least someone to talk to at meals, if nothing else." He flops into a seat. "It's the same each time I get transfered someplace new to learn. "All the new people to meet. Not always easy, but you get to hear about different things. 'Course you could be like me and put your foot in your mouth too, talking back to one of your new bosses."

Marimn nods at the newest member to join the other table, settling back a little at her own table, stretching out her foot with a little wince. "Sticking rounds not an option.. I live here.." she answers, though from the tone of her voice, she clearly doesnt think that it is a good thing.. or anything exciting.

Fellan looks pleased with himself now that introductions are made. "I know how you feel, Zeb. I was the same way when I was an apprentice… but I think I benefited from it a great deal. Seeing new places broadened my horizons. It'll be good in the long run." He shoots Abigail a playful grin. "Abbey suits you nicely."

What's this? Borodin's actually returning of his own free will? Before the kitchens close for the night? Amazing. Here he comes now, back to where he left Abigail and Fellan. Not only that, he finds them - along with a few others. He offers a wave, but he doesn't say anything just yet, just listens as he comes up to take back his old chair.

Zebel makes an exagerated frown. "Oh, I know it's good for me. Just it's a bit of a pain to have to head out to someplace new all the time. Leastways, this time I'm somewhat close to home." There's a nod to Marimn, "So, besides the weyr, where is everyone else from. I was born just over the way at Fort Hold, myself."

Abigail smiles and chuckles a Fellan. "Glad ye think so." She murmus softly while she lets her arms fold in front of her. Huritt slides down to settle snuggled up in the crook of her arm. Blink Abbey smirks at the little lizard. "Better be lucky yer so cute." She hears Marimn and glances over to her a moment, a soft oh escapes her. "Well… I'm sorry about that.." She ponders what to say. Hearing Zebel a soft ah escapes her. "That is why ye look framiler. I was as well, so was Borodin." Whom has appeared on the scena again!

"I'm originally from Xanadu Weyr, myself." Fellan answers with a proud smile. "Fort Hold, eh? Some good folks come out of there." He shoots a grin over at Abigail and Borodin to follow that remark. "Welcome back, Bor. Everything going smoothly in there?" He asks, gesturing towards the kitchens.
Borodin bobs his head at the mention of his name, offering a wave to Zebel and Marimn. "Well, uh, yes, Fort." He smiles, then nods to Fellan. "Oh, yes, everything's fine, just fine."

Zebel clambers to his feet, heading to pick up something to eat that can be carried and then glancing toward the door. "Well, it's been truly nice to meet all of you. But I think I'm going to explore a bit if you don't mind. Want to get a feel for the place and see what's what out there."

Abigail glances after Zebel and ponders a moment before waving after him before looking back to Borodin and smiles. "Glad to see ye came back out from the kitchens."

Fellan offers Zebel a little wave goodbye, smiling. "Seems like a sharp lad. Always good to see new apprentices coming in, hungry to learn the craft." He chuckles a bit before his attention wanders to the siblings again. "Indeed. We really should do something you'll enjoy around here. What're your hobbies?"

"I do things besides hanging about the kitchens!" Borodin insists to his sister with perhaps a little touch of indignation. Oh, wait, now Fellan's asking him about what they actually are? "Well, uhm… I play chess. Not well." He half-smiles. "I like going to the harper hall when I've a free day, to listen to them… I suppose that's harder around here, isn't it?"

Abigail smiles at Borodin and smiles before glancing around and then back to the two. "Funny.. Ye've beaten me at chess so that is good in my book." She points out with an amused tone. "Well, ye two want to go for a walk or something?" She questions with a smile. It's an idea! Huritt chirrups out softly.

Fellan perks up brightly at that. "You do?" He asks, with genuine enthusiasm. "Really? I'm quite fond of chess myself! Not a skilled player by any means, but I have this marvelous set with pewter pieces. We should play a game sometime." Abigail's suggestion also meets with an enthusiastic smile. "Sounds lovely! To the lake again, perhaps?"

"Well, you sort of rush ahead when you play," Borodin tells his sister, and shrugs before glancing to Fellan again. He smiles. "We should," he says, then glances back to Abigail at her suggestion. "Uhm, all right. If…" A glance to Fellan and Abbey, back and forth between them, but then he decides he'd rather not say the if. "All right."

Abigail smirks at Borodin. "Do not." She offers back.. "Maybe ye and Fellan should play them. I bet it would be a kick to watch that game. Borodin knows all the rules." Which can be a problem at times. "Lake it is!" This said while she turns heading on towards the cave entrance, waiting for the two to catch up.

"That's the spirit!" Fellan says to Borodin with an encouraging smile. "Ah, this will be fun… hey, wait up!" He laughs as he rises from his seat, rushing to try to catch up with Abigail before she gets out of the cavern.

"There… aren't that many!" insists Borodin to Abbey, and shakes his head as she's darting off. Up he gets, and follows along after her. No racing from him. He'll catch up when he catches up… or else he'll lose sight of them and he'll just have to go do something else. Oh well!

~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Lake Shore ~~*~~
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

Abigail waits up for the two, and especially Borodin as she didn't want him to fall behind it seems. "See, not a bad place huh Borodin?" She questions curiously while glancing over to her brother. Huritt trills out softly from his shoulder perch.

Fellan catches up to Abigail, taking ahold of her hand once he's close enough to do that. He smiles at her before looking back at the other sibling. "It really is beautiful this time of year… even better when it's warmer."

Borodin does not go terribly fast, but he does have decently long legs, so he manages to keep up. He pauses to look out over the lake, and smiles. "It is nice," he says, looking around everywhere except at those held hands.

Abigail smiles and gives Fellan's hand a soft squeeze back. "Bet it'll be great come summer." She offers while glancing towards the lake. "See, there's still ice so people can go skating and everything." Which she is /so/ sure her brother just wants to find out.

Fellan grins and squeezes Abigail's hand in return. "Yep. Perfect weather for those bonfires." He says with a wink, laughing a bit. He looks out at the icy lake. "Honestly, probably shouldn't skate much longer. That ice has got to be getting thin."

Borodin looks at the ice very, very dubiously. "I'll, uhm, just stick to the shore," he says. Fellan's mention of the bonfires gets a look, but… this time, it's with the faintest of smirks. He learns! He figures out when he's being teased! "Yeah."

"Ya no.. No bonfires." Abigail says with an amused tone and soft chuckle escaping her. "Though ya, most likely shouldn't go skating on it too much longer. She glances over to Borodin and offers him a smile. "Can figure out something though. Well by then it will be warm enough and we can go swiming, or fishing an so forth."

"Definitely one or the other." Fellan agrees as he looks out over the icy lake. He ponders for a moment, scratching his head. "You know, I don't know if people actually go fishing here. I've never seen anyone do it, but ice fishing is tricky. I wonder what they've got in the lake… Borodin, you much of a fisherman?"

Borodin smiles a little. "I'm sure I can watch," he says, then shakes his head to Fellan. "Oh, uhm, not really. I can cook them, though. A nice fresh-caught fish, some salt, bake it in clay…"

Abigail ponders that while looking out towards the water. "Well.. Gues we're all find out when it get's warmer." She chuckle softly and smiles as she hears Borodin. Someone is calling her name though looks like a guard that was following after them. "Oh shoot.." She grumbles a moment. "ya, coming!" She calls back before looking at thet wo. "Think ye guys can get a long without be for a while? Was gona get some training in with Kiv, suppose I forgot." Yes Borodin this means you have to be social!

Fellan ponders that for a moment. "That's a shame. Ice fishing actually sounded sort of fun. I've never actually tried it. Seems easier than skating." When Abigail's name is called he seems disappointed to let go of her hand. "I'm sure we'll manage." He says, chipper anyways. He steals a kiss to her cheek before she can run off. "See you later, lovely."

Wait. Abbey is leaving him alone? With her… boyfriend? Borodin's eyes go wide. "Uhm, okay, see you, later…" he goes as she leaves, then looks back out over the lake to hide the blush from that glimpse of a kiss he saw. …is pretending he didn't see. Cough.

Abigail blushes slightly at the kiss an the nickname. She smiles to Fallen and leans close to give his cheek a soft quick back. "I'm sure. Ye all have fun an stuff." She offers while she makes her way back the way she came, catching up with Kiv and heading back towards the bowl. slight glance offered back towards her brother and Fellan as she goes hoping all will be alright it seems!

Fellan waves and watches until Abigail is out of sight, at which point he looks back to Borodin. The friendly smile stays on his face, though there is a little awkwardness that can't be avoided. "So, ah… you sure you wouldn't want to give ice fishing a try, then? We could cook up our catch fresh after." It's a poor attempt at conversation filler.

It's very lake, this lake is. Sooo. "Uhm, I suppose I could try. I mean, fishing's… it seems like a thing. But that ice doesn't really look very stable, does it? I mean…" Borodin trails off, and takes a step closer to the edge to peer down, not that he knows what he's looking for.

Fellan ponders that question for a moment, scratching his chin. "Well, it was stable enough for skating just a couple days back. But perhaps it'd better wait until next winter." He pauses for a moment, then looks over at Borodin. "So… should we talk about… y'know?"

Borodin gives the ice a look. "I suppose," he says. He doesn't seem convinced. As for the other… his gaze flits briefly to Fellan, then back over the lake with a cough. "Abbey can take care of herself."

"Well, sure, of course she can. She's a tough woman. Toughest woman I know." Fellan says with a little nod of his head, still seeming awkward. "But… all the same, I'm sure you worry about her. So I just want to say, man to man, that my intentions are honorable. I respect your sister a lot, and I'm not going to do anything to hurt her, okay?"

This conversation is such an awkward one. Borodin does his best to not look at Fellan, though he can't help a few glances. "Well. Good," he says, and lowers his gaze to the ground before him, kicking a little tuft of ice. "She… could use a friend." Cough. "Or… yeah."

It really, really is. Fellan looks out at the lake, pressing through under the theory that the best approach is to just get it over with, like ripping off a bandage. "I'm going to do my best to be good to her. She deserves it." He exhales. "… Did you want to say anything else about… this?"

This, being the lake? It's very much a lake, also covered in ice. …no, Borodin supposes that isn't the 'this' in question. They've already covered the fact that it's a lake. "Anyhow. I'm not the one you need to convince, not really." He frowns. "If Abbey says you're good… that's good enough for me."

"Well, sure." Fellan seems tempted to take the 'out' to let the awkward topic drop, but decides that it probably wouldn't be the best idea for the long run. "… But I'd like it if you and I were friends too. You clearly mean a lot to Abbey, and you seem like a nice guy."

No pain, no gain? Yeah, that didn't work to get Borodin exercising, and it hasn't worked to get him socially adept, either. Maybe he's just never had enough of a motivation to try. After Fellan's reply, he's quiet a moment, then he nods. "All right. I… don't have many friends." He's quiet again, frowning, then tries for a change of subject. "Abbey seems to really like it around here."

"Honestly, I don't either." Fellan admits. "It's one of the consequences of moving around so much… comes with the crafting life." He looks at Borodin curiously. "You ever think about apprenticing? Abbey tells me you've got real talent in the kitchen, I'm sure Bakercraft would take you on." The comment about the weyr has him smiling. "Yeah, it's beautiful. Very tranquil."

"I suppose it would, yeah," says Borodin. "I've been at Fort my whole life, except for vacations now and again… well, mom calls them vacations. Visiting family, mostly." He smiles wryly at that, and shakes his head. "I don't think there's anyone at the hold as would take me." He shrugs, trying to move past it with a smile, though his eyes aren't part of it. "Tranquil and Abbey don't exctly go together."

Fellan raises an eyebrow slightly. "… Would you be interested? I met a few Bakercrafters back at Landing. I bet I could get ahold of one. With your experience, you might be able to enlist as a senior apprentice right from the start. If you're interested, of course." The last comment earns a little laugh. "She's… fiery. She has real spirit." There's obvious affection in his voice there.

There's a flicker of uncertainty across Borodin's face. Landing is so far off, it might as well be another world. It'd take, what, weeks to get there? Maybe months. "I don't know about that," he says slowly. "Besides, I don't need a crafters' knot just to be in the kitchens. It's all right." That has the sound of something he's told to himself plenty of times.

Fellan looks hesitant for a moment. Clearly, he doesn't want to stick his nose into something that isn't his business. But he also clearly wants to help Borodin if he can. He tries to tread a middle ground. "If you're sure. If you ever change your mind… or even just want to talk to somebody, get some more information about it… let me know. It's no trouble to arrange something like that."

"Well. I'll give it thought," says Borodin, and he glances briefly to Fellan and gives a smile. "It's very kind of you." Even if he's not exactly taking the other up on it, at least not just yet.

Fellan seems encouraged by that, smiling brightly in return. "Good. Think nothing of it, I'm happy to help if I can." He says sincerely. A moment passes. "So. Still interested in breaking out that chess set and having a game?"

Borodin nods his head to the offer, though he doesn't pursue it further just now. Other topics. Like, say… chess! "Sure. I mean, I'm not an expert, but… well, you said neither were you, so I suppose we'll just see who's the least expert."

Fellan chuckles a little. "No, not an expert by any means. I was commissioned to help make custom pieces for a set for a Lord Holder about a turn ago. I figured I should at least learn how the game is played, and I ended up making a set for myself. This should be a lot of fun!"

Borodin hehs. "I suppose that's a pretty good reason for it," he acknowledges. "I learned when I was a boy. The old archivist had a set, and I was back there one afternoon because… well, it doesn't matter. He taught me how to play."
"It's quite a fun game! Easy to learn, very difficult to master, as they say."
Fellan says with a grin. "So, you've had a couple turns more experience than me with the game. I'm beginning to suspect you'll have the edge here."

"Well, perhaps," says Borodin. "I never could keep track when he started talking about gambits and board positions, though."

Fellan laughs and grins. "Oh, I certainly don't have all of that stuff down. I really only even know the one decent opening. Otherwise I'm just making it up as I go along."

Borodin chuckles, and nods. "I suppose, really, there's only one way to find out."

Fellan grins and nods, now having obvious enthusiasm. "Indeed! Let's go get the board. This shall be fantastic!"