'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

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"Harmony." Khyonai's voice is so dry it could crack, his face left a mask of indifference — but yet. But yet, he can't help drawing his gaze deliberately over the whirlwind of *pink* as she is, and back up. A single eyebrow lifts, Spock-like; "Ironic." Despite being next to a plate of bacon and sweetrolls - the latter mostly untouched - the young man seems to not be interested in what she carries. "Khyonai," he addresses the issue of his own name; "Fort guard." And his expression seems to indicate that she may get arrested yet. Fashion police. They *do* exist.

Zapallie struts in like she owns the place, which is how she walks into any room really. The difference today, however, is what she's wearing. Seems she's eschewed her usual loose men's attire for something a bit more form fitting. Definitely no way to mistake her for a boy in a t-shirt and leathers. Wait, why does she have riding leathers? She sashays her way on over to the table and spots Khyonai on the way. "Well if it isn't my favorite guard," she greets smirkishly, and then her cold eyes turn on Harmony. "Cavorting with a trollop. Are you cheating on me?" she accuses, lips curled in amusement.

Edani has been released from prison! At least… for short periods of time and with the promise of regular check-ins with the Infirmary he's a free man. He's even talked them into letting him skip the gruel breakfast being served to other patients in favor of wandering out here to forage for something more palatable. Unlike Zapallie, he walks in cautiously, taking his time about moving through the caverns, the only thing to indicate why he's moving thus is the shirt hanging open to reveal a large swath of tape about his torso. He passes the group by the chairs with a nod, slow enough to overhear Zap's comment to the guard and just shakes his head, slight eyeroll as well, but keeps silent. Food. That's what he wants.

Harmony doesn't give an inch over that perusal of a gaze. One might think she's either *used* to it or *expects* it. Lips twitch at his single offending word, but she manages to restrain herself from asking the expected question. "Khy—" the baker apprentice's vocalization of his name is cut off with Zapallie's entrance. Green eyes widen and the petulant cant to lips is abandoned for a rather undignified open-fish look. "I am /not/ a trollop!" Aggravation adds a sharp edge to an otherwise sweet sounding voice, colored *heavily* with outrage. While Harmony's attention is focused primarily on Zapallie and Khyonai, the sweet smell of whatever is in her delivery box easily hovers around her like a siren call to those who might be hungry — or to those who can appreciate finely crafted baked goods!

Okay, while Khyonai is one blank-faced expressionless dude most days out of the seven… he's still a dude. As such, Zapallie's new and improved, ah, gear situation requires him to conduct a startled second-glance to… check her for weapons. Yeah. That's it. Surely she could be concealing something in her br… on a shoulder rig. His face *does* go blank at her question, though: "What?" Ahe— oh, look, something to get involved in that doesn't involve women and potentially dangerous situations. "You okay, man?" he calls to Edani, who has the misfortune of being nearby this train-wreck in the making.

Zapallie arches an eyebrow at Harmony, looking at her smugly. She's like a shark who's just smelled blood — or an easy target. "No? I guess you're right. In that outfit, you look like somebody vomited redfruit martinis all over you." She brushes right on past Harmony, but not before swinging her arm upwards in an attempt to knock the box flying out of her hands. And on she goes, whether it works or not, to get klah for herself. At Khyonai's question, she turns to see Edani. "I see they let you out of the hole, Chubby Chaser," she greats her… friend? Maybe.

Edani appreciates finely-baked goods, can even smell them since he's moving by so slowly. But it's a delivery, or so he assumes and thus the siren call falls short. He can't help but notice the pretty blonde and though he fails to make any comment to her just yet, it's merely a matter of self-preservation: never get between two bickering females - they'll both turn on you. "Never better," he tosses facetiously to Khyonai and keeps right on truckin'. He's checking out the serving tables, heaping a plate with hearty things like fried ham, sausage, eggs, biscuits a bowl of porridge. He doesn't stall per se, but lingers long enough that the storm brewing over there might just blow over by the time he returns with sustenance enough for a herd of heifers. They really do starve people in the infirmary! "I bribed them," he smirks in response to Zapallie, though it turns into a grimace of distaste mighty quickly as she gets nasty with the girl in pink. He settles gingerly in one of the empty chairs, plate on his lap and mug of klah set on the side table, fishes napkin, fork and knife out of his shirt pocket. They can explode around him - he's going to eat!

Harmony might look like an easy target, but she holds her own well enough. Like a tiny piranha. "At least I'm wearing /quality/ martinis," she quips, barely - and I mean, just *barely*— hanging onto the box she has gripped in hands that must be stronger than they look. That or she's danged lucky! Probably the latter. While Zapallie gets a good, cold glare her way, the teenager doesn't bother with a retort. Khyonai's shift in attention has the baker's attention shifting to see who's being addressed - and who's wandering up behind her. Edani and his tower of food give cause for Harmony to widen her eyes once again, blurting out, "You're going to eat all that?" Her stance shifts again, the weight of her delivery box wearing on her, but not unmanageable yet.

Khyonai winces at the hissing and meowing and whatever else it is that conspires between Zapallie and Harmony (definitely ironic, now) - and instead focuses on hunkering down, reclaiming his half-cold klah to involve himself busily in quaffing said liquid down. His eyes flicker over to Edani with amusement, but given the fact that the attention is shifting away from him to the injured beastcrafter — all the better for him. He's off duty, anyhow. Bare feet, see? And pajama-bottoms. And a tee-shirt. He's innocuous. He's also quiet by nature, though his assessing glance returns to Harmony, this time focused on what she bears rather than what she /wears/.

Zapallie grins over her shoulder at Harmony. "Whatever, Pre-Pubescent Wonder." Truth, bakers have strong hands. She's just a bully any time she can. "At least I have tits to fill out my clothes." And with that bit of smugness, she saunters on over with her klah to join Edani. "Kinda digging you in bandages there, Wheezy," she tells him as she seats herself beside him. Feet not on the table for once!

Abigail dozed off, totally did in that nice comfy chair she was sitting upon that happened to be near where Khyonai was sitting. Huritt her little brown firelizard is wide awake and at the moment clambered up to settle upon the back of his person's chair, his tail now and then smacking and swatting against his person which makes her grumble and she smacks at the firelizard tail before blinking and peers around. Nice wakeup call from that impromto nap. A hand rubs across her eyes a few times. "Huritt.. Stop.." Is grumbled out at the firelizard and she reaches over to pick up her mug of luke warm klah and takes a sip from it, would be so much better if it was hot but she'll deal with it. Voices are picked up more so then she recalls when she felt the need to nap and she peers one way then another to take everyone in that is here. "Ah.. Morning or what not." If it even is still morning. Her gaze settles onto Zapallie and the other girl and she quietly watches with a lifted brow and smirks at Zap. Though doesn't offer any sort of comment for the moment at least.

"Yes," says Edani simply in reply to Harmony while stretching out long legs to be more at ease. He's got to stoke all six foot of hollow boy the heartless healers wouldn't feed. His lanky frame can use some added bulk anyway, but he does comment, "Soup and crackers for four days doesn't cut it, as far as I'm concerned." And he proceeds to cut his meat, fork bites quickly and neatly into his mouth before things can spiral out of control and thwart his meal. Zapallie get a wary side-glance as she settles beside him and a, "Thanks Jailbird." For the bandage compliment? For not exploding all over the place in worse fashion? Probably both! His gaze flickers over to the other male present in a silent, longsuffering sort of 'thank Farenth' sort of way, before he asks the Girl in Pink, "Is that stuff okay?" The box that got popped. "Did we wake you, Abigail?" It's both wry and apologetic but man. She slept through the worst of it.

As sweet as strawberry shortcake, Harmony turns a pretty smile. "At least age will be kind to me. Mine won't droop like sad sacks when /I/ get older." Abigail's awakening gets the other girl a quick once-over, but no comment is forthcoming. Nay, her attention is focused primarily on Zapallie with residual curiosity on Edani and his food mountain. And whether or not he can really pack that much deliciousness away. To Khyonai's perusal, the box is fairly plain though it does bear the stamp of the Bakercraft in a formal application of delivery. "It's fine," confidence and assurance echo in her light voice, though secretly it's possibly the girl is /hoping/ that it's all fine. Rather than state the obvious - that it's a delivery - Harmony takes a moment to orient herself to the direction of this weyr's kitchens.

Khyonai does have a resigned look about him, at he meets Edani's gaze in that momentary shared thought of 'thank Faranth'. No bloodshed is good. His attention remains on Harmony for a long moment, studiously not acknowledging Evil Zee; instead his gaze turns to Abigail, a half-smile tugging about his expression. "It's still morning," he assures her.

"Too bad your face can't say the same. Watch the wrinkles, Eyesore." Zap says cheerfully, sipping at her klah. It speaks volumes that she does NOT steal food from Edani's plate. She must actually think he needs it. Instead she lifts her mug in greeting and says, "Hey Abbey. Nice drool stain." Practically high praise from the spiteful lady. Poor Khyonai can't ignore her for long. She'll find a way to rope him and his pj-pants in to the madness soon enough.

Abigail hums faintly while she slowly shifts in her seat, one leg getting crossed over the other while she rubs at her neck a few times. At the look from Harmony she peers back at her curiously. "What?…" Is questioned. It was only took a nap! She had a long night and early morning so is a wee bit tired. "Suppose that is what I get for falling asleep." This said to Edani. "So they let ye out for a spell or did ye escape again?" Another sip is taken from her mug and she ahs upon hearing Khyonai. "Good to know." Is murmured out. Upon hearing Zap she smirks fiantly. "Like that do ye?" Is questioned with a roll of her eyes. Huritt soon clambers down and settles upon his person's lap and curls up there.

As they trade insults, though Edani certainly appreciates the feminine figure, he keeps his mouth shut though the gaze that bounces back and forth between the teens ping-pong style glitters subtly with the same amusement that curls the corners of his mouth. It's one thing when a girl can't hold her own but the teen from Xanadu is giving Zap tit for tat (no pun intended). Though if things erupt again, he'll be slinking out after Knyonai rather than be the only male in a girly insult-fest. Zapallie, eyeing his plate prompts his, "You want some of this?" The food, not him! And poor Abigail over there just gets an outright grin, "I'm on parole?"

Harmony dispenses with the normal pleasantries of leave-taking - which, ironically enough, was the reason she was sent as the messenger to Fort's kitchens - and just walks away from the group. Not retreating, mind. Never that. Nope. She turns, with her box of smelly deliciousness, and walks sedately - yet with a subtle undertone of entitlement that must be obnoxious when she's amongst her Xanadu peers - towards the kitchens. Sometimes, the best response is no response at all!

Zapallie smiles lazily at Abigail and purrs, all sultry and smooth, "You know what turns me on, Red." And at Edani's offer she deliberately mis-takes it, looking him over. "Maybe when your ribs heal," she says finally with a smirk, and nudges his plate at him none-too-subtley. "Now eat your food, that's a good boy." She's got klah, after all. She is sitting next to Edani, who has his shirt open and bandages around his ribs. Abigail is sitting in a comfy chair that is near Khyonai, and appears to have just woken up. Khyonai is in his pajamas, or he'd probably have hauled Zap out for bad behavior. Harmony is retreating like a scary pink … retreating thing. It's her that has the nasty blond girl smirking over her klah mug at. It's a victory to send the girl fleeing in her mind, even if Harmony is not running away, she'll see it that way, and likely tease her for it if she ever sees her again. It's currently midmorning, and the last few stragglers are coming for breakfast after sleeping in.

Fellan is among those late morning stragglers who only now manages to get himself up. Which means the first order of business is getting a nice full mug of klah. That'll kickstart the brain into active mode. Despite his sleepiness, the smith appears to be in somewhat of a good mood this morning. There's a smile on his face, one which only grows as he spots Abigail among some unfamiliar faces. Of course, then he spots Zapaille nearby, and the smile drains right away. With a tired, resigned expression, he makes his way over and offers a little wave. "Morning, all. Everyone playing nice today?"

Abigail shakes her head slightly while letting her elbow press against the armrest of the chair is is upon and her cheek settle upon her plam while she peers at Edani. "Oh.. Well then. Who is yer parole officer?" This questioned with a faint grin. "Though maybe there be nice to ye seeing how Zapallie has takeing a liking to ye." This says with an amused tone. Hearing Zap she lifts a brow and can't help but grin and wink back at her. "Oh totally.." Is said with an amused chuckle. Huritt coos out from his snuggled up place upon his person's lap. A the voice she smiles and glances over to catch sight of Fellan whom she waves at with her free hand. "Hello there.. Of coruse, what would ever give ye the reason why we wouldn't?" Other then herself and Zap being in the same room. They have been civil to one another since that fateful punching day at least.

Edani would salute Harmony for that wordless retreat in the face of insult, in fact he does. With the hand that's not holding his fork, he snaps off a crisp - and genuine - salute to Harmony's back, while one eyebrow lifts mockingly to Zapallie in a silent, 'That is maturity, see?' then snorts at her innuendo. He's eating, now that he doesn't have to worry about deflecting Zapollie from having at the Xanadu delivery girl, who Edani will certainly get around to exchanging names with if he sees her again. It's not difficult to put two and two together just why the newest arrival looks the way he does when he sees Zap. Playing nicely? "No," he tells Fellan mildly, "but I think you missed the worst of it? I think it's her." That last said in reply to Abigail with exaggerated pretense of long-suffering as he indicates Zap with a headtilt. His parole officer. Another forkful of food is shoveled into his mouth with a pointed sideglance at her. See? Eating.

Khyonai has been chilling out, laying under the radar so to speak. He has something of a nod for the newcomer, then rises with aplomb to his bare feet. "It has been a pleasure, Abigail," he comments to his erstwhile seatmate. "Good luck, man," is his last parting to Edani, a single Look of misgivings to Zapallie before he exits towards the inner caverns, quiet on his bare feet. This way, if bloodshed does come around, he doesn't have to arrest anyone! His off-duty day is thus preserved!

"I never play nice," Zee tells Fellan with a smirk. She doesn't look like she wants to play nice — or at least good — today. She's ditched the baggy clothes she usually wears for riding leathers and a t-shirt. Whatever she's up to, it looks like she isn't planning on sticking around today. She looks sideways at Edani and gives him a very ugly look. If he wanted her to trust him, he's sure shooting himself in the foot. She lifts a hand, twiddles her fingers at Khyonai, and then sighs and sips her klah with her last potential victim running away. What a boring morning.

The fact that the fateful punching day was the last day Fellan saw Abigail and Zapallie together might do something to explain his concern. The fact that so many people seem to be departing also raises a red flag. Still, the assurances from Abigail relax him a bit, as does a healthy sip of the klah. He settles into a seat near the group, murmuring a "Right." in response to Abigail. Zee is eyed with obvious suspicion. "So. You look dressed to leave. When's that happening?" Tact is not his forte this early in the day.

Zebel shuffles on in, looking around in interest as he does so and visibly inspecting the different tables for sitting before wandering on over to where the serving tables are spread. Another shuffle of the feet and he finally glances toward the several different groupings of people, before beginning to mosy on over toward a seat with no particular ambition, as he briefly moves to rub at his face, yawning widely.

Abigail hums softly and glances after Khyonai whome she waves after as he escapes too quickly for her to get an actual comment on leaving. Her attention turns back to Zap and she ponders once she finally picks up on what clothing she has on. Though before she can ask Fellan beats her to it for the questioning. Which is fine to her as her eyes have half closed again. "I'm sure she is going on some adventure to bring her lovely comments to other people to brighten their day." Which she can't help but grin at over the thought of such a thing! Huritt chirrups and shifts to clamber up onto the armrest of the chair and with a bob of his head he is peering at Fellan, wings fluttering a few times at his sides.

Edani returns Zapallie's look with a faint lift of brows. He never said he would approve of her behavior, in fact, he told her he would be honest with her. If her ugly look is because she's reading him correctly and doesn't like it? Oh well. He'll accept that. He continues to eat while new folk shuffle in, nodding to the silent Zebel. "Where are you going?" he asks in an aside to her and a hint of concern lurking in his brown eyes. The unspoken question: everything's alright?

Zebel finds a seat, his head turning as he simply watches for the moment, caught up in view of group dynamics while he attempts to wake himself up with another rub at his face before settingly for simply staring, perhaps obtrusively or not.

Zapallie fixes Fellan with a slow, unkind look. She's perfected it over so many Turns. "Dunno. Guess it depends on when my ride shows up. Be happy to take you with me, so I can throw you off when we get high enough." She sips her klah. "Sure, yup, that's me, off to spread good will and sunshine to the masses." Edani's concern gets a mistrustful look that's carefully concealed with disgust. "As if it's any of your business. Why, you want to get there first so you can warn them?" Zebel's staring is what attracts her ire, the easiest outlet for it. "Like what you see, Dopey?" she snaps at him, sliding her chair back in preperation of leaving. She learned a long time ago how to smell a hostile crowd.

Fellan snorts with a bit of laughter at Abigail's remark. When the little firelizard peers at him he reaches across to give the critter a little fond scritch. Zebel and Edani, being unfamiliar as of yet, are each eyed for a moment and given a little nod and smile in greeting. That smile turns decidedly cold when it is directed at Zapallie again, a slow sip of klah taken before he replies. "That's the best you could come up with? Crude and uncreative. You're a real charmer."

Edani's plate is nearly empty and his appetite is gone. "No," he says shortly in answer to Zpallie's question, a remote look shuttering his face. The plate is set beside his empty klah mug. He doesn't explain why he wanted to know, just leaves it at that. He's pushing up from his chair and with a silent nod to the rest strides out and into the back tunnels, probably to bathe now that the healers have let him out.

Abigail tilts her head while she peers at Zapallie curiously a few moments, seems she opened her eyes just enough to take that in. A soft huff escapes her and a faint roll of her eyes is seen. "If ye went around spreading the good word everyone would be in a mess of trouble." A glance is offered over towards the form of another and she watches Zebel a moment before her attention turns back to Fellan and Huritt and she smiles at the two. The little brown firelizard tilts his head and lean into the scritching before he hops up and flutters over to the smither to rest upon the chair back.
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