Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

It's springtime at Fort! Which means… snow. Yes. It's snowing in spring, which isn't a rarity at the weyr, really. Hotaru for one seems pretty used to it. It's still cold enough that the lake is basically still frozen, which means that the lake is covered in skaters time and again. Though today it's fairly desolate because of the falling snow. Hotaru seems to be the only person out on the lake, slowly gliding along on her skates, her open coat flapping in the wind behind her. She's got a beanie cap on with a pom-pom that flops down towards the back of her head, and a red and white scarf on along with her usual attire. Volendrung, her little bronze, clings to her from between her collar and her scarf.

Inyri has one of those knit hats with a pom-pom too, but in her case the tail of the hat goes halfway down her back before it gets around to actually ending with the pom-pom settling around her waist. She's /also/ wearing a bronze firelizard — could it be that she and Hotaru are both sporting Fort's hottest spring style? Or maybe it's that knitting silly hats is a typical Inyri thing to do. Either way, she's looking pretty pleased by the surprise flurries and the settled re-freeze of the lake; she appears to have been considering the possibility of skating, and has a pair of skates slung over her shoulder. "Hey there!" she calls out on to the ice. "Still hard enough for skates! Excellent, I was hoping!" Never mind Hotaru is a total stranger; Inyri will just talk to her like she knows her.

Cesran has come out to enjoy some skating and of course his mother found him before he was able to go out. She insisted that he wear the new hat that she got him. It's a knit wool cap blue in color with a blue pom-pom on the top of it. He also has a bronze on his shoulder and a set of skates as word has gotten around that the lake has re-frozen. He spots the girls with the bronzes and pom-pom hates and he gives a wave to them to be nice and friendly, "Hello there."

Cesran's hat has not one pom-pom, but a whole row of blue pom-poms that go across the top of them, like a mohawk.

Hotaru won't be the only one out at the lake for long as a shadow passes by overhead and the sound of wings as a pale bronze glides down to the farthest edge of the lakeshore, already scoured down by a few previous landings from other dragons. Velokraeth is… well, he's unmistakable to put it politely. Oversized head, mismatched eyes, stunted limbs, boxy-behind, his only saving grace really is his coloring and the fact that his wings at least are well built and proportioned. Th'ero dismounts after stripping off his flight helmet and goggles, stowing them away safely in a pouch on the straps the bronze is wearing. He's dressed in his winter gear, heavy leathers, all fur lined and making him look a little more imposing than usual. It doesn't help that his choice of color (or lack thereof, it's all blacks and greys and neutral browns) really doesn't do much to inspire warmth and friendliness. He wears no hat and likely never will, his long black curly mess of hair acting as insulation enough for him against the worst of the cold. While he's certainly not there to skate either, the Weyrleader is drawn a bit towards the lake at least for curiosity sakes. "Afternoon," Th'ero greets once he's close enough, though his voice remains low. He casts a glance to the frozen water and then, with a slight frown, adds. "Has it frozen again, then? You three were sure to check?" Paranoid much? Of course he is!

It perhaps is the new spring style! Or half-winter style, maybe. Hotaru hasn't knit her own hat most likely. It's looking like it's seen far too many winters. Hotaru looks around behind her when Inyri calls out to her, then waves a bit. "Yeah, just stick to the outside. The center looks like it might not be hard enough. Unless you're looking to take a swim. There's a wave given to Cesran. Hotaru looks worried for a second that Velokraeth might land in the lake, and break what little ice there was in the center and swamp the rest. But he lands on the shore and she breathes out a sigh of relief. "Hey Weyrleader." Hotaru says as she skates close enough to Th'ero. "It's frozen. If you stick to the outside. Coming to skate with us?"

"That is what I was asking, Weyrleader," Inyri tells Th'ero simultaneously to waving a greeting at him with her typical waggle-of-fingers rather than just a simple wave. (At least she isn't doing the royal cupped-hand wave?) "But I didn't figure she was silly enough to go out on dangerous ice." No matter how young Hotaru may look, Inyri's assessment of her is apparently that she's at least competent. "And at least your " it is so, so obvious she's forgotten Velokraeth's name, " lifemate didn't choose to land on the water, which I assume would've been just as much a predicament for you as it would be for us." As she speaks, she's sitting down and lacing on her skates; they were probably white once, but have mostly turned brown with wear, age and exposure to dirt.

Cesran sits down to put on his skates and he laces them up before he heads to the ice, "It looks pretty solid." He stomps around a little bit carefully at the edge and starts to move further out, "It seems pretty safe, but there are plenty of people out to help if someone falls in the ice." He keeps with the others and away from the center which might not have as thick of ice apparently.

Fellan walks over from the southwestern bowl.
Fellan has arrived.

Velokraeth would never land on the ice and spoil everyone's fun! Not yet, anyways. For now the bronze seems content to simply spring back aloft and onto one of the larger rocky ledges overlooking the water. He has his own weyr ledge too, but perhaps he is curious to watch the young folk skate. Curious and perhaps watchful too. Glancing between Hotaru and Inyri, Th'ero relaxes a little and his shoulders drop, glad at least that his group seems to have common sense and their wits about them. "Good. Glad you three at least thought it out before going headlong on the lake. This time of the season is unpredictable." Obviously. The snow is proof enough of that! Greetings are forgotten it seems, not purposely but simply because the Weyrleader seems more focused on giving his (unnecessary) warning. "And I do not skate," he says to Hotaru. "I am only here because Velokraeth did not want to land in the bowls where snow still remains in drifts and are cumbersome to land in." For the bronze anyways. Everyone else seems to manage just fine. So it seems like the trio have a casual observer. Cause, you know, that doesn't ruin the fun by having the Weyrleader awkwardly watch you while trying to skate…

Hotaru would probably go out on dangerous ice. In fact, this ice is dangerous enough. "Still… I'd rather not fall into any icy water." Hotaru hovers a bit, skating slowly in a small circle while Cesran and Inyri gets their skates on. She shakes her head out a bit to remove any still loose snow for her head and hat, though the firelizard clinging to her doesn't look too happy about it. Hotaru look curiously at Th'ero. "You don't skate? How come? Don't you know how? I can show you, if you want." She grins to Th'ero. "It's fun, and not too hard. I promise." For some reason though she doubts the weyrleader will be taking skating lessons from her. At least she doesn't seem too put off by the fact he's watching. She flips around and skates along backwards, heading out around the edge of the lake.

Ambling out from that-a-way, now, is one warmly-dressed young guard on duty (judging by his reasonably-neatly-kept-for-a-twenty-year-old-bachelor uniform, at least). Kaz looks to be in a good mood, working-hours or not, a set of ice-spikes slung over his shoulder and not strapped to his boots — and his hands firmly stuffed into his pockets. "Ahoy, the lake," he calls, continuing his mosey. "Let me know in advance if I'm going to have to fish one of you out, okay?"

Cesran starts to skate around slowly as he tries to keep his balance. He's not as practiced as he would like to be. He can't skate backwards yet, but he is trying. "Careful don't go too far out." He says to Hotaru as he skates a bit after her just incase. He looks to Kaz as he hears the calling, "Let's hope not."

If it's dangerous, it is at least dangerous for a newbie and not dangerous for someone good on ice, like, say, Hotaru. Or, for instance, Inyri, who has finished lacing on her skates and pushes off onto the ice, enacting careful turns as such to be sure she's staying to the outermost points of the lake as much as possible. Which means skating in a straight line with some curves, essentially; she can't really go around the whole lake and still remain in conversing distance. She also doesn't, apparently, mind the watching. "Maybe you can't have fun as Weyrleader," she guesses. "Like, it's part of the rules. Once your dragon catches a senior gold, you can't have any more fun. Or — no, you just can't have any fun /in public/." Kazulen gets a narrowed eye and then a call of, "Certainly not me!"

"No, I do not skate." Th'ero affirms again to Hotaru, giving the girl a long look as he does. Her suggestion is met with the barest quirk of a smile, short lived and gone in an instant. "I'll have to pass, but thank you." She, along with others, will learn fast enough that the Weyrleader doesn't have a 'fun' bone in his body. They tried snowball fights, mud wrestling and now he's dodging skating. Ask him to spar though? And he'll go get the practice swords without hesitation. As Kazulen ambles out, his call to the lake's occupants earns the guard a studious glance but a brisk nod of greeting in the end. Could be one of approval too, for the little jest of a warning. "They know to stay away from the center." he murmurs, though he doesn't sound quite so sure. Why else does his gaze keep sliding back out to where Cesran, Hotaru and Inyri now skate? And if he hears those remarks of hers, he's biting his tongue on the remark he has. But his frown and slight grimace should tell all.

Springtime is always a fun time, though off iceskating that is always a interesting thing for this season. Abigail is thus making her way towards the lake, a book tucked under her arm and a young lottle brown firelizard clinging to her right shoulder. The little brown has already gotten bigger, at least this is what Abbey thinks over the lizards, Huritt is chirruping out, wings fluttering now and then while he stays upon his paws while he taking in everything around him. Abbey eyes the little brown before looking over to Fellan whom is also with her, walking at her side. "Did ye have a good day at the forge an all?" They met up it seems not that long ago, and the talk of a walk around the lake was brought up, though neither most likely knew there was a bunch of people already there. A soft oh escapes Abs, pale gaze drifting over the ones here curiously as she pauses a moment.

"As good a day as any other." Fellan replies to Abigail with a chipper smile. "After a certain point, they all become pretty similar to one another. But all in all, it was fine. How about yours? Aside from the addition of your new friend there and all." He asks with a glance at the lizard and a little chuckle. Once the crowd at the lake is spotted, he pauses. "Huh… still cold enough for that? Shards. I was hoping the weather would start warming up."

"You'll have to fish me out!" Hotaru calls to Kaz, waving to him. Thankfully she doesn't sound serious though. She grins to Cesran. "Why? Don't you want to help fish me out?" The red head is being careful though, sticking to the outside of the lake. At least for now. Hotaru has lived just down the road for most of her life, so she's used to the cold and snow. And has been ice skating since she was a tiny brat. "I don't think that's part of the rules. Besides, if you're weyrleader you -make- the rules. Right, Weyrleader?" It just seemed to be Th'ero himself who was bent on not having fun. Perhaps one day Hotaru will ask Th'ero to spar. Though he'll have to leave his sword at home. "Come on, let's go around! Last one back to the weyrleader is a rotten wherry!" Nevermind that Hotaru is cheating by initiating the race. Also because she has a head start.

Kazulen eyes the skaters speculatively, and the ice, and the Weyrleader, and the lofty perch of the dragon keeping watch o'er them all, et cetera et cetera, and really it's just a good, solid, work-out for the eyeballs by the time he makes it to what's supposed to be a shore. (Is it still a shore if the lake is frozen?) "I wonder if they're going to decide to skate in the other direction to make up for that," he observes, somewhat to the Weyrleader and somewhat just in general, "or what she'd do if you moved, sir." Well, /that/ part maybe wasn't just in general.

Abigail smiles and nods. "Was fine, learned a few things.. Just have to read a bunch now to try and learn some more." Huritt cooos out softly while he settles against his haunches, tail wiggling about. "His growing like a weed, I think his doubled in sized since I found him." She chuckles softly at the talk of the water. "Ya I bet ye was hoping it was warmer. Ye know how to skate?" She questions curiously to Fellan while moving closer towards the ground. A wave of her hand is offered to the ones not off skating on the water and a friendly smile. "Hello everyone, nice day for skating ya?" Her gaze turns back as she ears the voices and she catches sight of Cesran and waves to him. Well she knows him, and there is Inyri alright someone else yay!

Fellan scratches at the back of his head, smiling as he looks out at the skating folk. He joins Abigail in waving to them, especially the familiar faces in the group. "I… tried it once, when I was younger. I mostly remember falling down a lot. How about you?"

Th'ero only shakes his head towards Hotaru again as the girl singles him out, "In a sense," he replies cryptically and without as much mirth as the others. Yep, he's a definite stick in the mud. Turning his head just enough to glance sidelong to Kazulen, the Weyrleader snorts for the observation, even if it was not meant to be directed to him. "It would be hard to tell, but I cannot stay in one place forever while they have their race." he drawls and if he did have a sense of humor he would move away or keep moving. Instead Th'ero is going to do something almost cruel and disappear completely! Velokraeth's oversized head is lifting and turning towards the southern bowl and whatever has perked his interest is shared silently with his rider. It must not be the greatest of news, since the Weyrleader exhales heavily. "Seems I am needed elsewhere," he mutters, likely only overheard by the guard at his side. "Enjoy yourselves," he adds, pitching his voice to be heard by the rest and likewise the only warning that Hotaru's finish line marker is about to vanish. Because with that, he's turning on his heel and walking briskly back towards the Weyr.

And if Kazulen thinks it's completely hi-larious that the Weyrleader up and left, just like he'd been musing… well, the mirthful smirk on his face is no different than it was before, really, so who's to tell? He busies himself with checking over the boot-spikes draped over his shoulder, making sure they're undamaged, sharp, and not rusty — all by feel. He's still watching the skaters, doing a pretty good job of looking idle about it. He's just … ready, in case their attempts to skate after the Weyrleader leave them underwater after all. That's all.

Hotaru is giggling away as she skates, knowing full well she's a cheater and deserves to be called out on it. She takes a bit of a break to let Inyri and Cesran catch up a bit, then goes back to skating around the lake. She starts to drift inward a bit, maybe just to make all the shore-flowers nervous. Or to shave a few seconds off her time. The ice seems to hold though. For now! Not that Th'ero seems to mind much, since the weyrleader is up and leaving them on their own. And taking their finish line with him. "Hey! Weyrleader! You're ruining the race!" She calls out. Instead they'll have to race over to Kazulen. "We'll race to that guy now!" She calls, pointing to Kaz. "Hey guy, what's your name?"

Abigail blinks while she shifts back a few steps as Th'ero takes his leave, she thinks she is suppose to know him.. OH right Weyrleader important person! She grins to Fellan. "Naw. I kept falling on by butt all the time so I just stopped." Oh sure, she can climb trees, use a sword and bow but ice skating? Ya not so much.. Huritt seems thrilled at being able to see more people around, the little brown trills out softly, form swaying a few times while his talons grip onto Abbey's shoulder a bit more. Thankgood she has on a thick jacket or that might hurt. "Guess there having a race now." This offered to Fellan while she hangs back to watch curious like too see who might win.

As the Weyrleader passes by, Fellan recovers his wits enough to fire off a quick salute. He may be passing by too quickly to notice it, but best to be cautious with such things all the same. Abigail's statement draws his attention back to the race, and he squints to peer at those on the ice. "Sure looks that way. Let's hope we don't end up having to fish them out of the water." He says with a chuckle.

Hey, at least Hotaru is down with being a cheater, because in that case, Inyri is down with indulging her. Not that she's skating /slower/ on purpose, nor is she letting herself lag behind — but she's definitely not going to fly /past/ her, at any rate. "That guy," she echoes, looking thoughtfully at Kazulen for a while, and only comes up with, "I know what /drink/ he orders! Does that help? I mean, that's not exactly a name —" Inyri is not, really, very good with names. This has become evident more than once tonight.

"My name is 'aaaauggh, heelllp, I'm siiiinkiiiiiiiiiiing'," Kazulen hollers back out at the skaters. It's nice how weather like this carries sounds so well, isn't it? Kazulen obviously thinks so, judging by the wicked grin he's sporting.

Cesran pants softly as he is trying to catch up with Hotaru and he slows down as the Weyrleader leaves. He looks to Hotaru and he looks around, "What guy?" He starts to skate towards Fellan, cause Fellan fits the description of some guy. He gives a wave to Abigail as well, but he looks to see where the girls are and he changes direction to skate after them. His firelizard warbles for Cesran to catch up.

Abigail pauses once she is a few paces from the one on the shore, or well un frozen land, she peers at Kazulen curious like. "Nice name." This said with an amused tone and faint grin." A glance is offered back to Fellan and she chuckles. "Hopfully it won't come to that. I imagen the water is still water coolish. A wave is offerd back to Cesran.

Hotaru looks back at Inyri for a second, to make sure they're talking about the same guy. "Yeah? What kind of drink does he order? Is it girly or manly?" Because that makes all the difference. Hotaru sticks her tongue out at Kaz. "Fine, Guy!" She'll have to rely on Inyri to clue her in on enough info for a suitable nickname. "Not that guy! That guy!" She calls to Cesran, pointing. She'll be around the lake by the time everyone figures out where they're supposed to be going.

Inyri shrugs, which seems to take some balance to do while moving on ice at some speed. At least she's slowed down some, and never seemed to have much trouble keeping her balance in the first place. "It's /definitely/ a manly drink," she will, at least, give Kazulen. "Terribly sour, though. So, I mean. We could call him Sourpuss?" She's apparently in the mood to make friends, and to be a 'we' with someone five-ish turns her junior, but that's Inyri for you. Inyri, whose hair is starting to turn into a giant ratty mess; don't speed-skate with long hair hanging down!

Fellan chuckles at the 'name' offered by Kazulen, shaking his head. "I'm beginning to question the safety of this event. But then, that just sort of makes it more interesting to watch. A shame we haven't got skates. I wonder if they keep them in the storage caverns?" Spotting Cesran's wave, he smiles and returns it as well.

Abigail grins at Fellan. "I thought ye didn't skate well..?" Perhaps she heard him wrong. "Amusement is seen as she hears Kazulen comment about how he is not a 'sourpuss'. "That's right ye tell 'em!" A nod of her head is seen while she grins. Her gaze drifts off towards where the skares are pinted out befoer she looks back to Fellan. "Do ye want to try?"

Fellan grins back at Abigail, raising his eyebrow. "So what if I don't skate well? It's not the sort of thing that you need to do well in order to have fun doing it." He says with a little bit of a laugh. When Kazulen points out that skates are available, he grins and shrugs. "Why not?" He looks at Abigail. "But if I plunge through the ice, I'm counting on you to save me."

Hotaru giggles a bit. "Or we can just call him 'Puss. That's easier." And more horrible. Hey now, Hotaru was old enough to be cool! Or something. Clearly not old enough to engage in random skate races though or giggle and cheat. Hotaru picks up the pace a bit, since they're almost at the 'finish' anyways. In fact, she fails ot pay attention, noticing that she's passed by Kaz a bit. Suddenly the red head turns her skates to the side, digging them in in a spray of snowy ice shavings and coming to an abrupt stop. Hopefully no one is following her too closely!

Not /too/ closely, but Inyri is close enough to hold up a hand to shield her face from the fallout anyway. "Pff!" she exhales, as Hotaru's ice shoots in her direction. It does not actually hit her, but it came close enough to be worth it! "Puss sounds good," she agrees, shooting a grin at Hotaru that quickly gets redirected to the now-nearby-enough Kazulen. "Unless he wants to volunteer his /actual/ name to avoid the alias."

Kazulen groans, once he's done spluttering and wiping ice-fuzz off his face with already-cold hands. "Kazulen," he grumbles. "For that, I'm not buying /either/ of you drinks to warm up."

Cesran isn't ready for the spray of use as it comes up and hits him in the face. He sputters as he wipes the ice off his face and his firelizard creels at being unexpectedly doused with ice. Cesran shakes off the ice and he smiles, "Don't worry I'll buy you two something warm to drink."

Abigail chuckles softly and shakes her head a moment before she glances to the ones on the ice and blinks as they spray the icey mess over Kazulen in there wake. "Oh just tell 'em yer name. Might be easier in the long rung." This said with an amused tone. Huritt blinks as he gets some ice across him and gives his wings a good shake. A soft chuckle escapes her and she nods to Fellan. "Alright deal!" This said while she grins.

Fellan can't help but chuckle at the scene on the ice, shaking his head and grinning. "It does look like fun." He turns to Abigail, nodding back. "Let's get us some skates!" Without further delay, he heads to do exactly that.

Hotaru laughs a bit as she nearly showers a couple of people with ice shavings, and does manage to shower Kaz with them. "Whew, I'm beat. And my face is numb!" She wriggles her nose around to get some feeling back into her wind-reddened cheeks. She grins to Kaz. "Nice to meet you, Kazulen. How about I buy you a drink instead?" She hops off the ice and walks carefully on her skates over to help brush him off. "These are my skating partners. Uh…" She looks at Inyri and Cesran, not knowing either of their names. Hotaru gives Abigail and Fellen a wave, finally noticing them and recognizing them from the other day. "Hey, you two."

"I am all over anyone who wants to buy drinks buying 'em," Inyri comments, skating in slow, small circles around and around to stay close to everyone else /and/ stay moving all at once. "But it's my night off, so I won't be serving them, even though everyone's clearly welcome up at the Gemstone; I'm there too often when I'm not working anyway, it'll look better to Koren if I come in with friends." That must mean everyone there is now Inyri's friend, right? But — who isn't? And there's the name thing again. She's not just bad at names, but chronically bad at introducing herself. "Er. Inyri. I'm Inyri. Hi. Liechten's the punk on my shoulder." The oh-so-peaceful adolescent bronze firelizard who didn't complain about the speed skating /or/ getting sprayed with snow. Does he get a treat? (Answer: likely.)

"I think everyone knows your name," Kazulen tells Inyri wryly (and factually inaccurately, but he's not counting). "You're a little bit famous up there, you know." For … getting drinks right, presumably, or possibly for the sort of reasons adolescent males congregating in large quantities are most hopeful for.

Abigail smiles and waves back to Inyri and Hotaru. "Hey there.. Seems Fellan thinks it's great fun to go skating cause now we are." This said with an amused tone though. Huritt trills out as he spots the older bronze upon the other's shoulder, the young brown swaying upons his paws, wings tucking in a bit closer to his sides. A slight wave is seen, fingers wiggle while she moves off to help get the skates with Fellan it seems. "Did ye find 'em?" This questioned once she had caught up with Fellan.

Fellan triumphantly lifts up two pairs of skates, one handed over to Abigail. "I did indeed. I can be remarkably resourceful." At least when it comes to finding things that have been pointed out to him directly. He hunkers down in the snow to get his own pair strapped to his boots. "Let's see… this one goes like this… yes, that seems right."

Cesran smiles, "I'm Cesran, apprentice techcrafter here at Fort Weyr. It's nice to meet you all. So where shall we go to get the drinks? The Gemstone Tavern sounds like a good idea. I don't know of any other place that serves hot drinks except for the Living Cavern."

Abigail chuckles and grins at Fellan while nodding and picks up the skates. "Well I'm rather sure ye can be." She sets her book down on a bench, Huritt flutters from one shoulder to the other. "This should be amusing." This said as she works on getting the skates over her boots.

Cesran heads back over toward the shore as it appears skating is all done. He heads back over to his boots and he sits down to take off his skates and he pulls on his boots. "I think I'm gonna head to the cavern. I have some studying to do."

Hotaru would be lying if she said she's been to the tavern more than once or twice. And drinking? Well, she's had a beer or two. But nothing serious. She's a little young for sin and debauchery anyways. "Hi Inyri, Cesran." She directs her attention to the former. "You work at the tavern?" And apparently she's famous. A busty barmaid, perhaps? "Skating is fun!" She tells Abigail. "Unless you fall on your behind or through the ice or something." Hotaru moves off to the side where her boots are hidden in a backpack, pulling them out and exchaning them for her skates. "Well, tavern I guess. I could use a hot drink." Once her boots are laced, she stands up and stretches out a bit, cracking her back. "Ah. Should we race to the tavern, too?" Hotaru chuckles a bit and lifts the pack onto her back, then starts meandering off in the direction of the tavern.

"You'll win," says Inyri (who is, in fact, if not a particularly outrageously busty barmaid, certainly a barmaid with a bust that sometimes gets comments from drunks) as she flops in the snow to unlace her skates. That alone is what keeps her from immediately shooting off after Hotaru to keep up; but once she's got those skates off? She's at least hitting a jog until she catches up to the younger girl.

"You'll be stuck buying me drinks later," Kazulen tells them with a hint of sadness and a healthy dose of mock-sadness (for disguise). "I'm still on rounds. Thank you for not falling through the ice and making my job harder, though!" He turns to leave — and then fixes a speculative look on those who intend to continue skating. But Abigail… Hmm. "I hereby delegate you to deal with it for as long as you're here," he tells his fellow guard, grins sharply at her, and hightails it in the opposite direction before anyone can effectively object.

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