'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Spring! At least that is what it looks like outside, save for the storm that has brought rian and wind to the whole place. Abigail had been out for a walk across the edges of the weyr, near the forest and came across a rather interesting scene. A small clutch of firelizards had hatched it seemed, and with the bad weather had left many dead, save for a few that managed to flutter somewhat and go between to warmer weather. There was one left that Abbey found that was struggling and and a result she came away with a brown firelizard. Lucky for her, and perhaps the firelizard she carries bits of jerky for her canines and thus the little lizard was happy to impress on her and get a good meal out of it in the process. This is a rather new expierence for Abbey though as being from a hold this doesn't often happen, and she is left with a rather hungrey brown lizard whom she is busily feeding at the moment, a warm blanket wrapped around the brown flit whom is snuggled down into it and cooing out faintly.

On duty at the moment - and bored with it, perhaps, given the low trickle of movement through the caverns at this particular time of day - is one Khyonai, who skirts closer towards the baby firelizard and his appropriated bond. The young man hovers, but doesn't say anything, all oblique glances askance and sideways to better assess the condition of the firelizard. Nosy as an auld auntie, ain't he?

Abigail watches the young brown lizard, offering him another piece of meat which is gobbles down and then a soft burp escapes him. She blinks and smirks a moment. "I think yer full." This said with a sof murmur to the lizard whom chirrups out, his eyes a swirl with calm colors as he hunkers down to fall asleep it would seem. A soft hum escapes her and she takes in a soft breath pondering what she gotten herself into it seems. "Ye are rather cute… For a little thing." She soon pauses and blinks, her pale gaze lifting slightly and rests upon the one that is there. "Ah.. Hello.." At the moment Khyonai has moved over to where Abbey is sitting, which is at the table, and she has a brown firelizard curled up in a blanket before her on a table.

"Wee little thing," Khyonai states to Abigail in return to her greeting, giving up pretense of not eyeballing the firelizard. "Don't think I've ever seen one /that/ little. That wasn't coming out of the egg directly, that is." He shifts his stance, eyes rising to scan the nearby section of caverns with the absent methodology of a man well-used to such a repetitive action that it is nearly reflex.

Unlike some of the others in the living cavern, Inyri hasn't come by for food; that, she can get plenty of where she works. But she's often found in the living caverns of the Weyr when she's got a break of longer than an hour, and in this case it seems she's come for socialization — she spots Abigail, a familiar face, and moves in her direction. Her own bronze firelizard is presently riding on just one of her shoulders; he's young enough, at this point, that she can get away with doing that. "You're the one with the canine from a few days ago," she guesses, as a greeting, as she approaches Abigail and the unfamiliar face.

Abigail ahs softly as she hears Khyonari. "Well.. Yes.. actually he just hatched not that long ago." There is a slight pause while she looks back to the sleeping firelizard. "Most of them all died, think it was too cold. No idea /why/ they was out there in the first place." Heck if she knows such things! The new voice gets her attention and she looks over to Inyri and offers her a smile and nods. "Yup, that's me. Hello there."

Abigail isn't the only one with a firelizard. Somehow, Zapallie got ahold of one too; it's a little chocolate and copper colored thing that looks like a menace, honestly. Befitting, since Zap herself is a menace. Fortunately, it's just a baby right now, and is curled up asleep around her neck. She heads for the klah, gets a mug, and looks around for a victim.

Eyes the color of rich klah land upon Inyri as she bee-lines for Abigail, and one could almost see Khyonai performing a route risk-assessment: no prominent weapons, slight in build, unlikely to be a public hazard. Next. Oh, look. Speaking of… his eyes land upon Zee with no little amount of resignation, and he falls into silence to make sure he doesn't need to leap into action, a faint half-grimace belying his normal game-face of dispassion.

"Mind if I sit?" Inyri has her bag over her shoulder, and so one could surmise that while she isn't carrying any weapons and isn't big enough to be a public hazard without being very, /very/ loud and throwing a giant fuss, she might be carrying knitting. Which means, of course, that she has reason to stick around and sit and people-watch. Her request to sit may or may not be overheard by Zap, but the firelizard on her shoulder certainly chirps in that direction, taking note of the other firelizards around.

Abigail smiles to Inyri and nods. "No I don't mind in the least, have a seat." She offers with a slight wave to another chair at the table she is at. Her little newly hatched brown firelizard is still happly asleep at least, the chirps from the brozen isn't picked up just yet it would seem. "So.. How is everyone?" Might as well be all nice and inviting right? She picks up her mug kla is still sorta warm and she picks it up sipping at it now that she doesn't have to continue to feed the firelizard for the moment. Abbey is sitting at a table, Inyri and Khyonai is there near her, there is also a small most likely newly hatched brown firelizard curled up within a blanket upon the table in front of Abs.

Zapallie notices Khyonai… oh yes, she notices him. She smiles too sweetly and saunters over to him, passing behind him with a hand reached out to trail lightly across his shoulders — unless he takes her arm off first, the ferocious beast. "Well hello there, handsome. Ready to give me that kiss yet?" Her eyes travel farther to Abigail and she purrs, "We could make a threesome of it." Inyri gets a cursory nod.

Khyonai glances down to Abigail and her brown again, a trickle of amusement picking along the lines of his face - subtle. "At least this time we've not any drudges with pretenses t—" This is interrupted by his hand raising to deflect that touch of Zapallie's hand, the grimace on his face flickering until his face falls back into impassiveness once more. "Zee," he states, that note of resignation in his voice again. He strives for — someone new. "Knitting, is it?" he questions Inyri, his voice almost strained by the effort to find *something* innocuous to talk about.

Knitting indeed; apparently Inyri's version of 'sit' is actually 'set her bag, which now clearly displays that it is full of knitting as it tips when she sets it down, onto the seat she had claimed, then go get a glass of water and come back.' "Working on a sweater," Inyri tells Khyonai as she sets the bag down and pushes her firelizard's head away from her eyes with one finger. "Figure it'll be done by next winter, if not sooner than." It's a soft blue yarn, and is in fact the very same that was privy to a minor living caverns disaster about a month ago. "Getting a drink, be right back." The bag, one presumes, will hold her seat — she steps off to get some water.

Abigail smirks faintly as she hears Khyonai. "Ye mean going and getting themselves into trouble by opening there mouth?" Oh yes that was a rather interesting thing that night to deal with! She looks to Zapa,, her pale gaze settling upon the girl's frielizard curiously before she looks to her still sleeping brown. Yay for sleepy baby firelizards! "Threesome huh?" This questioned with an amused tone back to Zap at the idea, a faint wiggle of her eyebrows seen and she can't help but grin. "Alrighty." Is offered to Inyri, well she won't be taking her seat for any reason, and with the bag there is should keep it for the other.

From the direction of the inner weyr there's a touseled Edani emerging into the room, moving very carefully. Save for his shirt looking like… yesterday's shirt and his trous a touch creased from sleeping in them, apparently, he's looking much like he always does before heading out to the pens for the day. Only it's midmorning and he's usually out there before dawn. He looks like he just woke up too with a sleepy, cranky barely-open eyed scan of the place warily before fully entering the room. No healers in sight. Good. By the time he's near where the others sit he's gone as far as he can. He's out of juice. He doesn't ask if he can join them, just stops by the table, plants his hands on the tabletop to brace himself while easing down in an empty spot. Then he grunts. That's his 'good morning' to them all.

Zapallie moues at Khyonai as her hand is deflected. "I thought you liked me," she simpers, looking absolutely tragic. When Inyri abandons her chair she continues on her travels. Once said chair is reached she simply shoves the knitting bag off of it and plants her behind there instead. The chair is kicked back onto two legs and her boots are slung up onto the table, one leg crossed over the other. "You see, Khyonai? Red is game?" She tips her chin backwards and spots Edani, her grin becoming something wide, the sort of I'm going to eat you grin kids have in their nightmares. "Well, if you aren't in, maybe my friend Edani wants a threesome."

"Maybe later, Zee. I'm on duty." Khyonai, with the dry humor. His mouth opens and closes in response to Abigail's apparent willingness, before he — totally passes the buck to the poor injured man at the table. "Oh, I'm sure. Isn't that right, Edani?" A straight face, and he strides off as if indifferent … but he's not indifferent. He's fleeing. Again.
(And nodding at Inyri on his way out, since — she seemed actually halfway *normal*, shock and awe!)

Returning with her water, Inyri eyes the fact that her bag's just ended up on the floor with what seems like relative aplomb. Halfway normal it is: she's not giving in to the goading, apparently,a nd is doing so in a set and obvious way. Standing up perfectly straight and sighing once, she sets her water at a different place at the table, picks up her bag, gathers her mess, says, "In case you weren't aware, that was rude — but I'm guessing that was probably the point," and then sits down where she had placed the glass of water with an only somewhat annoyed expression. She puts up with restaurant customers on a daily basis. She put up with little siblings for turns on end. There's very little Inyri can't take.

Abigail can't help herself and chuckles. "Sorry.. All on ye Zee.. I'm sure ye can find someone else to play along though." She is happy just going along with the teasing, really! She smirks at Zap and is about to help collect the items fallen from Inyri's pushed over bag. "I'm thinking that is why she did it." This said softly with a shake of her head. A glance is offered to the new person that has be caught in Zap's vison. "Quick, run while ye still can. She isn't letting us flee, but ye can still save yerself!" Or not.. She thinks as he looks a bit under the weather to some degree.

Edani isn't in a flirting mood. But then, is he ever? He's polite, well-mannered but- "Threesome?" He cracks an eyelid to shoot Zapallie a little 'what?' sort of look. He's sitting in a seat between Zapallie and Abigail but that's all the sort of between he's up for right now. He looks barely awake as it is, in fact, his eyes shut, head dropped forwards into his hands, which are braced with elbows on the table. "You lot are chipper this morning. And what language are you speaking anyway?" The chatter isn't computing. Yay fellis? It's made a grumpy, grumpy and less tactful Edani. Though he did sort out Inryi's voice in the fray and says with his head still down a muffled sort of, "Inyri. Act like you enjoy rudeness. She'll stop."

Zapallie looks smugly at Khyonai's retreating back. "Faranth, it's too easy," She swills her klah and then cups it between her hands, craddling it in her lap. "Of course it's why I did it. Reputation!" And also a nasty disposition. "You're the one taking up a whole seat with your manky bag of yarn." She swings her legs down, and her chair bangs onto the floor again. Leaning into Edani, she smiles ferally. "Ain't an act, is it? I know you like me. If futsy musty Weyrleader hadn't interrupted us, we would have had a fine night of it."

"Well," Inyri confesses, now that her manky bag of yarn is on the floor underneath her chair and not taking up any more of the table's space than she is, "I do /expect/ it. I live my entire life basically anticipating rudeness, so it's really more of a shocker to me when people are outright kind." Otherwise known as: she keeps her back up constantly, and acts like a snob in response to rudeness, apparently. "And you," she tells Edani, with a trace of friendliness returning to her businesslike tone, "look a bit like you're high." Zapallie? Not yet getting directly acknowledged. After all, she hadn't directly spoken to Inyri!

Abigail shakes her head slightly as she hears Zap, a soft sigh escaping her before she sips at her mug again, ah good warm drink! A slight glance is offered over to Inyri, a brow lifting and she ponders but she doesn't go about entering that conversation about expecting people to be rude and the like. "I see.." Is about all she offers as she leans back into her chair a moment. Her little brown is starting to wake up, a squeaky yawn escaping the firelizard while he shifts and wiggles about to escape the blanket, and once he does he hop/fluters/falls into Abbey's lap. A soft err escapes the guard and her mug is set down while she picks the lizard up. "Hey.. Ye alright little one.." She murmurs out softly.

Edani doesn't lift his head in response to Zapallie's claim, though he does snort to her claim of having a fine night, "I don't even know you, let alone know if I like you. You asked the room for a drink, I bought you one. S'how I was raised." Long fingers rake through his hair as he lifts his head and looks blearily at Inyri. "What I look-" he says enunciating the words as clearly as fellis-tongue will allow, "is hungover. And that's how I feel. Ugh." He rubs tiredly at his face, distracted by the flutter of wings from the corner of his eye, turns his head to peer at Abby's lap, trying to focus. "Those are cute little browns you have there. Did they just hatch? Name's Edani, by the way. Beastcrafter."

Zapallie says in a loud, snotty voice, "Oh, look at me, I'm a barmaid, everyone's a jackass to me, I hate the woooorrrrllld," the last word is drawn out dramatically as she swoons sideways. Outright mocking? Zee's found a new low. The firelizard around her neck squeaks a protest and turns to bite her ear hard enough to draw blood. "Shard it!" she exclaims, losing her mug of klah, which is likely to spill all over the place on its way down before hitting the floor and shattering. Pottery shards, everywhere. "Son of a…" she sighs as she stands, and turns to flag down a drudge. "Oy! Can I get a broom and a rag or something? — No, you don't have to clean it up, I got it. Just bring me a broom." She pats at her wet thighs and looks irritated. Her head turns towards the firelizard and she gives it a flat look. "I am not edible. Bite the others. They taste better."

Perhaps unfortunately for Zap, Inyri's response is to — laugh. Just the once, but it's clearly a laugh that turns into a tiny smirk-of-a-smile as she sips her water and nods agreeably. "Most people are rude to servers, honestly. It's kind of the way of the world, though. They assume that since you're a waiter, you're waiting on them hand and foot — the customer is /not/ really always right." When Zap's firelizard incident occurs, though, Inyri's brow raises slightly at the way the other girl is actually kind enough to the druge to say that she can clean it up herself; Inyri looks almost impressed. By that. Not by the mocking.

Abigail blinks and looks over to Edani curiously, browns?.. "Well it's just one, an he hatched a few hours ago. Sorta found this small clutch out on a walk. Some died, others escaped between before the coldish weather got them I suppose." Her pale gaze looks to the brown that has curled up upon her lap now, purring out faintly and seeming content there. "I'm Abigail, from Fort Hold, guard." She takes hold of the blanket from the table and pulld is around little brown to make sure he stays warm it seems. Blinks as she hears Zapallie and just peers at her a few moments, a brow lifting. "Ye know how to clean something?.." Seems she was impressed as well, and just had to say something to Zap at the outcome of all this.

The sound of breaking pottery are jarring on fellis-jangled nerves but it's the raised voice of mocking that Edani responds to though his reaction time is delayed. One hand lifts to give Zapallie's forearm a little warning squeeze. "That's uncalled for," he says lowly, partly not to publicly call her out and partly because now his head is pounding. To Inyri he says with a crooked sort of smile, "What am I, chopped liver? I wasn't rude to you the other night. Th'ero wasn't either." But then, maybe the two young men aren't most people, he doesn't know. There's been something he wants to ask her, brow crinkled in concentration as he casts about in his fog-brain to remember. Oh! "How's Dura… Durante?… Durashik?" All the while he's still trying to get his eyes to make one firelizard when he still sees two. "I was wondering why they were moving in unison," he finally says drolly with a half-smile pulling on his mouth. "Good on you for rescuing them- him, Abigail."

"My surprise was just in that she was volunteering," Inyri confesses, giving Abigail a hesitantly friendly look while picking up her knitting and getting it going again. (That she can do without looking.) "Du-ra-hi-ko," she pronounces, slowly, for Edani's edification — but it's just clear enunciation, not patronizing or rude. "And he's still keeping his food down, thanks for asking after him. You're very right in both ways, about the other night; you weren't rude, neither was the Weyrleader, but that's. Well. Not chopped liver, but it's a nice variant." Sip of water. Clip-clack of the knitting needles. Inyri's settled in for at least the next few minutes.

Abigail ahs softly at the explantion from Inyri. "Well, yes there is that as well." She ays with a soft tone. Her hand rests softly against the little brown, rubbing softly against his back while she listens in n the conversation about being rude, and on Inryi's canine. A soft smile is offered back to Edani and she ndos slightly. "Well.. At least I was able to save one of them. Felt bad for the others." She looks down to the little cooing brown firelizard. "I'll admit I'm more use to canines then firelizards." Learning expierence!

"Of coure I know how to clean," murmurs Zap, concentrating on picking up all the pottery shards and not cutting herself. What, no snappy retort, no insult? Nope, these things are wet, and sharp, and she's too busy being annoyed with herself to be annoyed with the rest of them.

Edani looks like something the cat dragged in and the dog has chewed on. This must be why one of the healers passing through the room towards the inner caverns gives him a penetrating look as she passes by. She doesn't bother him, though since she's about to go on duty for her shift in the infirmary and the beastcraft escapee doesn't notice her. "Oh yes, Durahiko. Sorry. I'm glad he's doing better." Lifting a hand to rub at his eyes, Edani gives up trying to focus on the firelizard and shuts them again. He can't see Zapallie, but can hear her muttering. Of the rest of the firelizard clutch he says calmly, "Some live, some die. That's the natural order of things. It's best to accept that." "The dragonhealers can help you learn the basics. I'd offer, but I have no experience with them. Did you give the little guy a name?" That he can forget or mangle tomorrow?

Inyri is at least willing to give Edani some credit, "It's not the easiest name to remember, especially considering its origin was pulling random letters from a hat. So was Ezra's Zoi, actually." The very same hat, and the very same set of written out letters! "I heard you got attacked," she adds, just making sure Edani knows what all the current gossip is on him. Whether she puts any stock in it or not is anybody's guess.

Abigail hums softly and nods to the talk of the other firelizard's. "I suppose it makes sense on all that." She ahs softly while glancing back to Edani. "Thanks, I'll make sure to stop by and speak with one of 'em on it. Casue unless he plans on growing fur I'm sorta outa luck in that regard." This said with an amused tone. She blinks when Inyri speaks of Edani being attacked and she peers over at him curiously. "Suppose that would be a good reason for looking slightly off." Well that is one way to put it.
"It's not hard," Zapallie says as she straightens. "Feed the until they're full but don't overfeed them, they always try that at first… or at least, baby dragons do, and I expect they're just like baby dragons…oil him daily so his hide doesn't crack, especially while he's growing…" she looks up, looks around. "Attacked?" she repeats, a small v forming between her eyebrows. "Who attacked you?"

But Ezra, wisely, only picked out three whereas Inyri went for half the alphabet! "Zoi. I'm so glad he didn't also get get a k and an s," he says with a faint chuckle. He's in the process of easing his head down, arms folded atop the table in preparation for being a pillow (why IS he even out of bed anyway?) "Atta- oww!" That sharp intake of breath preparatory to laughing HURT dammit! He's both indignant and amused that he's even the subject of gossip. "Who would attack me? And more importantly, why? I'm harmless. Really." But hey - if the rumors name a person and motive, he wants to hear it!
Actually looking guiltily at both Zapallie and Edani for the fact she hasn't got an answer, Inyri explains, "Oh, I have no idea /who/ supposedly attacked him. It was the gossip that came through the mill near the infirmary, see." That sounds a bit strange when thinking about mills as mills, and not just as gossip mills — but it's entirely possible that Inyri doesn't understand the origin of the phrase anyway. "That a beastcrafter was laid up because someone attacked him. They left out all the /interesting/ bits, my sincerest apologies." They do appear to be, in fact, sincere.

Abigail glances to Zap at the comments on the firelizards, sh eohs a moment and nods while looking back at the sleeping brown. Her attention turns back to Edani, a soft ah escaping her. "Can I get ye a warm drink or something along them lines?" Hey she is trying ot be nice, the guy looks like he could use a helping hand after all! At his attemping in laughing, and the ouches and the like to follow she ehs softly. "Seems many rumors leave out all the interesting bits. Or it gets passed around to many times that parts start to get really left out."

Zapallie sniggers. "Zoiks." Titter titter. "So….what did happen to you, then?" she asks Edani, resettling in her seat after clearing up the mess. She's still wet. She'll dry. Idly she reaches up to stroke one spiny eyeridge on her sleeping firelizard.

Finally! (not that Edani really expected them to wait on him hand and foot) "Yes please. Klah. Black and as strong as they've got, Abigail." He grins crookedly at Inyri, "Remind me to teach you some sleuthing techniques. Because if you're going to repeat gossip, you need to ferret out the good stuff." Aaaand since Zapallie asked, she obviously hasn't got any juicy details either (Not even making any up? She's losing her edge!), he tells all three of the girls, shooting Zap a smirk when she titters, "I got kicked by a fleeing heifer. Cracked a rib or three. Forget how many they said."

Inyri looks thoughtful for a minute, reflecting: "Well, there might have been — we came up with Zoi amongst a whole bunch of other letters, so it's possible. They didn't stick, though." The z, o and i may or may not have even been pulled in order. Inyri clearly can't recall. The mention of sleuthing techniques, though, /that/ has her looking a bit more furtive and a bit more curious. "But if you've actually got sleuthing tips, I certainly won't refuse them." It's possible she's even got a use for them! "Though my memory is usually regarded as pretty good. Need an extra towel?" Inyri's now pulling a washrag from her bag and offering it to Zapallie, just in case.

"Sure thign." Abigail offers with a nod while she shifts and picks the firelizard up, which wakes up and the brown scrambles upwards and clings to her shoulder, tail curling around her neck. Abs blinks, a soft heh escapes her and she picks up her mug. "Anyone want something while I'm heading that way?" She questions curiously. An it seems to dawn on her a moment later that Edani asked her about the little lizard's name. "Oh, his name is Huritt.. No reason to let him go about without a name after all." She waits a moment to see if Inyri or Zap want anything before she is off to get more klah.

Zapallie wrinkles her nose in disgust, "A heifer? Shards, at least say you got kicked by a fat bitch in a spotty shirt." Zap leans back in her chair and stares at the ceiling like she couldn't be much more disappointed. The motion of Inyri's hand catches her eye and she reaches out to take the washrag. "Thanks." She applies this to the klah stain on her thigh, the corner of her lip curled. "Grab me like a cookie or something, would ya?"

"Ozi would have been cute. Maybe not as strong-sounding as Zoi," reflects Edani thoughtfully. But, "No, I don't need another towel?" He's a little confused there until he glances down at Zapallie. Right! Spilled klah. He knew that! Zapallie's got him sitting up straighter, though the movement causes him to grimace and he places a hand on his chest in pretense of feeling wounded. Like, why would anyone kick him? No, instead he gets kissed by little girls he doesn't know. Abigail's belated answer draws a lopsided smile, though Edani knows better than to try and focus on the creature, he does look towards it, "Hi Huritt, I huritt too." Har har. Speaking of which there's a hand on his shoulder. "I thought so. Edani, right? We didn't release you, young man." It's the healer who passed through awhile ago. Oops!

"It's no problem," as regards the towel, but Inyri's laughing a little at Zapallie's comment, and adds in agreement, "Yeah, you should spice the story up a bit, and she's just given a perfect example of how you can do so /without/ lying." Though Zap's phrasing may or may not have been Inyri's choice words. "I'm fine, I should get back to work in a few, but thanks —" And then there are the healers. Inyri puts on her Sweet, Innocent Wide-Eyed face and looks at them. She had nothing to do with this!

Abigail is back within a few moments, two mugs of black klah, and balanced upon one of them is a plate of sweet roll looking things, an yes enough for everyone. She sets a mug down for Edani and slides it on over to him before sitting herself back down. "There ye go." The plate is then set down within the middle so everyone can reach it and sips from her mug of refreshed klah. Her pale gaze drifts between the three, and she blinks before grinning faintly at the bit on Huritt's name, the little brown let's out a chirrrup. Seems someone is wide awake now! "Harhar.. Though I have to agree, say something else did it that a runaway beast.. Maybe a stampede inside." Is said with a soft amused tone to Edani before her gaze flicks to the healer and a soft ah escapes her. "He didn't get that far, an as a guard I would have brought him back once he was done with his drink." Well, no not really. Though it is her attempt to not let the poor beastcrafter get himself dragged back if he wishes to stick around for a bit longer out from the clutches of the healers.

Zapallie gives the Healer a snort. "Wasn't aware the healers were guards and the infirmary was a jail." Snarkiness, it's an equal opportunity thing. As soon as the sweetrolls are settled she reaches in to grab one and nom nom on it, falling silent to watch them. "Don't you know any normal names?" she asks Abigail. "He's Whiskey—" she motions to the frightening creature on her neck, all spines and angles and dark soulless pits around his eyes. "Probably should have named him Bitey though."

That sort of phrase wouldn't exactly be Edani's choice either because didn't he go so far as to call Zapallie a lady like he meant it? He quips, "It's spicy enough, thanks. The gal was scared so she kicked me. The question is: Why was she scared and why was I chasing her?" He then winks at Inyri - or attempts it but it's a touch too slow to look anything other than a very slow blink. Despite the looming healer he accepts the mug with a brief, but sincere, "Thanks Abigail." The hand of the healer, who is ignoring the comments to her, is tugging his shoulder insistently. Well, yes, he'll go since they have the stuff that stops it from hurting with each breath he takes. And he's got a headache. Using the knuckles of his hands to push himself up, once he's got his balance he leans carefully to snag a sweet roll then hooks a finger through the handle of his mug. He'll just take these along with him because everyone knows they starve people in the infirmary. And they have horrible klah! "Edward's a normal name. You could call him that, Zapallia." Then under his breath he adds, "Come break me out later, Jailbird." He gives them all a cocky little grin and a 'seeya' salute with his mug as he heads off with the healer to face the music.

"That's exactly what I would ask," Inyri tells Edani, with a crooked grin, "if I were to get the chance to. But I think right now we /both/ have other places to be." Another light giggle, and she's gathering her bag to stand up and head off back to work. Maybe next time she'll introduce her own firelizard; maybe next time, she'll have a slightly longer break.

Abigail tilts her head while peering at the healer a moment and then looks back to Edani, a soft ah escapes her, and she nods a moment with a soft smile seen. "Sure thing." Is offered with a soft tone before she is sipping from her mug. "I know plenty of normal names, but this one just seemed to fit him." Huritt coos out and is eyeing that firelizard over on Zap's shoulders. "Bitey sounds like a name ye would give. Though I suppose Whiskey an't a bad one." That there was a good idea actually! With a smile she nods to Inyri and waves after her. "Take care!" As to the leaving Edani she nods after him. "Hope ye get to feeling better soon an so forth."

Zapallie salutes Edani and grins. "Will do, Heifer Chaser." She nibbles her sweet roll. "He kinda looks like Whiskey, don't you think?" She prods at one of his coppery spots. "Kinda reddish." She waves to the departing souls in a politely disinterested way.

Does Whiskey sparkle in the in sunlight? Because he bites. Edward. Just sayin'.