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Where Living cavern, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It is late evening, a time when chores and obligations are done for the day. The Living Caverns is still full of those who are seeking a meal or simply companionship. From the lower caverns comes Sephany, idly squinting at one of her fingers, pinching and squeezing the tip of it before she lets her hand go, dismissing whatever had her attention in favor of the serving tables and finding a spot to eat.

In a corner of the room, a table has be strategically aligned so that the occupant can lean against the wall. Riohra is this person, he has a plate in front of him but is only picking at it. Probably because he is reading a letter and grinning, he will shake his head at some parts and laugh at others. As he goes to turn the pages he will look up and see Sephany giving her a wave if she happens to see the tall hunter.

Plate of food in hand, it is the tall hunter's wave that catches her eye and, seeing an empty seat at his table, Sephany is happy enough to make the walk to the wall and slide into a free space. "Good evening, Riohra," she offers with a polite smile. "A letter from Kassala?" she inquires, nodding her head towards his papers.

Riohra shakes his head "Not yet but she did just go down so" He will shrug and show her the letter "No it is from my older brother Gronci. He is the family healer, he is telling me about how my younger siblings have learned what happens when you put needlethorn on your hands and then have a tickle fight" he chuckles good naturedly. Tilting his head over at the weaver saying "How are you today?"

"Needlethorn in your hand… that does not at all sound safe," decides the weaver, looking toward the letter with apprehension and disapproval, as though the paper may have some opinion on the matter. She reaches for a slice of redfruit, picking it up with nibble fingers to take a bite. It serves to give her a moment to collect her thoughts before she answers his question and, once she has swallowed, she can say with a firm voice, "I am doing well today. Yourself?"

Riohra shrugs and will pick at his food "just trying to move forward you know." He will put the letter down a moment and actually eat his food looking over at the weaver he will say softly "You sure you are alright? You seem like your mind is as far as the Red Star." He maybe trying to put on a happy front but he won't throw it in someone elses face if they need to be talk..

"Move forward?" repeats Sephany, frowning slightly. "That sounds rather final. Surely you and Kassala didn't…" but she doesn't voice that thought, settling instead on nibbling at her food with a thoughtful look. Grey eyes study her meal in detail, fingers poking and pushing things around in an idle way. "I am. I have no reason to be otherwise." A heartbeat later and she seems to remember, "Zevuki asked me to let you know… he's been Searched as well. And accepted. So I suppose you will have to post pone your fishing trip."

Riohra shakes his head saying "No we are just fine, but if I let my self focus on it I might wind up in a bad place again". He sips his Klah and then hears her words, he has the lightest light of what may have soured her mood, "Well I am sure he will come next time, no point to cancel plans." He gives the young weaver an encouraging smile saying "I will have to see him when I go down to visit Kassala. Which you are more than welcome to still come along with.."

Ignoring the hustle and bustle of the living caverns at dinner time, Sephany seems thoroughly absorbed in her own meager meal. Another piece of fruit is selected, and a small bite is taken as she hmm's in thought. "Well, perhaps you should focus on the positive; Kassala loves you. And I am certain she is missing you like crazy as well. But you said yourself that dragons are her passion. So surely she is enjoying herself at Igen, and that should give you some comfort?" she offers, her intention to be helpful and not to sprinkle salt into an open wound. As for her? There's a little twitch to the corner of her mouth, reminiscent of her brother, and she offers, "I already have every intention of visiting. And I made those intentions known, as well." But then the smile falters just a touch. "I am not sure how often I will be able to do so, however. Or if I even ought to."

Riohra nods and will smile at her words of comfort, even if they might sound like salt in a wound they came from a place of compassion so the hunter excepts them as they were meant to be. "Well getting days off for visiting will be hard but do able if you really want it. Kass is going to be sending me her schedule so we can plan visits and the like." He will look at her much as he has looked at her older brother when he is on the broody side and ask plainly "And why should you visit him?"

"That is the question, isn't it?" asks Sephany, leaving the subject of Kassala behind. Perhaps she saw something in his face that leads her to believe discussion of the dragonhealer is only to bring pain, and not comfort. And so for his benefit, she will turn the topic to herself. "Why should I? What reason do I really have to visit Igen Weyr? I will not lie; I do want to visit him. But to what end, Riohra? We are strangers, still. Acquaintances at the most. And he is now a Candidate." As if the final sentence was the definitive one, she takes a large bite out of her redfruit, occupying herself with chewing rather than speaking.

Riohra nods and listens to Sephany explain her views on the subject, he smiles at her and says "And that is the reason you SHOULD go, take it from someone who was in his boots not to long ago. Being a candidate is hard, and sometimes lonely. But when your friends visit and those you care for show up it make its a little bit better to deal with." He takes a few bites of his own meal now letting his words sink in to the young woman's way of thinking. "The real question is are you willing to stick by your friend and give it a shot? I am not saying it is easy but the rewards are always better when the work is harder."

Grey eyes narrow, and Sephany's lips press into a thin line as she regards the hunter. There is clear disapproval for the implication that she would be so flighty a person. "Things being tough is not the concern," she says flatly. "And I believe he shall make plenty of friends among the other candidates, if he so chooses. Zevuki seems to be self-sufficient, and I don't worry about his resolve. I worry about mine," she declares. There's a moment of hesitation, and she reaches for the roll on her plate so that she can occupy her fingers tearing it to bits. "I don't know how to explain, truly. It makes sense in my mind."

Eiram has been absent from the weyr nearly two sevendays before finally he could escape the hall and visit again. As usual he carries his instrument bag and travel bag, but no longer carrying the odd contrivance of the backpack on his front. There is though a little sienna brown mixed in with the hair on his shoulder. A baby flitter head peeking out and hiding once more. As they enter the living cavern though the smells of food draw it out of hiding and it suddenly creels, right in Eiram's ear. The lad winces slightly, "Yes, there is food here."

Riohra nods at the weaver as she explains her self, and will smile softly at her saying "Only you know what is in your heart and mind dear. But I happen to be of the opinion that you would do the most good for both of you if you did visit him." He sips more of his Klah before adding "I could be wrong but it seems like Zevuki is one of those friends that makes you a better person for having." And speaking of friends the tall hunter will look up to see the young harper with an ear ache and lift his mug in acknowledgement before going back to looking at Sephany.

Sephany's lips press thin once again, and she tears her roll into teeny-tiny pieces until it'smore crumbs than anything else. "True," she concedes. "He is the type of person that makes you want to be a better version of yourself," she admits. "But Riohra… say I visit. Say we grow close. Where would that lead me?" A little lower, she wonders as if to herself, "What if he were to Impress?" There's a small shake of her head at the thought, and she clarifies some of her conflict by asking, "What if Kassala was Searched for Half Moon Bay, and you were not? What if you spent your entire life in the Weyr, watching your friends get Searched, and Impress. What if you saw your own brother Impress… but you were never asked to Stand?" Clearly, this is less hypothetical than it at first appears. It is the creel of the baby firelizard that draws her out of her thoughts, and grey eyes flash across the cavern to the source. "Eiram!" Delighted, she stands from her chair and raises her hand in an effort to catch his attention, as the table she shares with Riohra is quite a distance from the tables and tucked against the wall.

Eiram makes a stop by the kitchens first and foremost grabbing up some raw meat, then makes a plate for himself. Those necessaries taken care of he looks around for a place to seat and spies Sephany waving her arm and makes a way over, the whole time the little brown creeling his hunger and trying to walk down the arm that holds the bowl. He gets to the table in the nick of time as the creature reaches the bowl. "Slowly now.." He says snatching up the bowl and feeding but one strip at a time to the little creature. Only then can he look to the others, "Well hello there! How fare you both?" He offers in a bright greeting.

Riohra grins and watches the young man with the flitter saying "I am doing rather well today. How are you doing? It has been a little while since you where up here my young friend." He will give Sephany a look that reads we will discuss this at another time if wish. No point in making her expel feelings in front of two people after all. He will sip his Klah and go back to eating his meal keeping an eye on the younger flit just incase it is one of those steals the food off your plate types.

"Hello Eiram," says the weaver with a smile, a much more subdued greeting now that he is not clear across the living cavern. "I am doing well." Nevermind the mutilated roll and half-eaten fruit that litter her plate and speak to indecisiveness if nothing else. The little firelizard is eyed curiously, and she wonders, "Would he let me feed him, do you wonder?" Riohra's look has obviously been understood, for she is nothing but pleasant smiles now that the young harper has joined them. "How long are you visiting for, this time?"

This youth has not reached his full potential for height. He has medium length brown hair that generally looks carefully messed up at any given time. His eyes are a greyish blue in colour, one colour showing dominence depending on his mood. He pretty much wears just sturdy dark pants and a lighter button up shirt. Sturdy boots adorn his feet.

"I think when he is this hungry he would let anyone feed him. It has been a whole candlemark since he last ate and it is like days to him." Eiram says and passes the meat bowl over. He looks up to the pair with enthusiasm, "I can spend a few days this time, doing some lessons with the local Harper for an assignment." He offer to the man and rolls his shoulders before going about his own meal now that another has taken over his flitter duties.

Riohra grins and nods saying in a hushed tone "Good, because I know for a fact Head cook is making Bubblies tonight" he gives his co pie procurer a wink. And will eats some more of his meal before washing it down with a drink of Klah. He leans back looking at Eiram thoughtfully saying "did you speak with your mother about coming on a hunt with me? I am due to head out as I found some deer rather close by." He will nod to Sephany as she takes over flit feeding duties and adds "You could come too if you wish, if anything so you can see the local area not covered in snow."

Fruit is put aside, and Sephany takes the bowl of raw meat without any trepidation. There is delight in her expression as she selects a small piece and offers it to the little brown, almost giddy as he accepts it. "This is amazing…" clearly, smitten with the creature already. Though she does not miss the exchange between hunter and harper. "You're going on a hunt?" and there just might be a little disapproval in her tone, as she looks up to Eiram, and then to Riohra.

Eiram has his head down to his meal as he answers the hunter, "Yeah yeah, it will be fine." Really? The mention of bubblies draws his gaze up, "Oh, it seems I have arrived just in time then." There is a glance to the kitchens with bright eyes before looking back to the pair. "His name is Oboe and he likes being tickled just below his jaw." He informs of the little brown who is greedily snatching up each little bit of meat offered. He sees the disaproval, "I am sure Riohra will keep me safe."

Riohra grin and nods "he will be just fine, haven't lost a good scout yet" not reassuring at all but if the young man's mother is fine with it things should be ok. On the talk of sweats to hunt down he nods saying "your appearances seems to be tied to the good sweets coming out. Is that by design or just kismet?" he will wink at the young man and then look at Sephany saying "Is there an issue with hunting or the fact he is going with me?" he teases her.

"Yet," repeats Sephany with an even MORE distinctly disapproving tone of voice. "Just be sure you hose him off before stepping inside again. I hate blood," says the woman with her fingers in a bowl of bloody meat, eagerly offering pieces to the little brown. At Eiram's direction, she sneaks her other hand out to try and tickle the little brown beneath the chin. "If you grab a bubbly," she says, still focused on the firelizard and very much NOT on the two gentleman at her table, "please bring me back a mug of Klah?"

"Purely luck I asure you." Eiram says to Riohra with another hopeful glance to the kitchens before looking back to them. As the nature of her concerns is revealed, "I will take a swim should I become so covered." He says with a bow of his head as he makes to rise from his seat. He runs fingers through his hair, disheveling it a bit , hunching a bit to make himself even smaller and with those changes he makes his way to the kitchen to make some aquisitions. Whatever negotiations take place, he returns with a plate of bubblies and some of Seph's favorite cookies and a mug of Klah, which he sets between them. There is a bow and then he takes his seat once more.
Riohra looks at Sephany a moment and shakes his head "That my dear, is purely a T'ana thing. I try not to become covered in gore and the like as it never fully washes out and no body should smell like that!" he exclaims as he goes about his meal. When the young flitcher in training heads off to the kitchens Rio grins and watches the show from his seat and will say before the young man comes back to Sephany "I will watch over him, he will be fine I promise." But look Bubblies and cookies he grins to the young harper saying "Well done, double points for style my friend."

"You're damn right you will," hisses Sephany, giving Riohra a pointed look. "And do not dare to take him hunting anything more dangerous than a buck." For a moment, the young weaver looks as though she has more to say, but whether she decides not to voice it, or Eiram returns too quickly, is debatable. Instead, she will offer another bit of meat to the young brown, give his little chin another tickle, and then use her non-meaty hand to snag a cookie. "Thank you!" The treat is nibbled enthusiastically, occupying her attention for a moment before she sets it down to grab the mug of Klah.

The argument over his safety is missed for the task he performed. He settles back in his seat and gives each a curious look for a moment not really missing the tension that follows before giving a little shake of his head. There are bubblies to attend to. He takes one of the still steaming bubblies carefully in his fingertips, "It was no great challenge this time. There was an apprentice overseeing them." He says with a smile before taking a bite on the edge of the pie.

Riohra grins and nods saying "maybe later we can put your skills to the test on the head cook?" always up for a new challenge is Rio. He will smile Sephany and ask "so speaking of things to be tested. How long do I have before I need to come in for fitting and alteration to my jacket and vest? Or would you rather not talk about work right now?"

"An apprentice?" repeats Sephany with a bit of a grin. "Well. Hardly any challenge at all. Poor thing." She feeds one last bite of meat to the little brown before removing her fingers and wiping them decisively on a napkin. "Tomorrow, if you don't mind," for Riohra. "He should be just about done, so a final check would not hurt." As for her? Two more cookies are taken, along with her mug of Klah, and she stands carefully. "If you will excuse me… I believe I am going to retire to my room and read a bit. Thank you again, Eiram," for the cookies and Klah, "And Riohra," for… conversations. And with that, she heads for the lower caverns, slipping through the crowd with ease.

Poor apprentice, a plate of cookies in exchange for a kiss..on the cheek. Innocent flirtations. "She is as tenacious as a gold dragon protecting her eggs. I will need a longer plan to work against her." He says with a thoughtful nod and glance to the kitchens. As Sephany leaves, Oboe returns to Eiram no longer creening and with a belly bulging. "Well that should keep you happy for a couple of candlemarks."

Riohra nods at the assessment and says "indeed she does, but we can discuss that more at length later. First I want to talk with your mother about getting some more salve for my arm" he says as he rolls up his sleeve and shows off his new Tattoo. "thing is starting to itch but I dont want to scratch it and ruin it." He explains to the younger man sitting there.

"Well she is healer for dragons not people, but she might have some ointment like they use on hide when it gets irritated." Eiram says though he leans forward to look at the tattoo, "I should get one…that looks cool." He says and nearly reaches out to touch but thinks better of it. What a great role model Riohra is going to be for Eiram. Hunts, thefts and tattoos! Oh My. "If you must…don't make the hunt sound too scary." So he hasn't talked to his mom about it!

Riohra will give him a flat stare but will sigh and reach over to ruffle the younger boys hair saying "I will tell her we are going tracking for deer, and if you happen to shoot one then you do. If not I will have some good company along the way" He smiles and pops another bubblie into his mouth and eats happily sitting there with the young man.

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