Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Morning. As Rukbat's rays begin to caress the weyrbowl with gentle warmth, there's already a great deal of activity about. Riders and their dragons prepare to set out on morning sweeps while drudges, crafters, and messengers hurriedly walk across the bowl, headed who knows where but obviously moving with purpose. From the direction of the weyrling Training Complex comes a beautiful bronze dragon - shining almost gold in the sun's early rising - and upon his neck for the first time (outside the complex) rides a brawny young man who, not so long ago, fixed broken chairs and repaired benches down in the caverns. So'l looks splendidly happy sitting upon his Sharuth as the bronze rapidly looks from side to side, his whirling eyes drinking in all there is to see.

Niumdreoth is settled near the infirmary, the large brown has been there since the day before, head lifted and swirling gaze drifting over the area as he watches both riders and dragons take off for the days work that is waiting for them. A soft rumble escaping him as he wishes them luck on the day. The movement from the Training complex is picked up and his head turns to look at the approaching bronze that is making his way out with his rider. The large brown looks amused and soon warbles out a deep throaty sound towards the younger dragon. « Morning Sharuth! » Comes the friendly tone, followed by a scene of an early dawn morning across a snowy forest, the faint bit of dawn just starting to creep over the trees. His rider is not with him from the looks of it, though he doesn't seem worried so that should be a good thing.

Along the bowl, K'drozen slowly makes his way, his brons Rhyrith at this point no where to be seen at the moment. The large brown rider whistle softly to himself as he make his way in the general dirrection of the infirmary carrying a small bundle under his arm.

«Niumdreoth!» croons the bronze, who has - with his rider's assent - turned towards the great brown and begun making his way over. «Do you see?! So'l is upon my back! We are exploring /together/ now!» The weyrling, for his part, waves a greeting to Niumdreoth as well, though So'l's eyes flick about the brown's immediate area in search of Abigail. When it's clear she's absolutely not present, the bronzerider begins to worry given Nium's proximity to the Infirmary. "Sharuth, please ask Niumdreoth if Abigail is alright?" Warbling an affirmative, Sharuth queries, «Is Abigail having her child?» The whistling snags So'l's attention for a moment and a wave is sent K'drozen's way. "G'morning!" So'l offers before turning back to watch Niumdreoth's body language for clues.

Niumdreoth shifts, a wing flicking slowly while his tail sways behind him a few moments. A soft rumble heard and the large brown seems to grin a moment. « I see! It is a lovely feeling is it not? » He questions back to the bronze. His attention lowers slightly to settle upon the approaching K'drozen whom gets a deep rumble of greeting. « She is resting the child was born last night, a girl. » This is offered to Sharuth before he is looking back towards the Infirmary, he would much rather be closer to his rider, but it does not seem to be the case at the moment.

K'drozen looks up too pair as So'l calls out a greeting to him and smiles, "Morning there S'ol." he smiles, "The two of you are looking really good like that." he smiles, "he is growing up quickly. Won't be to much longer til you are up in the sky together." he smiles, looks up to Niumdreoth, and smiles, "I hear congratulations is in order for your ride.'

«Lovely indeed!» the bronze exclaims, his happy swirl of emotions adding chirping birds and a strong scent of pine and earth to the shared mindscape. As Niumdreoth reports on the baby's birth, Sharuth relays the message. «The baby was born last night. It is agirl?» Sharuth reports to So'l, the term unfamiliar to him. 'A woman child,' the rider mentally replies, clarifying. As So'l digests the news, he suddenly regrets not having been around. Even with the burgeoning closeness developing with Abigail, however, he isn't all that sure his presence would have been welcomed at such a private event. "Niumdreoth," he addresses the brown directly, "please let Abigail know we're very happy she's finally had the baby. And," he adds, "that we hope to visit when she is ready." K'drozen's words garner and smile from the weyrling and So'l replies, "Thank you kindly! You're right, he's grown /so/ much in so little time. He's 35 meters as of this morning! Had to let his straps out a little," he smirks. "How are you?"

Niumdreoth is amused while he watches the young bronze. « When are you able to fly it will be a great moment again. I can assure you at that. » His attention turns back K'drozen and a dip of his head is seen along with a warm rumble escaping him. The brown's attention is then back to So'l as he is directed, which makes him puff up a bit, that's right his getting talked to and he approves of such things! « Let yours know that mine has missed him, and that she is thankful for his well wishes. As for visitors.. » There is a pause while his head turns to the door as it opens and Abigail peeks out slightly to see whom all is there. So much for her staying put and resting, no wonder her wing was always watching her like a hawk. « She wished to see you all herself, for a few moments while the child sleeps. » As for So'l being there Abbey wouldn't have allowed it, he needs to focus on Sharuth and that means not dealing with any crazy emotions like a baby being born. Still if it was any other time she would have wanted the company for certain, which when able she'll be sure to tell him that. "Hello boys." Abbey offers, tone tired but hey having a baby is a /tiring/ thing! She has on her thick coat to help keep her warm.

K'drozen nods to S'ol and says, "You are very welcome S'ol." he smiles, "Just make sure you practice hard, I have heard you have been thinking of joining us in Thunderbird when you finished your training. you will need to be in tip top shape for that." when he is asked how he is he shrugs a bit, "I am getting by." his attention is pulled away by Abigails arrival. He smiles and says softly, "Hey there Abi. Congratulations." as he steps over to his fellow brown rider.

«I have finally learned patience,» Sharuth rumbles back to Niumdreoth. «When the time comes, I will be strong and ready!» he promises before relaying Niumdreoth's words to his rider. "Thank you," So'l warmly replies to the brown. "And what's this?" he grins, spying Abigail coming to the door and peeking out. "Good morning, Abigail!" the weyrling greets, choosing to remain on Sharuth's back since K'drozen is already approaching the woman. "How are you feeling?" he asks, hopeful that she's just exhausted after her ordeal rather than something much worse. To K'drozen, he replies, "We are working very hard. And yes! It's something I've been debating. Glad you are doing alright," he nods to the brown rider.

« Patience is a good thing to have learned. I knew you would master it soon enough. » Niumdreoth offers with a soft rumble escaping him. The large brown lowers his head to nose out softly at his rider, soft croons escaping him as he is clearly glad to see her. His tail slowly sways a few times even. Abigail smiles while leaning against her dragon's head a moment, hand pressing against his jaw. "Good ta see ye as well." Is murmured softly to the brown. Her pale gaze turns to K'drozen whom gets a smile. "Thank ye K'drozen, tis good ta see ye." She stays leaning against Niumdreoth as she looks up to So'l, a grin seen. "I see ye two have been allowed to move around, good ta see." There is a pause as to how she is feeling. "I've been better, but the healers say I'll be fine."

"Well, that's a relief then," So'l grins warmly. "And yes! We've been practicing our up and downs and, given all the riding I've done with you, Kimmila, and Th'ero, I've been able to master it pretty quickly. Doesn't hurt that Sharuth is an amazing partner, either," he chuckles, patting his lifemate's side affectionately. "Can you believe how much he's grown?" So'l chuckles, sliding expertly down from Sharuth's back. Abigail might notice that a wooden plaque is affixed to the straps on each side, just beneath the saddle. They are deep, rich mahogany wood and intricately carved into them is some kind of large animal with giant, expansive antlers. Moving towards Abigail, So'l reaches out for a hug, if she's in the mood for one. "Very glad you're alright," he smiles. Sharuth, meanwhile, rumbles with satisfaction as Niumdreoth praises him.

Abigail chuckles softly. "Aye I suppose it would be a good bit of practice that ye did get with us. Always different when it is yer own dragon though." Her gaze does drift across the bronze's frame, and she does indeed catch sight of the wooden bits upon the straps that has her attention for a few moments before she looks to So'l. Hugs are good, hugs are ok, hugs shouldn't be too emotional right? She smiles while shifting to give So'l a hug back, half leaning against him for the few moments the hug is kept. "Thank ye So'l. It really is good ta see ye by the way." She'll just leave it at that though. "I'm very happy that both ye and Sharuth are doing so well. No time at all before yer be struggling ta keep him down from wanting to fly all over." Niumdreoth rumbles out softly to Sharuth, the night scene brightens a bit more, faint chirping of bird becoming louder as the morning sun threatens to creep over the dark snowy forest.

"True," So'l admits in reference to practicing with his own dragon. Then Abigail is accepting the hug and he'll hold it until she withdraws. "It's great to see you, too! And now Sharuth is strong enough to come out here. I've even debated taking him outside the weyr if his strength holds. Somewhere grassy," he chuckles. "So what about you?" So'l asks. "How long do the healers think you'll need to recover? And did you name the baby?" He's not sure if she'll be keeping it and treads lightly with his questions. Meanwhile, Sharuth has added falling snow to the mindscene, sparkling in the dim sunlight as it falls to the ground.

Abigail keeps the hug for a few moments, she's missed that bit of closeness with someone, even if she has Niumdreoth there is a difference for certain. "I'm sure he would enjoy that. Perhaps Niumdreoth can go with ye both. That way if he was to tire there would be another dragon there to watch over him.." She leans back from the hug not wanting to make it an awkward sort of thing. "The rest of the day, perhaps until tomorrow. It wasn't an easy birth." Even now there is a healer eyeing her from the door to make sure she doesn't go /that/ far. A tired smile is seen and she nods. "Her name is Breeana." As for keeping her daughter she had planned on it from when she found out and doesn't seem to be changing her mind over it. Niumdreoth adds in a bit of wind which allows the falling snow to slowly twist and turn as it flutters to the ground. The sun never makes is over the trees, always a threat to the snow and just out of reach as it were. « If you wish I can go with you and your rider when you both do go outside the weyr. » The brown will often to wandering on his own when his rider is busy so this is nothing new.

"That's a great idea," So'l replies, stepping back now and nodding. "I think we'd both like that very much," he grins, turning to look at Sharuth - who has relayed Niumdreoth's offer as well - before peering warmly at the brown. Dipping his head respectfully, So'l says, "Thank you, Niumdreoth. That would be both help /and/ fun." As Abigail describes her prescribed downtime, the weyrling is nodding yet again. "At least it won't be weeks. I'm sorry to hear it was so difficult, though." When the name is revealed, he grins wide. "What a lovely name for a little girl. I look forward to meeting her," So'l says. Sharuth, meanwhile, has darkened the sky even further with dark gray clouds - knowing how much Niumdreoth loves wintry forest scenes - and intensifies the snow, the bits collecting on branches and sticking together.

Abigail smiles and nods. "I was hopeful that ye both might enjoy such things. I know Niumdreoth would love to escape for a little while so it works for us both." A slight shake of her head is seen. "Two days in with the healers, perhaps a third, then a few weeks off for certain. Perhaps longer just depends on it all goes." She'll be out from working with the wing for a while that is for certain. "Thank ye, it was my grandmother's name so I figured it would be alright to use it again. Yer be able ta see her soon, promise." This said with an amused tone at the thought while she leans back against the wall of the infirmary. "How be yer lessons, they going alright? I do hope ye all are getting smacked to often with a cane." Niumdreoth does love his wintery forest, he lives there most of the time after all, at least within his mind. The snow drifts and sways, clinging to the branches and goes about making interesting patterns and shapes as they connecting in different angles and ways.

"We're happy to help entertain him," So'l smirks. "He's very dedicated to you but company and exploration surely help stave off boredom, eh?" It's a rhetorical question, of course. "At least those weeks can be spent out in the weyr and not in a bed," the young weyrling nods. "It's even more beautiful that the name has personal meaning for you." As a promise of being able to Breeana soon is given, the bronzerider nods at that, too. "Lessons are going very well, actually. Haven't started formations yet - been focused on up/downs and getting the hang of riding and direction. But M'icha assures us that we'll be starting formations soon, though." Sharuth loves the scene too, though his foresty mindscape is usually filled with bright sunlight when seasonally appropriate.

Abigail would not do well if she had to stay in a bed, there would be a lot of healers ready to kick her out as well for that matter as she does not make a very good patient in the least. "Aye, that's what I've always thought of them." This said with a soft tone as they speak more about her daughter's name. "Good, ye all will be doing formations soon. First on the ground and then in the air. I know it seems silly to do them on the ground but I assure ye that it is good practice for the air." She sends a glance over to the large brown, a soft smile seen. "His very good at what he does that is for certain. I'm very lucky to have been the one he picked." To her Niumdreoth means the world, but then what rider does not think that of their dragon? The faint light that is found slowly glitters and gleams across the snow that clings to the trees, making a rainbow of light fall across the ground. Niumdreoth rumbles softly rather enjoying the scene himself.

As if on cue, green Brynn pops out of *between* and chitters excitedly at So'l, coming to rest on his shoulder. "Well, looks like we'll have to cut our little adventure today short. There's an impromptu lesson happening that I should probably be off to." Aww, sad face. "But you're right about the formations: it may seem silly, but I'm positively sure it's /not/." Nod nod. "I'm so glad we got to see you this morning," So'l grins to Abigail before marching back to Sharuth and - with Brynn clinging for dear life to his shoulder - deftly climbs atop the bronze's back, settling into the saddle. "Get some rest and we'll come visit again as soon as we can," he grins, waving before directing Sharuth back towards the Training Complex. The bronze touches Niumdreoth's mind once more, returning the scene to full on night before saying, «Goodbye, great Niumdreoth! I look forward to our walk soon.»

Abigail glances up to the firelizard, a soft smile is seen and she soon looks back to So'l. "It is alright, lessons are like that. I know yer both do well." She watches as the pair goes, Niumdreoth settling one more next to the infirmary and nosing against his rider's shoulder softly. The large brown crooning out a few moments. "I'll get plenty of rest I'm sure, I'll see ye both later." Abbey offers with a smile and a wave after the pair. Niumdreoth rumbles after the leaving pair. « As do I young one. Train well, listen hard, remember as much as you can! » The night darkness, but the snowy shapes and forms stay, one looking like a sun which catches a bit of moon light and then the glittering colors of the 'suns rays' is casted out across the ground below it.