Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

It's a rather lovely day out, save for a cold burst of wind now and then that blows in across the area. Abigail is sittind down next to the lake, peering out at the pieces of ice that are still floating out upon the water's surface. A large shaggy canine can be seen paddling about in the water a few feet from shore, the ashen colored canine looks to be having a fun as it continues to circle around and round before making her way back to shore and bounces right up to her own dripping wet and carrying what looks like a stick within it's mouth. "If you shake off yer going to /so/ regret is Storm.." Abbey says while eyeing the canine before reaching over to grab hold of the stick. Which after giving it a good shake is sent flying back out into the water. The canine doesn't shake off and eyes the sick happly before turning tail and dives back into the water, heading after the stick once more.

K'drozen makes his way slowly along the lakeshore, the large skeletal from of Rhyrith trailing just behind warbling softly after the brooding brown rider, "Yes I know Rhyrith." he sighs softly as he walks. Spotting Abigail and her canine near the shore he give her a nod and says softly, Afternoon." Rhyrith eyes whirling a he watches the canine splash out into the water.

It must just be a good time to walk canines; probably due to the weather being less than totally awful. Inyri comes into view along the lake shore from the south, a tan-colored puppy with occasional black flecks on a leash trotting at speed next to her. She's also balancing a young bronze firelizard on her head — Inyri's quite the picture of animals, today. The tune she's humming is some old shanty song she got from home; the group comes to a complete stop as they approach the others and Inyri's puppy stops to consider what he's facing. A dragon and another canine. Do we step forward, hold still or bolt in the other direction? Answer: curiously, slowly pulling Inyri toward Abigail, Storm and the stick as soon as Storm returns from his fetching run. "Hey, hey," Inyri chides, "watch it, buddy — Sorry. I hope yours doesn't mind other canines?"

Abigail glances up at a voice and blinks as she catches sight of the rider and rather large brown dragon moving closer and closer towards the lake. A soft oh escapes her and she soon smiles while nodding. "Afternoon." Her tone friendly, pale blue gaze settling upon the dragon for a few moments longer. Storm makes her way on out from the water, stick grasped within her jaws and she gives herself a great shake which sends water flying in all directions and a faint acks escapes Abbey at the cool water. "Storm!" The wolfish looking Storm peers at the approaching puppy, her tail slowly sways and she trots out from the water and drops down into a playbow as it where, stick still there in her jaws. Abbey looks over towards Inyri offering the other a smile and nods. "Not a problem at all. She's fine with other canines, loves puppies. She's still pretty much one herself, especially when it comes to playing."

«Oh it's going to be ever so fun. We could play games by the beach, and go swimming, and make new friends. And maybe we could find some wonderful new outfits!» A loud bugle is heard before a jovial blue dragon can be seen bounding onto the beach, his neck arching to look after his bonded who isn't quite as enthusiastic as his blue. "We're not adding anymore pets." A'di says to the blue, his hands suffed into his pockets. "You just got a new mouse, my weyr's getting full of them."

K'drozen frowns a bit at the mist of water that hit him from the shaking canine but just shakes hsi head, "They all like to play now and then." At the bugle Rhyrith looks immidiately up at the blue and trills back turning to bound out into the water with a huge splash. Luckilly mostly going out wards into the lake."

"Oh, good," Inyri tells Abigail, stature relaxing slightly — her shoulders are sagging in the good way, not presently trying to climb into her ears, and her back's not super-rigid. K'drozen gets a wave, as she keeps talking: "He probably wants to be off leash now, go play with her, but I've only had him a little bit and am not quite used to letting him do that yet." It doesn't seem to matter to Inyri's puppy, though. He sits up straight and barks excitedly at Storm. His person's focus derails for a moment, though, when she hears a familiar voice from the other day — or maybe it's two, since Dalasith and A'di did both speak. "Oh, it's the singing blue! I have so been looking forward to meeting this fellow."

Abigail ahs softly as she hears Inyri speak about her puppy. "That's alright. Best thing is to find something he loves to eat an use it as a treat. Just call him over and when he listens give him the treat." Though she is betting the other most likely knew that already. Storm's attention is on the large brown dragon that is bounding into the water, the fuzzy canine shifts on her paws and moves over to her owner, settling upon her haunches. Abbey glances towards the lake and smiles before giving the canine a good scratch across her neck. "It's alright." This murmured out softly. An then there is another dragon and rider, this time a blue which has both Abbey and Storm's attention. Since being here Abbey has had the chance to see plenty of dragons so it's not like the first day when she was so surpried at being so near one. A hand is lifted and she waves to the new rider and dragon pair. "Hello."

A'di dips his head in greeting as he treks over and groans loudly as he sees the canine, a hand rubbing against his face in mild annoyance. Dalasith, however is estatic and the dragon quickly bounds forward to go investigate «Oh! Look at it! It's fuzzy and it's soft, and I bet it performs admirably. A'di, we /must/ get one.» Those in the vacinity hopefully don't mind a dragon talking to them, because Dalasith has a hard time /not/ speaking to everyone. "We're not getting one." A'di tells the blue flately, "leave it alone." An appologetic look is given to the handler, "I'm sorry about him, I hope he didn't disturb your pet." Inyri gets a curious look from the Archivist, "Trust me, you don't want to hear him sing, he's loud, the whole weyr'll hear."

K'drozen gives a smiles and not to A'di, "Afternoon there A'di." he smiles a bit before turning to Inyri and says, "Oh hi Inyri." remembering the bartender from the other nights questioning. Before looking back to A'di and saying, "Sorry I haven't been back to the libary, I have been partially restored to my wing so…"

"Okay, Durahiko," Inyri is telling her canine, "you get this one chance. If I lose you I know I'll never hear the end of it from anyone," she continues, unclipping his lead and rolling it up to put in her jacket pocket, "and I'd be pretty upset. But there you are. Temporary freedom." The puppy takes this to mean he should run around in circles around new arrival Dalasith, barking curiously, tongue lolling out of his mouth. Inyri, on the other hand, has frozen stock still and is /staring/ at the blue with her mouth open. "I — Did he just — did you just —" She's definitely never had a dragon talk to her before. One to cross off the bucket list of Weyr living, if only she'd thought to write one.

Abigail chuckles softly as she hears Inyri. "I bet he'll do fine." She offers with a postitive tone. Storm's attention shifts from dragons to the other canine now that he is off lead and she wruffs out, tail thumping against the ground a few times. Abbey's pale gaze flicks around a few times. "Who said..that?" Seems she has no idea, dragons are a totally new thing to this holdborn girl. A soft ah escapes her, her arms resting losely upon her lap while she looks over towards Inyri upon hearing her and she looks towards the blue dragon rather curiously. Storm shifts on her paws while watching the blue dragon, ears lowering a moment before they flick forward and she lets out afew gruffy barks, well at least she didn't run off. Always a good sign!

A'di sighs quietly as he rubs at his temples, "I'm sorry," A'di says with a quiet groan, "He…he doesn't understand he's not supposed to talk to other people. I can get him to stop." A glare at the blue. It's not effective! Dalsith is positively beaming as he investigates the two canines, crooning loudly in enthusiasm. «Fluffy things I love you. You're cute and adorable and you have the wettest noses! You lick my snout, you and when you're out, I will take you home!» A hint of horchasta fills his voice and he acompanies the quickly made up song with a jovial hum in his throat. A'di sighs, "It's okay, K'drozen, there'll be candidates soon. And the Weyrwoman promised me help when there's candidates."

K'drozen chuckles and shakes his head looking up to the blue, "I am glad Rhyrith doesn't do that." he nods to A'di and says, "At least this got me to lose my gaurds completely now.."

"It's — fine, I've just never — that's got to go on my bucket list." Wonderful idea, now that it's been inspired; Inyri might make a real one now. "Things to experience while living at a Weyr. Number one: get spoken to directly by strange, but endearing dragon." She's laughing, even if she does still seem unsettled and taken aback by the entire experience. Durahiko, though, seems delighted and keeps the running going until he loses speed and takes off into the water.

Abigail is quiet while pondering this as she watches the blue dragon. "No it's alright… I.. ya never happened before." This said with a soft tone, though she smiles. A soft chuckle escapes her as she hears the bit about the dogs. "Cute…" She says while grinning. Storm wruffs out softly while tilting her head, ears lowering as she shifts on her paws, seeming unsure for a moment. It take a few moments for the canine to relax and she soon sniffsniffs out at the blue dragon, seeming a bit more relaxed that he is soon close to her. "There ye go Storm, good girl."

K'drozen glances over to Inyri and says, "A bucket list? What else do you have on it? Not that it is something you should have to worry about any time soon."

There's a silent debate between rider and dragon, but eventually A'di gives up with a sigh since the girls don't seem to mind. "Well, if he gets annoying, let me know. He doesn't mean any harm, he's just…naive at times. He doesn't understand." A'di looks over at K'drozen thoughtfully. Dalasith seems to content himself in watching the canines, at least he's behaving somewhat, right? He's not chasing after them demanding to have one. "I'm sorry again, he just assumes everyone is his friend so he just talks to everyone."

"Oh, nothing yet," Inyri tells K'drozen with a tiny little shrug. "I only just now came up with the idea — I'm sure it'll get longer in time." Despite the fact she's been around for a few months, now, and has experienced a gold flight — Weyr things still feel, to some extent, shiny and new. So there's loads she hasn't done, or has only done once, that could be found novel. "Happy to take suggestions from the experts, though. Having a dragon talk to me is currently topping the list." Durahiko, meanwhile, splashes. A lot.

Abigail hehs softly while letting her hands fold upon her lap. "I have to say it was a first.. An it is something that I shall not forget anytime soon." This said while she smiles. Her gaze turns to Storm whom is slowly creeping closer towards blue dragon, not that the dragon has settled down it seems the canine is a bit more interested in him! Well that is until there is another canine splashing into the water and Storm turns her head, ears perking and she turns to trot over to the water an go splashing into it next to the other canne. Splashsplash!

K'drozen chuckles and says, "Oh there are all kinds of great things to do." he shrugs, "Lots of little things, but they all depend on what you like to do." As he speaks, Rhyrith glides back up to shore extending his neck out of the water at the group, warbling softly at them.

"You'll probably only hear Dalasith speak, he's odd like that. I've never met a dragon quite like him. Or one that spoke to pleople like he does. He's…unique. I've always thought if he was a human, he'd be a harper. He loves to sing and dance and listen to music." A'di chuckles quietlty as he leans on the blue. Dalasith croons quietly to his bonded, extending a wing to wrap around the short rider.

The Splash Game has become the coolest thing ever to Durahiko; he barks quietly and then smacks his tail in the water, making a sand-mud-water mess of himself. Inyri sighs, but most of her attention is still on A'di. "That is absolutely hysterical, I've got to say," she says, head cocked slightly to the side to watch Dalasith's display of affection. Ryrith gets a little finger-waggle of a wave, too.

Abigail ahs osftly at the talk of only hearing Dalasith speak, she ponders this for a few moments. "Nothing wrong with being idfferent with some things." This said while she nods. At the warbling brown she peers over at Ryrith, a soft oh escaping her and she waves at him. "Ah, hi there." This said with a soft tone. Storm mean while moves far enough into the water thta she is paddling around once more in a circle, before the canine catches sight of stick which she grabs hold of it and makes her way back to the shore. Pausing the canine gives herself a shake and then bounces over to her owner and drops the stick into her lap.

Rhyrith croons softly as Inyri wiggles her fingers at him and entends his head to touch her lightly on the brow with just the tip of his driping wet snout. K'drozen laughs softly, "Don't mind him Inyri, he is a ham for attention." he nods in agreement with Abigail, "If everyone was the same, things would be boring

Dalasith warbles happily to the canine that comes to investigate, his nose stretching forward to greet it. «Hello fuzzy creature, will you be my friend? You look ever so soft and I bet A'di would love you if he let you into his heart.» There's a loud cough from A'di and he rolls his eyes as he launches himself off of the blue. "Don't say silly things, Dal." Though, he really doesn't mean it. "Just don't be surprise if you find yourselves his new best friends. And no, you cannot go into my weyr if he asks you."

Inyri only tenses a /little/ as Rhyrith gets so close; it's not the dragon's fault she's not so used to up-and-close contact with them! "Er. Yes. Hello," she says, sounding a bit nervous but pushing herself to relax again. Once she's regained her composure, she laughs and tells A'di, "Don't worry, I would never assume. Does he do that often, though? Not just the talking to people, but the — inviting? Dragons here sure are a lot friendlier with strangers than I was ever told they were."

Abigail watches as the large brown makes his way over to Inyri, a soft oh escaping her and she smiles. As the stick is dropped into her lap she blinks and smirks at Storm. "Yer just trying to get me wet an't ye?" She questions with an amused tone. The stick is picked up and she throws it into the water. Storm pauses long enough to peer up at the blue dragon, ears perking and she snuffles out softly, tail swaying about. Abbey smiles as she 'hears' the blue, a soft chuckle escaping her. "Don't worry. I wouldn't do anything like that. Canines are great to have around though. I have a few more back home at the hold. Can train them to do a whole bunch of useful things."

K'drozen smiles and says, "You Better get use to it Inyri, Dragons are as varried as people, some like to get up close, otheres are stand offish, Rhyrith likes to be scritched along the eye ridges." he brown looks between Abigail and Inyri now crooning questioningly.

"All the time," A'di admits as he wraps his arms about his waist, watching the activity absentmindedly. "I'll be going home, and there'll be all these people crowded in my weyr because Dalasith invited them over." A'di sighs softly as he rubs at his head. "I think I'm going to have to get a canine, Dalasith already adores these ones. So much for not picking up another pet today."

Now Inyri's really laughing; she shoots A'di a charming smile as she offers, oh-so-helpfully, "I got him from Edani, one of the senior apprentice beastcrafters. I'd be careful though — he also showed me an absolutely /adorable/ bovine calf, and if I'm getting an accurate read on your dragon, he might end up wanting to keep one of 'em. Rather than eat them, which is I think what dragons normally do with meat." Not that she'd think, in a million years, that a dragon would actually keep a bovine as a pet. "Your Storm's lovely, though," she offers as an aside to Abigail; she is presently ignoring Durahiko, who has gotten out of the water and is now rolling around on the ground, just getting dirtier.

Abigail ponders while she watches Rhyrith and hums while she slowly stands up brushing her pants off as she goes. "Well, alright." This is offered softly to the brown's rider and she lifts a hand to go about giving said brown some scritches across his eye ridges. "An't ye handsome." This said with a soft murmur to the dragon, well she talks to her canines all the time so why not to a dragon. Hearing A'di she smiles and nods slightly. "Well I'm sure ye'd be able to find some. As for mine mine, my father has the parents." Storm has settles down upon her haunches, tail swaying a few times before the larger canine is peering over at Durahiko. Hearing Inyri Abs glance over to her. "Thank ye. She's a great canine, actually trained her and another for search and rescue type jobs, and well help with guarding." Well she is a guard why not?

K'drozen chuckles as Rhyrith croon in pleasure laying his head in the sand before Abigail, eyes whirling a pleased green." K'drozen just shakes his head, "Hedionist." he mutters." before looking to the canines, "I would love to get a puppy to for Kaylen…though I don't know that a two turn old should have a puppy that big…"

A'di's eyebrow twitches just slightly, "Oh, believe me, he would keep a bovine as a pet. He's probably eat it once he forgot it was a pet and not food, but he'd love it all the same." A glance at the blue and he sighs, "I think we should probably get him home before he gets any ideas. C'mon Dal, you can play later." The bluerider is nudging the blue whom lets out one soft croon of goodbye to his new friends before following A'di.

"See you later," Inyri gives A'di and Dalasith a parting wave. With her main distraction gone, she's stuck actually taking note of the disaster that is Durahiko. "Buddy," she tells the puppy who is, in fact, quite huge for a puppy — the giant paws are a dead giveaway he's just going to keep getting bigger — "You are in for such a bath later, you know that? Go swim it off." Not that the canine can understand; he just looks at her, and then starts rolling again. Sigh. "Oh, yeah, that makes sense," she says, re: Storm's work. "Durahiko here is supposed to be for crowd control. Right now he's just for making messes. And yeah, his breed's probably /way/ too big for a toddler."'

Abigail chuckles and glances after A'di and his blue. That is rather amusing to say the least, the dragon dealing with possible bovine pets that is! She looks back to K'drozen and then Rhyrith which she happly continues with the scritches across eyeridges of the dragon. "As for canines, come in all sizes. I'm sure one could find a smaller one around." Storm gives herself a great shake, some more water goes flying and then flops over onto her side while stretching and the canine just relaxes. "Though in my book larger canine's are totally better."

K'drozen nods to Inyri and says, "Thats is what i was thinking, her turn day is comming up shortly, I gotta figure out something to get her." he glances to Abigail and says, "I guess since you are giving him a scratch I should introduce us." he grins, "That there is Rhyrith, and I am K'drozen." he offers her a hand in greating.

Following in kind, Inyri says, "As you've probably heard over the course of the conversation, I'm Inyri. The sandy muddy /mess/ over there is Durahiko — and have you considered a kitten?" The last being directed to K'drozen, and not Abigail, in that case. "When I was growing up, our parents gave us kittens. They're much more self-sufficient than canines, and still fill the 'fluffy pet' void in a young child's life."

"Kittens arn't a bad idea." Abigail nods at the suggestion and soon ohs as she hears K'drozen, a warm smile seen and she takes hold of his hand lightly. "Pleasure ta meet ye both. I'm Abigail, from Fort Hold. An that fuzzy wet canine is Storm." The large canine doesn't even both lifting her head, content to just sunbath now it seems and work on drying off." Abbey glances to Rhyrith. "Nice to meet ye as well Rhyrith."

K'drozen nods and says softly, "I will have to look into a kitten." he smiles slightly and says "It is nice to meet you Abigail." he looks to the dog and smiles, "And Storm. What brings the two of you up here today?"

"Just taking him for a walk," Inyri jerks her head in Durahiko's general direction. "It was nice out enough to actually be worth trying to leave the area around the Tavern. Thought I'd let him see the water. I should've /known/ I was in for a huge mess." Durahiko barks once, as if he knows she's teasing him, and goes galluping up to Storm — just to flop over next to her and join in the sunbathing, guaranteeing that all the muck on his fur will dry there. Inyri sighs again. "There's still a firelizard on my head, isn't there," she adds, deadpan. The bronze had fallen asleep some time ago and is, indeed, still there.

Abigail nods and smiles. "I'm on guard back at Fort Hold, was asked to escort for Tamsyn as she made her way back to the weyr." Storm flicks a ear forward, her bright golden gaze peers at the puppy, whom at the moment she is rather huge in size compard to the pup, even if he is big. Storm lets out a faint wruff and her head plops back down to the ground, lazy canine! "Since then I've be able to pick up some training while I was here. As for Storm, she came along for the trip, an figured I would get her out to stretch her legs now that the weather is better." Her pale gaze turns to Inyri and she smiles before nodding. "Aye his still there. How long how ye had him?"

K'drozen chuckles and says, "Oh if you are a guard I am sure you have heard all about me." he smirks and shakes his head, "It was a raw deal really but what can you do."

Inyri diplomatically says nothing regarding K'drozen's situation; she just quirks a tiny little smile and clarifies, "The firelizard? He's about — three months old now, wow. Picked him up at Xanadu over Turnover." She extends a hand up to the top of her head, where she'd managed to confuse sleepy Liechten with a hat, and offers him a tiny little scritch. He stirs, yawns, and goes to sleep again. "He's kind of a lazybones in the sun."

Abigail ohs softly as she hears this from Inyri and nods with a smile. "Aye the firelizard. Well, his cute. A couple at the hold have firelizards. Skittering and fluttering around.." There is a pause while she looks back to K'drozen, and she sorta remembers. "Well, actually I heard a bit on it." She was told some of the going ones recently. "I didn't ask for details, figure what I was told was plenty."

K'drozen nods and says, "Yeah, some of them wehre pissed having to follow me around." he smirks "But then I was none to happy having them around.

"They followed you around, like, everywhere?" Inyri actually looks slightly horrified, at this. "So when you went to sleep. Which was presumably in the weyrling barracks, or — can you even /fit/ a grown dragon into the weyrling barracks? — but there were guards watching you, like, when you were sleeping and all?" And if that's the case, just what was it exactly that he /did/ do to earn such a punishment? Inyri's sources have given her way too much conflicting info at this point.

Abigail ahs softly, a sheepish look offered. "Well.. I'm sure tempers was straining on both sides." She isn't sure that she wants to get into this more so. A slight nod is seen to Inyri. "If a guard is suppose to watch someone then yes. Guards take shifts over such things. Some for the day watch, others for the night. An well, perhaps not when he was sleeping as in the room staring at him. Though I imagen not to far off either."

K'drozen chuckles and says, "Actually it was in the prison not the barracks, I refused to go to the weyrling barracks…" he shrugs and grins, "And yes they followed me everywehre."

"The prison?" If Inyri looked horrified before, now she just looks incredulous. "The prison is /better/ than the weyrling barracks? That kind of scares me. I mean, how horrible must it be for riders if you prefer the prison?" Durahiko finally gets up and runs over to the water, taking a final dip before running back to Inyri like, what's next? "I should probably get going," she adds, "but I've got to hear: how is the prison an /improvement/ over the weyrling barracks?" Likely it's just an issue of size and rank, but that hasn't quite occurred to her.

Abigail hums softly and nods to K'drozen. "Well.. At least that is all over, aye?" She questions with a soft tone, faint smile seen. She glances back to Inyri. "Alright, it was nice to meet ye again. Hope to get ta speak with ye again sometime." Storm shifts slightly from her spot, but that's about it, seems the canine is content to stay put. Silly canines!

K'drozen chuckles and says softly, "Just two things really, even with the gaurds looking in on me it was relitively private, not just thrown in with the other weyrling staring at me all the time, and just look at how big Rhyrith is, do you really think we would really be comfortable in there?" he nods to Abigail, "Nice to meet you."

"Point." Inyri cedes, giving K'drozen a nod. "Yeah, I'm off too — got to get back to work, and get this creature a bath —" Durahiko's leash is clipped back on, and she gives a little tug at it, getting him going. "Nice talking to you both!" And they're off, back toward the tavern and to clean off the puppy.

Abigail smiles and nods after the other. "Have a good day!" She offers softly while moving back over to Storm and settles back to sit down next to the now dozing canine.

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