Who C'los, F'inn, K'zre, Kaseimarlyeth, Nymionth, Yasminath
What Just some new weyrlings, doing new-weyrling things.
When Spring-Summer - Month 5 of Turn 2718
Where Training Complex, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.

Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.

It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

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Fire flares to life, though it's nothing more than the crackling sound of wood under the heat of her flames. Kaseimarlyeth swings her head over to Nymioth, scooting just enough to look at him easier. « So is eating loudly and snorting and slurping while you eat! » She flickers her wings just a bit, snorting as she turns up her nose. C'los does his best to sooth the fires in her mind, sighing heavily at her turn in mood. One would think he'd be used to it by now. "Just… think of the noise as a complement to the chef… or whomever cut up the meat." Or something.

Nymionth is unimpressed and it shows when he does not so much as flinch at Kaseimarlyeth's behavior. Rather then his usual rose-scented tones, the bronze's mind voice is the chill disapproval and stark barreness of ancient, and long untended ruins. «You are not so delicate in your consumption of food to be able to judge, Kaseimarlyeth. You snort a great deal, yourself. Rudeness is beneath you.» he points out in matter of fact tones. F'inn seated on the ground with his back to Nymionth's well oiled foreleg, lightly clears his throat, his brows twitching mildly as he listens to the conversation. "Well then… Let it go, Nymionth. No," he assures the bronze. "There is no excuse for rudeness, but that… Of course, have at it.." It is not a battle he is willing to engage in and just smiles wryly at C'los. "Yup." What can you do.

His zombie-impression still going strong, K'zre wanders out of the barracks with Yasminath close at his side. Pressed into his side as a matter of fact, though whether she's urging him onward or providing physical support is unclear. Maybe it's both? "Fresh air is… Important," declares Kez, stifling a yawn with one hand. It's Yasminath that spots her siblings first (because frankly, Kez's awareness is at an all-time low these days), and it's her guidance that has the pair headed toward F'inn and C'los. « Hello! » comes in cheerful delight and twinkling bells, the green utterly oblivious to any sort of conflict or tension that might be present. Shuffle-shuffle-YAAAAAAWN. "Ugh."

C'los is just sitting on the ground beside F'inn, as their sweet, adorable, and pure lifemates are engaging in a nice civil conversation about ettiquette. Or something. The greenrider is done engaging in the subject until Kasei's mind opens back up and puts in her two sense, then slams it shut again. Typical. "He's right, manners are important. We all just have to be patient and get to know eachother better." Well, the dragons at least. Care peers over at K'zre and grins, offering a little waggle of fingers in the form of a way. "Rough day, K'zre? Hello, Yasminath."

«Hello, Yasminath!» Nymionth's greeting is immediate and joyful, his mind swelling with warmth and the lingering scent of roses. «You look beautiful today.» Swallowing a laugh at the immediate turn of mood, F'inn nudges Nymionth's head of his lap, murmuring, "Be right back to C'los," before walking over to snag a basket from where it had been tucked. When he returns, he pulls out a thermos of klah and three mugs and promptly fills them all before pressing one into K'zre's hand. "Morning, sleepyhead," is offered as he passes the second to C'los and immediately tucks himself back in with Nymionth. "There's fruit, bread and cheese in the basket," he adds with an easy nod of his head. F'inn? Not tired and in a rather chipper mood, actually.

"I've never been so tired before," complains the healer-turned-weyrling. But even so, Kez can't maintain anything close to a glower. A brief, entirely understated grimace is all he can manage before he's melting at Yasminath's version of snuggling. It involves a lot of nose-nudging that would have certainly sent him tumbling if he didn't maintain a firm grasp on her. « I do? » wonders Yasminath, momentarily bashful before exploding into delight with a shower of moonlight and twinkling stars. « K'zre oiled me! » That must be it, clearly. A solid *thump* for the pair as they hit the ground. "It's not morning…" comes in lieu of the socially acceptable 'thank you' that ought to be given as F'inn hands him a mug of Klah. A deep inhale of the heady aroma of the beverage before he's taking a long sip. "Ugh, the best." « The best! »

C'los takes the mug with a grin and nods his head in thanks before adjusting his hold on it. Kaseimarlyeth opens her mental door, sending a waft of embers for a moment as she regards Yasminath and simply shuts the door. That's too much cheerfulness for her to be involved in at the moment. Her weyrling just rolls his eyes, licking the edge of his mouth before shaking his head and glancing down into his mug once more. "I'm glad you came prepared," he murmurs, sparing a glance over to K'zre. He's also glad that F'inn has enough energy for the whole weyrling class!

Nymionth makes an agreeable sound at the mention of being recently oiled. « F'inn just finished oiling my hide, as well. » Which, admittedly, took all of the morning and most of the afternoon. "You're welcome," F'inn chuckles in response to K'zre's 'thanks'. "Always," he notes to C'los with an easy wink. "Nymionth will accept nothing less. Everyone needs to eat after all." And F'inn? He's good with that. "There are muffins in there," he points out to C'los with a nod toward the basket.

« Oiling is the best! » Of course, Yasminath would consider most things to be the best. And if they are not the best? Then they are utterly the worst. There is no middle ground yet. She croons in delight, cheerful whimsy undiminished by the shutting of mental doors by her fiery green sibling. She settles herself in such a way that Kez can lean on her, but she can still snake her head around to shove it in his lap, a happy sound emitted for the immediate affection that comes in the form of eyeridge scritches. "Thank you." A little out of order, but better late than never? And Kez is definitely thankful. "Very true," he agrees for eating, though he's not going to be digging into that basket until he's finished at least one full mug of Klah. Maybe a second. "You seem awake enough," he notes for C'los, eyeing the other weyrling skeptically. "Never mind you," for F'inn. It comes with a grump and an attempt at a scowl (which fails. Because Yas is doing that cute thing with the eyes and the snuffling). "Do you even sleep anymore?"

Awake enough? "Well, we did get in a nice long nap earlier." Cause growing babies need naps and whatnot. "Better enjoy it before lessons get more involved. We're going to have a lot of work ahead of us." C'los takes another sip of his mug and glances over to his lifemate. She definitely has a stubborn streak a mile wide but the man can't help but love her endlessly. "You look like you could use some more sleep, K'zre. It's not quite nap outside weather but," he trails with a shrug. Care has spent some days napping outside over the turns. Especially when he was off duty but too early to do the big sleep just yet.

"Not very much," F'inn admits with a chuckle. "Nymionth likes to go out when the moons are directly overhead and I have things to do when he's napping." Like fetching food and klah and running laps and cutting meat and, and, and. Watching Yasminath cuddle, his lips twitch in an easy smile, weight shifting as he pulls a meatroll out of the basket and tears it in half before taking a bite. "Gotta build up your stamina," F'inn notes with entirely to much verve. "Run some laps, do some push ups!" Course, now he's just teasing K'zre.

"She likes to be up at night, too," murmurs Kez, expression softening as his fingers drift over Yasminath's eyeridges. "I've no illusions about how hard things can get," he agrees, eyeing C'los. "We just need to get on a… proper schedule." Fat chance of that. A grimace, and he reaches for the basket to finally fish out something to eat, Yas picking her head up to allow him to shift and wiggle. Not too far, and as soon as he's back she's crooning happily and snuffing her head back up against his stomach. "I've done plenty of lap running. I doubt a few days," or weeks "off from it won't hurt me much. It'll be fine." Totally fine. He'll just lose all that lovely muscle tone he's worked so hard to maintain. Breaking his roll in half, he lifts one chunk to take a bite while offering the other to Yasminath, allowing the curious little green to sniff it.

Both Nymionth and F'inn have noticed Yasminath likes the night, as well. Niether, however, are inclined to mention that and risk making things awkward. "I think I replaced sugar with running," F'inn notes with a wry smile. "Nymionth enjoys it, though, so it works out. He is very… serious about working out." Which, has proven to be interesting.

K'zre highly approves of that replacement, a very healer-like expression coming over him as he regards F'inn. "Running is better for you, anyways." Even if he's doing a lot less of it himself, since Impression. "Yasminath is…" he trails off as he considers her, another little smile playing at the edges of his mouth as he watches the suddenly-sleepy green head in his lap. "She likes to play." Which is something Kez never thought would be a part of his life. Play. "That is exercise enough, for now," he decides, trailing the tips of his fingers over her headknobs. "He seems very serious about a lot of things," observes Kez of Nymionth, glancing up toward the bronze as Yasminath yawns.

"He is serious about /everything/," F'inn chuckles. "Which is new. And not entirely unexciting," he admits. "But he likes to play and have as well. As long as the rules are followed and there is no unnecessary rough housing." When Yasminath yawns, Nymionth snakes his head over and boops her nose before returning his head to F'inn's lap (lower body, really). "She's adorable," F'inn notes with a chuckle in the wake of the yawn. As for K'zre playing? That's EXACTLY what he needed. F'inn, however, is to smart to mention that out loud.

« Tag is the best, » declares Yasminath in cheerfully sleepy tones. « Don't-let-it-drop is the best, too, » she continues. « And so is 'help me find the boot'. » That last one might not be a real game, but K'zre isn't going to tell her that. Tinkling bells echo for the nose-boop, Yasminath's version of giggling no doubt, and sleep-eyes whirl just a little faster as she shifts to peer at her bronze brother. "She's perfect," comes in affectionate declaration, Kez barely resisting the urge to lean down and snuggle that head in his lap with both arms. He'll settle for tracing the ghostly crescent at her brow, the shape barely visible in the daylight. "My mother's brown is very serious," he notes offhandedly. "Though I'm not certain how much of that was him, or how much of that is her, bleeding into him." A shrug, and he peers up at Nymionth again. "He suits you."

« Help me find the boot? How do you play? » Nymionth is clearly curious and cranes his neck enough to put Yasminath into his line of sight. Noting her peering, he peers back, exhaling a low croon in response to the observation. His own whirling eyes have gone pale blue, the color exactly matching F'inn's. For a moment, F'inn is lost watching Nymionth, his expression soft as he smooths a hand over the bronze's broad neck. "You think so?" In the wake of the words, he glances up, a flicker of worry tracing through his gaze. "I am so worried that I won't be able to live up to his expectations." And Nymionth? He has /high/ expectations. "He's perfect," F'inn states firmly. "I don't mind changing at all." It's probably time he grew up, anyway.

« First, you have to lose a boot… » explains Yasminath, entirely unconcerned that losing a boot is not really something one wants to do in the first place. « And then, you have to find it! And it could be anywhere! Under a bed, in the meat tub, or the oil barrel, or in Szorvy's mouth! » Possibly not, but who knows. « You win when you find it. And you have to find it. » Because running around with only one boot is not allowed. « Failure is not an option, » she declares, mindvoice deepening in an approximation of K'zre's own. A very loose approximation, given her weyrling has never once sounded so cheerfully sweet. For a long moment, Kez is quiet. Either caught up in his own adoring dragon, or at least well understanding F'inn's brief interlude with Nymionth. But the question is answered with a decisive, "Yes," regardless. "I don't think any of us care about changing," he agrees. "I had a conversation with someone once," he continues, "About just such a thing. At the time, the idea of changing for a dragon sounded… horrific. Like I would be losing myself. But now it feels more like finding myself."

« I see, » Nymionth muses as he listens to the rules of the game. « Does it matter to whom the boot belongs? Must it be K'zre's boot? » Clearly the details are important so that he can encourage proper playing of this game. « You could never fail, Yasminath » he assures in rose scented tones. F'inn half listening to Nymionth, F'inn chuckles quietly, his brows twitching mildly as he slants a look at K'zre. "Keep an eye on your boots." Cause, yeah. It's the last though that has his expression softening. "Right? Like.. there was a whole part of yourself that was missing and you never realized it." He gets it. He totally gets it. "I mean, we're /all/ changing. But that's exciting." For F'inn, at least. "You seem very happy," he points out.

Kaseimarlyeth looks like she's being quiet, looks like she's ignoring the conversation taking place, but C'los can sense that temple door cracked open just enough to eavesdrop. She doesn't say anything, and to keep the peace? Neither does he. He will take a piece of cheese and bread, though. K'zre can be grateful it's just boots and not underwear.

Yasminath considers this, and might just inquire with K'zre on the specifics, though he doesn't seem any more knowledgeable (but yes, exceedingly grateful that it's 'find the boot' and not 'find the undergarment'). « I don't think so, » she decides after giving it a bit of thought. « Aignes was playing the other day, and K'zre's boots were not missing. So, it must not matter! » So delighted at her ability to reason this out, and more than happy to share it. Including, « But you have to know whose boot it IS, otherwise, how would you know if you found it? It doesn't work, » she reasons, « If you find the wrong boot! » Poor Kez. He might just wind up having to supply the entire weyrling class with new footwear at this rate. "One time. I asked her to find it one time…" And now it's her favorite game. But he can't be mad at her. Never. And it's a smile and a little snuggling that comes in answer to the soft croon from Yasminath. "Exactly like that," he agrees. "She just… she's everything." And the thought of not having her? Kez can't even comprehend it and refuses to try to do so for fear of actually crying. Again. "I am. More than I thought it was possible to be."

« Well then, we shall have to arrange to play, » Nymionth decides. « I will volunteer F'inn's boot. But we must find it. How do we lose it, though, » he asks curiously. Surely they don't just go missing on their own. In the wake of the thought he cranes his neck, nosing at F'inn's boots curiously. For a moment, F'inn opens his mouth to protest the losing of his boots. But he just can't bring himself to do it. Instead, he smooths a hand over Nymionth's head and resolves himself to finding another pair in stores, just in case. "That's good," He says, instead. "I think they are all exactly what we needed." At the last, his expression softens, his chin dipping in a slow nod. "It's nice seeing you smiling," he admits.

It is nice, in a creepy sorta 'can't look away because this is so foreign' kinda way. Don't mind C'los, he's just taking forever to take a bite out of that piece of fruit, and looking at that out of place look on K'zre's face right along side of him? Kaseimarlyeth. INTENTLY. It's definitely something you don't see every day. As for the boots, well, if they FIND the boots, isn't that a good thing? "Maybe bonus points if they put the boots back on the correct cot." If they're motivated enough, might as well use it to the weyrlings advantage! "Maybe they need something bigger than a boot when they get older. We'll uh… improvise something."

« I… don't know, » admits Yasminath, a sad sort of croon coming in the wake of such an admission. « K'zre didn't tell me how he lost it! » Before any further distress can come, Kez is quick to sooth her with quiet words and gentle fingers. "I'll hide a boot for you," he decides, stemming the hysterics off before they can go further than mild upset. « K'zre will lose the boot! » This is acceptable, and reason enough for happy sounds rather than pitiful ones. As for that smile on his face? Well, the mention of it almost wipes it right back off again, a suddenly stricken look passing the weyrling's face. A flurry of wings and tail, and Yasminath is coiling herself further around Kez and forgetting all about boots. "I'm fine," he assures. Even if Kaseimarlyeth is staring at him now. Kez is too busy looking at Yasminath to notice, but Yas seems to at least sense that intensity, and peeks right back at her sister. "That could work," murmurs K'zre for putting the boots back on the cots. "And I'm sure there are larger things… if they still want to play that game when they're bigger." They might forget all about it in a few days.

Nymionth exhales a soothing sound toward Yasminath, settling back down once she's safely curled around K'zre and calmer. At the abrupt change in expression, F'inn blinks, not entirely certain what to say, or how to react. Rather then allow himself to do either, he turns his face into Nymionth's neck, one hand trailing over the freshly oiled hide. "Sure," is murmured in response to boots and games.

"Then a trip to the stores is definitely in order. I don't think Weyrlingmaster M'icha would uh, take it too kindly if we used the training materials we have in the barracks." Better to find some growing baby dragon safe materials that can withstand pouncing and maybe some chewing. Kaseimarlyeth cools it on the staring as she finally decides to think of things she wants to chew on instead. C'los chuckles a bit and wraps his arm arounds her, running his fingers across her jaw. "I'm sure the Headwoman would be glad to be rid of some things."

« Field trip? » Yasminath wonders, perking up at the thought as it passes through K'zre's head. « I want to go! » "Maybe later," K'zre concedes, shifting himself to better lean against her. "It will be a while before they need bigger toys," he decides, briefly in denial about just how fast his precious Yas is going to grow. Can't stay tiny forever (woe!). It is only the surprise at realizing he was even smiling at all that had him reverting. But there's no way he can stay sullen with Yasminath crooning at him, snuggling in as best she can despite being large enough to coil around him completely. And so there's a fleeting smile once again, a softer look before Kez is murmuring a quiet, "Alright," and gently disengaging from that snuggle-fest. "She's hungry," he explains, waiting for Yas to haul herself upright before heading back.

"Lets get you some food," he murmurs to Nymionth as he pushes to his feet and smooths a hand over the bronze's shoulder. Nymionth is definately hungry and pushes to his feet, indulging in a slow stretch before moving to follow on Finn's heels. Raising a hand to K'zre and C'los before heading into the barracks to get the feed on.

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