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Warning: Language

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

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Abigail ponders this while eyeing Fellan a few moments. "A challenge hum?" Is questioned while her hands wrap around her mug of hot drink. "Perhaps." She can't help but grin. "Just have to look around I suppose." A slight shrug is seen and she soon takes a sip from her mug.

"Not going to make it easy then, are we?" Fellan replies with a chuckle. It's towards the end of the dinner hour, Fellan and Abigail are sitting at an otherwise empty table not far from the hearth. Fellan is making his way through an impressively sized meal. "You guards probably have some special recon training that gives you an edge in such things. But I shall find a way to prepare. I can be crafty."

Abigail shakes her head a moment and chuckles. "No, not in the least. No reason at all ta make it easy on ye or anyone else." This said with an amused tone, a meatroll picked up from her plate which she takes a bite from. A soft hum escapes her and she peers at Fellan curiously. "What would ever give ye an idea like that?"

Today was a restday for Borodin, which is why he came to visit here. The fact that he's Borodin is why he disappeared into the kitchens for a while, just now emerging with a small teapot and a few cups in hand. He notes where Abbey's sitting, and pauses for a moment at the sight of her company before continuing on to join her with a small smile. "Uhm, hey."

Fellan grins and wags his finger at Abigail. "Oh, don't try to underplay your strengths now. I'm on to you." He laughs, having another bite of his meal before he spots Borodin. A bright grin crosses his face. "Borodin! Your sister didn't tell me you were in the weyr. Good to see you. Have a seat! Want some ale? It's really quite fantastic here."

Abigail grins slightly as she hears Fellan, a slight shrug of her shoulders seen while she chews on another bite of roll. "I have no idea what ye could possible mean." This said with a playful tone. As for her brother being here she didn't know he was here! She was busy with picking up some training classes with the other guards most of the day. At his voice she blinks and grins while wipeing her hands off and stands up to give Borodin a half hug, careful of the tea. "Borodin! When did ye get here? Yes, sit on down with us."

"Uhm, yes, I came to visit you," says Borodin as he hugs back his sister. "There was a supply cart headed here at noonish." Which of course explains why he wasn't visible until now. It was dinner! Kitchens always need help at dinnertime, and showing up with the supply cart put him right to the kitchens to notice that. He sets down the teapot and cups, saying, "Orange peel and clove." Then, he takes himself a seat, and blinks to Fellan. "Oh? Uhm, certainly, I'll give it a try."

Fellan shoots Abigail another grin. "Bringing in reinforcements, eh?" He chuckles, getting up from his seat. "Wait right here. I'll be straight back." He takes his own mug with him, getting a refill of his own ale while securing another mug for Borodin. Both are set down before he retakes his seat. "So! Your first time in a weyr, aye? How's it treating you?"

Abigail blinks and smirks at Fellan once she sits back down. Her gaze turns back to Borodin and she nods, smiling stilly. "Well I'm glad ta see ye. How was yer trip over to the Weyr?" She questions softly, a glance is offered over to Fellan as he comes back over with the mug for her brother.

Borodin nods to Fellan as he departs, then looks back to Abbey and smiles. "Fine. I was with a farmer, one of the ones that does the varietal greens… so we talked some." When the other returns, he even keeps some smile as he takes the mug. "Thank you," he says, and starts to lift it before pausing at the question. "It's… big. I mean, I grew up in Fort - uhm, the hold, that is - but that's just /up/ and /back/. It's not… /around/." He waves his free hand in a circle, like spinning around inside the bowl.

Fellan gets settled back into his seat and starts in on his new ale. "Quite an experience, isn't it?" He says with a grin. "Have you gotten a chance to take much of a look around yet? It's a little chilly to be exploring around outside, especially with the sun about to go down… but there's still plenty to see around the caverns. Lots of fun people to meet."

Abigail smiles as she listens to Borodin and nods a moment. "Aye it is a lot different then being at home. Can just imagen with everyone else will say when we come back with stories of the weyr." This said softly at the idea and she tilts her head slightly. Her gaze moves over to Fellan once he is back and she offers him a smile. "Aye, lots of people to meet indeed. Starting to think I won't met them all to tell ye the truth."

Borodin nods. Definitely an experience, but… "Well, uhm, not really…" He rubs the back of his head awkwardly. "I didn't… get a chance." Because he didn't take one. He glances around, at all the people he should have met and… didn't, then lifts up the mug and takes a hurried sip. He pauses with the mug still lifted, and takes a slower one. Really, he was doing it a disservice by being hasty; he'll have to make amends by considering it more carefully.

Fellan chuckles a little bit before having another bite. "I doubt very much anyone could meet them all in a single short trip. Weyrs are big places, full of lots of interesting people. It's part of what gives them their special charm." He looks between the two siblings, considering as he has another drink. "Since we're all here, we should do something fun together when we have free time. We could visit Shenanigans, go dancing."

Abigail nods as she hears Fellan. "Well, yes I can imagen then." She looks to Borodin and ohs. "What… did mom and dad say when ye told 'em ye was coming here anyway?" This questioned with a curious tone. Her pale gaze turns to Fellan at the dancing part. "As long bonfires an't involved.."

Borodin sips his ale and lets his sister and Fellan carry the conversation. Until the mention of dancing, that is. He splutters and coughs. "Naked?" he asks Fellan with wide eyes. Now he's gone and wasted some of that good ale. For shame, Borodin, for shame.

Fellan laughs brightly at the remarks from both the siblings, shaking his head. "I think it might be a wee bit cold for that sort of festivity tonight, even with the bonfire. You'll have to stick around until it warms up a bit… to the best of my knowledge, all the dancing at Shenanigan's is clothed. But one never can be sure!"

It's towards the end of dinnertime on a cold, snowy evening. Fellan, Abigail, and Borodin sit at an otherwise empty table near the hearth, eating, drinking, and chatting.

Abigail blinks at Borodin and rolls her eyes slightly. "Ya cause that was totally what I was thinking about." No, not at all! She chuckles as she hears Fellan. "That is alright.. But perhaps we could check it out later?" She peers at Borodin. "How long do ye plan on staying?" Well she knows how her brother likes to stick around the hold. Another sip is taking from her mug of warm drink which along with the hearth is helping her warm up rather nicely after her teim spent outside in the snowy cold weather.

"Oh," goes Borodin, then looks down at the mug. He can still feel that look from Abigail, and he blushes at it, not meeting her gaze. He sets the mug down on the table, and wipes his chin on his sleeve as he attempts to discover if the chair will sink down through the earth. It won't. Oh, well. "I'm, uhm… not very good at dancing. And I can't stay long, anyhow." Certainly not until warm weather, oh no! He'll have to leave /long/ before then. In fact… "I, well, was going to go at dawn, with the rubbish carts."

Fellan smiles and raises his mug towards Abigail again. "Absolutely. Whenever the mood strikes, we can check it out. I'm betting you're a fantastic dancer." He laughs and turns his grin to Borodin. "Oh, nonsense, it's easy to learn. I'm sure you'd be great if you gave it a try. You could meet some other young people, it'd be a good time."

The wind blows in a gust of snow and a bulky figure in a heavy coat. Zapallie heads directly towards the fire, peeling layers to lay up to dry. Without the coat, at least she has a gender. It's too bad the cold has only intensified her bad attitude. She grabs a mug of klah that somebody has literally just finished pouring while they sputter in outrage at her back, and sits down at a table already occupied next to the fire without so much as asking for permission. The table rattles as she settles her feet onto it, leaning back in her chair.

Abigail hums as she hears Borodin and nods slightly. "Alright.." This said softly and takes in a soft breath. "Though I was hoping ye could stick around a bit longer." This said softly. "Still we're have to try and do something while yer here Borodin, hate for ye to leave and not do much." There is a pause as her pale gaze turns over towards the movement of another, as said mug stealer is there at the table. A friendly smile is seen and she nods to the new person. "Hello."

"Well, it's just been so busy lately," Borodin tells his sister. "I'll see if maybe I can come for longer next time, but it's okay, you don't have to go out of your way or anything." He glances to Fellan as well, and his eyes widen. Him? Dancing? But… but what if he tripped and fell and everyone laughed at him? Borodin shakes his head. "Oh, uhm, no, I don't think-" He stops as Zapallie arrives, and lowers his gaze to his mug of ale again, drawing it closer to himself as he watches the woman from beneath his eyelashes.

Fellan nods enthusiastically, seconding Abigail's suggestion. "Absolutely, you must make the time to at least have a little fun while you're here. It wouldn't be any trouble. I was probably going to try to rope Abbey into dancing anyways." There's a mischievious smile accompanying that remark. When an unfamiliar face joins the table, he raises his mug in greeting. "Evening."

Zapallie guffaws over the rim of her klah mug. "You're taking butter ball dancing?" She continues to chortle to herself. "That ought to work well. Maybe they've got a dance called the rolly-polly so you can just roll him around." Mockingly she raises her mug back to them all and takes a drink. "Cheers."

Abigail hums softly and nods to Borodin. "I know.. But still should do somehtin' before ye go home. An ye know I don't mind doing stuff silly. Don't have ta be dancing either." An amused look is sent towards Fellan. "Oh.. Should have known that was part of yer plan." As for the new person to the table she keeps her smile up until the comments that is. She blinks, her pale gaze suddenly narrowing while she leans forward slightly, her arms folding upon the table. "An what give ye the right to say that?" Is questioned with a thin tone. "An't no one at this table want to deal with the likes of ye, if'n yer going to act like a right brat."

Borodin shrinks in on himself as Zapallie begins, his shoulders hunching together as he attempts to hide and vanish into nothing, It would be more effective if he weren't, well… big. Just like she said. Ignore them and hope they go away? Yeah, that never works. On the other hand, ignore them and wait for Abbey to notice… Borodin frowns down at his ale, and tries extra hard to sink down through the floor. It still doesn't work.

The tone taken by the latest arrival at the table drains the good mood from Fellan very quickly. He sets his mug down and turns towards her with an icy glare. "Exactly right. I think you've gone and worn your welcome out completely. Why don't you go see if another table will take you? Ours has had more than enough of your kind of talk."

Zapallie arches an eyebrow at Abigail and continues to smirk at her in a nasty way. "Wasn't aware I needed any rights to speak. Just like I'm pretty sure you don't have a choice. What are you going to do, have Fatso sit on me? Or maybe you're going to throw me out in the snow with your mannish muscles?" She titters. Slowly she leans across the table and glares mockingly at Fellan right back. "Oooh, big scary boy, aren't you? I think I like it here. The three of you can just skeedaddle if you like…. If you can even get /him/ out the door. Maybe if the two of you shove hard enough you'll make it."

Abigail lifts a brow while she watches Zapallie a few moments. "I didn't say ye couldn't speak. Try cleaning yer bloody ears out, or do ye got snow stuffed into them? As for leaveing the table I is not. Wouldn't want to give you the thought that ye went an won kid." A slight shake of her head is seen while the other goes on. At the comments towards herself she doesn't even react to it. "I an't going no place. If ye want me to toss ye out on yer arse I'd be more then happy to. But I get the feeling ye might like that way to much me deary." Oh there is still a narrowed look offered to Zapallie as well.

Borodin glances to his sister - really, at the table in front of her more than anything, he appears to have become incapable of raising his eyes above about two feet from the ground - then does the same to Fellan. His defenders, but what's going to happen if they get into a fight here? How horrible would he be, to repay kindness by getting them into trouble? He speaks very softly. "It's, uhm, okay. I… I should go, anyhow. I've got to leave early." With that, he pushes back his chair and rises to his feet. He's trying to draw in his belly, which only serves to make the pudge more painfully obvious than it was when he wasn't trying, and his gaze has established an interdiction zone around Zapallie where it dare not tread.

Fellan laughs hollowly at Zapallie, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "I certainly could, but I'm not the violent type. However, my lovely friend here is a guardswoman who is very skilled with a blade. So were I you, I would think very, very carefully about how much trouble you really want to cause. I don't think anyone here would take your side if questions were asked, mmm?"

"I'm not your deary," says Zapallie, about as pleasantly as one very unpleasant person can manage. "Oh no, stay, stay," she croons at Borodin… probably because she suspects she won't find an easier target today than someone who won't stand up for themselves. She sips her klah and looks blandly at the two remaining people. "A blade, you say?" she says sweetly to Fellan. A lazy wave of her wrist results in a knife in her hand. "It so happens, so am I. She's welcome to try." Another wave, and the knife disappears again. "You don't survive with the renegades for several Turns without knowing your way around one."

Abigail smirks as she hears Fellan and sends a pointed glance towards him, 'really?..' As for using a blade, yes she does but she doesn't jump to that first thank you. Her gaze turns to her brother and a faint grumble of anger escapes her befoer she looks back at Zapallie. "Little upstart, he didn't do a thing to ye." This said while she stands up, her hands placed flatly upon the table, her shoulders tensing. At the knife in the others hand she doesn't even blink, as if she wasn't surprize at where it was. Hey, she has her own tricks! "Goody for ye.."

Oh, no. When they - meaning the girls - ask you in sweet tones to stay, that's just about the worst. Borodin takes a backwards step, starting to flee - when the glint of metal catches his attention. His gaze darts ever so briefly into the interdiction zone, just long enough to note that, yes, that is in fact a knife. And renegades? Like the ones that massacred all those people? Before he was awkward and hurt. Now he's actually afraid. "Abbey, don't… don't do anything stupid." Like that ever works. "It's not worth it." His retreat has been stopped, for now, and he just… stands there.

Well, that clearly didn't have the intimidating effect that Fellan was hoping for. He sends Abigail a look with a little shrug that seems to say 'Well, I tried'. Time for another tactic. He glares back at Zapaille. "He's very nice company, which is more than I can say for you, you ugly little wretch. Is that how you try to make yourself feel better? Make other people feel as bad as you do? Or as bad as you look? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to hear that sort of thing coming from someone who is clearly proud to have spent turns living with trash." His hand moves to rest on the hilt of the hunting knife at his belt, hidden under the table.

A snort is all the reply Abigail gets. "Sure he did," Zap replies lazily. "He probably ate enough food to feed a few starving Holdless children. Maybe I'll just roast him up like the little porcine he is and give them back all the meals he stole." Slowly her bicolored gaze shifts to Fellan and for the first time she shakes her hair at of her face, giving him a very, very toothy grin. "Did your mother teach you to speak to a lady that way?" she taunts. "It's very noble of you to stand up for Fatty. I'm afraid you're going to have to do better than that if you want to hurt my feelings though."

Abigail is making no moves to pull any sort of weapon, why? This isn't her turf and words are easier to use, fists come next weapons leave lasting marks and can cause more problems. Her pale blue gaze rests upon Zapallie watching her closely for any movement it seems. "I an't doing anything stupid." This said back to her brother, her fingers slightly grip at the table and she would like nothing more them to punch Zap square in the jaw.. Which after the comment she just offered about cooking her brother? "..His my brother.." As for not lashing out for Zapallie she is fighting to keep herself in control, no telling just what might happen if there is another sharp stinging comment from the other girl.

Much as Borodin appreciates the defense, it probably won't do his ego much good later when he hears how Fellan describes him. Nice company. He's heard canines described more glowingly than that, but worse, as descriptions of himself go, that's really quite far on the positive side. Practically superlative! For now, though, he's too busy trying to decide if he should flee before this renegade skewers him - or if she'll start stabbing people the instant he disobeys and leaves! It leaves him paralyzed, his hands wringing against each other in front of that plump belly, trying to tug his shirt down then hurriedly moving away. "I, uhm, I, I'm sorry," he manages to get out as he tries to find a way to stare at his feet that doesn't involve seeing just how horrible and terrible he is for being fat.

"Oh, no. I'd never speak to a lady that way." Fellan replies to Zapallie with a humorless grin. "Fortunately, you clearly aren't one. So there's no trouble there. So, what's the story here? Did the renegades get tired of passing you around, so they threw you out to fend for yourself? I suppose I'd be pretty depressed and angry too, if I was used up trash discarded by people who are trash themselves." Perhaps not the wisest thing to be saying under the circumstances, but he's on a roll now. He shoots a quick glance up at Borodin. "You haven't done anything to apologize for, friend."

Zapallie snorts at Fellan and gives him a humorless smile. "Hardly. I left. Didn't like what Laris was doing. Decided to come inform on him instead. For a price." That knife appears again, but Zap doesn't seem to be interested in threatening anyone with it. Instead she flips it into the air, catching it by the handle when it comes down, and more or less ignoring the group for a moment. She then turns back and waves a hand at Borodn, scowling at him. "He's right. Don't apologize. It's sickening. Stand up for yourself. Tell me off. Something. Lose the weight if it bothers you so much. Get your fat ass out in the mornings and run with the guards," she nods to Abigail. "They'll whip you into shape."

Abigail jaw tenses while she merely eyes Zapallie. "Well isn't that nice.." She states with a thin tone. "Enough.. Leave him alone. The only reason yer picking on him is cause he hasn't said a thing back to ye." If Borodin did then just perhaps Zap would have stopped by now? Well it is possible. She doesn't seem impressed at all as the other girl tosses the knife up into the air and catches it. Simple movements for someone use to handling a blade.

"Sorry," Borodin replies as Zapallie turns back on him, then immediately turns red and tries to scramble for something else. Tell her off? He has a better chance of turning into a gold dragon and flying off into the sunset. At least that's just utterly impossible. He tries, and fails, to come up with some sort of retort, and finally all he manages is to slink forward a step and sit down again. That's like defying her, right? He's being confident! …it would be more convincing if he managed to look at anything except the tabletop. Fascinating grain pattern in this here wood, apparently.

It's towards the end of the dinner hour on a cold and snowy evening. Four people sit at a table near the hearth where it appears some sort of confrontation is in progress. Zapallie has a knife in her hand, Fellan has his hand on the hilt of his own knife, and Abigail looks ready to punch someone. Fellan looks over at Borodin when he retakes his seat, giving him a nod of encouragement and approval before his glare goes back to Zap. "Seriously." He agrees with Abigail. "What next? Going to steal sweetrolls from children for a laugh?"

Zapallie gives Abigail another flat look. She's not trying to impress the girl, really, it's just a motion for the bored. "I'll stop when I want to." The knife is tossed up in the air again and caught. "Maybe you should let the piggie speak instead of trying to bully everyone for him. Did he take all your fat and you took all his words in the womb? You sure are a mouthy bitch. All bark, no bite." A nasty smirk follows this statement and she reaches to take her klah off the table and sip from it. "I don't steal from children. That's dispicable. What kind of sick folk are you?"

Weyrlife doesn't exactly lend well to making your own schedule, especially if one wants to actually get a hot meal in the caverns. Of course Hotaru has been out entertaining herself, and has just now realized that she missed dinner. When she gets to the cavern she's covered in a layer of snowflakes, which quickly melt in the heat inside. She's breathing hard, which means she's ran from wherever she was likely on the other side of the bowl. After stomping out her boots she raises a brow at the stand off that's apparently happening between the guards and Zap, peering at them over rose-tinted glasses. Then she moves to the serving tables to get a mug of klah before sitting down next to Borodin, whether he wants her to or not. "What's all this, then?" It's not really directed at anyone in particular, more of a general question. "Are there always knife-fights in the caverns around here?"

All bark and no bite huh? Seems that was the last nail in the box for Abbey.. When the knife that Zap has is tossed back into the air she leans forward just enough, one hand balled into a fist swings out towards Zapallie, aiming for a cheek but there is a possibility that she misses if the other girl just leans back slightly in her seat. For the moment she doesn't hear the new voice, nor does she even know her brother has moved back over to sit down at the table. Well Abbey tried her best and just couldn't keep herself from swinging, just didn't feel right not too.

Borodin lowers his gaze at Zapallie's words. Yeah. He should stand up for himself. "I…" Oh, thank Faranth, a distraction in the form of Hotaru. He glances to her as she sits next to him, and even manages to take in more than her feet, though that might just be because she's on the small side of things. As new arrivals go, she's pretty non-threatening, and so he gives her a little nod. "It's, uhm, not-" And Abbey's swinging, and Borodin stops to wince. He doesn't look surprised, exactly, just hunches down in his chair and looks around anxiously to see if there are well, actual guards - as opposed to his sister, a guard in from the hold for training, and Fellan who's just a smith. "Don't," he tries, too late. Well, shards.

Once violence erupts, Fellan can't help but feel a little twinge of guilt for his part in escalating things to this point. The feeling passes quickly, overwhelmed with alarm and the need to do something to act here. He bolts up from his chair, almost knocking it over in a rush to get over to the side of the table where Abigail and Zapallie are. What's he going to do when he gets there? Hard to say. He probably hasn't thought that far ahead. But something! No time for polite introductions at the moment, it seems.

Suddenly there is a fist in Zapallie's face, slamming her head sideways. The knife, mercifully, misses her thigh, landing with a solid thwack in the chair seat. Still, the tall girl is not amused. She launches herself from the chair, rounding on Abigail, a bruise already blooming across her cheek bone. "What the fuck is wrong with you, crazy bitch?" she yells. "You want to fight? You don't just paw someone across the table like a feline!" She lifts her eyebrows and presses her lips together. "I didn't do shit to you."

Abigail will be thankful later that the knife Zapallie has dosn't do any damange. At the fact that her hit does catch the other she holds back a smug look while she turns about quickly to face Zapallie. One hand ins a fist the other read to try and block a swing perhaps. "Ye messed with me brother then ye mess with me. That simple ye thick headed git." She states with a thin tone. As for being called crazy bitch it wouldn't be the first time. "Got ye to shut that mouth of yer's though didn't I?"

"…Abbey," says Borodin, though he knows from long experience that the odds of being listened to are just about zero. He swallows, then pushes back his chair to get up to his feet again and slink toward the fight. It's slow, because he has to fight against his own feet for every step. Fellan will assuredly get there first. Someone across the cavern might get there first with a bit of a sprint.

Fellan reaches out to place his hand on Abigail's shoulder, giving it a bit of a squeeze as he looks out at Zapallie, glaring and frowning. "I think that's enough to teach her a lesson. She won't be doing anything else stupid. Will she?" Pointed glaring follows, of course.

Zapallie smirks slowly at Fellan and Abigail. "Oh, I'm sure she won't," she says, and something about the look on her face ensures that Abigail is about to find herself the focus of a lot of misery. "Nice seeing you folks. I have a guard captain to talk to about an unprovoked attack. Ta-ta." She pries her knife out of the chair and tucks it away in her sleeve again, salutes, and saunters off. Over her shoulder she says, "Come look me up some time, Fatty. I'll whip you into shape."

Hotaru isn't wielding any knives, that was for certain. At least not right now. She might start carrying one after tonight, though. Who knew weyr life could be so dangerous? "Whoa-ho!" Is Hotaru's reaction to Abigail swinging at Zap. She's so surprised she nearly drops her mug into her lap. But she doesn't seem at all put off, instead she's grinning and laughing a bit. Instead it gets set down on the table behind her as she gets up. Just in case any punches come her way.
Hotaru peers between Borodin and Fellan. "So… which one of you two is her brother then?" Though, judging by Zap's last comment, she can take a wild guess. There's a roll of eyes from the red-head as she reclaims her seat, the source of the instigation having left. "She has an interesting view of unprovoked…"

Abigail doesn't move to try and hit Zapallie again, she stands there waiting to see what the other does actually. The touch at her shoulder rmakes her tense up, her name slowly get's her attention and she takes in a faint breath. At what Zapallie says she blinks, her jaws tensing. "Ye little.." A set of curse words escapes her in the process. As for what is going on? Zapallie is walking away with what looks like a bruise on her cheek, Abbey looks mad, hands clentched before one is slammed into the table which is going to leave her knuckles bruised and scrapped with the force she used. Borodin and Hotaru are siting next to one another at a table near Fellan and Abbey. While Fellan is behind Abbey, hand on her shoulder. "Unprovoked… /Unprovoked/… My arse that wasn't unprovoked!"

Borodin stops where he is as Zapallie departs. Good, he doesn't have to try and… intervene or something. That's a relief. He lets out a sigh, and rests his hands on the back of one of the chairs. "Abbey, you… we're not kids anymore, you could get in real trouble…" Provoked or not, there's no question Abbey threw the first - and only - punch. He sighs again, then glances back to Hotaru. Not that it probably isn't obvious, but, "That's, uhm, me."

Fellan rolls his eyes at Zap's departing words. "Crazy bitch. As if she's going to get anywhere complaining about getting hit after pulling a knife on a guard. She got off lucky." He rubs Abigail's shoulder briefly before removing his hand from her. "You okay?" He asks, despite her having been on the giving rather than receiving end of the violence. "It's alright, she's gone now… you need some numbweed and a bandage for your hand, maybe?" He looks over to Hotaru with a somewhat nervous smile. "Yeah. I'm just her, ah… boyfriend?" He doesn't seem sure about that, actually. Probably not the best time to get into it.

Cesran comes in from the lower caverns and he moves over to get something to eat having missed all the drama. He makes himself a large plate and he grabs a mug of klah. He gives a nod to the others as he moves to find a seat.

Hotaru pulls one leg up, bending it at the knee and letting her foot rest on her chair. "Eh. She seems like the type who just go around making trouble wherever they can." There are other, better ways to make fun for oneself than to go around provoking armed people who know how to punch. She turns her attention to Borodin and grins. "Hi. I'm Hotaru." Hotaru blinks at Fellan then, chuckling a bit. "Don't worry, I'm not going to punch you or anything." She looks between Fellan and Abbey for a second, then stifles a giggle. "Kinda got that." She nods a bit to Cesran as he takes a seat, then breaths out a long sigh. "Well, after all that excitement I think I need a drink." She leans back to grab her mug from the other table.

Abigail is quiet as she hears Borodin, a faint frown seen and she lets her gaze lower slightly to look at her hand, which after punching the table is a little bloody from the scrapes but she doesn't react to it. "I know Borodin…" This said softly, of course she doesn't think about this in her moment of anger, she never has. Her shoulders slump slightly as she sits back upon her chair. "I'll just have to go the guard captain and tell 'em first." Best to not lie and come clean over things right? At first she doesn't even hear Fellan and then she blinks sending her pale blue gaze towards him. "Wait…what?" Once Hotaru confirms it she isn't sure what to say, though well she is sorta blushing at the moment. More movement is picked up and a faint nod is sent towards Cesran.

Borodin nods to his sister, staring at someone or other's shoes, then… "What?" he blinks, looking up at Fellan, then to Abbey, then back again. Who with the what now and- is that why she went to that training course here at the Weyr? Blink. Blink. Total failure to see Cesran. Blink.

Fellan takes a look at Abigail's bloody knuckles before he returns to his seat. "If you need anyone to back you up on what happened, I'm sure everyone who saw what happened will…" And then there's questions from both siblings coming his way, questions he can only respond to with a nervous, sheepish smile. "Er, ah, maybe not? I mean, if you just needed one word to describe, I thought, with the time we've been spending together lately…" Time to deflect this topic, somehow. "Erhm, we could talk about it when you've gotten your hand cleaned up and talked to your captain? Or…?" This is not the smith's smoothest moment.
Cesran hmms as he sits down and starts to eat and just listens to try to find out just went down before he came in. He takes a drink of his klah and he looks over as there is talk about getting hand cleaned up. He looks up and he hmms, "Ouch what did you do to your hand?"

Hotaru shrugs a bit. "I thought guards were known for getting into brawls anyways?" Hotaru grins. "If you want, we can all say you were drunk." Yes, because that's a better solution than just coming clean. "Anyways, if you need someone to back up your story, I don't mind." And… oop. Looks like from Abigail's response that maybe Fellan is assuming a little, but since she's not refuting it… Hotaru holds her hands up defensively. "Hey, don't mind me. I was just assuming." The red-head wiggles a finger at Abbey's hand. "You should put that in some snow so it don't get puffy." There's plenty of that around! She turns her attention back to Borodin then. "Where's your girlfriend?"

Abigail is quiet for moment while she checks her pockets finding a bit of cloth and wraps it around her right hand, and knuckles. "I.. We… Just didn't talk about that.." This said to Fellan, she swallows slightly, seeming very nervous all of the sudden. Oh sure she can get into a fight but when the talk of relationships come up then it's just different! With her hand wrapped up and lets her attention turn back to Fella, her left hand moving to rest against his arm a moment. "I have really enjoyed the time I've spent with ye.. We're talk, alright?" She doesn't want him to take it the wrong why. An she is looking over to Borodin. "An we will talk too.." Yes she'll talk to her sibling about the whole 'boyfriend' matter. At the question to her hand from Cesran a soft ah escapes her. "I hit the table… It's not a good idea to do by the way." A faint smile is seen to Hotaru at the offer. "Thanks.." This murmured out softly.

Fellan looks a little baffled by Hotaru's suggestion. "I'm not really sure that being drunk would be a better explanation than the truth. I mean, the woman did pull a knife and make several hostile and threatening remarks. Who could blame a guard for taking action under those circumstances?" And now he finds himself in a very awkward situation indeed. He rubs at the back of his head, still looking sheepish. "Ah… sure. Yes. We'll talk later. I… shouldn't have put you on the spot like that. Er, it was a poor choice of words, really…"

Awk-ward. Borodin looks away from the thing with his sister and Fellan, only to discover Hotaru looking at him. "My…?" He blushes. "Uh, nowhere." His gaze flicks toward the other two again, then takes another detour from awkward to see Cesran, to whom he nods before looking back to Hotaru and her own style of awkward. "I don't have a girlfriend."

Cesran ahs a little bit as he hears that, "Are you talking about the Zapper? Is she still talking trash about how she'll cut up everyone into itty bitty pieces and slice and dice them?" He asks curiously and he ooks towards Abigail, "Yah you gotta be careful, the tables here are harder than they look."

Hotaru gives Abigail what she thinks is a reassuring smile. If teenagers are capable of such things. She uses the foot on the ground to tilt her chair back a bit. Hotaru looks over at Borodin as Abeey and Fallan… get a bit starry-eyed at each other. She just giggles a bit and shrugs. "No? Doesn't he have any sisters you could date? I'm teasing, I'm teasing. Sorry." When Ceran pipes up Hotaru looks over his way, raising a brow at him. "…the Zapper?" There's a groan let out at that nickname.

Abigail watches Fellan a few moments, hopfing she didn't hurt his feelings it seems. "It's alright.. Really.. An not such a poor choice of words." She murmurs softly before looking over to Borodin pondering what her sibling is thinking at the moment! Her attention is soon on Cesran. "I dono.. She didn't give her name. Just came in and was throwing around words and the like. Pulled out a knife and seemed very smug, talked about working with some renagades at some point.. it was just a mess.." Well that is one way to put it..

Fellan raises his eyebrow at Cesran. "The Zapper? Really? That's what she calls herself? That certainly sounds like the same person… what an unpleasant woman. It's a miracle someone hadn't already taken a swing at her." Awkward glances are exchanged with the siblings as he laughs a bit at Hotaru's suggestion. "Only child, I'm afraid." Then more nervous, awkward smiling at Abigail. "Well… we can talk later, I s'pose."

Sisters? Borodin's eyes widen. "Is that what weyrfolk-? …oh." Nope, he's being teased. He lowers his gaze then glances over to Abigail again before quickly looking away. He doesn't want to get in the way… but isn't that what he always does? Abbey may have thrown that punch, but if it weren't for him… "I'd better go see about someplace to stay tonight." He can't very well crash on Abbey's floor, now can he? Not if she's got a… boyfriend. Before anyone can stop him, he rushes back off toward the kitchens.

Cesran nods a little bit, "Yah I forget her name it's Zap something. I've been calling her the Zapper cause she's zaps off at the mouth. She's all talk and trying to make herself look big and tough when she's really just a poser. I just laugh at her. She won't do anything. She'll just bark, she's got no bite."

"Maybe they ought to lock her up in the Fort jail for a while." Hotaru says, finishing off her klah afterwards. "That might keep her spurs from jingling and jangling." She snickers a bit at Fellan, then mock-pouts at him. "No brothers for me, either? For shame." Hotaru gives Borodin a strange look as he talks about finding a place to sleep tonight. "There are cots in the residents cavern…" She starts, but doesn't get very far before he's rushing off. She blinks a bit. "He does know he can sleep down there, right?" Hotaru shrugs a bit to Cesran. "Obviously she ought to be careful who she barks at."

Abigail isn't able to follow after her brother, he is rather quick when he puts his mind to it. She frowns while watching the kitchen doors a few moments and lowers her head a bit, her left hand lifting to rub across her eyes a few times and a soft sigh escapes her. This won't end well she feels. "Well that's good to know she is all bark. I still punched her though." She mutters out softly. An now has her brother on the run, and Fellan seeming worried about the whole boyfriend bit. "I hope he does, he should."

Fellan is among those who look concerned when Borodin rushes off. He frowns, a feeling of guilt and unease now firmly settled over the smith. "Nobody'd blame you for doing what you did." He's quick to assure Abigail. He may not feel the same for himself at the moment, given his uneasy sort of demeanor.

Cesran shakes his head, "Nah that's what she wants. She wants everyone to think that she's a bad ass so sending her to jail will prove just that. I'd just ignore her or laugh at her to show how foolish she's acting. It isn't bad ass to want to hurt people. It'd bad ass to be ready to defend yourself from a real threat, but not saying anything about it."