Who Inri, Aignes, F'inn, K'zre, Kouzevelth, Czarduinath, Nymionth, Yasminath
What Everybody is exploring and all the babies have plenty of things to say.
When Day 16 of Month 5 of Turn 2718
Where Training Complex, Fort Weyr


Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

It's not dawn, just because it seems like every scene Inri ends up in is somehow ridiculously early in the morning — let's call it a more proper mid-morning. The brand new weyrlings get to eat and sleep and eat and sleep and eat and sleep and bathe and eat and sleep, and their half-sister gold has FINALLY broken away to get to see them. It's her preferred time of year to be outside, anyway, what with the warmth, and so poor Inri is broken from her routine by her pushy lifemate. She looks a little tired, even if generally happy to be out in a swingy sundress and fresh air. "You can't just start talking to baby dragons," she's protesting as she walks along Kouzevelth's front left paw, "You're enormous. You'll terrify them." But the orangey dragon doesn't seem to care and is making her way to sit down right near the weyrling barracks' entrance to hunt for friends.

It is morning! And it's all so bright and all so green! Especially since Czarduinath has at least temporarily broken free from the cycle of eat-sleep-repeat for the moment. The dainty little green hasn't made it too far past the actually door of the weyrling barracks, but far enough she can spread out those emerald wings in the sun with a sigh of utter contentment. Aignes of course trails not to far behind her lifemate, still looking a little bit worse for ware from the commotion of the past day… two.. three? She probably doesn't even know it's day as she rubs bleary eyes and just sits down next her dragon. As teeny tiny as she might be, Czarduinath has absolutely no terror for her big gold sister. Blinding light of the green variety shimmers over towards the larger dragon before scaling back a smidge. « Kouzevelth!!! Isn't it wonderful??? » The shimmery bubbles accompanying the giggling voice abruptly stop when she turns to see that her weyrling is sitting in the DIRT. « AIGNES!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! You'll get all dusty! »

See, Kouzevelth is getting positive response from these babies, Inri, stop being so difficult. « You're very sparkly, » Kouzevelth informs Czarduinath with a soft chorus of jungle birds lining her statement. Inri gives Aignes a much more sympathetic smile. "Haven't got the sleep-wake rotation down yet? I know you know you'll get there, but. It is hard." Not one for platitudes, but always one for positivity. "She's gorgeous - I'm thinking she might know that?"

Oh, boy does Czarduinath know that. Dragons can't exactly beam, but her eyes whirl a very merry shade of blue as she trills up at Kouzevelth. « I AM!!! » And she's so happy about it. Only a moment later are manners actually remembered. « You are very shiny as well. » But the green has more important things like using her sparkly little head to try and nudge her weyrling into getting up. Aignes protests briefly, but slowly she does get up, dusting off her pants. "No. Whenever I'm actually falling asleep is when she's getting up. And when she's up she's…" There's a hand wave at the dragonet who now that she has successfully succeeded in one mission, has turned to giving the big gold dragon an appraising look while starting to trot around her sister. "And thank you… she is the prettiest dragon I've ever seen." That's probably only half bais, but half truth.

"She might be," Inri agrees, considering Czarduinath thoughtfully. She is a really pretty dragon, there's no doubt about that one. "I don't think we've ever had another little green quite like her. I'm honestly impressed she came out of Velokraeth," is out of Inri's mouth before she gets a chance to snap it shut in preparation. Which she really should have done instead of saying that. Kouzevelth, who looks a little more like their shared father, doesn't mind the fact that she might not be that pretty a dragon: « I shine plenty, but I am not beautiful. Facts of life, » with a mental shrug. « You are enough for both of us, little one. »

Aignes trails after her lifemate who, despite having tiny little legs at the moment, is currently booking it in her circle around Kouzevelth. Whatever thoughts Czarduinath might have about her sire are thankfully just left to a bit of a huff at the moment, but she's got some very serious evaluating to do that will at least distract Aignes from saying anything. « You are an autumn. You should spend more time outside during sunrise and sunset. Then all the light will hit your hide just right and you'll positively GLOW!!!!! » Aignes meanwhile is blushing plenty as she shakes her head. "I'm sorry… I don't know where she gets these ideas from…"

"No reason to apologize. You're both fine. They are often born with ideas," Inri explains, looking amused about the entire thing. Sometimes the bright smile really does go to her eyes: this is one of those times, and she's not even wearing her glasses. Kouzevelth keeps craning her head side to side to be able to watch Czarduinath's path. « I like to sleep at sunrise, » she says lightly, « But sunset is a good time to be out. Especially by the lake. » As everyone moves except her, Inri can't help but ask, "Aren't you getting a little dizzy there?" Even if it isn't completely clear who she's asking.
Also eventually Kouzevelth's tail is going to be an unpleasant speed bump, but not yet.

Aignes nearly sighs in relief at the confirmation that her dragon is normally. It's so easy to get worried and worked up with everything is all so new. Czarduinath isn't going to let a little thing like a tail get her down even if the tail is currently bigger than she is. It's just time she tries defying gravity as the little green tries to scamper over the tail (and fails, cause gravity is a pain). Aignes lets out a gasp and rushes to try to reel the dragon back in. "Czardi… you can't just do that!" The dragonet just cranes her head at her weyrling, and the weyrwoman, and at the gold as well. « But I need to! And you can sleep any time. There's only so many hours when the light will be your best! » At least they've both come to a stop for the moment.

For once, Kouzevelth is actually helpful in words; while that's not her thing most of the time, she does have a piece of important information here: « There is not unlimited time for sleep either, » she points out, a soft not-quite-chide. As for her tail being tripped over, or rather tripped into, she appears to either not mind or outright not notice. (She noticed. She just likes babies.) « You may also need to let your lifemate sleep sometimes. » This is ALSO very important advice as far as Inri's concerned, and she may have been pushing that one a little bit. « Not entirely averse to sunning with the dawn, though. » She'll try it at least once for the green's sake. Inri is also trying not to giggle. "They do that too, and Zel's never been one to mind, at least. There are definitely some dragons she doesn't want to try to use as a jump rope. You're … usually safe with golds." LEIRITH.

It's going to be a long, long time before Czarduinath can try using adult dragon tails as jump ropes. Right now it's more like bouldering and since she wasn't successful, she'll just pick herself up from the bit of a heap she ended up in quickly as her head darts side to side as if to gauge if anybody else actually saw that. « Yeah, but you can always sleep at night, like mine wants to. Unless both moons are full, that won't be doing you any favors anyways. » Aignes at least will take Inri at her word that the green isn't bothering the queen and take a step back. "She should probably at least learn to ask first. Not everybody is going to be as forgiving as Nymionth."

Inri hasn't yet gotten the particulars about each weyrling; as is befitting the job she does during Hatchings not her own, she knows well what their names and colors are, and bare minimums about lifemates she didn't know prior to Impression. So she knows which one Nymionth is, but: "Is he particularly? I hope that doesn't mean she'll jump on him more indiscriminately than some of the others. I would try to avoid that, for a few different reasons." It's actually two, so the math whiz managed to screw up a number in an example. Gasp. « Why, » Kouzevelth asks, the very tip of Czarduinath's emerald mind-castle getting the quickest little lightning-zap of attention, « does yours not sleep at night? »

«Good Morning, Ladies!» Nymionth's call is merry and warm, surrounded with the scent of roses and splendor, as he proceeds F'inn out of the barracks. Watching Czarduinath tumble down, he makes his way over and uses snouth and tail to help her right herself before giving her a light boop with nose. Once he's certain that she's safe and uninjured the little bronze straightens, crooning a formal greeting up to Kouzevelth that is as close as one can come to a dragon saluting. "He doesn't mind, Ma'am," F'inn assures as he moves toward the females. Pausing to offer his salute in an odd mimicry of Nymionth, his lopsided smile warms as he slants a glance toward Nym. «Why would I mind? Neither Czarduinath nor Yasminath weigh very much and I'm strong enough to support them both.» Nym's point is coupled with a calm swish of his tail toward Czarduinath, the gesture there and ready to nudge her back to her feet should she wobble.

"I think someone might find himself taken advantage of if he's not careful," Inri says thoughtfully, giving smiles between Czarduinath and Nymionth. (She has no idea how right she is, though.) Kouzevelth is holding still, crooning gently back and allowing herself to be a jungle gym for both weyrlings if she needs to be. She's had goats climb on her while egg-heavy; this is nothing. F'inn of course got a salute back so he could relax, and then Inri's shoving some hair out of her face. "Though it's possible," no it's not, "that your clutch is only made of dragons who wouldn't dream of using another's good nature."

Like the little lady that she is, Czarduinath will take that snout of support as she regains her normally poised footing. A chorus of giggling firelizards in frilly green dresses brush out to the bronze and the minds of any other dragons nearby. « Thank you! » As for Kouzevelth's questions, the firelizard quickly disappear as the bubbly green turns a bit more serious. « Well, she does. Except sometimes, I can't help it and I get hungry. » As F'inn and Nymioth appear, Aignes shakes her head as if to make sure they aren't a sleep deprived hallucination. "Nymionth is that one." As if Inri couldn't tell that the only bronze weyrling was right there. "And mostly she's just taken to use him as a pillow. I think he encourages it a bit."

Nymionth would /never/ use a lady as a jungle gym, ever. It's unseemly and completely unchivalrous. That being the case, he settles into almost prim seat, his lanky form neatly tucked but ready to move in a moment's notice. "Nym's a gentleman to the core," F'inn laughs as he drops his hand and reaches out to touch that shimmering bronze hide. "I don't think he's likely to tolerate much in the way of runner play, Ma'am." «My pleasure,» Nymionth assures Czarduinath in rose-scented tones. "He does," Finn laughs in response to Aignes. "Being a pillow is a small price to pay when it comes to the comfort of his clutchmates." «Why wouldn't I encourage it,» Nymionth notes in quietly practical tones. «I wouldn't want them to get bruised or be uncomfortable, now would I?»

Yasminath wouldn't dream of taking advantage. Could she even conceive of the concept? There is only light, and warmth, and glee and love in her mindvoice, the thoughts radiating out as she appears in the training field, K'zre at her side. Or, rather, Yasminath is at K'zre's side, snuggled up just as close as a baby dragon possibly can be, nose affectionately nudge-nudging at him with zero comprehension that her affection is actually hindering forward progress rather than encouraging it. « GOOD MOOOOOOORNING! » While greeting is for all, silvery moonlight and twinkling chimes echoing the words, it lacks the overpowering, all-consuming nature of some (*cough-Leirith-cough*) mindvoices. She's just happy, and she's happy to let everyone know just how happy she is, in a polite and non-invasive sort of way. Kez? Not as happy. Or, rather, not as blatantly happy. Bleary-eyed and possibly using Yasminath as a crutch to keep him upright, he walk-stumbles his way toward the group with little thought to the path his feet take. Yas? She's definitely directing them.

It seems that Czarduinath's wandering feet have come to an end at least for the moment. Since extolling just how good of a pillow the bronze can make, she settles down next to his side while leaning her head on him. Pillow time. Those sparkly emerald wings of hers still spread out to better catch the sun. Green bubbles are chased by those well-dressed firelizards over golden roads in an inviation to her sister. « Yasminath! Dear, you should come join us. It's warm over here. » Aignes eyes the zombie-shuffle of her fellow weyrling and gives a knowing nod. "You look like you need a whole vat of klah." Not that she looks much better herself. Not everybody can take to weyrlinghood as well as certain bronzelings.

Nymionth's head turns at Yasminath's greeting, his eyes immediately taking on the same pale blue hues as F'inn's as he croons a greeting back to her. «Good morning, Yasminath.» Watching the pair, one excited, one stumbling, he notes in gentle tones. «Go gently, yours is not quite awake.» And he wouldn't want K'zre to accidentally get injured, that would upset Yasminath, which would upset him, which would start a whole chain reaction of upset that is utterly unacceptable. Without so much as a pause, one shimmering wing rises to welcome Czarduinath beneath it, tucking her neatly in against his side as she settles. «You should join us,» he notes in a rose-scented echo of Czarduinath's yellow brick invitation. In the wake of the assurance, the other wing stretches out in majestic invitation, even as F'inn flashes a wry smile at K'zre. "I can go grab klah," he suggests to Aignes. "There's some in the barracks." Course F'inn? He's fine and dandy. Apparently all that sugar he has consumed over the course of his life has evened out with the exhaustion everyone else is feeling. F'inn? He's energized.

Yasminath is all twinkling delight but Kez? Kez is definitely not. A grunt answers Aignes, in solemn agreement for that vat of delicious, delicious stimulant. It is quickly followed by a scrubbing of his hand over his face before he's 'oof'ing at a nose-to-stomach snuggle from Yasminath. « I am gentle! See? » At least the second nose-boop is a little more restrained, though K'zre is still rubbing at his stomach after it's delivered. A few more zombie-steps and he's within conversational distance. "How the fu?dge," and yeah, that averted curse is all because of Yasminath and her bit, whirling, innocent eyes, "Are you so awake?" The question? Clearly for F'inn. And while Kez might want to glower he just… Can't. Cause Yasminath. "Klah… yeah." He'd love some. « Ooh… » comes in sudden indecision for the invitation, and while Yasminath's wings rustle along her recently-oiled back, and her little talons dig into the ground, she simply winds herself tighter around K'zre. « He needs me… » she offers by way of explanation. And honestly? Yeah. Kez needs her. Cause she's literally the only thing keeping him upright at the moment.

"There's also a bench," Aignes points out to said bench that some all-knowing weyrlingmaster type person saw fit to place in just such a useful spot. It's like this happens ever clutch. "Which I'm going to sit on. Because apparently the ground is only good for dragons to sit on, not people." « Dragons don't have clothes to ruin, silly. You're a weaver. You should know this. » The words would sound so much rougher if they weren't accompanied by a sweet smell of fresh spring flowers and the sparkling green sequins. Aignes sighs as she settles on to the bench. "Now I understand why it felt like the eggs were judging us." One at least certainly was judging everything. And she's going to desparately hope that F'inn brings back at least three mugs of klah.

«Of course, very responsible, Yasminath,» Nymionth notes in a warmly approving croon. «The invitation is always open to you.» Glancing up at Nymionth, F'inn smiles proudly, his head tilting forward to touch brow to brow with the bronze for a moment. "I love you," he breaths before patting Nymionth's neck and stepping back. "I have no idea," he notes with a wink for K'zre. "I'm just.. Up! We," he notes with a nod to Nym. "Need to be." The assurance is coupled with one hand raising in a 'be right back' gesture. As F'inn heads into the barracks to fetch the klah (and some meatrolls and fruit), Nymionth swings his head around checking on Czarduinath beneath his wing. «Be sweet, Czarduinath, they are tired. But,» he assures. «Still in need of your guidance. But gently.» Always gently. As Nymionth goes about his gentle chiding, F'inn returns with a neatly arranged platter. three steaming mugs (and a pitcher) of klah, a small plate of meat rolls and another with fruit and cheese carefully arranged. "Here you go," he calls as he steps over to offer Aignes her choice while K'zre gets himself safely settled. "Thought you might be hungry."

« What's wrong with the ground? » wonders Yasminath, dropping her nose to snuffle curiously at the dirty, potentially muddy mess that makes up the training field floor. « Is it dangerous? » it doesn't appear to be dangerous, and K'zre doesn't appear to be worried, so Yasminath is not concerned for very long. A little eyeridge scratching soothes her well enough, a melodic croon coming soon after. "You're…" But Kez isn't sure what F'inn is. He just doesn't have the brain power to think on it long enough. So he just flaps his hand in a general dismissal of the thought. "I'm… yeah. Bench." Bench sounds good. A little shuffling later, and Kez is collapsing on the other side of that clever contraption, thanking the wise, wise weyrlingmaster that thought to put it here. Yasminath is immediately settling as close as possible and shoving her head in his lap, a happy sigh coming with fingers find eyeridge once more. "I'm starving," agrees Kez upon F'inn's return. But it's the Klah he'll go for first, snagging a mug and moving immediately to taking a gulp of it. Hopefully it's not too hot. A frown and he wonders, "Is she judging?"

« It's not dangerous to hide, dear. Although, get too much of it on you and you might confuse people into thinking you're the world's smallest brown instead of your darling green self. It just wipes right off us and can even be good for moisterizing, in moderation. But clothes on the other hand….» Oh boy. It's almost as if Czarduinath was born with an encyclopedic knowledge of proper garment care, or maybe she just stole it from her weyrling. At least she does trail off when Nymionth starts to chide. « I am sweet. She wouldn't be happy when she found those pants were ruined once she woke up a little bit more. » Aignes rubs at her temple. "Always. Every move I make. Everyone she encounters. Even Kouzevelth!" The horror! but any shock on Aignes face is quickly erased with pure relief when F'inn shows up bearing all the food. "You are my savior." And at some other time, she may stop and consider just how different weyrling F'inn is from candidate Phineas, but right now, she's just happily taking that mug of klah and clinging to it like a lifeline.

"More like guiding," Finn provides to K'zre with a lopsided smile. Setting the tray down between Aignes and K'zre, he stretches, his shoulders rolling as he steps back to wind his arms around Nymionth's neck. «The ground is perfectly safe,» Nymionth assures Yasminath in soothing tones. Turning his head back to Czarduinath, he gently nose boops her. «I am sure you are correct, Czarduinath. But pants can be replaced.» Glancing at Nymionth, F'inn shakes his head, chuckling quietly as he drops down on the ground and flashes an easy smile at Aignes. "My pleasure," he assures. "I've just got all this energy." It's crazy. Course, he follows it by snagging a meatroll, tearing it in half before taking a bite.

Yasminath listens with the equivalent of wide-eyed wonder as Czarduinath details the hazards of mud on clothes. A swell of relief comes because, « K'zre is on the bench! » and therefore, not in danger of ruining his pants. Nymionth's assurance that the ground is safe? Also met with relief and delight, and a happily little sound in the back of her throat. Clearly, there is no filter between weyrling and beast, because while Kez might not be particularly horrified at the idea of judging Kouzevelth, Yasminath is all sorts of GASP at the thought. « But… but she's a queen! She's… » Yasminath isn't sure what she is, but she knows she's not to be judged! A little soothing from Kez has her quieted, humming once more as the first set of lids drops over whirling eyes. A firm, if sleepy, "Agreed," echo's that declaration of salvation, Kez nearly inhaling his Klah once he's deemed it safe to do so. But as grateful as he might be to F'inn for his food and Klah, that boundless energy earns a glower that is almost as strong as pre-weyrling Kez might have offered. It's still a glower, of course. Just… softened. Less scathing. Because Yasminath is snuggling in, and crooning, and making goggly-eyes at him and… how can anyone be mad when that's happening? "Lucky. I feel like I'll never be rested again."

Czarduinath inches her around Nymionth's side so she can actually peer at her sister. « She is a queen. Which is why she needs to know how to look her best! » Czarduinath was just trying to help. Not her fault nobody ever though to explain that particular aspect of lighting to the older dragon. Aignes is also watching F'inn over her mug as she's slowly drinking. "Well, Nymionth does seem a bit more sedate than some of the others… and at least we're sitting down now." Which she is so relieved. Minor victories in life that not moving should be celebrated.

"It's weird," F'inn laughs. "I have no desire to nap." And he /always/ naps. Napping is like his thing. "Or to eat cookies," he admits as he takes a bite out of his meatroll. "Well, maybe some cookies," he allows. «In moderation,» Nymionth provides in rose-colored tones. "Yes, Nymionth, in moderation," F'inn assures with a lopsided smile. «Over sleeping is not good for you,» Nymionth explains to both the greens. «You have to get ample exercise to grow strong enough to fly.» That is very important and that is clear in the bronze's gentle, but somber tones. Nymionth's attention, however, is caught by Yasminath's thoroughly adorable behavior and the bronze croons warmly. At the sound, F'inn leans back, the meatroll popped into his mouth as he stretches back to trail his fingers over Nymionth's hide. "He does," F'inn agrees to Aignes. «Helping is always nice,» Nymionth assures both greens in mellow tones.

« But… but she's older… right? So, wouldn't she know better than you? » it is not meanly said. Not in the slightest. It is a true and honest question, complete with confusion because Yasminath does not understand. But she wants to understand! But regardless of the answer, there's a cheerful and confident, « You're so smart, Czarduinath! Kouzevelth was lucky you were here. » Croon-croooon. There is definitely a moment in which K'zre's entire world is that pretty green head in his lap, a funny little smile playing over his mouth as he forgets about food and Klah and fellow weyrlings. And then he's snapping out of it and reaching for something to eat as well, clearing his throat and blinking rapidly. "Yes," he agrees, for sitting down. Small victories, indeed. "Yasminath will settle soon," he murmurs, briefly smiling down at the green once again. "During the day, at least, she naps." At night? Forget it. « I exercise! » she asserts, gleefully proud at the thought. « Wings up, wings down, wings up again! » Just like they taught them. « But K'zre says rest is good, too. He likes resting. » Like they are right now. Resting.

« Oh, honey… » Czarduinath's sparkly sequins and ribbons reach out to brush at innocent Yasminath, but she doesn't elaborate any further and then up at the all to serious Nymionth. « But sleep is also how we grow! Mine says I grow practically over night! » And during the day as well. And given all the activity so far this morning, it's probably not surprising to see that tiny green face yawning as she tucks her head back under the bronze's wing. Aignes herself is trying to stay awake but well… she's been stationary for too long and already nodding off despite having just drank half the mug of klah that's still in her hands.

Nymionth is subject to the call of the moons, as well, although he keeps that to himself rather then distract from Yasminath. Instead, he focuses on Czarduinath with a quiet croon. «Anything in excess is not good for you, Czarduinath,» he notes quietly. «But napping is fine.» With her yawn, he tucks his wing back around her, content to be a pillow. Course, chances are good that he'll end up napping, as well.

« Napping is good! » And as if to prove that point, Yasminath offers a wide yawn and a sleepy whine, tail curled around her little body while her head still rests in K'zre's lap. And Kez? He might have just had a full mug of klah, downed a meatroll in two bites and been contemplating a second but, at the yawn of Yasminath, he's blinking groggily and stifling his own. "Ugh, yeah. Nap…" and it's a nap that is going to happen right here right now because there are zero barriers between the pair. So when Yasminath suddenly falls asleep right there? So does Kez. Zzzzzz.

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