Who Aignes, Carellos, Phineas Kaetryn, Kassala, Kezresan, M'icha, Nyalle, R'hra Th'ero
What Kayeth and Velokraeth's eggs finally hatch!
When Spring-Summer, Turn 2718
Where Hatching Sands, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Late evening, and the moons and stars are out. Which is useful, since much of the weyr is still suffering from rolling blackouts. Some locations have power, but who knows for how long, and the kitchens are going to have a fit if the power is out up there much longer with so many people to feed! Glows and torches light the way to the hatching cavern, which is thankfully still lit. Inside, Kayeth, Velokraeth and the other dragons are humming in welcome as the eggs begin to show signs of hatching. Nothing has cracked yet though! Nyalle frets to one side, as usual, her eyes flicking from her lifemate to the clutch and then to the galleries, which are a little darkened.

A white lump of laundry tumbles onto the hatching sands… no wait. Those are just the candidates. As a bleary-eyed, confused, potentially still half-asleep and slightly disorganized group, they bow to dam and sire. Once those respects are paid, that white lump breaks apart, smaller groups staggering their separate ways to surround the clutch of six eggs.
Kaetryn has partially disconnected.

Vorbarr Sultana Egg does not look like it's doing anything. You'd have to look close. You'd have to look really close. But if your attention is on it (and excuse me but why wouldn't it be), it's moving. Juuuust a little.

And following that lump of laundry—-err the Candidates, is nothing more than a surly looking M'icha, who breaks off as the last of them are herded out. Leaning heavily on his cane, he'll limp his way to the sidelines, where meat and other supplies are being prepared hastily by the rest of his weyrling staff.

As the hums pick up, Kassala and R'hra both show up to stand at the sidelines. The redheaded Jr. Weyrwoman nods to Nyalle, gaze traveling back to the eggs while R'hra helps prepare the meat and supplies near the exit to the barracks, ready to guide new weyrling pairs off and out of the way in his positions as AWLM. Above, Xerosaeth and Wiliyeth have found perches to watch the hatching as well, though the gold seems twitchy.

Aignes stumbles through the motion of entering the sands and bowing to both dam and sire, but that's as close as she's going to the eggs. All wide eyed and staring she'll stick to firmly standing behind one of her fellow candidates. She's not picky. "I lied. I wasn't ready." Is this a dream? it feels like one of those things where you wake up in front of harper lessons in your underwear.

Kaetryn straightens from her bow and hesitates as the rest of the Candidates scatter before moving off in Phineas's wake, choosing to stick close to her fellow troublemaker - or use him for a shield. Something like that. The faintest hint of movement catches her eye, and she stare shard at the Vorbarr egg, brow crinkling. "Did you see that?" she asks the air.

Spice is Life Egg shimmers, the sandy colors across its shell seeming to bulge and move, as though something beneath the surface was pushing outwards, but not yet breaking through. Just wait.

Phineas doesn't know what to think at this point. Course, he's still half asleep and it shows in the bleary eyed look he casts around himself. It takes him a moment to move with the others, rubbing the heel of one hand over his eyes before peering at the eggs. "You're fine," he murmurs to Aignes. "See what?" No… he missed something!

A Land Overrun Egg begins to shudder, as if rocked from within by powerful explosions.

Carellos finds an appropriate spot on the sands, away from the eggs and spread out from the other candidates as things first kick off. This isn't his first rode-er, hatching, so anything is possible. Care clears his throat, shifting his feet on the sands and he spares a glance to his fellow candidates. Where's his meat shield? Kez might make a decent one.

Velokraeth is looking mighty smug as he hums along with the rest of Fort's dragon populace. Th'ero is not far from Nyalle's side, looking as stoic as always and hardly moved emotionally. Give it a moment, maybe he's still waking up?

Vorbarr Sultana Egg has someone's attention, right? All it takes is that one person! More would be better, but it's just one pair of eyes that it requires to take any and all actions. Once that's achieved, though, it shimmies a little in place and a delicate crack that almost looks like half a heart-shape wrapping around it. But there's no sign of a dragon. Not just yet.

Nyalle nods to the others as they arrive, but her eyes are mostly for the eggs and the candidates. She briefly squints into the dim Galleries, but then her eyes return to the clutch. She frets, wringing her hands.

Kezresan is trying really hard not to yawn. Somehow, he bites it back, but his hand is definitely pressed over his mouth. Respects given, there's a brief glance toward the Stands and a search of the faces within before he gives up the attempt and moves off after 'his' group of candidates. "Neither am I…" he agrees with Aignes. And while a few eggs are definitely twitching? Kez has eyes for one in particular. And it's not nice-looking eyes.

Spice is Life Egg finally cracks, the creature inside pushing outward with enough force to break through the egg’s shell. A flash of bright color is seen, and then vanishes.

Till All Are One Egg wobbles. Or did it? Surely something so hard and rigid couldn’t move.

Kaetryn glances to the side and reaches out, gently patting the air just above Aignes's arm. "It'll be okay," she soothes. And if her voice breaks a little - well, they were all sleeping, right? Except her, but it's still a valid excuse. Reaching up, she runs her finger over the curve of earrings in her ear, a nervous habit. "There's more moving now." The report is made, matter of fact. "See - that one is moving. And that - and that one is broken." It's a false calm; the Weyrwoman's secretary is taking refuge in minutae.

Aignes jumps as she notices the closest of those eggs rocking as she peeks over from Carellos' shoulder. Because clearly a meat shield with it's own meat shield is the best choice of meat shields. Before she can even blink, Spice is Life Egg is cracking and her hand is pointing. "There! It was there." He or she? She's pretty sure that flash of color was new. Maybe.

Phineas is as awake as he is going to get and gives up on rubbing his eyes. At this point, it's just making matters worse. He does, however, note Kez's eyeing of a particular egg and chuckles quietly. It is the mention of the word 'broken' that has his gaze sweeping back toward the eggs, his brows furrowing at the momentarily flash of indiscernable color. "Did anyone catch that?"

Vorbarr Sultana Egg seems to have reached the conclusion that it has seen enough, or perhaps enough has been seen of it. A fine, dainty little green snout, sparkling in what light is cast upon it, ekes out through the egg until she shimmies through the shell all the way, managing not to totally shatter the shell — that would be MESSY.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Perfect Poise Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dainty from her headknobs to the very tip of her tail, she may be smallest in stature but the picture of poise and grace. Dark emerald caresses her elegantly shaped muzzle, lightening in gradual brilliance as it trails over angular features and down to the curve of her throat and chest. There is depth to her, in a subtle play of light and dark beneath sunlight, with emerald hues in scintillating sequin-like patterning without the garish flash. Her wings lighten further, as opulent as the finest, thinnest silk in the form of her wingsails. Her neck ridges are brushed with jade at the edges, dream-like in quality with the way it plays and flows along each curve. Rich dark emerald forms each of her elegant talons, as if hewn from the very gemstone itself, completing the final touch.

Home Sweet Hive Egg shivers in place, barely noticeable in movement. Then… a tremble, a twitch and a good hard shift to the right before it settles again.

Carellos inches closer to the other Candidates, chewing on his lower lip. This is his last chance, so he needs to make the best of the time he has here. The man tilts his head to the side, saying to anyone using him as a meat shield, "When this is over, I'm eating a whole cake by myself." Maybe. The brief hint of color is caught, but his brain can't translate to what it is. "Here we go, keep an ear out. If you hear the babies charging, be prepared to run." If you're lucky.

Kezresan is not a meat shield. Well, maybe he is. But he's a very unwilling one, standing there on the sands with Carellos at his back and Aignes behind that. Thrilling. But it's hard to glower at the candidates behind you when there are eggs IN FRONT of you. "No," comes the quick answer for Phineas. "Didn't see it."

Kaetryn's lips part in shock as the first hatchling appears, moss-green eyes widening. "I - oh," she breathes, sliding slightly behind Finn so that he stands between her and the dragonet. "She's very - ah… pretty?" Startled, riveted, whichever it is, it has her staring at the green, forgetting the other eggs, forgetting her commentary as she peers around Phineas's shoulder.

A Land Overrun Egg finally begins to show signs of stress, fractures chasing each other across the shell in rapid succession.

Kassala breathes softly as the eggs begin to wobble and crack. As the first hatchling rolls free, she smiles, excited to see the lovely green. "She is beautiful.." She murmurs to herself, gaze traveling over the eggs to the white-clad candidates, then back to the eggs again as one moves close to her. Exciting!

Aignes gives a brief tsk of disapproval at the idea of eating a whole cake. "You'll end up looking like Ferb." Blue in the face. As the first green makes her appearance, Aignes lets out a squeak and her hand tightens on Carellos' shoulder. As for Kez not seeing it, "That's cause you were watching the wrong one. Over there."

Phineas nods toward the little green, "There," he points out. The mention of solo cake eating? It gains a striken look before he laughs and turns his attention back to the eggs. Run? "Like the wind," he assures Carellos. "She is," he agrees with Kaet. She's back there, he knows it. "Hey now, Ferb's perfect," he notes to Aignes with a lopsided smile.

Carellos shifts his feet, eyes finally catching the green on the sands and he takes in a deep breath for a moment, then slowly exhaling. "She is a pretty one." That, he can agree. Care chances a glance over his shoulder towards Aignes and he offers her a reassuring smile before turning his gaze back to the hatchling doing her thing. "At least Ferb is cute with his chunky self."

The Perfect Poise Green Hatchling The Perfect Poise Green Hatchling steps from her egg, cautiously and almost elegantly shaking off a small piece of shell and attempting to divest herself from goo. She cannot possibly meet her future lifemate, or anyone else for that matter, looking like this. And so it's a step here and a shake there until she's absolutely, positively ready — at which point, she immediately sets to focusing on the candidates nearby, sniffing out her next project. The first few she tests out are young boys, and while they may all be pretty cute, they're not what she's looking for.]

Spice is Life Egg finally shatters into a million pieces, practically exploding outwards in a shower of miniscule shards. From the remnants spills a flash of pure metallic hide of a bronze hatchling.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Prince of Earth Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Bathed in a deep, rich, metallic sheen of the brightest polished bronze, the effect is stunning and as though he was pulled right from the heart of molten metal. Long of limb and tall of stature for a bronze, his build is that of regalness and warrior both, without being too bulky or willowy. He is finely crafted, flashy in the sense of the way he is balanced and not wholly from the color of his hide alone. Wrought hues of carnelian grace his tapered muzzle, drifting upwards over fine, angular features and gradually dull to cupreous tints along the arc and curve of his headknobs. Carnelian flares back to life again along his neck and throat, only to disappear along the curve of his broad chest. It is here that brighter bronze becomes folded with honeyed calcite, lending a patinated touch to his hide as it cloaks his form like well-tailored armor. Covering the rest of his lean body and the length of his powerful limbs, they are faintly traced with an overlay of danburite — barely visible, unless in the full light of sun or moon. As with any molten metal, it tempers as it cools and the same effect occurs. His ridges bear the start of it, though it stretches out over the expanse of his back and wings, the large, powerful sails tempering to copper and brass edges. Even his talons bare this night-kissed mark but it does little to marr the overall brightness of his hide, for there is little that could dim the power within him.

Kezresan frowns, gaze quickly averted from the (hated) egg toward the wandering green, a quiet "Oh," coming at his redirection. "Right. That." Yes. Now he sees her. And him. Because suddenly there are two.

Kaetryn snorts, just a bit shakely. "Perfectly round, you mean." Not that she has room to talk. Ferb's a cookie, Tiori's a kitten. None of them has what one might call a normal firelizard. Tucking her cheek lightly against Finn's shoulder, the secretary continues to watch the green - until a second hatchling enters the arena. "Oh my." That is a sigh of pure feminine appreciation. "Yours?" she teases her meat shield gently, tapping a finger on Finn's arm. Still, bronze just isn't her color, and her attention soon strays back to the green.

Till All Are One Egg is quiet, but there there comes a rumble from within, lights flickering as groans and shrieking metal seems to fill the air as cracks appear.

Phineas grins at Kaet. "Nothing wrong with round," he notes to Kaet. More then happy to pull her forward to stand with him, he pauses a beat, his chin tilting toward the bronze. "What? Che, probably not," he notes with a wry laugh. "He's something though," he admits in hushed tones. "Tall. Tall is always best." Look at him, of course, he thinks that.

Aignes notes the bronze but well, she's probably not on that particular dragonet's radar. That dainty little green however, she's watching her closely. "Cute until he's too fat to fly. They don't normally charge, do they?" She's just going to take Carellos as the expert in this little candidate cluster. He's survived once after all.

The Perfect Poise Green Hatchling isn't going to let not finding her rider yet get her down! Not everyone Impresses so quickly as those common folks, you know, and she's got a lot to give a lifemate so she has to be sure she takes her time. Even if that means every single person on the Sands is under her scrutiny — and boy, does she seem to find a lot of them wanting. Abandoning a girl from Peyton with a haughty sniff (who knew a dragon could do that), she redirects yet again. Maybe she looks a little tired, but it could be worse! The best one is out there! That head is still held high, confident — everyone must want her, but she has to find the one who is deserving.

Kezresan scoffs, shooting a look over his shoulder at Aignes. "Charge? Of course not." He has no clue. And now he's staring towards the pair on the sands with deep suspicion. "Right?"

Home Sweet Hive Egg has laid dormant for awhile. Is everything alright? With its dark shell, it’s hard to tell when the cracks begin to form but renewed activity assure all is well! And… was that a flash of light from within? Nah, surely a trick of the eye.

Carellos visibly jerks at the sight of the bronze hatchling, and he peers owlishly at it for a moment, but with two babies on the sands, there's no real time to gawk. "What an explosive entrance," he says nervously with a little laugh. Good thing there's… wait. How did he end up as the main meat shield?! "They have their own unique personalities. Anything is possible." ANYTHING.

Prince of Earth Bronze Hatchling rises to all fours and stands poised, neck arched and wings spread. His head turns as he scans the Sands around him, peering intently. Crooning softly, he begins to take his first steps forward, shaking egg goo from his talons as he goes. His every step is delicately placed, purposeful in his movements. Shaking out his wings, he shows off their colors and their expanse, rumbling proudly. His gaze is taken by the Candidates, scanning the line of them as he moves forward with determination.

Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg isn’t like those other eggs. Look at them, now look back at it. Do you see it rocking? No. It didn’t think so.

Kaetryn's lips curve in a shaky smile - she may want to be here, but that doesn't mean she's all calm and collected about the whole thing. Particularly with that picky little green wandering about, denying perfectly servicible - okay, no, that girl from Peyton was a bee of the first order. "Well, she has good taste," she murmurs softly to the surrounding Candidates.

Aignes is busy chewing on her lips and doing the hot-foot sandal shuffle behind Carellos (and thus behind Kez as well). As far as not charging, she watches the bronze rearing up. "That one looks like he might be a runner." But eyes go back to the wandering green. "But she's at least meticulous."

Phineas exhales a breath, pale eyes flicking from the perfect little green to the bronze displaying his wings. "He's gorgeous," he murmurs under his breath. "Hrm? Who? Oh!" Slanting a glance toward the little green and her sniffing, he shakes his head, his expression wry. "Meticulous, that's a word. Runner?" And just like that, he's back to watching the bronze moving about the sands. "Kinda, yeah," he allows.

The Perfect Poise Green Hatchling is absolutely not stomping her feet just a little in frustration as she crosses the sands to start over on the other side, really she isn't. That would be uncouth. What she is doing is making sure she's considered all her options, because this candidate assembly is nice and all, but look at her, she needs the VERY best. She is showing off the swing of her sparkly tail just a little as she walks, but then her head raises higher, as she catches a scent, a glimpse, and then looks directly into the eyes of a rosy-cheeked brunette Weaver girl. Trotting over to her side, she sits as primly as possible and awaits her rider's first touch: together, they'll be unlimited.

Kezresan is determined not to wiggle. But he's definitely sweating. And with first Carellos, and now Aignes, lending support to the notion that dragons might charge (and that bronze in particular), that sweat might not be just from the heat of the sands.

Prince of Earth Bronze Hatchling pauses, scanning the line once more. His gaze is intent, and focused, and he is completely in control of himself. This is not a hatchling that will randomly stumble into his lifemate. No, he is going to look and seek and choose the one that is right for him. The one he seeks and the one he knows is here. He just has to find him! He moves forward again with purpose, wings half unfurled against his body as they begin to dry, shimmering with sand and his natural coloration in the available light. He peers at each male as he passes, studying and then finding, one after the other, each one wanting. He snorts in frustration, prowling onward.

Carellos is here doing Care things in a Care-ful way. Just sayin'

M'icha is scowling but it's a happy scowl, honest! He's also muttering his comments of the hatchlings so far, eyes narrowing as the poised green makes her choice. As for collecting the new pair, he leaves that to his assistants. If he's needed, he'll move!

Aignes is transfixed and her feet stop the shuffling as the green comes closer. Whatever spell the little dragonet is weaving, Aignes is completely sucked in. "Czarduinath. Right." Hand leaves Care's shoulder and goes right to straighten her hair and to the dainty green's side. "But first, food and then we'll both get cleaned up." But there's a grin bigger than any seen on the now former weaver's face as she's ushered off the sands because tonight, let's face it, who isn't less fortunate than her?

Kaetryn squawks as the green plucks her choice right out of their midst, crab-stepping sideways and putting Finn directly between her and the eggs. Although, "Clearly, hiding isn't working out," she murmurs, before offering a shaky - and, yes, a bit envious - grin towards the newly Impressed Aignes. "Congrats!" At least her firm exclamation is genuine.

Phineas slants a grin at Kaet. "Seems like they are all being particularly picky," he admits with a nod toward the bronze. "Oh. Aignes!" Grinning from ear to ear, he exhales a merry laugh, raising a fist in congratulations.

Kezresan is suddenly not as much of a meat shield as he previously was. How can he be, when the green's pulled Aignes right out from behind him! "Aignes…" but really, what is he going to say? Other than, "She's beautiful, congratulations…"

A Land Overrun Egg breaks in two, leaving a rather large hatchling dripping on the Sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Battle-scarred Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
At first glance, it appears as if this bulky blue hatchling has been through a battle. His hide is criss-crossed with what appear at first glance to be scars, all in varying shapes and sizes. Upon closer inspection, they're revealed to just be alterations in his color, the dark blue that cloaks him given to random striations of pale blue with red undertones. Bulky, he's surprisingly graceful as he prowls across the Sands, his head barely turning even though he's taking in everything that he sees with an intense gaze. His moves right for a young, dark haired Candidate from Nabol, claiming her as his own with a quick wrap of his tail around her legs. Shielding her with his wings, her voice is a high pitched squeak as she announces his name. "Gralth! Yes, I'm your Yenn!"

Prince of Earth Bronze Hatchling finally finds the one he seeks! He stops at the feet of one Candidate, peering up into his face. The hatchling’s eyes shift color instantly, matching his chosen’s pale blue hues. With a low rumble that turns to an adoring croon, the bronze makes his choice and drops his head down, nuzzling his chosen’s chest.

Carellos cheers for Aignes, watching her depart with the small green and he grins, turning his gaze back to the others.

Phineas is distracted in the midst of congratulating Aignes by a bronze head poinking into his chest. For a moment, he just stands there, debating whether or not it is time to run. Running, however, is not an option and he abruptly exhales a warm sounding laugh. "You.. I.. F'inn… Right. I'm so glad to finally meet you, Nymionth." And yes, while he wants to be cool, he's still flinging an around that sleek bronze neck and nuzzling the hatchling adoringly. "We really gotta get you food…" And just like that, he's guiding Nymionth toward the weyrlingmaster.

Kezresan can't keep up. First Aignes, then Yenn, now Phinaes? It's chaos! But for the last there? He might JUST have a smug sort of smirk for that one. Cause he totally, "told him so." Too bad no bets were placed.

Th'ero's expression actually shifts to something of approval as the first three Hatchlings pair up. Turning to Nyalle, he gives her a reassuring look. "So far, so good." he murmurs quietly, before turning his attention back to the remaining eggs.

Till All Are One Egg shivers once, twice, as those cracks expand until finally, the shell crashes away to leave one wet and messy brown hatchling to lie there surprised to find himself free.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Got the Munchies Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Lanky and lean, this dragon is shades of earth and sand to begin with. Topping his head, dunes cascade across his headknobs and dust his muzzle, the speckles appearing almost like stubble across his chin. Sun-kissed oak dashes down across his lower jaw and along his extra long neck, mingling with green undertones across his chest, back and wingspars. A patina of polished jasper scampers down the lines of his wing bones, only to give way to a surprising shimmer of tiger's eye across the thin fabric of wingsails, dotted with spots of onyx and chocolate. The aged moss hues finally give way to those of copper along his spine and down the length of his tail. Large are his paws, each one tipped by sharp talons of ebon.

Home Sweet Hive Egg crumples in on itself, a visible collapse of the shell as if drawn in by the valiant efforts of the occupant within. In a blink of an eye, it shatters outwards and light does indeed spill forth in the shape of a moonlit green.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Healer of Hearts Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
What simpler way to describe her, except that she is the epitome of delicate and feminine to the very last and finest detail. From delicate features of head and larger rounded headknobs, to the graceful and sinuous curve of her neck, she is a creature of lady-like appearances and as much a princess as a soldier in her own right. Slender of build and length of limb and tail, what would make some awkward, only suit her ethereal beauty. Incandescent and pure, unbroken, chrysoberyl green holds dominance over her in starlight’s regal gown. No other shade of green appears to grace her, but it’s within that that she holds her secret. Revealed only by moonlight’s kiss will ghostly sage rise in shimmery silver-like dappling. Dusting over her head in a crescent shape, only to flow back over her ridges and down to the broad, elegantly tapered length of her gossamer wings. Even they, with their elongated length, do not throw her off in proportion and only lend a sense of balanced strength about her, despite their fragile translucent appearance.

Kaetryn is prescient. Or maybe her teasing is. Either way, as the bronze looms before Finn, she gives a squeak and falls away from the other Candidate, giving his arm one last squeeze before sliding behind Care, tightening the remaining group even further. "Congrats," she murmurs, not bothering to hide her satisfied smile. See? His bronze. Still, even the loss of her shield - and fellow troublemaker - can't distract her from the two newest arrivals. Green is glanced at, admired - but it's the brown that draws her attention. "Brown!"

Carellos watches the bronze make his choice and the man couldn't be any prouder. Care clears his throat, calling his congrats to Phineas, now F'inn as he guides his new lifemate off of the sands. A little pang of worry briefly erupts but he swallows it back down. The new hatchlings emerging is making the hatching pass him by faster. Good thing he's a decent meat shield.

Got the Munchies Brown Hatchling lies there, blinking, blurred vision staring up towards the roof of the cavern. As the chaotic sounds reach him, they startle him into action. Rolling to his side, he attempts to rise to his feet, to scamper away from those scary sounds, but finds himself going no where’s as long legs but wildly run in place, sliding over egg-goo. Crashing down, he tumbles head over tail free of the remains of his egg, rolling forwards till he bumps into another egg, disappearing from view briefly. Gathering himself, he peers around the egg, long neck stretched to allow him a good view of those white clad figures. It’s only as a sudden LOUD rumbling of his stomach, does he begin to move forwards once more.

Kezrezan's gaze finds Kaetlyn at her declaration, a puzzled expression on his face. "Obviously." Yes. He is a brown. And he saw him. Just as he saw the crumbling of that particular egg. And the green that falls from it? Immediately earns his suspicion. Not to be trusted, that one.

"Come on now, over this way! Let's get 'em settled, while we wait on the rest." M'icha's voice is still considerably gruff but just a teeny bit welcoming as he hobbles his way forward to guide the new pairs to the sidelines. "Just make sure they don't go and gorge themselves…" No one needs that nightmare right out of the gates!

Healer of Hearts Green Hatchling falls forwards once freed from her dark prison, catching herself awkwardly in a sprawl of slender limbs and long, elegant (if wet) wings. She gives a plaintive and loud cry — half despair and half hope as her delicate featured head lifts to scan the line of Candidates. Discouraged by the distance, her head lowers as she regroups, the effort it took to break shell having winded her.

Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg still won’t play by the rules. Why should it? It’s not like any of those other eggs match up to it! Anything is possible when you’re an egg like it is. Was that whistling?

Kaetryn sniffs irritably at Kezrezan. "I hope your dragon has explosive - " She doesn't finish that sentence - she probably doesn't need to, the healer-Candidate's mind can surely fill in all of the blanks. Sniffing again at him - her gaze half frustrated, half sad she turns away from him and instead gives her full attention to the…. cowardly brown? "But - browns are brave!" Dismay.

Carellos aws audibly at the poor widdle sadfaced green and he even makes a pouty face at Kez. "Isn't that the most innocent and precious baby ever?" Cause Kez totally loves cute things. It's his deepest, darkest secret. Shhh…

Got the Munchies Brown Hatchling sniffs the air as he walks, his front legs kicking outwards in a strange gait that leaves his tail swaying behind him to help keep his balance. His nose is stuck forwards into one group of candidates. Sniff. Nope, none of these smell good. Down the line he goes, that awful rumbling urging him ever onwards. What about this one here? Oh no, what did you bathe in?!? No, nonono.

Kezresan actually turns away from the (NOT TO BE TRUSTED) green to stare at Carellos. "Don't be fool. She's probably just as… vicious as her egg." He's certain of it. Those sad-eyes and plaintiff wail will not soften THIS heart! Huff-huff! That Kaetlyn though? "You're ridiculous," he decides. "Grow up."

Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg doesn’t look like any of the other eggs but isn’t about to be undone! So you want it to hatch? Fine. Look over there, now back at it. BOOM! Here it is … or rather here SHE is! Not what you expected, huh?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Tempestuous Guardian of Fire Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Vivid peppermint hues flow wildly and largely unbroken and untouched over her large, sleek frame. Though she may be tall for a green, she retains a feminine look — little about her is bulky or masculine. Slender of limb and tail, she holds herself with pride and there is undoubtedly a strong presence about her. Lambent shades of bryony green flare and fade as they sweep over her angular features and down the proud curve of her neck to pool between her shoulders and down the length of her back. Bewitching foxfire blooms against her chest in paled berylline hues, the same echoed in the vastness of her broad, tapered wings — only along the edges of those wingsails does it fade to clouded, smokey-green and so translucent it may as well be glass. The last detail to attest to her beauty are her talons — each is a perfect, wicked curve of pure beryl stone. Lovely, beautiful even, to look at but betraying to another, hidden, side to her.

Healer of Hearts Green Hatchling voices another cry but rather than sink deeper into despair, she rallies herself. Pulling it together, she’ll hoist herself up on limbs that only shake a little as she takes one step, then another. Finding strength and courage, she forges on ahead and her path is straight and true. No wavering, no faltering… she knows where she needs to go and she’s on a mission now to see it through to the end!

Kaetryn actually bares her teeth at Kez before reining in her temper and shoving it deep within her breast. In a calm, too-controlled voice, she replies with a grating, "I'd rather be childish than too boring and staid to take pleasure in anything." Slipping around the other side of Carellos, she puts their fellow Candidate between her and the healer. Setting him firmly from her mind, she gazes after the brown with no little confusion, clearly less than convinced he really is a brown.

Kezresan isn't worried about the brown. Or the other green (despite those wicked beryl talons of hers). Nope. He's only got eyes for that one over there. Or at least, he did. Now he's glaring at Kaetryn. A snort and a crossing of his arms because, frankly, he has no good comeback for that. Just a pointed, very disapproving look. And a muttered, "Bite me."

Got the Munchies Brown Hatchling gets a whiff of something delectable ahead of him, and his steps quicken. Oh yes, that’s it! Right over there! His feet run across the sands until they tangle, sending him rolling across the sand to land before a girl with platinum blonde hair with auburn roots that looks like cream topped red fruits — YUM!, His whirling eyes tilt to meet her gaze as his head lands at her feet, leaving him to stare up at her above.

Carellos tsks at Kezresan. "How could you say that to that precious face!" Really, Kez. Gotta work on that bedside manner. Just for that, he'll be Kaetryn's meat shield exclusively.

Tempestuous Guardian of Fire Green Hatchling ends up sprawled on the sands in the shattered mess of the egg she was trapped in — and seems perfectly content to just remain there as she recovers. As she pulls herself awkwardly to her feet, she shakes herself off and stretches her wings to test them. Snorting, she holds her head with a determined poise, while cooly observing the line of Candidates. Not the entranced she’d hoped for but she’s going to make the best of it! And she has a goal to fulfill here! Finding her balance, she steps forwards and instantly goes for a knot of girls all huddled together.

Other Candidates are beginning to shift and fidget, as the last egg has already hatched and the green is on the move. Some have banded together, expressions still hopeful though their numbers outweigh those of the remaining hatchlings.

Kaetryn would think that Carellos failed spectacularly as a meat shield - if she could think at all. Overwhelmed by the taste, the scent, the very thought of sweets, she stares blankly down at the brown hatchling sprawled at her feet. Finally, a laugh bubbles up, sweet, joyous, carefree. "Oh, Szorvilkyth," she sighs, grinning hugely, and reaches down to help him untangle his limbs and come up to all fours. "I'm sure we can find you a snack or two. Or four." All reservations forgotten - he is THE BROWN. Sorry, Tiorileth. You've been supplanted.

Kezresan just stares in disbelief as the brown comes forth to claim Kaetryn. A look to Carellos, then back to Kaet, then Care again. Speechless.

Healer of Hearts Green Hatchling catches a glimpse of the one she seeks, in that sea of white-clad forms! With a cry that is now pure elation, she picks up the pace and begins a forward charge across the last few feet of sand that separates her from the one who is the missing piece to her soul. Almost child-like, she leaps without thought, too swept up in the height of emotion to realize that even her small, dainty self will bowl over the one she’s chosen. Heads up?

Carellos swallows hard as he watches the sands. Two greens! "Well, this is going to be interesting," he mutters. As Kaetryn finds her lifemate, he offers her his congrats and watches as the pair leaves. Great, now he has to be Kez's meat shield!

Tempestuous Guardian of Fire Green Hatchling disapproves of each and every girl she inspects, heaving a great sigh as she lumbers past them. One gets a sharp smack to the legs with her tail, when she tries to approach her again and a snarled warning. Satisfied that she’s made her point, she returns to her original task… and this time she does sense what she was looking for all along. With a smug-sounding warble, she moves with confidence and determination. She knew all along, even if the one she’s aimed for may have no clue what is about to hit them!

Kezresan goes down in a heap, back to the ground with a green over him before he can even think to cry out in alarm. And then alarm becomes shock, and shock becomes joy and Kezresan becomes K'zre. And then he's crying and flinging his arms around the little green who knocked him off his feet. "Forever… Yasminath…" He'll be fine. Just give him a moment or three.

Carellos watches the green find Kez and he lets his shoulders sag because that's lifetime movie material right there and he might've shed a little tear at that. "Congrats, Kez. She's a beauty."

Two more to collect! M'icha's already gesturing for the newest pairs to join the rest of their siblings, while keeping a sharp eye on those already well into their first meal. A quick glance to the Sands and he sighs. "Well, that's that…" he mutters.

Tempestuous Guardian of Fire Green Hatchling pauses, transfixed and several paces in front of one group of Candidates. She lowers her head slightly as if concentrating. Is she about to charge or pounce? Difficult to say but there is an energy of sorts about her, even as she remains perfectly still. Then it happens! Her posture turns joyous, even if her cries are subdued as she surges ahead, aimed as straight as any arrow to guide her right to her intended forever-partner’s side!

R'hra grins as he is helping new weyrlings feed there lifemates and get them off the sand, looks like vacation is over for this bronze rider.

Carellos stands there for a moment, with a look of complete and utter confusion. He will not confirm nor deny his the britches need changing at this point and time. He blinks slowly, emerald eyes moving down to this tiny life before him and through the confusion, a soft smile finally finds it's way onto his face. "C'los, got it. Of course, Kaseimarlyeth. Let's get something to eat." With a brief glance to the stands, he moves with his lifemate off of the hatching sands.

Nyalle steps forward to give the customary speech, and then she calls to the Galleries, inviting everyone to the Living Caverns for a very early breakfast! The lights might even stay on!

Kassala tiptoes to see the last few Impress, almost in tears herself. So lovely, so beautiful. So many memories of her own time on the Sands. There's a somewhat wicked grin as well as certain Candidates Impress, trouble surely lurking in those eyes of hers. Back to the various bits of shells, the redhead will wait, and then move forwards, gathering things. With the last bond made, Xerosaeth takes off from the ledge above, heading out.

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