Who Sephany Riohra Zevuki
What Visiting Igen and talks with Zevuki and Sephany in the tavern.
When Spring
Where Moonshine Gardens, Igen Weyr


Igen Weyr - Moonshine Gardens
A large sandstone archway provides a dramatic entrance from the soft fine sands of the lake shore. The room within defined by sandstone brick walls which vary in height, but none low enough to be seen over. Colorful awnings stretch overhead, connected by a series of poles and wires so that they float effortlessly above. They provide shelter from the sun during the day, and a warm comforting feel at night lit by electric lights. Plank flooring is stained a medium cherry hue, giving an odd effect to the open space.
A solid wall at the back leads to a smaller building where the kitchen is located. Colored glass shelves line the wall in irregular intervals, stocked with all fashion of liquor and wine. A massive bar rests in front of the wall, an exquisite piece of skybroom polished and stained to a flawless black finish, accented with two inlaid meandering stripes of pearl and silver. Matching black and silver stools line along the front of the bar. Round tables for four-somes to six-somes are spread about haphazardly with comfortable but also easily replaceable wicker chairs.

It's been a pleasant spring day at Igen, and as evening settles in it's already beginning to get cool. The bar leading off from the lake shore is busy as usual this evening, one table having been taken over by a group of guards just off shift, another by a chatty group of riders, and the others with a mixture of other residents. Zevuki's just rising from the table full of guards, gesturing towards the bar and stepping over that way. He's a wait ahead of him, though — standing behind a pair of Journeymen who are debating over the 'best' wine.

From behind the guard comes a very familiar voice to him now as he spent some time at Fort, "What a lovely place you have here" Riohra is standing behind Zevuki talking to a few others dressed in desert hunting gear such as himself today. Some of the others nod saying "there always seems to be a line though, and of course the fights aren't as fun at that little place in southern." Riohra laughs and shakes his head saying "well that is good, I would rather not explain to my lady why a quick trip to look at eggs turned into me in a bar fight."

Zevuki recognizes that voice straight away as familiar, though it takes moments more to place it, being here, at Igen, of all places. "Riohra?" he asks in surprise as he turns to regard the hunter and his fellows. "What are you doing here?" Of course, the question might have an overly suspicious tone, especially coming from a guard, and so he tempers it a moment later with: "Good to see you." The Journeymen ahead of him in the line have decided on a fresh, tart white, it seems (though grudgingly).

Riohra grins and waves at the guard saying "Hey Zevuki, good to see you too. Kassala got to come down for the dragonhealers to look at the eggs so I tagged along. She is off with them but I found old friends it seems" He will clap the local hunters on the shoulders who will nod to Zevuki in greeting but really not interact much, one of them even shakes his head and will stalk off to get a table quickly.

While Zevuki returns the nod of the local hunter, he's not unaware of the shake of head and the quick departure, eyes tracking the man's departure to a table. "Ah, yes. The eggs have been all the rage lately. Every guard's striving for duty in the hatching caverns to get a chance to look at them — me, I'm happy to stay away from the crowds," he says, spreading his hands. "Oh, Kassala is here? I keep hearing you talk about her, I'm starting to wonder if she actually exists," he says, with a rueful smile. A glance over his shoulder determines that the Journeyman are negotiating the cost of their choice, earning a grimace from the Igen guard. "Can I buy you a beer?" he asks Riohra.

Riohra nods and grins "I never turn down a free beer, nothing fancy though I just can't seem to appreciate them like others" he grins at the other hunters who laugh and pat him on the back urging there friend to go and enjoy company while they relax. "Is this place always so crowded? or did I just miss a gather or something?" He looks about and sees some other guards at a table and will give a nod of his head in greeting, turning back to Zevuki he will ask "what not in tranced by the majesty of the eggs?" he teases the guard.

Finally, the bartender is free and Zevuki steps up. "A pitcher for the table over there," he gestures towards the group of guards, "And a couple of beers for myself and our Fortian visitor here," he gives a nod of head towards Riohra, faint smile appearing as the bartender sets about filling the order. "On some days, yes," he answers Riohra, "Though I imagine it's especially so because of the eggs. We getting a lot of visitors from outlying holds curious to have a look and maybe hoping their youngsters attract the attention of a dragon while here." As for his latter question, there's a brief hesitation. "Still adjusting to the dragons," he admits, in a lower voice. "I've heard some queens can get particularly protective."

Riohra ahhs and nods waiting for the beers, he will give the guard a knowing smile saying "they are, but if you are supposed to be there you have nothing to fear. It is like any mother with a cub…" he gives a sly little wink saying "or guard with a cute cousin who happens to fancy the boys at Fort"

The bartender sets the drinks down on top of the bar, and takes Zevuki's quarter-mark, providing him some change. "We could sit near the entrance, if you like? Get some of the evening breeze?" he suggests. "Just a moment, I need to drop this off — my turn to buy," with a nod towards the guard's table, he diverts over there to deposit the pitcher. There's plenty of words exchanged, the group laughing and one of the men slapping Zevuki on the back, before he manages to extract himself and step back to Riohra's side. The Fortian's sage advice receives a sharp look, before the guard seems to consider as he directs them to a table. "Considering I have to resist the urge to snatch my cousin away every time I see that boy near her — I think it's a wise move on my part to keep my distance, don't you?" he says, with a brief chuckle.

Riohra shrugs and moves toward the table saying "The heart wants what the heart wants, I do applauded your self control though. I am not so restrained so i don't get to escort my family members to functions like that anymore". Grins as they sit down at the table "And being a candidate was probably a lot harder than that I would wager."

"One of the first things we're taught, as a guard, is self-restraint," Zevuki explains. "And where more important to practice it than in another Weyr." He lifts his glass, tips it towards the Fortian's in a toast, as he says, "To restraint," with a wry smile as he takes a sip. "You were a candidate? What was it like?" There's a sharpness to his tone that probably only comes from the habit of questioning when an interesting topic arises.

Riohra catches the sharpness and grins "hard, especially one who is a free traveler like myself. I couldn't hunt when I needed to or wanted to, had to do things like clean latrines and mend garments." He returns the salute and sips his own beer saying " worst was not being able to be with Kassala, she was a candidate at the same time. I tested the limits of restraint there let me tell you sir"

Rubbing a hand over his chin while he listens, Zevuki concedes, "That sounds like quite a change of pace, to be so confined. I've heard it said it's purposeful, to get you used to being a weyrling." He gives a low chuckle at the latter, looking sympathetic. "I can only imagine." He taps a finger at his glass, asking, "It sound like it was difficult in many ways. Did you… ever think of changing your mind?"

Riohra shakes his head sipping his beer again "Never, my clan teaches us the importance of Duty. And Duty to the Dragons is still something that runs deep in my family. Who knows they may ask me to stand again for Igen if so we will be seeing much of each other I wager." he grins over at the Guard saying "Would you give up the chance to serve not only your weyr but all of Pern? I know it isn't like the old days where Thread was the big bad to fight but still every thing has a purpose."

"But it's not just about duty," Zevuki says, "The way you speak about Kassala… it seems serious?" he ventures, with a flickered smile. "It might be hard, knowing you'd have to give each other up for a Turn or so, if either of you Impressed?" Rather than answering straight away, the guard takes another long drink of his beer first. "Sephany asked me that the other night, too. Truth is, I don't know what I'd do."

Riohra looks at the guard and nods "it would be hard but we would be stronger for it. It would put our love to the test and when we weather it we will come out close and more sure than before" there is never a doubt of them not in the hunters words or mannerisms so sure is he of the connection between him and his lady. He will lean back and look at the guard and say "I believe you will do exactly what you are meant to do. We are tested every day in our lives, it will be the true test of your character. But if they ask remember that you were chosen so there is something you may not even know is there yet."

Zevuki meets the hunter's gaze, his own expression light. "You sound very sure of that. Kassala's a lucky woman," he says, with a flickered smile. He regards the night — or more likely, habitually sweeps his surroundings with his gaze, before he says, "I'm good at my job. I've even grown to love it. I am doing a duty. Giving that up to carry things around Pern — I don't know."

Riohra tilts his head "what do you mean? you know you can still be a guard and a rider right? your job just expands to extra duties outside like keeping the roads and area around protected too." he looks out at the room making sure to notice everything he can see, every once in a while he will look out to where he thinks Kassala will be joining them from.

"From what I've heard, I understand that you don't have much choice. You can have a preference, but it's up to a Wingleader to decide to take you or not," Zevuki says, with a furrow of brow, as his attention returns from the lake's edge back to the hunter. "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with others making that decision for me."

Riohra tilts his head "who makes your decisions now? or do you work like i do and take jobs you want?" It is an honest question as he looks at the other man "I haven't had time to spend with to many guards so this is as much a learning experience for me as it is for you"

"I chose to be a guard. I asked for a transfer to the Weyr." Zevuki rubs at his chin again, regarding Riohra. "I'm surprised you don't have a harder time with the concept, if you're as free as you say with choosing your own work. It's a big change."

Riohra shrugs and grins "They ask me to hunt for them, and really I love to hunt. My father used to call me 'the tip of the spear' because all you have to do is toss me in the general direction and off I would go" he sips his beer and adds "I do buck under the authority but I usually find that a few friends and some laughs help me get through that stuff."

"Tip of the spear?" Zevuki echoes, with a laugh. "Is your family all hunters, like you?" He takes another sip of his beer, looking thoughtful. "You think you'll be comfortable doing that the rest of your life?" he asks.

Riohra nods and grins "yup for generations that stretch back at least a hundred or more turns" He has great pride in his family like that is clear "I don't see why I can't be, I make good marks. Get to spend time doing something I love, and if I really need to support my family? I just go back down to southern hold for a season or two and hunt the big felines with my spears. Some holders will pay well enough for a family to live off of for the whole winter season."

"It's nice to have a family tradition. Mine have been guards for Igen going back generations, as well." There's an equal amount of quiet pride in the Igenite's words, lifting his beer as if in silent toast, gulping down a mouthful. "No, I mean… if you were to Impress, you'd be beholden to others, under their authority, for the rest of your life." One could get the feeling the guard is sounding out the hunter as much for his own thoughts as to clarify his own feelings on the matter.

Riohra shrugs and grins "Very true, but then if I really got tired of it I could move to Ierne and transfer there to have my own business. But really it is about how loyal you want to be, because a loyal man will do anything for those he deems worthy" looking at his beer he says "and apparently this drink makes me wax philosophical"

"I hadn't thought of that," Ierne, apparently. Zevuki asks, "They really let you do what you want down there, make your own way? I suppose Southern would be good for hunting, too," he speculates. "What would a second beer do to you, I wonder?" he grins, with a gesture towards the bar like he's offering.

Never one to shrink from a challenge says "only one way to find out, I will pay if you walk?" he reaches down and pulls out two full marks "I don't know the prices here so I figure that should cover whatever we drink" he will look over at the guards who are laughing and buying another round as well saying "Any of your Kin there?"

Zevuki's grin seems agreement, as does the fact that he's already rising from his seat. When the hunter pulls two full marks, he winces. "Prices aren't that different from Fort. But please," he waves the hunter's marks away, "You're a guest here. Allow me." Hopefully forestalling a refusal, the guard sets off quickly for the bar. Maybe he manages to convince the other guard at the bar to let him sneak in ahead, since he's walking back with another couple of full glasses before the other man's collected his pitcher, setting one on the table in front of Riohra. "Nearby, yes — all at Igen Hold. It's near enough that I can visit relatively often — and they can now use the excuse to visit the Weyr, in turn," he says, with a flickered smile.

Riohra is sitting with Zevuki at a table near the door for the air flow, to say the bar is occupied would be an understatement as there is currently a line to get drinks. Most of the tables are occupied and it seems standing room is about to be the next trend. Riohra nods and says "Thank you again for this" motioning to his glass and then laughs "I am sure they like to see you just as much as anything else. Unless your the dark runner of the family?"

"Well, I might be getting that way, being as I've cruelly broken with tradition by coming to work at the Weyr rather than staying at the Hold," Zevuki answers. The guard's taking a sip from his fresh beer, chuckling at the Fortian hunter. "It's only fair I return the hospitality. No ice or snow to show off, but plenty of sand." He makes a not-so-grand gesture towards the Weyr in general, as his gaze roves the lake's shore. While the day's been quite warm, the temperature is dropping quickly, though the warmth of the bar makes the table they've chosen the perfect spot.

At least she came dressed for the weather. The long blonde hair, pulled into a twist the back of her neck, is all but hidden by the scarf that Sephany has draped over her head and around her neck. It's purpose is to protect eyes and face from the harsh rays of the sun, not to conceal her identity. And even though said sun has diminished in intensity, the scarf remains. Likewise, the heavy fabrics she favors in Fort have been replaced with a light and wispy dress much more suitable for the desert climate. Coupled with tan fabric bag slug over a shoulder, she looks like quite the native Igenite as she walks into the bar area. The crowd doesn't seem to bother her, and grey eyes scan the area in expectation, pale brows furrowed in concentration as she tries to see through the press of bodies. However, when her gaze lands on Riohra, it's surprise that graces her face. She weaves through the crowd to come to his table, only recognizing Zevuki on the approach. "Riohra! I wasn't expecting you to be here…" which is her greeting for the hunter. "Good evening," and a flash of a grin is her greeting for the guard.

Riohra drinks and turns with the what-did-I-do-now face, but seeing it is Sephany who calls his name this time smiles saying "Nor I you my dear" he will set his drink down standing to pull out a chair for her to sit in "What brings you back to Igen, or did I forget to pay your journeyman for the new jacket he is making me?" he says it so causally it probably happens a lot. He will look over at Zevuki saying "seems you are being invaded by Fortains tonight my friend."

Pushing to his feet after he hears Sephany's voice, Zevuki says, "I would say I'm surprised to see you here, but… seeing the two of you together just makes it inevitable that you'd show up," he says, with a flickered smile of welcome, and a gesture towards a seat in invitation even as Riohra's pulling one out for her. His gaze flickers in search of a drink, "Can I get you something?" With an easy smile to Riohra, "Hard to complain about this particular invasion."

"Oh, no," Sephany assures the hunter with an accompanying shake of her head. "I'm not here for you." The offered chair is taken, a murmured 'thank you' as she settles herself at the table. "We do seem to travel in packs," for the invading Fortians, though she continues with, "Though I'm surprised Kassala's not here…" The offer of a drink has her gaze dropping briefly toward the glasses on the table, but a glance towards the line at the bar has her telling Zevuki, "No, I'm alright for now. It looks like quite a wait." The scarf is tugged off from her head, settled around bare shoulders to act as a barrier for the encroaching chill that the night will bring. "How are you?" is asked cheerfully, and meant for both table companions.

Riohra grins and sits back down picking up his beer saying "she is, just working with the dragonhealers. And if I know her trying to get closer looks at the eggs" he has a merry little twinkle in his eye when he talks about Kassala. He smiles back over at Sephany "I am well, it seems our guard friend is tell me he has broken with family tradition and moved out!" He faints shock and surprise but it doesn't last long.

"I'm sure I can borrow a glass from my fellows — assuming you don't mind beer?" Zevuki's nodding towards a large table of guards, and the fresh pitcher of beer there. "You'll be thirsty, no doubt," and without approval, he's already heading off to do just that, claim her a glass whether she wants it or no, leaving the other two to talk for a moment while he does so.

"Oh…" but whatever Sephany was going to say remains unsaid as Zevuki is suddenly… gone. Off to procure her a glass of beer. "Well." Beer it is then. In his absence, she turns her attention toward Riohra, flashing a smile for his explanation of Kassala's whereabouts. "I'm sure she's enjoying herself, then. And you've already had a look at the eggs?" It's more rhetorical than a legitimate question, and Sephany carries right along with the conversation, even if her gaze hovers on the Igen guard at his quest, rather than the Fort hunter. "I haven't gone to pay my respects yet," she admits. "I shall have to return another day for that. I doubt Zuhth would appreciate a visitor encroaching on her clutch this late in the day."

Riohra nods and smiles, taking note of where the young weavers eyes roam. He won't point it out, instead he just smiles and will say "Probably for the best, are you visiting friends?" He sips his beer letting the cool air filter in the room. He glances over to the group of hunters he knows as he sees they are playing a game of cards and shakes his head with a grin looking back to see if Zevuki was successful in his quest.

Zevuki finally makes his way back towards the table of Fortians with a fresh glass of beer, which he deposits in front of Sephany with a glimmer of triumph in his gaze, before edging around to reclaim his seat. He catches the tail end of the conversation, gleaning it is about the clutch fairly readily: "I haven't had an opportunity yet, either. But I've ample time," given he's right here. Nothing to do with being wary of said queen, either, no.

There is a thoughtful tilt to the young woman's head, a considering look for the question posed to her by the hunter. "I suppose I am," says Sephany with a bit of a smile. Gaze to Riohra briefly, and then to Zevuki as he returns, triumphantly. Nimble fingers reach to claim the offered beverage, and she murmurs a soft, "Thank you," as she draws it toward her, considering the dark liquid with only mild apprehension. "I'm surprised at that," she admits, her voice colored by that sentiment. "You've no excuse, really, seeing as you live here. Have you really been so busy you couldn't stop in?" The question is innocent enough, even if there's the faintest bit of mirth hiding behind that smile.

Riohra grins and looks over at Zevuki saying "Best answer her now my friend least she drag you kicking and screaming down to the sands" Not that Sephany would do that, maybe…. He sips his own beer and waits to hear the guards response, he scans the room again just out of habit as is his nature to watch things.

Settling back in his chair — although with his ever-present straight-backed posture — Zevuki takes a draw from his own glass before he glances towards Sephany. There's a slight thinning of his lips — hard to tell if smile or grimace — at Riohra's addition. "There's plenty to do, and much to be enjoyed given the congregation towards the hatching caverns draws crowds away from most other places." Except this one, it seems.

Sephany would not do such a thing, and she says so with an honest, "I am not going to be dragging him anywhere." It is followed quickly by a teasing, "Besides that, I don't think Zevuki is the type to be dragged anywhere against his will," and accompanying smile for the guard. Her glass is eventually picked up, and a tentative sip is taken. Whatever her opinion of the brew, she keeps it from her expression. "I'm sure there are," for plenty to do and much to be enjoyed. "Speaking of…" and she carefully sets the glass back down as she turns towards her canvas bag, pulling at the flap and reaching in to retrieve a small packet of folded papers. "Your reports, sir," and it's placed on the middle of the table and slide toward the guard with two fingers. The glee cannot be contained as she explains, "I bribed a dragonrider and visited both during my last day off."

Riohra eyes the paper work on the table but doesn't really pry if it concerns him it will be made known to him. He drinks from his glass and listens to the din of the people and such just happy to be around people this late in the evening.

The nod that Zevuki gives to Sephany — along with the flickering, amused smile — suggests her guess is correct; that or he's appreciative of her surmising such, anyway. The beer is nothing particularly special, but it is cold, and wet for the dry climate, possibly why the guard takes another sip before he speaks, "Already?" his voice conveys surprise, as he pulls the reports closer to him, inspecting them with scrutiny and no small amount of suspicion. He grunts, presumably in disapproval as he observes: "These aren't countersigned. Unacceptable," as he slides them back onto the table and fixes Sephany with a look of disappointment, that might be betrayed by the faint flicker of one corner of his mouth. "You'll just have to go again."

A small lift of her shoulders in casual dismissal. It's coupled with a twitch to the corner of her mouth, an amused look as she tells him, "What can I say? I am an ambitious sort." That he is actually reading her reports seems to surprise her, eyebrows briefly lifted before her beer is grabbed and a hasty swallow allows whatever other expression may flash across her face to be hidden. Cold and wet seems to be good enough for the weaver. As he reviews her work, Sephany will politely explain the situation to Riohra. "I went to skate on the ice at High Reaches Weyr and Telgar Weyr. Zevuki requested a report." At least, that is the abbreviated version. It was clear she was thorough in her work; neat and delicate handwriting detailing her exploits at both Weyrs, down to time and date of visit, weather conditions and whether or not she was successful (fell only once). His answering comments garner another surprised sound. "What?" and there's a brief study of his face before she dissolves into laughter. "Alright," and she reaches for her reports. "But I expect full compensation for pain and suffering if I should fall through the thinning ice." Reports taken back, tucked into her bag as if she had every intention of seeing this ridiculousness through to the end. Stubborn, some might call it.

Riohra chuckles and nods "Sounds like you had a good time exploring then, maybe Zevuki should go with you too show you how to properly do the reports." He looks over at the guard again and asks "When will you be able to take another day off? I am sure we could find you a ride with someone." Always helpful is the fortain hunter, he drinks from his beer.

"Given this would be your fourth and fifth time on the ice, I should hope for a better showing," Zevuki counters, a low chuckle accompanying the Fortian weaver's laughter. He looks pleased, to judge by the gleam of his gaze, as he takes another sip from his beer. At Riohra's suggestion, he shakes his head. "Oh, I'm quite happy to review them when done. The cold isn't to my liking. Perhaps you and Kassala would like to join Sephany, instead?"

"Exploring is not part of the mission," Sephany informs Riohra, matter-of-fact tone belied by the amusement in her eyes. The offer of having Zevuki join her is given consideration, and her gaze slips to the guard for his response. A snort of humor hidden behind her mug as she takes another swallow. At this point, drinking her beer is for the convenience of hiding her expression, rather than the necessity of being hydrated. "You are a creature of the desert, through and through," she decides of him, flashing a bright smile his direction. "It would also violate the initial agreement that was decided upon; I was to go alone. To prove that I could." One may start to wonder what her reward for completing this task might be, other than bragging rights. A little shift in her chair, mimicking the guard's straight-backed alertness, coupled with a determined roll of her shoulders.

Riohra will finish his beer and look at the time saying "I better go make sure Kassala has at least remembered to eat, she gets so wrapped up in her work it is cute but worrying" he chuckles at the notion that he has to worry about the little red head, "Thank you for the drink my friend when you come back up to Fort I will break out that rum and finish our drink." he says with a nod to Zevuki. Turning to Sephany before he leaves says "See you back at the Weyr, and congratulations on completing your assignment." He gives a wave and heads out towards the dragon infirmary whistling a happy tune as he walks.

"A true accusation," Zevuki allows of Sephany's observation of him. "And not a terrible one, either. I'll accept it," he says with a faint smile, taking a sip of his beer. When Sephany reminds him of the deal, he taps a finger against his glass. "Ah, yes. I'd forgotten," he blithely acknowledges. When Riohra makes his leave, the guard half rises, smiling. "A welcome offer, my friend. Have a good evening."

"Good night, Riohra. Please say hi to Kassala for me?" she says, lifting her hand in a little wave as the hunter departs. Another lift of her mug, though the sip is decidedly slower now that she's halfway through the drink. "It is not terrible at all," she agrees. "I was born here at Igen, but I don't think anyone would bestow the title upon me. You, though… you have that roughness; the resilience to earn it." A little bit of a laugh, no more than a soft exhale, and she wonders, "Does that mean I can change the terms, since you don't recall them completely? Maybe we out to write them out, lest you try to say that I am being untruthful or holding back." It is clearly a jest, with no intention of doing such a thing, and she's quick enough to change the subject. "Riohra mentioned that you are a deviant Guard who broke with family tradition and left the Hold."

"I think you've more of an Igenite spirit in you than you care to admit," is Zevuki's mind observation, gaze trailing after Riohra as he leaves — or maybe just using that as an excuse for gaze to flicker over the lake and bowl beyond, what can be seen of it, anyway. With brows hitching back up, his attention soon returns to Sephany. "We're both Igenites at heart. I trust you." There's a moment of confusion at her latter words, before he issues a brief chuckle. "Something like that. But still in the family tradition of being a guard. It's just we've been beholden to Igen Hold for as long as we know."

"Hmm, interesting," and Sephany drops an elbow to the table, chin propped in her hand as she considers both the Igen guard and his words. "May I ask how you came to that conclusion?" for her Igenite spirit. The glass of beer is no longer sipped from; the weaver has apparently reached her limit and chosen to stop. But this does not stop her from idly toying with the glass, twisting it this way and that with her fingers in an absent minded manner. "Are you glad you made the decision to leave the Hold, and your family?" Grey eyes lift from her glass to the guard, meeting his if he'll let her. "Did you part on good terms?"

"Observation," the Igenite guard replies swiftly. "Instinct," is added, with a flickered smile. For his part, Zevuki drains the remainder of his glass, pushing it onto the table, though his stiff-backed posture doesn't ease. "I think less glad, more trepidation. But I haven't regretted it, if that's what you're asking." His gaze goes to the table of guards, cheering at something one of them says. With another of those faint smiles, he meets her gaze after a moment. "Are you interrogating me? I'd thought that was my job."

"Observation," repeats the weaver, a soft murmur that doesn't carry very far. "Hm." Sephany's glass is idly pushed his direction; a polite offer if he wishes to finish her beer rather than let it go to waste. "I don't think you're the type to regret your decisions…" and her head tilts just a little in her palm, assessing him thoughtfully before she observes, "I don't know you, I will admit. We've only just met, really. But I get the sense that you are not someone to make impulsive choices. Would it be fair to say your decision to leave was thoroughly contemplated before you acted upon it?" Her gaze follows his, settling on the guards at the other table briefly, thoughtful, before she's back on the conversation at hand. "I suppose I am," she admits, mouth quirking into a teasing sort of smile. "But you didn't answer my question." But she won't ask it again, either.

Either Zevuki misses the implication of her pushing the glass his way, or he's too polite to take her drink, even if it's obvious she's done with it; his gaze doesn't even shift towards the glass. "You could presume that," the guard allows, with a fleeting smile. "No, I didn't," he agrees, "Because not every question is a simple one. What are good terms? That we are still speaking? That we are still friendly? And are these terms considered from my perspective, or my families? It is a difficult question to answer without unduly shading whatever profile you're building up."

The glass will sit, untouched and unfinished, until Sephany changes her mind about being done with it, Zevuki changes his mind about ignoring it, or someone comes to collect it. A little drum of her fingers against her cheek, and grey eyes narrow just slightly, as if she were trying to make a decision about the guard sitting opposite her. "Hmm. I see your point," about the complication of that which she asked. "Well, as I do not know the rest of your family, I suppose whatever opinion I form is naturally to be biased. But I don't think I mind that. I'm not interested in discovering the absolute truth of the matter. I am interested in you. How do you feel about the situation?" A little exhale, a brief look across the room. "But I also understand that some topics are uncomfortable, so I will retract the question."

If the glass is a stand-off, it remains unchallenged by Zevuki. His gaze mostly rests on her, but flickers away while he speaks for a moment, "I used to believe in absolute truth, until I learned — in this job — that there is no such thing. There is only different people's perceptions, colored by their experiences. At best, you can form a picture, a conjecture based on a variety of observations." Sephany's query has his gaze returning to her, regarding her carefully — expressionlessly, even. "My feelings are mixed," is what he finally seems to settle on. "But I have no plans to return home permanently for some time. There is much for me to learn here."

It is simply d├ęcor, at this point. A questionable centerpiece that speaks only of the environment they are in and the fact that, at one point, there was beer being drunk. There is no more significance than that, at least as far as the weaver is concerned. Forgotten. A tip of her head, a sideways and upward glance that speaks to contemplation before another word is spoken. "Some truths are absolute," she counters, though it's a softer sort of murmur and not at all meant to open a debate. "I suppose you've seen a lot to make you question people's version of the truth." A shift, a lifting of her chin from her palm, a softening of her own expression for the neutrality of the guard. "Much to learn…" is her answering murmur, repeating his words back in a soft tone.

Zevuki doesn't try and further dissuade the Fortian of her notions, no matter that he might disagree. Instead, he rises, letting her soft murmur go unchallenged. "It grows late. Shall I escort you to someone who can return you home?" he inquires.

Sephany shifts further back, arm dropping from the table as Zevuki stands. "That is probably a good idea. Even if it is not nearly as late in Fort." She rises from her seat, tucking the chair back under the table before turning towards him. "There's a green in the Bowl who is waiting for me," she explains. "She'll call her rider out when I let her know I am ready to go back."

With a gesture towards the bowl, Zevuki moves as if he means to fall into step with Sephany. The night has grown cooler with the customary chill of a desert evening, though the guard seems not to notice it. He is silent for a time, as they pass by the lake, before he asks, "You don't miss it, being here?"

Leaving the crowd behind is a welcome thing, even if the outside air, no longer blocked by the stone walls of the bar, are a bit more bracing than she'd prefer. Igenite at heart, indeed. She moves with sure but unhurried steps; neither lagging nor rushing. A thoughtful 'mm' for his question. "Sometimes, I do," she admits. "Though I don't usually admit it." A brief pause, a glance for the lake and then the stretch of sandy beach. "Igen is… was my home. As much as the heat of the day can be so oppressive, and the sand can be so abrasive… there's a wild beauty to the desert. It's unlike anywhere else."

"It is… unique," Zevuki agrees, falling silent. There's something oddly fond and warm in the words, though his expression is hard to discern in the shadows. It doesn't take them long to reach the bowl, for Zevuki to spot and angle towards the green in question — with presumably most of the local dragons having retreated to their warmer weyrs. "It was good to see you, Sephany. Have a good evening." With a bob of head towards her, he leaves her in the capable care of the dragon's presence, as he departs across the bowl and disappears into the darkness.

Unique is a good word. One that Sephany accepts with a little nod of her that is lost in the dark. The scarf that protected her from the sun during the day is now drawn down over her shoulders to protect her from the chill of the night. A glance towards the guard at her side, though the dark masks both his expression and her own. "Hm." Is her only answer. As they approach the green, the dragon's head swings toward the pair in quiet regard. "Thank you…" for the drink. For the conversation. "Good night, Zevuki." And as he departs, she turns toward the approaching dragonrider who will take her back home to Fort.

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