It's the morning of the day that Thys said she'd be having dinner with Ralik in her weyr, and the goldrider has so far been rather elusive. Not in the caverns, not in the Crafter's area - there may have been glimpses of Rhenesath to prove that her rider is around somewhere, but exactly where that somewhere may be is a mystery. Further proof of her existence is sent to Ralik via a tubby brown firelizard with a note on his paw. The note reads:

I forgot to ask you what you like to eat! What would you like for dinner? I'm sure I can get my hands on whatever you'd like. Send your reply back with Shards, he's quite good and will wait for you. See you tonight! - T.

Shards will be gone for a little while, apparently kept busy while Ralik takes his time to answer. It’s entirely likely he’s just in the middle of working, which would make it hard for him to even notice a firelizard nearby. When he does return, Shards looks suspiciously well-fed and has been given a shiny glass nugget for his trouble - likely something unusable, but still pretty. The note he has goes as such:

I’m not really picky. Bovine, ovine, meat-type things, or fish with some greens is usually what I like. Roasted or just cut into steaks, I guess. Is there anything you’d like me to bring? Besides the flowers to reflect your very obvious grace and beauty, of course.

Even if he does find Thys pretty, there’s no doubt this last is probably meant more as a playful comment than him trying to be cheesily romantic. Maybe it’s a bit of both? Who knows.

If Thys noticed Shards was gone for especially long, she doesn't show it when the brown returns, dropping first his note, then his glass nugget, and then his brown butt onto the scroll the goldrider is working her way through. He earns a nose-rub for his trouble before being scooped up and cuddled against her chest, while Thys unrolls the note with one hand after checking out the shiny little trinket. Her reply says:

Not-picky is fantastic. I'm sure I can cater to those tastes! If you insist on bringing flowers though, perhaps you could bring me a potted plant, instead? I don't have any in my weyr and it is sort of a nice moving in present, isn't it? And cut flowers are so sad when they start to die…

Little Shards has a while longer to wait, too, since Thys has an idea to work on before she sends him back; when the brown reappears in front of Ralik, not only does he have the note, but he has that little nugget of glass, wire-wrapped and on a leather thong, tied around the parchment.

A pot of plants, got it. I'm sure I can find something worth giving around here. I'd offer a glass one, but even I'm not that far up my own rear. I like what you did with the bit of glass. I might use it as my "signature" so you'll know what comes from me, especially when you're busy with other letters. Alright, I will bring you a plant and I promise to shower at least semi-thoroughly. With ridiculous affection, R.

Even without Ralik being there in person, his cheeky nature comes through only too easily. This time, the parchment returns with that leather thong on it as well as a few dark smudges from his work. The paper actually smells a bit like smoke and fire, suggesting he's using some he keeps on hand. Fortunately it doesn't smell much like him - he's pretty sweaty.

When the note comes back, Thys plucks it from Shards, reads it with a smile, then tucks it in her pocket. There'll be no more replies from her; there's a dinner to get ready for!