Fort Weyr - Records Room
This windowless room is brightly illuminated with electric lights and glow baskets alike. Shelf upon shelf of books and hides, carefully catalogued, line this room. A few small desks are in the middle of the room, for studying, and the room boasts a pair of computer terminals for electronically archived research as well.

C'rus is out exploring this fine morning. Though after his explorations a day or so ago with Br'enn into the forests he thought he'd turn his attention back to exploring the weyr that in all reality he knows very little about. He's seen the barracks, training grounds, living caverns and some of the stuff associated but really he's a creature of habit. So many habits. Though today he decided to poke his nose into the administration center to poke around. And poke around he does. He has found the records room, which naturally interests him, as any respository of knowledge would. He walks into the room and takes a gander about ready to take a deeper look at the secrets this room might offer.

Exploring would be fine and dandy, except Thys has work to do! While she's still working her way through the last of her weyrling lessons, catching up for time lost while in isolation recovering, she's also taken on a couple of duties to help out the rest of the Weyr's goldriders in preparation for receiving her own full-blown rider knot. Walking around the corner of a bookshelf she comes face to face with C'rus, a pile of books held in her arms. "Cy!" She seems pleasantly surprised to see the bluerider, and grins as she motions with a nod of her head for him to follow her. "Come looking for some, hah, light reading?"

C'rus has considerably less work to do now that he has graduated, just the usual chores. Now its just watching and waiting to see what his fate might be. He turns toward the sound of the voice and sure enough there is Thys, with books and everything, "I don't think there is any light reading in here, though I'm sure I could find something that might interest me if I looked hard enough." he gives a small shrug of his shoulders, "As it is I'm just poking my nose around some places that I've not been before, trying to get a feel for things."

"That, dear Cy, was sarcasm," Thys laughs, leading the way to the table at which the goldrider has clearly been working, since it's scattered with notes, pens, hides and all the other good signs of administrative industry. She sits down at her chair, though there's a couple more at the table should C'rus feel the need to also sit. "You've really never been in here before? What about the council chambers? Surely you've seen them before now?" As she talks, she sorts through the books she was carrying. "What's it like not being a weyrling any more?"

C'rus must have missed the sarcasm. He does that sometimes. For as social as he has become there are a few things that he still misses unless they are really obvious. He plunks himself down in one of the chairs, "It may be sarcasm, but I'm still sure I could find something interesting. There are interesting things in most places if you look hard enough." Sorta anyway, "Oh yeah…I've been in the council chambers before. Got dragged in there shortly before I impressed and got questioned by everyone. You know the usual.." at least for him, "Honestly…its not that much different. Other than the freedom. I'm really liking the freedom. Before all this happened.." he motions to the knot, "I think I only ever went from my room to work and occasionally to grab some food. I was a hermit. Now I don't have to be anymore."

Thys blinks when he mentions being called in for questioning, pausing in flipping through the pages of one of the books. "That's normal? I… didn't know. No-one pulled me in for questioning… I… hrm. I wonder why? Who was asking the questions, and what sort of things did they want to know?" This is interesting to her, and she rests her elbow on the table, cupping her chin in her hand as she leans towards Cy, curious about his answer.

C'rus looks pointedly at Thys, "Thys…come on. You've known me for more than a turn now. We both know I rub people the wrong way sometimes. Can you think of nothing that the leadership might have concerns about right before I stepped out on to the sands to impress?" The list could be fairly substantial, "I think they wanted to make sure that I was suitable or something. At any rate they are stuck with me now, and look at how well I've behaved." he says with a wide smile, "Those sorts of things don't really bother me honestly. Besides it was ages and ages ago."

"I just wasn't aware such things happened," Thys says, a touch defensively. She then sits back in her chair, hands held lightly in her lap, and shoulders drawn tensely, listening to C'rus while chewing on her bottom lip. "I'm still quite new to everything Weyr, and I'm trying to learn as much as I can as fast as I can. If the Weyrleaders - I'm assuming it was the Weyrleaders? - pull candidates aside for questioning, I'd like to know the sort of things they say, or the reasons they might do so, without having to bother them about it since they're so busy with other things."

"I wasn't aware either, but apparently they do. At least they did in my case. Mostly about if I would follow orders and things. The usual really. I told them what I tell everyone. I'll follow an order so long as it's a good one." C'rus says with a shrug of his shoulders. If he is defensive at all about the whole thing he certainly doesn't show it, "Join the club. I think we all are. We will figure it out as we go I'm sure. Thys I don't think you really need to worry. You are going to do fine." he says with a nod, "They aren't going to let you fail."

Thys frowns slightly, shifting her position to be able to drum her fingers off her thighs. "It's not a matter of letting me fail…" And then she waves a hand dismissively, shaking her head. "I'm not concerned about that, anyway. Actually… I'm kind of confident that I'll do well." She goes quiet, save for the thrub-thrub-thrub of her fingers against her thigh, until suddenly she asks: "Do you know how to cook? Do you know how to cook a good herdbeast or wherry dish?"

C'rus keeps a close eye on the goldrider, perhaps searching for some sort of understanding. Or just trying to figure something else out, "Confidence is good." he affirms. You can't go wrong with having a little bit, you can go really wrong with having too much, "Cooking?" he asks with raised eyebrows, "I can't say that I'm a good cook at all. I mostly just eat whatevers there." he thinks back over this life, "Or whatever an apprentice would bring me to make sure I ate. I forget to eat sometimes, though now I have a dragon in my head to remind me." And remind him ne does, "Why do you ask?"

"Oh." There's disappointment on Thys's face, and she looks down at her fingers, now still on her thigh. "I just… well, see, I've invited someone over to my weyr for dinner tonight, but I've never really cooked before, and… I don't think he'd mind if I had someone else do it for me, but I suppose I'd kind of like to try, you know?" Instead of drumming, her fingers now clench into a fist; she raps it once on her thigh, then starts drumming on the edge of the table, instead. Thys, it would seem, is nervous. "It's a date. Sort of. I think."

C'rus can put two and two together in this circumstance, and it's something that pleases him and so he naturally smiles, "Oh Thys…" he says softly, "I'm sure that whatever you make for him he'd love. The point would be that you made it. Not that I'm an expert at romance or anything. I'm still trying to figure the whole thing out myself." Thys had recently offered C'rus some reassurance and he feels some obligation to offer some back, "I won't tel you not to be nervous. Dates can be important. So nerves are good I think."

"I'm not nervous." Though Thys responds a little too quickly and sharply, and her body language suggests the complete opposite. "You know what? I'm going to go pick up something from… from Fort Hold. They do an amazing roast herdbea— oh, wait. Can I even go there right now, with the beast plague or whatever it is?" The drumming of her fingers stops as she slaps her hand down on the table. "Shardit. I'll go somewhere else. There's plenty to choose from, right? Plenty of places to go."

C'rus hasn't done a mindhealing session in a very long time. Even before he was a candidate. He'd mostly been confined to taking care of minor booboo's after his exile from Xanadu, but it seems the time has come to take up the mantle again. If only for a little while, "Thys. If you want to talk about anything you can you know. I won't tell another living soul and I'll make sure Jai doesn't either." The quickness of her speech, the drumming, and the swearing all point to something important going on, "There are pleanty of places to choose from. I'm sure Ista, Monaco or Xanadu would have some good food for you to bring."

One brow raises high on Thys's brow, hidden by the overhang of her floppy fringe. "I'm talking to you about what I'll bring home for dinner for what might possibly be a date… unless you'd like to talk about purchasing supplies to replenish the stores?" She taps the books she's working on. "But I'll take your suggestions into consideration. I believe you might know Xanadu best of the three, so I'll go there first." Resettling stiffly in her chair, she settles her hands demurely back into her lap and fixes a smile on her lips - one that's a tiny bit forced, as it doesn't quite reach her eyes as usual. "What would you expect from Kera, if you were to have a date with her?"

C'rus does his best to keep from giggling with glee. Perhaps it's his dragon's influence on him or perhaps its just that he's happy for a friend. In the end it probably doesn't matter too much why, "Talking about food for you date is fine…" he trails off considering the answer to her other question, "To be honest Kera and I haven't really had many 'dates' if you consider things dates. Most of them were just big events that we both went to together so we didn't really have to worry about food or what we were going to do. Though the last time we were together we just sat on my couch and talked. It was nice. Not flashy or anything but just nice. I don't think we even ate a thing." He sighs fondly at that memory. It will remain with him until he dies, "I guess I'd just expect her to be herself. We don't realy have to have any plans or any great event or anything…for me its just being with her and spending time with her. She makes everything better. I can't really explain it beyond that."

"Huh." Perhaps not the most polite response from Thys, who sits with her tongue pressed thoughtfully into her cheek as she ponders. "Well… I suppose that helps and it doesn't, really, since… I'm not Kera, and you're not Ralik, but I suppose I do know how to be myself." Even if she's being a somewhat stiff, slightly tetchy version of it at the moment. A brown firelizard appears in front of her then, surprising the weyrling as he drops a note, a glass pebble, and then himself onto the book in front of her. "Oh! Excuse me a moment?" Thys unravels the note, writes a quicky response on a separate paper, then sends Shards off again. "That would be my date replying. He likes to eat everything, it would seem." The glass pebble is left on her book, and she toys with it between two fingers.

C'rus has been giving people relationship advice since he was an apprentice, but it never really /mattered/ it was just a job. In his own case and in the case of his friends and even their dragons it does matter because its a whole new world now, "No I'm not Ralik and you aren't Kera but you are a wonderful person." he offers his compliment, "…and if you and Ralik end up hitting it off because you have the beginings of genuine feelings for each other then so much the better." he might not know Ralik all that well, but if he makes Thys happy thats what matters, "And if you don't it isn't the end of the world because sitting out there somewhere right now is someone who will make your heart flutter and turn your world around." He gazes off into the distance for a moment shaking his head slightly, "Jaicoureth wishes me to tell you that love is the best thing in the world especially at the begining." When she gets her letter he holds off for a moment and then once she responds he speaks up again, "See. He just wants to spend time with you. He probably could care less about the food."

Thys frowns, and shakes her head. "It's not love, C'rus. And this," she waves the note in the air, "is just him responding to my earlier not asking what he'd like to eat. This is… something else. Not-love. Love is what I have for Rhenesath." She pauses for a moment, exhaling thoughtfully. "We do have feelings for one another. What they are I don't know, but there's something there. It's all too complicated though, so we're just playing it by ear. Seeing how, if it can work. If we even want it to work. Establishing a relationship or finding love is not my priority."

"Did I say that it was love? I don't believe I did." he points out, "I said that if you developed feelings for each other then so much the better and if not…well then not. I'm not trying to discourage you or encourage you to do anything." C'rus can be cold and clinical even if he is a passionate man underneath it all, "I'm simply pleased you are exploring the opportunity that is being given to you is all. You will have to excuse Jaicoureth's enthusiasm. He sees the world differently than you or I do. Much differently. For him its all love and friendship and he sees it everywhere. He believes every story is a love story at its core." How the pair of them ever ended up together is a mystery that only fate knows the answer too.

"Yes… right. Sorry." Thys frowns as she apologises, almost as if she's distracted - and then her eyes unfocus in an expression that C'rus should recognise as meaning her lifemate is speaking to her. "Oh, I'm sorry Cy, but I'm needed… I think M'icha wants to catch me up on something." The pages open in her books are marked before she flips each shut, giving a nod to the custodian in charge for the day to say she'll be back. "Perhaps I'll be graduating," she says to the bluerider as she stands up, winking at him. "Would you like to walk with me down to the barracks?"