'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

OOC Date: August 11, 2012
Location: Fort Weyr
Participants: Abigail, Akyla, Khyonai, Polana, Tamsyn
NPC Participants: O'lan (Polana)

IC Date: Day 17 of Month 3 of Turn 2694
Time of Day: Late Morning
Season: Winter-Spring
Weather: Overcast - The suns light is heavily filtered through thick gray clouds overhead, lending a gloomy atmosphere to this winter day. The air is chilled and heavy, with the promise of a storm just out of reach. Night seems that much darker for the shadowed veil of clouds overhead, with the wan light of Belior and Timor doing little to cut through the cloud cover.

Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

It's winter, headed on into spring at Fort, and the time is encroaching on afternoon, though it's pretty hard to tell by the massive amounts of clouds hanging over head. The clouds have a grey tinge to them, while the clouds in the distance are nearly black with a promised storm. Tamsyn is making her way back from the Harper Hall, so conveniently close to Fort Hold where she somehow managed to pick up a guard escort. The Harper is burdened with a large case and a knapsack that looks to have a few things stuffed into it, making it anything but light. Not to mention she's bundled up with a scarf around her throat and a wool cloak tight about her to ward off winter's chill. Arriving in the bowl gets an audible sigh of relief. "Back. Finally."

She does not want to be out right now. Its late winter and cold, weather not fit for man nor beast, or so she thinks. But she has to be out right now, or at least she does momentarily. Polana is supposed to be cleaning out the stables, one of the jobs that she hates the most. Normally she would be done working for the day, but as she had failed to do it earlier she had to do it now, when she had other things to do. Things like resting and combing her hair. The speed at which she trudges toward the stables is minimal, which turns to an all-out halt when she notices someone unfamiliar. Curiosity shows on her face as Polana walks toward Tamsyn and asks, "who are you and what are you doing here?"

Abigail was picked for the guard escort this time, not that she is complaining over it as she kept getting over looked at the trips into the Weyr dealing with everything guard related. Every time she asked it was because she was too new to being a guard or some other excuse, but not today! She too has a thick coat pulled around her, a bow resting over her shoulder, along with a quiver filled halfway with arrows. A knapsack of her own rests across her free shoulder with a few odds and ends of things she might need. Her hair is pulled back and tucked down into the collar of her jacket and fingerless gloves upon her hands. A few paces behind her is a large fuzzy ashen colored canine following along, a thick collar upon the animal, and what looks like a harness with its own 'pack' seen as well. Abbey lets her gaze quickly slip across the area, taking everything in with a warm smile seen, her attention turns over to Tamsyn whom she had escorted back to the weyr. "See, nothing too it. All went well!" This said with a friendly tone. At the new voice she blinks and looks over to the owner it, a soft ah escapes her and she is well a bit surprised at the sudden questioning. Though perhaps with everything going on this shouldn't be a surprise? "Afternoon.." Her jaw tenses a moment and she seems a bit unsure if she should answer for the harper or not, a faint glance is offered to Tamsyn.

Tamsyn looks affronted, as well the Harper has a right to be. She's been at the Weyr for turns now, just taking trips back and forth to visit her mentor at the Hall for lessons. Even under her pack, Syn straightens her back, giving Polana a measuring look. "Senior journeywoman Tamsyn of the Harper craft, returning from the Harper Hall. And you would be?" Anyone who knows the harper might be shocked by this slightly high-and-mighty attitude, but theoretically the woman should be a common face to the Weyr. And for a moment as Abigail speaks, Syn lets her aggravation slip. "Never was anything to it. Minus the time I took the mountain pass and got caught by an ice storm." The harper sighs. "But recent events make it… unwise to travel alone like I usually do." Shame she can't get a dragon transport a little more reliably. "But thanks for the escort, miss."

A falling shadow, growing bigger, closer, darkness spreading across a patch of ground in the midst of the Bowl. And with a whoosh and a flare of her wings, Ystwyth drops neatly to the ground, haunches taking the brunt of her weight before she settles to all fours, narrow wingsails spread outwards before she flicks them in close against her side. A lash of her tail, the green rumbling softly before her shoulder dips, and with quick, nimble fingers Akyla unbuckles her straps and clambers to the ground. "Fine flying, as always, heart o' mine," she comments to the green, a gloved hand thumped against the dappled shoulder nearest her before the greenrider strips off her gloves, tucking them into her belt and pulling off her flight cap, running a hand through tousled tresses. "Afternoon," she calls out, the greeting sent in Tamsyn and Abigail's direction, accompanied by a little wave.

Polana listens to the harper introduce herself, sparing only the quickest of glances toward the girl she came with who she assumes is a guard. This is confirmed when she thanks her for a escort. Well, she could just be some random woman that decided to give her an escort but she doubts it. Without giving it any more thought Polana gives a nod of greeting to Tamsyn and says, "I am Polana of Fort Weyr." She casually leaves out that she is a drudge, though she would probably have to answer if asked directly. Today she didn't wear her knots, as a matter of fact she didn't wear them very often at all. While they where supposed to represent that she is a member of the weyr they always annoyed her for some reason. When Akyla lands and greets Tamsyn and Abigail but not her she sends a greeting her way, simply saying, "greenrider." Her voice is sharp and slightly snippy, not exactly a warm greeting.

Abigail nods as she hears Tamsyn. "Aye miss.. I understand that fully. Ye are very welcome. I'm only happy to have been able to give ye a hand in this escort back to the Weyr." She clears her throat slightly, pale gaze glancing to her canine whom has settled calmly next to her side, the canine gets a soft scratching behind the ears for being so well behaved. Her smile is offered to Polana once more. "Pleasure to meet ye Polana. I'm Abigail from Fort Hold." An yes she is a guard, even if she is rather new to the title of it. Her attention turns towards the shadow and she blinks while looking upwards to catch sight of the rider and green, whom she watches with slight wide and curious eyes. Yes this would be the first time Abbey has been so close to a dragon, and she isn't running or ducking for cover mind you, more curious than anything. She clears her throat and offers a wave and smile back to the rider. "Afternoon." Tone still just as friendly as ever.

After being on the road for the whole morning, Tamsyn isn't quite in the mood to let the drudge off that easy. "And what would be your position, miss Polana?" Give her the brief benefit of the doubt she might outrank her somehow, but it's also not in the Harper's nature to be as abrasive as this person half her age is being. And then there's a dragon in the bowl as well, and someone unfamiliar dismounting. "Afternoon, and Fort's greetings to you, rider." Green eyes pin the curt drudge down for a moment longer, as if she's willing the girl to apologize for the rudeness a few moments ago. But then the woman shifts uncomfortably under the weight of her knapsack, standing still with such a heavy thing is definiely not a passing pleasure. "Your company definitely was enjoyable. I should see about traveling with someone more often." And that comment is directed towards Abby.

In all fairness, the greenrider's position at Ystwyth's shoulder, and the green's slightly crooked neck obscures the drudge ever so slightly so that Akyla's line of sight was better focused on Harper and guard, but at the sound of the sharp and snippy greeting, the woman pushes at her dragon's muzzle. "Ystwyth, get your head out of the way," the scolding is good natured, the greenrider's commentary a breathy chuckle before the dragon complies, Akyla's gaze settling at last on Polana. "Ah." There's a faint nod, the greenrider's chin dipping a little in a quick bobbing motion. "Afternoon to you too," There's no emotion, really, just casual indifference on the elder woman's part, perhaps in response to Polana's initial attitude. "I hope everyone's afternoon has been going well?" The comment is directed towards all three ladies, Aky leaning casually against her green's side as Ystwyth stretches out her neck, huffing softly towards Abigail. Good lass, for not trying to run away, or anything.

Polana offers a polite nod when Abigail greets her. Maybe she would be able to stand this girl, maybe. She treated her with enough respect and didn't butt in, for now anyway. Tamsyn, on the other hand, is a different story. She asks what her rank is, some information that she is very reluctant to divulge. Instead of giving her a strait answer she asks, "you ask my position, but does that really determine who you are? I mean, I asked who you and and what you're doing but I just wanted to know what to call you and if there was anything I could help you with, dear Tamsyn. Wouldn't you prefer to live with a sense of mystery rather than judge me by rank?" Its a weak attempt to throw her off and everything she says goes against what she believes, but that doesn't stop her from saying it. When the greenrider replies to her she simply dips her head to let her know that she heard her. However, she does not say anything more, thinking that mere greenriders are not worth her time.

Abigail is not known for running from things, she is more known for meeting them head on if she can actually. Her pale gaze settles on the green for a few moments longer before she figures out that well she is staring and she clears her throat. "Sorry.." Is offered with a soft murmur hoping she did not offend the rider and the green it seems with her staring. At the soft huff she does peer back over to the green a moment. Very new experience for this holdborn. "I am well, and yerself…" There is a soft tone, does she call her miss, rider? "..miss.." This said with a soft, slightly unsure tone. She lets her attention turn back to Tamsyn and she nods once more. "I'm glad I could give ye the company miss. Perhaps we can do so again sometime if ever yer in the area." Abs has no problem in helping! Especially when she gets to leave the hold for a time. As for Polana, she did pick up on her snippy tone towards the rider, which she doesn't really understand, but doesn't think too highly of the other for it. A faint smirk is seen at Polana's answer to Tamsyn. "I think she deserves a answer as much if nat more seeing how she did answer ye." It is out of pure respect in her book that this should be done.

Fort's chill is reflected in the clothing choice of one austere-featured guard, making his way across the bowl with a measured step. Mud-splattered boots strike careful, each efficient placement as steady as a mule over rocky terrain. Bundled as he is in a palette fit to match the whimsy of weather and shade of sky above, chin tucked into a sere grey scarf and hands stuffed into jacket pockets, the native Fortian slows at the sight of a cluster of individuals: his eyes move automatically over the composition of the group, hard-earned dispassion cracked by the slight furrow of inquisitive brow. For all of his purposeful mien, Khyonai's strides flag and he pulls up to eavesdrop with the shamelessness that only turns as a guard can contrive to bring about.

The normally easy-going Tamsyn is really starting to bristle at Polana's attitude. "A sense of mystery is all well and fine when you're watching a play about a far off world, or when events around the Weyr are normal and well. A sense of mystery when there's heightened security is not an entirely welcome or comfortable notion." Poor people walking in on this. Tamsyn teaches children on a regular basis, and it might start to reflect in her voice as she continues to address Polana. "I would highly suggest you revise your tone, young lady. I'm not fond of pulling rank, but your tone and demeanor have been out of line." And the group continues to grow. What is this? Gather time? But it is the center bowl, so surprise shouldn't be an issue here. But for the moment, Abby and the greenrider have fallen to the sidelines of Syn's attention as she addresses Polana.

Ystwyth can hardly be called offended, curiosity in the slowly whirling gaze of the green dragon as she regards Abigail closely. Staring? Oh, stare away, for there's a soft trill of sound from the green, the dragon preening with lighthearted amusement under the attention of the guard. "She says there's no reason to be sorry," Akyla answers for the dragon, tilting her head a bit to better regard the guard girl herself. "In fact, Ystwyth likes being looked at. Admiration is one thing that's high on her list of things in life." There's a rumble of sound from the green, and her rider chuckles. "Ah, I am lacking, are I not, dear one. Akyla," she announces, "of Thunderbird Wing. And this is Ystwyth." A hand is waved towards the green. "Good to hear that you are well." The sudden spate of words from Tamsyn has Akyla pushing off from her dragon's shoulder, interest glinting in her gaze as she settles her attention in turn upon Polana and the dressing down the drudge seems to be receiving.

Polana narrows her eyes at Tamsyn as a snarl begins to form on her face. Pulling rank? This woman was going to try to /pull rank/ on her? She was /out of line/? Oh no, she would not put up with this. There is no respect in her voice as she says, "my /tone/? My /demeanor/? I'm sorry, but either I'm deaf or I didn't say anything wrong. What, I'm supposed to act like I like everyone even if I don't? Yeah, I don't think so. Sorry, I don't know who you are aside from a name and rank and do not intend on treating you like the freaking weyrwoman. Sorry, I'm not going to be a sweet little piece of fluff to a greenrider after they ignore me. My tone might not be that of someone oh so very thrilled to meet you, but I said /nothing/ wrong."

Abigail looks back to rider and green, a warm smile seen along with a nod of her head. "Well.. I'm glad ta hear that.." She pauses for a moment before going on. "I've just not ever been this close to a dragon before. She's beautiful." This said while she looks back to Ystwyth before her attention is back to Akyla. "Pleasure to meet ye Akyla, Ystwyth.. I'm Abigail from Fort Hold, ah a guard. I was given a chance to escort Miss Tamsyn back to the weyr today." An she is very happy that she did. Her attention is back on Polana and Tamsyn and she just blinks at the sudden melt down from the one. A faint smirks seen and she shakes her head at the sight and for once she doesn't go about adding in a thing! Abs can get herself in enough trouble, and for the moment she is rather happy it isn't her getting the verbal attack so to speak.

Khyonai meanders a step. Another step. A third step? Certainly not. He stands precisely at wingman distance from Abigail's stance, his deep cocoa gaze flickering between Tamsyn and Polana with the resigned expression of a man who knows better than to interrupt women going at it. Catfights, man. He likes his hair where it is. This said, he is as much of a guard today as he was yesterday or a turn ago - as such, his mellow baritone rumbles forth, polite and officious. "Do we have a problem here?" His gaze directs itself towards Polana first, then to Tamsyn. Notably, he doesn't remove himself from his half-step to the right and behind of Abigail.

"Ah, sounds like a lass with a big job on her hands," Akyla remarks to Abigail. "Always like to see that, the old aunties back in the lower caverns when I was growing up always had something to say about idle hands or something such." Speaking of idle hands, hers seems to be waved airily, the right one anyway. "Daresay I never listened much, to their dismay." There's a /lot/ that Aky never listened to, apparently. "She says thank you, by the way." once more, speaking for the green dragon. "And she's quite interested in you being a guard, we work frequently with the guards here. Being in Thunderbird and all. Although my training was more by way of dragonhealing, still doesn't mean I can't wield a mean knife." she grins wryly, drawing herself up to cross her arms across her chest at the snarled response from Polana. Oh, interesting, this one. There's a rumble of sound from Ystwyth, the large green shifting onto her haunches, neck arching downwards to regard the scene with sharp interest, her attention shifting from Fortian Hold guard to Harper and drudge.

At this point in time, both of Tamsyn's eyebrows just shoot upwards in mild surprise. "My what a cranky, temperamental child." Yes, she did just say child. "I never said you had to like anyone. But know when someone outranks you and how to at least cover up your dislike. Courtsey goes a long way, no matter what profession you're a part of." And Tamsyn spares a glance over her shoulder to the greenrider, giving the woman closest to her in age a small smile, as if in apology. "And now you insult a second person you don't know. Who you don't know what sort of ties they have. Maybe she is a personal friend of the weyrwoman's. Maybe I am. Do you want to dare on that sense of mystery you mentioned before?" And when it comes to bluffing, just DON'T go up against a Harper that specializes in theatrics. Her face is unreadable now. "What is your position, miss Polana?" Tamsyn doesn't break her gaze from Polana's face, but she lifts a hand, recognizing Khyonai. "Hopefully everything is alright. That depends on the young lady here."

Abigail lets her attention dance from Tamsyn and Polana back to Akyla and Ystwyth, attempting to keep up with both conversations perhaps? Why yes indeed! Though at the moment the rider and her green get her attention and she smiles. "Aye.. I consider myself very luck for my job. An I only strive ta do me best at it." There is a slight pause. "I've heard some of that, riders and the guard working with one another. An I've always be truely interested in it." Not that it always include Fort Hold after all. "I would love to get the chance to work more like that.." There is a pause and she blinks, her pale gaze turning towards the new voice and form near her and a soft ah escapes her. The Fortian Hold guard shifts slightly, her hand settling more against the large ashen colored fuzzy canine at her side, whom has remained quiet and every watchful of the ones around her owner it seems. With Tmasyn answering Khyonai a slight nod is offered to him while she slips quiet for the moment.

Polana attempts to keep her face carefully blank, only to end up having her face turn to an all-out glare when the harper calls her a child. /CHILD/! Doesn't this lady realize that she is sixteen turns old, already nearing a midlife crisis? And for her to assume that she outranks her… It might be true but that doesn't mean that she's okay with this lady automatically assuming it. She then went on to ask what her position was once again before telling the newcomer that everything is all right depending on her. Okay, its time to play hardball. Polana put a completely serious expression on her face as she said, "gutsy of you to automatically assume you outrank me. You and that low ranking excuse for a dragonrider aren't the only ones that might have connections, I liked talking about mystery for a reason. You see, I'm not exactly 'of' fort hold but visiting a friend. /I/ just so happen to be the daughter of a lord holder, meaning there is a very good chance that I will be lady holder one day. You might want to watch how you speak to me."

Khyonai inclines his chin in a sharp gesture - softened by the water-carded wool scarf in pewter, wrapped carefully about his neck - at Tamsyn's statement. "Glad to hear it, ma'am." His gaze glances down to Kbi… Abigail's canine, but he doesn't seem terribly concerned; those of the weyr, after all, are no strangers to the bristling black-saddled tan creatures of the same species. As his gaze slides back to Polana, though, the guard seems to take more than a flickered second to resettle his expression. "One of our beholden, ma'am?" he inquires, voice as bedrock-steady as his expression is dry: a droll hint meanders unhurried along the sly eddies of his tone. "Shall I be sending for the Headwoman to make arrangements for your stay?" For all of the underlying hints, pure professionalism lies here: nothing but the hospitality of Fort will do, for a situation such as this, of course.

"Oh, there's that." Akyla remarks, somewhat dryly, to Abigail. "Always could use people who are good at their job. And it sounds as if you are." There's a flicker of a glance towards Khyonai, Akyla noting the man as he stops and attention paid to his words, which being not directed at her, she makes no move to reply in kind. "You could always come back and visit, see how the guards and the wingriders work." the suggestion is for Abigail, and the greenrider might yet have gone on, were it not for Polana's words, and she stiffens at the younger woman's comments, catching Tamsyn's eye in the process. She doesn't say anything, not yet.

"Now see, divulging that you're a Lord Holder's daughter wasn't so hard, was it, Lady Polana?" Tamsyn half-asks, automatically switching to proper title. Where would her place be to question such a thing. Publically. She has to fight to keep her lips from twitching into a smile at Khyonai's question. If the girl is lying, she just dug herself into a very deep hole. Tamsyn even goes as far as to bob a small curtsey as would be appropriate to a lady of her supposed rank, carefully under the weight of her rucksack. "As a suggestion, my lady, I might still reconsider your attitude to those not of your rank. As I said, courtesy goes a long ways, even to someone you dislike. And help with Hold relations." At this point in time, Tamsyn takes a step back, only to pause and cant her head slightly to the side. "Strange, that I've never seen you about the Harper Hall for political or law lessons if you're to eventually be running your father's Hold." There's a small dismissive wave of that thought though as she turns back to the greenrider momentarily, and also Abby. "Do forgive the young Lady's words, please rider. I'm sure she didn't really mean what she said. After all, she's only just met you and doesn't know your worth." Then again, that also applies to Tamsyn, having just met the greenrider, but the Harper is making a slight show of courteous behavior and what it's supposed to look like. There's no disdain in her voice, even while addressing the troublesome Polana herself.

Abigail smiles as she hears Akyla. "Really?.. I would like to do that, greatly." She offers, tone happy and perhaps just a bit eager over the thought of doing such a thing! She would love to go on about this thought of coming back to visit and see how the guards and wingleader work but her attention is back on the other conversation. She can't help herself now and she is eyeing Polana a few moments, pale gaze narrowing, an faint smirk seen. "Which Hold ye be this very important daugher for?" She questions, a faint edge to her tone. Seems she is getting a bit tired of this girl and her actions. "La de da… Ye should still be showing these ladies respect an all ye can do is whine and complain. Shards.. Are ye that thick girl?" Polana said hold, that means fair game to Abs in her mind. Even if the other could possible be the daughter of some said important person. So now she is the one showing she has a sharp tongue.. Which she may regret. Though at the moment she is calling Polana out it seems on the matter of where abouts she is from, and whom she is. As for her canine, the fuzzy ashen gray one looks rather wolfish to a degree, and sitting rather regal like actually. Abbey takes in a soft breath, a faint glance is offered over to Khyonai as she hears him, and thus slipping quiet…

Lady Polana… She likes the sound of that, even if it is a lie. It sounds like a title that belongs next to her name to her, something that she was born to be called. None the less, part of her is beginning to regret starting this lie. Well, might as well play along with it. She gives a fake sweet smile to Tamsyn before saying, "of course. I apologize, being in such a new place has made me a little disorientated. And no, sir, you don't need to arrange anything with the headwoman, its all set." Then this other girl just has to go and ask where she comes from along with being quite the rude little thing. Polana allows clear annoyance to show on her face as she says, "I'll show respect when I want to. And Peyton, I am the daughter of the Peyton lord." Unknown to her was the face that someone had been listening to her from the shadows for the past few minutes. A rider walked up behind the girl, a blue dragon hurrying along behind him. O'lan was a strong and stern looking man, a a no funny business type. He raised an eyebrow before slowly commenting, "so I'm the lord holder now, am I? Last I checked I have never been the lord of anything and you never the heir to anything, unless you count that fact that one day very soon you will be mucking out stables. After all, you are a /drudge/ and that is your /job/, Polana." Slowly her eyes widen without turning around to look at her father.

Akyla's expression is somber, the greenrider's lips thinning into a bitter little frown as Ystwyth rumbles again, loudly and forcefully. "Hsst," there's a sharp hiss from the woman, a hand reaching out to thump against her dragon's shoulder. "There'll be none of that, mind you." the green is scolded, Akyla placing herself at the forefront, just ahead of the dragon's forepaws settled on the Bowl's sandy floor, talons raking tiny furrows in the earth. "Oh, Lady is it?" Her brows quirk upwards, but Tamsyn's words seem to have mollified her for the moment. "I'll consider it." And well she might, except here comes the bluerider, and dragon. Ystwyth lets out a slight warble at the sight of the other dragon, tail frisking over sand, and then stills, her muzzled face a study of thoughtfulness even as Akyla lifts a hand to her lips, hiding a snicker. "Well, really."

The look on Khyonai's face is likely comical, if only due to the fact that he is typically so very straight-laced: the crease deepens between his eyes as his frown intensifies, and as O'lan goes about saying what he does, the perplexion rises across his countenance as a slow-rising tide. Eventually comprehension breaks, however, and he coughs shortly into one fist. "Ma'am," he states briefly to Tamsyn in fare-thee-well, another nod to the greenrider and Hold guard, and a brief, amused-sounding, "Lady Polana," before crisp steps move him in the direction of the living caverns. Exit Khy, stage left.

It's only because of her 16ish turns of being a Harper that Tamsyn can keep herself from laughing out loud or do anything but smile pleasantly as the girl's father comes up to burst the bubble and shatter the lie. Good things come to those who wait, and who abide by the laws of fairness. For a moment Tamsyn meets O'lan's eyes before lowering them back down to the daughter, whom is still facing her. She's not rubbing it in. She's not even saying anything right away. She's just not-quite staring the errant girl down. At least for a minute. And when she does speak up, it's with a fair tone. "I might suggest tanning her backside. Or giving her extra chores. Or write to the Lordholder about someone claiming to be of his blood." And that last one could lead to some serious issues. "But it's not my place to do such things." And Tamsyn raises her eyes again towards the bluerider. "She does have a bit of a mouth on her. And a definite lack of manners."

Abigail can't help it and is glowering over at Polana at the looks she is given. A hand lifts finger pointing as she is about to say something else before there is a figure behind the other girl and talking. She blinks and can't help but to grin as she slips quiet. HA… Yes /ha/.. Not that Abs is rubbing it in right this moment. No not in the least. For a moment she watches and listens and soon clears her throat. "It was a pleasure escorting ye here Miss Tamsyn.. An meeting ye Miss Akyla, and Ystwyth." A slight nod is offered to them as she turns slightly. "I have to go check in an report all is well an so forth. Ye all have a good night." With this she moves off, a soft whistle escaping her and the fuzzy canine is up on her paws and following quickly after her owner's heels.

"Aint no miss." Akyla responds to Abigail's words with a hint of a smile. "And neither is Ystwyth." Heck no, the green's been a glowing something mighty fierce in the not too distant past. No mere miss, indeed. "She's got a tongue on her," Akyla puts in to O'lan, according the bluerider a brisk nod of greeting, "could use a fair bit of work to sweeten her up." There's a smirk from the greenrider, half-turning as she does so to urge Ystwyth to her feet. "I have to go to the feeding grounds." this is announced pointedly, the woman motioning for her dragon to precede her. "Harper," Tamsyn gets a nod, and grateful smile. "M'lady," There's just a hint of teasing mock in Polana's direction, Akyla tugging at her forelock, before she inclines her head in farewell, moving off to follow her dragon.

For a moment Polana had this crazy idea that maybe if she focused hard enough she could undo the last few moments of her life. Or maybe she could pop between like a dragon and escape all this. But no, she was stuck right where she was, at the mercy of a harper she didn't know and a parental figure. Shard it all. Meanwhile O'lan let out a sigh before saying, "I do apologize for that, lately she seems to have formed a rebellious streak. Some nonsense about being better than everyone else and becoming weyrwoman." "It is not nonsense, I'm just saying the-" "Keep talking and you will get shaved bald. Needless to say she will be punished, though I'm not going to contact the lord holder just yet for the sake of hold/weyr politics. Instead she will find herself doing double her normal amount of work and cleaning the weyrling latrines." "WHAT!? That is so-" "Your green dress now belongs to your sister." Polana's first impulse was to tell him that he threatened to shave he if she kept talking, but common sense turned those words in to a scowl. O'lan gave one last glare at his daughter before saying to Tamsyn, "if you or you the lovely greenrider ever need a drudge to help you my daughter will do so, and without complaint. Now I have to be going, its getting late and Polana has some more work to do." With that he climbed on to his dragon who took off as Polana slowly trudged toward the stables.

Tamsyn is only partially used to hearing parents ream out their children in front of her. In this case, she privately relishes it a little bit instead of being slightly uncomfortable like she normally is. "No real harm done, besides alienating a few people. Some not of this Weyr." Tamsyn assures the bluerider. She shifts the pack on her back as the weight continues to bear down on her shoulders. "And while I appreciate the offer, I will… probably not take you up on it." Who knows what would end up going wrong. But as everyone goes their separate ways, so does Tamsyn with a few nods - even one for Polana - waves and soft 'take care's before she goes to deposit her items in her personal room. Time to unload and relax. "Some days…" She murmurs to herself as she walks away.