Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Offices

Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort though the dcor has likely changed time and time again as new leadership comes to fill the offices. The main set up is where the juniors work, three desks settled in the main office that is lined with means to house the old records and reports. Various potted plants are around the office to give a touch of color. From this singular area, the office branches off into two different sections: The Senior's office and the Weyrleader's office. Both furnished to fit the needs of the Weyrleaders along with small flares of personal touch.

The sun has just begun to creep up over the horizon as dawn arrives over Fort Weyr though it would only be noticed by the slight lightening of the overcast skies. A drizzling mist has begun to fall, miserable and cold as the seasons slowly crawl from winter to spring. Most of the weyrfolk are rousing now, waking up for their duties or simply to start another day. Th'ero has already been up hours prior and sits waiting patiently in his office, quietly working on some back logged paperwork. There's a warm fire in the hearth and the small table is laden with some light breads, cheeses and fruit, as well as klah. A small bundled package sits to the other side of his desk, but the Weyrleader pays it no attention as he scribbles away at some very neglected letters. It's Velokraeth who bespeaks Rhyrith, letting the skeletal brown know that his rider's presence is required, but that there is no rush or urgency.

Having already been up for several candle marks, K'drozen makes his way slowly into the weyrleaders office. This brown riders expression unreadable as he knocks lightly on the door frame to announce his presence before entering. His eyes though show signs of strain and worry, though if about this meeting or other things is anyones guess. He stops several feet before the weyrleaders desks, not approaching to close before snaping a salute, "You requested my pressence sir."

Such formality! Usually Th'ero grimaces under such salutes and practices, but this morning the Weyrleader only nods his head and acknowledges K'drozen by gesturing with a hand towards the empty seat, "Make yourself comfortable," he murmurs in a low tone, setting down his writting tool and shuffling it and papers into a drawer. The table with the food and klah is also given a brisk gesture of his hand and he adds, "Help yourself as well." Then in the moment of silence that it takes the brownrider to arrange himself, Th'ero pulls the bundle from the side of hid desk to the center and he waits until he has K'drozen's attention before pushing it forwards. "I've heard very good reports, both from the guards and from other riders and weyrfolk of your continued good behavior and hard work. So… these are yours." And when K'drozen undoes the bundle, he'll find that it's his knives, all of them, returned in perfect order and state.

K'drozen blinks a bit as he looks to the blades, not taking them up as of yet though, he looks up to the weyr leader and says softly still aware of his over all position he says softly, "I am just trying to do my part." his eyes sweeping up to the weyrleader slowly he continues, "It have been several months. Is there any word on Jaye?" his works to maintain his mask of unreadablity as he speaks.

"And that has been noted," Th'ero offers by way of a rare but genuine compliment for K'drozen's efforts. The Weyrleader may be a busy man and not often within the Weyr, but he hasn't neglected to catch up on the reports. Granted, the brownrider's punishment has stretched out a little longer then he had hoped, but now he seeks to remedy that, while privately hoping he has not underestimated the other rider. "She is well, from the last report received. Maehwazeyeth is as well, occupied as he is with Yumeth and the clutch. I hear the eggs may hatch soon." It's not a direct question and it's obvious Th'ero is throwing in a few other topics to distract K'drozen from the real issue. He controls his emotions too, his features neutral and betraying little.

K'drozen nods his head at that and says softly, "Am I to return to wing duties then sir." staying formal. After all part of the stated reason for his punishment was for not showing the proper respect for the weyrleader. He still fighting to maintain his expression, though when it slips it is not showing the barely retrained anger of pervious encounter, more worry though he seems to be trying to lock it down. "I know MAehwazeyeth is well, safe and distracted sir…"

Th'ero regards K'drozen for a long moment, holding the brownrider's eyes with his own though his features show nothing beyond a neutral mask and the faintest of frowns. "You are, yes. Wingleader Nishka of Thunderbird has agreed to allow you to return to active duty within her Wing and she expects the same from you as I. You will also lose your guards, so you will be free of that shadow at least. But keep in mind that the golds are still going to cast for Rhyrith to be sure he, and you as well, have not wandered." The Weyrleader leans back in his seat, the chair creaking a little as his full weight shifts. At K'drozen's worried look, Th'ero does soften enough to add in a low and even tone, "Then take comfort in that. Maehwazeyeth would not be calm or distracted if Jaye were in any danger or discomfort. I suspect they will return soon, though."

K'drozen says softly, "Yes sir." he nods and says softly Kaylen will be happy to hear that." speaking of Jaye and his under 2 turn old, "I would be happier if Mae wasn't distracted at all in this situation. Things can change in a moment and though I am sure her backup there is qualified they didn't know each other before this and don't know how the other reacts. That was my problem with this whole thing." he raises his hand as if to stay holf off any coment until he finishes, "I know she volunteered. I know Jaye though, she would have felt compelled to, to make up for where she grew up, like she had any choice in that matter."

"And Kaylen is well too?" Th'ero asks a little awkwardly, as if only remembering now that K'drozen and Jaye have a child between them. If he feels any guilt over the situation though, it's well hidden and tucked away. He does frown though, the Weyrleader politely holding his tongue when the brownrider lifts his hand to stave off his remarks. When he does speak, his voice remains level but carries a hint of coolness to it. "Maehwazeyeth is very loyal to Jaye. I doubt even as distracted as he is, he will notify us the moment something is amiss with her or the Xanadu rider. As I've told you before, both riders are our most capable. And yes, she did volunteer. I gave her opportune chance to refuse it, but she agreed in the end by her choice. I do not think it had anything to do with her past at all."

K'drozen looks to Th'ero and nods saying, "As I said, I know Jaye very well and her motivations. But that is past, nothing can be done about it." he says, "I don't want to argue about this… I just… Just wanted to put forth my reasons. They don't excuse in any way my reactions." he glances aways.

Th'ero takes a slow, deep and steadying breath and nods his head, "And I understand why you are upset over the situation. Your reasons have been heard and I am not looking to argue over this either. We can simply let the matter rest now, you knowing that your grievences have at least been voiced. I cannot change what has already been ordered and done. I can only continue to reassure you that no harm will come of Jaye. Otherwise I would never have agreed to sending her if I had the /slightest/ doubt of her capabilities." he explains slowly and while K'drozen looks away, he keeps his gaze level with the brownrider.

K'drozen closes his eyes for a moment and nods before looking back up to the Weyrleader and says, "I don't doubt her capabilities at all sir, nor that of her partner in his. But you are right it should be droped. You don't have to worry I will do anything to endanger her." as he speakes he reaches to gather his bundle, keeping them wraped for now, not putting them in the proper places.

Th'ero sensing that their little discussion is at an end, he slowly rises from his chair. "I'm glad to hear it," he murmurs, stepping around the desk to stand at it's side rather then remain standing across from the brownrider. "At this point I am willing to let bygones be bygones. Consider yourself a full rider again, K'drozen. Wingleader Nishka will expect you for mid-morning drills and she'll have your Wingrider knot ready for you. Though you're no longer guarded, remember that any action you do will be taken into consideration." It's a subtle warning from the Weyrleader. Step out of line and punishment will follow, swifter then with most riders. While the matter is, for all purposes, dropped, Th'ero won't likely forget what was said between them, all those months ago in Xanadu. But he knows better then to hold a grudge. There is no honor in that and he can see that the brownrider has learned enough from it to regain some respect not only from him but from the Weyr at large. "You're free to go, if you wish. Unless you have other matters to discuss?" he asks, head tilting just a bit in a curious manner.

K'drozen stands, shifting the bundle under his arm and salutes, "No Sir." his expression shifting back to the blank mask, "I will report dirrectly to Wingleader Nishka then sir." taking the dismissal for what it is. Though how much he has learn, or just learned to supress is the real question.

Th'ero salutes back, though his seems a little stiff and awkward. "Good. Clear skies then, K'drozen." And now he truly is dismissed and set as a free and full ranked rider back into the Weyr. As for the Weyrleader, he only goes to open the door and see the brownrider out before he's turning back to his desk with a weary sigh and pulling out the half finished paperwork as he sets himself about completing it.

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