Drake's Lake Area - High Plains
The high plains here rise to the Southern Barrier Range from the shores of Drake's Lake, which can be seen shimmering in the distance to the north. Wild and rough, somewhat arid, the rocks, scrub brush and waist-high grasses whispering dryly in the prevailing winds do little to obscure the untamed beauty of the shining snow-clad mountains rising to the south. Numerous beasts, those native to Pern an well as those brought by the colonists, flourish here. Bovine, both wild and feral graze the plentiful grasses along with feral runners, shaggy-haired porcine root the hard ground with deadly tusks, turning over the soil for new growth, which is inturn picked over by flocks of wherries. Overhead solitary raptors ride the wind while in hidden ravines, rocky streams, winding around boulders provide water and shelter for other creatures.

The differences between the South and Fort Weyr right now are numerous but the largest is the weather. Up north it's spring and a soggy, cold wet one at that. Down here? Hot, humid and definitely not raining! The sun has all but set on the horizon, the last of the daylight slowly dimming away and leaving a starlit sky above. The plains are calm and a few dragons are curled up on the higher elevations, enjoying the last of the hot sun's warmth. Rotations continue as the quarantine of the herds up north in the Fortian holds continue though some are muttering that precaution is going on to paranoia now. Velokraeth has settled himself comfortably, as even the Weyrleader's dragon has to eat but there could be another reason why he's down here too. One never knows! Th'ero is currently sitting on one of the logs by a large bonfire, chatting in casual conversation to a few other riders, some of which are now just getting up to leave. He, however, stays and adjusts the roasting stick he has balanced against one of the large rocks lining the fire pit.

Kimmila also stays put at Th'ero's side, humming softly to herself as she nibbles on the last thing the Weyrleader roasted. "This is delicious, wingmate. You really know how to cook over an open flame…"

Ha'ze has been a quiet member of the bonfire crew, lost in his own thoughts most of the night. It had been difficult for him to come, and only the gentle pressure from his lifemate had pushed him to stay past the work of the day. Thus it is that Ha'ze sits right at the edge of the light, with Kainaesyth's head laying nearby and within touching distance. Kimm's words cause his gaze to flick up just a second before they return to the waters.

Abigail is making her way towards the bonfire after spending a good bit of the late afternoon tending to some matter that needed her attention. Niumdreoth is settled some ways off, the large brown is happly snoozing with a belly full of food so he is quiet for the moment. Abbey settles down next to Ha'ze without offering it if is alright for her to join in first. "Evening." She offers with a soft tone while she lifts a hand to rub at the back of her neck a few times.

And now there are four left by the fire! "It's not that hard, Wingmate." Th'ero drawls back to Kimmila with a smirk though he still seems to appreciate her praise. "Just a matter of making sure it doesn't burn." Which is why he leans forwards again to turn a few of the skewers and grunt with a low hiss as he abruptly draws his hand back and shakes his fingers. Fire's hot! "Ha'ze, you hungry? Or do you want a drink? It's a night of celebration, isn't it? Unless I heard wrong from M'icha…" he remarks with a faint smile. "Kimmila, anything for you? Evening, Abigail!" he greets her as she approaches. "Come and join us? If you're hungry, there's plenty to go about. Drinks too, if you're wanting some of that."
Kimmila grins. "I know, I'm just complimenting you." She did spend turns living in the wilderness after all. "I'll take a drink." He knows what she likes. She smiles at Ha'ze. "Congratulations." It's quietly offered, her eyes traveling to the lake as well. "Hey, Abigail."

"Hey." Ha'ze's greeting to Abigail is a bit subduded. The knot on his shoulder does announce that, in fact, Th'ero didn't hear wrong from Mi'cha. But he'd not joined the others in celebrations. The invitation brings his eyes and mind back, drawn away from where they had wandered. "Want to?" His voice is low for Abbey, but he is standing as Kainaesyth's head twitches slightly urge his rider to go further into the firelight. "What do you have?"

Abigail is never one to turn down a drink that is for certain and she nods to both Th'ero and Kimmila and offers a smile. "Night of congratulations.." There is a pause as she catches sight of the knot at Ha'ze shoulder and grins a moment before giving his shoulder a soft pat. "Congrads Ha'ze." She says with a happy tone. In all honesty she was told, though it took seeing the knot to really set it home it would seem. At the question she tilts her head, a smile sent to ha'ze once more and she nods to it. "Aye, of course I'll take a drink."

"Then I should be thanking you for some expert hunting," Th'ero muses to Kimmila with a faint half-grin before he sobers again. While some look towards the waters in the distance and the islands there, the Weyrleader notably doesn't. Good luck getting him anywhere near those waters too unless he absolutely must. He'll pass a cider to Kimmila, while looking to Ha'ze. "Ale, both pale and my own favourite. Black Damnation." Such a cheery name! "What's your preference, Abigail? Ale, cider? I… think there may be a wine skin somewhere about though I can't vouch on the vintage." In other words, it may be Tillek wine and not Benden.

Kimmila takes the cider with a murmured thanks. "Don't try the Black Damnation," she warns Ha'ze. "You could pour it into a pan and it'd set into a loaf of bread."

"I'll just have the pale then." His tone is a bit far off, like he's still not quite all here in the moment. Instead, he settles himself on a log on the far side of the fire from Th'ero and Kimm, enough room at his side for Abigail if she wants to take it. He doesn't make the offer though.

Abigail doesn't have a problem sitting next to Ha'ze, at in fact that is where she will settle. She looks amused as she hears Kimmila. "Actually I dan't mind the Black Damnation." This said with a soft chuckle at the comment from the drink turning into a loaf of bread. "Perhaps.." Though she hasn't had that problem yet, it's a strong drink which is most likely why she does drink it honestly.

Th'ero scoffs at Kimmila's judgement. "It's not that bad! Just has a bit of a kick," And will make you regret the following morning when your skull feels as though it's fit to split open. "Can't chug it back. It's a drink to savour and enjoy!" he goes on to add with a nod to Ha'ze for his choice and a grin for Abigail. "An acquired taste. You should at least try a sip, Ha'ze." No, that wasn't a challenge! Th'ero will pass over both ales to them before resettling into his spot next to Kimmila and as it's only the four of them, he will slip his arm around behind the blue rider's back. Hardly a sign of affection but… he is getting cozy?

Kimmila leans against Th'ero's side a bit. Just a bit, since this pair isn't big into PDA at all. "I can't stand it," she tells the group with a crooked grin. "So, Ha'ze, given any thought to what wing you might want to join?"

Ha'ze's hands curl around the drink and he leans forward to rest his elbows on knees. "Mayhap I'll try it." A glick of his gaze over to Abigail and he shrugs slightly before answering Kimm's answer. "Thunderbird. If Abigail'll be havin' me."

Abigail nods to Th'ero while she takes hold of the bottle. "Thanks." Is offered before she is taking a slight sip from it. A small one mind you, for yes it is not for gulping down! She coughs a touch though at the taste none the less but still has hold of the bottle. At the questions of what wing for Ha'ze she casts him a look, a smile seen at the answer. "Of course I will." Is offerd after a moment at the idea.

Th'ero laughs softly for Kimmila's continued refusal and reaches over to grab a bottle for himself. However, once he's uncorked it, it's handed instead to Ha'ze with a slight nod. Go on, have a sip? Apparently the Weyrleader isn't afraid of cooties. "Small sip, remember. You're not used to it, so it'll hit harder…" Case in point, when Abigail coughs a bit. Let that be a warning? The ale itself is, literally, black looking with a reddish tinge. It has a very strong flavour, strongly malty and roasted, laced with hints klah, dark fruits, anise, and what folks back on Earth would describe as 'liquorice'. Goes down with a kick but mellows out. "Knew it," Th'ero admits openly and his grin is a little broader now as he looks to Ha'ze and then to Abigail. He approves of it! "Would've been surprised if you chose anything other than Thunderbird. You going for S&R then or Policing." He'll know the answer to this, won't he?

Ha'ze raises an eyebrow at Th'ero's admission. It wasn't that big of a secret that Ha'ze only had one wing. "Policing. For now. Till Ustrr's dead." Nope, he hasn't gotten off that train just yet. The bottle is eyed a bit, and he swirls it in his hand before he shrugs and takes a careful mouthful, allowing it to circle in his mouth before swallowing. Cue coughin. "Shard's that's horrible…"

Kimmila grins. "Thunderbird suits you." The mention of Ustrr has her glancing at Th'ero, and then to the lake. "You're…" What's the word she's looking for. "Set on that?"

Abigail is quiet for a few moments as she hears Ha'ze comment on dealing with Ustrr. She takes another sip from her drink and is looking at the bottle knowing the answer from Ha'ze rather well and she is expecting the same now it would seem.

Th'ero will take the bottle back once Ha'ze has finished with it and he chuckles dryly. "It's an acquired taste. Usually you have to keep drinking it to like it," he admits but that's probably not convincing at all. The mention of Ustrr has the Weyrleader exhaling heavily. No, he knew that would still be in play. He darts a look to Abigail and then to Kimmila too. He does not look at that lake. He will NOT look at that lake. "You'd be good for Policing, Ha'ze… but you remember what I told you before? About revenge?"

Kimmila laughs. "So what does that say about it? You have to be drunk to enjoy it?" She has always enjoyed some teasing on BD's behalf. But there's more serious topics to contend with now, so she is quiet as she sips her drink.

Ha'ze lifts his own drink to his lips, the pale ale helping to wash the taste of the dark out of his mouth. There's silence where the others are looking at him for his comment. Finally, after several sips, "Aye. I remember. It ain't matterin'. Kainaesyth understands it's got to be done for my story to be movin' on. I ain't never goin' to be able to make somethin' more of myself if I don't be dealin' with this." His eyes drift upwards again, aiming to make eye contact with each of them. "I have to do this."

Abigail grins a bit to Kimmila. "Maybe just a bit doesn't hurt? Though really I dan't mind it, strong drink ang it's good honestly." This said with a soft tone at the talk of the drink. As for the conversation at hand, dealing with Ha'ze and Ustrr. "Somethings need to be done.. Other things do not move smoothly unless certain things are dealt with first." A slight look is sent to Th'ero as she says this, recalling another time here at the lake after all.

Th'ero snorts at Kimmila and gives her a crooked grin, "Maybe? It certainly helps," Case in point, he'll lift the bottle up as if to toast her and knocks back a good sip without so much of a grimace or twitch of his eye or mouth. He's used to it by now! "Stronger drinks are often the better ones but there's something to be said about the paler brews too. I've even grown fond of Kimmila's ciders," he admits to Abigail, only to lapse silent as he broods a moment over Ha'ze's words. He looks to Kimmila beside him and when Abigail agrees with Ha'ze, he only sighs. "I know that and I'm wanting Ustrr caught and dealt with too so we can all rest easy. I'm not going to stand in your way, Ha'ze but at the same time… It's not… as easy as you may think. Revenge may not bring what you seek either. Are you prepared for this?" Someone might want to check on the food too. His focus has shifted to Ha'ze now.

Kimmila meets Ha'ze's gaze without hesitation, without flinching, and she nods. "You've my bow if you need it," she says quietly, before she darts a look to Th'ero to see his reaction to that statement. Sorry. Then she leans forward to rescue a flaming skewer. Blowing it out, it's just like new. Crunchy. Adds texture!

Ha'ze has nothing to add to the conversation about drinks as he is steadily draining the drink in front of him. Finally it comes full circle again as
his gaze drops down. A shake of the bottle shows that it is empty, a suprise to Ha'ze. Huh. But Th'ero's still talking. "I ain't lookin' for anythin' to be comin from this. Except an end." His gaze moves over the moonlit waters. "An end to everythin' so that Kainaesyth and I can be startin' somethin' new."

Abigail looks to Th'ero quietly for a few moments before she glances to Ha'ze. There is a moment or two that her mind runs over the comments and she sips at her drink once more. "I've… Offered my aid to Ha'ze if he wishes it on this matter." Yes she just said that, and such a thing she takes a longer sip of her drink which will tus keep her quiet perhaps for a moment or three.

Th'ero takes another sip of his ale, his eyes never leaving Ha'ze's while the bronzerider speaks. He's quiet again when the bottle lowers, held between his fingers as he leans forwards to rest his elbows against his legs. There's a look to Kimmila when she offers her bow and his expression is difficult to read. No doubt they'll talk about it later… in private. Abigail's offer does not surprise him and doubly so if she's to be Ha'ze's Wingleader. He'll pull the rest of the skewers away from the flame before more fall victim to extra charring and then gestures to the others to help themselves. "As I said, I won't stand in Ha'ze's way in this. He's my support." Even if he harbours so many concerns. "… so long as I am not forced to move against him. If the danger escalates…" Th'ero will have to take over.

Kimmila nods her head slightly. "We'd rather not get the whole of Fort involved," she murmurs.

"Do you have another?" Ha'ze sets aside the bottle he has just drained. He rarely ever drinks, but perhaps its the location and the topic which makes it so. "I'm not lookin' to get anyone involved." A glance between Kimmila and Abigail. "If you were givin' me leave, I'd be goin' tonight."

Abigail is sipping at her drink once more when Ha'ze makes the comment of him leaving, tonight even and it makes her cough a few times to the point she needs to give her chest a smack. A glance is sent towards Ha'ze to watch him a moment. "I told ye before that I would help ye." She said so rather firmly before at that. She doesn't need any help getting herself in trouble, she finds it easily on her own! As for the rest, she isn't to sure what to say honestly, seeing how he is not a weyrling anymore.

Th'ero nods and reaches over again to grab yet another bottle of ale for Ha'ze. He gives Kimmila a sidelong look and a grim nod. "Not the whole of Fort, no. Some will be, obviously." There's no way around it. "Depending on where Ustrr and his men are… will affect things too." If the renegade has managed to cross borders, it'll be even worse but the Weyrleader doesn't dare bring that up now. There's a concerned look to Abigail. "You alright? Water skin to your right there with the other supplies," he offers, only to give Ha'ze a look beneath a knitted brow. "Not tonight, Ha'ze. You can't just leap ahead in matters like this. Trust us." They all have experience, the three of them. Laris made sure of it. "You've made it this far. The time will come soon enough."

Kimmila frowns at Ha'ze's 'tonight'. "You don't even know where he is. Where to begin. But." She glances at Th'ero. "We can share what we know, tonight?" It's a question for the Weyrleader.

"I figured not." On the permission to go. There's still a chance that Ha'ze might take off on his own without asking but… not tonight. Because he's going to take that second bottle and go on to begin downing it. Chances are Ha'ze isn't going to be able to walk straight by the end of tonight. His eyes move upwards to fiz on Kimm, then shoot a slight accusatory glance at Abbey. She'd promised to tell him what they found out, had she not?

Abigail shakes her head to the talk of water, she is fine really just needs a moment to catch her breath. A glance is sent towards Kimmila at the bit on what we know and she lifts a brow slightly. "Which news..?" Perhaps it is some news she doesn't know of? A glance is sent right back to Ha'ze, the glance is taken in and her pale gaze narrows a touch, don't even start with her on that!

Th'ero shoots Kimmila a look that is sharp this time, as though he wasn't quite expecting that to be said yet — or at all. Too late now and he sighs, shaking his head. "She's the right of it though. If you react too soon, your prey will likely slip your grasp. Linger too long and they also escape you. It's a delicate balance," he mutters with a knowing look sent to Abigail. She was with them enough times hunting down Laris to know the same would apply to Ustrr or any outlaw they have to chase down. Reaching into his pocket, he produces a folded hide which he then tosses over for Abigail to catch (though if Ha'ze is feeling gutsy, he can intercept it). "Mostly rumours is what's been heard over the months. Harper Hall has its sources and its from them that we've made that. Reliable, at least." To a degree. The hide is a map of Fort's territories. On it, several points have been marked in different colours. One for known locations, one for suspected and one for rumours.

Kimmila lifts her brows but she doesn't defend herself. Maybe it was a mistake. She says nothing.

Ha'ze really sucks at military structure, and right now he's on the edge of drunk. Not enough to dull his reactions to things, but enough to take the edge off his forced respectful. When that hide is flicked out Ha'ze does go fo it and snatches it out of the air to roll out. At least he's not standing and attempting to keep it out of reach. His eyes are glued onto it. "What do the colors mean." A demand. Ha'ze should probably not make demands.

Abigail is quiet for a few moments before peering at Ha'ze as the hide is grabbed hold of. She sighs a touch and finshes her drink before she reaches over to take hold of one edge of the hide and looks over the area. "Just relax Ha'ze." Is said with a soft tone. The Wingleader is able to hold her drink that is for certain, it'll take more then one stiff ale to cause even a buzz. She points to one color and then to the ledger in the corner to show Ha'ze. "One color is for rumors, the other known locations." She did comment on rumors to Ha'ze in the past, and how even though they checked each one nothing came forth with any real leads.

Th'ero's barely even feeling a buzz by now but give him time. He's just finished the first ale and is reaching for another while the bonfire continues to burn and most of the food he'd roasted prior grows cold. If the Weyrleader had doubts, they're certainly brought back by Ha'ze's open confusion over the coding of the map. Frowning, he shoots Kimmila a look and remains silent while Abigail speaks. He cannot, however, hold his tongue. "So you see why you need to wait, Ha'ze? You may feel ready to face Ustrr but that's only a small, small piece of it. You're fresh from weyrlinghood, about to be tapped into one of the most demanding and difficult Wings in Fort. You need to be trained…" At least a little bit.

"And we need to find him." that's Kimmila's dry, wry remark as she gets some more food for herself. "It takes time., even when you don't want it to. /Especially/ hen you don't want it to. You rush things you get shot out of a tree."

Abigail rolls the hide back up and shakes her head slightly before glancing to Ha'ze. "No one is keeping anything from ye Ha'ze. I said I wouldn't. I always keep me word." That goes with her helping him as well. "Yer be trained if yer with me wing that is for certain." As for that map unless Th'ero and Kimmila want it back right now she is going to take it with her and look it over more. She stands up and nods a bit to the others. "I'm going ta go get some sleep. Congrads again Ha'ze." She smiles to the young bronzer before pulling out a knot for Thunderbird Wing and tosses it to him. Why yes she carries them, or at least a few with them especially with talks of weyrlings graduating and the like. It's not /that/ formal of a thing, though she also knows Ha'ze isn't the type to like big shows of things. "See ye lot in the morning." She and the map head on towards where Niumdreoth is some ways off from the fire in order to get that sleep.

Th'ero will be the supplier of everything alcoholic! If Ha'ze's bottle is empty, another will be sent his way. The Weyrleader is still nursing his first bottle of that black ale but he's getting to the end and then he'll uncork a second. Let the fun begin? He grimaces to Kimmila and fleetingly his gaze to her turns protective and concerned and he almost reaches out to snare her against his side in a rough hug but catches himself at the last minute and awkwardly clasps her shoulder instead. "You'll be trained, Ha'ze. Hard, too. Thunderbird is the Wing that does not sleep," he drawls with another grimace. "Drills and training, not just with your Wingmates but the Guard too. It's tough work. And somewhere in all of that you'll be preparing for Ustrr and working at finding him and his men with the rest of us. We've not been keeping anything from you and least of all now, if you're to be tapped to Thunderbird…" Th'ero does not take the map from Abigail and likely both he and Kimmila have copies. As she takes her leave, he looks a little surprised but bids her farewell all the same. "See you in the morning."

Kimmila is still sipping on her drink, and doesn't look too inclined to take a second. Th'ero's shoulder clasp is met with a faint smile and a nod, and that's it. "Yeah," she agrees, looking back to Ha'ze. "You'll be as prepared as we can get you."

Ha'ze isn't paying attention to how much he's drinking. His mind is split between the location that they sit in and the conversation that is happening. When Abigail tosses that knot at him he starts, reaching upwards to grab it out of the air and holding it palm up in his hand. Silently he blinks down at that knot, before a very slight smile etches its way onto his lips. His coordination isn't so bad yet that he isn't able to reach up and replace the knot on his shoulder with the Thunderbird one. That weyrling knot? Hopefully Th'ero didn't want it back because Ha'ze throws it into the fire. As it burns his eyes follow Abigail into the darkness. Kainaesyth translates the goodbye to Niumdroth, though his version of 'thank you and see you soon' ends up more like an adventure story born upon warm spring wings and scented with desert sage. Back Ha'ze turns to the Weyrleader and Kimm, "What?" He wasn't listening to them, having been so caught off guard by the wing assignment.

Th'ero might have wanted that knot back but it's too late to ask once Ha'ze tosses the Weyrling one into the fire. For a moment he only blinks and then laughs, low and quiet in his throat. "Well. That's one way to do it, isn't it? Congratulations, Wingrider." You're one of us now! "No matter," he is quick to say when he seems confused and distracted. "Kimmila and I were just saying we'll see to it that you're prepared." Though she took the far shorter route over his long winded explanation. His hand, that had been resting on Kimmila's shoulder, now slides to rest against her back and he gestures with his other free hand to the food again. "Go on and eat, Ha'ze. May as well celebrate the next step, hmm?"

Kimmila also laughs when he tosses the knot into the fire. "Now Nyalle has to order another one of those, too," she says wryly.
There was food? Ha'ze's player totally didn't see that. A base for drinking. That's useful since Ha'ze is on his third bottle of ale. Maybe he's just thirsty. "New beginings." His gaze lifts upwards as he snags some easy finger food and looks across the waters. "I'll be ready," his gaze continues till it settles on Kainaesyth, his tarnished bronze making him into no more than a dark lump in the distance. "And Kai too."

Abigail seems to have been able to escape what needed her attention. Though it did take a bit of talking on her part, an that map was stashed away with Niumdreoth for her to look over in the morning light. As for a spot to sit she settles down next to Ha'ze once more, a hand lifting to push some hair from her face and she lets her pale gaze flick across the three. "What did I miss?"

"Just be sure we tell her it was… misplaced," Th'ero mutters under his breath to Kimmila about Nyalle having to order another one. If Ha'ze is thirsty, he should learn to drink water rather than three bottles of ale. Maybe the Weyrleader is catching on, as the other bottles are set a little away from the bronzerider and more of the food is set closer and within reach of everyone. Grilled veggies and meats and plenty of bread and cheese and other snack foods abound! One perk of the camp here is that the riders coming and going always bring something to replenish the stores. "Not much, Abigail! Welcome back. All is well?"

"Ha'ze was so excited to be in Thunderbird that he burned his Coatyl knot," Kimmila offers wryly, sipping her drink. "New beginnings." That was a toast, right? "Good."

That third bottle is going much, much, much slower, but it is going. Kimm's offer of a toast is treated like it is, with an upraised bottle before Ha'ze is drinking it again. He doesn't seem too interested in the food though, as he's still got his first nibble-whatever to much on. "Ma'am." Wait, where did he find his manners again?

Abigail waves a hand slightly. "Question on who was to come out next and who was to go back." Really, they hsould be able to handle it /themselves/ there all riders she shouldn't have to hold hands. As for dirnks she's brought back her own drink which in all honesty smells like whiskey for the ones in the know of such things. A glance is sent to Ha'ze at the talk from Kim on him burning the knot. "Nice." This said with an amused tone. She doesn't comment on the manners being found once more.

Th'ero quirks a brow to Abigail's response and then snorts. He agrees! Draining the last of his ale, he sets the empty bottle aside and reaches for another, but he'll nibble on some of the food first before he starts getting too far into it. "So long as it's only the knot that burns tonight and folks don't get carried away," he replies with an amused drawl, lifting his bottle to toast Ha'ze as well even if he's a touch belated on it.

Kimmila laughs and turns a bit so she can lean her back against Th'ero's side. "But getting carried away is the best part. That's what you do on camping trips."

See, Abbey liked it. A faint smile at his new wingleader as Ha'ze lifts the bottle again. "I ain't never got carried away." Well, not in the fun sense of the word. He'd need more ale for that.

Abigail chuckles softly and grins as she hears Kimmila. "She has a point. Fun to get a bit carried away at times." Just depends on how far someone takes it! She sips at her drink and winks towards Ha'ze as she lifts her bottle to join in the toast before sipping at it once more.
"Is that so?" Th'ero remarks dryly to Kimmila but his eyes flash with amusement and he will shift a bit to allow her to lean comfortably against his side. Maybe it's the shift in conversation or the double ales are hitting him, but he'll loop his arm around her firmly. "And just what would you have us do then, for getting "carried away"?" Is that a challenge? It very well could be! The Weyrleader is almost grinning and he takes another long sip of his ale. "Never?" he asks of Ha'ze with a curious look, while Abigail earns a low chuckle.

Kimmila laughs. "I think we get Abigail and Ha'ze drunk and lock them in a tent together."

"Ne'er." Trust Ha'ze to put serious into a lighthearted conversation. His mind had started to wander again when "WHAT?" cue a bit of coughing and sputtering as that last swallow goes down the WRONG TUBE. See drink? See drink getting SET DOWN.

Abigail grins a bit and chuckles softly while lifting her head a touch as she eyes Th'ero and Kimmila a moment. She isn't going to touch that! Nope instead she is sipping at her drink all the way through what Kimmila says and she blinks and then blinks again. She is left sputtering as well, a good hacking cough escaping her as she attempts to get air in to her lungs instead of the burning whiskey that hit her like a bunch of bricks. Well that was one way to knock out two riders in one blow without lifting a finger.

Three riders. Th'ero doesn't choke on his ale but he does sputter all the same as he looks down at Kimmila with a look of surprise. Not shock or incredulousness. Half of him knew that was bound to happen! "Kimm! Jays…" he grumbles and for a moment it looks as though he gives her a nudge to her side. Surely the Weyrleader isn't being playful? Nah, that's just a trick of the eyes. "Besides. You and I both know their are no tents unless folks brought their own or have the materials to rig a makeshift cover." Wait. Is he in on the joke now too? "Try again, Kimmila. No tents, no…" You know. He fumbles awkwardly and coughs. Right.

Kimmila laughs gleefully. "Hey, I'm just trying to help a guy out." Well. Volunteering Abigail to help a guy out. "The woods, then. Sure they can figure out what parts go where."

Ha'ze is turning red. VERY RED. He flashes Abigail a look before he's just going to look away. Hum, "Kainaesyth's needin' somethin'." Nope, it's just going to remain something, though Kai puts an instant lie to it by denying he needs ANY SUCH THING. Up Ha'ze goes to begin to walk away unless someone makes him stay.

Abigail sputters a few times while she shifts to wipe her hand across her face, a few more coughs escaping her as a result. "Well isn't that nice of ye Kimmila." She offers while peering at the blueirder a moment as she is basicly offered up like some side of beef ir seems like that for a moment. A glance is sent to Ha'ze as he is beat red and leaving. "Ha'ze, there just pulling yer leg." YES /they/ as Th'ero got in on it too.

Hey! Th'ero wasn't really in on it! He was trying to steer it away from ragging on Ha'ze and Abigail, only it didn't quite work that way. "Kimm!" he says again and this time his voice does carry a slightly incredulous tone. He lowers his head to whisper something hurriedly to her, what sounds almost like a 'go easy on them!' sort've spiel but one can't be too sure. "Ha'ze!" He calls out after Abigail when he spots the bronzerider getting up to leave. "Come and sit! No harm meant, it was just some joking around." Right? Right.

Kimmila doesn't say a word. She's HELPING. Not really. Not at all. But she does wink at Abigail.

Did someone say something? What? Ha'ze would totally leave except… Kainaesyth has another opinion on this. He uncoils himself from the dragon ball to jump towards the sky, abruptly needing a bath and STRANDING Ha'ze behind. "You did that on purpose…" It's a mutter from the darkness, but Ha'ze is coming back, NOT looking at Abigail.

Abigail isn't to sure what to do while she peers at Kimmila for a few moments after that wink. She lowers her gaze to the fire before taking a long sip from her drink. Oh there are a few things running through her right at the moment it seems. Once Ha'ze is back she glances to him, a faint smile caught though she catches sight of him not looking at her and a soft breath escapes her. Oh sure, Kimmila helps so much at the moment, see?

Th'ero's head tilts up as Kainaesyth suddenly takes wing and Ha'ze is left behind and the Weyrleader can only feel a bit of sympathy for the bronzerider. Velokraeth has pulled that stunt one too many times as well! Sensing the building awkwardness as he glances back to Abigail, he seems at a loss of how to mend things. Unless… "Kimmila, a word, perhaps?" Uh oh. That doesn't sound… promising. Or the least bit suggestive! Even if he's about to drag the bluerider off into the jungles. Pushing to his feet, he'll keep one hand on Kimmila, be it her arm or shoulder and three ales or not, he's surprisingly steady on his feet. "You two enjoy the rest of the food and help yourself to more of the ale…" Or whatever. Th'ero's really trying not to make this any worse, honest! "See you both in the morning." If they stay the night! "Kimmila?" Follow. And that IS an order! He begins to walk, thinking at the last minute to grab one of the basket of glows stacked with the pile of supplies but it won't be long before he vanishes in the nighttime darkness.

Kimmila is pulled up and she grins. "Sure thing, wingmate. Night, you two!" Finger wiggle. Then she's following after Th'ero. /She/ at least thinks she's going to the jungle for some sexy time.