Fort Weyr - Forest Fork Road
This trail leads north into the depths of the traveller's forest and it forks here to lead also west, just as deep a forest lying ahead. The trees have been cut back from the trail to remove hiding spots for anyone that might take a fancy to the thought that easy pickings might be found along this trail. The surface of the trail has been packed down and consists mainly of crushed gravel and sand to provide a solid foundation and good drainage during rain storms and spring melt waters. A sign post indicates the distances to each area that the path leads to as well as a plaque indicating that the path had been completed under Senior Weyrwoman Elara's supervision and guidance.

Faranth, is there a lot of muck to the ground today, the cool of the air not enough to solidfy the insidious springtime mud in the least. This is when Br'enn is quite grateful to be able to fly, though he's still wearing a tall, thick pair of boots against the inevitability of having to end up on the ground. One place where the mud isn't quite so bad in the fork in the most heavily traveled of Fort's forest roads, and this is where Br'enn has Tovihasuth land for now. Today is a day for satisfying a few curiosities for the bronze - in spite of his lifemate's protests that things are just too sharding muddy to do much. What deters human feet is nothing for a dragon, after all, particularly one of Tov's size and tenacity. Br'enn gets work removing his dragon's straps, peering around at the woods and reacquainting himself with the space. He remembers it being close…

Jaicoureth and C'rus descend from the sky as well. The pair circle gently before landing on the road in the least muddy spot. The last thing that they need is to be tracking a boatload of mud back into their weyr. After landing C'rus climbs down off his lifemates back and takes a glance around, "What are you doing all the way out here?" he asks. Jaicoureth greets his brother warmly. « Hello Tovi. How are you today? » he asks. He'd assume well, but it never hurts to ask.

Jaicoureth's approach elicits a brassy warble of greeting from Tovihasuth, who is kept from sitting up and flapping only by the fact that Br'enn is still working. "Just gettin' reacquainted with a familiar spot," Br'enn replies, undoing the last strap to free his lifemate and looking to C'rus. "Lettin' him get acquainted with it, since he's curious. Sort of an eventful area, after all." Somewhere nearby is the clearing in which he practiced crossbow as he recovered from his injuries a bit over a Turn ago, where things were established with Rynn…and also another area where they'd camped as Candidates and been accosted by Ustrr and his men. "What're you doin' out here?" Tovihasuth is all upbeat breezes and bright temple heights in his mind today, glad for his brother's company. « Jai! I'm doing well. Br'enn is letting me explore somewhere he's been a lot, so I'm going to try getting through the trees without touching, if I can. » He's making a game of it, in other words. « Want to come? He says there are good things to eat here, too, if we can find them. »

C'rus is taking full advantage of the lighter schedule since they are now officially weyrlings no more, "Just out exploring with him a bit…" he motions over to Jaicoureth, "He's a big ball of energy these days and is wanting to see everything around Fort that he couldn't see when we were weyrlings. I think he has a plan to slowly make the circle more and more wide until it encompasses all of Pern. He wants to wander a bit." The blue is always looking at things and wanting to understand everything. Jaicoureth bobs his head to his brother. « Sure. I'd like to go and see what is going on in this area. What have you been doing lately? » he asks loving to hear the news that each has to speak about.

« Me? Oh, you know. Seeing whatever there is to see. Br'enn says we're going to go a lot of different places, once we're on a wing, » Tovihasuth says, moving off the beaten path into the mud. « What about you? » The bronze glances back to where his rider is following behind, quietly asking for confirmation of this as a good spot to start sniffing about. Waving Tovihasuth onwards, Br'enn hefts the straps over his shoulder and starts walking along the road, using his chin gesture C'rus along with him. "Don't break any trees!" he hollers ahead, chuckling lightly before turning his attention back on the bluerider. "'m thinkin' Tov has the same sort of idea in mind. I keep tellin' 'im we'll get to it. Other stuff to make sure we do first." Like getting tapped.
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Jaicoureth listens to his brother talk about all the places he plans on seeing and it does awaken in him a desire to get out there and start seeing some things for himself. It's hard to wrap your mind around the idea that you are essentially free. After so many restrictions you can now do whatever you want as long as you aren't stupid about it. He goes over the events of the last few days and puts them in some kind of order, « Organizing our weyr. Putting my dear boys personal life in order and oh! Livanyth flew! I was there. She did not appreciate my singing. Everyone is a critic… » If Jaicoureth was flustered at all by the event he certainly doesn't seem to show it. « I hope she found love. » Which is the same wish he wishes for everyone. C'rus follows along with Br'enn as he releases Jai to go where he pleases, "I think if we aren't careful we'll put things off and just never get to them."

Tovihasuth gives a snort and starts making his way forward between the trees. « I don't know what Livanyth appreciates, » the bronze says, more resigned to that as truth than bemused over it. Even after a Turn, he still can't figure the green out. « I'm sure she has the same love we have! » he returns to the blue's last, fervently hoping so. Nope, Tov still doesn't quite get Jai's perspective on love. Maybe he will someday! Br'enn is starting to move closer to the edge of the road, still careful not to get into the worst of the mud but clearly peering through the widely-spaced evergreens in search of something. "Like what?" he asks distractedly, hitching his burden a bit higher on his shoulder.

Jaicoureth follows after Tovi into the trees looking around the forest. He has never really been in one before. He flew over them of course, but to be in the trees is a different thing entirely. It reminds him a bit of Kai's and Tovi's voices. It's so natural and alive! « I do not know what she appreciates either. I wish I did. » He considers the bronze's response and isn't put off by it, but he does want with all his heart to help him see. « It's the best thing in the world, Tovi. » Yes. The best thing ever! C'rus keeps his eyes on his feet. There are way too many muddy spots and not enough grass spots to walk on, "Things like traveling and just getting out and experiencing life. More to life than work and all that…"

Tovihasuth pauses, breathing deeply for a moment. And loudly, because his size doesn't really allow for anything less when taking a good, lusty sniff. « I like the air here, » he says. « It smells like the Weyr, but stronger. More pure. » He moves forward again, maneuvering between a couple of wide-trunked pines with surprising litheness before glancing over at Jaicoureth and blinking. darkgoldenrod|« I know! »## he replies gladly. Love of Br'enn, love of his clutchsiblings, love of his home - he gets all that. He wouldn't know what to do without it! But that probably isn't what Jai is on about - not that the bronze is picking up on that. "Ah. Yeah," Br'enn replies, still casting about and pausing now. "If this life," life at the Weyr, "became all work, I think I'd seriously consider leavin.'" After talking to Rynn and likely getting convinced to change his mind by Tovihasuth. "There it is," he declares finally, having spotted what he was searching for. Looking down, he picks out a mostly sold path, heading into the trees. "Just step where I do, eh?"

Jaicoureth doesn't quite have the appreciation for nature that Tovi seems to have, but he does have a strong desire to explore and see new things and this is definitely a new thing. The forest does smell different and the light is different here. « Pure is good,» he affirms taking in a nice sized breath himself. Being smaller than his brother moving in and out of the trees is a bit easier, but he still has to keep a close eye on where he is and move as carefully as he can. Hurting yourself when out exploring would dampen the fun. He lets his favorite topic drop for now since Tovi seems to understand what he is saying, or even if he doesn't one has to quit while he is a head. He just hummms happily as he moves. "I'm stuck for life I'm afraid. He'd never let me go…" C'rus says as he walks along carefully following after Br'enn, "Where exactly are we going?" he asks, "I'll step carefully. Don't want to bust my leg out here or something."

Stalking forward further, Tovihasuth nearly manages to get himself stuck between a couple more trees, causing one to bounce back and startle a small fair of wherries. The forest doesn't allow him to chase after them, however. « Oops! » The young bronze grumbles a bit before moving on. There'll be more to go after, he's sure. « Mine has a bad memory of this spot, » he observes, stopping and sizing the clearing up to a mental image from Br'enn. « But more good memories of the rest. » Glancing around quietly for a bit, he considers the forest as whole, absorbing this particular spot into it. « This is a place for good memories. It's too beautiful to let the bad hang on. » Br'enn catches that and smiles as his boots come into contact with pine needle and leaf-laden ground in a clearing flanked by a few boulders, trees ringing it in a near perfect circle. "Lookin' for here. Old haunt, I guess you could say." He hefts the straps from his shoulder onto a log, laying them out carefully. "Lookin' forward to it bein' one again. Ever stayed out in the woods much?"

Even if Jaicoureth and Tovi were to rustle up some wherries there is no way that they could take off with the trees so close. It just wouldn't be a good idea. Though it does give him an idea. « I wonder if we could pop between from the ground and come out above the trees and grab them. » That probably isn't the smartest of ideas, but Jai always was one to come up with something just crazy and creative. « My dear boy has bad memories of a place near here too. It is very emotional for him. He has many deep feelings about a great many things. He worries too much. Yes…this place is wonderful. I could come back here to think and sing. » C'rus keeps his eyes peeled on the ground but also takes a moment to take in the beauty of the place, "I could see where you'd like it here. The woods and I never really played nicely together. I tend to stick to civilization. Doesn't mean I can appreciate the wilds though."

Tovihasuth snorts lightly, shaking his head a little. « We'd need to know how this looks from above a little better first, » he says. « And the older ones would get pretty mad at us for trying, I think. » Looking around again and then moving around the clearing, the bronze states, « Yours'll be fine. He has you! And friends. We should come here more. Mine plans to. » Now that they're free-ish. Br'enn, in the meantime, takes a seat on the log, grateful for his riding leathers because it's quite clear that log isn't entirely dry. "Oughta head out here with me every now and then. Do ya good, I think. It's a good place to just…be."

Jaicoureth trusts all the older dragons implicitly, and he certainly would follow any order he was given without any hesitation whatsoever, but he had an epiphany not all that long ago that helped put some things into perspective for him. « The older dragons are wise, but they do not understand what it means to be us. We must be the grownups now and trust our own decisions, even if its hard to do. We are free now to be ourselves. » Jai rumbles outward to his brother with a gentle music behind it. « Yes. He does. And I think we will. » Yeah, he's done some deep thinking recently. C'rus also plops himself down on the log, "I probably should. If it was up to me my home would be out here somewhere. It's nice to have a place to get away too…"

Somewhere in the muddy woods hides one sneaky brownriding pair known as Mazzolyth and Rynn. While the stocky brown might otherwise be hard to hide, the mired muck oh thawed winter ground provides excellent coverage. On the far edge of the clearing the two remain camouflaged, both covered in sticky moistened earth and strategically placed in perfect scaring spots. They've gone unnoticed up to this point, and with Br'enn, Tovi, C'rus and Jai approaching their vicinity it won't be long before the mud-laden prowlers pounce. It takes every ounce of Mazzolyth's being to not project beyond their bubble, the excitement and adrenaline bubbling up inside as the intensity of their little prank mounts. Now is the perfect timing! The boys settle on the log and Rynn jumps up from the mud puddle behind them, and Mazz over near his clutchbros, sending chunks spewing everywhere as expansive wingspan outstretches. It's Swamp Thing!. Rynn's arms are up in a comedic fashion and she lets out the silliest mock cackle and Transylvanian accent. "Bwahahaha… vee vant to suck yer blooood!" Cuz lore of vampires totally exists on Pern, right? The looming brown shakes his wings in the most 'threatening' way possible. « OoooOoooo… » the booming rumble of earthquakes projects with the best ghost impression a dragon's mind touch can do.

Startled, Tovihasuth doesn't jump, but instead utters a roar of challenge and stands his ground…until he recognizes Mazzolyth and warbles a query both apologetic and perplexed. « What were you doing that for? » he wants to know, his tone carrying a hint of and why didn't you let me in on the fun so I could startle someone, too? "So why don't you 'n' Kera just-" Br'enn is starting ask C'rus, and then there's something springing at them from behind. He feels it first, jumping up and turning at the same time to catch whatever it is…and then it's cackling and speaking and the hands that had started to stretch to grab their assailant pause. "Rynn…" Br'enn's face is stern, but his eyes are alight both with adrenaline from his startled state as well as mischief. Doesn't she know he's just going to get her back for it later? "What're you doin?" He also can't hug her when she's all muddied up like that. The disappointment!

Jaicoureth gives a hop backwards avoiding trees in the process. He isn't one to be a fighter first, he'd much rather bolt if he has the chance. Though in this case its unnecessary. The 'swamp thing' is apparently Mazz. Strange that he didn't sense that he was nearby. It all comes down to paying attention he would guess. « Mazz, you should be more careful. If you do that to the wrong dragon you could get hurt. » he says out of concern. He's sure there are some grumpy dragons out there who wouldn't take kindly to something like that. Though thankfully he is not one of them. « It is good to see you, though, » he says as he moves back to where he was standing. C'rus has the odd experience of feeling both his own surprise and the dragon's surprise simultaneously. He hops off the log and nearly slips in the mud before turning around to see just what it is that is coming at them, and its Rynn…"You shouldn't do that…" he says with a huff, though he smiles shortly afterward, clearly glad to see her. The three musketeers are together again. Yay!

Mazzolyth will admit with a grumbly rawr, « M'not really sure! Rynn says to be scary and do some jukes… jokes… something like that?? » The dragon stand off is pretty cute and Rynn lets out some pretty uproarious laughter about the attempted scare. " Sorry guys. Guess being covered in mud and trying to scare you guys was much funnier in my head." She'll plop her caked self down on the log. "Mazz and I were working on hunting in unique situations…" very unique by the looks of it. So maybe the pair have been taking strange advantage of the change in season, the browns fervor for learning new things creating all sorts of interesting situations for their explorations. Mazz will extend a submissive snout to his bros as if to show he meant no harm, despite being oh so proud they went under the radar and seemed to give a semi-successful spook. « We been waiting for the right group… Was hide-n-seek time with Rynn but Simian tipped us off to you guys heading this way when ya left the Weyr. » Yep, speshul surprises just for them! Yipee!!

« Well, jokes can be a lot of fun! » Tovihasuth declares, shaking a little to clear off a few flung bits from Mazzolyth's antics. « But Jai is right. Just be careful! » He ought to know. The bronze bumps his snout against that of his brown brother and then moves around him, eying the mud covering his hide almost dubiously before reaching out with a paw to try sloughing some of it off. Br'enn shakes his head with a chuckle and sits back down, reaching over to pull a few bits of Rynn's rather involved camouflage out of her hair. "'s unique alright, y'silly woman," he scoffs at her fondly before looking back at C'rus. "Promise I won't ever subject ya to this sorta huntin', if y'ever follow," he quips, turning an impish grin on Rynn thereafter.

Jaicoureth would be hard pressed to ever say anything bad about fun. He bobs his head to Mazz and if dragons could smile he would. He begins to shake his head and opens his wings a bit to try to get some of the excess bits of mud off, but at this point he'll probably just take a dip in the lake when he gets back. « Careful is good, but its good to see you brother. » he says. C'rus stands there for a moment just letting his adrenaline level fall to a more reasonable place. He looks between Rynn and Br'enn and smiles, "It's good to see you guys in one spot together."

Br'enn gives a sigh, mentally letting Tovihasuth know enough exploring has been had for now as he stands up, and the bronze huffs a bit. « C'mon guys, » he says, a hint of dejection in his tone. It doesn't last too long, however. « Time to head back! We can do more exploring later. When there's less mud. » Whenever that happens. "Good to have us all together," Br'enn adds with a smirk to C'rus, and he reaches out for Rynn's hands to help her up. "Let's get back and get a little nature cleaned off us, eh? Especially you." Rynn's chin is tapped a bit for that, and then Br'enn is busy gathering his straps again. Back to the harder pack of the road the three will head, and then it's onward back home. Enough adventuring for one day, small though the adventure may have been.