Who Riohra Eiram Sephany
What Eiram visits
When Spring
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

Riohra is out on the warmer lake water today swimming well, doing laps but it is the same thing. The tall hunter is working on his technique in the afternoon warmth of the day, on the beach there is a towel and things set up for the tall man when he gets out. The most notable thing is a large thermos of what is assumed to be hot Klah.

Eiram has been an absent figure from the weyr since the Games. Well he doesn't live here after all, just stays here on occasion visiting up from the hall. Finally another free day does see him heading up to visit family and friends up at the weyr. There are a pair of folks walking together, Eiram walking with an older man but one not overly tall, maybe topping out at 5 1/2 feet. From the dark wild hair and features one might guess the two are related. They are holding an animated conversation from might be overheard of some musical theory and harper tales.

Riohra in the water is still swimming but the little brown who is resting in the sun will prop his head up at the sound of people talking…Qorten will chitter happily when he sees it is Eiram coming down the walk. Though he doesn't move where he guards his masters treasure he does watch the pair with interest.

An old bronze firelizard is cavorting in the air behind the pair of dark haired folk and catches the sound of the younger brown firelizard. There is a lovely tonal sound of his call to the creature. The greetings finally get attention of Eiram and his father and they look up from conversation, clearly surprised where they have ended up. Eiram spots Riorha in the water and lifts a hand to wave, "How cold is it?!" He yells out to the swimming hunter.

Riohra will stop and wave saying "It is warm for Fort" wether that is a warning or an invite remains to be seen. He will tread water calling back from the lake "there is Klah in the Thermos, Don't mind Qorten he likes to think everything I own needs guarding." The little brown firelizard will uncurl himself from around the thermos and returns the greeting from the bronze but still sits on the large blanket that has been stretched out on the sand. The Afternoon warmth of Rukbat is enough to heat the area so the snow is gone but the water is still an unknown.

Eiram has been walking with his father from the looks of him and also gives a hint of his growth potential as his father barely tops 5 1/2 feet. Eiram clearly got much of his looks and wild dark hair from his father. The bronzerider looks over to the chatting firelizards with amusement as his own old bronze firelizards flies down to inspect the young brown. Eiram for his part is shaking his head at Riohra, "I am used to swimming in southern waters! Much warmer down there and year round too! I think I will leave the Klah to you, you will need it!"

The fair weather, a break from the harshness of winter's snows, finds Sephany enjoying the great outdoors. She still wears a thicker, winter-weather dress, but her cloak is tossed over her arm and she looks pleased enough to turn her face into the slight breeze and sunny rays. Content. Her feet bring her to the lake, where familiar voices catch her attention. Head turns, grey eyes find the friendly faces, and her steps take a decidedly purposeful approach now. "Riohra, Eiram…" and then a glance toward the unfamiliar bronzerider, a dip of her head and a polite, "good day," for a greeting. Best behavior, here.

Riohra grins and waves to Sephany and will finish his laps before he makes his way back to the shore line. He is wearing just shorts and will quickly towel off and cover up in thick robe. He reaches down and the scratches the little brown firlizards head. "Afternoon all" he nods to the older man talking with Eiram looking for some kind of knot as identifier.

The arrival of Sephany and her greeting gets Eiram's attention and he bobs his head to her. He has been stuck at Harper hall since the 'Games' but having a day off and visiting the weyr. "Hey Seph! This is my Da, Ly'am." He looks up to his father, "Da, she is the weaver I was telling you about with the award winning snow lady!" He gives in greeting. The bronzerider bows with a flourish, "The warrior lady with the ruffles?" Ok so Eiram may have combined some of the escapades of the games in his telling. Eiram nods emphatically to his dad before motioning out to the hunter, "And this is my friend Riohra the great Hunter." Ly'am grins to both 'warrior and hunter' "Well met, my son has told me much about you both." Ly'am's knot is of a rider for the Haast wing.

A small wrinkle of her nose precedes her words as Sephany addresses Riohra with a small, "You are out of your mind, swimming in that water." Because while the sun is shining, and the air is crisp but pleasant, she is certain that lake is anything but temperate. As introductions are made, Seph smiles at Ly'am anew, adding a quick, "pleasure to meet you," and then a sideways glance at Eiram for the 'warrior lady' comment. "Sure." Warrior lady. Ruffles. Totally go together. And Riohra, the great hunter. This earns a bit of a grin from the weaver, as well as a distinctly amused twinkle in her eyes. No comment there, though.

Riohra grins and lifts up the thermos to pour himself a some and drink it down before responding to the bronzerider "I don't know about great hunter, lucky I could see being a good title." He will give Sephany a very innocent *see dumb* expression saying "Oh it wasn't to bad, you should go try it. Can't be afraid of something once you master it"

Eiram winks at Sephany as he notes the sideways glance at him, then smiles his most charming smile. That kind that allows him to get away with certain deeds. Ly'am gives a look up at the sun position and gives Eiram a bit of a nudge, "We best get back, got the family luncheon today. No commenting on Ryna's husband this time…" Eiram hrmphs slightly, "But his nose.." He makes a gesture indicating length is the issue before nodding. He turns to Sephany and Riohra with a little wave, "I will see you both later if I survive the family lunch!"

"Oh, well… Pleasure to meet you!" repeats Sephany for the third time (awkward) as Ly'am and Eiram leave. And then she can relax just a little bit, some tension in her shoulders easing out as she turns to consider Riohra and his thermos. "Um. No, thank you," a bit dryly. "Firstly, I am not at all dressed for that sort of activity," and she motions to the heavy dress she's wearing, "And secondly, I am not so eager to freeze to death. Thanks, no thanks." A shake of her head, and she steps further toward the lake, if only to get a better view. "How does one 'master' the cold?"

Riohra blinks and will also wave ackwardly and saying "Bye!" he shakes his head and smiles at Sephany, handing her the warm thermos "you put warm things in side your belly, then you dont stop moving. My father used to say imagine a fire inside of you and then keep it alive and burning" He will shrug abit and chuckle "I know it sounds corny but that is the way of fathers I am told."

"No thanks," for the thermos. Sephany will take his word on its warmth. "And I'm sure there is some logic to what you say, but regardless; I don't think imagining a fire in my belly is going to keep the frostbite at bay for every long, Riohra." It's a good natured type of animosity, though she's rather resolute that they will agree to disagree on this point. "I think I will wait for the warmer months before I attempt swimming in this… lake." And despite the warmth, there is a little shiver to her shoulders. "I am used to the warm waters of Ista, and Half Moon Bay, and Southern Boll! Not this icy glacier that just thawed out from winter."

Riohra nods and grins "I know what you mean i grew up on the southern continent. It is still taking me turns to get used to.." He looks back at the lake and walks over to his stuff shedding his robe so he can put a fresh shirt on the large scars on his back can be seen. "But if I am to learn to swim in the deeper water with out panicking I have to practice." he kneels down looking for a towel for his hair.

"The snow I do not mind," decides Sephany, almost looking wistful that winter has departed. "I never got to skate on the actual late, either…" definitely sad for that. "But that does not mean I am going to swim in there any time soon. You are made of tougher stuff than I am," she tells him decidedly. His next words grab her attention and her gaze, grey eyes landing on him with a curious expression. "You're learning to swim? You didn't know how?" Scars are noted, curiosity turning to brief confusion, though she's too polite to say anything about it.

Riohra nods as she asks the question "Oh I could dog paddle just fine but after my accident I be came afraid of the water. To the point that even being on an Island drove me to the bottle." he says almost shamefully but he will square his shoulders saying "But that is behind me now." he grins up at her saying "It is ok to ask you know, about them.." He motions to his back of scars some thin some thick "Unless they find offense in your eyes?"

A soft "oh," for the dog paddling comment, and then an equally soft, "Must have been a very bad accident." But Sephany is not really one to pry, and turns her eyes away from his back out of respect and politeness, looking to the view across the lake instead. "You used to drink?" and for some reason, this surprises her more than his fear of water, grey eyes flashing briefly to the hunter for an assessment. "I wouldn't have known… you don't see the type." As for his scars, there is a brief shake of her head and a quick, "No, they don't offend me. They're scars… how could they offend someone?" but she does not ask about that story. Not today. "It isn't a matter of offense; it is a matter of respect. And time," she tells him honestly. "I came out for a bit of fresh air and a walk, but I need to be heading back. I don't want them to send someone to fetch me." As she turns to walk past, she reaches out her hand in an attempt to grip his arm, a friendly gesture. "Another time, and you can tell me."

Riohra nods at her statement and smiles slipping his shirt on. When she grips his arm he says "When ever you get the time we can talk about them. Oh and dont forget in two days is my fitting with your journeyman I ripped that good shirt I have and well Kass finally kicked me enough to make me go and get new ones" he smiles at her warmly and will watch as she walks off back to her work. He turns and sits down on the blanket drinking his Klah and looking pleased with himself for his accomplishments of the day.

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