Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

It's afternoon over Fort, with Rukbat past her zenith and starting the slow journey back towards the horizon. Not that it's especially warm, though; there are clouds blocking the light, and in their shadows, which scud across the ground, carried forth by the stiff breeze, the temperature seems to drop a good degree or two. The cool doesn't seem to bother Rhenesath, though, who's picked an unusual spot to lounge, not far from the steps leading up to the administration complex. Thys is there with her, pacing back and forth in front of her lifemate's forepaws gesticulating in a manner as if she's trying to recite something.

R'yal has been..wandering. He looks aimless really as he treks across the bowl, head tilted..up instead of watching where he's walking. Maybe there's something /really/ interesting up there? No, no. Just clouds. But at least he does eventually pause in that forward movement to look around. And if he looks confused…well. There's Thys, at least! There's a small frown as he heads that way, one hand rubbing the back of his neck. "I swear..I keep completely spacing out today.. Thys! How've you been..?"

C'rus is also out and about, primarily because Jaicoureth insisted that he be…and C'rus thinks he knows why. The blue had informed him days ago of the nature of the situation and certainly C'rus is not happy about it on many levels. He does have one thing going for him, a deep and abiding trust in his dragon, "We've talked about this you know…" he says to the dragon at his side. Jaicoureth bobs his head as he walks, «Yes. We did. It will be alright. I've got this.» Somehow C'rus isn't as reassured as he would like to be but times being what they are he has little choice. The pair spot Thys, Rhen and R'yal and C'rus gives them all a wave, "Hello guys…" Jaicoureth reaches out with his baritone voice and musically greets Rhen, «Hello Rhen. It is a nice day today.»

When she's addressed, Thys holds up an apologetic finger asking for just a moment; her eyes are shut tight, and she barrels off a quick list of names. "Phew, finished! Hi, R'yal - sorry. Trying to remember name after name is so tedious. I'm well, thank you. How are you and Livanyth? Rhenesath sends her regards to her. Oh, hi, Cy!" It's a gaggle of weyrlings. "What're you both up to, other than spacing out?" « Today is a lovely day, Jaicoureth, and my name is Rhenesath. » The gold's voice is accompanied by an image of a sparse mountainscape, dotted with shrubs and tiny wildflowers.

R'yal keeps his mouth shut! He does, although he watches Thys with a slightly tilted head while she does her..thing. Thing with names. "I'm…we're..alright?" Really, the greenrider doesn't sound too sure of that, and when C'rus approaches he turns a look on the other weyrling that is a bit..intent. "C'rus." His hand comes up again however, this time to rub at the bridge of his nose a bit before going rather..still. Still as the rather brilliant green he had been looking for before..makes a descent into the feeding grounds across the bowl. "Liv wants blood." A quiet revelation, whispered faintly to the other weyrlings. Or to himself?

C'rus seems to have had his reservations about this situation confirmed. So it begins it seems. C'rus is seldom at a loss for things to say but in this situation words really escape him. So he just stands there for a moment or two, or even three before he is able to wrap his mind fully around this, "I hope that things go very well for you R'yal." What other wish could he have for his friend. Jaicoureth on the other hand is placid as ever. The picture of peace and harmony. He'd made his decision and this is the moment he begins to put his life into practice the way he wishes too. No others to tell him what he needs to think or feel. He will be himself. At least he thinks so. Jaicoureth bobs his head once more to Rhenesath's comment, «Yes it is. Please excuse me. I have something I must attend too.» he says with a flash of fireworks, «Good day sister.» And with that he is off like a shot toward the feeding grounds leaving C'rus there to stand, "Crap." is all the man can say.

"Blood." Thys overhears that, and repeats it, running her tongue nervously over her bottom lip while looking anxiously at C'rus… and then at Jaicoureth. "Oh." Surprise! "Rav… are you ok? Do you want me to come with you?" Not that she's going to be much help, but… well, moral support, maybe? "We should get you to the pens…"

Why are the feeding grounds so far /away/? Really, it's much too far, as R'yal gives a bit of a look at the wide expanse of area between him and where Livanyth has just gone off to land. There's an uncertain look given toward Thys, despite being just a little hazy in it all. " probably should stay here. Things" At least that's what he's been told. Crazy times are fast approaching. Jaicoureth has already flown off too, and R'yal can really only slant a look toward C'rus as he begins moving in that direction. Across the bowl. "Things go well for me regardless of the outcome, I think.."

Kimmila is here, and looks a bit…puzzled and amused by it all. "Hey," she says as she approaches, watching Varmiroth soar to the feeding grounds.

"Alright… ok. Good luck?" Thys catches R'yal's hand quickly, giving it a squeeze. "I'll come find you after, if you want? Rhen will check in with Livanyth." She drops her hold, giving the greenrider a gentle nudge towards the pens. "Go on. Try and enjoy it?" Then Kimmila appears, and Thys looks relieved to have someone who knows so much more about this stuff on the scene! "Kimmila! Um…" She doesn't know what to do, and she shrugs her shoulders in a dramatic demonstration of as much.

Bronze Kainaesyth has not decided to come to this shingdig, though clearly he has heard the call of his clutch mate. Today the tubers must make it into the ground, or it will be too late for the farmers to get in a double crop. But he has sent Ha'ze to watch and make sure he tells him EVERYTHING. Thus it is that Ha'ze strolls into the North Bowl, thumbs through his belt loops. "This don't seem like a party you'd be at Thys."

C'rus certainly looks to be rather pale. He still feels fine, very much himself, but that doesn't mean that can't change or won't. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath sending a message to his dragon. It's all he really can do. Nothing else for it really. Trust time. He can only nod to R'yal's answer. He isn't really sure he believes that, but he isn't going to scare his friend now by saying anything to the contrary. This isn't the right moment for that considering they have the same sword hanging over all their heads. Upon arrival at the pens Jaicoureth offers a bob of his head in greeting, «Livanyth I'm here for you. Fly for love…» is the advice that Jaicoureth offers her.

It's a strange gathering of folks, really. R'yal turns a bit of /eyeing/ on Ha'ze when he shows up. Surprising? Awkward? Of course it is! But the greenrider seems to be rooted in place now, legs unwilling to work very well as a few others seem to be..drifting in. Even Kimmila? Thankfully, he can feel utterly embarrassed later. /Later./ "I think I really should..go somewhere." Once his legs stop being frozen, anyway.

Kimmila dips her head in a nod to Thys. "Hi, Thys. Nice if you to be here for him for a bit." She looks around to spot Ha'ze, but with Varmiroth reporting Kainaesyth isn't here, she can only ask, "Moral support?" with a little grin. Hands in her pockets, the bluerider seems relaxed. "Breathe, C'rus…" She seems completely in control of herself in the moment at least. "Guest weyr?" she suggests gently to R'yal.

It's not just Thys hanging out with the wrong crowd, but Rhenesath too; they're all at the bottom of the staircase leading up to where the goldrider weyrling's weyr is. "Sorta here accidentally, Ha'ze, and, um… well, I'm not sure where I ought to be going now, unless… are you all… staying here?" The thought of that seems to worry her a little. Lusty riders on her doorstep? No thanks… not a show she wants to watch! Which brings her to a question; "Ha'ze, is Kainaesyth blooding?" Given their last conversation, she's surprised to see the bronzer there. Kimmila's suggestion make perfect sense, and has Thys sighing in relief. "Guest weyr. Of course. Yes." She's flustered. "Um… I'll just, ah, stay here."

Ha'ze leans against a stone wall next to Thys, eyeing the gathering crowd with just the faintest hints of amusement, which is only his reaction since Kai ISN'T HERE. To Thys' question Ha'ze shakes his head, and answers both her's and Kimm's at the same time. "No. Plants are to be planted. But he didn't want to be missin' everythin'. So he asked that I be comin' to watch at least what he'd be seein' if he was here." Eyes flick out towards the guest weyr, but he's making no steps. Watching doesn't go THAT far. "Is it awkward for Rhen to be seein' this?" Curious.

C'rus is breathing, though certainly at an accelerated rate. More out of fear than anything else. He looks over to Kimm and sighs, "Yeah…" is all he can manage to squeek out. If he passes out wouldn't that be a blessing? He looks over to Ha'ze with a look of terror that says, 'Get me out of this.' He hears the reply of Jaicoureth in his mind and just shakes his head, "What is that fool doing…" he says with absolutely no bite to his words.

Kimmila listens to Ha'ze and Thys, and she can't help but laugh. "He's planting? Where?" Her eyes flick to C'rus again and then roll slightly. "C'rus. It's just sex, chill out."

"Guess weyr..right..yes." And /still/ it takes R'yal a moment or two in order to get moving. His mind isn't entirely his own at the moment after all. Navigating on the ground while half his mind wants to be in the /air/ is a bit on the tricky side. There's a look over his shoulder then, however, frowning. "If Kainaesyth is so keen on planting he should've come himself!" Erm..yeah. The greenrider shakes his head just a little bit then, and does get moving..even if it's a tad on the wobbly side. Guest weyr..pronto.

Ha'ze gestures in the general direction of a hold a few hours flight in that direction. "Tubers." The smile flicks back to R'yal. "He wishes Livanyth the best, but notes that the seeds got to be down." Back to Thys his attention passes with a slight shrug.

With R'yal seeming to know what he's doing, Thys waves him off… though she looks more concerned as she eyes C'rus. "Cy… relax. Calm down… it's something we've got to get used to." And then there's just herself and Ha'ze, and Thys exhales a heavy, somewhat concerned sigh. "Well." There you have it. "They're all grown up now, I guess." Ha'ze might have a wall to lean against, but she has Rhenesath's broad side. "Kainaesyth is really out planting tubers? That's… different. Oh, and Rhenesath isn't bothered by it. She's perhaps slightly curious because it's Livanyth, but, eh." Thys shrugs her shoulders to say it means nothing to her lifemate. "Did you keep Kai away, Ha'ze? So he wouldn't chase?"

"Aye, well. Kainaesyth's never been like the others, has he?" The same could be said for Ha'ze himself, though the winter and Kai's lengthy illness have made a distinct change in Ha'ze. He seems to be reaching out to others more often than not. He's still reserved and the moments of deep anger still engulf him when he allows it… but the change is here. The look he levels at Thys' question is serious though. "No. I'll make no secret that I've no desire for him to ever be flyin', but I didn't holdin him back. He's all about life, and I'm bettin' that the prospect of nothing new comin' from this just doesn't interst him. Not that he don't want to be knowin' what's goin' on thus," he gestures to himself. Above them the dragons begin their dance in the sky, and Ha'ze looks upwards soas to be able to tell the tale to Kai later.

"Ah. And by nothing new, you mean… no clutch? He's only interested in golds?" Thys looks up at her lifemate, affectionately stroking her foreleg. "I suppose it'll be our turn, soon enough… though not for a while. A good while, I'm hoping." When Ha'ze looks skywards, her own dark eyes follow, shaded over with her hand for a better view. "R'yal should be ok, shouldn't he? I mean, Kimmila's there, I absolutely trust her, of course, but… you never know what the others might do, do you? It's quite a scary thought, to be honest. To get so lost in your dragon's thoughts that…" Thys trails into silence, shaking her head. "I suppose you're lucky, really."

"It's too soon to be knowin' that aye? Livanyth'd be the first to be goin' up since they was big enough to be takin' an interest." Ha'ze at least sounds a little kind as he shrugs a bit, still looking skywards. "He'll be fine. He was tellin' me the other day that he's havin' problems feelin' like anythin' can be goin' wrong. I lay marks that'll extend to the act itself."

Thys nods, slipping her hands into her pockets and looking anxiously up at the sky. "I suppose time will tell what each of them prefers… another facet of our new lives to get a hold of." As if they've not had enough to learn already. Although she can't see the flight of dragons any more, she keeps looking up for them. "I'm dreading Annah's turn. She's so young. Rav is so young. I… um… Faranth, this is embarrassing to ask, but… have you made, um, arrangements, for, uh… you know? For if Kai catches? So you'll be prepared?"

Her question prompts only silence for a long time after she asks that particular question. "I had a long conversation with Th'ero about it. But no, there ain't much I've done to be gettin' ready. You?" He finally brings his gaze backs to level it at Thys' face.

Thys's cheeks colour bright red, and she shakes her head, looking thoroughly embarrassed - no, mortified. "No." She bites down hard on her lip, shaking her head still. "I mean there's Ralik, and I'm sure he would, but… shards, Ha'ze, I'd never even thought about any of that stuff and now I have to."

"There's a lot what we didn't know signin' on." A beat. "But… You wouldn't be givin' Rhenesath and I should be givin' Kai back for anythin'." He's not red, having put his anger on hold for a bit in face of Kai's spring excitement. No, he's… relaxed. As he settles down onto Thys he's pauses a moment. "If you can't be findin' anyone else…" He lets it tail off.

"Oh! Oh, Ha'ze… I…" Thys's cheeks flush a deeper shade of red now, that extends right up to the lobes of her ears where they're visible beneath the shagginess of her growing-out pixie crop. "Thank you," she manages to say in a tiny voice, smiling coyly at him. "I don't have any exact plans for how to… you know, but… thank you. I'll keep it in mind." Rhenesath croons softly, lowering her head so her muzzle rests beside Thys, who curls her arm beneath it in a loose hug. "Don't you have anyone who you think of in that sort of way, Ha'ze?"

Ha'ze reaches up to brush his hair backwards. His eyes get a bit distant before he pulls them back. "No. I don't think so. There ain't many I'd be wantin' that close. But if you was needin' it." The offer is there, the door left wide open. See, he can totally be helpful?

"I appreciate it." While the colour on her cheeks is showing no sign of abating yet, Thys does look a touch less embarrassed. And then Rhenesath looks up to the sky, snorting a warm breath into the afternoon air. "Oh, it's over. Varmiroth… R'yal and Kimmila? Oh, wow." That's a surprise! Thys takes a moment to ponder it, drumming her fingers off her thigh. "Hrm. Um… would you excuse me please, Ha'ze? I'd like to go and prepare a little something to take to R'yal, when he's… well, when he's ready."

"Well enough." Ha'ze pushes away from the wall as he gives a last nod to Thys. "Be well Thys," and he's off towards the weyr itself.

"And you, Ha'ze. Our best to Kainaesyth, too." Rhenesath gets to her feet, taking to the air once Ha'ze is clear of her wingspace while Thys begins the trek upstairs to her weyr on foot.