Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Dawn arrives and with it a morning that is, for once, clear and bright. The breeze is up but it no longer holds that bone chilling cold and instead has a breath of warmth to it, heralding the slow awakening of spring as the Weyr now sits on the cusp of the two seasons. What more of a fitting time for the first step towards a new awakening in life than a day like this? No doubt the reason why M'icha wakes the Weyrlings early, despite most of them having settled into a routine (give or take). Ignoring the protests, he will simply urge everyone out of their cots and to tend to their lifemates and once that is done, to gather their strap-making tools and to get their behinds outside to the training fields.

While the Assistant Weyrlingmasters remain inside the barracks to oversee the weyrlings as they go through the morning rituals, M'icha will vanish outside into the training fields where he will wait, along with another brownrider for their arrival. The fields themselves are unchanged for the most part, with only one section meticulously cleared and cleaned as best as possible with wooden planks and tables set in an obvious 'work station' like environment. Neatly organized a few steps away are piles of materials and ones the Weyrlings should be familiar with by now: leather and metal and everything in between that is necessary to make their straps. Their straps, no more practice ones! But knowing M'icha, the Weyrlingmaster has done something to make it a challenge and that too smug grin he has on his face is a key indicator. Oh yes, he's done something alright. "Think they'll catch on or just dive in and realize too late?" he can be heard muttering to the one next to him. Aycheth is up on a ledge, surveying all with slow whirling eyes, the dark blue a cold and stoic sentinel.

Abigail is that brownrider that is over for a visit, well more than just a simple visit. She is leaning back against one of the table looking over the items that are to be found and pondering, it should be amusing that is for certain. Once M'icha is back out she shifts moving to join where he stands, her hands settling into the pockets of her jacket which do little to hide her condition anymore, soon enough there be a new Weyr member for sure. At the question from the Weyrlingmaster she seems amused a soft chuckle escapes her. "I think it'll be a bit of both. Some will dive in while others look at it all and wonder if something it a foot. It'll be interesting to watch." This offered with a soft murmur back. Niumdreoth is settled some distance away, the large brown rarely letting his rider that far from him the last few days and today is no exception it would seem.

Quick breakfast for both bronze and rider-to-be? Check. Morning wing flares and stretches? Also check. Morning jog and care of…other biological needs? Check check check. With all of these things accomplished - So'l having woken before M'icha's wakeup call - the weyrling and his dragon approach the strap making tables, Sharuth keeping a respectful distance just close enough to watch. Tucked under his arm, So'l carries a kit of some kind and looks quite determined as he takes one of the open slots and sets it down. Then he's looking up at M'icha - who's afforded a friendly wave and a polite "G'morning, Weyrling Master" - before a grin slow-motion-explodes on his facial. "Abigail! Er," he corrects himself given the setting, "Wingsecond…" So'l decided to maintain the formalities - at least for now - given that Abigail seems to be helping with today's activities. Even so, his eyes speak what his voice does not: he's very, very happy she's here. Talk of something being afoot is missed as the weyrling works on setting himself up, smiling to F'rari as the young man takes his station, too.

Sharuth quietly bugles a good morning to Niumdreoth, moving to stand near the brown and watch what's about to happen. «Good morning! How have your days been,» he asks, settling into position. Aycheth, too, is included in the greeting.

"You may very well be right!" M'icha drawls to Abigail with that same smug grin that never bodes well for any of the weyrlings. He chuckles dryly, giving the brownrider a brief glance that notably lingers on that no-longer hidden swell beneath her jacket. "Holding up alright?" he asks in a lower tone, only to have his gaze drift as the first Weyrlings emerge. Standing straighter, the Weyrlingmaster shifts his weight and it's evident he must be in a good mood AND feeling good for there is the absence of his usual cane. He still moves with a noticeable limp, though this morning it's not as pronounced. "Morning, So'l!" he returns, saluting and dipping his head in approval for the bronze weyrlings greeting to Abigail — even if fumbled. At least it was corrected! Similar greetings are given to F'rari as well, followed by a noticeable scowl as Marin and S'ki try to sit next to each other. "Ah, no you don't!" M'icha begins, lifting his voice above their protests (though mostly from Marin, as S'ki just sort of mumbles). "I don't care! I know you two cheat to help each other out when you get flustered! Opposite ends of the tables, both of you! Go on!" GET. He'll literally shoo them, then follow up with a threatening gesture that he'll do it himself if they don't hurry. Exhaling, he gathers himself once all have settled and than grin returns. "So if you lot haven't figured it out, this is the day you make your first straps! All you need is there." He points to the assorted piles. "You should know how it works now. Abigail here will be helping keep an eye out on your work, but you can only ask for her advice three times. Use it wisely!" M'icha gives the brownrider a pointed look then. He'll trust she'll not break that rule? "My advice to you all is to take your time! We've got the entire day scheduled for this and breaks when needed for your lifemates… and yourselves! Any questions before we begin?"

Aycheth rumbles from his ledge to Sharuth, though his mind extends to the others and Niumdreoth as well. « Good morning, youngling! My morning has been sufficiently productive. As should yours! Today is an important step forwards! »

Abigail chuckles softly and nods a moment. "Perhaps." As for that smug grin she recalls it enough when she was a weyrling that it makes her pause a moment as if she was back in the training grounds herself. Ah memories of such things. As for the question there is a slight pause. "Well enough." Is offered softly. She's never been one to speak much about herself and it doesn't seem like it will change now. Her pale gaze turns to the movement of Weyrlings and she shifts a bit to watch them file in. At the greeting from So'l she does offer him a warm smile, amusement clearly seen, though she seems glad to see him as well. "Morning Weyrling So'l." This offered with a polite tone along with a nod, greetings also sent to the others that have joined in for the lesson. She grins just slightly once M'icha is off to get a pair to move from their seats. At least he didn't smack them with the cane! The instructions are given, rules as well and she firmly nods. "Hopefully there be good questions." A glance is sent back to M'icha and she holds a hand up slightly. "Three, no more no less." No worries on her breaking that rule!

Niumdreoth rumbles out as well, lifting his head from where it was laying with a yawn soon escaping him. « Morning! » Is offered to both Aycheth and Sharuth. « It has been well. Very important day before all you young ones. Do help your riders in keeping there spirits up! »

So'l suppresses a chuckle as M'icha moves out to separate the two. Won't they ever learn? Ah well, they should be grateful that M'icha isn't hitting them with his cane, at least. When M'icha begins explaining the day's activities and rules, the young bronzer finds himself hoping he won't /need/ to ask questions. Not with the incredible amount of practice he's been doing in the last week. While he'd initially fallen behind some of the other weyrlings in quality of work, some private tutoring has greatly improved his skills to the point that he's /actually/ standing there, ready to begin working on an actual set of usable straps. Questions as asked for but at the moment, So'l doesn't have any and shakes his head. He's ready to get started and the look of determination on his face speaks volumes about his newfound confidence.
«Important day indeed!» Sharuth rumbles back, curling up in a comfortable position to watch.

M'icha doesn't have his cane to threaten today, but that doesn't mean he won't lift his hand up in a warning gesture of a good smack upside the head or shoulder if a weyrling really decides to push his buttons. So far Marin and S'ki are doing a very good job of it, as they split up. S'ki goes to the other side, while Marin settles herself near to So'l, effectively placing him between her and F'rari. The Weyrlingmaster will wait patiently, but as no questions come forwards (other than the ignored 'can we start yet?' from N'an), he at last comes to stand once more at Abigail's side after having done a quick round to be sure they had all come prepared. "Alright then! You may begin. Don't squabble over the materials, there's plenty to go around! Take your time as you've got until oh… the dinner hour to complete it. Those of you who fail to do so are going to be held back till you get it right. Remember that you're actually tailoring 'em to your dragon's current size! Make sure to adjust for some growth! You'll all have to make a new set eventually but you don't want it to be TOO soon!" He then gestures for them to go ahead and as the first weyrlings begin to approach, he calls out in a too cheery tone. "Good luck!" Grin. Ducking his head down a bit, he looks again to Abigail with a mischievous look. She's safe at least, no longer under his instructions. "I wager half this class will miss the signs." he drawls in a low whisper.

The piles of materials are arranged by type but that's as far as organization goes. Leather is a mix and match jumble of various colors, but also varying lengths, widths and thickness. Clearly some are meant for certain pieces of the straps. Another pile holds the metal rings and other connecting bits necessary and a third pile holds everything else in between. What the Weyrlingmaster has done is he's made sure that various pieces have gone in that are flawed, on purpose and varying from glaringly obvious to quite subtle (though obvious enough to a seasoned rider), both in leather and metal. Of course he'd make this a headache of a challenge!

Abigail certainly hopes the tutoring she's offered with So'l has helped him out somewhat for this, she would certainly hate for him to get something wrong because she gave him the idea and he followed through on it. She lets her arms fold in front of her, which makes them rest upon her belly slightly. "Trust him with the growing bit, be easier to just make 'em longer now instead of having to make a new set in a few days." Though that would give them plenty of practice for sure. A curious glance is sent to M'icha and she chuckles softly at the look given. "I'll not bet on it because I'm thinking the same thing already." Also she doesn't think betting with M'icha would be such a grand idea even if she isn't under his teachings anymore, she still gives him respect after all. "I bet a few will get it without a problem though. Ones with a keen eye at least." Which she knows a few are out there! She plans on giving them a short time to start before wandering to see what all they have started to put together. Niumdreoth rumbles softly before his head settles back to a front leg, swirling eyes close and he seems to drift off during this lesson.

Permission to begin is given and So'l smiles a hello to Marin before moving off to select the leather and metal pieces he'll use in constructing the straps. Given that these are just starter straps, he doesn't give much attention to color coordinating the pieces. That's a surface concern (for now) and, honestly, Sharuth is kind of fond of the whole multicolored look. No, what's given firm attention is the /quality/ of the items here. Careful inspection leads to discovery of the problem: some of these pieces are practically deathtraps. Given M'icha's indirect directive about not helping each other, So'l keeps quiet about this and returns to his station, dropping all the leather he's collected. Then measuring implements are withdrawn from his bag and the bronzer approaches Sharuth, who knowingly uncurls into a straight, flat laying. A minute later - after having recorded new measurements for his ever growing bronze - So'l pats Sharuth affectionately before again returning to his workspace. "Alright. Time to get to work, then." Smiling over to Abigail for but the briefest of moments, he begins extracting chalk and shears from his leatherworking kit and - using the measuring tape - starts drawing out the piece lengths he'll need.

Marin doesn't quite smile back to So'l, but she'll nod her head before darting a look to her brother, who's now got to his feet and is shuffling over to the pile of material. Of course she'll sneak right back to his side, before an AWLM comes by and nudges them apart again. F'rari and N'an are already bickering amongst themselves but lighthearted enough that they're left to it. Smart of So'l to remain quite, as the others seem to do the same though only F'rari seems to catch on as well. S'ki is oblivious, while N'an and Marin are suspicious once they notice a few brittle metal pieces. "He trying to kill us?" is heard whispered back at the worktable, though it's hard to pinpoint from whom as they all return and set to work.

"No faith in them either?" M'icha teases Abigail, chuckling again as he turns his head to observe the weyrlings as they settle into working on their straps. He makes a thoughtful sound in his throat. "There are some keen enough to catch on. We'll see!" And that grin returns as he begins to do his rounds in a slow, limping gait.

Abigail looks amused while she watches, mostly the ones over at the table of leather and metal. She smirks a moment while lifting her head a touch as the two siblings have to be pulled apart once more. "Them two like to see how far they can push it I see." This said with an amused tone to M'icha. "No I have faith… Just in a few and not all of 'em I do suppose." She's worked with the group before they was Weyrlings by taking them on outings, and a few things do stick out in her mind. Her gaze lingers on So'l and she smiles as he takes his time looking over the items on the table. "I bet So'l will do fine with it." So perhaps she has other reasons for saying such a thing. A nod is seen once she sends a glance towards M'icha once more. "Indeed! Perhaps they will prove us wrong?" Well it is a thought. With the weyrlings hard at work she soon shifts forward moving on towards on end and peering down at the work that F'rari has started. The whispery comment is caught and she smirks though doesn't comment on it.

As M'icha makes the rounds first, the limping Weyrling Master is likely to observe So'l's work before Abigail does. The bronzer has finished marking out measured lengths and has moved on to cutting them now, being as tidy with the shears as is possible. Compared to early attempts at this in lessons - which had been tried with scissors too small for So'l to comfortably grip - it seems he's found a pair that are much bigger in his hand. Thus, with more control, the edges of his straps are straighter and much more neat than M'icha will have noticed from him before. Working steadily along, with Sharuth murmuring pine-scented thoughts of encouragement, So'l doesn't stop until the various lengths needed to construct these straps are ready. He'll try to catch M'icha's eye to look them over - should the WLM desire it - before extracting needle and thread from his leatherworking kit.

M'icha quirks a brow for Abigail's choice but he says nothing, only looking vaguely amused as he shakes his head. "Perhaps! But time will tell." he murmurs. It won't be the Weyrlingmaster who inspects So'l's work, though the bluerider certainly observes him for a bit before moving on. Usually nothing said means good when it comes to his method of teaching. Sarcasm or joking remarks mean something is awry and he's leaving it for the Weyrling to puzzle out (for his amusement) while a direct correction means a serious flub.

Already some of the younger weyrlings are struggling. S'ki continuously looks down at his work, then darts a look up at Abigail or the AWLMs and then back at his work again, worrying his lip and frowning heavily. Uh. Help? F'rari is hunched over his work, while N'an goes about it with an almost bored and cocky attitude. Marin, seated again beside So'l, is also working but mutters under her breath constantly. The only time she pauses is when she is checking her work or… craning her head a bit to look at So'l's patterns and trying (and failing) not to make it obvious of her peeking.

Abigail chuckles softly and nods to M'icha. "Aye, for certain." Is offered back with an amused tone. For not she has her attention over what F'rari seems to be doing. She stands there for a few moments before moving onwards as it seems not questions are asked of her. Her movements bring her to where Marin is and she smirks a bit before lean down slightly at the girl's other side and standing rather quietly. "So… How goes it?" Her tone is soft too, perhaps she is attempting to spook the weyrling? Well it wouldn't be the first time she's done such a thing, and she did catch her peeking elsewhere. Though her pale gaze does flick towards where So'l is and the patterns that are to be found. She grins a touch seeing he is using her ideas, and with M'icha not commenting that should be a good thing! Well she hopes so at least.

As M'icha passes by without remark, So'l can only assume that his work is passable. Thank goodness for a little tutoring from Abigail herself - though he'd had no idea she'd be helping at the strap making - which helped put So'l back on the right track several days ago. With his patterns in front of him, the woodworker-turned-leatherworker assembles two pieces and begins stitching down the first edge. He follows a chalk line he's drawn - kept parallel to the edge - and then follows the line up with slower-but-sturdier X's up and down its length. Oblivious to Marin's observation, So'l begins working on the other edge before cross-stitching anchoring lines through the middle. Thanks to some double-stitching - a helpful hint from his tutoring session - the strap joint holds tight when attempts to pull the pieces apart. Score! And for the next several minutes, the young weyrling works on repeating this process until the saddle anchors are ready to attach.

Morning. Again. Darn thing comes around everyday it seems and as usual Typriaeth is chalked full of energy. So is Anique since she was up for a morning run just as she sun was coming up over the horizon. Doesn't mean she has to be happy bout it. Waving the green over to lounge while Anique goes over to the workstation, she starts by going through the leather presented to ensure it's good to work with. Her own work as they are learning the whole straps has been fairly well, her previous knowledge clearly aiding her in this part of the training. Now it's come down to making their first set and she seems confident enough that she'll do a good job. With a sideways glance over to her fellow weyrling, So'l, she gets started..

Marin jumps a bit when Abigail is suddenly there and whispering. Spooking accomplished! And So'l was just getting to some good stuff too. The brown weyrling pouts, dropping her head sullenly back to look at her work (and hers alone). "Goes well ma'am." she mumbles, only to grimace when her lifemate gives her a mental nudge. "I mean… Am I doing this part right?" And she'll hold up the two pieces she was stitching. She cut it well but as for the stitches? They'll certainly not hold. At all. Poor girl hasn't grasped the concept of keeping them tight — or her peeking at So'l has made her grip loose. One question down for one weyrling! Two left for Marin. Who's going to crack next? N'an still works with that bored, tired air about him though he's rushing and he goes to test the strength of one of his straps rather than check it. Just as he's about to triumphantly exclaim that it's a cake walk, the leather gives with a echoing cracked-snap and the green weyrling ends up off balanced in his seat, arms pinwheeling for a moment before he topples backwards. Which sets those around him to snickering, even the timid S'ki is on it.

M'icha only pinches the bridge of his nose and grimaces, lowering the hand only to stare at Abigail with a smirk. "So it begins!" he quips with sarcasm, before trudging over to N'an and nudging the weyrling back up. "Come on. Enough with the foolin' around already! This is serious. Wake up!" Another sharp nudge to the weyrling's shoulder and a warning look and then the Weyrlingmaster is stalking off for another round of the tables. Anique is given a nod, as well as a faint grin. "Keep it up!" he encourages, which is extended as well to So'l and the others, though there is a longer stare for the younger weyrlings. "And smarten up too. I was serious about you being held back! No more holdin' hands or babyin' once we've crossed this point. Foolin' around and half-assin' is liable to get you or your lifemate seriously injured with the stuff we're tackling next! Or worse." Annnnd he'll just let that hang over their heads for "motivation".

Abigail did sort of wander over and enter into Marin's little world of thought, and well peeking there. Her pale gaze flicks over the work that the other has been doing. She ahs softly and pauses pondering before pointing at the stitches. "These must be tighter. See how lose these are?" The question is soft, not poking to make the other feel bad either. "Make sure to keep a firm hold on the parts ye are working on which will help ta keep 'em tight." She also half points towards the X's on a bit of So'l's strap as a pointer for Marin to perhaps take? A wink is even sent to Marin to show that it is a good suggestion. "Try again, remember the straps keep ye safe, and let ye fly with yer lifemate." Without them? Well let's not talk about that. Her attention turns towards N'an and she lifts a brow while watching the green weyrling falling backwards, she chuckles softly and nods to M'icha. "Always happens." She looks back catching sight of Anique and she is given a smile and nods before she moves on to look over the work that So'l is doing, though quietly it seems.

Anique is noticed and So'l smiles encouragingly her way before returning his attention to his own work. That is, of course, until one of the weyrlings goes toppling back. Facepalm? Abigail's voice lilts from nearby - she's helping Marin, it seems - and despite wanting to turn her way and smile, the weyrling focuses his attention even more on his work. Sharuth, for his part, is encouraging him not to be distracted and urging him onward with promises of manned flights using these straps. The thought makes So'l smile and, pressing on, he shifts gears. The middle strap set is almost complete now, made with fitted buckles to be adjusted as needed. Though the work is slow going, So'l at least feels like good progress is being made. Affixing an end to a metal O-ring, he begins triple-stitching the connection lines and ensuring that it holds up under stress. Looking over at Anique for a moment, the bronzer is happy to see that she's working along well and when M'icha suddenly offers praise - rather than a whack on the head - So'l can't help but grin.

The stitching is good, Anique is selective on the metal bits and actually rejects a few before she finds one she likes to start connecting to the first leather strap. Her work is constant with little glancing around though the fall and subsequent laughter does briefly draw her attention over that way momentarily. Typriaeth 'watches' from her rider's eyes, no doubt offering better solutions which causes Anique to mumble several rejections back to Typriaeth. It's always fun to listen to a one sided conversation. "We'll stick to basic for now." a pause. "I'll see about bright straps. Magenta? Really?"

Marin blinks a few times as Abigail points out the error, brows knitted together and lips pursed. She… doesn't get it. "… Alright." Further confusion is thrown into the mix when she's pointed again to So'l's work and the weyrling only shakes her head. But rather than pitch a fit as she normally would have, the brown weyrling simply undoes her work and starts again, but far more cautiously this time, pausing only to look up as N'an takes his fall and she snickers. "Klutz!" she jeers at him. Which earns a sharp, "Fumble fingers!" from the greenrider, but before Marin can lash out again, she's silenced both from The Look from M'icha. Both settle back to their work, with F'rari and S'ki also hard at it. They're not about to be left behind! The Weyrlingmaster continues his rounds, looming over a shoulder occasionally before moving on and it's only after he's passed far enough from N'an that the green weyrling finally speaks up. If a "hushed" voice is anything to go by. "Guys. I think some of this stuff is bad. The leather I mean! Good leather wouldn't have snapped." Duh? S'ki tries to ineffectively shush him, though F'rari aims a sharp kick under the table… though he may not tag poor N'an and some other unfortunate weyrling instead.

Abigail watches Marin curiously a moment, a slight nod is seen while the other goes about redoing the work. "Good." Is offered before she turns her attention to what So'l is doing. A soft smile is seen and she gives his shoulder a soft pat to show it looks good to her. "Told ye it would help." Though 'what' helped is left in the air as she moves on to peek at what Anique is working on. She looks amused at the talk of bright straps. "She wants ta be noticed hum?" This questioned with an amused tone at the idea. Her gaze flicks towards the slight snickers, jeers and the rest are brought up. "Think so huh?" Is sent to N'an with a pointed look. "I wonder why such things would be there." A soft tsk escape her as she doesn't offer any more comments on it.

So'l looks up as his shoulder is touched and smiles, turning towards Abigail and offering a nod. "That you did," he chuckles, the larger and longer needle held firmly in his thick fingers. As the woman moves away, the brawny weyrling picks up the second middle strap and works on affixing a metal O-ring to its end as well. Once more testing its strength, he seems pleased with the result. He's not had to ask a question yet and he's convinced - as is Sharuth - that spending pretty much any and all free hours in practice lately has made a world of difference. He might not be able to work without a pattern yet but sure enough, his straps are coming along nicely. Another long piece is picked up then, this one cut to be used for the front strap construction. Settling into a rhythm now, So'l works along steadily, sticking his tongue out slightly in concentration as his bronze encourages from the sidelines.

"Purple…" mutters the green weyrling with a shake of her head. Her tone is amused and Anique grins good naturedly towards Abigail. "Oh yes, from the moment she cracked her egg open I'm fairly sure she's wanted to be noticed by everyone. « Indeed! » interjects a voice that sounds so far and so close, her overtones of amusement comes in many forms of blues and green and she projects her thoughts to be heard by all. Anique snorts with laughter at that interjection, her hands still working on the straps while she talks though. While it's not perfect by any means her work is coming along nicely and can be so far qualified into the good side for her first attempt at full straps to be worn by the green. From her viewing area she lounges, trying to strike just the right pose in the morning sunlight to ensure the sun strikes her hide perfectly.

N'an ducks his head sheepishly as Abigail answers his question for him, cheeks and ears turning a dark shade of red. "Guess I gotta pay more attention." he mutters under his breath, hunching his shoulders and setting to work without further incident. Time passes, with M'icha calling breaks when needed and encouraging the weyrlings to put down their work and eat, as well as look after their lifemates. Promises are made that nothing ill will come of their work and nothing does. The Weyrlingmaster is cruel but not THAT cruel! While the weyrlings are away, he will speak with Abigail and his AWLMs, all of them chiming in on the progress of the weyrlings until they're called back to finish their work. Now the sun is hanging lower in the sky and M'icha is watching the progress and lengthening of the shadows with a neutral expression. "Almost time, you lot! Don't try to rush the last stretch, it'll only hurt you!" he calls out, signalling for Abigail to also step in for a last few helpful pieces of advice. Some still haven't got to the three question limit! Marin seems to have completed hers, with F'rari triple checking his straps. S'ki is amost done and N'an… is only partially done and his frustration is showing in his expression.

Abigail smiles and nods to So'l before chuckling as she hears Anique. "Purple would be nice on her I have ta admit." This said with an amused tone at the idea. "I've used some green on Niumdreoth's straps before." She is a bit amused at the reaction from N'an, well that'll teach him, right? No most likely not, just for the moment mostly. So onwards she goes to check on others and offers advice if she is asked. During the breaks she will offer up her thoughts on the who and what and the ones that may need help, or just some pointers. Onwards it goes and it is nearly time. A the signalling from M'icha she is once more wandering to see if any of the weyrlings needs help, though she is going to let them ask her instead of the other way around at the moment.

It's been a long day; a long, productive one, however. So'l has finished his strap set - without ever having had to ask a question, can you believe it? - and is once more testing the strength of his creation. The bonds all seem plenty sturdy and - in a way - the set is actually quite interesting to look at given the use of such mishmashed colors. "What do you think, Sharuth?" he asks of his bronze, who is still lounging near Niumdreoth. The wooded touch of Sharuth's mind brushes his gently before firming into a steady visual link. «They look very well made, So'l! I am excited for you to sit upon my back with them,» the bronze rumbles. "Me too, Shar," the weyrling grins. Looking around, he tries to catch either M'icha or Abigail's attention to give his straps the final once-over and hopes he's done everything right.

"There…" Anique steps back with a long strap in hand, giving it a firm tug. So far she's not asked any questions during this day of work, her concentration usually only broken when she's answering questions. Typriaeth long ago passed the question limit but they've only been posed quietly to the green weyrling. Finished, Anique looks up and around to see how her fellow weyrlings are faring in their tasks.

M'icha looks quite pleased by the results, though N'an is given a frown that has the blue weyrling sinking a bit in his seat. He knows what it means! Looking up, the Weyrlingmaster is silent as the sun dips lower and the shadows extend further and further and then… "Time! Put your tools down and step back from your work. Go have your lifemates stretch and ready themselves. We'll be inspecting your work while you're away doing that. Keep 'em lined up and calm! N'an… we'll have a talk later. You can go to the barracks." In shame? Poor, poor blue weyrling. Off he goes, with his lifemate plodding along beside him and an AWLM tagging behind. M'icha will wait for the others to back off before motioning for Abigail to join him and they step forwards to begin inspecting the weyrling's work up close. Nothing like a silent exam done on the spot!

Abigail casts a slight glance to N'an's work which makes her blink slightly, there is a pause and she shakes her head a moment. It was up to him to ask the question, she shouldn't have needed to hang around him if he did not want to ask any questions. Though she will leave dealing with him to M'icha. She keeps her smile as she watches So'l with the straps and then glances to Anique once more before her attention is pulled away. Onwards she goes following after M'icha to inspect the straps, which she pokes and tugs at here and there. Have to make sure it can hold up to a little tugging, right?

Abigail's smile is caught and absolutely returned by the young bronzer. It's held for a moment, something /more/ in the look, before So'l is tuning back into further instructions. Nodding to M'icha's directions - and feeling very nervous in the pit of his stomach — So'l wanders off towards Sharuth, who has stood up from his curled, watchful position and is now nuzzling his lifemate affectionately. "Well, hopefully they stand up to scrutiny, eh Sharuth?" «You did well. Even if problems are found, you really took your time and worked hard. Unlike others,» the bronze comments. «Hello Typriaeth,» Sharuth bugles audibly to the green now that weyrlings aren't trying to concentrate. So'l looks for Anique, offering her a friendly smile and a wave while they wait.

Hullo Sharuth. You look handsome today. » trills Typriaeth merrily from where she lounges. Lounged for now that it is time she lumbers to her feet as Anique approaches with her dull straps. « Very dull, no one shall notice them upon me.» she informs Anique who hushes her gently and out of habit. Remarks like these are more than familiar now for her. The former assistant head woman encourages the green to stretch out and get ready for straps and Anique stands beside her to await the inspection.

Poke, prod, tug, lift… M'icha is thorough and slow with his inspections, which follow after Abigail. Could be the Weyrlingmaster wants the Weyrlings to squirm a little too, but he will take his sweet, sweet time in discussing every little detail with the Wingsecond and his AWLMs, which is liable to even get them on edge. Just get ON with it! At last, M'icha nods his head in agreement and steps back. "Well, well. I'm rather impressed! Only one of you failed…" And he's in the barracks! "… the rest of you all passed. So'l and Anique, you may suit up your lifemates first. See how they settle on the body and let them walk around for a bit with them on. Make sure nothing chafes or sits weird and if it does, we'll make adjustments!" Grinning, he steps back and gestures for the Weyrling's to step forwards and claim their straps. They've passed!

Abigail catches that linger smile from So'l though her attention is busy as she looks over the straps. Comments made here and there about certain things brought up. Perhaps to help make the weyling swirm? Well of course! She takes in a soft breath as if about to comment before she grins once M'icha goes on talking to them. "Very good! Very good for all of ye." She offers with a happy tone, soon nodding as she agrees with what M'icha said and is soon moving off to sit down now that the weyrling's are busy getting the straps and putting them on their dragons. It's been a long day and she is a bit tired! Niumdreoth rumbles out as he hears the good news. « Good going for all of you! Do not hold anything back if it itches, and hurts tell your riders. They need to know so they can fix them. » The large brown offers with a warm rumble.

«You are looking particularly green today, Typriaeth,» Sharuth answers back happily. As M'icha pronounces that they've all done well, So'l grins in triumph. Four days ago, he was convinced he would fail this particular task and now, he stands having surpassed such dour expectations. Abigail's tutelage is owed a lot So'l plans to thank her later. For now, he strides back to his station to grab his straps - plucked from their point of recent inspection - and then returns to Sharuth's side. "Ready?" he asks, holding up the bundle of leather and metal. With a nod of the head and an excited whirling of eyes, Sharuth nudges the straps with his nose. «Yes! It is good to have accomplished this.» "I agree," So'l chuckles, tossing the straps up and over Sharuth's body. He spends the next minute or two clasping, adjusting, clasping some more, and doing his best to right fit the strap set onto his lifemate. Stepping back, he smiles and says, "They look right. But let's have you walk around, see how they feel?"

Sharuth - now having grown to over 32 feet long - flexes his wings first, just to make sure none of the straps interfere with them. When they do not, he rears back on his back legs and bends his neck down - head cocked - to look at where the leather connects on his side. «I believe it is too tight there,» he visualizes the spot for his soon-to-be-rider. Nodding, So'l makes an adjustment and soon the bronze is walking about the area a bit, slowly at first before speeding into a gallop that - weeks ago - would have sent him sprawling. But having mastered his uneven leg growth to some degree, he's moving just fine despite the straps crisscrossing his body.

A brow arches slightly as now Anique sees the lingering look from So'l towards Abigail. Interesttting is the look she gives over that! However there's not much time to think on it as she's listening to M'icah. Passed? They passed! Her eyes light up into a warm smile as she grabs the straps and sets about putting them on Typriaeth. Exciting! The green, unused to having these things on her twists a bit to try to watch the process until Anique gives her the Look which brings Typriaeth's head out of Anique's way. Ajudstments are made as there are spots too tight or spots too loose. Once they appear all set, still with the grumbling of the lack of pretty color to the straps, Typriaeth is ready also to move. And move she does with grace that she too has managed to perfect these last few months. She may be smaller than the bronze but she's sleek and fit and growing into a fine young green! One with 'tude, though. « Lookit! With purple straps when I grow older I shall be the envy of all! » she announces happily to all around her.

M'icha will hang back and watch as the weyrlings celebrate their triumph by putting their straps on their lifemates for the first time and despite his gruff exterior even the Weyrlingmaster cannot help but grin as Sharuth and Typriaeth both react in good spirits. "Excellent and well done! They're adjusting to them already, but we'd best keep it minimal for today. You all need to go get a good meal and relax. Take the night off. Tomorrrow the real exercises begin." he drawls, giving Abigail a sidelong look as he does. She'd know! Or remember some of it anyways. "We'll be using your straps from now on during any physical work, even if you're not mounted up, so you best take good care of them! You know how. We'll be inspecting frequently and anyone caught slackin', well… I don't think I need to explain that either, do I?" He smirks and then makes a dismissive gesture. "Let 'em do another round of the fields and then off with ya! It's been a long day." Even if they just sat around!

Abigail does indeed let her gaze linger for a few moments with So'l before she glances off to see how the others are doing. So far so good! As for Anique catching any looks the brownrider misses it so no comments offered, and for sure not now even if there was questions asked. She lets her gaze turn back to Sharuth as the bronze is galloping around the yard which causes her to laugh at the sight. Oh that does bring back memories for certain. A curious glance is sent to M'icha and she looks amused, yes she remembers what is to come without a problem. "It'll be a trying time for both ye and yer lifemate but ye must remember to work at it and with practice ye all will improve. If Weyrlingmaster M'icha approves it I have no problem in helping with fixing straps and making them more comfortable." She has her ways, she spent a lot of time on Nium's straps and then there are her canines harnesses she makes. Now though it has been a long day and she is thinking something warm to drink is in order for her at least. Niumdreoth rumbles out deeply as he watches, his wings fluttering a few times at his sides before he is up and moving off heading towards the feeding grounds. Seems the brown is hungry and with the lesson done he is off.

A night off? So'l is ecstatic about that as he's been running himself ragged for several days now in preparation of today's strap-making. First things first, though…Sharuth's eyes are tinged with hunger and So'l could stand a good meal himself. Of course, that'll come /after/ he attends to his bronze's needs. Nodding to M'icha and Abigail, So'l sends Sharuth once more around before waving to the WLM and Wingsecond, the latter getting a very warm smile before the pair heads off to the barracks.