Who Riohra, Sephany
What Two friends chat
When SPRING (sorta)
Where Fort Weyr - Living Caverns


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Spring! spring has sprung in Fort Weyr, which means…it is still cold and there is still snow and ice. The days are just getting a little longer so there is that. It is well after the noon meal and the living cavern is down to a few late raisers. Most if not all the party guests have long since left, Riohra is sitting by the hearth feet propped in a chair and reading some papers his upper left arm is bandaged and his sleeve is rolled up.

Though usually an early riser, perhaps Sephany spent too much time celebrating, as she looks a bit worse for wear this afternoon. Though dressed and groomed like normal (no bed-head here), there is a look of weariness about her face, in the slight shadow beneath her eyes and the way she is a half-second slow to respond and smile. But despite this, there is still the normal cheer to be found in her. Without a bit of hesitation, she drops delicately into the chair near Riohra and the hearth, a mug of Klah held tightly in her pale fingers. "Good afternoon, hunter," she greets with only a slight tease. The grin on her face wobbles at the sight of that bandage, and she asks with mild concern, "What did you do to yourself?"

Riohra grins over at the short weaver woman and says "And good afternoon to you too" Rioha is fresh and chipper as always, no bags under these eyes today. "Apparently Art happened to me" He reaches up and peels off the bandage showing a freshly finished Tattoo. "It seems after last nights frivolities I met a fellow who does this and well i woke up in my room with this." He sips his Klah and looks at her to see how much of this story she believes.

Curiosity inspires Sephany to put her mug on a nearby table so that she can better lean forward for a look at his 'art', which apparently does not require much of a squint. "Oh! Riohra…" and it's hard to tell if that's admiration or slight horror, with that inflection; up, then down, then up again. And then a soft sort of groan as she sits back into her chair and reaches for her mug once again, allowing him to replace the bandage. "He did that to you… while you were drunk?" she asks, grey eyes narrowed suspiciously. "If so, you ought to report him. That's incredibly dangerous!"

Riohra shakes his head "no I wasn't drunk I asked for it but well, lets just say it did a lot more than tickle" he fixes the bandage and then drinks more of his Klah "He said he had a new machine to make it go faster but i was less keen on that so he did it the old way which according to him takes three times as long." Because stabbing should be something you choose to have done to you and know the reasons why! He smiles over at Sephany with a teasing look saying "nice moves last night on the dance floor by the way"

The look that Sephany fixes on Rio is likely one he knows well. It's a look perfected by women across the decays that says OH SO MUCH while actually saying NOTHING at all verbally. It is enough. She has made her point on how she feels for his little fib. A pointed pause is taken, masked by the way she lifts her mug to sip at her Klah. "Well. Of course it hurt," and she rolls her eyes goodnaturedly. "It's a million little needle pricks over and over again to deposit ink under your skin." One might wonder how exactly the innocent blond knew this, though there's only an innocent-looking smile to follow her words. "But I am curious… why would you want the old fashioned way?" As for her dance moves? There is no flush to her cheeks or any other sign that she may be at all embarrassed. "I enjoy a good time."

Riohra adds at the end of her words "And many enjoyed you enjoying a good time" oh yeah dig that hole. He will look down at the arm and say "I don't know seemed fitting at the time. I am really and older soul when it comes to things anyway." he says with a shrug but still smiles happily asking "And how do we fair this morning? break any hearts last night?"

A heartbeat passes… then two… three… and then Sephany is very maturely sticking her tongue out at Riohra for his observation. "Whatever," she says dismissively, even if she's grinning just a little smugly behind her mug of Klah. "It was a fun night, and I was not the only one dancing my heart out." Certainly there were others to enjoyed the music as much as the young weaver. But his answer for the tattoo makes her sigh just a little; a soft breath exhaled in something more like resignation than annoyance. "I suppose it is your own skin, so do with it what you'd like. I would have taken the machine." Another lift of her mug, another satisfying sip that has her leaning back in her chair with a sigh of content, if just to have that content disturbed by his next question. "Oh, well… a bit tired, but otherwise I am alright. My journeyman gave me the day off; honestly I think he's sleeping off a hangover." As for breaking hearts? She giggles and rolls her eyes, one hand lifting from her mug to wave dismissively. "Please. As if." And here she will cleverly change the subject with an innocent inquiry as to the welfare of the redheaded woman who stole his heart. "How is Kassala? She looked lovely in her green dress."

Riohra will stare dreamily saying "didn't she though, I am glad I had it made in the green in stead of the blue. She looks much better in it." Of course to the tall hunter she could stop a rampaging dragon at a thousand paces in just about anything… He gets all moonie eyed for a while thinking about his lady love, it takes about five to ten minutes for him to comeback to reality and then narrow his eyes at Sephany saying "I see you have been chatting with that brother of yours.." He mutters as he sips his Klah.

"Oh, she did, indeed." There is a wicked gleam in the weaver's grey eyes; a very satisfied smile on Sephany's face as the hunter is briefly distracted by thoughts of his lover. It allows her several more sips of her Klah, and even a moment of contemplation on the merits of fetching something to eat, before his attention is back. When his eyes come back to her, he will find a rather innocent looking expression on her pale face, pink lips pulled back in a soft smile, grey eyes wide and innocent as she blinks back at him. "I am certain I have no idea what you are talking about," she says rather convincingly before dissolving into girlish giggles. "Oh, is that such a bad thing? And honestly, Riohra," and she fixes him with a pointed look, a small grin tugging up the corner of her mouth, "I don't need to speak to Sev to see how you feel about her. It's plain as day to anyone who cares to look."

Riohra can't even act upset saying "Well when love strikes you true, I will at least not use it against you." he will drink more before looking at her saying "is that why people keep asking me if we are married already?" he has to seriously think about this as if he people think that it could take them out of the standing for a dragon.

Sephany is unconcerned, and says as much with a quick, "I am not worried. Likely because I shall never be in love!" The tone of her voice is light, jovial, and it's unclear if she is teasing or serious. "But I am not using your love against you, Riohra. Truly. I am not that mean. It was just fun to watch your expression. It's sweet." And she settles into her chair, kicking out of her soft slippers so that she can tuck her feet beneath her and get cozy. "Mmm, probably," she agrees in a softer tone. "You watch her like a hawk. Well, perhaps not a hawk… but you do watch her. Your eyes follow her when she moves, and you get that," and she points toward his face with a lift of her finger from her mug, "sweet little love-sick smile whenever she even glances in your direction or someone mentions her name. Faranth, man. You've got it bad. Why haven't you married her yet?"

Riohra will sip his drink and say "we got searched. That wasn't something either of us figured on, least of all me…" looks into the warming fire and says softly "She has always loved dragons, always since we were small. And with being searched that means that it is possible, and I would never take that way from her." He gives the young weaver a soft smile "What kind of love would I be if I stood in the way of her dream?"

There is quiet contemplation from the blond, grey eyes fixed conversationally on the hunter as he explains his reasons for waiting. A soft 'hm,' of acknowledgement, if not necessarily agreement, and Sephany takes another sip or two of her Klah, giving a long pause between Riohra's (probably hypothetical) question, and the young apprentice's answer. "Well… that depends. Is Standing for Impression Kassala's dream?" but before he can argue that he just said dragons were her passion, she clarifies, "I understand that she loves them, and may want one for her own - who wouldn't? - but have you asked her if she wants to put off marriage for the opportunity of Impression?" Her voice is full of curiosity, not a trace of accusation or concern. She is just genuinely curious if they discussed it. And then, half a heartbeat later, she wonders, "Do you? Want to put off marriage for the possibility of Impression?"

Riohra smiles and nods saying "oh we talk at length about it, no relationship lasts with out open communication" wise beyond his years this one is. "WE both decided to put off, till we know for sure." He still has that soft smile as he looks at her saying "Besides it isn't like our feelings will change for each other if we wait a little longer."

Again, he is met with quiet contemplation as Sephany considers his answer. There's a small frown, just the barest twitch to the corner of her mouth, before she murmurs honestly, "That could be a very long time, Riohra," and there's just a touch of sympathy there, as well. "Kassala is young… she's not that much older than me, I would imagine. And they let girls Stand until they are thirty… you're really willing to wait that long?" Afterall, it could happen. Not all who Stand will Impress. There's no comment for his declaration that their feelings won't change, just a flash of a delighted smile. "You're such a romantic, it's adorable."

Riohra shrugs and grins saying "If I can wait for days to hunt a boar, not being married to a woman who loves me as much as I love her is an easy task." He will wink at her and say "Besides gives me time to meddle in other peoples love lifes." He sips his Klah and stares at Sephany saying "you know you and Eiram seem to get a long well, have you two thought of putting something together?"

For a moment, Sephany just stares at him with a slightly agape mouth, speechless. It doesn't last more than a second before she, sort of incredulously, remarks with, "Did you just compare Kassala to a boar, Riohra?" The shake of her head and roll of her eyes clearly defines her opinion of that. "Honestly. Hunting wild game is NOT the same as getting married. Not even close." But that is an argument for another day, perhaps, as the hunter decides to turn the tables on this conversation. Pale eyebrows fly skyward, expression wrought with surprise. "Eiram? And me?" and then a bit of an amused snort and a shake of her head. "Oh, no. I don't think so… He's awfully young." a shake of her head. "He's fun, but I don't think there's anything there." And then a grin as she sets her mug aside. "Are you trying to match-make me, Riohra?"

Riohra shakes his head "not at all, just wondering if next time one of these events rolls around maybe you two work as a team on something again." he smiles and sips his Klah seed planted… he smiles sweetly at Sephany saying "Besides, I don't know if you could keep up with the little scamp. He is almost a match for me in the adventurous department."

With a last tip upward, Sephany finishes her Klah. The mug is set aside with a gentle clatter of clay on stone. "I don't know… that sounded rather suggestive," she teases. "I like him well enough. He is fun, and playful, and we do get along rather well. I wouldn't mind teaming up with him for challenges and competitions," she is careful to say, "But romantically I do not think there is anything there." A delicate shrug of her shoulders as she smooths her skirt over her legs. "Oh please. You don't know me very well yet, but I assure you that I am not the little princess S'van probably painted me as. I am perfectly able to keep up!"

Riohra tilts his head and thinks about it for a long moment and says "you know he just said growing up with you was challenging. I don't know anything about being a princess was even mentioned." he looks over at her and says "Do you!! think you are a little princess?" he finishes his own mug and turns slightly so he can read her expressions more clearly.

"No." Firm. Decidedly. Lips pressed thin in a very good imitation of that brother of hers. "I do not consider myself a princess in the least. And I would be rather offended if anyone were to suggest it." But Sephany's mood does not linger anywhere near upset. She just wants to make sure she is clearly understood. "I know how I can come across," she admits. "But I do not want to be painted as the damsel in distress. I am just as capable. Sev taught me that, actually. Even if he still looks at me as though I am a little girl, in need of protection and coddling."

Riohra grins and nods saying "well I have never seen you as someone who needs to be rescued." HE chuckles and adds "Maybe a few rounds of outdoors training and some better fighting skills"

"Mm," is Sephany's reply. A little shifting, and she uncoils her legs from beneath her, quickly finding her discarded slippers on the floor, nudging her feet into them before standing. "Thank you for that, Riohra. I appreciate it." She doesn't specify exactly what, but she will reach out and give his arm (the not-tattoo-bandaged one) a fond squeeze as she reaches for her empty mug. "Maybe I will take you up on that, someday," she teases lightly. "For now, it is off to the library for me. Have a good day! Tell Kassala I said hi."

Riohra grins and nods "I will be here when ever you wish dear." At the mentioning of Kass he grins and says "Oh I will let her know, she will probably want to see you and your journeyman about some clothes here soon as it should start warming up." He leans back in the chair and goes back to that place of dancing with his lady from the previous night.

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