Fort Weyr - Records Room
This windowless room is brightly illuminated with electric lights and glow baskets alike. Shelf upon shelf of books and hides, carefully catalogued, line this room. A few small desks are in the middle of the room, for studying, and the room boasts a pair of computer terminals for electronically archived research as well.

Rain, rain, go away! Come back another day — or season, perhaps? Fort has seen enough of it to last well into the late autumn months. All the rainfall, combined with the melting snow, has made the ground outside a muddy, soggy mess. It's miserable, to be outdoors, so those who don't have to be remain inside. Venturing outside means cold winds, cold rain and it guarantees one will not have a good time of it! It also means certain folks get a little stir crazy and bored. Jajenelja (or commonly Jajen for those who don't wish to stumble over her long name), Fort's youngest goldrider, has been put to work in the records room. Of course, with no one there to actually watch her, the girl has gone about, well… slacking off. Having Impressed when she was barely of age and insufferable ever since, she's been a thorn in everyone's side during her rebellious Turns. Only Dtirae managed to get through her and even that was temporary. She's known for her blunders, including fouling up the store records so badly it took the other goldriders ages to sort out what went awry and where and the terrifying time when her flimsy control over Iaverulth almost led to a fight between the young queen and the then Senior Zuvaleyuth. Despite that, Th'ero for some reason insists she stays in Fort Weyr rather than punt her off — if another Weyr would even take her. So she remains here, lurking in the shadows and kept under tight leash by Nyalle, Inri and Th'ero. Only they're out somewhere and she's been left here. Not alone though. There's another now in ranks with her and she's been itching to meet her. For all the wrong reasons. Yet where she sits now at the table, slouched and looking utterly bored as she stares at the ceiling, she looks so harmless! Young, barely eighteen or nineteen, she's neither pretty or ugly. Comely, perhaps, is a kind way to put it and she certainly dresses herself plainly enough. Beside her are the records and ledgers she should be working on but they're ignored for now. Waiting, perhaps, for someone else.

The possibly-someone-else may have just stumbled into the waiting work trap, as Thys meanders into the records room with her nose in a book, finding her way more by habit than by actually looking where she's going. She's been outdoors, as the mud splashed on her boots, even as high up as the trousers bloused into the top of them, is testament to, though the rest of her is dry enough so she's likely dropped her coat off elsewhere. Just at the last moment before stumbling into Jajen's table she looks up, blinks in surprise to see the younger goldrider there, then gives her a warm, wide, if somewhat apprehensive smile. She's heard all about this one, even if they've not yet had the… ah, pleasure? "Jajen. Hello." Thys inclines her head in a polite nod of greeting. "Am I, um, interrupting… anything?"

Jajen looks down from whatever spot on the ceiling so fascinated her to fix Thys with a curious look, clearly sizing up the other weyrling goldrider. She returns that smile, but it doesn't quite reach her eyes. There's a reason why M'icha kept Jajen away from the weyrlings while they were training. The word 'disruptive' might have been used very often! Now though… oh, now things are different! "Nope!" she says a little too cheerily as she stretches out her legs and smooths down her skirts, noticing with a wrinkling of her nose how muddied Thys is yet she still flicks a hand at the empty chairs — pointedly some distance from her — as offer to sit and join. "Nyalle just put me here today," she goes on to explain with an sighed air. Oh woe be her, to be stuck in here! "… looks like you were outside…? They don't have you out on that hunting business do they?" Jajen almost scoffs at the idea.

Thys fixes Jajen with a look that suggests she could tell all too well that she wasn't interrupting anything, with one brow raised in quiet amusement beneath her floppy, growing-out fringe. "Well then," she says, snapping her book shut after marking the page and settling it down on the table. There's an offer to sit, but she ignores the chairs that are waved at and chooses, instead, to settle her hip on the edge of the table, resting an arm on her thigh and grinning at Jajen as she nods. "We have been to hunt, yes. Rhen doesn't mind helping out any more than I do; in fact, she's determined to make sure everyone gets their fill. Hungry tummies in the Weyr is a thought she simply can't abide." Her smile grows crookedly, and she cants her head slightly at the younger woman. "What about you? What have you been up to?"

Jajen's eyes flick to the book that Thys so abruptly snapped shut and her mouth twists a bit. Who'd want to read on their spare time? Feh! A brow quirks when the weyrling goldrider skips taking a chair and settles instead on the edge of the table, earning her a rather questioning and wary look from the younger girl. What's she playing at? She sniffs, "Of course…" Uh huh. "…but there's plenty of other riders who can do that work…" she points out and for a moment her voice hints, along with a flicker in her eyes, of the small spark of jealousy. It's not that Jajen wouldn't go hunting, it's more likely she's forbidden from doing so — or so she thinks in HER mind! Did she even ask? Probably not. "Oh, not much. Weyrwoman Nyalle gave me some ledger work but it's so dull." Another sigh and a flick of her fingers that send of of the ledgers slipping from the top of the small stack she has. Bleh. She looks to Thys, as if half expecting the weyrling to agree. "Dunno why they saddle US with it all the time. Far better things to do!" Like?

The ledger that slips away is picked up and settled back into place, while Thys shrugs and simply smiles. "It's not the most exciting task, no." So she does agree. "But it's important, isn't it? And it's our duty, so we have to do it. I never much liked some bits of my Smithing, but they're necessary so I did them. Life's a bitch that way, isn't it?" She runs her fingers through the shaggy crop of her dark hair, then sighs - not tiredly, nor frustrated, nor anything other than simply relaxing. "Why don't you and Iaverulth join me and Rhenesath in Southern for a hunt, next time we go? We'll be wingmates soon enough, it would be nice to get to know you a little better."

Jajen almost pouts when Thys agrees and yet disagrees with her and she's quick to roll her eyes and smirk. "Right. As a proper goldrider ought to, eh?" Brows lift when the weyrling swears, however, and for a moment the young goldrider seems to warm up to her only to shut her out again as she scowls. "What, they didn't warn you? Iaverulth and I aren't allowed to go… flitting off wherever we want to! And if we do, we're under close watch." Well, more like she is. "And least of all they'll let me go south! Last goldrider to go south didn't return — or did they fail to tell you that too?" Jajen almost sneers then, rather haughtily and probably undeserved towards Thys but rather than feeling amiable, now she's just being a prickly little brat. "I'm surprised, actually, that they're letting you go so far. Isn't Rhenesath close to maturing now?"

"Whether you're allowed or not, Jajen, it's still polite of me to invite you… and you never know. Perhaps if you asked, you'd be allowed to come with me. Or us, if the rest of Coatyl are there." Thys's brows raise, and her lips purse gently - she's amused at the brattiness in front of her, and is doing little to hide how she feels. "Rhenesath's older than she was, but I think she's got a while yet before she's going to rise, if that's what you're getting at. Livanyth's close, though, and I'm dreading when Amidaeth goes up." She winces at that thought, biting her lip as she looks away for a moment. When she looks back to Jajen, she changes the subject. "Why aren't you allowed to flit off?"

Jajen flips a hand up almost dismissively to her claims of "politeness". "Trust me, they're not about to let me go. Not with you, or Coatyl and even if the Weyrleader himself were chaperone. Least of all with him!" she snorts but there's a nervous dart of her eyes as if she half expects him to storm in right then and there. Another smirk and she just gives Thys' a disbelieving look and another roll of her eyes as she slouches further into her chair, tilted now to be able to face the weyrling goldrider. "That's what they all say and next thing you know" She snaps her fingers. "you're caught up in it!" Perking up at that wince, Jajen is so painfully obvious about her curiosity in this tidbit of information. "Ooh, why is that? Spooked little greenie, is it?" Something in her tone is off and it sounds almost condescending the way she puts it. Another scoff, "Cause you do a few mistakes and this is how they treat ya! Like you're a blundering idiot." she replies bitterly. None of which, of course, is true! Jajen just refuses to push herself to be better, still caught up in her teenaged brattiness and immaturity.

"Amidaeth is Annah's, and she's young, and a bit naive," Thys explains, a touch tetchily out of what's quite clearly protectiveness. "I don't like the thought of her being in something like that. And, no, Rhenesath isn't at that stage yet, Jajen. I don't feel anythign different in her, other than her growing up. I'd like to think I'd realise something was going on before it happened." She drums her fingers against her thigh, then fixes Jajen with a knitted-brow look. "A few mistakes? We all make mistakes - a few of them won't get you on lock-down, unless they're significant. What'd you do, slip the Weyrleader's belt off in public or something?"

Ahh! Jajen senses that protectiveness coming from Thys concerning Annah and her mouth quirks up a bit at the corners — almost predatory like. So the goody little weyrling has a weakness! Time to prod it. What else is she to do, in this rainy boring day? Work? HA. "Ooh, pity. She's going to have to have that "naivety" of her's, heh, popped if she knows what's best," she says with a snickered-giggle that's not at all kind. She does, however, level Thys with a slightly incredulous look. "What? You think a light switch just flicks on and you're suddenly aware of your dragon glowing?" Snort! "Don't work that way, not always and there's always the false alarms. You can tell but you never know quite when. Didn't they tell you this?" For shame! Jajen smirks and then shrugs her shoulders, only to blink and then laugh, high and grating. Her laugh is awful and as about obnoxious as her personality. "No, but I did try to seduce him in his office?" she admits brazenly, almost proud of it. Hey, she was proddy! She has an excuse. Kind of. "I'd not recommend it. He's as cold as Between with affection. But if you must know what I did, I messed up the records once and Dtirae — she was Senior then — saw it fit to demote me to Weyrling! So I screwed up and we ended up not having klah and a few other things…" Another flippant wave of her hand. There's more to it, but Jajen is trying to paint herself the victim. "… So next time they saddle you with the real important stuff? Better make sure you do it right to their satisfaction or else!" She mime's the yanking of a knot from her shoulder. Poof, gone!

Thys nods, drumming her fingers a little more against the coarse weave of her trousers. "Yes, she will have to learn soon enough. We all do though, don't we?" Could that be a little admission on her part? Maybe! "And they did tell us, Jajen, and I know that it takes longer for a gold to mature than a green. If only one of the two greens is showing signs of rising, then it's very unlikely that Rhenesath will surprise me by going up so soon. Maybe I won't recognise the signs, but… I can still hope that I'll pick up on them when they come." As for the explanation of what it was her fellow goldrider did, Thys is left tutting softly, and shaking her head. "That's… wow. You really tried to seduce him? Weren't you scared of Kimmila? And aren't you a bit young for that sort of behaviour?"

"Behind on that too are you?" Jajen remarks dryly, assuming that that was a private cryptic admission to something. She smirks, "Then you go on and keep believing that," she retorts with far more tartness then she ought to be able to get away with. Probably she feels she can boss Thys about a bit — for now at least. Neither Nyalle or Th'ero are about and Inri likely has her hands full. Elara is retired, though truthfully Jajen respects the old and aging goldrider — to a point. "Guess you're right though. May not be Rhenesath who goes next, but maybe one of the others." Yeah, she's boasting! Maybe it'll be her gold's turn next! She's still sore that when Dtirae abruptly stepped down, it was that new comer Nyalle's Kayeth who rose first! "Well, I didn't really mean to. Iaverulth was glowing and I like to toy with the bronzeriders. Ever consider it? It's fun, seeing 'em get all hopeful and puffed up like a bunch of strutting wherries. Figured it'd be a challenge to push the Weyrleader… and what, scared of Kimmila?" Oh yes, yes she is. Only Jajen huffs and laughs again. "No! She's a bluerider. What can she do? And I am not young!" she protests, a bit of colour rising to her cheeks.

"Oh, I'd bet a mark that it'll be one of your," the collective for the Weyr's goldriders, "dragons who'll rise before Rhenesath. In fact," and Thys sounds certain now, patting her pocket… which actually sounds empty, "I'll bet you two. And there'll be an extra mark in it if two golds rise before Rhenesath does." If she's bothered about the attempts to boss her about, she doesn't show it; in fact, she's quite cool in response to Jajen's failed try. "There aren't any bronzeriders I'm especially interested in to go making them get hopeful. Some are good looking, of course - like D'ani, isn't he lovely? - but there's none of them I'd want to work up in a tizzy. That sort of thing just seems like it'd be frustrating for everyone involved."

Jajen chews at her bottom lip when Thys seems so serious about actually betting. Her brows knit and furrow and she takes only but a moment to consider it. "Deal. Two marks then, that a gold rises before Rhenesath. Extra if its two." And she seems fairly confident that that could happen. It did before! Because she's partly responsible that it happened at all. She smirks again, "The Weyrsecond? Yeah, he is but good luck trying to get his attention. Dtirae and Inri already tried," she replies cooly and with a bit of a sneer. "Not going to try and pick on some of those bronzeriders from your clutch? Ha'ze, Br'enn or S'ai?" All of whom she is itching to meet as well. For the wrong reasons. Poor guys better run! Another laugh, "Frustrating? Who's said it has to be?" Clearly, she's hinting at something to judge by the haughty look she's taken on again. Her eyes though fall to her neglected ledgers and one is picked up again and seemingly brandished to Thys. "So, since you're not doing anything…?" Hint, hint?

"From my clutch? No," Thys replies with a soft shake of her head. "I'm in no rush to leap into all that, Jajen. Besides, Br'enn, at least, is already taken, and I'm not one to go stepping into another ladies' territory." The weyrling stands up then, smoothing her hands over her trousers before picking up her book. "I've actually got somewhere to be, Jajen, so I'll have to leave those ledgers in your very capable hands." There's a little barb of sarcasm behind those words, accompanied by Thys' saccharine smile. "Enjoy the rest of your day, goldrider." With that and a bob of her head as a farewell, Thys turns to leave the table, ambling out at a pace that suggests she probably doesn't have anywhere more important to be, after all.