Fort Weyr - Weyrsecond's and Jr. Weyrwomen's Office

Aged by time, just like the other offices carved into the stone, these ones have lived through the ages of Fort with the only change given to time being subtle ones to the decor as new staff come to fill the space. Situated next to the Weyrleader's Office, the small cavern leads into a spacious alcove of sorts before branching into two separate directions. On the right it leads to the Weyrsecond's personal office, a modest sized room complete with all the necessary furnishings required, along with a few shelves, a book shelf and storage for records and reports. On the left, it leads to the Junior Weyrwomen's offices and this larger room is set with three desks rather than one, along with all the other necessities needed. Both offices have small hearths built in to offer some warmth in the colder months and as there are no windows, several glow baskets have been installed to offer enough light and a few tapestries hung to offer a touch of color. Doors have also been painstakingly worked in, allowing some privacy if needed, though often they are left open.

Afternoon, as most do, finds the Weyrsecond in his office writing up his daily report to the Weyrleaders. His rain-damp jacket is draped on the back of one chair, pulled up close to the hearth where the fire can dry it. On the floor his boots, goggles, helmet have been dumped to hopefully dry out in the residual heat and presently he's sitting at his desk in his sockfeet. The room is silent save for the scratching of his pen and the crackle of flames from that fire.

Normally an afternoon would find the Weyrleader caught in his office as well but on this rainy and damp day, Th'ero has decided to pay a visit to another office and one that he rarely sets foot in. It is usually the other way around but who says there cannot be a change in the usual routines? Pausing by the door, Th'ero will knock politely and wait for the answer to enter before doing so and allowing the door to close behind him. "Afternoon, D'ani." he murmurs, features set in a neutral expression. "I've not come at a bad time?" He's dressed in his casual everyday clothes, his dry jacket folded over his arm as he has yet to venture outside from his time spent lingering in his own office.

The sound of knocking interrupts the Weyrsecond's train of thoughts, lips that had been moving soundlessly stop, as does the pen. "Come in," he calls and when he sees it's the Weyrleader who steps through his door, he rises. There's a smile for the man even though D’ani's done the formal thing, "Hello Sir, not at all. Just getting these finished up. Routine stuff." His hand flicks towards the paper he's working on; it's mostly a detail of times he's stopped, where he's stopped, who he saw in what cotholds with brief summaries under them. He's noticed the expression on Th'ero's face. Hmm neutrality can mean so very many things, so he goes with a very general, "Everything okay?"

Th'ero smirks for the formality the Weyrsecond chooses, yet at the same time pleased by it even as he lifts his hand up to wave it off. Sit, sit! "Routine stuff. You make it seem so much more thrilling than it is," he drawls with a vague hint of amusement as he steps towards the desk and settles himself into a vacant chair without so much as a moment pause or hesitation. The movement is almost casually done. Almost! Ruined only by the fact that the Weyrleader sits so straight and stiff that he's the furthest from relaxed anyone could possibly be. Awkward, even. "Everything is fine." Th'ero goes on to murmur and set that worry aside. If anything had been wrong, D'ani wouldn't have been given the curtesy of a knock on the door. "This is more of a…" Fumble. He frowns a bit as if struggling to find the right word. A check in? A casual chat? "… just figured I'd stop in." Because that's not awkward either! He exhales a little, smirk turning to a slightly crooked smile. "Not often we can just talk. It's either this or that or some emergency. So…" Shall they begin? "How have you been?"

A lopsided grin tugs at D'ani's mouth as his gaze drops momentarily to those papers and he drawls, "If suppose I could spice them up a bit; they are pretty boring." He reseats himself as Th'ero does, slouched back against the back of his chair. Everything is fine, to which the Weyrsecond breathes a sigh of relief. He waits while Th'ero fumbles, brows knitting somewhat as he stifles the urge to start filling in blanks for him. Oh, a manchat, eh? No, that won't be awkward at all now, will it? One hand lifts to rub the back of his neck as he acknowledges the hectic pace they've been going with, "Flight and candidates, trips and near-death experiences, hatchings and baby dragons… The fun never ends, does it?" There's a rueful grin accompanying it. "I've been… ah, good. How've you been? How's Kyzen?" He's not glowing in the dark from something he got a-hold of at Landing, is he?

"Truthfully, we should probably be glad that they are boring." Th'ero replies with a snort as he shifts in his chair, still attempting the whole casual air and… failing. Thankfully D'ani doesn't play a game of 'fill in the blanks' of the Weyrleader may have just clammed up and excused himself, being that he's not a man to grasp all games or, Faranth forbid, the concept of fun. Not right away, anyways. His mouth quirks again into another smirk but this time his eyes do show some amusement for the Weyrsecond's listing of events. "It certainly has been one hectic winter and start to a new Turn. And you should know that the 'fun' never ends here in Fort. Always be worried if the quiet lasts for more than a few days." he drawls and chuckles dryly. No grin to follow, but he does relax enough for a smile at least. "Just good?" Th'ero murmurs as he levels D'ani with a look. Really? That's it? The Weyrleader shakes his head. "I've been well. Busy…" Obviously! "Been down to see the Weyrlings when I can. M'icha says they are progressing well. Have you seen them of late? Sharuth and Zeltenith both are going to be… massive bronzes." Should they be worried? "Kyzen is well. Too smart for his own good though his behavior is improving. Kimmila and I have been attempting a few more visits with him." No glowing!

D'ani drops his hand from the back of his neck, reaches for his pen, but not to write. "I'm okay with boring; you're the one who has to suffer through reading them," he smiles. The pen is idly rolled slowly between his fingers, "Yeah, you know, since then I've been well enough. Busy. Tired. Still getting over a bit of a cold after the iceberg… thing." Yes, let's call it that! Why are his ears turning red? His smile morphs into a perplexed blink for that look leveled at him. What? He's good? Uh oh… Dtirae hasn't told him mostly-asleep D'ani called her Th'ero has she? If so, he can explain! "Uh sorry about the slipup, I was so short on sleep I fell asleep atop Zuvaleyuth on the way back from Tillek." And said 'thanks Th'ero' when she guided him to lie down. Cough. Massive bronzes? He actually looks relieved. Dremkoth is on the small side and so the chances of him not winning are getting better with that news! "I haven't yet. I'd meant to." The Weyrleader's son is smart indeed! "Kyzen did seem quite interested in Landing," he says with a smirk. He's glad they didn't lose the kid in a vat of something.

Th'ero's eyes follow that pen as it's idly rolled before glancing upwards and focusing elsewhere. Namely to the one holding said pen, as one should do during conversation. "I'd gladly suffer through boring reports than have to read through ones likely to give me a headache for whatever reason." he drawls and then falls silent to listen, a frown knitting his brows. "I was wondering whether or not you had escaped unscathed from that iceberg. Surprised not more of the Candidates fell ill either. We had enough of a mess concerning High Reaches Weyr and Tillek Hold… I'd assume our luck would plummet but it would seem not. Glad that you are recovering." And he means it! Even if it comes off so… cool and impersonal. Neutral expression shifts to one of baffled confusion for D'ani's next remark and apology. Uh oh, so Dtirae hadn't spoken to him of that slip up? Now what? The Weyrleader is curious even if so very lost. "I wasn't aware of any slip ups?" he says slowly, peering at D'ani a little closer. Should be be concerned? "Though I suppose if I haven't heard then it's not of importance." Take that escape and run with it! Back to the topic of Weyrlings, Th'ero is a touch more relaxed again in discussing them. "They're a good bunch. Did you know that four of them are those kids? The ones who were involved with pilfering from our stores." There must have been some muttering and grumbling over that! "Kyzen is interested in anything that fascinates a two Turns old's mind." Th'ero remarks with a crooked smirk as he leans back in his chair. "I've no idea why or who cleared him for Landing or any little ones for that matter."

"I'm so glad no one was lost," D'ani says soberly. Sick they could have dealt with, but it could have been so much worse! He nods grimly about High Reaches Hold. He read the reports. That also could have been worse. At Th'ero's baffled expression a twisted smile forms on the Weyrsecond's mouth. "It, uh, wasn't important, no." He ruuuuuns! However he's got his bases covered if Dtirae does say something, which knowing the amused Weyrwoman, she will. "Those kids?" He did not! He hasn't kept as close track of them as he meant to. His grin turns into a smirk. "They'll be too busy to get into trouble now," he observes. Grumbling? "There may have. How are they settling in to Weyrlinghood?" Those particular kids. Of Kyzen going on the trip to Landing, he can only shake his head in bemusement.

It could have been so much worse in so many ways! "As was I. It's brought up some… discussion about the excursions. If they should continue at all or if restrictions should be put in place. I am uncertain of either, to be honest though I'd rather not that the excursions end." Th'ero murmurs thoughtfully, his tone still difficult to pinpoint and yet not wholly casual. Not yet. He's getting there though! A brow quirks for that twisted smile from D'ani and while the Weyrleader senses he's missing something, he does not pry into his Weyrsecond's personal life (today, anyways) and simply nods his head, allowing it to slide. "Those kids." he confirms instead with a smirk. "Four of them. The siblings, Marin and Iskim, then Ennrian and Firrarion. At least, that was their names." That is made in an almost dismissive comment, a slight shrug following as he keeps his gaze focused on D'ani, a faint but crooked smile still firmly in place. "I'd agree, as M'icha says they seem to be adapting well enough and have not caused any friction with the others or among themselves. I'm not even sure if the others are aware of it."

"Has it?" D'ani is not all that surprised, given parents expect their young to be sheltered and kept from harm during Candidacy. "Life is dangerous," he says after a few moment of reflection on that. "I think the benefit outweighs the potential danger," he says firmly. "Because these kids, if they don't impress, need some ideas what to do with themselves afterwards." He smirks about 'those kids'. "They're probably too exhausted to try causing friction." He remembers those first days of weyrlinghood as a sort of weary haze of robotic going through the motions of dragoncare and lessons. His personal life? Yeah, best not go there right now.

Th'ero grimaces. "It has. I've the letters and reports if you wanted to review them. I had hoped to bring it up in our next council meeting but…" he shrugs. Now the Weyrsecond knows? That grimace then becomes a smirk and the Weyrleader snorts in vague amusement. "Life is dangerous! And I am of the same mind. In the time of Thread, it made sense to keep the Candidates under the shadow of the Weyr. Now? Not so much. Many that are brought in require… something of an alternative. Not that we can't do without more skilled residents but the Crafts would no doubt appreciate fresh minds. Even if half may never pan out…" It's a close win-win, situation? "Yet try to get them to see that and not see the bungling affair the trip to Landing was or the near catastrophic trip to Tillek. It's like arguing with a wall, at times." Shaking his head, Th'ero chuckles dryly. "No doubt or perhaps they're just kids. I remember the night they were brought in. Hardly a threat. More lost and confused than anything. Almost sad, honestly but not entirely unexpected given where they're from." he murmurs. That and weyrlinghood does have that effect! As for personal life questions, he seems to be skirting around those as well. No need to delve into that quite yet.

Since he was one of the ones helping chaperone some of these trips, D'ani nods. "Yes, please, Th'ero." He'd like to be familiar with the reports beforehand, if it's going to be discussed. "Isn't it though?" He grins. They've both seen enough of that sort of thing since he's impressed Dremkoth, though, "I have a sneaking feeling you know more about that than I do." He nods agreement with the sentiment of Th'ero's. "There's no point in over-protecting them if we're hoping they'll be riding dragons. That's no walk in the park, either. Those two trips were the exception not the norm out of how many trips? I don't think we had any mishaps during the ones of my candidacy."

"I'll have them brought to you then." As he should have long ago and perhaps Th'ero is beginning to realize that as his expression flickers with a hint of guilt and apology there. D'ani was chaperone to these trips, it is only fair! "It's nothing to concerning. If it had been, I'd have shared it immediately with you." Which is a longwinded 'sorry' from the Weyrleader. There is a nod of agreement and a crooked smile. "Know more about what? That life is dangerous?" Where shall he begin? There should be a scoreboard in his office for the amount of times he's cheated death. "Exactly! Yet some seem to think it is." Th'ero mutters, shifting in his chair to at last settle comfortably. So he is capable of relaxing! A little. "No, I don't think your class did." he says slowly, brows knitting together as he tries to recall. "Only hiccup I can remember is the Vintner excursion though I believe that was more amusing than dangerous. And there was Queska…" Another half-dismissive wave. "I think your weyrlinghood was more of the time of mishaps." Cue a bit of a smirk.

D'ani waves away the apology. He's not upset! "I've been too busy to read them anyway," he says with a sort of weary-ruefulness. "I got behind on paperwork and hold visits while the candidates were here. Partly because, you know, Dremkoth didn't want to leave Kouzevelth." He rolls his eyes, so like a parent implying, 'puppy love!' He nods with a smirk, "Where indeed?" He stops rolling his pen idly and sets it down on top of the last form he'd been working on with a shake of his head. "Those parents shouldn't be releasing their younguns to be potential riders then. Do we… have a release form?" Hah! It could list all the possible hazards maybe? He tries, really he does to recall just what happened with their class at the vitner's hall. "It's all a blur," he says laughingly only to grin somewhat sheepishly about his own weyrlinghood. "Look at the bright side. This group has gotten all that out of the way already?" According to the Mishaps Scorecard?

Th'ero's brows lift and then the Weyrleader is chuckling heartily, his expression changing to one of understanding. "Trust me, I know how that goes too. Velokraeth's fondness for Zuvaleyuth was tripled when she clutched. I'd be lucky if I could pry him away long enough to even feed properly, though he has eased up a bit. Can't say I didn't mind having a break this time from him being the sire." he drawls with a crooked smile given to D'ani. Blinking, he then stares long and hard at the Weyrsecond as he tries to determine if it was a joke or seriously implied that there should be a form. He goes for a bit of both. "Well, it couldn't hurt? We've broken enough tradition, why not toss one extra bit of paperwork at the Headwoman to file when the Candidates are dragged in?" Th'ero actually faintly grins then. "Can't recall either, huh? Neither can I. Ask me how my Candidacy and Weyrlinghood was and I'd only be able to remember shreds of it now." He snorts and for a moment almost laughs. Of course, he can't have that now can he? So he stops himself midway and coughs. "One way to look at it! Or they're just biding their time. We may be in for it when they're given more freedom."

The image of these two 'parents' chuckling at their respective offspring would likely be an odd one were anyone to behold it. With a sheepish cast to his returned grin, "Dremkoth still adores her," D'ani says with a touch of chagrin. The Weyrsecond's ears have turned pink again. He's ignoring it! Apparently the lingering affection for one of his friend's dragons is something he didn't expect. Or maybe this particular friend. "He's happy about it but it's a bit awkward." For more than one reason! The candidates and paperwork is something he meant seriously, for his brown eyes remain steady upon the Weyrleader's. "It's a thought," he says with a shrug. Yeah, more paperwork, but the parents will at least know the risks? Or they can't say they didn't after the fact. How to word that, eh? To 'those kids' he shakes his head and smirks. "M'icha will work that out of them, I hope."

"Does he?" That little tidbit seems to interest Th'ero to a curious degree and while he notes D'ani's sudden pink around the ears, the Weyrleader is just a step too far behind in his obliviousness to catch on and stumbles right forwards into territory probably best not trod upon. "Ahh, I see. Because of the way… certain relationships are?" he murmurs, only to clear his throat. He should stop there but no of course he doesn't! "Velokraeth's adoration of Zuvaleyuth and vice versa baffled me at first. It makes it a bit difficult. Since, well… I consider Dtirae more of a sister…" Fumble and an awkward pause, followed by a frown. Where was he going with this? Grimacing, Th'ero simply let's it slide there. "Oh, it's a thought. But perhaps unnecessary. Most Candidates are of age to be considered adults by the time they're Searched. Seems rare that we ever bring in those barely of minimum age. If they're over fifteen Turns, their parents have no say really." Or do they? Judging by the way Th'ero's expression darkens and twists, it's obvious he's had some past run-ins with disgruntled parents. "Not that it doesn't stop them from complaining."

D'ani nods. "He does." Ohhhh the way relationships are - and aren't! "Partly?" Still with the pink ears, "Inri's always seen me as a friend." He doesn't say it, but the chagrin in his tone clearly says he hasn't always felt so platonic towards the Junior. "Going through weyrlinghood together, you know? It made things… awkward after the flight - at least for me." He waves a hand that vaguely covers the idea: people form bonds and such. And since it's no secret he's been seeing the Weyrwoman, he just comes out with it, "After the flight I was working though all that." Aaaand he still is, apparently. "Dtirae noticed and asked. When I told her, she shut down." This isn't awkward at all is it? Where's the ale? To the idea of parents and complaining he grimaces in sympathy but says nothing.

Relationships are complicated! So Th'ero discovered long ago. "It's true. Weyrlinghood does tend to form… bonds between weyrlings." Well, this is awkward and about to be so much more as they begin discussing flights. The Weyrleader tries not to grimace, but it's a loosing battle. "I can only imagine. Flights… do not make things easy." Considering he wound up Weyrleader of Fort with Velokraeth's second won flight! And it is no secret, no. Not at least to Th'ero. Does the Weyrsecond know of Dtirae's talk with him? If he did, he may now. "She shut down?" he asks, frowning and looking puzzled. "Over the… jealousy thing?" Was that it? He lifts his hand up and scrubs at the back of his neck, not quite meeting eye to eye now. Flinching inwardly for his blundering, Th'ero at last exhales and simply adds. "Sorry. That's probably not any of my business and you do not have to answer any of that…"

Whyyyyyyyy aren't they in the Tavern for this? It would be so much easier! "Yeah," D'ani mumbles about weyrlinghood relationships and flights. D'ani does not know about the Dtirae's talk with Th'ero, no. He looks surprised to hear that Th'ero knows about the jealousy, shooting him a look from slightly startled brown eyes. He doesn't look annoyed, no, just learned something new. "Yeah," he says with a small frown now touching his mouth. "No, don't apologize, it's… fine. I should've come to you sooner because you know her better than I do." He draws a long breath, lets it out slowly. "We talked, she felt silly and I told her it was a natural reaction." Y'know because girls everywhere fight over him, right? "I, uhhh." He stops, rubs his forehead, rakes his hand through his hair and just shakes his head.

They may end up in a tavern! Or Th'ero will have a drudge bring alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. He'll realize his error the moment D'ani looks so surprised by his reply and it takes all his resolve not to raise the palm of his hand to his face. Sigh. He can be so clueless! "Ah well…" And now he's chuckling, which then extends to nervous laughter. Brief, but definitely laughter. "I'd not say I know her THAT well. I also was on my way to being quite drunk." Dtirae has that effect on him. "It was an unexpected discussion. I told her to speak with you about it…" Which apparently happened — sort of? Th'ero frowns. "I told her similar. I guess. Flights are flights. Not easy to accept, but not much of a choice in the long run." Right? He exhales then, fingers tapping restlessly against the edge of his armrest. So… "Care for a drink?" Cause he'd like a whole bottle of something right now.

D'ani blinks at Th'ero for that laughter. Wow… has he… ever seen…? Maybe once or twice? Not this sort of laughter though and the poor discomfited Weyrsecond smiles along with him in spite of himself. Oh then knowing her THAT well is said. "Nono, I don't know her, know her like- I mean we haven't slept-" Oh shoot they did! "I haven't had -" He siiiiighs and rakes his hand through his hair again, shooting a frustrated look at the ceiling. Unexpected? Hah! He flicks a look from the overhead panorama in stone to the Weyrleader and his lips twist into a sardonic smirk at that. "I'll bet it was," he says wryly before grasping the offer with something almost akin to desperation. "Yes, Yes I would!" He's rising to his feet while speaking and he's probably going to walk wherever in his socks without giving it a thought!

It's a rare day indeed if Th'ero laughs. Actually genuinely laughs and sometimes it's not a good reason for his laughter. That brief moment has passed though and the Weyrleader is back to trying to keep his stoic and controlled expression in place. Not that that is working, as the conversation dips all the more awkwardly. Right into the 'hey, I've not slept with her yet!' territory. He'll… just pretend he never ever, EVER heard that. Sober. What does one say to that? Aww, man, bummer? No, he'll just grimace and look elsewhere. Anywhere but at D'ani and say nothing on that — for now. Back to alcohol! "I've some wine and possibly even a bottle or two of ale in my office…" But the Weyrsecond is getting up then and Th'ero is blinking at him. "Are we going to a tavern then?" he drawls, not seeming to mind either way as he pushes to his feet. One is just far, far swifter!

Oh reeeeally? The topic ought to help immensely with the need-for-stoic, unless this tempts Th'ero to point and laugh. "Oh, she asked me to-" Again with the self-interruption and the glare ceiling-wards. Yeah, yeah, he deflected that suggestion. Why? Ohhh because… "It's complicated," he mutters. Back to the alcohol indeed! "Your office?" is D'ani's brief and somewhat strangled answer. Booze! Now please?

Th'ero would never point and laugh. Not while sober and in full control of his senses! Later, if they get to the point that they're sloshed out of their minds? Then yes, he'll get to see the rather abrasive side of the Weyrleader, sans his filter! Which will either result in hilarity, insult or possible threat of brawling or all of the above. Self-interruption on the Weyrsecond's part is met with a cough from Th'ero. Did NOT hear that one either! "Yes. Complicated. Aren't most relationships?" Don't ask how he'd know this. Don't ask, don't ask, la la laaaa. "Yes, my office. Always keep a bit in there." For emergencies! Pushing to his feet, the Weyrleader smirks. "I'll be right back." And off he goes! Of course, he could just flee then and come up with some… excuse not to return once he's out the door and it clicks shut behind him. Th'ero promised drinks and so he will deliver and minutes later he will knock as he enters, carrying a whine skin and two good sized bottles of dark glass… wait no, that's the liquid inside. "Wine I think is a white. Sweet, if I've the right one in mind. These," And he sets the bottles down. "Are ales. Personal favorite." Poison. Even the name is cheery! 'Black Damnation' certainly sounds like a pleasant way to end a day?

D'ani just get's more… D'ani-like when drunk. Not that he has very often but, he relaaaaaaaxes. So if he slings an arm around Th'ero's shoulders and starts singing do not be surprised! "Are they?" D'ani shoots Th'ero a small, incredulous look. "I thought you and Kimm-" You know, they're so TOGETHER out there in public. Wait. Maybe he meant his relationship with Dtirae and so, "Does… being a goldrider make them more… " Moody? Volatile? Crazy? No, he comes up with, "Reclusive?" This qualifies as an emergency! He's so ready for that promised drink that he nearly follows Th'ero, padding a few paces from behind his desk only to restrain himself and paces the office instead. He doesn't seem to be concerned that Th'ero will keep on going and so when the Weyrleader returns and set those bottles down, D'ani picks one up curiously reads the label and says, "Perfect!" Because it matches his state of frustration? He's… never had this brew. Should he be worried?

Does D'ani know fishing songs? Because Th'ero would probably join the ones he knows, if drunk and relaxed enough. He blinks, frowning in mild confusion. "In my experience yes? And what of Kimm and I?" he asks, peering at D'ani and well guarded — for now. Frowning, he mulls over the question only to shrug, his mind already drifting towards the sweet promise of alcohol. "Reclusive? I've no idea. It could be that that is Dtirae's particular… trait." Maybe? He doesn't sound so certain. Then he makes his escape and returns with enough drinks to see them both into oblivion should they honestly choose to drink that much! Th'ero settles himself back into the chair and promptly opens the other bottle of ale without further hesitation. Should D'ani be worried about the brew? Maybe. Depends on the tolerance level he has for alcohols. Th'ero's tastes run for drinks that are strong. This ale itself is a thick black liquid, it's rich and sweet black roasted malt scent, mixed with dark fruits and molasses (if such a thing exists on Pern) discernible even before it's lifted close for further inspection. Usually a good sign that it's going to have a kick and does it ever. How does he even drink that without grimacing? For the taste is sweet, but malty with a lot of wood flavors and the texture if thick, almost syrupy smooth. Mmm, delicious? For Th'ero it is, as he helps himself to a generous sip without so much of a twitch of the eye or corner of his mouth. "You prefer ales?" he drawls to D'ani's response to the label. Should he get more?

You know he probably does? Some of them are not fit to sing in the office but if Inri wanders in, she won't be offended by bawdy singing, she'll probably ask them to teach it to her! D'ani mmms, thinking before clarifying, "You and Kimmila don't seem complicated. You seem very, uh, compatible." He's never seen them have a spat in the whole time he's been at Fort anyway. Of that bottle, he just asks, "Stronger than wine, yeah?" Right before cracking the seal to open it. He's used to whiskey, not that he has it daily. Th'ero might need to get more? He puts the bottle to his lips, tilts it and allows the brew to remain in his mouth for a moment before swallowing. "Interesting." Strong! He takes another easy swallow, "I like it!" Now where were they? Oh yes, women! Dtirae in particular. "Maybe it's her way; I don't think it's good for her." He's still standing in front of his desk in his sockfeet while saying this, concern and frustration on his face. He needs the ale, swigs it. Th'ero we have a problem! He's been allowing this to simmer apparently.

Nothing like some bawdy singing to go with talk of… women and relationships? Th'ero stares at D'ani for a moment, incredulous and almost answers him immediately before catching himself. No, Th'ero and Kimmila are very private about their… well, private life. "We are complicated… in a good way? Not anymore, perhaps… more so to start but compatible. Always were. It just took time." And that in itself is a very long winded story which he probably won't share as it's half Kimmila's to tell and he'd likely dip into crypticness just to make things all the more frustrating. No direct answers for D'ani! At least until the alcohol muddles the Weyrleader's head enough that it'll be lucky he can tell left from right and down from up. "Much stronger than wine. I'd not advise chugging it back." Th'ero muses before taking another sip from the bottle he holds in his hand. A good, long and deep pull and then held aside. A brow quirks and he sounds vaguely impressed. "Not many do, though this is the sweeter of the ales I prefer. Perhaps I should have brought the other…" Was that a challenge? "Being reclusive?" Th'ero drawls, frowning as he studies D'ani long and hard. Oh, he's sensing there's a problem, alright! "I have to agree. Only issue is is do you dare tell her she is and to change?" Cause he won't!

Yeah the singing would totally fit. However, D'ani isn't there yet. Give him time. He probably has an inkling that Th'ero isn't comfortable talking about his personal life but that ale is loosening his gut and he merely lifts his bottle to take another - this time it's a sip - while giving the poor man a 'dare ya' smirk. Not that he's asking for details, mind. Just… ahh, guidance! He nods, time is something he gets but compatibility? "How can you tell when you are?" Drink up Th'ero! There may be more questions coming. He's wandering again, his free arm flinging randomly as he says, "She works all the time, she has no friends, she has no recreational activities. She stresses out and gets grouchy. We have nothing much to talk about and-" he shakes his head in frustration and stops. "I'm sorry, you probably don't want to hear this." His next sip turns into a choke, brown eyes widening a tich. Tell her? He lowers the bottle and swipes the back of his hand across his mouth. The ale is warm in his belly and he probably has been drinking the stuff a little too quickly. So maybe it's the ale that says, "Can't we just… make up a… a social program for her and assign her people to do things with?" They can make it a 12-step program and call it WA?

Singing may indeed be in the future then! Th'ero is no where near that stage yet though and neither to the point of freely speaking about his personal life. Which may be dangerous territory, if D'ani manages to crack through that wall! He may get far more than he bargained for. Bring on the questions! "You just do." he murmurs with a shrug. So helpful! Another sip of ale and the Weyrleader clears his throat. "Not sure if there's really a way to put it into words…" Says the man who has issues even showing emotions most days. D'ani may wander, but Th'ero is listening closely and keeping his eyes more or less focused on him. No, he doesn't really want to hear this but he dug the hole and can sense the bronzerider needs 'help' of sorts and part of the reason for the Weyrleader's visit was to try and get to 'know' his Weyrsecond a bit beyond the usual talk of business and duty. Never did he quite expect this! He waves off the apology and smirks, "Too late? Besides, I've had concerns over Dtirae of late too. That only confirms much of what I assumed. Well… not about the talking." Or lack of. Cough. Another sip! Followed by a heavy frown and a lingering look. Sorry, he doesn't follow? "Do you think that would work or that she'd agree?" he asks, though he is considering it, gaze turning distracted and thoughtful. Hmm. Could it be possible and doable?

Right now D'ani is more about the grumbling than the singing. "Well, I don't," the usually even-keeled Weyrsecond growls - and not at Th'ero, either. More like… at the bottle. Hurry up! Do your stuff! The ale… the ale is helping, not that he's anywhere near tipsy or even relaxed enough. He lifts his eyes from that bottle he's clenching in his hand to the man across the room. "I was engaged in an arranged marriage to a sweet girl who I rarely saw. She died before we were wed. I haven't been willing to risk another since." How is he going to know? That's what his brown eyes are silently asking. He tilts that bottle again, the sip is bigger than he should take and he coughs a little. Then he turns to pace once more, approaching Th'ero, "She wants- The iceberg. really upset her. More than I thought it would." He rakes a hand through his hair once again and sighs, then mutters, "I don't to hurt her but…" He glares at the nearly-empty bottle. It's the bottle's fault entirely that it is empty. Stalking back to the other side of the room, he intercepts the lingering look. What? Oh! "I think it would work but no, she wouldn't agree." He's certain about that. Hopefully, "Can we… have the mindhealers require her to do it? Tell her it's for the good of the Weyr?" Oh, he doesn't know! Can they do a confrontational? More with the sipping. Because the idea won't go down without a fight from her, he's sure.

Even if not directed at him and more at the bottle, a growly D'ani is not the normal attitude he usually sees on a daily basis and it's enough to have Th'ero sobering enough (though that ale is kicking in nicely!) for some concern to edge it's way in. That wall? Is weakening and buckles when that shred of past life and tragedy is shared. "I'm sorry, D'ani. I wasn't aware…" Awkward. Apologetic, sympathetic maybe. Understanding? Not quite, yet something has the Weyrleader moved enough that after running his fingers through his hair and taking a bit more ale for strength he attempts again to actually talk rather than just skirt about the edges. "Do you want to know how I knew with Kimmila?" he asks, holding his gaze firm with the Weyrsecond's. The choice is his, apparently! He sighs then, scrubbing at his jaw. Shards and shells how does he get himself into these messes? "Can you blame her for the iceberg? I gave us all a good fright and I've no doubt that you don't want to hurt her… But she cannot be lead along forever?" Harsh, but true? Th'ero logic! He frowns heavily. "Mindhealers? They could, if we truly feel she is in need of such methods of intervention." he murmurs and then shakes his head, smirking. "Or we grow spines and just confront her ourselves. What could she do?" Other then kick both their asses? "Regardless there's clearly an… issue that needs to be addressed. One we've both noticed." In different respects, of course!

Apology? Why? Asks the knitting of brows before comprehension clears the confusion. The Weyrsecond waves it away, "It's alright. It was turns ago. It's just that I have no clue how to know when things are compatible." His own bottle is lifted and the last bit drained. He could certainly use another but he doesn't ask. He just nods. "If you don't mind," he adds sensing that reluctance. However, this isn't something he can ask Ezra about and there's no one else he's close enough to ask. "I don't blame her at all," he says. "It did bring certain things into clarity and now I-" He closes his eyes and nods slowly to Th'ero. Leading her on wasn't his intention, but at some point that's what it becomes unless… "I'm going to have to have a talk with her," he mutters reluctantly. As for their jointly-noted concern about her, he nods slowly, the beginnings of a lopsided grin working its way to dissolve his frown. "Uhh, she could punch us?" Though for some reason he's sure it'll be more swearing and yelling - or crying than a beatdown.

Because? That is what he does. Does not apologize when it's needed and does when it is not. "None… at all? You've—" Never been in a relationship? Th'ero looks and sounds surprised before he manages to bite his tongue and keep himself from blundering further. That would be something Th'ero would expect of himself, but of D'ani? Apparently he had other assumptions of the Weyrsecond! Time to stare down at his (almost empty) bottle and frown. "What did it bring to clarity?" he asks hesitantly. Why not just make the awkward just that much more? Are they drunk enough yet for this? No? That muttered reluctant statement earns a brisk nod and a smirk from Th'ero. "Not the easiest route but… the better of all of them." he murmurs. He'd know! It took him Turns to learn better. The Weyrleader snorts then, close again to another of those shaky laughs. "Yeah, she could. Though I'd doubt she'd punch you much." Truthfully, even he doubts it'd end in punching and likely more on the yelling, swearing and crying. Th'ero leans back in his chair then, draining the last of his ale he lifts the empty bottle with a crooked smirk and questioning look given to D'ani. "Hope you're still thirsty. I've had notice sent for more." Magic! Who's name starts with a 'V'. Th'ero hasn't forgotten his offer to speak more on his relationship with Kimmila either. That he has been saving until now, as a brief silence settles and he gathers his now mellowing wits about him. Now, how to start? How about diving right in? "I knew Kimmila and I were compatible because… even with the issues both of us had, I kept finding myself wanting to be in her company. I never judged her, she never judged me and we slowly built up a trust. And it was only when there was a chance I'd lose her from her injuries after the first confrontation with Laris and his band… That's when I knew it was more than mere compatibility." Never mind it took him ages after that to admit it! Now. Where's that alcohol?

Finding a spot on the hearth, Dani seats himself and leans forward to rest his forearms on his knees. "Mmm, nope," he confirms. "Dates, friends, that sort of thing, but no." His head, tipped toward the floor, turns to regard Th'ero and that surprise. How to explain when he's never thought through it himself. He turns to frown at the floor near his feet. "Partly because I didn't have the time, mostly because…" He grimaces. This is awkward indeed! "I just haven't wanted to." That's helpful, right? Clarify? Gears switch while he flicks a questioning look at Th'ero that clears a moment later. Back to the floor, "Oh. How Dtirae feels about me," he says dully with another frown. Still thirsty? He flicks another look at Th'ero, and a harsh smirk answers that question. Is he ever! He's thoughtful in the wake of Th'ero's explanation, nodding as if something only now clicks into place. It's not like he hasn't had some self-doubts beforehand, but, "I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be… compatible with anyone." Mmnrgh. He did not just say that. That booze could get here anytime!

Is it helpful? Quite and Th'ero's expression turns thoughtful. There is no judgement there, no laughter or loud exclamation of how odd D'ani is for not wanting to seek out those types of relationships beyond that of a date or friendship. "Nothing wrong with that," he drawls with a slight shrug of his shoulders, leaning forwards to set the now empty ale bottle aside so that he can settle back again with hands laced together in his lap. Feigning relaxation again, though his mind is certainly growing a bit fuzzy around the very edges. Ahh, the joys of strong alcoholic drinks! That dull reply earns a long look from the Weyrleader and grimacing, Th'ero pushes just a little further. Time to dig a little deeper in that hole he's created. "You don't feel the same way." he says simply. A statement of fact, nothing more and no accusation in his tone. Neutral curiosity. Brows lift for the final remark. He did say it and it was clearly heard but before Th'ero can answer, there is a knock at the door and he exhales. "Moment." he mutters, pushing to his feet as he goes to pull the door open. Never mind this is D'ani's office, not his! But this interruption was expected and it's only drudge on the other side, bearing the gift of several of those bottles of ale and are taken gratefully with a hasty murmured thanks from Th'ero before he goes on to dismiss the drudge and nudge the door shut again with a shove of his elbow. Now, where were they? Oh right. One bottle is offered to D'ani, while the rest are set on the desk and one also claimed for himself as he settles himself back into the chair. "You sound a lot like I was. Once. Never figured I'd be compatible with anyone. Never figured anyone would want to be." Th'ero drawls with a crooked smirk, eyes flicking to D'ani only to look away again, down to the bottle now held between his hands. And sip! "Not exactly the best of mind frames."

Nothing wrong with-? "Oh no, that's not what I meant. I'm not-" Whatever that means! Dont ask! "She died in the flood that took Maiona and my folks," he mutters to his empty bottle. So, if he doesn't get close again there's no risk? Dark eyes flick to Th'ero at the statement. "I do not," he admits reluctantly. "She's beautiful, smart and capable but…something's missing." He shrugs, and his eye move restlessly to the door. Where is that ale? Ah the knock! He sets his bottle down, accepts the one Th'ero gives him gratefully, cracks his open and sips steadily while Th'ero speaks. "I know," he says quietly. Maybe he needs a 12 step social program too?

Whatever what meant? Th'ero is down right confused by that reply and it shows clear on his features. Shards, what did he say? His frown grows heavy as he scrambles back through his thoughts and "helpfully" takes another sip of ale. Another follows swiftly after that as D'ani goes on to share that very personal tidbit of his past and perhaps some guilt filters that he had pushed him that far. Oops? Now he's beginning to understand or at least grasping at some shred of understanding. "I didn't mean…" To pry. Another apology though it falters as Th'ero fumbles for something to say other than 'sorry for your loss'. Why does he suck at these things? Maybe they all need a crash course on How to Be Social and not Awkward 101. So if that doesn't work, why not brutal honesty? "You worry that you will lose the one you care for, if you let them get too close?" he asks, voice lowered and almost gentled in understanding. He lost those he loved but not quite as final and tragically as D'ani. Ahh, and there is more truth now from the Weyrsecond even if given reluctantly. "The compatibility?" he ventures to suggest. That was what started all of this, right?

D'ani does nothing to help Th'ero's confusion, nope! This is awkward enough as it is for this holder boy and so the following statement about the floods will have to suffice for the 'what he's not' and why he hasn't wanted a relationship. What prying?! D'ani offered the info! His too-rapid sips are paused to eye Th'ero askance. "I know that!" Uh, the ale, it's..heh, working? He's definitely at ease. He lifts his bottle but keeps an eye on the Weyrleader as he asks that next question, forgets to sip and gulps. Then coughs once, brows knit again. "I'm not sure," he says of loss. "Maybe." The last question sends him back with a defeated thump against the stones of the hearth where he just stares at Th'ero. "I have no idea. I'd imagine it would help, but even then." He shrugs, lifts his bottle in a silent toast while his lips twist ruefully and then sips again.

The information was offered only after a bit of poking and prodding by Th'ero, therefore to the Weyrleader's (now gradually muddled) logic it was prying. He smirks, lifting his bottle again to his lips and tilting it back as the silence weighs in. What now? Push further or simply let the conversation dwindle here and let the awkwardness slide? His expression shifts when D'ani thumps against the stones of the hearth, defeated and staring at him. For a few heartbeats, Th'ero holds that stare but it will be he who drops his eyes first to look away, down at his hands where they rest on the bottle of ale and not long after the silent toast. "Even then, there is something missing, as you said?" Th'ero is so not the man to go to for relationship advice!

D'ani's logic is muddled enough to have forgotten those gentle proddings. His continuous sipping is having an effect on his empty stomach. "Yeah, but I don't know what," D'ani mutters after giving it a long moment's ponder. "Something just feels… off." Vague vagueness from a Journeyman beastcrafter who studied to be precise when healing stock animals. And are his words being spoken with a touch more effort at precision? Why yes, yes they are. Th'ero may not get much more clarity from the confused Weyrsecond who cannot seem to name his nebulous misgivings. And the ale is not helping him to make sense of the ones he's in touch with. "We should give her randomly-assigned outings," D'ani says in an unannounced switch of topic. "Rae. I mean, the Weyrwoman." His brow crinkles. "Dtirae."

"Perhaps her shutting down on you is the cause? Not knowing anything beyond what she's told or shows…" Th'ero murmurs. Something like that? His brows knit together, his mind growing quite warm and fuzzy by the minute now as the ale also works on his empty stomach. Vague vagueness leads more more vagueness! At least the awkward is all but gone? Any lack of clarity from D'ani goes unremarked or noted, as Th'ero sinks a little deeper into his chair and drains a good portion of his ale while the Weyrsecond sorts his thoughts out. There is a quirked brow for the nickname, but he only smiles crookedly and briefly to it. "She was a hunter once." he suggests with a smirk. "Could start there." Because that's safe and totally proper for a Senior Weyrwoman to be doing! "I'd say send her to tour the holds but…" Oh wait, no, there's the awkward. "…last time that occurred she discovered Stonehaven." He was there too. Cough. Moving on? "Where do you send your Senior Weyrwoman?"

"Maybe," frowns D'ani grasping for logic. There's a vague concern over that even with the relaxing haze setting in. "She isn't as tough as she wants people to think; that worries me." Why, he can't articulate why probably even without the ale interfering. He has a few more sips while Th'ero speaks and then he nods loosely. "Yes, have her do some things she likes and knows how to do already." Beat. "With random people she doesn't know well." Because that's safer? "Like… she can teach the Weyrlings some hunting techniques." Where does one send their Senior Weyrwoman? He waves an arm expansively more relaxed by the minute. "Hiking." He grins. "With Kimmila." It'll be a date to remember?

Th'ero shakes his head and his mouth draws down into a grim set line, his eyes now focused distantly at something or another in the office. Muddled thoughts or not, he can still concentrate on the discussion even if it takes him a few half-seconds longer to cobble together his thoughts and form coherent sentences. "No, she is not as tough as we think. I don't think anyone ever is. Just depends on how many masks they have and their ability to keep it all in place." he murmurs in a lower voice, only to seem to shake himself from whatever funk he was about to drag himself into. He snorts, lifting his eyes to peer sidelong to D'ani. "That may not always end well!" Or it will? He scratches a thumb along his lower jaw, considering the half-formed plan as best he can given his buzzed state. "Having her spend time with the Weyrlings may be a good start. What of the non-rider folk?" he suggests, only to scoff and then chuckle dryly. "A hike with Kimmila? … perhaps." Why is he hesitant on this?

"Masks get in the way of…" He squints. What were they originally talking about? Oh, right! "Relationships," he says with a too-emphatic nod before he's semi-back to the topic of their join-concern for the woman. "Makes 'er reckless," he adds with another frown. He's very worried about her! "Not hunting in a group; one on one. Because she will get to know 'em better that way." He tips his ale, takes a mouthful, slanting a one-eyed enquiry over at Th'ero for that chuckle without taking his lips from the bottle. What? There's hesitation? That intended sip has become a mouthful and D'ani is silent while he savors it. "And shopping in Ierne with you," he says firmly. "For presents. For your hard-working weyrstaff." He's… serious? He bobbles another nod, no grin attached. Yes, good idea! A must-do!

Th'ero chuckles again and this time it sounds genuine. "Exactly. Sharding frustrating to work around." he adds with a tone that clearly says he'd know all about it. For he is guilty for such practices and one only has to ask Kimmila about it! "They've their purposes though." he goes on to murmur, his words beginning to take on a certain accent, a leftover from his upbringing in his family cothold out on the Emerald Isles. Faded with Turns spent away, now that his mind is fogged by drink his tongue seems to recall it and settle into the lazy drawl. "Reckless in what way?" Another sip of ale and he frowns. "One on ones? I think that could be arranged. M'icha would have to be informed and agree to it." Not that the Weyrlingmaster could protest much if Th'ero pulls rank! He is mid-swallow of another sip of ale when D'ani unveils his idea for 'shopping' and the Weyrleader chokes, having to press the edge of his hand to the corner of his mouth as he struggles to finish swallowing. At last he manages and between coughs he just stares at D'ani. "Gift shopping? In Ierne? With her?" Ouch? He snorts and then laughs. "You do recall what…" Wait, no. D'ani wasn't at Fort by then, was he? Th'ero tries to recall, to remember and… fails.

"Suppose they do," he says of masks. Not that he can come up with many, only one. "Could've used one at Gold Hill." And more restraint on Dremkoth but let's not go there! "Was a generalization," he says of recklessness. "She's gotta be tough to prove it and she's gonna get 'erself hurt eventually. Or hurt and not admit it." He leans forward with concern when Th'ero starts coughing, one hand lifting as if he'd offer backpats to help out, only he dimly seems to realize the man is across the room. "Yeah," he says breezily in the wake of that unfinished question, though it does get a lift of brows for it while taking another long sip. D'ani wasn'tat Fort then, probably. Not if it has to do with Dtirae and Th'ero doing anything together other than mating flights. Cough. "Zhirayr can take her for a fancy dinner-date at some swanky restaurant," he continues like there wasn't just a semi-protest over there. "And I could… hmm." He looks at Th'ero. Any ideas over there buddy?

Th'ero snorts. "Gold Hill was not something any of us were prepared for! Masks or no." he points out. No, lets not get into the lack of restraint either! He frowns heavily then as D'ani's words sink in and mellow out his buzz for a moment. "You're probably right on that account." Something which worries the Weyrleader too, apparently! And he is across the room and now sinking a little lower in his chair. Slouching! Relaxed. Thanks to the ale, but relaxed all the same! "Zhirayr? Really? Why him?" Th'ero drawls with another chuckle, agreeing and yet seeming to tease the Weyrsecond for his choice. "Another idea, yes. I am not taking Dtirae shopping, however!" Let that be clear and he stares at D'ani with a 'got it' look. Try again? "What about some uh… girl — stuff between her and Inri?" he mutters. Take a sip of that ale! "Whatever women do… see, they should go shopping. Maybe pull Jajenelja…" Pause. "…okay, not her." Scratch that! Scratch it quick! "You could…" Th'ero goes on to draw out as he fumbles, a hand lifting to roll idly as his thoughts stall. Uh… hmm. "Share your hobbies with her?" Which are?

"Zhirayr? Becaaaaause I don't think he's someone she spends a lot of time with?" D'ani is unsure of why he's being teased, but rolls with it, a smile spreading easily over his mouth. "And he's staff." Oh wait, wait. Th'ero's not going with the plan? "Getting her out of her comfort zone is the point," he explains with careful patience - or is that careful enunciation? Though he's sympatico right now and so has an easy nod for the change in plans. Girls, shopping, Ierne. That works but yeahno, Jajenelja would be a bad idea! "Would you rather come surfing with me instead?" Wait. The Weyrsecond has gotten things muddled. He'll try this again, "Would you rather take her fishing and I could take her surfing?" He squints at Th'ero, then shuts one eye. Better! The view is clearer and he's watching for a scowl. "Or, have you got a better idea for your part in this?"

Th'ero blinks and frowns. "But isn't he the assistant… to the Headwoman? Or is it to the Steward?" he drawls, unable to recall as his mind slips further and further into a drunken stupor. "She'd deal with him — oh, wait. We're saying this is for fun." Right? Fun! Not in the Weyrleader's vocabulary. Not even now! "That could be dangerous if she proves unwilling." he mutters and promptly drains the last of his second bottle of ale and sets it aside with the other empty. Two down! Will there be a third? He seems to wait on D'ani, as if this as suddenly turned into a drinking challenge. How many bottles before one of them is semi-passed out on the floor? "Surfing…?" Blink. Frown. Blink again and then a crooked smile — wait, no that's a grin! And a light laugh. Should D'ani be afraid? "Don't think I've ever tried surfing." Th'ero admits, not even realizing the blunder the Weyrsecond made with his offer. He wrinkles his nose then. "I'm not overly fond of fishing. It brings back… bad memories. Perhaps we could all do some surfing. You, Dtirae, myself and Kimmila?" Or does that defeat the purpose? Th'ero doesn't seem so sure and he rubs at the side of his head, confused. No scowl! "None. Unless I teach her swordfighting… which I doubt she needs."

"One 'a them," D'ani says with an airy wave of his hand of Zhirayr. He can't be bothered to recall exactly whose staff the man is, just that he is staff. "And she deals with us too," he points out far, far too cheerfully if one were to remember how this whole conversation started. Which he doesn't. He's a few sips behind Th'ero, definitely enjoying the brew more than he was at first. He's got the bottle to his mouth when the Weyrleader laughs. His mouth curls into a grin around the bottle neck and he finishes his ale. "We could all go surfing. I can show you Maiona. The island's backside has some big waves." Just wait until Th'ero sees the combers D'ani is calling 'waves'! Fishing though, "Bad memories, huh. Like what?" The stone is hard beneath his butt; he's been sitting here too long. So he rises, has to catch himself with one hand upon the mantle to steady himself before he walks with careful overbalance to sit in one of the chairs near Th'ero. More? He'll trade his empty bottle for a full one, if that's what the passing of his bottle to Th'ero means.

One 'a them? Works for Th'ero and he shrugs his shoulders! Zhirayr has now been filed under as 'one of them' in his buzzed mind before he frowns. Wait… that's right, she does deal with them too! "Point taken!" Likely to be forgotten in a few minutes, if not already done so. The ale is certainly one to improve with time, though it helps if one is also becoming drunk on it. Who needs to be aware of taste then? Taking the empty bottle from D'ani, he will pass him another full one and take another for himself. Two rounds remain, if they even make it that far! "I can only imagine. Maiona… Emerald Isles, right? I'm familiar with some of the coast. Irondell was northward…" he phrases that as a question more than a statement of fact, as if his mind can't quite recall or make it's mind up if he's got his directions straight or completely backwards. Th'ero blinks, peering at D'ani as if confused. His thoughts are scattering and it takes a moment for him to recall what had been said and in what context. Once it's sorted out, the Weyrleader grimaces and takes a much longer pull of his ale, chugging a good bit of it before slowing down. Wrong question? "My family cothold is a fishing cothold. And to put it very briefly, I am not exactly welcomed with open and loving arms to Irondell. Haven't been for Turns and rather glad of it. Fishin' is just one of those things that I chose to avoid if I can. Done enough of it."

D'ani accepts the bottle gladly, cracking the next seal and lifting it in a silent toast, "Thanks man." Hah, man, he calls Weyrleader. He's definitely buzzed. He double-sips, nods an affirmative regarding Maiona being in the Emerald Isles and then continues sipping while Th'ero speaks of Irondell. He is familiar with the archipelago islands, doesn't appear surprised by the mention of Irondell, but he's also buzzed enough to not question the location of it. He has on occasion participated in drinking contests and even though there's been no mention of one, when Th'ero forwns and starts chugging, D'ani grins and follows suit. Lowering his bottle he burps softly, half-frowns sympathy for not being welcome in his own home. The brain to mouth filter is gone and is evidenced by his offended on Th'ero's behalf indignant, "Why not?" Jerks! "Do you want me to go punch some-" No wait, D'ani, Th'ero is manly enough to do that himself and punching one's own kin is… not the best way to solve family conflict. Weyr-Hold incident? Pfffft! Not even consideration in his randomly-weaving lack of logic thoughts so the offer has him silently chucking. Nevermind that D'ani isn't the type to brawl. Like, at all. As for fishing, "Huh. Did a lot too. I still love it." He lolls against the back of his chair, balancing the bottle on his thigh while he considers Th'ero. "Know any good fishing songs?"

Man? Th'ero is too drunk by now to care for that though it does bring a smile that is, for once, relaxed. Goofy even. So it's a drinking contest now too! Another sip follows the next and he is definitely slouching in his chair now, eyes a bit unfocused and his usually so controlled and rigid posture settling to one of mellowed relaxation. Ahh, nothing like buzzed numbness! Who needs a filter now? D'ani's is gone and Th'ero just doesn't seem to give a single care that he's letting his emotions show clear and freely. So further prying into his past concerning his family and Irondell is met with a bitter look and a shrug. "I was disowned by my father and though he's dead now," That is said almost flat and nonchalantly, without a single shred of sadness to his tone or his eyes. "My brother now holds Irondell and he's taken it upon himself to keep it in effect. So I stay away. Not that it matters. My sister is in Xanadu now and my mother in Southern Boll." And the rest of Irondell can rot, as far as Th'ero is concerned and he makes that plainly clear. Good thing D'ani keeps the mood light, or else they'd be spiraling down into a broody mood right about now. "Ha! Don't tempt me." Never mind the conflicts and politics! Still tempting. D'ani may not brawl, but Th'ero once thrived on it. "Not saying fishin' is a bad thing! I'd do it if I had to. Just not the first thing I go for when it comes to 'fun' things to do." he points out in that same drawl and with a crooked grin, his mood changing swiftly. At the mention of songs, his brow knits. Does he know any? "Off the top of my head? Huh." Think, think. Which — is next to impossible but something clicks and the Weyrleader begins to chuckle. "One I can recall well. A shardin' catchy but in an annoying way… I'se the B'y? Not really fishin' song but close." Right?

"That totally sucks," D'ani says with a deep frown, firmly in Th'ero's camp. Who needs details? He knows the man's character so, the fault HAS to be entirely on his sire and brother's side! Though another thought pops into his head and out it comes without hesitation. "So what if your brother kicks the bucket? Do you go back and you know-" He hand makes vague flicking motions in the air, "-sort Irondell out?" Broody he could do, at the flip of a coin but he does that well enough sober. Right now the alcohol is having the opposite effect on him. Eeeeeeeverything is hilarious and so to 'don't tempt', he smirks and makes a fist with the hand that's not holding his ale bottle. The fist is lofted high. "Just say the word and I'll help. Dtirae will too. She has a mean right hook." This should sober him, but it has the opposite effect. "And she likes socking folks." At least while she's doing the punching. Afterwards? Heh. Not so much. His hand falls limply to his thigh, which reminds him he's still got a partial bottle left resting on the other. This is lifted and swigged from, his wrist used to swipe at his mouth afterwards. "Dun know tha' one. Teach me an' I give 'er a try!"

Details are unnecessary! Especially when drunk. Who's going to remember details? And there are a lot of details concerning Th'ero's past but in his state he's liable to ramble all over the place and probably confuse himself along the way and D'ani too. Oh, if the Weyrsecond only knew it was faults on both side that lead to Th'ero being disowned but that does not come to light. Instead, the Weyrleader laughs briefly and this time it's no nervous laugh but a relaxed one. "Shards no! Irondell is no longer my concern. Hasn't been for a long time. Disowned, remember? If my brother dies, it goes to his sons." he drawls with a smirk and another shrug. They can have it! "I've the Weyr to focus on and my own family here, besides." At the raised fist from D'ani, Th'ero's smirk twists to another grin and he chuckles heartily. "Next time I find myself facing a brawl, I'll be sure to call for you and Dtirae then! And Kimmila. Guaranteed to win with a combination like that!" Lifting his bottle, he toasts it and then takes a generous sip only to stare at D'ani from over the rim. Whaaat? "Never heard it?" he scoffs. "It's a simple song! Silly, but simple. You'll see!" And Th'ero will do his best to teach the song, his singing passable and likely only because the rhythm and tune is catchy enough and does not require that much skill to keep in tune. He also sings loud and likely encourages D'ani to as well, his drunken state making "volume" an unknown thing. Eh, he feels good so who cares? So to anyone passing by or wandering close enough will hear it. The door to the office is not locked, so anyone curious (and brave) enough to peek will be greeted to the sight of a drunk (or getting there) Weyrsecond and Weyrleader.

(OOC note: This is what Th’ero sings —>

D'ani is definitely drunk. He doesn't think to ask for details, let alone remember them. Sometime he'll have to encounter Th'ero when the Weyrleader is drunk while he is sober to get them? "Well, then, I guess when you put it like that…" the Weyrsecond trails off, forgetting what exactly his point was going to be. Maybe that it isn't all that sucky after all? Sober he's a much better listener and conversational partner, that's for sure! He bobs his head a few too many times to be just simple agreement to being a brawling buddy; the nod is aided by too-loose neck muscles and enthusiasm for the idea thanks to the alcohol he's consumed. He can brawl. Has done it before, just doesn't find himself in them all that often. "Nope! Never," he assures Th'ero and while the Weyrleader sings, he finishes his third bottle of ale much faster than the first two. By the end of it, he's pitching in and encouraged, attempts the volume required.

Kimmila is both curious and brave, because drunk Th'ero is something to not be missed. And the causes of drunk Th'ero are usually interesting. Especially drunk Th'ero without her! So she opens the door and pokes her head in, fresh from a trip to the cotholds. "Wingmate? Oh. D'ani too. Alright. Hi. What's the occasion?" she asks, closing the door behind her and surveying them both with a crooked grin.

Oh, things are very interesting for sure here in the office! Yet ask the cause and Th'ero may have already forgotten that too. Right now he's caught up in his drunk state and some singing! "Not bad!" he drawls to D'ani with a lopsided grin, showing a rare side of himself. One that is relaxed and mellowed and so often hidden behind so many masks. "Should try a bawdy one next. Know any good ones—-oh, Wingmate! Hey!" Kimmila pops her head in just then and Th'ero greets her warmly and happily, gesturing for her to join them. Ignore that his hand is patting his leg… err, wait no there's a chair beside him! There. Go there! "The occasion?" he repeats, drawing it out as he blinks sluggishly as his brain draws a blank. Uh. D'ani is given a look, quirked brow and all. What led to this? Help him out here! "Think it started with talk of schedulin' things…" He waves a hand in a dismissive way. Things! "Oh! For the Weyrwoman. Cause she needs it." Sipping at his ale, he then lifts it questioningly to Kimmila. "Want some? Plenty to go around!" And already four are empty, two apiece for both bronzeriders. She'd recognize the brew, it's one of Th'ero's personal favorites with the "cheery" name of Black Damnation.

Black Damnation is what they're going to be facing when the subject is broached to the Weyrwoman no doubt! D'ani is singing when that door opens. The appearance of Kimmila does nothing to diminish his enthusiasm either. The interruption, is welcomed, actually. "Heya Kimm!" He lifts his bottle to moisten his throat, gets nothing from it, so lifts it to the light to squint at it. Like… gravity has lied to him or something and he must check by eyeballing! Nope, definitely empty. He lowers it and sighs with a puff of cheeks. Kimm's question has him pursing his lips trying to recall. After giving it a very brief attempt… Yeah he's got nothing He shrugs back to Th'ero, then brightens when the Weyrleader remembers. This starts his mindtrack running again. "Social reorg- orgies?" Wait, no! That's not it! "She needs to do stuff." Was it that? Wait. "With people. We need to make her cos she won't." This draws a brief scowl.

Kimmila strides forward and sprawls herself into the chair beside Th'ero, but she does lean in to offer him a kiss. Even though she grimaces at the taste of that foul brew on his lips. "I'm fine, thank you. Dei needs something scheduled?" But she's not really expecting a clear answer, because…they're drunk. And this is hilarious, her grin quirked and not abating any time soon. D'ani's kind of elaboration has the bluerider's head tilting, and then she snorts. "She does," she agrees. And she's the sober one! "So what should we make her do?" Because she's a part of /everything/ right? "She should join the work out group that meets every other day. The one that dances and runs and lifts weights and stuff." Pern jazzercise! "But she might think we're implying she's fat. No, bad idea. How about. Um. What does she /do/? Other than hunt by herself?"

Shhh, it'll be a secret! For now. No Black Damnation for them by Dtirae's hands quite yet! Th'ero returns Kimmila's kiss and does not look the least bit apologetic for that grimace. He only chuckles and slouches all the more in his chair, leaning towards the bluerider as he stretches his legs out and rests his almost empty bottle against his knee. Yep, so feeling all of that alcohol now! And he's sitting. Faranth help them all when he stands up! D'ani's examination of his bottle has the Weyrleader almost snickering. "If it's empty just take another! Shards, you knocked that back…" Dude, you're totally going to get wasted! More… wasted than they already are? "Not orgies! Not runnin' THAT kind of Weyr, thank you!" Th'ero quips with a barely contained laugh and then gives D'ani a look when he fumbles too. Bah, you're no help! Oh wait, there we go! "Not good for her. We decided that!" He explains in addition to Kimmila, only to grin and look so very pleased when the bluerider is in on the deal. Are the Weyrwoman's ears burning yet? Th'ero shakes his head, which is a bad thing to do and he has to blink furiously to get the room to focus again. "Uh, yeah. Probably not a good idea to suggest exercise! D'ani and I… shells, we came up with ideas didn't we? Hiking. Girl stuff. Uh… Oh, right! Surfin'!" He can only shrug though for Kimmila's question. "No clue, Wingmate. None at all. Right, D'ani?"

D'ani's frowning more. "She works." More scowling. "She needs some recreat- procreation." Freudian slips? Possibly! Not what he meant, says his grimace, which actually turns into a guffaw at Th'ero's correction of his previous stumble. "No, uh I'm not going to sleep with her! She needs mmm…rec-creat-ing." Close enough! He doesn't need another reminder about the ale, though. He pushes to his feet, rocks forward (almost a fall, more like) to leave his empty bottle on the desk and snag another, his hand encounters the edge of his desk as a check and thus he doesn't end up toppling over. Flumping down into his seat, he lifts it to his lips. Oh, right. First better open it. "She needs to get out of her comfort zone, so y'know, she can make some friends. And… stuff. Cos I can't be her only one." He finally gets the top off that bottle, lifts it and just shy of his mouth asks Kimmila, "Can you do some girly stuff with her?"

Kimmila laughs at the men, shaking her head again before she peers at D'ani. "You two haven't slept together?" Green eyes flick between the two men and then she blinks at D'ani. "Girly stuff? Dei and I? Um. Well. We've already done the cave-in sleepover, what else to girls do?" So that's kind of a no. At least for /girly/ stuff. "Why don't you take her work away from her for a few sevendays? Forced vacation, even if she just stays here. She'd /have/ to find things to do, then."

Th'ero grins broadly and put in an even better mood when Kimmila is laughing too. D'ani's freudian slips are just the icing on the cake and the Weyrleader laughs. "Don't think that's the word you want!" he teases the Weyrsecond, lifting his bottle to his lips to chug the last bit and almost ends up choking on it again when Kimmila bluntly asks D'ani of his status concerning his relationship with Dtirae. "Don't need to rub that in, Wingmate." he drawls to her with a crooked smirk once he's cleared his throat, blinking as his eyes water a bit. That burned! As for Kimmila and the Weyrwoman doing girly stuff together? That sets Th'ero into a fit of chuckles and snickered sounds. Clearly when drunk, he can't stop with the amusement? "Talk? Do uh… girly things? Shop? You hunt… take her hunting!" Because that's so girly bonding time. He frowns heavily, eyes blinking and then moving sluggishly from D'ani to Kimmila as he tries to cling to any coherent thought. "Forced vacation? Dunno… dunno about that."

Brain filter - gone! And thus D'ani answers Kimmila with immediate honesty - and a heavy scowl, "Nope. Think tha'd make the problem worse." More ale! That's what he needs! Especially after answering that. No really he doesn't. But he thinks he does. Wasted? He's well on his way! He snorts about the cave-in. "Like… go to Ierne n' get facials and hair done." He burps softly. "'N makeup too." Yes, because this is right up Kimmila's alley! "Be good f'r you too!" Right Th'ero? The idea of forced vacation draws an eyeroll from him, not by any means meant to be aimed at Kimmila. No, that's all for the thought of the stubborn Weyrwoman, "Oh, no she wouldn't! She'd hole up in her Weyr." He makes with the sipping. It helps. He's back to boneless tranquility. "She needs more'n a vacation. She needs long term- long term-" Long term something. "We should all get out of our comfort zones. Get too complacent…" incoherent mumbling follows.

"Rub what in?" Kimmila asks Th'ero, before D'ani answers. "Oh." She looks surprised! Very surprised. "Wow. Uh. Well. Huh. Why not? Sex is amazing." He knows that, right? "Go…Ierne…/makeup/?" She turns to /stare/ at T'hero. "It'd be good for me? Are you saying you don't find me attractive any more?" She doesn't mean that seriously. She is /totally/ messing with his drunk ass. Just to watch him squirm. "What do you think, D'ani. Do you think Dei and I need makeup to be beautiful?"

She's the sober one and it took her that long to clue in? Th'ero just stares at Kimmila and then smirks lopsidedly when it all clicks and he lifts his bottle. There you go! He glances sidelong to D'ani, though it's lazily done. Definitely feeling boneless right now and… likely can't feel parts of his face or limbs. Either they're going to be sleeping this off in the office or for extra awkward delight, they'll have to crash the Weyrleader's weyr since it's just outside the council chambers and up a small flight of stairs. "Sex is amazing!" he growls in agreement. No filter for him either! "With the right person." Pointed look at Kimmila and a wry grin. And maybe a wink. Or is he just blinking again? Darn eyes not focusing. He bobs his head in agreement to D'ani. "What? Why do WE have to too? Can't just all go up and leave the Weyr unmanned…" Mutter mutter. Now why is Kimmila staring at him like that? Oh, he'll squirm alright and immediately lift his hands up (with one still gripping his bottle) in a calming gesture. "No! No, nooo… that's not what we meant at all! You're beautiful just as you are, Wingmate! Isn't she, D'ani?" Time to throw the Weyrsecond under the bus? "Just sayin' that's… what girls do? Spa stuff."

D'ani is mid-swig (yes, he's swigging that wonderful ale now) when Kimmila asks why not and then goes there. It's like your parents, y'know? The Weyrleaders are celibate or something. He chokes. He does not want to spew them with ale-spit. So he closes his mouth. Ale… comes out his nose. Lovely! He rocks onto one hip, pulls out his handkerchief from his rear pocket and mops his face all the while coughing and red-faced. So Kimmila's first question goes unanswered and by the time he can manage to say something between coughs, Th'ero is chiming in. And throwing him under the bus. "Not… meant like that," he rasps to Kimmila. "Because you don't do that. And it would be different." Brown eyes turn to Th'ero and he shakes his head. Oooh, bad idea! "Not…same…time," he chokes out, but he's nodding also and his hand is flopping from himself to Th'ero meant to be a me-you gesture, "Get…out..comfort zone." He gasps for air, coughs a few times and Kimmila pops the ugly-question on him. His eyes widen. "Nono, I think you're both beautiful and sexy." Who? Th'ero and Kimmila? Or Dtirae and Kimmila?

Kimmila grins back at Th'ero, and she leers at him. Because apparently that makes D'ani snort ale. And that's amusing. Then it's back to the conversation, and she's half wishing she were drunk. "Different? Hmm. I guess but somehow I don't think she'd go for it." Then there's a grin. "Aww, D'ani, I didn't know you felt that way." Tease!

Th'ero blinks and turns his head on a neck that feels far too boneless and numb to stare at D'ani as he chokes and sprays ale out through his nose. Which amuses the Weyrleader to no end, grinning like a fool even as he lifts his bottle again to swig it back without mishap — yet. "So skip the makeup and overly girly things then?" he drawls, rollin his eyes to sluggishly glance between Kimmila and D'ani as they debate whether or not Dtirae would ever agree to a girly-spa outing. At least, he thinks that's what they're discussing. Given the frown he has, his thoughts are scattering and fractured. Not to mention his focus of attention is… completely shot. "What?" That is said to D'ani as the poor Weyrsecond gasps and me-you gestures, which only baffles the drunk Weyrleader. "Not the same time… for breakin' the comfort zone? Shards, man, what are you implying?" he asks with a half-laugh in his voice. Whaaat? Kimmila is a tease but it goes right over Th'ero's head. He only holds up his hands again, pointing and with a smug 'see! told you so' look to his features. She could totally get drunk with them and he will likely try to offer her a sip of his ale or she could grab one of those bottles! "Damn right she is!" he states with a broad grin, just a tad too drunkenly proud. Blink. "Both?"

They should be singing or playing charades, not trying to have a logical conversation. But D'ani tries. "Do like… pedicures (yes, the word, even though slowly enunciated is slurred) or have a massage. Make up would be a…cultural experience?" He just bobs his head to Kimmila about feeling 'that way'. She's teasing? He's taking her seriously. He lifts his bottle and sags back against the back of his chair. “Not…leave…the…Weyr…all…at…the…same…time," D’ani says to Th'ero with carefully slow explanation, possibly to be sure he says it correctly. He grins back at Th'ero's 'damn right'. "That's the spirit!" And then, "Yeah. Kimm and Dtirae." He takes another mouthful of ale, swallows. Ahhh! Better, his voice is clearer now. "Don't you think so?" Tell us, Th'ero, what you think of your Weyrwoman.

Kimmila grimaces. "No massages. But a pedicure I could do, I guess…and…maybe a facial. Hair cut, even…" She runs her fingers through her hair and eyes the drunk men before she chuckles with a soft exhale. Glancing between them she laughs and then actually /blushes/ at their drunken compliments. Damn right indeed. Then she's laughing, shaking her head. "Okay, so. Who tells Dei that she's required to go to a spa with me?"

Huh? Oh. Oooh! Th'ero gets it now, with D'ani's carefully slow explanation and nods his head again though the movement is a bit sluggish and it has the bronzerider slouching and leaning a little deeper into his chair. "Ahh, right. No, we couldn't. So the girls," he will roll his eyes then to Kimmila with a grin. Heh! "Go first for their little outing. Then us?" Wait… us? Now what has he gone and muddled in his alcohol confused head? Snickering for the Weyrsecond's encouragement, he will swig back a little more ale before offering the bottle again to Kimmila. Apparently his memory is failing now too and the gesture may be repeated again even if she turns it away. "What's wrong with your hair?" he slurs and then scoffs, laughing shortly afterwards and lifting the back of his hand to rub it along the curve of his jaw. Remembering, perhaps? "Not I! Doubt she'd take it… uh…well from me. Don't I think so… what?" His head turns back to D'ani and it takes a moment again for Th'ero to catch up, eyes blinking and unfocused. Uhhhh… "Dei? About her? Yeah, she's pretty." Awkward much? Then he shrugs his shoulders. "Still see her as a sister though. A pretty sister." Cause that won't make it any less awkward.

D'ani snickers back to Kimmila. Of massages, "Hey, I wasn't offering!" Augh! He's going to be embarrassed come tomorrow. "But facials and pedicures would be girly, yeah. And dinner somewhere. A pamper yourself sort of day." Girls should have that now and then. Us Th'ero says and D'ani just smirks at him and holds up his half-bottle of ale. "We're doing this!" That's something they haven't ever done together and definitely out of their comfort zone? "Chyhi," he supplies the sister's name. "But Dtirae says she smells like a barnyard cos she never bathes." He tosses a look at Kimmila, "Could take her with. It beats me ropin' her and hauling her to the bathing caverns." Though man, would that ever be a first date to remember! He drinks another mouthful before he answers Kimmila's final question, tucks his chin on a belch. This is… he's going to need to find the restroom pretty soon here. "All've us. Cos if I tell her she'll just laugh."

Kimmila keeps turning the ale down but she appreciates his persistence. "It's long," she says to Th'ero, ruffling it again. "Dei? She's hot," Kimmila says with a nod. "I'd do her, if I was into that. And free." Looking at D'ani, she smirks. "Doesn't matter /who/ is offering. Unless it's Th'ero, I don't do massages. Dinner too? Sounds like we're going on a /date/. And…Chyhi too? Uh. This is getting too complicated. I'm not into threesomes."

He better not have been offering! Th'ero peers sidelong at D'ani for that remark, though he's soon grinning crookedly. Oh, there will be much embarrassment come tomorrow and when the bottle is held up, he only laughs. "And? Gotta be something else to do than just sit and drink while they're off!" Never mind that that… is sort of what they're doing now? It is out of their comfort zone and way out of Th'ero's. Not that he has much of that concept left! At the mention of Chyhi, he only shrugs and then smirks. "If we all do gang up on her, best not push Dei into a corner or we're going to have a meele on our hands!" he drawls and slurs, only to look back to Kimmila and frown though it quickly slides into a lopsided grin. "But I like your hair!" he tells her, glancing to D'ani. It's nice, right? Lifting his bottle, he goes to swig back the rest only to choke much like the Weyrsecond had earlier. Do the Weyrwoman? Threesomes? Normally this would have Th'ero bristling and so uncomfortable but right now he's focusing on clearing his throat through coughing. "How in Faranth's name did we get to that!?" he gasps between breaths as he stares at his weyrmate. "Don't… think that's what we're talking about." Right?

D'ani just shakes his head at Th'ero, a touch wide-eyed. He wasn't offering! "We'll think of something," he mumbles of what they're going to do while the women are gone and merely nods about not backing the Weyrwoman into a corner. Threesomes? Doing Dtirae? Heh, Kimmila, that's TMI for this holdbred boy! D'ani has no comeback for her - or about any of her following comments save a grumbled, "Forget it!" when she starts protesting the ideas he's put forth. He lurches to his feet and weaves towards the exit talking to himself, "Stubborn women (plural - he hasn't forgotten Dtirae)…no wonder…stressed… no friends…" He opens the door and exits without a goodbye or seeya later to either of them. Where's the irate, frustrated, drunk Weyrsecond going? Not to his weyr, but down into the inner tunnels. Probably to go find his best friend and crash where he won't walk off a ledge after his stupidity. Tomorrow he'll be so mortified for snapping at the Weyrthird and he'll be awkwardly apologizing.

Kimmila blinks at D'ani and pushes to her feet. "Aww, D'ani, I was just joking!" she says, trying to go after him.

Th'ero is a bit slow on the uptake when D'ani is lurching to his feet and making his exit while muttering to himself. He'll push to his feet as well and too quickly for his state, resulting in him clipping his shin against the chair edge and staggering, gripping at the back of it to keep from falling. "Shard it!" he curses and mutters, only to add his protest to Kimmila's. "D'ani!" Dude, where are you going? Untangling himself from the chair, he will stumble forwards a few steps and next he'll be reaching out for Kimmila. "Where'd he go off too so fast?" he drawls and mumbles, utterly confused and disappointed.

Kimmila returns shortly with a huff, sprawling into the chair. "No, he got away." Got away. "He's more awkward than you," she mutters, eying her weyrmate. Then she pushes herself to her feet. "C'mon love. Let's get back to the weyr and drink a shit ton of water."

Got away? "Where'd he go? How'd he… even manage that?" Th'ero asks in a perplexed tone though most of his words are drawled or slurred by now. He can barely focus enough to walk let alone dash down the tunnels. Now he's confused, disappointed and impressed! He snorts and eyes her right back, his mouth quirked somewhere between a smirk and a grin. "Yeah? Well. I'd be awkward if I wasn't drinking." he admits with a boneless shrug, wobbling a bit where he stands and reaching to grip her arm to steady himself. "Alright, love." She'll lead the way and he'll follow along, hopefully without too much stumbling! "…Water?" he mumbles. Does he have to? Not that he has much choice.

D’ani… hid himself in the throngs making their way to… ah… dinner? The ones lurking outside in the corridor waiting for more singing?