Fort Weyr - Arch Stone Bridge

Stretching the span of a deep chasm hundreds of feet below, the bridge connects one cordillera to the next. Engineered by imaginations of historic times, the bridge has stood between these plateaus for ages. Built solidly with a technique lost to those of today, there is evidence that it has become slightly weather worn, but is also indestructible. A dragon span in width, the bridge is constructed out of huge blocks of stone, layered in a fashion that each chuck supports the next and carries the burden load to the base, where it is meted together with the walls of the bowl - there by creating an arch in the design.
Exposed to the elements, the bridge is often dangerous to navigate. Winds or ice could become a potential threat, which is why the sides of the bridge have been built up with stone guard railings, reaching at least five feet in height. Scenic views aren't necessarily easily accessed for those who are smaller in height, for the rest, the view can be disorienting due to the height but spectacular otherwise. One can view the central and northern bowls from here, as well as get a glimpse of the hatching cavern and the training complex.

During the night, the Weyr was reminded of the northern regions fury during the winter months. A blizzard raged not long after the dinner hour and continued well on into the dark, only to die down and be replaced shortly afterwards by heavier snowfall. With the high winds and darkened skies making visibility impossible, it was likewise a blessing that most riders and weyrfolk were already winding down for the night. The morning however arrives bright and clear, the sun rising with its feeble light that sets the drifts and snow covered stone and buildings to glittering. It’s just past the breakfast hour and the bowls below are teeming with activity, with most going about their day’s tasks and several residents busily clearing the snow away into rapidly growing piles. Laughter rings out as well, as a few weyrbrats and younger residents make a more entertaining use of the snow. A few dragons and their riders are already about, some returning from much earlier patrols and just now coming in to report.

Th’ero is a man of habit and regardless of the previous night making the stone bridgeway rather risky to traverse, the Weyrleader is up there and taking his usual rounds in a slow and cautious step. He’s likely just finished receiving the report from the Wingleaders and now with a few moments to spare, turns to a prefered routine of his. Dressed in his heaviest gear, the furred collar of his riding jacket pulled up close to his neck and right under his chin. Eventually he comes to a stop in the middle of the bridge, where the snow hasn’t quite piled up and the stones aren’t as iced or slick. Gloved hands rest lightly on the railing as he looks down at the bowls below, a dizzying length to those not accustomed to the height. The air up here is sharper and colder then below, the winds still strong at times and causing his breath to fog and stream as he observes the activity, brows knitted heavily in thought.

Nadina looks totally at home in the horrid weather that has captured the weyr, unlike some who drag themselves about the Goldrider bounces about with untold energy. There's a rosey coloring to her cheeks and a grin on her face as she embraces the cold. "Lovely weather isn't it." she calls out with a chuckle as she comes up near the weyrleader without a downward look as of yet.

Grumblegrumble, there's at least one person who isn't fond of all the recent snow and that just happens to be a rather short bluerider. A’di can be seen making his way across the bridge, heading towards the living caverns with a couple of books clutched tightly in his arms. "Morning," He says, shifting the books in his grasp and offering a salute to the goldrider and the weyrleader.

Th’ero is pulled slowly and almost reluctantly from his thoughts as the sound of voices reach his ears and make the Weyrleader aware that he is no longer alone on the bridgeway, as he’s accustomed too. Dark brown eyes shift to Nadina first, noting the visiting goldrider’s energetic behavior with a rather neutral look. He’s about as welcoming as the stone and snow around him, but that is just his nature and not necessarily meant as an offense. At least he offers her a small smile, even if it’s a little strained. “Morning,” he replies in a drawling and slightly accented voice. “Come to take in the sights? Mind your footing though. This bridgeway is perilous enough on a good day.” He warns in the same instant he gives Nadina a curious sidelong look. That same one is given to A’di as he passes his way through, grumbling overheard long before the greeting is given. “Morning,” Th’ero offers and echoes the salute, while glancing curiously at the books the bluerider carries.

Nadina looks downweard, "A bit slick but not to bad." she canters back as she peers over the rail downward towards the bowl far below. Another voice added to the conversation has her head turning and a gloved hand lifted in a wave. "Morning." is called out before speaking to Th'ero again "It's nice out here, reminds me of weather at Reaches." she offers before adding, "And I needed to get further away from Pyr as she heads to the pens to feed and report back to me about all of it like a proud weyrling dragon she often still acts like." Another look at the bluerider as Nadian canting her head and peering more intently at the books in his arms, "Good reading?"

A'di's eyes drift to the books he's carrying and then back up to the other tow riders, "Just returning these to the library, someone thought it'd be funny if they took them out and didn't return them, I had to go hunt them down." A'ki's not too annoyed but he simply shrugs his shoulders. "I've read these ones anyway. They're pretty decent books, but not usually the type I generally read for enjoyment."

“Regardless, they are unpredictable.” Th’ero warns again, trying not to flinch or grimace as Nadina moves off and then peers over the railing. He doesn’t press the matter again however and it is likely the bridgeway is perfectly safe, save for in the worst of weather. “You’re from High Reaches then?” he asks the goldrider instead, steering into casual and idle chatter and likely then taking a quick look at her shoulder to note any identifying badges or knot colors. It’s highly probable that he knew of Pyrith’s and Nadina’s visit, though this is only his first time crossing paths with the foreign goldrider. “Cannot fault them for such a behavior, really,” he muses with a soft snort in regards to Pyrith’s quirks. Turning to face A’di, Th’ero grimaces faintly to the bluerider, “You speak as if it’s a common thing. I didn’t think most folk would be so ignorant and careless…” Someone has a bit of pride for the library it seems, but given it’s age and the age of Fort Weyr in general, perhaps there are some things hidden within it that bare safeguarding. “Oh? What are they about?” the Weyrleader asks, interest piqued.

Nadina bobs her head in a near avian fashion, causing her hood to fall back against her shoulders as she moves away from the railing. "I shall have to hunt down the library." There is a slight purr to her voice as she soaks in the information about books to pour over during the long hours of the day that may need filling at times. "Born and bred and impressed there as well." She gestures out towards the bowl below, "They should be punished for that carelessness, books and the information there in should be cherished I think."

"It's not my place to punish people, I'm not in charge of the libary, I just help catalog it." A'ki mutters as he glances down at the bridge, "And apparently I'm not even good enough at that." He shifts uneasily in his position. "Huh? Oh, well this one's about romance story, the other one is basically a instruction book about how to make pots, and the last one is cooking recipies."

“It is not far from here,” Th’ero intones helpfully towards Nadina, thawing a little towards the goldrider for her obvious interest in Fort’s library resources. He’s a man of pride too and perhaps therein lies a fault to the Weyrleader. One of many, no doubt, to balance out the good (or not). “You only have to take this bridge down to the caverns and then to the tunnels. They lead, more or less, straight to it.” While hardly reading for recreational purposes, he does venture there frequently enough when time allows and when he needs to brush up on a few references. “Then you will not mind the winter at all,” Th’ero chuckles dryly, “I have heard much of High Reaches and yet I have seen so little of it. Only visited it briefly some time back on a quick diplomatic meeting and it was summer then in the region. I did not get to see much of it.” Such is the life of a Weyrleader. All work and no play, even when you’re in other areas. “I agree. Fort does not keep its records wholly in the computers… The library is invaluable and priceless.” Glancing back to A’di, Th’ero gives the bluerider another faint smile, “Cataloguing all of those books and records is still a worthy task to do. I can’t imagine how boggling it may be.” he says softly, only to grimace. Romance? “Ahh, I see. Interesting… mix. Not my choice in subjects either, mind you.”

Nadina says "I can understand…Oh..I'm Nadina rider to Pyrith the tidy hunter of herdbeasts." she offers to both men before continuing with her previous train of thought, "Just seems like a fine or something to happen when people treat the librarys books like these were treated." she points out with wild gesturing of her left hand. "I love that place but the time came for myself and Dr'ven and our mates to take our skills and such to other places." Again she lifts her face into the chill of the wind and seems to almost embrace it, "This weather makes me miss home so much less." All this while she's listening to the men speak, "I would rather do that then work on paperwork any day."

A'di shrugs his shoulders, "It's not hard, but it's something I enjoy, I like looking after old records and stuff." A'di glances over at the other two riders, "And as much as I love the library here, I'm thinking maybe I'll go somewhere else. Faranth knows I've moved enough in my life." Shoulders lift absently, "I'm A'ki, blue Dalasith's, nice to meet you. I'm a archivist here."

Th’ero nods his head in a respectful manner, both to Nadina and A’di as they go about the formalities of greetings. “Th’ero, rider to Velokraeth.” He omits his position, given its obvious alone from the knot pinned to his shoulder. “I suppose there comes a time when everyone feels the need for change,” he agrees carefully to Nadina, giving the goldrider another long and curious look before glancing away to the bowls below with a thoughtful frown. “There are times when I wonder if Velokraeth should lose the Leadership flight that I would stay here or return to Western. Granted, I have come to love this region. Cold and all.” Th’ero muses with another dry chuckle. He was not accustomed at all to the cold and he’s only just grudgingly given into it. To A’di, the Weyrleader seems rather surprised by the bluerider’s comments. “Why the urge to venture out, if you do not mind me asking?” Likely the bronzerider is already assuming some fault or another, but it makes for an awkwardness as he does not hesitate in delving into a potentially sensitive subject.

Nadina falls quiet for a time, listening to the men talk while looking out over the bowl as agold takes flight and wings in slow lazy circles with several cheerful bugles. At one point a brown wings up to join her, adding to the arial acrobatics in the fortian skies. "Well Met A'di." is murmured as she brings herself back to the conversations at hand.

"I have a couple of reasons. One, I was told flat out that I'm not doing a good job with the library. Two, that I should get a real job because I'm a rider. Three, D'iv is harassing me again and stalking me all over the place and I can't get rid of him. Four, I'm quite well known for not staying in one spot for very long. I get restless." A'ki shrugs, "Sorry, I didn't mean to ruin the conversation. I'll head to the library."

Th’ero’s shoulders draw back as his whole posture seems to change, expression falling into one of disquiet and troubled before he’s schooling it under a well honed mask of neutrality. “I could speak to the one in charge of the library if you wish. I had heard nothing of the matter concerning your work ethics.” At the second comment, his frown turns heavy and disapproving, lips drawn into a grim line as he eyes the bluerider. “Being an archivist /is/ a job for a rider. We are not in the times of Thread and have not been for Turns. Does the individual making such tasteless remarks have a name? I’d much like to sit them down for a chat on proper respect and conduct…” The Weyrleader murmurs in a low tone, not at all pleased at this bit of news and further unsettled by the mention of harassment. “I take it then you have tried to dissuade him before? If he is making you so uncomfortable, I can tend to that as well.” Th’ero shakes his head then, but he will not stop the bluerider. “You ruined nothing. I won’t keep you from your work though, A’di. But if things are truly as they are, you should file a report to myself or my staff.” Noticing then that Nadina has fallen quiet, he glances towards the goldrider, only to catch a glimpse of brown and gold in the air. There’s a quiet and faint smile to that before his gaze returns to her and he says in as soft a voice, “She flies well. So what brings you and… Dr’ven, was it? … to Fort?”

Nadina frowns, turning towards A'di, "that makes me want to have Pyrith set things aright.." not that the gold could do anything but cause destruction. "I agree with Th'ero, your job is very important." she adds. As to the rest she listens to the stalking bit, "Sounds like this other needs to be schooled in some way and taught some very important lessons." she offers softly before glancing back at the skies "Yes, she enjoys being able to fly as she is right now, We came to be closer to part of my family..well distant family at best."

"I didn't catch her name, she wasn't familiar to me, but she said that I should go find something better to do with my time than tend to books all day, and said that riders have really taken a fall since thread." A'di shrugs his shoulders at the thought, "K'drozen was there, maybe he'd know the girl. He's been helping me out a lot lately, I've really appreciated his company." As to D'iv A'di growls under his breath, "I've tried before to get him off of my case. I've told him I don't want him in my weyr. I've thrown out his stupid pink crap, I've tried dissapearing for Faranth knows how long. And the moment I'm back in Fort, he's stalking me again. I've tried everything I know how to get rid of him, even going to the weyyrleaders and weyrwoman turns ago when I still resided here." A'di sighs in frustration, "I'm at my wits end."

Th’ero gives Nadina a bit of a cautionary look, “While I appreciate the offer and certainly do not want to fault yourself or Pyrith, be careful. Fort’s queens are proud and perhaps a little territorial. They might not take kindly on a Reachian queen interfering even if it’s meant in kind.” He never elaborates on which and if could simply be undue worry on the Weyrleader’s part. He still finds it difficult working with goldriders, exacerbated further by the latest and youngest of them all from Zuvaleyuth’s last clutch. Jajenelja, or Jajen as she’s nicknamed, has proven to be quite the bane to most in Fort and a constant burr in Th’ero’s backside. He nods in agreement to Nadina’s suggestion and at the mention of family, he smiles a little more genuinely. “Distant or no, family is always important. I do hope then that your visit proves worthwhile and we’re more then happy to play host to you and Dr’ven for the duration. A’di earns his attention again and Th’ero’s frown grows heavier with disapproval, not towards the bluerider but towards this mysterious girl. Some faint bell rings though and suddenly the Weyrleader exhales heavily. “I may have met this girl. I don’t have her name and she may not be the same, but it is a start. The remarks you earned were uncalled for. But you should know them to be false.” Th’ero points out and then gives another nod, slightly stiffer, at the mention of K’drozen. “It’s good to know he has been proving himself reliable.” he murmurs and then gives the other rider a sympathetic look, darting a quick glance to Nadina that looks almost apologetic. He seems uncomfortable in airing Fortian affairs, but regardless Th’ero adds to A’di, “I could talk to D’iv if you wish or send Dtirae or Elara. I am surprised he has been allowed to continue this way for so long… And if talking will not work, I may seek stricter punishment if that is what it takes to have him leave you alone and at peace. I cannot have disruptive riders among the ranks.” Obviously. He’s already stripped one of rank for Faranth knows how long, who’s to say he won’t on another?

Nadina nods to Th'ero "I understand fully. Never fear we are not here to cause trouble." she assures. "I've spent a considerable amount of time at the Fort and Healer Hall." she notes before continuing to keep tabs on her wind riding lifemate. "Someone was down right rude to have spokan to you this way." Gloved hands push back her hood, releasing her hair to fly about her with the winds. "This person that seems to be bothering you ….I agree with Th'ero, I wish I could offer something to help you."

A'di shakes his head slowly, looking down at his shoes as if realizing just how forward he is being in front of a goldrider that isn't even apart of the weyr. "Perhaps I'll speak to you about it later, sir." A'di mutters under his breath, "I don't care what needs to be done, just tired of him harassing me and stalking me. The only reason I put up with him as much as I do is because I'd be alone." A'di shrugs his shoulders, shuffling uncomfortably in his position. "K'drozen has been very helpful in the library, he's been helping me organize and has been repairing the shelving as well. He's become a friend to me, and I don't have many friends as I used to."

“I did not think so,” Th’ero assures Nadina, giving the goldrider another brief smile. “Have you? For research and study purposes?” he asks, genuinely curious as to what brought her to the Halls and for such amount of time. He nods again to her offer, even though she directs it to A’di and his attention to turns back to the bluerider. “My office is always open,” Which is true. “You only have to have Dalasith speak to Velokraeth if you’re uncertain if I am there or available.” Aware that things have got a touch awkward, the Weyrleader seems unable to find a method to undo it. But as the conversation is already underway, there is not much that can be done. “I will look into having a talk with this D’iv then. I am glad to hear though that you are benefitting well from K’drozen’s help and that you have been kind enough to support him, given the circumstances.” Clearing this throat a little, Th’ero turns his head away slightly when the winds pick up and send a fresh new flurry of powdered snow whipping across the bridge. “I don’t know about the two of you, but I could go for a bit of warmth now.” And even as he says it, he gives one last final long look out over the bowls and training annexes, as if uncertain if he’s just jinxed his luck.

"I don't really know what happened to K'drozen and it's really none of my business anyway, but he seems like a nice enough guy." A'di shrugs his shoulders as he stares at his feet, "Well, I would like to talk to you about it at some point, sir, if you have time. Though I'm thinking of handing in my knot anyway, as much as I love the library." his lips purse tightly together. "Let's go inside then, I hate this sharding cold."

“He made some very poor decisions,” Th’ero replies cryptically and in a tone of voice that hints that the Weyrleader is not about to delve further into the matter. There’s enough gossip going about, but if A’di pushes just enough he may get the bronzerider to unveil a little more truth behind his new friend’s past transgressions. Though he frowns at the bluerider, there is a hint of sadness there. No Weyrleader enjoys hearing that a rider wishes to turn in his knot, so Th’ero turns to gesture towards the archway entrance leading to the Winghall and staircases down further into the Weyr. “We could talk now if you wish. The caverns may be quiet now or we can always go to my office. I am not needed currently elsewhere so… now may be a good time.”

A'di nods his head slowly, "I know he had problems, and that he insulted someone. But it seems to me that he's trying to make up for it." But then what does A'di know, the man is still unfamiliar to him. He nods his head and moves to head into the hall, "I'd like that sir, I'm sorry I stepped over my boundries, I should have kept quiet until we were alone."

“Insulted would be putting it lightly,” Th’ero remarks rather flatly, lips curving into a tight line. The Weyrleader would know, as he was the target for K’drozen’s outburst. As the bluerider sets the pace, he follows along side at a respectable distance, still lending an ear though they’re now moving off the bridge and indoors. “You did no such thing. I could just have been too overcautious. It’s doubtful Nadina means any harm and she seemed sympathetic enough and willing to help.” But Th’ero is a wary man and his trust is not so easily won by rider or weyrfolk or any individual for that matter. Given all that has happened too, with Laris and his band, well… of course the Weyrleader is a little on edge.

Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Offices

Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort though the dcor has likely changed time and time again as new leadership comes to fill the offices. The main set up is where the juniors work, three desks settled in the main office that is lined with means to house the old records and reports. Various potted plants are around the office to give a touch of color. From this singular area, the office branches off into two different sections: The Senior's office and the Weyrleader's office. Both furnished to fit the needs of the Weyrleaders along with small flares of personal touch.

The walk to the weyrleader's office unfortuantly has them trekking through all the nice lovely snow that the storm deposited the night before. And by the time A'di steps inside the weyrleader's office, his teeth are chattering rather noisily. He helps himself to a seat across from the Weyrleader and wraps his arms tightly about his chest. "So, I should probably start from the beginning, right?" He breathes into his hands to warm them up. "Or do you want me to start elsewhere?"

Th’ero doesn’t mind the snow and if he does, he’s keeping his opinion and comments on it silent. As A’di takes a seat and makes himself comfortable, the Weyrleader spends a moment to start a fire in the hearth to warm the offices and likely a touch annoyed that someone hadn’t come in to do so. At least his request for food and drink did not go ignored and a small side table has a tray of bread, crackers and cheeses, as well as some grapes and sliced redfruit. There is some hot klah as well and what looks to be a bottle of mulled, spiced wine. These are all gestured too for the bluerider to help himself and Th’ero starts by taking a rather generous glass of the red wine. It may barely be past morning hour, but a glass won’t do much harm. It’s if the Weyrleader starts taking the whole bottle that it becomes a concern. “The beginning, please, if you don’t mind? I’m not of Fort, so a lot of it’s most recent history is lost to me.” he explains, almost apologetically as he takes his seat and leans back into the high back chair comfortably. He does his best to take on a relaxed air, likely for A’di’s benefit so he too feels a little calm.

A'di looks over his shoulder, as if nearly expecting the greenrider to come barging in. When he doesn't, A'di relaxes, if even a little. "It started with a flight," A'di says as he reaches for some klah. "Dalasith caught Audith, and that's what started this whole mess. Ever since then, D'iv's convinced himself that he lives with me. I put up with him for maybe a turn, I humored him. And only because at the time I had my share of bad relationships and at least D'iv seemed to care about me. Most of my relationships have been rather terrible." The bluerider pauses as he takes a sip of his klah. "But then it started to get bad. He would follow me all over the place, I wouldn't get /any/ time to myself. And if t hat wasn't bad enough, he made me wear pink, pink isn't my favorite color mind you and I don't appreciate it in my weyr at all. Especially when he tosses out /my/ collection of books that I have been building up for /turns/ to redesign my weyr." A'ki purses his lips tightly. "I could go on for ages."

If D’iv had the gall to come barging in now, the greenrider would either get the door slammed shut in his face or Th’ero would remove him from the office and then shut the door. He notices the glance, but feigns obliviousness, siping quietly as his wine as he waits for A’di to start. There’s a grimace, but it’s followed by an understanding look when the bluerider starts with mentioning a flight. It shifts to something a little more sympathetic as the tale unravels and by the end, after he’s silently allowed him to finish, Th’ero shakes his head. “I can see why you would be so frustrated with his behavior. He seems controlling and his… stalking is just as worrisome. You said that previous Weyrleadership did nothing about his behavior? Has he been spoken to in the past, by others then just yourself?”

"I spoke with Weyrleadership in the past, but it didn't seem to do any good. He's…" A'di shakes his head, "He's convinced himself that I'm just kidding around when I'm not. I moved away from the weyr because it was getting to the point where I didn't want to put up with him anymore. Others have spoken to him, but I don't think it's gotten quite through that thick head of his."

Th’ero exhales heavily, leaning more into his chair until it creaks a little from his shifted weight. He strokes at his chin thoughtfully, wine glass still held in the other hand with it’s bottom resting on the edge of the armrest. “Hmm. So he’s stubborn as well as possibly delusional towards the whole affair. This does not… bode well. I cannot have him chasing you off again, as that does not seem entirely fair to you. Nor do I want him to continue his behaviors with another should he finally choose another.” he murmurs and then he turns his eyes to fix A’di with a serious look and a bit of a grim set to his mouth. “If I or one of the weyrwomen step in and speak to D’iv, depending on his reaction… well, it will either have him seeing reason and agreeing to leaving you alone or—” And he hesitates here, fumbling a little awkwardly as he’s not sure how the bluerider will take it. “In the worse possible case I will have him transferred out. If another Weyr will take him.”

A'di nods his head and sighs in frustration, a thumb massaging at his temples, "It wasn't so bad, I mean, R'sner got him to leave me alone when he and I had a relationship together." A'di's life really is marked by his failed relationships, it is rather sad. A'di shakes his head at the Th'ero's words. "I just don't want him bothering me anymore. He's deluded and thick-headed, maybe sending him to a healer would be for the best, get his head checked out."

“Ah, so he can be reasoned with then?” Th’ero drawls, still with a thoughtful look in his expression as he sips again at his wine. He’s not about to press A’di for details of his relationships, current or past, not beyond what the bluerider offers. But the Weyrleader seems to be taking this situation seriously enough. Setting his glass down on the desk’s edge, he gives A’di a long look before slowly shaking his head, “I don’t think he’d be that cracked in his mind to warrant healer intervention. I doubt his lifemate would allow him to deteriorate so badly. But if he listened to R’sner, then perhaps he will listen to me or the weyrwomen when confronted. He won’t be given much of a choice in the matter. It’s either he backs down or he’ll be facing greater punishments. I cannot have him behaving in such a manner. Especially as it’s causing you so much undue stress.”

A'di nods his head, "Well, it only lasted so long until R'sner and I went our separate ways." A'di says with a shrug his shoulders, "I'm sure he'd listen to the Weyrwoman? I mean, everyone listens to goldriders, right?" A'di says hopefully, glancing up at the bronzerider. "I'm sorry you have to deal with this whole mess sir. Maybe I shouldn't have let it get so out of hand."

Th’ero gives an almost amused smile for A’di’s comment on goldriders, but there is a strange look in his eyes as well. Sadness, maybe? “Not all do,” he replies softly, “But most are not brazen enough to challenge a goldrider. So it is worth a shot, if not to say we tried.” That is the Weyrleader’s offer of hope, a little bitter but unmasked truth of it all. “Do not apologize. You did what you could. Sometimes it takes a little more though. I am glad you brought it to my attention. I will also look into that woman who made those derogatory comments against you. I will not have that sort of behavior spreading as well…” He then motions with a hand that A’di is free to go, if the bluerider feels the need to leave. “Do keep me informed though if you do catch her name or if the situation happens again. Even if you hear of more of it.” And then he’s reaching into a drawer of his desk and pulling out a stack of official looking letters, figuring the matter settled though far from resolved.

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